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We-Vibe Sync Review – Is This Couples Vibrator As Good as the Chorus?

Overall Score

Ranked #3 of 11 Hands-Free Couples Vibrators

Our Verdict

The We-Vibe Sync is one of the best dual-stimulation vibrators you can wear during partnered sex. It’s been replaced by the We-Vibe Sync 2, but the original is a better value while it’s still available.

While the Sync isn’t as powerful as large, handheld vibrators – it gives you the clit stimulation you need during sex, completely hands-free. So you can stay more engaged with your partner – no need for either of you to hold a vibrator to your clit.

The original We-Vibe Sync is one of only three hands-free couples vibrators I orgasm with easily during sex (the others are the Sync 2 and the top-of-the-line Chorus). All three offer an extremely similar experience, and I orgasm just as easily with each.

The Sync 2 and Chorus have slightly better remote controls and some other minor design differences. I think the cost savings of picking up the original Sync on discount will be worthwhile for many people. 

The Sync’s vibrations are deep, rumbly, and feel wonderful paired with penetration from my partner.

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  • Provides clit and G-spot stimulation during sex completely hands-free so you can stay in the moment with your partner
  • One of the few couples vibrators I actually orgasm from hands-free during sex
  • Two adjustable hinges allow you to customize the fit to your body – you can get a much better fit from the Sync than from toys that are just flexible like the We-Vibe Sync Lite, the Lelo Tiani 3 or Satisfyer Double Joy
  • Broader range of customization than the updated Sync 2, which has just one adjustable hinge
  • Provides both remote and app control so you can choose whichever you find more convenient
  • The Sync’s rumbly vibes are very quiet
  • Discounted while stock remains, making it a better value than the current models (the Sync 2 and Chorus)
  • We-Vibe has a happiness guarantee – they’ll refund you if you don’t enjoy the Sync.


  • Remote can become unresponsive after a long period of inactivity – I’ll sometimes need to hold down buttons again until it reconnects
  • The Sync’s G-spot arm is slightly less bulbous than the Chorus’s and Sync 2’s – so you may get slightly less G-spot stimulation, but I don’t notice a difference personally
  • While it’s adjustable, whether the Sync (like any C-shaped vibrator) will work for you is still somewhat dependent on your own individual anatomy

Table of Contents

The We-Vibe Sync was replaced by the We-Vibe Sync 2. The original Sync is still available while supplies last but is no longer in production.

Over the past few years of growing my collection to more than 30 wearable vibrators, and extensively testing and enjoying (or not) each one – I’ve become somewhat of an expert on these fun, discreet toys!

Many of the Remote Control Wearable Vibrators I own

Today, I’ll share my experience with the We-Vibe Sync

This C-shaped couples’ vibrator has two motors – one for your G-spot and one for your clit. The G-spot arm is designed to be slim enough that you can still have sex while wearing the Sync! 

How the We-Vibe Sync Works for Hands-Free dual-stimulation during sex

So you can get clitoral stimulation during sex from the Sync’s stronger external motor humming along on your clit.

This is a huge deal for me (and probably for you too). Because, like most humans with vaginas, I can’t orgasm from penetration alone. I (and many others) need clit stimulation to orgasm during sex.

And if you don’t want to multitask by holding a vibrator down there… The Sync can give you the clit stimulation you need entirely hands-free!

Adding a hands-free vibrator can minimize distractions, frustrations, and roadblocks so you can stay in the moment with your partner.

In this We-Vibe Sync review, I’ll show you how the Sync compares to my other wearable couples toys (including the updated We-Vibe Sync 2, the unique We-Vibe Sync O, and the top model, the We-Vibe Chorus).

Couples Vibrators Large Collection
All my couples’ vibrators

I’ll also discuss whether a handheld vibrator may be a better choice for you since you make some trade-offs in opting for a hands-free toy.

Let’s get into it!

Review Update Notes

  • February 16, 2024: We bought and tested the newest line of We-Vibe couples vibrators (the Sync 2, the Sync O, the Sync Go, and the Sync Lite) that replace previous versions. And we updated this review to include our experiences with the new products and relevant comparisons.
  • October, 2022: Review First Published

Compare We-Vibe Sync to Other Hands-Free Couples Vibrators

The original We-Vibe Sync is still one of the best hands-free couples vibrators available. 

The Sync’s adjustable design helps it fit far better than We-Vibe’s budget line (including the Sync Go and Sync Lite) and other brands’ premium options (including the Lelo Tiani 3 and Dame Eva) which provide no way to customize their fit to your individual anatomy.

Favorite Couples Vibrators Compared to Worse Models
The couples vibrators I enjoy on the left (We-Vibe Chorus, Sync 2, Sync Original, and Sync O) and the options I don’t think are worth it on the right (Dame Eva, Lelo Tiani 3, Satisfyer Double Joy, Satisfyer Partner, Sync Go, Sync Lite, Unite and Match)

Of all the couples vibrators I’ve tried, I only orgasm reliably with We-Vibe’s adjustable models – the original Sync, the Sync 2, the Chorus, and the Sync O (this one takes me longer since it lacks G-spot vibrations).

The Sync 2 and Chorus have upgraded and more responsive remotes than the original Sync.

The original Sync has one more adjustable hinge than the updated Sync 2, so the original is more customizable. But the Sync 2’s and Chorus’s G-spot arms are more bulbous which can apply better G-spot pressure. Ultimately, these design changes are minor, and I orgasm just as easily with all three.

Main Ways to Use the We-Vibe Sync

The We-Vibe Sync is a versatile sex toy, so there are a few reasons you might be considering this remote control vibrator.


