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We-Vibe Vector Review

We-Vibe Vector Product Image

Our Verdict


The We-Vibe Vector is becoming one of my most often used prostate massagers. It has good, strong vibrations – but what sets the Vector’s vibes apart is how rumbly they are compared to other prostate massagers I’ve tried. They have a lovely depth that feels uniquely stimulating – plus the rumbly quality makes it one of the quietest prostate plugs.

While it’s worked well for me, the app control can struggle in long-distance mode for some people. So I don’t recommend it for people who primarily want to play from miles away. But I’ve had great experiences with the Vector’s app control in bluetooth mode. Plus, it also has a physical remote control which is always a reliable backup option.

The Vector is also by far the most comfortable prostate massager I’ve found. It’s much more wearable than other vibrating prostate plugs and is the first I’ve used that actually stays securely in place when I walk around.

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  • Fits more securely than other prostate plugs
  • Is especially comfortable (the most comfortable I’ve found)
  • Slimmer insertable arm is great for beginners to prostate play
  • Vibrations are more deep and rumbly than other toys
  • Has both app and physical remote control capabilities 
  • App is simple and easy to learn with a lot of preset patterns you can pick from and adjust


  • While the We-Vibe Vector’s vibrations are powerful, there are a couple even stronger options if you care about power most
  • Slimmer shape may not feel as filling as some people are looking for
  • The app will occasionally disconnect. It’s pretty reliable in bluetooth mode but can be hit or miss for people when playing with a long distance partner.

Table of Contents

Comfort and Fit – The Vector is a Clear Winner

I’m starting out of order here!

If you’ve read any of my other prostate vibrator reviews, you’ll know I normally start by talking about the vibes. It’s also what I consider first when I’m testing a new toy – what could be more important in a vibrating prostate plug?

Well hold on vibes – we’ll get to you.

From the first time I slipped the We-Vibe Vector into position, it was clear this prostate massager was the most comfortable and best fit of any prostate plug I had tried. 

We-Vibe Vector Packaging

The surprisingly good fit made me switch up my testing routine. 

I typically slip a new toy into place, lay in bed, and enjoy some nice relaxing me-time while exploring how good the plug’s vibrations feel as I ride with it to orgasm (which I still did eventually). 

But first, after being shocked at how snug the We-Vibe Vector fit, I got up and walked around. I had to see if it stayed in. 

I headed downstairs with the We-Vibe Vector in place. I did some dishes. Headed back upstairs to the bedroom. Tried a few squatting and thrusting movements that usually make a prostate plug slip out for me. 

I would’ve no doubt looked absurd had my partner opened the door and peaked in to see me performing my solo bedroom-acrobatics.

But the We-Vibe Vector stayed put.

I wanted to see if other people had similar experiences with the We-Vibe Vector or if it was just me. So I read through customer reviews for the Vector and found a lot of people mentioning how securely it fit compared to their other prostate plugs.

To give you some context, I tallied up customer feedback discussing fit for the We-Vibe Vector vs the Lelo Hugo.

From Lovehoney’s customer reviews for the Vector – of the 12 customers that mentioned how it fit – all 12 said the Vector fits securely (though one mentioned that the Vector “stays in place well… but falls out when having rough hardcore sex.”) So we’ll count that as one for it slipping out.

Several even mentioned their success wearing the We-Vibe Vector in public.

By comparison, of the 25 Lovehoney customers that mentioned the Lelo Hugo’s fit – 15 said it slips out while only 10 said it was a snug fit.


We-Vibe Vector vs Lelo Hugo Secure Fit Graphical Data

So if you value a prostate massager that stays in place for a hands-free experience, the We-Vibe Vector is a great option – the best I’ve come across so far for hands-free play. 

But let’s get into just a few more specifics.

Does the We-Vibe Vector Stay in During Sex?

For me, the We-Vibe Vector has stayed in place well during sex. I can move quite freely in the bedroom without it slipping out. It’s the best prostate plug I’ve found at staying put during my ordinary bedroom movements.

One Lovehoney customer mentioned it can fall out during rough sex – but unless you’re doing a lot of vigorous or acrobatic movements, I think you’ll be fine.

