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We-Vibe Unite Review – Real Life Couples Vibrator Testing & Comparison

Overall Score

Ranked #9 of 11 Hands-Free Couples Vibrators

Our Verdict

The Unite is the cheapest couples vibrator (wearable during sex) that I think could work for you if you are on a tight budget. It’s better than Satisfyer’s line of cheap couples vibrators. But if you can, I recommend spending just a bit more for the We-Vibe Sync’s increased strength, adjustability, and control functionality. 

If that extra $50 is not doable, just be aware that you have few vibe-intensity/pattern options. The We-Vibe Unite also has a less powerful motor and a looser fit, so the stimulation is lower. I personally cannot orgasm hands-free from the We-Vibe Unite, but I can from the We-Vibe Sync and We-Vibe Chorus (their upgraded models)

If you want to try the Unite, I recommend buying it through Lovehoney since they’re one of the only places that will refund you if you don’t end up enjoying your toy. 

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  • Better fit and stimulation than Satisfyer’s similar couples vibrators like the Double Joy and Double Classic
  • Cheapest hands-free couples toy I’ve found that still provides some enjoyable stimulation.
  • Has We-Vibe’s signature rumbly vibrations
  • G-spot arm is thin enough to allow penetration without discomfort
  • Excellent, reliable connectivity with its remote control
  • Definitely quiet enough to not be heard from the other side of a closed door
  • 145-minute battery life or longer


  • Less powerful vibrations than We-Vibe’s higher-end models like the Chorus and Sync. I cannot orgasm from the Unite’s softer vibrations, but they still feel good during sex
  • Unite is flexible but not adjustable like the Sync and Chorus. So you can’t customize its shape to fit your unique body better.
  • Since it’s not adjustable, the Unite is tricky to keep in contact with your clit and will likely require the help of your hands unless its shape naturally fits you well.
  • Very basic remote that requires cycling through all patterns and power levels.

Table of Contents

The We-Vibe Unite was replaced by the We-Vibe Sync Lite. The Unite is still available while supplies last but is no longer in production.

Couples’ vibrators are overall some of the pricier toys out there. But if designed well, they can be so much fun! They provide hands-free clit and G-spot stimulation while being slim enough to wear during partnered sex!

All Couples Vibrators Wearable During Sex

I’ve tried several budget options on the market because I love sharing surprising finds that do the trick at a fraction of the cost. But none of them perform well enough that I can recommend them. 

The We-Vibe Unite is not exactly what I would call a budget option. 

But it’s at the mid-budget level for hands-free couples toys. It’s more expensive than Satisfyer’s couples toys (which I’ve had poor experiences with). But it’s cheaper than We-Vibe’s high-end models.

We-Vibe Unite Close Up with Remote in the Background

Since the We-Vibe Chorus and older We-Vibe Sync have been my absolute favorite couples’ vibrators, I was hopeful that I could recommend the We-Vibe Unite as a sort-of-budget option.

We-Vibe Chorus and Sync top Picks

It’s a one-motor vibrator, so it primarily stimulates clitorally. But a few of the vibes travel to the G-spot as well. And it’s remote-controlled, or you can use the button directly on the toy.

Well, after using the Unite several times, my biggest recommendation is: Save up a little longer for a better option. The We-Vibe Sync is about $50 more, but all around a much better toy.

The Unite just did not stay in place or stimulate as I hoped. So it took some effort to use and enjoy.

We-Vibe Unite as Cheaper and Worse Option vs Better We-Vibe Sync

When I use my hands to keep the Unite in place, the vibrations definitely feel good during sex. The Unite’s only a little less stimulating than the next model up – the We-Vibe Match. But I could not reach orgasm with the Unite’s (or the Match’s) vibes alone.

On the other hand, I can orgasm hands-free during sex with We-Vibe’s newer models, the Sync and the Chorus.

In this We-Vibe Unite review, I’ll break down my entire experience with this couples’ vibe. I’ll let you know how it compares to other hands-free options. And I’ll share how some of my favorite during-sex vibes are handheld. These provide a better experience at the same price point as the Unite. So you can see if that might be a better choice for you. 

Let’s get into it!