It’s certainly better for some uses than others. 

Here are the Sync’s main uses in order of how well it actually performs for that use. 

  1. Hands-free dual-stimulation during partnered sex
  2. Discreet play outside the bedroom
  3. Solo clit and G-spot stimulation

If you’re looking for a toy to use during sex to get the clit stimulation you need without holding a toy between your legs – you’re in the right place. Again – the We-Vibe Sync is one of the few wearable toys that can bring me to orgasm during sex.

We-Vibe Sync with diagram of how to wear it during sex

The We-Vibe Sync’s main focus is stimulating during PIV (penis-in-vagina) sex. And it’s what the Sync does best! 

Wearing the Sync outside the bedroom and for solo dual-stimulation are also possible with the Sync. But they’re best thought of as bonus uses. There are other toys designed with those uses as their top priority!

For example:

Egg vibrators for G-spot stimulation or panty vibrators for clit stimulation are easier to wear around. And they tend to be stronger. So if you don’t need a toy you can wear during penetration, these are stronger and more secure options.

Egg Vibrators and Panty Vibrators are easier to wear around than the We-Vibe Sync

And for solo use in the bedroom, I get more intense hands-free dual-stimulation from the Lovense Dolce or Lelo Ida Wave. But these are too big to wear during penetrative sex. And neither is easy or comfortable to wear around for play outside the bedroom.

Dual-Stimulation wearable vibrators that are good for solo stimulation

So back to the Sync. 

Since its most impressive feat is its performance during partnered sex, I’ll focus on that in this article. I’ll touch on its bonus uses too! But I’ll mainly focus on my experience with the Sync during sex

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Wearing The We-Vibe Sync During Sex 

The We-Vibe Sync is one of my favorite wearable couples vibrators during sex, along with the Sync 2 and Chorus. But the Sync original is the most affordable of the three.

The original Sync had a second adjustable hinge for the G-spot arm, like the We-Vibe Chorus. So you can customize its shape better than the new Sync 2, which can help you get the best fit during sex. 

However, the updated Sync 2’s G-spot arm is more bulbous and applies better pressure naturally to make up for the removed second hinge. With the changes, I find both toys equally stimulating during sex.  

The We-Vibe Chorus combines the best of both Syncs – it has two adjustable hinges and a bulbous G-spot arm, but it’s pricier.

We-Vibe Chorus and Sync Original Adjustability
The We-Vibe Sync Original and Chorus’s adjustability

I’m able to orgasm quickly and reliably with the original Sync. The clitoral vibrations are as powerful as the updated Sync 2’s and the We-Vibe Chorus’s. And the customized shape keeps it securely in contact with my clit during sex – unlike flexible models (like the We-Vibe Sync Lite and its predecessor, the We-Vibe Unite).

The G-spot arm provides enough comfortable space for my partner and has enough girth to keep it in place during sex instead of pulling out like slimmer models. It also provides gentle vibrations and pressure, which feel mild during solo use. But these mild vibrations make it much easier to orgasm during sex – something I noticed while having difficulty orgasming with the We-Vibe Sync O, which lacks a G-spot motor. 

You can control the Sync during sex using the on-toy button, the app, or the remote control. The remote can be a little finicky (it’s worse than the newer remotes), so if you have trouble, use the on-toy button or app to limit distractions.

We-Vibe Chorus Sync 2 and Sync Original Remotes
The remotes of the We-Vibe Chorous (left), Sync 2 (middle), and Sync Original (right)

If you want one of the most stimulating options with two points of adjustability at the most affordable price, get the original Sync before it goes out of stock.

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We-Vibe Sync Vibration Power and Stimulation

The Sync has two different motors to provide dual-stimulation.

All Couples Vibrators and Motor Counts

The stronger motor is in the larger external end. This provides some medium-powered, extremely rumbly vibrations to your clit. 

Good quality, rumbly vibrations like these are hard to find. And this is the type of vibe-feel that most people prefer.

Vibration power and quality of each of We-Vibe Sync's Motors

The second motor is in the internal arm that rests on your G-spot. Since this motor is small enough to make room for more penetration, the internal vibrations are gentler than handheld G-spot vibrators like the Pillow Talk Racy. They can feel mild on their own, but are very impactful when paired with penetration.

The We-Vibe Sync performs similarly to the We-Vibe Chorus and Sync 2 – each toy’s clitoral motor is equally powerful, and they are the strongest couples vibrators you can wear during sex. The Sync 2’s G-spot motor is slightly stronger but almost unnoticeable.

The We-Vibe Sync feels about 25% stronger to me than the comparably priced Lelo Tiani 3. And the Sync packs nearly double the vibration strength of budget competitors like the Satisfyer Double Joy (which also struggles to stay in place). 

We-Vibe Sync Vibration Power compared to two of its competitors - the Satisfyer Double Joy and Lelo Tiani 3

But it is important to know that C-shaped wearable vibrators like the Sync tend to be softer than larger wearables or handheld toys that aren’t designed for you to wear during sex. For instance, the We-Vibe Sync’s vibes are about half as strong as my most powerful wearable vibrator the Lovense Lush 3.  

Lovense Lush 3 is Twice as Powerful as We-Vibe Sync

So overall, the stimulation is impactful from the extremely rumbly vibrations, but they’re not overwhelmingly strong.

The medium power of this toy means two things:

  1. It’s great for during-sex use because it enhances the experience without becoming over-stimulating for either partner. 
  2. It’s a nice dual-stimulation option for someone who wants solo or out-of-bedroom play and prefers less intense vibes.