As another customer put it: 

“I often have trouble with butt plugs and other massagers popping out while in the middle of sex, but this little wonder stayed put.”

Lovehoney customer

The We-Vibe Vector is the best I’ve found if you value a hands-free experience inside the bedroom.

Secure Enough for Public Play?

I was really surprised at how well the We-Vibe Vector remains in place because I often try to let people know that prostate plugs are best used inside the bedroom – that they’re not shaped to stay in place while walking around like a traditional butt plug is. You’re gonna deal with some pop-outs.

Prostate Plug vs Traditional Plug for Secure Fit

So is my self-proclaimed “best fitting prostate plug” secure enough for public play?

Well – for some people. 

3 of the 12 Lovehoney customers who talked about the plug’s fit specifically mentioned playing in public with the Vector. 

One says:

“I went out with this, and even in the most silent of shops, no-one batted an eye.”

Lovehoney customer

But while the We-Vibe Vector is the most secure fit I’ve found from a prostate plug – at least for me, it still can push out on occasion during a strange movement – it’s really rare. But I don’t want to risk that happening out of the house, so I still opt for traditional-shaped plugs like the Lovense Hush for public play. 

I think some great ways to minimize the risk would be to try venues where you’ll be sitting a lot, so the Vector definitely can’t push out – restaurants or bars could work well (plus they’re louder, so make discretion easier).

So my opinion is that traditional-shaped plugs like the Lovense Hush are still a more secure fit – but the We-Vibe Vector is the only prostate plug that I think a fair number of people can (and do) have success with wearing around outside the bedroom.

Vibrations and Prostate Stimulation

Here’s another spot I’m going to steer away from my usual order of discussion.

The Most Rumbly Prostate Massager Yet

I’m typically a power guy. I want my vibes to be strong – and the We-Vibe Vector does have good power.

But this prostate massager’s vibes excel above others by getting deep and rumbly.

A vibrator’s motors can either be higher frequency (which the sex toy community refers to as “buzzy”) or lower frequency which we call “rumbly.”

I find that rumbly vibes feel deeper and seem to stimulate a greater area. Whereas buzzy vibes tend to feel more surface level – but also kick in right away. You feel the impact more instantly.

You may see people say that really rumbly vibes are the best and buzzier vibes suck. But honestly it’s a lot of personal preference. 

I usually find my sweet spot is about 7.5 out of 10 rumbliness (where 10 is all the way rumbly). This gives the vibes an excellent depth, but I don’t lose the immediate kick I like too.

Well, We-Vibe is known for making especially rumbly toys – their We-Vibe Tango X is my partner’s most rumbly bullet vibrator. And the We-Vibe Vector is no exception. So it falls a bit outside my usual range (and inside a lot of other people’s favorite range). 

It’s pretty much a 10 out of 10 for rumbliness.

We-Vibe Vector most rumbly prostate massager

For those of you who are fans of extremely rumbly vibes, this is the prostate massager for you.

And this is the first toy I’ve tried where I’m starting to see your point. 

To me, the We-Vibe Vector’s lovely deep whoom-whoom-whoom vibrations (that’s me trying to make the sound of a rumbly vibe) don’t seem to lose as much of the instant punch that other extremely rumbly toys have.

It still feels strong, and it still packs a solid impact.

And while I’ll still be using my toys that also have a bit of buzz, like the Lelo Hugo and Lovense Edge 2 – the We-Vibe Vector offers a uniquely different feeling. 

And one I’m learning to enjoy more and more.

Vibration Power

The We-Vibe Vector is in the mid-upper end of my prostate massagers’ power range.

I’d put it at about 8 out of 10 vibration strength.

It’s stronger than the original Lelo Loki (review here) and the updated Loki Wave. But it does max out a touch before my most powerful prostate massagers – the Lelo Hugo and Lovense Edge 2.

Prostate Massager Vibration Strength Compared

If you’re seeking the absolute strongest vibrations you can get, I’d check out the Hugo or Lovense Edge 2

But I find the We-Vibe Vector’s vibration strength is really effective especially paired with the deep, rumbly quality of its vibrations – and some of my favorite pre-built patterns I’ve found in a toy.