Compare to Other Hands-Free Couples Vibrators

Wearing the We-Vibe Unite During Sex

You can technically use the We-Vibe Unite for solo play. And since it’s smaller and has a remote control, you could also wear it for sneaky public play. 

We-Vibe Unite Uses During Sex Solo and Public

However, for solo-play, I find there are better dual-stimulation options. Other wearables like the Lovense Dolce and Lelo Ida Wave give way more clit and G-spot stimulation.

Lelo Ida Wave and Lovense Dolce on Table

And when it comes to public play, the Unite doesn’t stay in place as well as my panty vibrators or egg vibrators.

All Our Panty Vibrators and Egg Vibrators

So wearing during penetrative sex is the We-Vibe Unite’s best use – it’s the only reason I’d consider getting the Unite. And it’s what this review will primarily focus on! 

Overall the We-Vibe Unite is better than Satisfyer’s cheap couples toys. But it leaves much to be desired. Primarily due to the low power levels, un-adjustable fit, and medium comfort levels. 

It also has a hard time staying in position during sex.

We-Vibe Unite Does Not Stay in Place Compared to Better Sync and Chorus

My best experiences with wearing a hands-free couples vibrator during sex are with the We-Vibe Sync and We-Vibe Chorus. Both are upgraded models of the Unite. And they have huge improvements that are definitely worth the extra $$. 

In fact, the Sync and Chorus are the only two couples’ vibrators I can orgasm from hands-free during sex!

We-Vibe Unite Vibrations & Stimulation

The smaller end of this toy slides up into the vagina, and the larger end lays up against the clit and vibrates. The vibes have that signature deep rumbly feel that We-Vibe is known for. Though it gets a bit buzzier on the higher power levels.

We-Vibe Unite External and Internal Stimulators

Now hands-free vibes are certainly something to talk about! I’m someone who needs clit stimulation to orgasm. And if you’re like me, a wearable like the Unite can be the ultimate dream. When a toy does all the work, it frees your hands to engage with your partner!

But if you’re picky about your clit-vibes, you want to make sure your hands-free pal is trustworthy. To reap the benefits of a hands-free toy, it has to actually feel good without requiring extra work on your end.

And this is where the We-Vibe Unite started to fall short.

The We-Vibe Unite’s vibration strength is pretty weak. They feel like something for foreplay or to get you in the mood. The added stimulation feels nice during sex. But the intensity certainly is not something that can take me over the edge.

We-Vibe Unite Vibrations and Stimulation Rating vs Other Couples Vibrators Comparison Graphic

The top strength on the Unite is less than ⅓ the strength of my more powerful wearables like the Lovense Lush 3 or Lovense Ferri. These are some of my favorite wearables because they can reach high powers. Though these wearables are not the kind that you can wear during sex.

We-Vibe Unite Has a Third the Strength Compared to Lush and Ferri

Compared to the We-Vibe Sync and Chorus, my favorite during-sex wearables, the Unite is only about half as powerful.

And since the Unite is not adjustable like the We-Vibe Sync or Chorus, it doesn’t sit as tightly against my clit. Unfortunately, this results in pretty poor stimulation during solo play. 

We-Vibe Sync and Chorus Adjustable and Stronger vs Weaker Unite

The loose fit weakens the stimulation you get during sex too. For example, when my partner is in me, the G-spot portion sometimes pushes sideways instead of pressing into my G-spot. This made the clit-motor sit further off my clit, so I wasn’t feeling the stimulation as much.

We-Vibe Unite Internal Arm Pushed Sideways by Dildo

On the other hand, the We-Vibe Chorus and Sync are adjustable. So you can get the motors to sit snug against your body for better stimulation. And the inner arm presses wonderfully into your G-spot when using it with a partner. Not off to the side like the We-Vibe Unite.

The We-Vibe Unite also only has a motor in the clitoral end. So your G-spot doesn’t stand a chance at feeling much vibration. Whereas the Chorus and Sync have a motor in both the external and internal parts.

All Couples Vibrators and Motor Counts

I read through customer reviews to see if others had a better experience than me. A few people did mention being happy with the stimulation levels:

“The levels of the vibrations were just right to stimulate, and they were directed just where they were needed.”

