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Womanizer Liberty Review

Womanizer Liberty In A Plant

Our Verdict


With the same quality, thuddy pulses of higher end Womanizer products, the Liberty is a great budget-friendly option for anyone wanting a compact suction toy with great intensity range. Though it has fewer mid-range intensity levels than toys like the Womanizer Premium, the Liberty packs a surprisingly strong punch at its upper levels! And it’s one of the quietest toys I’ve tried. 

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  • Comfortable, removable silicone tip focuses air pulses to the clitoris
  • 6 intensity levels finishing more intensely than other budget toys like the Starlet 2 
  • Small body and cover allows for hygienic and discreet traveling
  • Budget friendly option for beginners that offers good intensity and quality pulses


  • Smaller size makes it difficult to use during sex
  • Location of buttons makes it difficult to change levels during use
  • Fewer levels means larger steps between speeds than toys like the Womanizer Premium with 12 intensity levels

Table of Contents

The Womanizer Liberty isn’t just the perfect travel clitoral suction toy (it is, though). The Liberty is also one of the best budget friendly clit suction toys for those on the go or for those solo nights in. 

As someone with dozens of more expensive sex toys, I still reach for my Womanizer Liberty more than many of my other toys. Especially after I took a two week trip with the Liberty as my only sex-toy travel buddy. 

Womanizer Liberty Packaging

How Does the Womanizer Liberty Feel?

The Liberty uses Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology. The silicone tip creates a dome around the clitoris and then adds pressure waves. So the clitoris is stimulated with air vibrations instead of with direct contact. 

Womanizer Pleasure Air Demonstration

Though some people find they don’t enjoy the intense clit-focus of air pulse toys, for many people (myself included), they bring deeper, more intense, and longer-lasting orgasms – and yes, that’s plural orgasms. 

It’s not the case for everyone – but these toys’ ability to stimulate the clit without touching it enables many women to continue going even after their first O. Another bonus I’ve found true for me too!

If you enjoy intense clitoral stimulation and haven’t tried air pulse toys, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? 

Womanizer products are also known for having deeper, higher quality, “thuddier” pulsations, and the Liberty is no exception even at its lower price point. 


The Liberty may be small but it’s mighty. 

The Liberty has six intensity levels – two more than the Womanizer Starlet 2 (review here), Womanizer’s least expensive clit suction toy. 

The lowest level starts out a bit more intense than the lowest level of the Starlet 2, but the highest level is significantly more intense than the highest level of the Starlet 2. 

Womanizer Liberty vs Starlet 2 Intensity Levels

The first three levels are pretty tame, but enjoyable. I found there to be a huge jump to the fourth level. It was pretty shocking, so be warned. And then there’s another big jump from the fifth to the highest level too.

The Liberty has fewer mid-range intensity levels than the upper end toys like the Womanizer Premium (review here) so you can’t work as gradually through small subtle steps in intensity. A lot of people like to gradually build up their orgasm through the levels. While others actually dislike toys with more than 10 levels because the difference between levels is almost unnoticeable and they want to feel sudden shifts. Because the Liberty has great range with fewer levels, switching between levels will not go unnoticed. 

And the 6th level of the Liberty is nearly as intense as the highest level of the Womanizer Premium. As someone who loves intensity, I am here for it! 

Womanizer Liberty vs Womanizer Premium Intensities

If you enjoy focused clit stimulation, the Liberty could be a great toy for you. 

If you don’t need high intensity levels you can save a few extra bucks and grab the Starlet 2. It’s four intensity levels are pretty similar to the Liberty’s first four. If you’re like me and love high intensity stimulation, the Liberty will give you what you want without breaking the bank.

Pro tip: I sometimes switch to a lower intensity level right when I feel myself approaching climax if I am feeling like I cannot handle the intensity. If you feel like you are too sensitive to endure the higher intensity level at orgasm, try bringing the intensity down whenever you need to. I definitely have done this with the Liberty as the highest level is pretty intense – sometimes my orgasms are more enjoyable at the lower levels. 

And if you’re ready for a toy with the best intensity range check out my Womanizer Premium review.

Stimulation Depth

Clit suction toys’ pulses tend to feel either deep and thuddy, or light and airy. 