The vibes almost feel like they’re rolling slowly and forcefully through the prostate massager – I find its vibrations really stimulating (all while remaining hands-free more easily than my other plugs).

Unless you need a ton of intensity, most people will be happy with the vibration strength of the We-Vibe Vector.

Adjusting the We-Vibe Vector for Better Stimulation

Another reason the We-Vibe Vector’s vibes can feel so stimulating against your P-spot is due to the adjustable head.

Right at the base of the Vector’s prostate arm is a hinge that lets you bend the arm forward or push it back further. This can help you get a fit that keeps the prostate massager’s head firmly in contact with your P-spot.

Adjusting the We-Vibe Vector

The adjustable head and flexible perineum arm also contribute to why the Vector has such a comfortable, snug fit. 

And even though it’s not quite as adjustable as the Lovense Edge 2, where you can change the entire angle between the two arms – the We-Vibe Vector still fits much better and more comfortably.

With some other prostate plugs, as my muscles begin to contract they start to push the toy off my prostate. Then I lose some of that good contact that helps the stimulation feel so strong.

With the We-Vibe Vector’s secure fit I haven’t experienced any loss of intensity from the toy losing contact.

How the We-Vibe Vector Stimulates Your Prostate

One quick point I want to address is that the We-Vibe Vector is a prostate plug.

This means it’s intended as a wearable toy for hands-free prostate stimulation – mostly from strong vibrations but you do get some fullness and pressure on your P-spot.

But you won’t be able to thrust the We-Vibe Vector to apply targeted pressure to various regions like you can with handled toys like the Lelo Loki Wave or dildos like the nJoy Pure Wand.

Vector plug vs handheld toys

Some people prefer the more substantial pressure you can get from really pressing a toy firmly against your P-spot. Others love the hands-free fullness and stimulation that comes from the strong vibrations of a prostate plug.

If you want a slim vibrator like the Vector that you can still grip and maneuver to apply additional pressure, the Lelo Billy 2 is a great option – though its vibrations aren’t quite as strong as the Vector’s.

Now there are a few prostate plugs that focus more on pressure stimulation. For instance, the Nexus Revo Stealth has a rotating head so you can get automatic hands-free prostate pressure. These toys tend to have weaker vibrations than other prostate plugs.

Or they can take more effort to use – like the Aneros Vice 2 which you need to contract and release your pelvic floor muscles to get the full effect. But these plugs are worth checking out if you prefer pressure to vibration strength.

I personally enjoy both. But it may take some experimenting to find if you prefer vibes or targeted heavy pressure to your prostate.

Noise Level and Public Play

Since the We-Vibe Vector is more rumbly (less buzzy) than many other prostate massagers, it’s also a fair bit quieter.

If you’re a person concerned about noise, the Vector is a good option for you.

My wife stood just outside our bedroom with the door closed while I turned up the Vector’s power level in our room. She wasn’t able to hear it at any level. 

And you’d definitely go unnoticed if you have a fan on or music playing in your room.

So what about outside the house?

If you haven’t already read my section discussing if the Vector fits securely enough to wear in public, be sure to read that first.

While I haven’t personally worn the Vector outside the house for public play (since I prefer traditionally shaped butt plugs out of the house), my partner and I have tested a ton of other toys in public. 

We’ve tested remote control panty vibrators, C-shaped couples toys like the We-Vibe Chorus, and insertable G-spot vibes like the Lovense Lush 3.

By comparison, the We-Vibe Vector is substantially quieter than many of the other wearable toys we’ve taken with us to bars, restaurants, and coffee shops.

We-Vibe Vector Noise Comparison

The Vector is certainly quiet enough to wear and use the full power range in louder settings like bars and most restaurants. It’s also quieter than many toys we’ve been able to use in quieter places like our local coffee shop.

As one customer put it: 

“I went out with this, and even in the most silent of shops, no-one batted an eye.”

Lovehoney customer

Wherever you choose to play, you’ll want to start at the lower levels and gradually turn it up to ensure it doesn’t become audible.

But with the Vector’s quiet, rumbly vibes, you’d be able to use it in most places with a little bit of background noise to help drown out the sounds.

Size – Who is the We-Vibe Vector For?

