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Womanizer Duo Review

Womanizer Duo Product Image

Our Verdict


The Womanizer Duo has quickly become one of my favorite toys – not surprising since the Womanizer Premium is my all-time favorite toy. 

I’ve found adding in the strong G-spot vibes from the Duo’s internal arm really enhances the experience of the air pulses! As with any rabbit-style toy, the Duo might not fit everybody perfectly. But it has some flex to help it fit a wide range of people. And if it fits and you enjoy clitoral suction with internal vibrations – it feels amazing

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  • Very high quality, thuddy air pusles
  • Strong, rumbly G-spot vibrations
  • Has some flex to fit a wide range of people
  • You can thrust the internal arm for better G-spot stimulation while maintaining great suction
  • Comes with two differently sized tips for some varied sensations
  • Luxurious feeling silicone throughout the entire toy
  • Separate control of the air pulses and the vibrations
  • Surprisingly quiet
  • Waterproof


  • Expensive
  • A lot of buttons can be awkward to handle
  • Dual stimulation toys don’t always fit everyone

Table of Contents

I’ll be honest. I am not a vibrator guru. Now, I’m well-versed in the clitoral suction realm. 

Clit Suction Toys

But I’ve been using the same few inexpensive vibes for years while my air pulse collection keeps growing. 

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? 


I did not know what I had been missing out on. I never would have bought an expensive G-spot vibe. Until I tried the Womanizer Duo. 

The Womanizer Duo is a rabbit-like dual stimulation toy. It offers users Womanizer’s famously spectacular clitoral suction stimulation AND strong G-spot vibrations. 

And I was pleasantly surprised to find combining G-spot vibrations with my usual air pulses feel amazing. It’s going to be hard to get me to use another toy for a while. 

Womanizer Duo Packaging and Gear

How Does the Womanizer Duo Feel?

If you’ve never heard of it before, Womanizer’s Pleasure Air technology provides touchless clitoral stimulation, which makes your clitoris feel like it’s being sucked by air. 

It’s intense. 

But because it’s touchless, it doesn’t overstimulate the clit for many people – and makes it easy for some (including me) to orgasm multiple times in a row without their clit becoming too sensitized! 

Womanizer Duo Touchless Clit Stimulation

Clitoral suction toys can take your solo or partnered sexy time to the next level. It’s sad to think about how I used to give up after a while if I felt like it was taking me too long to orgasm. 

It was hard for me to stay in the right headspace if it took too much time. I haven’t had that problem at all since I started using air pulse toys. 

But listen. The Duo hits different.

The Duo doesn’t just give sweet, heavenly pleasure waves to your clit. It goes one step further with a simultaneous G-spot vibrator for dual stimulation!

And yeah, this G-spot vibrator feels seriously amazing. Plus the internal vibrator even seems to add some extra stimulation to the clit, especially at the higher levels. 

Now before we get further into my love of this toy let me just say:

The Womanizer Duo fits me like a glove. But each body is different. 

The potential pitfall of any rabbit-style toy is that they don’t necessarily fit every person since the internal and external parts have to align well for you. 

The Womanizer Duo does have some flex to give you a bit of wiggle room, but I’ve read some peoples’ experiences who weren’t able to make it work for them. 

Womanizer Duo Flexible G-spot arm

That’s why I recommend buying dual stimulator toys like this through Lovehoney since they’re one of (maybe the only) shop that will let you return a toy if you don’t end up enjoying it

But they will have to pry the Womanizer Duo away from me if they want it back.

Air Pulse Intensity and Quality

Womanizer is the OG air pulse toy brand. They invented it. They nailed it. And they did it again. 

The Duo’s clit-sucker has 12 intensity levels, or “speeds.” From my experience, the Duo’s levels are pretty similar to the Womanizer Premium, which I have used a LOT and highly recommend – it’s my personal favorite purely air pulse toy. The Duo’s top level might be slightly less powerful than the Premium, but only slightly – nearly unnoticeable. 

