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Testing And Scoring System

To help you compare competing products, we develop a set of tests for each category (like wand vibrators, prostate massagers, or bullet vibrators). We design the tests to quantify and highlight significant product performance differences. Jump here to learn how to interpret our scores.

For instance, is one vibrator stronger or weaker than another? Is it more or less comfortable than another? Louder or quieter? 

Each product category has its own set of tests designed specifically to highlight differences between products of that type. We run every product of that type through the same tests, so the differences between products are crystal clear. 

For objective features like noise, battery life, vibration frequency, etc., we directly measure the property. For instance, we use a sound level meter to record the noise in decibels, run each vibrator continuously until its battery dies, or use a mic and audio processing software to record and analyze vibration frequencies. 

For subjective features like comfort and ease of use, we measure and share properties that affect your experience (like weight and length). But our rating for these properties is subjective – based on our experience with how comfortable, easy, or difficult to use each product is. And we share our perspective in detail in each product’s review.

We also give each product an Overall Score. A product’s Overall Score is simply a weighted average of the product’s performance across all the relevant tests. Its purpose is to provide a fast look at whether a product is generally good or poor quality. That way, you can quickly decide whether to continue reading a review or check out a different product instead!

We determine how much each test result contributes to the Overall Score based on our experience with the products. For example, we consider a vibrator’s power more important than its battery life, so vibration power affects the Overall Score more. But your priorities may differ! Consider the aspects you care most about when choosing your product.

Understanding Our Performance Ratings

When assigning performance ratings from our objectively measured data and our subjective testing, we follow the following definitions:

Performance Scores between 10 and 7.5:

The product is great to excellent in this area. We believe people who care about this metric will be happy with the product. For example, if we rate a vibrator’s Power as an 8.0, we think people looking specifically for a strong vibrator will be satisfied with this product.

Performance Scores between 6.0 and 7.4:

This product performs well enough for most people in this area, but you may be dissatisfied if you care specifically about this metric. Products at the upper end of this range are good, the middle is adequate, and the lower end starts to become sub-par. For example, if we rate a vibrator’s Comfort as a 7.0, we think most people won’t think twice about this product’s comfort. But those looking specifically for a plush, easy-to-use, ergonomic vibrator might be disappointed. 

Performance Scores less than 6.0:

The product performs poorly in this area. Even people who don’t care specifically about this area will be disappointed or negatively impacted. For example, if we rate a vibrator’s Battery Life as 5.0, we think most people will be annoyed by how quickly it dies and how often they have to charge it.

Learn More

You’ll notice a question mark symbol next to performance ratings in our reviews. If you want to know more about this rating and how we determined it, click the question mark for more info.