The We-Vibe Vector has a max width of 1.18 inches and an insertable length of 4 inches.

It’s pretty comparable in length to its main competitors, the Lelo Hugo and Lovense Edge 2 – but it’s slimmer. 

We-Vibe Vector Size Comparison with Other Prostate Massagers

The length is definitely enough to hit the prostate well (the prostate is typically just 2 inches inside the rectum).

For beginners the narrower prostate arm makes the We-Vibe Vector an easy entry to anal play. The 1.18 inch width of the Vector is a great size for comfortable entry, wear, and removal.

For people looking for a touch more “filling” feeling from their plug, you may want to consider the Lovense Edge 2 which has a max width of 1.38 inches.

I really enjoy the size of the Vector personally. It’s long enough to really press the deep rumbly vibes into my prostate, but slim enough that wearing it is more comfortable than my other plugs. 

And with the deep quality of its rumbly vibes, it feels more impactful than other beginner prostate plugs like the Svakom Vick Neo (though if you’re on a tight budget the Vick Neo can be a good option to consider).

I think the comfortable size and shape of the We-Vibe Vector also make it a better choice if you intend to wear your plug for more extended periods.

We-Vibe App: Ways to Control Your Vector

I’m going to break down the app into a few discussions. 

Here I’ll chat about everything you can do in the We-Connect app: which features We-Vibe handles well and which ones I think some other apps do better.

We-Connect App Controls We-Vibe Vector

Then we’ll cover what you can do with a long-distance partner.

In the last section, we’ll chat about the app’s connectivity – how easily it connects to your toy and how well it stays connected in bluetooth mode or long distance mode.

You’ve got three main ways to control your We-Vibe Vector from the app.

  1. Select from preset vibration patterns (or create your own)
  2. Use sound to control your prostate massager – either sound picked up by your mic or vibrate to music stored on your phone.
  3. Control the We-Vibe Vector with Touch Mode
Ways to Control We-Vibe Vibe Vector in App

You can use all these styles to control the We-Vibe Vector in Bluetooth and long-distance modes.

Preset Patterns and Creating Your Own

You can control the Vector by selecting one of the pre-designed patterns in the We-Connect app. This is the main way I control the Vector, and I think it’s the most versatile and reliable way to play.

From your “Current session” you just click the pattern selection button to bring up the vibration pattern menu. Then select from any of the preset vibes or any of your own saved pattern creations.

Two lines represent the patterns – the top line represents how the prostate motor will vibrate, and the bottom line represents the perineum motor.

We-Vibe Vector Patterns Shown in App

We-Vibe provides a good range of in-app patterns with a mix of pulsing, rolling, crescendoing, and other styles. The selection is one of the things I like about We-Vibe’s app over Lovense’s which only has 4 built-in patterns (though you can find patterns created and shared by other people online or create your own).

The We-Vibe Vector also has some patterns that oscillate back and forth between the perineum and prostate motors. I find these make the vibrations feel even more rumbly than they already do – it feels incredibly stimulating to my P-spot and is my favorite vibration style from the Vector.

Once you’ve selected your pattern, you can increase or decrease the vibration power of each motor. Dragging each line changes that motor’s intensity. 

You can also easily rotate through the We-Vibe Vector’s patterns by swiping left or right.

How to Control the We-Vibe Vector in We Connect App

These patterns are easy to use, and there’s no learning curve to controlling your toy. You don’t have to design a new creation and hunt for what works. Instead, you just swipe through patterns until you like one and adjust it as needed.

With Lovense’s app, you draw your pattern in the moment and click “Loop” to repeat it. So you have to learn to create patterns that you like. There is more of a learning curve. But once you understand how it works, you have more versatile control of your vibes than you do with We-Vibe’s app.

If you like simplicity and a large pre-designed selection of vibration patterns, We-Vibe’s app is better. If you prefer total control over every aspect of your vibes, Lovense’s app is better.

You can also create your own patterns for the Vector in the We Connect app. But honestly, it’s not a very good feature the way it’s currently designed.

You go to “Create Vibe” and draw out the pattern for each motor. If you want the second motor to match the first, just click the link button.

Create your own pattern for We-Vibe Vector in app

But here’s why it’s not very useful unless they update the feature in the future.