Since I prefer higher-powered toys, I was initially underwhelmed when I wore this toy for solo use. It was a fun little tease. But after using more powerful wearables like my favorite egg vibrator, the Lovense Lush 3 and panty vibes like the Lovense Ferri, the lower vibration strength was a bit of a letdown.

Lush 3 and Lovense Ferri are stronger but cannot be worn during sex

But when combined with penetration from my partner, the vibrations and G-spot stimulation feel so much better during sex!

For one, the We-Vibe Sync’s little G-spot arm gets pressed against the front wall in a really satisfying way. 

When my partner is fingering me, I always have him keep his fingers shallow and nudge against my G-spot. When I’m wearing the Sync, the inner arm presses into my G-spot with each of my partner’s thrusts similar to being fingered.

Except the Sync’s internal arm is also vibrating gently as it presses into my G-spot. And adding extra bursts of pressure with each of my partner’s movements.

And then there’s the clit vibes. 

Again, I want to be clear that if you’re used to the overwhelming strength of something like a wand vibrator, the We-Vibe Sync’s rumbly vibes will feel much softer

Wearable couples toys like the We-Vibe Sync are less powerful than large handheld vibrators like wands
The We-Vibe Sync shown next to a large wand vibrator (the Lelo Smart Wand 2), illustrating the difference in the size of their motors.

But they still feel great during sex and give me the clit stimulation I need – while freeing my hands up to be more engaged with my partner.

The 12 power settings give a lovely slow build. And those rumbly vibes pair so well with the internal pressure and subtle vibrations I described above.  

All this to say – I think the people who will get the most from this toy are those who plan to use it during PIV sex. It frees up your hands and your head to engage more with your partner. But it doesn’t leave you left out from getting the stimulation you need to feel good too.

As I mentioned earlier, the We-Vibe Chorus and Sync 2 are the only wearable couples vibes on the Sync’s power level. These are both more expensive, but make up for it in other areas like better remotes or bonus features. But if cost-effective hands-free stimulation is your main priority, the Sync original is an excellent choice.

My other go-to for clit-vibes during penetration is a handheld vibrator. It will not be hands-free, but you can get more power from it than with a wearable. 

Handheld vibrators like the Lelo Mona 2 are more versatile alternatives to the We-Vibe Sync

If you’ve tried a handheld toy and struggled to get one to work during sex – here’s my little secret. 

Use a G-spot vibrator to stimulate your clit! The longer handle, curved shape, and slimmer head do wonders for maneuverability! If you want to hear more about my top pick for this and how I use it, jump on to the Lelo Mona vs We-Vibe Sync section.

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We-Vibe Sync Fit and Comfort 

How a couples vibrator fits substantially affects how well it stimulates you. The We-Vibe Sync has a very comfortable and secure fit. That’s why it’s one of the few I orgasm with.

The Sync’s two adjustable hinges (one at the base of each arm) let you customize the shape to fit your unique anatomy better. As a result, I get a secure fit that keeps the Sync’s external arm firmly in contact with my clit during sex – without needing to use my hands.

Me holding the We-Vibe Sync with the adjustable hinges in two different positions

Flexible options without adjustable hinges, like the We-Vibe Sync Lite, Satisfyer Double Joy, or Lelo Tiani 3, fit too loosely and shift off my clit. So I can’t get the vibrations to go where I need them to without pressing on the toy with my hand.

I'm stretching the Satisfyer Double Joy and Lelo Tiani 3 to show how they flex - but they are not adjustable like the We-Vibe Sync

But with the We-Vibe Sync’s customized fit, I easily orgasm hands-free. 

The Chorus, Sync 2, and Sync O are the only other options with adjustable arms. The Sync 2 and O only have one adjustable hinge. I’ve found just one hinge is necessary to get a secure, stimulating fit. But if you want extra reassurance, the Sync original and Chorus have the most adjustability with two hinges. And the original Sync is about $80 less expensive than the Chorus.

We-Vibe’s premium models (including the original Sync), have wider G-spot arms than their budget models like the Sync Lite and Sync Go. The wider shape keeps the couples toy more secure and applies broader, more comfortable pressure on my G-spot during sex. It’s not so big that it causes me discomfort when paired with penetration.

We-Vibe Sync's external and internal arms are both comfortable

While walking around, C-shaped toys shift around more than other types of wearables, like egg vibrators, which have a larger internal bulb that stays put in the vagina. Or panty vibrators, which can magnetically secure to your underwear.

We-Vibe Sync fits less securely than egg vibrators like the Lush 3 and panty vibrators like the Lovense Ferri

But during-sex, wearables like the Sync, have to leave enough space for an entire penis or dildo to fit. 

While the We-Vibe Sync has never fallen out while I walk around, it shifts more than these other wearables. Wear tight pants or underwear if you do this. Although you can wear C-shaped vibrators out, they work best during sex.

If you want a couples vibrator you can wear around more easily, the We-Vibe Sync O fits more securely while walking. But it’s less stimulating than the original Sync during sex, and I have more difficulty orgasming with it.

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We-Vibe Sync App Control: Close Range Features

The We-Vibe Sync’s app has good close-range features, but they’re less in-depth than brands like Lovense and Satisfyer. And there are occasional glitches.

So during sex, I find it easier to control the Sync with the remote control.

We-Vibe Sync, its remote control, and the We-Vibe app next to each other

The We-Vibe app’s Multi Vibe screens allows you to control the Sync by selecting from preset patterns. It provides four quadrants, and you can place a vibration pattern in each corner.