Thuddy pulsations travel deeper into the internal clitoral network and feel more resonant whereas airy pulses feel more localized to the exterior of the clit. Typically “thuddy” pulses are viewed as being higher quality and come with some extra cost – though there are some people who prefer more airy pulses. 

And the difference can feel quite subtle to a lot of people – so if you don’t care much about thuddy vs airy pulses, you can save some money and pick up a toy like the Satisfyer Pro 2 (review here) at a lower cost.

Womanizer Liberty vs Satisfyer Pro 2 Clit Suction Levels

As for Womanizer pulses – they’re lovely, deep, and thuddy. And the Liberty has those wonderful quality pulses you can expect from any Womanizer product at a fairly inexpensive price. 

If you like the thuddier feeling, any Womanizer toy and the Lelo Sona 2 Cruise are great options. If the thuddier sensations aren’t important to you, you can save some money and try the Satisfyer Pro 2

Design & Comfort

First things first, the Womanizer Liberty is real cute. 

It’s the smallest suction toy I’ve found at only 4 inches, but the small size doesn’t take away from the power. Though it’s almost an inch smaller than the Starlet 2, the Liberty still packs two more intense speeds than the Starlet 2. 

The Womanizer Liberty comes with a travel cover for discreet and hygienic storing while traveling. I took this toy on a trip to visit my (very conservative) parents and felt completely comfortable having this toy with me without fear of them accidentally seeing it. With the cover on, the toy looks like a ped egg, which is almost as discreet as those lipstick vibrators.

Not to mention how quiet this toy is (more on that later). 

Womanizer Liberty Travel Case

Another pro tip: As I’ve accumulated more toys overtime, I realize that some of them sit for a while without getting used, not necessarily because they are bad, just because I get on a kick with another toy or simply don’t have time for too much self-lovin. When toys sit, they can collect dust and require additional cleaning. So this cover is not only good for traveling, but it ensures that your toy will remain dust-free while not in use. 

I thought the Womanizer Liberty’s smaller size would make it easier to use during penetrative sex, but I was wrong. It turned out to be a little more difficult than my other slightly bigger toys like the Starlet 2 (and even the much bigger Satisfyer Pro 2). 

Womanizer Liberty vs Starlet 2 - Ease of Use During Sex

Many other users say they had the same difficulty. If you’re looking for a toy to use during partnered sex, I would recommend getting a toy with a little more of a handle – I’ve found the Starlet 2 great during sex. And so have others.

A million times better using it during sex!!! Praise the orgasm gods for this wonderful creation.

Lovehoney customer review

Womanizer uses the same silicone tips for most, if not all of their suction toys. The Womanizer Liberty comes with two different sizes as well. The tip is soft and flexible, which I find exceptionally comfortable – much softer on my body than the firm tip of the Satisfyer Pro 2.

The Womanizer Liberty has two buttons (+ and -). Unlike most clit suction toys, the buttons are located on the same side as the mouth. Unfortunately, having the buttons on the same side as the lip makes it a bit more difficult for me to change the levels during use. 

Womanizer Premium vs Womanizer Liberty Button Location

I also noticed that the + button is used to turn the toy both on and off. Most other toys use the – button to turn it off, so I always have some trouble turning it off. That might just be me. 


If you want to enjoy intense clitoral stimulation on a budget, the Liberty is a great way to go. The six intensity levels allow for a slow build up to climax, with the exception of a couple bigger jumps between the higher levels. The Liberty’s two additional intensity levels over the Starlet 2 let you crank up the power if you crave more intensity.

If you are looking for a toy to use during penetrative sex, I’d recommend looking elsewhere, like the Womanizer Starlet 2.

But the Womanizer Liberty is a great discreet toy for solo play abroad and at home. The small size and neat case make it the perfect toy to slip in your purse or suitcase. 

I’ve already enjoyed traveling with my Liberty and will be bringing it on more trips!

How Easy is it to Keep the Womanizer Liberty on Your Clit

The more toys I try, the more I realize how good Womanizer is at designing these toys. They have perfected the comfortable silicone tip. Twice. Each Liberty comes with a small and large size to fit a variety of bodies. 

As long as I am adequately lubricated, I have no problem getting a good seal on my clit. Applying a water-based lube around the tip makes it much easier to keep the seal. 