We-Vibe Customer Feedback

But overall, most people seemed disappointed:

“Personally it didn’t hit in the right places & was very uncomfortable, but my husband loved it! I’m yet to try it on just myself with my husband in charge of the remote 😬 I don’t hold out much hope tho as the vibrations aren’t strong enough for me!”

Lovehoney Customer Feedback

If you enjoy more substantial power, I think you’ll benefit from going with the Sync or Chorus instead. Their motors are more powerful. And because you can adjust them to fit your body, they’ll stay in better contact with your clit and G-spot. 

And if you typically need a ton of power, you’re probably best sticking with a handheld toy. Slim G-spot vibrators like the Lelo Mona 2 and Lovense Hyphy work great for clitoral stimulation during sex! And even some extremely powerful wand vibrators like the BMS PalmPower Extreme have unique features like an angled head to make them easier to use during sex.

These handheld vibrators can simply hold a larger, more powerful motor and are better if you typically need immense strength to orgasm.

If you haven’t ruled out the We-Vibe Unite yet, it may be because you prefer softer vibrations anyway! I mean, if the Unite is going to be paired with the additional stimulation of penetration, you may just need a little help. Right?

Here’s the thing. 

Even if you prefer softer vibrations, I still wouldn’t recommend the Unite because it only has two power levels. This means you can’t have a soft, gradual vibe experience. I’ll talk more about this in the Remote Control section.

We-Vibe Unite One Buton Remote With No Intensity Adjustment

If you’re worried about over-stimulation, the We-Vibe Sync is still a better choice because it can achieve super low powers too! But you can also turn it higher when you want.

We-Vibe Unite Fit & Comfort

The We-Vibe Unite fits more loosely and is less comfy than the more expensive We-Vibe couples toys.

We-Vibe Unite Comfort & Fit Rating vs Other Couples Vibrators Comparison Graphic

While the Unite has some flexibility, it’s still more rigid than other options. The internal arm is especially stiff – not at all squishy.

We-Vibe Unite Stiff Hinge and Hard Internal Arm

With how firm the G-spot arm is, it can feel uncomfortable if it presses into me at a weird angle – which sometimes happens because the Unite’s looser fit makes it shift around during sex. And the external arm also bumps against my clit occasionally.

It doesn’t cause me too much discomfort during sex. It’s way more comfortable than the Satisfyer Double Joy or Double Classic. But I certainly prefer the softer feel and more secure fit of the We-Vibe Sync and Chorus

They also have slightly wider internal arms, so the G-spot pressure spreads out more comfortably.

Wider We-Vibe Chorus Internal Arm vs Smaller Unite Arm

Though the We-Vibe Unite shifted around during sex, it never fell completely out. And we tried it in several different positions. To be extra safe though, laying on your back or side keep the Unite in place more easily.

While reading other users’ experiences, I saw it wasn’t just me. Many people mentioned the Unite not staying where they wanted it. 

“I was apprehensive to spend the money on this but I ended up really enjoying it. It’s quiet and the material is soft. I like that it comes with a remote so my partner can control it. The settings have a great variety. The only issue I have with it is that it can be hard to stay in place or keep in place during intercourse.”

Lovehoney Customer Feedback

“It slides out when not in full penetration and does not remain in place”

Lovehoney Customer Feedback

Walking around with the Unite in place is also problematic. If I’m not wearing tight underwear and pants, it falls out. So I don’t recommend wearing it outside the bedroom. But if you must, then wear pants. Nothing flowy!

I think the Sync and Chorus are worth the extra cost for the more comfortable and secure fit. 

We-Vibe Sync and Chorus and More Expensive But Worth It For Security

The wider internal arms of the Sync and Chorus help the toys stay in place better. The G-spot arm always presses comfortably where I want it. And they stay snug against my body – very little shifting around during sex.

I also prefer the adjustable fit of the Sync and Chorus. They have adjustable hinges, so you can make them tighter or looser and adjust their shape to fit your unique body better. 

We-Vibe Sync and Chorus as More Customized Fits

This is super important because if your toy is not hitting the right spots, it’s not going to be enjoyable at all:

“This just did not fit my body. It wasn’t even close to landing on my clit. And because of the style it either fits or it doesn’t. And it did not! I’m not sure how you could figure out if it will fit or not before you purchase either?”