Womanizer Duo vs Premium Air Pulses

Both toys start out slow. The first three levels are smooth sailing. If you get easily overwhelmed by intense clitoral stimulation, these three levels might be your sweet spot. 

Side note: Many people only use the top speeds with these toys because they like the intense stimulation. It works for them that way. But if you only ever use the lower levels, I still think this toy is worth it for the subtle steps in the low intensity range. You don’t have to use the higher speeds for the toy to work for you. 

Just do what feels good to you. 

Womanizer gives users a large range of intensity that suits different people. And plenty of people never end up using the highest levels.

The fourth level seems to pick up a bit. It gives you one of those “now we’re talking!” moments. 

Five is a small step up. But six hits you hard. The top three speeds are all pretty similar to me – just hella intense. 

And the pulsations are high quality – deep “thuddy” pulses, as opposed to lighter “airy” pulses which don’t travel as deep or pack as much impact. 

On suction-power alone, the Womanizer Duo beats most other air pulse toys. 

The wide range of intensity levels allows users to find speeds that work for them. You can start out low and gradually work all the way up to the high levels for an intense orgasm. Or you can edge a bit by using the upper levels, then backing off to the lower ones again until you just need release!

I’ve been loving the many different ways to enjoy this ride 🙂

Womanizer Duo Vibration Power and Feel

I let my secret out at the beginning that I’ve really only had a few fairly inexpensive vibrators for years, so my standards were pretty low – like I said, I’m more of an air pulse girl. 

So needless to say, the Womanizer Duo’s higher quality G-spot vibrations really blew my mind. But because of my lack of expertise in this area, I wanted to do a lot of research to see what others thought of the vibrations, which I’ll sprinkle in here along with my own experience. 

Most customers agreed with me that the vibrations are strong. 

While the shaft wasn’t necessarily made to be used against the clitoris, I wanted to compare the vibrations to my previous vibrator that way. 

For starters, my usual wimpy vibe has 3 levels, as opposed to the Duo’s huge range of 12 levels. And they worked reeeeally well for me clitorally too! 

Womanizer Duo Clitoris Keychain

Internally, the lower levels don’t do much for me because my G-spot needs a bit more stimulation, but I’m really impressed with the higher levels! That seems to be others’ experience as well. 

I’ve read reviews talking all about “rumbly” vs “buzzy” vibes before I understood what that meant. But it was instantly clear that the vibrations of the Duo are very “rumbly” and my inexpensive vibes are definitely “buzzy.” Obviously, my buzzy little guys were working just fine for me for a while, but after using the Duo – I am definitely wanting to upgrade my vibrator collection to include toys more like the Womanizer Duo. 

Some customers expressed disappointment with the strength of the G-spot shaft vibrations. I found about one negative review for every ten positive reviews. 

Many of those who were disappointed with the strength also had trouble with the placement/fit of the toy in general. 

So it could be that you need it to fit right for the Womanizer Duo to deliver all its strength right to your G-spot where the vibes will have the most impact. 

I also want to clarify that only the G-spot arm vibrates. The clitoral piece is still meant purely for suction! If you’re wanting a toy that both vibrates and sucks on the clit, you may enjoy the viral Rose vibrator.

The first five power levels are pretty lowkey. Levels 6-12 are where it’s at for me. Internally, I really start to feel the vibrations at level 6. The top three levels are really powerful, but pretty much all feel the same to me by that point. 

I found it best to start with the vibrator on one of the highest levels and then work my way up with the air pulses. I don’t get too much satisfaction out of G-spot stimulation alone, but really enjoy clitoral and G-spot stimulation at the same time

The internal vibrations really change the game. Normally with powerful air pulse toys, I can feel the vibrations of the motor around my clitoris in addition to the air pulses. With the G-spot shaft vibrating at the higher speeds, I can REALLY feel the vibrations on my clit as well. 

Gently thrusting the Womanizer Duo adds even more sensation, which feels really amazing and intense – even when the air pulse head isn’t perfectly placed around my clit. I don’t have to focus on keeping the seal perfectly. I can keep thrusting the Duo and let the symphony of sensations carry me through to orgasm.