Because of the Womanizer Liberty’s smaller size, I sometimes have a difficult time keeping the toy in place if there’s a lot of motion going on – like during penetrative sex or dildo play. 

As with anything, I think it would get easier with time and it’s not impossible. But still, I’ve had better experience maintaining a good seal during sex with my Starlet 2 – I’d recommend it if partnered play is important to you.

But for solo use, the Liberty is wonderfully comfortable.

The Womanizer Liberty is also fully IPX7 waterproof, like all of Womanizer’s products. That mean’s you’re perfectly good to take the Liberty into the bath with you for some underwater lovin.

Just remember, silicone-based lubricant is not recommended with this toy, but the water of the bath can help you keep a good seal.

Womanizer Liberty IPX7 Waterproof

Womanizer Liberty Noise Level

I was really surprised by how quiet this toy is.

It’s actually one of my quietest toys – especially on the first three levels. Many other users agree that the Liberty is one of the quietest air pulse toys. 

I’ve actually found myself masturbating more just because I love how it feels! 10/10, I could marry her. Additionally, I live with 5 other people and the walls in my flat are VERY thin – no noise complaints yet!

Lovehoney Customer Review

It doesn’t take me long at all to have an orgasm with this toy, even on the lowest setting! It’s completely silent unless you have it at the highest setting – and even then it’s very quiet.

Lovehoney Customer Review

In my experience, it’s difficult to hear the Liberty’s first three levels even in the same room with any amount of noise (background music, fan, tv). The higher three levels would definitely be heard in the same room. 

I felt absolutely comfortable using the Liberty’s entire power range with someone in the next room over. 

That being said, the noise of the seal breaking is significantly louder than when the toy is in use with a good seal. If this is a deal breaker, I would highly recommend checking out the Womanizer Premium, which automatically pauses when the seal breaks with its Smart Silence Technology. 

The top speeds are pretty close in sound to the Womanizer Classic and Premium, though the lower speeds are slightly louder than the whisper-quiet Classic and Womanizer Premium.

Womanizer Liberty Cost vs Other Clit Suction Toys

The Liberty offers great bang for your buck. 

At a much lower cost, the Womanizer Liberty gets nearly as strong as the Womanizer Classic and the Womanizer Premium – and still has a similar lovely thuddy quality to the upper end Womanizer models. 

The Liberty costs only about $20 more than the Starlet 2. But that $20 buys you a quieter toy with two much more intense power levels and a travel-friendly body and case. 

If you’re looking to spend less than $99, The Satisfyer Pro 2 is another great clit suction toy for beginners on a budget. It’s got 12 intensity levels starting lower than the Liberty but finishing at about the same upper level. It’s pulses aren’t as deep and thuddy as Womanizer’s toys though. If you care about deeper pulses, the Rose vibrator is another good budget option.

Beginner Clitoral Suction Toy Recommendations

But if you’re just looking to try out clitoral suction technology, the Satisfyer Pro 2 or the Starlet 2 (one step below the Liberty) are great options. 

The Womanizer Premium, though twice as expensive, offers a few more bells and whistles. In addition to the Smart Silence technology, the Autopilot feature allows users to give up control and let the toy decide which level to switch to.

Not to mention it has twice the number of intensity levels and a sleek silicone body. If you’ve already got some clit suction toys and are looking for an upgrade, the Womanizer Premium or Womanizer Classic might be a better option. 

The Womanizer Liberty offers less intensity levels than the upper end toys, but it is significantly less expensive – and offers a lot for its price point. 

Who should get the Liberty and who should look elsewhere?

The Womanizer Liberty is a great toy if you:

  • Enjoy intense clitoral stimulation
  • Want a discreet and quiet air pulse toy
  • Are on a budget but still want a toy that can reach high intensity levels
  • Want a budget friendly toy with deep, thuddy quality pulses
  • Like a compact, travel-friendly toy

There are better Womanizer Liberty alternatives if you:

  • Want to use a clit suction toy during partnered sex
  • Want more than 6 intensity levels for a slower build to orgasm
  • Are on a tight budget
  • Are looking to upgrade your clit suction toy collection

Womanizer Liberty vs Starlet 2 – A More Budget-Friendly Womanizer 

The Womanizer Liberty and the Starlet 2 seem really similar at first glance, but they offer very different experiences. 