Screenshot of how the We-Vibe app's main control screen looks since the recent app update

Then you can quickly switch between which pattern is active by sliding the Sync’s dot into another vibration pattern’s corner.

You can raise and lower the pattern’s vibration intensity by moving the dot away from the center. The farther out you drag the dot, the higher the vibration power. The closer to the center, the softer your We-Vibe Sync will vibrate. 

Screenshots showing how to control each motor of the We-Vibe Sync in the app

This is the best way to control the We-Vibe Sync in the app, and it makes switching patterns or changing their intensity quick and easy. 

The main downside is that it’s less visual than other apps like Lovense or Satisfyer. These apps let you draw and see the toy’s exact vibration pattern. Whereas We-Vibe’s app simply shows an icon representing the pattern. It used to show the pattern clearly before a 2022 update to the app.

Side by side screenshots of the We-Vibe app, Satisfyer App, and Lovense app showing how pattern visualization differs

I actually feel that the mid-2022 We-Vibe app update made it less intuitive and visual than it was before. So here’s hoping that the efforts We-Vibe is putting into updating their app will make it more user-friendly again in the future.

Side by side screenshot comparing main control screen in different versions of We-Vibe app

Having better visuals can help a partner better control your toy since they have a deeper understanding of what you’re feeling. But if you’re controlling the toy yourself, it’s not too important since you already know what you’re feeling.

You can also control the We-Vibe Sync through “Touch Mode.” You swipe your finger along the screen to make the We-Vibe Sync vibrate. The faster you move your fingers on the screen, the quicker and stronger the vibrations are. 

We-Vibe says this is supposed to simulate fingering. 

Screenshot of We-Vibe Touch Mode to control the Sync

However, this control mode requires you to constantly move your fingers around the screen. It’s too much work to be helpful. So I don’t use it very much.

Then there is “Beat Mode” which lets you sync your vibes with your favorite songs. You can also choose for your toy to vibrate in response to the ambient noise around you picked up by your phone’s mic. That way, your We-Vibe Sync only vibrates stronger when there’s more sound around you to mask the Sync’s noise or vibe to any tunes around you.

I will note that the app’s current version still says that this Beat Mode is “Coming Soon.” But here is how this looked in the older version of the app. And I expect it will be similar, but with some slight visual changes.

We-Vibe Sync Beat Mode

You can also design and save your own patterns, but it’s pretty hard to find this feature. And We-Vibe’s pattern creation isn’t designed as well as other apps’ pattern creation. 

Under Multi Vibe, select “+” then “Create Vibe.” This lets you draw a pattern. 

But it’s confined to a tiny screen, is not super responsive to your finger, and the Sync doesn’t vibrate as you draw the pattern. So it’s pretty hard to tell how the pattern will actually feel.

We-Vibe Sync Create Your Own Pattern Screenshot

This is one of the main features that We-Vibe’s app is behind Satisfyer’s and Lovense’s. 

Satisfyer’s Create Your Own Pattern feature has better visuals, and you can feel the vibrations while you draw them. So you know whether you’re creating something you enjoy.

Screenshots comparing We-Vibe Sync and Satisfyer Double Joy Pattern Creation

It also can be a longer pattern since you’re creating it live. And it has a “loop” function, which is really helpful in creating a repetitive sequence without having to be too hands-on.

Unfortunately, Satisfyer’s wearable couples vibrators stimulate far worse than the We-Vibe Sync. And Lovense has yet to create a toy designed to wear during sex. 

Satisfyer Double Joy couples vibrator and Satisfyer App

Though the We-Vibe Sync’s app has some downsides compared to others, it still works well. It’s just less visual and intuitive. Since this is a toy designed primarily to use during sex, the app is less important than for other long-distance or public play vibrators.

I’d gladly take the We-Vibe Sync’s better stimulation during sex over its competitors. Plus, you can use the remote to control the Sync if you don’t like the We-Vibe app.

We-Vibe Sync and its remote & app controls next to other couples vibrators and their controls

The We-Vibe Sync is a top performing couples toy in most other areas (including the fact it can bring me to orgasm, while most others can’t). So even though it’s not my top pick for app-control, I still think it might be worth it for many! And a little time spent familiarizing yourself with the app goes a long way.

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We-Vibe Sync App Control: Long-Distance Features

We-Vibe’s long distance app control is very similar to the close-range Bluetooth control with many of the same pros and cons. 

Screenshot of a video call while sharing long-distance control of the We-Vibe Sync

Your long-distance partner has access to the same main control screen and Touch Modes you normally have. The only modes unavailable in long-distance control are Beat Mode and Ambient Mode.

You can text, voice call, and video chat within the We-Vibe app while you let a partner control your Sync. You can maximize the video screen to make it easier to see your partner or minimize it to see the controls more easily.

Screenshot of the We-Vibe app's messaging feature with a long-distance partner

One unique feature of We-Vibe’s long-distance experience is that you can switch between which partner is controlling the vibrator without ending the video call. Sometimes I like to take control because I know what my body wants at a particular moment. 

Screenshot showing taking back control in We-Vibe app

I can’t take back control in other apps without ending the call. But with We-Vibe’s I can simply take back control, set the vibes how I want them, and keep chatting with my partner.

The We-Vibe Sync’s long-distance control does take more getting used to than others. It’s just a little clunky to navigate, and you have to click several places before getting where you want. 

Figuring out how to connect with your partner is trickier than with Lovense or Satisfyer.