You have to draw and create the pattern before you can feel it. So while you’re drawing it out, you have no idea if you’ll actually enjoy your new vibration until after you’ve gone through all the effort to make it.

In Lovense’s app, you feel the vibe as you’re drawing it. So creating an enjoyable pattern from scratch is a lot easier.

Creating vibration patterns in Lovense's app vs We-Vibe's

I’ve saved a decent number of patterns in We-Vibe’s app only to find out – yaaa, they don’t feel that great.

So for my We-Vibe Vector, I stick with the patterns they’ve already created. I enjoy the selection We-Vibe provides and don’t need to make my own. Modifying theirs is all I need.

Beat Mode

You can use Beat Mode to control your We-Vibe Vector with sound.

At the top, there’s a toggle to choose between a song or your mic.

Choosing song will make your Vector vibrate in sync with a tune saved on your phone – you can’t sync it with Spotify (something you can do with Lovense toys) – it’ll have to be stored on your phone.

Using Music and Sound to control the We-Vibe Vector

Selecting “Use your Mic” makes your Vector vibrate to the sound picked up around you. When sound in your environment gets louder, your Vector will vibrate stronger. This makes playing in places with loud music fun! 

But In quieter settings, it’ll vibrate softer which can help ease your nerves about the Vector’s noise. If there’s not a lot of background sound around you, the Vector will keep vibing on low. But honestly the Vector is already a quiet toy.

One last unique feature of We-Vibe’s sound control is that you can set your motors to respond specifically to the bass, midrange, or treble sounds. 

Touch Mode

The last control style is Touch Mode. 

It pulls up a screen that you can drag your finger around. When you drag your finger faster, the vibes become stronger. When you stop moving your finger, the vibes stop.

Controlling the We-Vibe Vector in Touch Mode

It creates a lovely light show and is pretty much useless beyond that.

Ravenously swiping your finger back and forth on the screen gets real old fast!

I stick pretty much exclusively to the preset patterns in the We-Vibe app, and it seems most other people do too. 

But it works out because it’s clear We-Vibe put the most effort into creating good pre-set patterns. There’s a lot of options there with quite varying effects.

We-Vibe preset pattern selection for Vector

Long Distance Control Features

In We-Vibe’s app you can share control of your Vector with a long-distance partner from anywhere in the world. You can also control your partner’s We-Vibe toy while they control yours.

You can send messages to each other in-app and video chat while sharing control of each others’ We-Vibe toys.

To connect with a partner, you first send them a link which they can accept to become your partner in the We-Vibe app. 

Connecting the We-Vibe Vector with a long distance partner

You can only have one partner saved in the We-Connect app. If you intend to play with many different partners, Lovense lets you store multiple partners – so the Edge 2 might be a better fit for you.

Once you and your partner are linked up, a person icon will appear at the top of the screen when you play. Red indicates that your partner is offline. Green means they’re online, and you can share toy control with them.

Just tap the icon to send them a request.

Once you’re connected, you have all the same control options that you have in Bluetooth mode. Your partner can swipe through patterns to control your We-Vibe Vector. They can increase and decrease the power of each motor just like they could normally.

Video chatting long distance with We-Vibe Vector

To message or video chat, just click the chat bubble icon. You can text back and forth here while playing or click the video bubble to make the video fullscreen. 

A feature I love about We-Vibe’s app over others is that it’s easy to switch back and forth between which partner is controlling the Vector. 

When my partner’s controlling my Vector I can see what pattern they’re using and what intensity they’ve got each motor at – but I also have a button to take back control of my Vector. 

Sometimes I just know what my body wants at the moment and would like to control the vibes myself for a bit without needing to exit the session with my partner.

Take back control of Vector in We-Connect app

We-Vibe provides this option with the Take Control button – and it won’t end the session. So my partner and I can keep video chatting without disruption. Then when I want them to have control again, I can hand it back over!

With other apps, you typically have to end a part of the session or switch features – it’s just less seamless. But switching control back and forth in We-Vibe’s app is easy.

We-Vibe App: Connectivity Quality

So that’s what you can do in the We-Vibe app. 