Thrusting Womanizer Duo

When the toy is turned on, both functions are on at the lowest level. You can then press the “-” buttons on either function to turn one off and only use the other. 

I really enjoy the freedom to play around with one of the functions at a time, rather than having both on all the time. If you’ve got Smart Silence turned on, the suction head must at least be in contact with something in order to function. So if you do want to use the vibrating end against your clitoris or on its own, you’ll want to turn off the Smart Silence feature.

The vibrating arm (not the air pulse function unfortunately) has 10 vibration patterns too. I enjoy the added variety the patterns bring to the Womanizer Duo. 


The Womanizer Duo is the best of both worlds. The clitoral suction stimulation is intense and thuddy, and the G-spot vibrator is rumbly and strong

If you enjoy G-spot vibrations and clitoral suction, I think the Womanizer Duo is a great toy. 

If you’ve never tried clitoral suction toys before, I’d start with a cheaper option first like the Womanizer Starlet 2 (review here) or the Satisfyer Pro 2 (review here) – two of my favorite clit suction toys for beginners. 

Satisfyer Pro 2 NG vs Womanizer Starlet 2

Not everyone loves air pulse tech so it’s good to start inexpensive.

But if you’re like me and crave those lovely pulses on a regular basis, the Womanizer Duo’s strong rumbly vibes add some amazing stimulation into that mix – I’ve found the G-spot vibes a very welcome addition.

Comfort and Fit

Keep in mind while reading reviews that no one toy will please everyone – dual stimulation toys with a G-spot and clit vibrator especially. Each body is different. The distance between the clitoris and the vagina is going to vary from person to person.  

The total length of the Duo is approximately 8 inches long, and the G-spot arm is approximately 4 inches insertable length and 1.25 inches in width. Womanizer designed the Duo to fit the average person’s clit-to-vag distance. 

And the Womanizer Duo has some flex that enables it to fit a good range of people – so you’ve got some wiggle room.

If you usually have issues with dual vibrators, a better option might be to pair a high quality clitoral suction toy like the Womanizer Premium with a G-spot vibrator like the Lelo Mona 2. That way you can completely control each toy.

But if other rabbit-style toys have worked well for you, the Womanizer Duo will likely work well too. 

I’ve also come to realize it’s really not that important to get a perfect seal or placement around your clitoris if the suction is good quality – which the Womanizer Duo’s is! 

So I actually thrust my Womanizer Duo while using it or move it in a circular motion for better G-spot stimulation – and the clit stimulation remains great even with the added motion causing a less-than-perfect clit seal. 

I will say many people describe the Duo as awkward and bulky. That was my initial instinct once it arrived and I saw the size of it all!

I’ll be honest, I did not anticipate how large it would be, but the size makes sense when I think about its functions. It’s got to deliver air pulses up to your clit, and curl down around to reach your G-spot internally! 

So ya, it’s a big toy and it takes some getting used to – but when a toy feels this good, I have no qualms spending some extra time getting use to it 😉 

There are also a lot of buttons on the Womanizer Duo: a power button, a button for the vibration patterns, and two sets of increase and decrease buttons for the G-spot vibrator and the air pulse head. 

Womanizer Duo Button Location

So you’ve got a lot of control over exactly how you want your stimulation!

But it can also feel a bit clunky while you’re learning to use it.

I usually like to turn down the intensity of the air pulses right before orgasm – something worth trying if you haven’t! With so many buttons I had some difficulty quickly finding the right button to press when I was getting used to the Duo.

But like most things, I got the muscle memory down with more quality time spent with the Womanizer Duo! 

I was particularly impressed with the difference in sensations between the two lovely silicone heads that come with the toy. 

I usually only stick to whichever silicone head fits me best with my other toys, but the Womanizer Duo’s two tips actually feel different to me and enable different uses. 

The opening of one of the tips is significantly smaller than the other. I experimented with each tip, switching them periodically, and found that each offers very different sensations. 