Lovehoney Customer Feedback

The Sync and Chorus have two adjustable points. But the Unite has zero. 

Unite Slight Flex But No Adjustability vs Chorus Two Adjustable Points

So to recap:

The Unite is the cheapest but has no adjustability and little flexibility.

The We-Vibe Sync is more expensive than the Unite, but cheaper than the Chorus. It has two adjustable points to achieve a better fit.

The Chorus also has two adjustable points like the Sync and provides the most snug fit. But it’s the most expensive. 

I have an article covering the differences between the We-Vibe Chorus vs Sync here if you think one of these might be a better fit!

We-Vibe Unite Remote Control Features

The Unite’s remote could literally not be simpler. It has only one button. Which is nice if you don’t want anything complex!

But you’re giving up many features other couples’ toys have. And some of those features improve the experience.

We-Vibe Unite Remote Control Features vs Other Couples Vibrators Comparison Graphic

The Unite’s one-button remote cycles through 9 vibration patterns. They’re on a rotation, so you must cycle through them all to get to the one you want. 

We-Vibe Unite One Button Remote Requires Cycling Through Patterns

I find hunting for my preferred setting a bit annoying. And others were frustrated as well:

“The one button system scrolls through all of the vibration options. This meant that we couldn’t work through the settings without scrolling through all of the pulsing and constant vibration settings. That was distracting and frustrating…”

Lovehoney Customer Feedback

You also cannot change the intensity of any of the patterns. To me, this is a huge deal-breaker. I love to start on low powers and slowly work up with a gradual increase. But there’s no way to build through power levels with the We-Vibe Unite.

We-Vibe Chorus Remote Allows Slow Increase vs Unite Remote Which Does Not

Many other hands-free couples’ vibrators, like the Chorus and Sync, have remotes that allow you to power up or down. Or to toggle back and forth between patterns.

And these two also have app-controlled capabilities. So you have even more control options. And you can give control to a long-distance partner through the app.

We-Vibe Chorus and Sync App With More Precise Control

We-Vibe Unite Connectivity

Even though the Unite’s remote does not offer much control, it does stay reliably connected to the toy.

We-Vibe Unite Connectivity Rating vs Other Couples Vibrators Comparison Graphic

I have never had any troubles with the remote disconnecting after a while or cutting out randomly. It also pairs automatically and instantly – no work on your part. This is awesome because no one wants to interrupt the moment with some troubleshooting!

I also tested how far I could separate the We-Vibe Unite from its remote control before they disconnected. And the Unite maintained a connection until about 100 feet away. This distance may vary for you based on the space you’re in and whether there are people or furniture between.

We-Vibe Unite Connectivity Distance in Feet vs Other Couples Vibrators Comparison Graphic

But you definitely have plenty of range for some across-the-room play!

We-Vibe Unite Noise

The Unite is on the quieter end of wearable toys. It’s certainly fine at home during sex. No one will be able to hear the Unite on the other side of a closed bedroom door. 

But if you’re considering the Unite for play outside the bedroom, it performs worse than other couples’ vibrators. This is because you must cycle through all the patterns to get to the ones you want. So it’s hard to avoid patterns that are a bit louder like pulses.

We-Vibe Unite Measured Decibel Noise Level Rating vs Other Couples Vibrators Comparison Graphic

I tested all my toys out at different locations with my partner to see if/when he could start to hear. And with the Unite, quieter places are not advised. Sitting about 10 feet away in the same room of our quiet home, he could hear the toy vibrating on all levels and patterns.

However, as soon as we got to a place with more ambient sound – even if it’s soft – he could not hear any of the patterns. We ran through all the power levels and patterns at a local coffee shop, which was pretty empty. As long as soft music played, the Unite was inaudible to him. Even when he was sitting less than 5 feet away on the couch.

So the We-Vibe Unite would also be inaudible in louder places like bars or breweries.

But while the Unite may be quiet enough to go unnoticed in a variety of places, I don’t recommend it outside the house. The fit is too loose, and controlling it with the one-button remote is not great for public play. 

If that’s why you were considering the Unite, I’d recommend vibrating panties (for clit stimulation) or an egg vibrator (for G-spot stimulation) instead. Those toys are designed to wear as you go about your day. 