When my partner and I were testing long-distance play recently, we discovered that he sometimes sent a request and I never even knew! At first, I thought this was a connectivity issue. But we eventually figured out that you only receive your partner’s control request if you have specific pages open on the app. 

Screenshot of partner control request in We-Vibe app

You have to click on your partner’s icon in your saved Long Distance partners list. Once you’ve clicked on their icon, you’ll be able to see their control requests. 

This means that if you’re enjoying a bit of solo fun and your partner hops online and requests access, you won’t see it. So you have to be prepared and pre-plan your fun together. You may need to message outside the We-Vibe app first to let your partner know you’ll be hopping on and to look for your request. 

Once we were connected, video chatting and control sharing worked well. But you’ll definitely need to take your time and learn the app as it’s less intuitive than others.

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We-Vibe Sync Remote Control Features

The We-Vibe Sync’s remote provides all the basics to control your vibrator. Though, it has no special features like the Lelo Tiani 3’s SenseMotion control or the We-Vibe Chorus’s Squeeze remote and has more responsiveness issues than the newer We-Vibe remotes.

Remote controls for the We-Vibe Sync, Chorus, and Tiani 3 compared

The Sync’s four buttons allow you to move forward and backward between patterns (instead of just cycling through a loop). And you can increase or decrease the intensity of each pattern through about 12 different levels.

The ability to adjust the intensity of a pattern is one of the things I look for the most on a remote. It’s important for having a nice gradual work-up instead of just blasting it on high. I think having this ability really makes or breaks the experience.

We-Vibe Sync remote control and Chorus remote in my hand for size comparison

Even though the We-Vibe Sync’s remote is more basic than the We-Vibe Chorus’ remote, I usually prefer it since it’s smaller. This is particularly useful if you’re carrying the remote around with you.

The Sync’s remote can take some firm button pressure. This is less of a problem if you’re controlling it yourself. But it’s less reliable if your partner is using it since they can’t tell exactly what’s happening and how hard they should press. The new remotes of the Sync 2 and Sync O are the same size and have better responsiveness.

If you mostly plan to use the remote yourself for basic control, the We-Vibe Sync original’s works fine. But if you want to share control with a partner, the Sync 2 is better.

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We-Vibe Sync Connectivity

The We-Vibe Sync’s connection with the app has been reliable for me. It pairs quickly to the app, and I can typically play for over half an hour before experiencing a disconnection.

I’ve used We-Vibe toys for several years now, and their connectivity used to be much worse. They would struggle to connect to the app, often taking several minutes, whereas my Lovense toys always connected within seconds.

And in looking through some older customer reviews – I wasn’t alone in my experience. 

But since We-Vibe’s major app update in June 2022, I’ve been retesting our We-Vibe toys and have seen major improvements in the quality of their connectivity. 

Screenshot - Connecting the We-Vibe Sync to the app

So while I think they went in a strange direction with the look and user experience in the update, they seem to have improved the most important aspect – maintaining a stable connection.

As I mentioned, I can usually play for more than half an hour before a disconnection occurs – even if I’m locking my phone or using other apps.

When a disconnection does occur, it’s not too disruptive either. The Sync often re-pairs automatically. But it does occasionally require you to walk through the pairing process again. 

Thankfully, the pairing button is on the toy’s external portion. So you won’t have to take the We-Vibe Sync out to reconnect. 

Button on We-Vibe Sync's external arm to reconnect

Sharing control of the We-Vibe Sync with a long-distance partner was also a smooth experience. When we sent invites, we were always able to get connected. And we didn’t experience disconnections while playing long-distance.

The only exception I encountered is that you have to go to your partner’s screen on the app to see their invite. No notification pops up to let you know they sent one. 

Screenshot of partner control request in We-Vibe app

So if you aren’t expecting to play with your partner, you’ll miss it. That means you may have to communicate with each other outside of We-Vibe’s app to let your partner know you’ll be sending an invite.

This wasn’t a connectivity issue but something to be aware of with the We-Vibe app’s newer design.

The Sync’s physical remote can occasionally become unresponsive if I leave it inactive for too long. I have to click around on the buttons or hold the top button down until it starts responding again. 

But as long as you’re active with the remote, it stays well-connected when you’re in range. And if you do wander too far from your partner, the remote automatically reconnects once you’re back within range.

We-Vibe Sync remote compared to app connectivity

My partner and I test all our wearables outside to see how far we can separate the toy and remote or phone before they disconnect. In our test, the remote stayed connected to the Sync up to around 22 feet apart, and the app stayed connected until about 200 feet!

Now, this number is greater than you’ll get in typical use. We tested in a wide-open place with no obstructions between us so that we could compare different toys to each other.

But this was the longest range achieved by a remote control couples vibrator – a bit farther than the We-Vibe Chorus!

Bottom Line: We-Vibe Sync Connectivity

The Sync may occasionally disconnect from the app. But it’s pretty infrequent and usually resolves itself or is quickly fixed. We-Vibe’s 2022 app update has greatly improved our experience with their connectivity and has helped close the gap between their app-controlled toys and Lovense’s.

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We-Vibe Sync Noise

The We-Vibe Sync’s deep, rumbly vibrations are very quiet – although the newer Sync 2 is even quieter.

I test all my couples vibrators’ noise by measuring their decibel levels while wearing them. On low power, the Sync hits about 37 decibels. And on high, it reaches 47 dB.

In a quiet room of our house, seated 10 feet apart, my partner couldn’t hear the lowest powers. But he noticed the Sync once I turned it up to around the 30-50% power mark.