The smaller opening feels significantly more focused on the exterior of the clitoris. It’s sooo concentrated. If you love intense, focused stimulation you’ll love this tip. The bigger opening gives me more freedom of motion and a bit laser focus – it’s the one I use when I’m wanting to thrust the Womanizer Duo and still maintain good suction. Or if you tend to like really diffuse stimulation, the Lelo Sila has the largest mouth opening on a clit suction toy I’ve tried yet.

Womanizer Duo Packaging

I’d recommend trying both of the Womanizer Duo’s tips and seeing which size you prefer. 

If you’ve read my review of the Womanizer Premium, then you know I’m a big fan of Womanizer’s soft silicone – and the Womanizer Duo is no different! There’s something about plastic toys that just feel a little cheap to me. But the Duo is entirely silicone and feels luxurious in your hand and on your body. 

Noise and Smart Silence

Since my partner was home while I was getting ready to write this section, I decided to ask him to do a sound test with me. I had read enough reviews online about how loud people thought the Womanizer Duo was that I was not ready for what happened next. 

My partner stood outside the bedroom door. No fan, music or AC on. I started with the first level and asked if he could hear it. “Nope!” he said. I asked him again and again, climbing up the levels. 

At level 8 he said, “Are you messing with me? Is it turned on?” 

He opened the door and took a few steps closer. He must have been 5 feet away before he said he could hear it.  At levels 10, 11, and 12 he said he could barely hear it from outside the door. The noise didn’t change when I added in the vibrator. 

Again, I didn’t have any other background sounds going in my room either.

So I would say the Womanizer Duo is pretty dang quiet. I would feel comfortable using it in a silent house with someone in the next room on the lower levels and the higher levels if there’s music or some other noise.

The Womanizer Duo also has the Smart Silence feature, which automatically pauses the vibrations and pressure waves when the silicone tip is not in contact with skin. This also helps make sure it stays quiet.

I think the Smart Silence feature is great when it works. Smart Silence can occasionally be a bit buggy if I’ve recently washed the tip and haven’t fully dried it before putting it back on. 

I also recently learned you can deactivate the Smart Silence feature by pressing the suction mode’s + and — buttons at the same time for 3 seconds. 

Womanizer Duo Buttons Closeup

It’s nice to be able to turn it off if you want to use the vibrating arm on its own without touching the clit sucker. 

Womanizer Duo Cost

The Womanizer Duo is undeniably pricey. 

But when you think about it as two different toys – each of which is built with incredible quality, the price tag makes more sense. 

You’ll likely pay a bit more for two separate high quality clitoral and G-spot vibrators. 

The high price point means you get high quality pulses, strong G-spot vibrations, and Smart Silence technology. You have a huge intensity range for both the pulses and vibrations too! Essentially, you don’t have to make any of the tradeoffs you’d be making with the more budget-friendly toys. 

The Duo is about $20 more than its predecessor, the Womanizer InsideOut ($60 more when on sale). Womanizer upgraded the InsideOut to the Womanizer Duo by adding some length (1.5 inches), the Smart Silence feature, and an upgraded button design. 

If the price tag scares you, another option is buying a clitoral suction toy and a G-spot vibrator and using them together. This is a great option if you’ve already got one of the two in your collection! Or if you’re worried about the fit from a rabbit-style toy. 

Having two toys does give you some more flexibility with movement too. 

But I actually prefer the two-in-one style of the Womanizer Duo since I don’t like to have both my hands busy holding and maneuvering toys. It just takes one hand to use the Womanizer Duo and it works for me!  

For about half the cost of the Duo, you can buy the Womanizer Liberty or the Starlet 2. Both toys have great thuddy air pulses, but have less intensity range and don’t have the Smart Silence feature. 

Womanizer Duo, Starlet 2, and Liberty

Or for waaaay less, you can get the Satisfyer Pro 2 which has lower quality airy pulses, but great range at a budget price. It’s a good option for someone exploring air pulse toys for the first time. 

Lastly the Womanizer Premium is about $20 less than the Duo. The quality of the pleasure waves, the intensity range are about the same as the Duo, and both have the Smart Silence feature. The Premium has an Autopilot feature that changes the intensity randomly. If you’re not interested in the G-spot stimulator, but want the quality pulses of the Duo, the Premium might be perfect for you. 