Egg Vibrators and Panty Vibrators Better For Public Play

We-Vibe Unite Battery Life & Charging

The We-Vibe Unite is rechargeable. We-Vibe’s website still says it takes 6 hours to charge. But if you buy the toy now, it will be a newer one. And these only take 90 minutes to charge. 

We-Vibe Unite With Charging Chord

As for battery life, the Unite was the winner compared to my other C-shaped toys! I tested all my couples’ vibrators by charging them fully, then turning them to their highest power.

I let them buzz along and checked on them every 10 minutes until the last one died. And the Unite beat all the others out at 145 minutes! The website says “up to 120 minutes,” but mine lasted a bit longer than advertised on its highest power.

We-Vibe Unite Battery Life Measured in Minutes vs Other Couples Vibrators Comparison Graphic

Now, some of the other toys may reach this battery life if you use their lower power levels. The Unite is naturally less powerful than the Sync and Chorus, so it doesn’t use as much battery power on its highest strength.

If you want longer battery life, it might be because you’re hoping to use this toy during an evening out. In which case, I would direct you to either an egg vibrator like the Lovense Lush or a panty vibrator like the Lovense Ferri. These toys have longer battery lives and are more secure to wear as you go about your day.

Lovense Lush 3 and Ferri Having Longer Battery Lives and Secure Fit

Other We-Vibe Unite Specs

We-Vibe Unite Materials

The We-Vibe Unite is made with body-safe silicone, so it’s very safe to wear! In addition, it’s phthalate-free, BPA-free, and made without latex.

We-Vibe Unite Size

The Unite is 46 mm tall, 76.5 mm long, and 30 mm deep. It fits right into my palm. Its G-spot arm is thin enough that I can comfortably have my partner’s penis in me while I’m wearing the Unite. But the wider arms of the Sync and Chorus help those toys stay firmly in place better than the Unite.

We-Vibe Unite in Hand with Size Measurements

We-Vibe Unite Connection Distance

The Unite stayed connected to the remote until about 100 feet. This may vary based on your environment though!

We-Vibe Unite Waterproof Rating

The We-Vibe Unite is “Splashproof” and can handle running water, but should not be entirely submerged. It’s not listed as waterproof like most other We-Vibe toys are. 

We-Vibe Unite with Splash of Water But Not Submerged Since Not Waterproof

We-Vibe Unite Packaging

The Unite packaging was bright and colorful, as We-Vibe always is! The toy comes with a fun, silky storage pouch and a sample of We-Vibe’s lube.

We-Vibe Unite with Box Bag and Lube

We-Vibe Unite Review Results

The We-Vibe Unite is meant for people who want a fun hands-free vibrator to use during sex, but don’t have the budget for toys like the We-Vibe Sync or We-Vibe Chorus.

While the Unite provides a better experience than Satisfyer’s line of budget couples vibrators, it doesn’t live up to the excellent experiences I’ve had with the Sync and Chorus.

We-Vibe Unite is Cheaper But Worse vs Sync and Chorus as Better

If you want to try to save some money by going with the Unite, be aware you are making some trade-offs.

Since it’s not adjustable, getting a good fit for your body is tricky. It shifts around during sex and is challenging to keep in contact with my clit. Expect to use your hands to keep it in a good spot.

The rumbly vibrations feel enjoyable with my partner, but they’re too soft for me to orgasm from personally. Whereas I do orgasm during sex from the We-Vibe Sync and Chorus.

All in all, the We-Vibe Unite is the cheapest couples vibrator that I still had a somewhat positive experience with. But I really recommend saving up for the Sync or Chorus.

If you want to give the Unite a try, buy through Lovehoney so you can return it for a refund if the Unite doesn’t work well for you.