For those who have housemates and are looking to use this toy behind a closed door:

I also had my partner stand outside our bedroom door while I used the We-Vibe Sync in our room. Again, I ran through all the patterns and power levels, and my partner couldn’t hear anything on the other side.

We-Vibe Sync vibrator on bedsheets

You’re definitely good for play in the bedroom.

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We-Vibe Sync Battery Life & Charging

To test the Sync’s battery life, I charged it fully. Then I turned it to its highest power level and let it run until it died!

The We-Vibe Sync lasted 85 minutes vibrating on its maximum power. So you’ll have plenty of time to use it at home during sex. But you may want something longer like the Lovense Lush or Lovense Ferri for play outside the bedroom.

You can also extend the Sync’s battery life beyond 85 minutes if you use low and medium power levels too.

Couples Vibrators in a Box with Timer for Battery Test

The couples vibrators that lasted longer, like the We-Vibe Sync Lite, Sync Go, and others, are weaker than the Sync. As one of the strongest C-shaped couples vibrators, the We-Vibe Sync has the best battery life without sacrificing power.

The We-Vibe Sync also comes with a fun charging station! This one charges magnetically and fits perfectly in its case. Check it out:

We-Vibe Sync in its charging case

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His Experience with the We-Vibe Sync

Ok, ok. Enough about me. Passing it momentarily over to my partner so you can hear his experience and what the stimulation is like for him. Here’s what he had to say:

If you have a partner with a penis, you may be wondering if they’ll get much stimulation from the We-Vibe Sync.

How We-Vibe Sync feels for him

And the answer to that question for the We-Vibe Sync (and really any of these C-shaped wearable vibrators) is – not much.

The internal arm contacting your penis is mostly there to keep the We-Vibe Sync in place. The vibrations that arm provides are pretty subtle. So while I do feel the vibrations, they’re a neutral experience for me. 

We-Vibe Sync's G-spot arm is soft so doesn't overstimulate him

I think it’s best for both partners that the internal arm doesn’t stimulate your penis too much – I never feel like I’m going to orgasm too soon from the Sync’s vibrations adding to the stimulation.

It’s also still easy to enter my partner while she’s wearing the Sync. The We-Vibe Sync’s G-spot arm does fill up more space than some slimmer options like the We-Vibe Unite and Lelo Tiani 3. So it’s a more snug fit, but it still feels comfortable to me and not too tight.

We-Vibe Sync next to Tiani 3 and Unite to compare size of internal arm

I can still thrust comfortably while my partner has the Sync in place.

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We-Vibe Sync vs Handheld Vibrators During Sex

Now you should be aware that the vibrations from any wearable couples vibrator, including the We-Vibe Sync, are less powerful and versatile than many handheld toys. 

Handheld vibrators are often larger and can house a stronger motor. But the We-Vibe Sync and other couples vibrators are slimmer by design. So they’re able to fit easily between your bodies without being intrusive. But that also means they don’t have quite as much power.

We-Vibe Sync next to handheld vibrators for comparison

With a handheld vibrator, you can also move the toy all around your vulva and press the vibes exactly where you want them. This helps even small handheld bullet vibrators, like the We-Vibe Tango X or Lovense Ambi, feel very stimulating. But once you position the We-Vibe Sync in a good spot for your clit, that’s where it will remain. 

You can still reach down and press your wearable toy more firmly against you to feel the impact of the vibrations more. But getting the exact stimulation you want, exactly where you want it is always easier with a handheld toy.

Personally, I usually don’t mind holding a vibrator on my clit during sex. So I use my two favorites (the Lelo Mona 2 and Lovense Hyphy) more often with my partner than my We-Vibe Sync. 

Lelo Mona and Lovense Hyphy - Favorite handheld vibrators during sex

If you don’t already have a good handheld vibrator to use during sex, I’d consider grabbing the Mona 2 or Hyphy first unless you really value a hands-free experience. 

For me, the We-Vibe Sync and other hands-free couples toys are fun options to have in my rotation. I use them for the times my partner and I just want our hands free to wander all over each other 😉

But for hands-free clit and G-spot stimulation during sex – the We-Vibe Sync is one of the two best. And one of only two that actually takes me all the way.

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Other We-Vibe Sync Specs

Design and Aesthetics

The Sync comes in two different colors – the soft aqua that I have or a deep purple. So not a lot of variety, but I’m still a fan of the light blue on mine. It came pretty true to color – maybe just a touch more vibrant than what was shown on the site.

We-Vibe Sync color options

The silicone is smooth and soft to the touch, which feels luxurious. That’s one of the things We-Vibe has figured out – their toys just look and feel good.

And the charging port/case is another fun feature and a neat little way to store it. 

We-Vibe Sync Charging Case


The We-Vibe Sync is made from phthalate-free, body-safe silicone! No BPA or latex either.


The Sync is a little less than 3 inches long, 1.24 inches tall, and 1.64 inches thick. This is pretty average-sized for C-shaped toys like this.

We-Vibe Sync in hand with dimensions for size

The G-spot arm takes up a little more space than the extra small arm of the Lelo Tiani 3 or We-Vibe Sync O. But my partner and I still have no issues fitting both him and the toy inside me.

We-Vibe Sync vs Lelo Tiani 3 - side by side for visual comparison

Waterproof Rating

The We-Vibe Sync is 100% waterproof! So take it in the tub with you if you’d like! This also makes cleaning it super easy.

Submerging the We-Vibe Sync in water to show waterproof rating

We-Vibe Sync Packaging

I always enjoy We-Vibe’s packaging – the colors, the little slide-through box, and the extra goodies they include. Of course, it arrives in a plain brown box with no logos for discretion. 