Womanizer Duo Review Results

Womanizer Duo Gear

I think the Womanizer Duo is a great toy if you:

  • Enjoy intense clitoral stimulation 
  • Want powerful, rumbly G-spot vibrations
  • Most importantly – you want them together! While only taking up one hand to use
  • Want a toy that feels luxurious
  • Are looking for a quiet toy

There are better alternatives to the Womanizer Duo if you:

  • Are shopping with a tight budget
  • Have trouble finding rabbit toys that fit your body
  • Dislike intense clitoral stimulation

Womanizer Duo Alternatives 

Budget Alternative: Womanizer Starlet 2 and your favorite G-spot Vibe:

If you’re on a tight budget, the Womanizer Starlet 2 is a great option for someone looking for a clitoral suction toy to use with their favorite G-spot vibe. The Starlet 2 is about a third of the cost of the Womanizer Duo, though it has the same great thuddy pressure waves. 

Womanizer Duo, Pillow Talk Sassy, and Starlet 2

The Starlet 2 was one of my first air pulse vibrators and helped me fall in love with these toys! It’s a great option for beginners. 

It is not too expensive and still delivers quality pulses. 

One of the main trade-offs is that the Starlet 2 only has 4 intensity speeds, which pales in comparison to the Duo’s 12 speeds. 

The highest speed of the Starlet 2 is not as intense at the higher speeds of the Duo, but the lower speeds are pretty similar. 

A couple of popular budget-friendly G-spot vibes are the Pillow Talk Sassy and the Pillow Talk Racy. The Sassy is a bit larger and stronger than the cheaper Racy. Both vibrators are very rumbly. 

If you don’t have a vibrator to pair with the Starlet 2, either of these would be great options. 

We recommend the Womanizer Starlet 2 and another G-spot toy if you:

  • Are new to clitoral suction toys
  • Are shopping on a budget
  • Want a cheap clitoral suction toy to pair with your fav G-spot vibrator

Womanizer Duo vs Womanizer Premium and G-spot toy:

If you don’t mind spending a good amount of money on a clitoral suction toy, but are nervous that the Womanizer Duo’s rabbit-style won’t work for you – I’d highly recommend the Womanizer Premium

Womanizer Duo and Womanizer Premium Side by Side

I raved about this toy in my review and I continue to tell all my friends about it! 

The Premium delivers just as heavenly of pulses as the Womanizer Duo. 

It has the same luxurious silicone body, Smart Silence feature, and even has an autopilot feature. Get the toy in a comfortable position, flip on the autopilot and release control. It’s unbelievable. 

The Womanizer Premium never fails to deliver quality, thuddy pulses. And it’s got 12 intensity levels like the Duo. 

The Womanizer Premium is only $20 less than the Duo. So if you think rabbit-style toys work well for you, I would say to go with the Duo. It’s worth the extra $20 to have that G-spot stimulation, if that’s your cup of tea. 

But if you have a G-spot vibrator that you love, or you’re nervous about the Duo not fitting, the Premium is a great option.

Womanizer Premium and Lelo Mona 2

It is definitely my favorite clitoral suction toy I’ve tried so far! 

We recommend the Womanizer Premium and another G-spot toy if you:

  • Have the budget for high quality toy, but are nervous a rabbit-style toy won’t fit your body well

Overall Thoughts

As with any toy, there are pros and cons to the Womanizer Duo. 

As someone who enjoys powerful clitoral suction toys and G-spot stimulation, the Womanizer Duo has quickly become one of my favorite toys. 

If you’ve never tried a clitoral suction toy, I’d recommend you try a less expensive toy first, like the Womanizer Starlet 2 or the Satisfyer Pro 2, to get a taste of the suction technology. 

If you’re already a fan of air pulse tech and strong G-spot vibes, then you’ll likely appreciate the thuddy pulses and wide intensity range the Womanizer Duo offers.

Womanizer Duo Product Image

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