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About PleasureBetter

32 wand vibrators we've tested

Our goal is to help you choose the best sex toy for you. To do this, we provide the most comprehensive and objective sex toy reviews from our hands-on experience and rigorous side-by-side testing.

Here’s how we create our reviews and buying guides:

  1. We choose the top products in each category. We also include promising lesser-known and budget-friendly options.

  2. Then we buy all these products ourselves. We don’t accept freebies to maintain our objectivity. And this way, we can direct you to whichever store offers the best deal – not just to a store that sent us a free product.

  3. Next, we use all the products extensively to develop a deep understanding of what aspects make these products perform well or poorly.

  4. Using our experience with the products as a foundation, we develop a detailed testing plan to measure and assess significant performance characteristics such as vibration power, frequency, noise, comfort, ease of use, and other aspects important for this type of product.

  5. We run the products side-by-side through the same tests so you can easily compare their performance. You can learn more about our testing and scoring system here.

  6. Our reviews and buying guides recommend the products which perform well. We only recommend products that outperform others in their price range or perform exceptionally for a specific use.

  7. We keep the products we’ve reviewed so that we can compare them when new products are released or retest them as we improve our testing methods.

How We Choose Which Products to Review

When we review a category of sex toys (like wand vibrators, for example), we sift through the available products on the market, sometimes hundreds. 

We determine a selection of products we anticipate will perform well and people will enjoy. We include options from major brands. But we also read through customer reviews and rely on our past experience to find products from lesser-known or budget brands that may surpass expensive options. We purchase this selection of products ourselves to test extensively for detailed hands-on comparison.

How We Make Money

To remain unbiased, we don’t have ads on our site or accept free products in exchange for a promotional review. We make a commission when you read our reviews or guides, click one of our affiliate links, and buy a product we recommend. It doesn’t cost you any extra, and it helps us keep buying products to test and review. So thanks for your support! 

Since we purchase the products ourselves (instead of receiving them from a manufacturer or retailer in exchange for a positive review), we can refer you to a variety of shops. That way, you can get the best price or purchase at your preferred shop.

Do You Have Suggestions or Want Us To Review a Product?

We want to hear from you! Tell us here if you have ideas to improve our reviews or products you’d like us to review. Please include the word “Feedback” in the subject line.

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