We-Vibe Sync with its Packaging

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How to use the We-Vibe Sync?

The We-Vibe Sync is a dual-stimulation toy with two motors to stimulate both your clit and G-spot. 

Apply a good water-based lube to the smaller arm and slide that arm into your vagina. You may want to take it out and adjust the hinges a few times until you find a fit where the external arm stays tight to your clit. 

Use water-based lube with We-Vibe Sync

You can wear the We-Vibe Sync during penetrative sex (its main use) or for discreet public play. Control it through the We-Vibe App or the Sync’s remote control.

How to clean the We-Vibe Sync?

Since the We-Vibe Sync is completely waterproof, you can run it under warm water or submerge it. Use soap and water to scrub any textured areas especially. Then set it to dry in a safe place!

We-Vibe Sync's Textured Arm - Clean these spots well

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We-Vibe Sync Review Results

The We-Vibe Sync is one of my favorite wearable vibrators for hands-free stimulation during sex.

We-Vibe Syn and its remote fit neatly in charging case

It fits more securely and provides better stimulation than other options like the We-Vibe Sync Go, Lelo Tiani 3, Dame Eva, and Satisfyer Double Joy.

The pricier We-Vibe Chorus and Sync 2 are the only other options I orgasm easily with during sex. But the original Sync is just as stimulating. While there are some other minor differences, these pricier models mainly have better remote controls.

Though the original Sync is no longer in production, We-Vibe is still selling their remaining stock at a discount. It’s the best value for its performance and competes with the current top-tier models.

I think the We-Vibe Sync is a great choice if you:

  • Want a toy to give her the clit stimulation she needs without one of you having to hold a vibrator to her clit
  • Are aware that the Sync will be less powerful than large handheld vibrators, and want to make that trade-off to have hands-free, more connected sex.
  • Want a very comfortable toy 
  • Want an app with a variety of control abilities, but don’t mind if you can’t create your own vibration pattern easily
  • Want a simple remote to control your toy
  • Want to connect with a long-distance partner and provide them with control of your toy
  • Want a toy quiet enough to wear out of the bedroom
  • Are content with 85-120 minutes of battery life

I think an alternative toy would be better for you if you:

  • Would rather have stronger vibrations, but have to hold a vibrator during sex
  • Are willing to spend more for the better remote controls of the updated We-Vibe Sync 2 and We-Vibe Chorus
  • Are on a tight budget

We-Vibe Sync Alternatives

We-Vibe Sync vs Sync 2

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The We-Vibe Sync 2 and original Sync are very similar. The Sync 2 has a better remote than the original We-Vibe Sync, but less adjustability. 

The Sync 2 has just one adjustable hinge, whereas the original has two. However, I get an equally secure and stimulating fit with both these options. Although the original Sync’s G-spot arm is adjustable, the new Sync 2’s internal arm is more bulbous, which helps it naturally stimulate and stay in place well.

We-Vibe Sync Original vs We-Vibe Sync 2
The We-Vibe Sync Original compared to the We-Vibe Sync 2

The Sync 2’s silicone remote is more comfortable to hold than the original’s hard plastic remote. And its buttons are more responsive, which is better if you want a partner to control your toy. 

The original Sync is no longer in production, but you can still buy it at We-Vibe until they sell out. If you don’t mind the occasional responsiveness issues with its remote, it’s a cheaper option that I orgasm with just as easily during sex.

Read full review

Handheld Toy for Stronger and More Versatile Stimulation – Lelo Mona 2

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If you’re looking for something that will add clitoral stimulation during sex. But you don’t need it to be hands-free: the handheld Lelo Mona can provide stronger and more versatile stimulation than the Sync.

We-Vibe Sync next to Lelo Mona 2

Since it’s handheld, you can maneuver it and press the vibes wherever you want.

I’ve been using the Mona 2 for years. And even though I find new toys for that purpose, I often return to the Mona.

If you’ve tried handhelds during penetration with no success in the past, here’s how the Mona might differ:

The Mona is technically a G-spot vibrator (though I use it more often clitorally). So it’s curved and longer than other vibrators. 

Why Lelo Mona 2 is good for clit stimulation during sex

The longer handle is great for keeping your hands out of the way of the action. It’s easier to hold and maneuver than small bullet vibrators. But the slim profile and gentle curve are really helpful for slipping the tip between your bodies without taking up too much space (like large wands do).

If you don’t already have a good handheld toy, I’d consider the Mona 2 before adding the Sync to your collection. You can learn more by heading over to my Lelo Mona 2 review

We-Vibe Couples Toy Comparison

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I own eight of We-Vibe’s C-shaped couples toys – the Chorus, Sync Original, Sync 2, Sync O, Sync Go, Sync Lite, Match, and Unite. 

We-Vibe Couples Vibrators
My 8 We-Vibe couples’ vibrators

In my opinion, the Chorus, Sync Original, and Sync 2 are most worth considering for their excellent stimulation and adjustability. They’re the three I orgasm with most easily. The Sync O can also be good. It’s easier to wear around, but less stimulating during sex. These 4 are the only ones I’m able to orgasm with hands-free.

We-Vibe Chorus Sync 2 Sync Original and Sync O
From left to right, the We-Vibe Chorus, We-Vibe Sync 2, We-Vibe Sync Original and We-Vibe Sync O

The biggest downside of the cheaper models is that they are only flexible, with no adjustable hinge to customize the fit. As a result, they don’t stay in contact with my clit very well, and they shift around much more during sex. They also have less-powerful vibrations, and I cannot orgasm with them.Read my full We-Vibe Sync Go review or We-Vibe Sync Lite review to see if the cost savings outweigh the downsides for you. These models replaced the previous We-Vibe Match and We-Vibe Unite couples vibrators.