Now let’s chat about how well the toy and app stay connected. It doesn’t matter what you could do if you still can’t do it because of sub-par connectivity.

Bluetooth Mode Connectivity and Range

You use Bluetooth mode to control your Vector from your phone for solo play or let your partner control the prostate massager from nearby places (the same house, across the bar, etc.). 

I’ve had good experiences with the We-Vibe Vector’s connectivity in close-range Bluetooth mode. 

Initially pairing the We-Vibe Vector with the app does take me a few tries though. 

You hold the Vector’s power button down for 5 seconds to put the prostate massager in Bluetooth pairing mode and then click connect toy on the app.

Pairing We-Vibe Vector with We-Connect App

Sometimes it doesn’t find the Vector though. Usually, exiting the app and reopening it seems to do the trick for me. It’s a bit annoying but not too big of a deal. I’m typically connected and good to go in under 30 seconds.

But once the Vector is paired with the app, it stays pretty reliably connected for me. 

There will be an occasional disconnection, but it’s usually minimal. And when a disconnection occurs, the app usually reconnects to the Vector again automatically. Reconnecting is a shorter process than connecting initially.  

I’ve been able to lock my phone screen and use other apps with the Vector generally remaining connected. I do think this causes it to disconnect occasionally, but normally it stays connected when I switch between apps.

I still think Lovense’s connectivity in Bluetooth mode is a bit better than We-Vibe’s. Initially connecting to their toys is quicker and disconnections are fewer. But it hasn’t been much of an issue with the We-Vibe Vector. If the toy quality of the Vector sounds better for you, I think Bluetooth control in We-Vibe’s app isn’t too far behind Lovense’s.

You can also be pretty far away from the Vector and still control it with your phone. My partner and I always test our toys’ range in the alley outside our house. 

My partner will walk away with the phone and see how far she can get from the toy before it disconnects. 

The Vector stayed connected for us at 278 feet away on average, which is pretty impressive. The shortest distance we had before a disconnection was 110 feet and the Vector stayed connected all the way up to 420 feet.

Your own numbers will vary, but in general the We-Vibe Vector has good range.

Long Distance Mode Connectivity

Here’s where things get a bit tricky.

Before testing the We-Vibe Vector, I was pretty sure I’d have an underwhelming experience with its long-distance connectivity. 

My wife and I have tested other long-distance We-Vibe toys, including the Chorus and the We-Vibe Moxie

We-Vibe Chorus and Moxie

The Chorus worked okay in long distance mode, but not as well as our Lovense toys. And we had such a tough time with the Moxie that we recommended the Lovense Ferri instead to almost everyone. 

But when my wife and I tested the We-Vibe Vector’s long-distance capabilities, we found much to our surprise – it worked really well for us. 

Few disconnections. 

Trading control of the Vector back and forth between each other was seamless. 

The Vector’s response time was fast.

We kept testing over the next several days, and we usually had easy connections and good experiences.

We did hit some snags at times. Occasionally we would both be online, but our invites wouldn’t go through because the app said the other person was offline. We’ve run into this issue with our other We-Vibe toys, and other customers have mentioned it too.

It typically doesn’t last long, but you may have to close and re-open the app a few times to get it back. Some people have said they needed to re-install or update the app to fix this too.

We-Vibe Glitch

But when we were able to get connected, the experience went well from there.  

I think We-Vibe has done some work improving their long-distance connection. 

After being pleasantly surprised at the quality, I looked at the app store. I saw We-Vibe had recently updated the app to improve the remote partner connection – typically their app’s biggest flaw.

So they’re working to bring their long-distance connectivity up to the quality of Lovense.

But it still seems hit or miss from others’ feedback online.

So I’ve had better experiences with We-Vibe’s long-distance control lately. But I still think if you’re primarily going to use your toy for long-distance play, you may want to consider Lovense toys like the Edge 2 which are known for being reliable (and have been reliable in my experience too).

Vector’s Physical Remote Control Quality and Connectivity

The We-Vibe Vector’s physical remote works great and is a good alternative to the app if you want to make sure you don’t have any connectivity issues.

We-Vibe Vector Remote Control

The Vector’s remote has always paired quickly and easily with the prostate massager for me, and it remains reliably connected to the toy.

