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Womanizer Premium Review

Womanizer Premium Luxurious

Our Verdict


The Womanizer Premium is the best of the best – and my personal favorite clit suction toy. The Premium is a stunning upgrade to the Womanizer Classic. The Premium has an amazing range of intensities – from low teasy pulses, to super intense, oh my god yes levels! This is a toy meant for a day when you can set aside time, and slowly and patiently work through each wonderful level the Premium offers. The slightly bigger body and higher price is the trade off for deeper, thuddier pulsations, better range, and extra features like the Autopilot mode and Smart Silence. If you enjoy intense clitoral stimulation and are ready for a luxury upgrade, the Premium would make a great addition.

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  • 12 intensity levels allows a slow build up to orgasm – starting low and finishing more intense than other clit suction toys
  • Some of the highest quality, thuddiest pulses from a clit suction toy
  • Silicone body feels really comfortable and nice in your hand
  • Smart silence technology quickly silences the toy if the seal accidentally slips from your clit
  • Autopilot mode lets you relax and give up control


  • Bigger size makes it difficult to use during sex
  • Higher price makes this toy a big investment – not a beginner’s toy

Table of Contents

For me, there are two different kinds of self lovin’ time: the quick fix and the slow, tender touch. If I’m looking to get off quick and move on with my day, I usually grab my trusty vibe and go to town. 

But when I want to spend time giving myself a beautiful, candle-lit, jazz music playing, wine-near-by, feel like a sexy goddess kind of night – I grab my Womanizer Premium

Womanizer Premium Luxury Packaging

Everything about the Womanizer Premium feels luxurious. The price tag only has a little to do with its bouji feel. The Premium is one of the more expensive air pulse toys on the market.

And for good reason.

But that makes it especially important to know if it’s a good fit for you before buying. My Womanizer Premium review will help you decide!

How Does It Feel?

The experience of using air pulse toys is commonly compared to the feeling of receiving oral sex. The silicone tip creates a dome around the clitoris and then adds gentle pressure waves… or not so gentle waves… The Womanizer Premium can get very intense! 

It differs greatly from the sensation of a traditional vibrator. The most noticeable difference is that suction toys are touch-free and send pressure waves to the clitoris in a suction-sealed dome. Because these toys do not actually touch the clit, air pulse toys are able to stay super focused on the clit without over-stimulating it. 

Womanizer Premium Touch Free Stimulation

I have found that I’m able to continue to use the Womanizer Premium even after my first orgasm because these kinds of toys don’t cause me to become desensitized. 

If you’re a stranger to air pulse toys, I’d recommend starting with a more budget-friendly toy like the Womanizer Starlet 2 (review here) or an even more inexpensive option – the Satisfyer Pro 2 (review here). Not everyone is as in love with air pulse toys as I am. Some people find they don’t enjoy the highly focused clit stimulation of air pulse toys – so best to test the waters first before upgrading to the Womanizer Premium.

But if you’ve already dabbled in clit suction toys, given them an oooooh yes, and now are wondering what’s the best out there –  the Womanizer Premium is here to bring you to the highest heights of clit-bliss. 

Womanizer Premium at Top of the Mountain

When I first pressed my Womanizer Premium’s luxurious tip between my legs the memory of my other air pulse toys began to float away. I thought – surely this is the last air pulse toy I’ll need. How can it get better than this? 

One quick side note before we dive in: If you haven’t tried clit suction toys before, but have your mind set on jumping in head first with the absolute best of the best – I highly recommend buying through Lovehoney. They’re the only sex toy shop I’m aware of that will let you return a product simply because you didn’t enjoy it. That can be especially helpful for first-time clit suction toy owners since people tend to be either head over heels in love with them or don’t see what all the hype is about.


The Womanizer Premium is basically the upgraded Womanizer Classic. Both are great suction toys, but the Premium has some extra bells and whistles, beginning with the intensity levels. 

The Womanizer Premium has 12 levels, compared to the Classic’s 8. It offers a wonderfully wide range of intensity – starting less intense and finishing more intense. For those who have tried beginner toys, the Premium’s lowest level is slightly more intense than the lowest level of Satisfyer Pro 2 and less intense than the Womanizer Liberty (review here). And it finishes more intense than any other toy I’ve found so far.