Both toys are smaller than many other suction toys, but for some reason the Womanizer Liberty feels significantly smaller in my hand, making it more difficult to use during partnered sex. There’s just not as much handle to hold onto with the Liberty. 

Womanizer Liberty vs Starlet 2 - Ease of Use During Sex

But I’ve really enjoyed my Starlet 2 during partnered sex and have been able to keep it sealed over my clit even while my partner’s moving in me. And other people have had good experiences with the Starlet 2 during sex too

We used it today during sex and the sensation of it on my clit while being thrusted into was absolutely amazing. My partner was so turned on by the uncontrollable noises and writhing coming from me he couldn’t hold his excitement for any longer. I’m normally a one orgasm a session woman but it was that good I wanted more.

Lovehoney Customer Review

Both toys have high quality, “thuddy” pulses and always bring me to climax (multiple times in fact). However, the Womanizer Starlet 2’s top speed is nothing compared to that of the Womanizer Liberty. If you don’t need crazy high intensities you could save a few bucks by going with the Starlet 2. But if you find yourself using the upper levels of your toys, the Womanizer Liberty may be a better choice.

The Womanizer Starlet 2 is $20 less than the Womanizer Liberty, making it a great option for a beginner.

It was actually my first entry to the world of clit suction toys and I’ll forever be thankful for getting me hooked.

It’s hard for me to say which toy I like better between these two. They both serve different purposes and are both great options depending on what you are looking for. 

I recommend the Womanizer Starlet 2 over the Liberty If:

  • You’re on a tight budget
  • You plan on using your air pulse toy during sex
  • You don’t need especially high intensity levels

Head to my Womanizer Starlet 2 review to read more.

Womanizer Premium vs Womanizer Liberty – Best Range and Highest Quality

If you’ve already got some experience with quality clitoral suction toys and are ready for an upgrade, I’d skip the Liberty and head straight for the Womanizer Premium – my personal favorite clit suction toy. 

The Premium is the bad ass boss and the Womanizer Liberty is the intern. The Liberty is the Subaru Outback and the Premium is the red Corvette. Both serve different purposes.

I pull out my Womanizer Premium after a hot bath, when I have candles lit and a glass of wine in hand. 

This toy is luxurious. 

With the Smart Silence and Autopilot features, the Premium takes the award for fanciness. The soft silicone body just feels so good in my hand. 

The lowest speeds are quieter than the Liberty and the highest speeds are more powerful.

And there are sooo many levels – 12 in fact. I can work myself up over a long time, methodically moving through slow, subtle steps in intensity until I finally want to finish and push through to the Womanizer Premium’s intense upper levels. 

The Womanizer Liberty on the other hand is much smaller, but has the same quality pulses – though fewer speeds. At only 6 intensity levels you can’t take small subtle steps through the entire spectrum for a slow ride. But it does still finish pretty damn intense. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the Premium has, but it is also half the price. 

Womanizer Liberty vs Womanizer Premium Intensities

I wouldn’t recommend the Premium to anyone who has never tried an air pulse toy. The intense clitoral stimulation is not for everyone. As luxurious as the Premium is, I know many women who just don’t like these types of toys. I would, however, recommend the Liberty to a first time user. If you’re looking for a compact toy with all the quality pulses of a high end toy, the Liberty is for you. But if you’ve been playing around with air pulse toys for a while, go for the Premium.

I recommend the Womanizer Premium over the Liberty If:

  • You want the best pulsation range – starting exceptionally low and finishing extremely intense
  • You want the deepest, thuddiest air pulses
  • You’ve already tried other clit suction toys, know you enjoy them, and are looking for an upgrade

You can read my full Womanizer Premium review here for more info!

Overall Thoughts

In some ways Womanizer upped its tiny-toy game with the Liberty from the Starlet 2. It’s lower levels are really similar to the Starlet 2, but the Liberty has two additional high intensity levels to explore. 

Plus – it’s quiet and discreet. Though the small size does make it harder to use during sex.

Compared to the larger, more expensive Womanizer models the Liberty has similar thuddy, quiet pulses, though a few less intensity levels. 

But it’s half the price. 

I always choose my Liberty when I’m on the go, and I use it regularly at home. If you like a lot of intensity in a small (more budget-friendly) package you may enjoy the Liberty too! 

Womanizer Liberty In A Plant

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