My wife and I took the remote and We-Vibe Vector to the alley outside our house to test how far away she could be from me with the remote control before it disconnected from the toy. She was able to continue controlling my toy from 175 feet away. 

So the range works well and is all you need if you plan to play primarily at home or seated with each other at a restaurant or across the bar.

We-Vibe also uses a four-button remote to control the Vector. Two buttons allow you to increase and decrease the vibration intensity. You use the other two to move forward and backward through the We-Vibe Vector’s preset vibration patterns.

We-Vibe Vector's Remote Compared to Other Remote Controls

Surprisingly a lot of toys’ remotes have just one button to cycle through patterns and intensities. So if you accidentally click once too far – you have to cycle all the way back through.

Other remotes have three buttons that let you increase and decrease intensity, but you still have one button to cycle through the patterns.

The We-Vibe Vector’s four-button remote lets you quickly increase or decrease the power and move both forward and backward through patterns. It’s how I wish all remotes were designed.

Also, many toys will only let you raise and lower the power of the constant vibes but not the patterns. But the We-Vibe Vector’s remote lets you increase and decrease the intensity of each vibration pattern too. 

Overall, I’m happy with the remote control quality of the Vector.

Battery Life and Charging

The We-Vibe Vector lasts for about 2 hours on a single charge though it will be less if you’re blasting it at full power. That’s comparable to other prostate massagers like the Lelo Hugo (2 hours) and Lovense Edge 2 (1.7 hours).

The app also shows you how much battery life the Vector has left. No wondering if you should charge it soon.

We-Vibe Vector Battery Life Shown in We-Connect App

If you do intend to wear your We-Vibe Vector for a longer night out, you’ll have to be conscious of conserving the battery and not cranking it up to the max power the entire time.

Two hours is plenty for me inside the bedroom. My We-Vibe Vector hasn’t died on me while using it yet.

We-Vibe also uses a magnetic charging cord, which means you don’t need to plug anything into the toy itself and potentially damage its waterproof rating over time.

Charging the We-Vibe Vector

I’ve found the magnet attaches to the toy easily, and the Vector flashes a light so you know it’s charging correctly.

Cleaning the We-Vibe Vector

Since the We-Vibe Vector is entirely waterproof and made of body-safe silicone, it’s easy to clean. You can completely submerge it in water and don’t need to worry about keeping a running faucet away from any of its parts.

It’s non-porous, which means potentially harmful bacteria won’t get trapped in any pores and cause you trouble later. You can check out our guide on how to clean sex toys for more info on safe materials and cleaning. 

We-Vibe Vector Submerged Showing Waterproof Rating

Soap and water is fine. I always wash mine both before and after using it – that way, I get rid of anything it may have picked up while sitting between uses.

We-Vibe Vector Review Results

The We-Vibe Vector is quickly catching up to what has been my favorite prostate plug – the Lovense Edge 2. I love the Vector’s exceptionally comfortable wear and its surprisingly secure fit. 

Until now, I haven’t recommended any prostate plug as being wearable outside the bedroom. But this toy has me starting to change my tune.

While just a touch less powerful than the Edge 2, I find the We-Vibe Vector’s deep, rumbly vibes are uniquely stimulating. And We-Vibe’s built-in patterns hit their mark for me. The Vector is a toy I enjoy the more I use it – and I’m using it more and more. 

We-Vibe Vector Product Imagery

I think the We-Vibe Vector is a great prostate massager if you:

  • Are looking for a prostate plug that fits more securely than others for a better hands-free experience or the ability to wear it outside the bedroom
  • Want an exceptionally comfortable and easily wearable massager – it’s by far the most comfortable I’ve tried
  • Prefer slimmer insertable arms and don’t need to feel especially “full”
  • Want strong power, but especially care about your vibrations being very rumbly
  • Primarily intend to use the We-Vibe Vector in Bluetooth mode – not as often with a long-distance partner 
  • Don’t mind occasional disconnections from the app or are okay with using the physical remote control when a reliable connection is important
  • Value a simple, easy to learn app experience with a lot of pre-built adjustable patterns, but you don’t care to create your own super detailed and intricate vibration patterns 

I think there are better prostate massagers if you:

  • Intend to use your toy regularly with a long distance partner – Lovense has had a more reliable long distance experience for me
  • Want extremely detailed and versatile control over your vibrations (again Lovense offers more detailed control, but has a bit more of a learning curve and a less hands-off approach)
  • Want the strongest vibrations possible and don’t mind if the vibes are a bit buzzier
  • Prefer wider toys to feel more filled up

We-Vibe Vector vs Lovense Edge 2

The first alternative to the We-Vibe Vector is the Lovense Edge 2. My current personal favorite prostate massager is this one, but the We-Vibe Vector has been steadily catching up. 