The lower levels are great for those who find high levels too intense or people who enjoy a long slow climb to orgasm. The Womanizer Premium’s many levels are perfect for taking your through a lovely buildup – small step by small step. I literally light candles when I use this toy and try to savor the entire experience.

And the highest intensity levels are very. very. INTENSE. 

I usually need to warm up a bit before I can enjoy the higher levels. So this is a great toy for anyone who enjoys or needs intense, concentrated clitoral stimulation. If other toys have left you wanting more intensity, the Premium is a great option for you. If you’re looking to upgrade from your other suction toys, this is really the toy to try. 

The Womanizer Premium offers significantly better range than other models. It has so many wonderful levels in both the low and high intensity range. 

Stimulation Depth and Quality

Some air pulse toys feel thuddier. More impactful – like the pulses make their way deeper in the internal clitoral network. While others feel lighter and more surface level. 

Most people enjoy thuddier pulses more and find those toys feel better and a bit higher quality (but there are some that prefer the lighter pulses). For others, they don’t really notice much of a difference between thuddy and airy pulsation tones.

To me, thuddier pulses feel less like air blowing and a little more like sucking. 

Womanizer toys in general are thuddier – and the Premium is perhaps their absolute thuddiest toy yet (along with the Womanizer Duo). Their pulses make more of an impact than the lighter, more airy toys. 

If you’re someone who doesn’t notice the difference between thuddier pulses and lighter ones, it may not make sense to pay a premium for the highest quality pulsation. But if you’re someone who feels the different pulsation tones and enjoys thuddier toys – the Premium is about as good as it gets. This thing thuds!

Womanizer Premium’s Special Features

Smart Silence

If you’ve ever used a clitoral suction toy, then you know how startling it can be when the suction seal breaks. I would compare the experience to taking off the noise canceling headphones on a helicopter. It’s a real buzz kill. 


Womanizer fixed this issue with their Smart Silence technology. The toy’s pulses only start when the silicone tip makes contact with your skin. If the head slips off by accident, the toy silently goes into standby mode instead of continuing to noisily pulse on the open air. I have found that the Smart Silence doesn’t always work for me, but most of the time it does.

Personally, I was thrilled with this technology. When using this toy with my partner, I hated when the toy would slip and make disruptive noises. With Smart Silence, I can remain mentally in the moment with my partner – no jarring turn-offs from sudden helicopter sounds between my legs if the seal slips.


If you’re like me and enjoy some power play in the bedroom, you might like experimenting with the Autopilot feature. Place the toy on your clitoris, switch on the Autopilot, and the Premium will switch intensity levels at random. The Autopilot mode can be set to soft, medium, or intense depending on your preference. If you’re someone that likes giving up control and experiencing the unexpected, this feature is right for you. 

If you prefer to be in complete control, you can easily resume manual mode. The Autopilot feature does not turn on automatically, so you must press the “~” button to activate it. 

Womanizer Autopilot Mode

When I tried using Autopilot, I wasn’t sure it was working the first time. It takes a hot second for it to switch levels. You gotta be patient. From my experience, it slowly intensifies and then backs off a bit again – like being teased. 

So if that’s your thing, you’ll love it! I couldn’t stick it out long enough through the tease to get to the tipping point on Autopilot – After a fair bit of teasing I want my pulses in full force. So I end up switching to manual every time and cranking it up to ride out to orgasm! 


The Womanizer Premium’s texture, look, and feel are all very sleek. While other suction toys are usually made of hard plastic, the entire body of the Womanizer Premium is smooth silicone. It just feels so nice in your hand. 

The Womanizer Premium is definitely the biggest air pulse toy I own. It makes sense that a toy with these extra features, and such a huge range of intensity would need to be a bit bigger. The size doesn’t bother me, but if you’re used to really small toys this will take up some space in your hand! If you’re looking for a smaller toy, I would recommend the Womanizer Liberty or Starlet 2. Like I said, I reserve the Womanizer Premium for my bouji sexy time. 

Womanizer Premium, Starlet 2, and Liberty

The bigger size makes it a little harder to use during penetrative sex though. I’ve found the Starlet 2 more comfortable during sex and even the handle-less Rose sex toy.

Womanizer uses the same luxurious silicone tips for most, if not all of their suction toys. The Womanizer Premium comes with two different sizes as well. The tip is soft and flexible, which I found to be much more comfortable than the firm tip of the Satisfyer Pro 2

Womanizer Premium vs Satisfyer Pro 2 Tip

Overall, this toy is very comfortable! A bit too big to easily use during partnered sex, but it’s perfect for self-lovin’! 

