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We are Kate and Adam, a married couple who enjoy exploring our sexualities, alone and with each other! We each grew up in sexually conservative cultures, and as a result have had to learn to work through and shake off a lot of our old shame-filled attitudes about sex and pleasure instilled in us from our early cultural contexts. But as we’ve explored we’ve found that sexual exploration and pleasure are SO LIBERATING! It has the ability to connect us more together, feel more fulfilled on a personal level, and it’s just FUN.

During our incredibly fun explorations we’ve discovered a lot of great toys and sexuality research that has made sex and masturbation even more enjoyable! That is why we started PleasureBetter to share all of this with you! Because it’s not always easy to ask a friend “Hey, what’s your favorite vibrator?” And if you are lucky enough to have a friend who will recommend their favorite vibrator, that same friend may not have a lot to say about suction cup dildos, fleshlights, or if a particular sexual fantasy is normal or not (hint: It almost always is)! 

Our mission is to help both the curious and experienced to embrace enjoyment and fulfillment in their bodies and sexualities, alone or with a partner!

A Bit On How We Create Content

We curate, plan, and edit all of the content on our site to ensure that all information is accurate, sex positive, and helpful for you. We often work with freelance writers to help compose our articles, but every piece of content is edited by us to ensure its quality and accuracy in helping you healthily explore your sexuality and inform your purchase decisions on sexual products. 

We own and have used most of the products we discuss in this blog. However, until our collection grows to thousands of sex toys, it’s not possible for us to try every product on the market (though we certainly wish we could) so we also rely on extensive online feedback from other customers of these items. We spend hours researching the best products and only make recommendations that we believe will help you enjoy your body to the fullest! We also care about playing safely and will never recommend any products that are not high quality, body-safe materials.

Floorscape with Vibrator and Lace

What's In It For Me?

So why read PleasureBetter? If you connect with any of the following statements, we think you’ll enjoy the content we provide for you.

  • You haven’t used many sex toys, but are curious about what toys you could try and how to enjoy them.
  • You want to remove the roadblocks to orgasm so you can focus on being present with a partner or enjoying the sensations of your body. 
  • You already know your body and want to know the best products for your specific desires.
  • You’re interested in sexuality and just love learning about it!

If this sounds interesting to you, we’re happy you’re here and we look forward to sharing with you!

Kate & Adam