We-Vibe Vector vs Lovense Edge 2

It’s another app-controlled prostate massager, but Lovense’s app connectivity is more reliable in long-distance mode. So if you’re someone who was primarily considering the We-Vibe Vector to play with a long-distance partner – I’d recommend going with the Edge 2 instead. 

Connecting with a far-away partner is easier, the process is smoother, and disconnections are rarer. 

The Edge 2 is also a bit more powerful than the We-Vibe Vector (though they aren’t as rumbly – a major reason people love the Vector).

For those who prefer wider toys, the Edge 2 has two bulbous sections that feel more filling than the We-Vibe Vector, but can be a little less beginner-friendly.

While the Edge 2 fits more securely than many plugs, it’s not as secure of a fit as the We-Vibe Vector. It’s good for a hands-free experience inside the bedroom, but walking around with the Edge is more difficult.

Controlling each motor separately and designing your exact vibe is easier in the Lovense app. You can easily draw out the exact vibration pattern you want for each motor in real-time. 

Lovense Edge 2 Loop and Float Functions

Simply hit loop and let that pattern repeat. Or if you want the vibes to remain constant press “float.”

I have a detailed Lovense Edge 2 review here if you want to learn more.

I recommend the Lovense Edge 2 over the We-Vibe Vector if:

  • You plan on playing long distance often – the Lovense app has more reliable connectivity, especially in long-distance mode
  • Want more powerful vibrations and are okay trading off some of the deep rumbliness of the We-Vibe Vector’s motors
  • Prefer a wider toy for a little more pressure
  • Plan to play inside the bedroom

We-Vibe Vector vs Lelo Hugo

Another favorite is the Lelo Hugo. Many people love this little prostate massager for its vibration strength – and I’d say that’s the main reason it’s worth considering.

Remote and Hugo

It’s easily the most powerful prostate massager I’ve tried. 

While I find the We-Vibe Vector’s strength is plenty, this may be the best option if you care most about power. But keep in mind, it’s also less rumbly – vibration strength is not the only factor contributing to the stimulation.

The Hugo’s also a much less secure fit than the We-Vibe Vector. I (and many others) have found it pops out fairly easily. It’s not a huge deal if you’ll be using it sitting or laying down, but movements with the Hugo are a lot more limited than the Vector.

It’s shorter too which can be less intimidating for people nervous about insertable length.

This one is also only remote-controlled: No app. But the remote control does have a unique feature that makes it worth mentioning. 

We-Vibe Vector App vs Lelo Hugo Remote

The remote can vibrate along with the prostate plug. The plug’s vibrations increase – the remote’s vibes increase. You change the pattern on the plug – the remote’s pattern changes. 

This can let the partner controlling your toy really understand how the vibes are feeling for you. 

It’s a great form of partner feedback.

Head to my full Lelo Hugo review for a more detailed look.

I recommend the Lelo Hugo over the We-Vibe Vector if:

  • You want the strongest vibrations possible – this is the main reason to consider the Hugo
  • You’d prefer a shorter insertable length
  • You want a remote that vibrates how the plug is vibing to give your partner feedback

Lelo Hugo 20% off with code PLEASUREBETTER at checkout

Final Thoughts

The We-Vibe Vector is fast becoming one of my most often used prostate toys.

It’s by far the most comfortable prostate plug and the first I’ve found that fits securely enough to walk around with it in easily.

The vibrations have great strength. And while there are toys with a touch more power, I’m finding the deep rumbly quality of the We-Vibe Vector’s vibrations make it an especially stimulating ride.

We-Vibe Vector Product Image

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