Verdict: How Does the Womanizer Premium Feel

The Womanizer Premium is for people searching for the Rolls Royce of air pulse toys. This toy will make you feel like a million bucks. The 12 intensity levels allow you to slowly build up to an explosive orgasm. It has a ton of intensities in the low and high range.

And the high-quality thuddy pulses feel luxurious. Both the Smart Silence and Autopilot features set this toy apart from any other toy on the market. If you’re just wanting to try out air pulse toys, the Premium might not be the best place to start – I’d begin with the Satisfyer Pro 2 or the Starlet 2. But if you’re ready to upgrade your clit suction collection – 

Treat. Yo. Self. 

I use the Womanizer Premium more than any of my other clit suction toys. It just feels so good.

How Easy is it to Keep on Your Clit?

The only drawback to this toy for me is the size. I don’t mind the bigger size during solo sex, but when I tried the Premium with my partner, it was hard to keep it on my clit. 

Other customers have had success with using the Premium during partnered sex and dildo play, so I know it’s possible. But I prefer a smaller toy during penetrative sex, like the Liberty or the Starlet 2. I find them easier to keep in place on my clit without taking up too much space for the other activities.

Solo it’s really easy to get a good seal around the clit, especially if you are properly lubricated. Applying a water-based lube around the tip makes it much easier to keep the seal. 

Womanizer Premium Waterproof

The Premium is also fully waterproof. So take this toy with you to the tub with a glass of wine and some candles. Self. Care. 

The water also helps keep the tip sealed to your clit. Of course, do not give into the temptation to use a silicone-based lubricant under water. Water-based lubricants are the only recommended option to use with the Womanizer Premium.


On the low end, the Womanizer Premium is nearly silent. The mid levels are when I start to get nervous that someone in the next room might hear. The top few levels would most likely be heard from the next room in a silent house. But turn on a bit of music or let a show play on the TV and the Womanizer Premium is easily drowned out.

Others claim that the We-Vibe Melt is the quietest air pulse toy, and place the Premium in the mid-range. If you really value low noise, the Melt may be a better fit for you.

But I feel much more comfortable using the Womanizer Premium with someone in the next room over other clit suction toys because of the Smart Silence feature. I feel pretty confident that there won’t be any loud, abrupt noise if the seal breaks. Though the Smart Silence feature occasionally misses a beat, it usually quickly silences the toy.


The Womanizer Premium is an investment. The Premium is one of the more expensive air pulse toys on the market. The Womanizer Premium is a jump up from the Womanizer Classic.

It’s definitely not a first clit suction toy (or if it is make sure you go through Lovehoney so you can return if you don’t enjoy it). I think it’s best to test the tech first with the Satisfyer Pro 2 or Starlet 2 to make sure you enjoy air pulse toys first.

Beginner Clitoral Suction Toy Recommendations

The Womanizer Premium is an upgrade toy. If you already know you love air pulse toys, it’s worth adding the Womanizer Premium. Everything about it is quality and luxury.

The extra cost of the Premium is getting you more intensity levels – starting lower and finishing more intensely than any other Womanizer toy. And the Premium has some of the deepest, thuddiest sensations air pulse toys have to offer. Plus you get the Smart Silence and Autopilot features. 

Once I added the Womanizer Premium to my collection, it quickly became my most used sex toy!

Womanizer Premium Product Image

Who should get the Womanizer Premium and who should look elsewhere?

The Womanizer Premium is a great toy if you:

  • Are looking for a toy with the highest quality, thuddiest pulsations
  • Want to build slowly to orgasm, working your way through low teasing pulses up to very high intensity pulses
  • Want some of the most intense pulses a toy can offer in the high range
  • Want a comfortable, luxurious silicone toy 
  • Dislike the abrupt sound of the seal breaking on other clit suction toys
  • Would like to give up control to the Autopilot mode

There are better alternatives to the Womanizer Premium if you:

  • Are on a budget
  • Are new to air pulse toys and aren’t sure you enjoy them yet
  • Want an easy toy to use during penetrative sex

Womanizer Premium Alternatives

Womanizer Classic vs Premium – A High Quality Alternative Without the Fancy Add-ons: 

The Womanizer Classic is another great high-quality option. At about two-thirds the cost of the Premium, the Womanizer Classic is only a small step down from the Premium. First, the Classic offers 8 intensity levels instead of the Premiums 12. 