We-Vibe Chorus vs We-Vibe Sync

The Sync and Chorus are very similar, and each is much better than the older or cheaper models, the Sync Lite, Sync Go, Match, and Unite.

Both the Sync and Chorus use the same app to control the toy. And they both have a remote that you can control it with too.

We-Vibe Sync, We-Vibe Chorus, and their remote controls

Both toys have a motor in the clitoral stimulator and the G-spot arm. And I find their vibration strengths to be about the same.

The app control is essentially the same for both the Chorus and the Sync. The app control is essentially the same for both the Chorus and the Sync. Except the Chorus has a unique Touch Sense feature, which I find tricky to use.

We-Vibe Sync and Chorus with the We-Vibe App

Sound levels are pretty similar too. You can use them in any place that has some gentle ambient noise. Though the Chorus’s lowest powers are even quieter than the Sync’s.

The Chorus is the top model and the priciest. The Sync is just a bit older, and less expensive while you can find it since it’s no longer in production. So let’s talk about how these toys differ. And whether the price jump is worth it for the Chorus.

The Chorus’s internal arm is a bit larger, which can add more internal pressure. However, by continuing to adjust each toy until the fit my body best, I was able to get about the same level of stimulation from both toys. I can orgasm just as easily with both.

“It only took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to place the hinges to fit me (thank god for a sex toy brand that gets that women’s bodies vary from each other!)”

Lovehoney customer feedback

“I just found another way to use it and once again it is heaven. I extend it out a little bit to make it less of a snug fit and then ride it against the mattress and let me tell you – whew boy! what a ride 😉 The point is that yes it is expensive, but there are so many different ways to use it, not just with the modes, but with the different angles you can move the arm and the different combinations you can use it.”

Lovehoney customer feedback

Another way the Sync and Chorus differ is in their remote. The Chorus’s remote is larger and has a squeeze-responsive feature. Even though it’s more feature-rich than the Sync’s remote, I like the comfortable, small size of the Sync’s remote. However, it’s buttons are less responsive than the Chorus’s remote. Sometimes I’ll need to click multiple times or hold the button down on the Sync’s remote.

We-Vibe Chorus Squeeze Remote vs We-Vibe Sync normal remote

The Chorus’ remote control has to be within range of the toy to use the app. Which I find to be a bit of a bummer. Because then you can’t go out with just the toy and app. You have to lug the larger remote around.

The We-Vibe Sync’s remote is much smaller and can be left at home if you only plan to use the app! I also find the remote easier to carry around while out or to hold during sex. But it does not have the squeeze-responsive feature that the Chorus does. 

Overall, the Chorus and Sync are pretty comparable toys with a few personal-preference decisions that I’ll leave up to you!

Read my full We-Vibe Chorus review here. Or head over to my We-Vibe Sync vs Chorus comparison.

Lelo Tiani 3 vs We-Vibe Sync

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The Lelo Tiani is one of the We-Vibe Sync’s main competitors. 

And while I did enjoy this toy, I wouldn’t recommend it over the Sync.

We-Vibe Sync next to Lelo Tiani 3

It scored lower in every category than the Sync, yet the Tiani costs more than the Sync. The Tiani fits too loosely for me since it’s only flexible. There are no adjustable hinges like the Sync has, so you can’t customize its shape to your body.

If your vagina is especially tight or your partner’s penis size is especially girthy, you may prefer the Tiani 3. The Tiani’s G-spot arm is even slimmer than the We-Vibe Sync’s and allows even more space for additional penetration.

Lelo Tiani 3 and We-Vibe Sync showing the slimmer size of the Tiani's G-spot arm

Most people will benefit from the Sync’s greater customization and more secure fit. And even if you need more room, the We-Vibe Sync O’s flexible loop also provides extra space for penetration, and it fits much more securely since it has an adjustable hinge.

We-Vibe Sync O Purple Color
The We-Vibe Sync O’s internal arm is slim, but stays in

Another thing I do appreciate about the Tiani 3 is the SenseMotion remote. It is a nice feature because you can just tip the remote back and forth to go up and back down in power. Instead of having to press buttons or fiddle with an app.

Lelo Tiani 3 and the SenseMotion remote control

But overall, most people will have a better fit and experience from the We-Vibe Sync.

We-Vibe Sync O vs We-Vibe Sync Original

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The We-Vibe Sync O is easier to wear while walking than the original Sync, but its stimulation during sex is worse.

Instead of a G-spot motor, the Sync O has a flexible loop of silicone for its internal arm. This loop is more secure while walking, and it takes up less space for those with a tight vagina or girthy partner.

We-Vibe Sync Original vs We-Vibe Sync O
The We-Vibe Sync O compared to the We-Vibe Sync Original

But the Sync O has no internal vibrations, so it’s not as stimulating. I can orgasm hands-free with the Sync O, but it takes more time and effort.

Read full review

Where to Buy [With Refunds and Happiness Guarantees]

I recommend buying the We-Vibe Sync directly through We-Vibe since they will refund you if you don’t enjoy the Sync. They’re one of the few shops with this happiness guarantee.

The original Sync is no longer in production, so few other shops still sell it. Most have switched their inventory to only include the new Sync 2.

We-Vibe Sync, App, and Remote

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