We-Vibe Unite with Packaging

I think the We-Vibe Unite could be a good toy if you:

  • Enjoy soft, but rumbly vibrations
  • Want something that feels good during sex, but may not take you all the way
  • Are ok with pressing on the toy occasionally and understand it likely won’t be a completely hands-free experience
  • Are ok with cycling through vibration patterns with a one-button remote
  • Want 145 minutes of battery life or more

I think an alternative couples vibrator is better if you:

  • Want very strong and stimulating vibrations
  • Want a truly hands-free experience (We-Vibe Unite shifts around quite a bit, and you’ll need to use your hands)
  • Are counting on adjustability to find a good fit for your body
  • Want very customized control of your vibrations
  • Are looking for something wearable outside the bedroom

We-Vibe Unite Alternatives

We-Vibe Chorus and Sync

The We-Vibe Chorus and Sync are my two top picks for toys you can wear for hands-free stimulation during penetrative sex. And they’re the only wearable couples’ vibrators I can orgasm with hands-free.

We-Vibe Unite vs We-Vibe Sync and Chorus with Stars

The Chorus is a tiny bit better. But the Sync is pretty dang similar for about $50 cheaper.

Both these toys are stronger than the Unite – almost double the strength. And they have an additional motor in the G-spot arm. They also have more adjustability. So you can get a fit that will sit tightly against your clit for better stimulation.

Their G-spot arm is slightly broader and softer, which makes them more comfortable. It also helps them stay in place better. They don’t shift around during sex like the We-Vibe Unite does.

Wider We-Vibe Chorus Internal Arm vs Smaller Unite Arm

These two have remotes that are much more useful than the Unite’s. You can tap back and forth through patterns. And change the intensity of each pattern for a nice slow build. 

We-Vibe Remotes from Unite Sync and Chorus

Or if you’re not feeling the remote control, you can also control the toy through the We-Vibe app! This gives you more precise control than a physical remote can. And it opens up the ability to share control of your toy with a partner anywhere in the world!

These improvements made a world of difference for me. I’d recommend saving up a bit more for the Sync or Chorus if possible.

For more info, you can read our full We-Vibe Chorus review here and We-Vibe Sync review here

Handheld Options

While hands-free vibes during sex are fun, I go for a handheld toy when I’m with my partner more often. Using the right one can hit your clit just right without the vibrator getting in the way during sex.

My favorites for this are G-spot vibrators (but I use them on my clit) because they have long, curved handles. So your hands don’t get in the way, and you have significant leverage to press those vibes where you want them.

The Lelo Mona and Lovense Hyphy are both great for this! They also get waayyyy stronger than the We-Vibe Unite, and any of the wearable C-shaped toys ever get – including the Sync and Chorus! 

Lelo Mona 2 and Lovense Hyphy with Stronger Vibrations

The Mona also has a tapered tip which is especially helpful for sliding between our bodies during sex. This is helpful so that the toy is not uncomfortably jammed against my public bone when facing each other.

Lelo Mona 2 Tip Tapers and Is Easy to Slide in Small Places

The Hyphy is also great! And it’s about the same price as the Unite. This one does not have as pointy of a tip as the Mona, but it still has that slight curve and longer handle. These features are great for getting leverage to press those vibes in where you need them!

The Lovense Hyphy is a much better option to use during sex at the same price as the We-Vibe Unite.

For more info on my two favorite handheld toys to use during sex, read my full Lelo Mona 2 review here and Lovense Hyphy review here

We-Vibe Unite FAQ

How to Use the We-Vibe Unite During Sex

You insert the smaller end of the Unite into your vagina with a bit of water-based lube! This arm sits against your front wall, leaving space for a penis or dildo.

We-Vibe Unite Vibrates Clitorally and Additional Arm Slides into Vagina

The larger end of this toy vibrates on your clit, providing hands-free stimulation during PIV sex.

You can tap through the different vibration patterns using the button on the toy or the remote.

How to Clean the We-Vibe Unite

The Unite is splash-proof, so you can wash it by running it under the sink with warm soapy water. But you should not submerge it.

Dry it off with a towel, and let it sit in an airy place!

Where to Buy [With Happiness Guarentee]

I recommend buying the We-Vibe Unite through Lovehoney since they will refund you if you don’t enjoy your toy. Use the code PleasureBetter15 for 15% off your entire order.

Since the Unite is not adjustable, it may not work well for your individual anatomy. So it’s worthwhile to have the option of returning.

You can also purchase through PeepShowToys (though they do not offer a happiness guarantee like Lovehoney). You can use the code PleasureBetter for 10% off your order.

We-Vibe Unite and Remote Control

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