The first level of the Classic is slightly more intense than the lowest level of the Premium, and the highest level is slightly less intense. And the jumps between levels are a bit greater on the Classic. So you can’t work your way quite as gradually through the intensity range like you can with the Premium.

The Womanizer Classic is slightly smaller than the Premium, though the body shape and feel are very similar. The Classic is only slightly less thuddy than the Premium, but definitely beats most other toys.

The Classic is not exactly cheap either. It is definitely still a luxury toy, just with fewer tricks. If the Autopilot and Smart Silence features don’t intrigue you, the Classic would be just fine. You will still feel like a queen with the Classic and have incredible orgasms. 

We recommend the Womanizer Classic over the Womanizer Premium If:

  • You’re looking for a less expensive luxury toy
  • You don’t mind living without Autopilot and Smart Silence
  • You’re okay with just a touch less intensity range
  • You need a slightly smaller toy

Budget Clitoral Suction Toy for Beginners: Satisfyer Pro 2

When I was first starting out with suction toys, I tried the Starlet 2 (review here). It was a good introduction to the air pulse technology, but I soon found another budget friendly alternative: the Satisfyer Pro 2

Satisfyer Pro 2 and Womanizer Premium

I was far from disappointed. 

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is significantly less expensive than the Womanizer Premium and even the Starlet 2 (Womanizer’s cheapest clit suction toy). So if you want to test the waters of air pulse toys without breaking the bank, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is a great place to start. 

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is about the same size as the Womanizer Premium. The stimulator head is much more firm than the Premium though, which made it slightly less comfortable to me.

I was shocked to find out that the Satisfyer Pro 2 had 11 intensity levels. Despite the low price, it offers users a big range of intensity. For instance, the Womanizer Starlet 2 has only 4 intensity levels (but they are nice and thuddy pulses). 

The lowest level of the Satisfyer actually starts a bit less intense than the lowest level of the Womanizer Premium, but the highest level is also less intense. So you can’t finish quite as high. But a lot of people prefer the lower intensity levels of clit suction toys. Many never use the upper levels.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 has less thuddy and more airy sensations, which many people find feels a bit lower quality. But that’s the trade off for a lower price. Others can’t really tell a huge difference between different pulsation tones.

I would still highly recommend this toy to any beginner. It’s a great entry level toy to test the waters and find out if you enjoy clitoral suction toys. I’ve had some really wonderful orgasms with my Satisfyer Pro 2

We recommend the Satisfyer Pro 2 over the Womanizer Premium If:

  • You are a beginner to clit suction toys or are on a budget
  • You care more about good intensity range on a budget than really thuddy pulses
  • You prefer less thuddy pulses

If you want more info you can check out my full Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation review here.

Womanizer Duo: For those who still want penetration

If you love the intense clitoral stimulation from air pulse toys, but miss G-spot stimulation, the Womanizer Duo might be a good option for you. In general, clitoral suction toys are not the easiest to use in tandem with a dildo or during penetrative sex. The  Womanizer Duo offers the clitoral suction technology of the Womanizer Premium but also has an internal arm that vibrates on your G-spot. The best of both worlds! 

Womanizer Duo vs Premium Air Pulses

The Womanizer Duo has 12 air pulsation speeds for the clit, 12 vibration speeds for the G-spot and 12 vibration patterns. The first 8 levels of the Duo are similar to the Womanizer Premium, but the higher end of the Duo can get a little less thuddy, though still very strong. The vibrating arm is deep and rumbly, not weak or buzzy. 

About the same price as the Womanizer Premium, the Womanizer Duo offers the same Smart Silence technology, thuddy pulses, and a killer G-Spot arm.

We recommend the Womanizer Duo over the Womanizer Premium If:

  • You also want G-Spot stimulation without having to hold another dildo or vibrator

For more detailed info on the Womanizer Duo head here.

Overall Thoughts

The Womanizer Premium makes me feel like a goddess. It quickly became my favorite and most used sex toy. The stunning design, comfortable feel, and incredibly thuddy pulsations always get me to mind blowing orgasms. Anyone who is looking to invest in a high quality clitoral suction toy should consider buying the Womanizer Premium. The extra features, including the Autopilot mode and Smart Silence, make the Premium worth every penny. 

Womanizer Premium Luxurious

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