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We-Vibe Sync O Review

Overall Score

Ranked #4 of 11 Hands-Free Couples Vibrators

Our Verdict

The We-Vibe Sync O is a wearable couples’ vibrator with a flexible O-shaped internal arm. Like the We-Vibe Chorus and Sync 2, it’s designed to wear during sex so you can get the clit stimulation you need to orgasm completely hands-free. 

I find the Sync O’s flexible internal loop even more comfortable than the Chorus or Sync 2’s firm G-spot arms. And it keeps the Sync O in place more securely while walking around! But it stimulates less than the Chorus or Sync 2 since the silicone loop does not vibrate or apply uniform pressure against my G-spot.

I can still orgasm with the We-Vibe Sync O during sex, but it’s easier with the Sync 2 and Chorus. 

The We-Vibe Sync O is an excellent option if you value a vibrator that both:

  1. Provides comfortable, hands-free stimulation during sex 
  2. Is easy to wear outside the bedroom

It balances these two goals the best of all We-Vibe’s couples vibrators. If your sole focus is wearing the vibrator during sex, the Chorus and Sync 2 are more stimulating options.

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  • O-shaped silicone loop provides a more secure fit while standing and walking compared to other couples’ vibrators
  • Flexible silicone internal arm is even more comfortable than the rigid arm most couples vibrators have.
  • Stimulates my clit enough to orgasm hands-free during sex
  • Has an adjustable hinge so you can customize its shape to fit your body – in my opinion, this is an essential feature. Without it, couples vibrators do not work well.
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • If you buy from Lovehoney or We-Vibe, they will refund you if you don’t enjoy the Sync 2


  • No motor in the G-spot arm, which makes it less stimulating than the Chorus and Sync 2
  • Traditional rigid internal arms (like those of the Chorus and Sync 2) provide more stimulating G-spot pressure during sex
  • Pricey

Table of Contents

Video Demo

We-Vibe Sync O demo video showing the We-Vibe app, remote control, and adjustable hinge

The We-Vibe Sync O is a high-end couples vibrator designed to wear during sex. The flexible internal arm slips into your vagina to keep the toy in place while the external arm vibrates on your clit, providing the stimulation you need to orgasm during sex hands-free.

The Sync O is an alternative to We-Vibe’s other premium models, the We-Vibe Chorus and Sync 2. Like these other We-Vibe models, the Sync O is both remote and app-controlled. And it has an adjustable hinge to customize the fit to your body. 

We-Vibe Sync O Chorus and Sync 2
The Sync O’s internal arm (left) is unique from the typical design of other high-end models like the We-Vibe Chorus (middle) and We-Vibe Sync 2 (right)

But the Sync O’s internal arm is unique. We-Vibe’s other models have a bulbous, rigid G-spot arm that presses firmly against the front wall of your vagina to keep them in place.

But the We-Vibe Sync O’s internal arm is a flexible silicone loop. You can squeeze the sides of the loop together while inserting the Sync O. Once inserted, the loop expands back to its resting position and applies light pressure along the sides of your vagina (less along the front).

We-Vibe Sync O Internal Arm Flexibility
The flexibility of the We-Vibe Sync O’s internal arm

This flexible loop is more secure while walking and is generally more comfortable than the traditional design. But it’s less stimulating since it presses less on my G-spot, and the internal arm has no motor.

Still, the Sync O is one of the few hands-free couples vibrators I can actually orgasm with during sex. In this We-Vibe Sync O review, I’ll compare it to other options and help you decide whether it fits your needs best.

Review Update Notes

  • February 16, 2024: Review Published.

Compare Hands-Free Couples Vibrators

The We-Vibe Sync O is one of the few hands-free couples vibrators worth considering. It’s leagues above We-Vibe’s entry-level models that lack a customizable hinge (like the Sync Go and Sync Lite) – I can only orgasm with the adjustable models.

We-Vibe Sync O with other We-Vibe Couples Vibrators
The Sync O (middle), which is much more stimulating than the We-Vibe Sync Go and We-Vibe Syng Lite (left), and more secure than other premium models, the We-Vibe Chorus and We-Vibe Sync 2 (right)

It’s more comfortable and easier to wear than We-Vibe’s other premium models (the Chorus and Sync 2). But its stimulation is less intense since there is no internal motor, and it presses less on my G-spot. I can still orgasm with the Sync O during sex, but it takes more time and effort.

We-Vibe Sync O Internal Arm vs Sync 2 Internal Arm
The We-Vibe Sync O’s internal arm (left) does not stimulate the G-spot much since it’s slimmer and does not have a vibrating motor like the We-Vibe Sync 2 (right)

If the best stimulation during sex is your top priority, I’d go with the Chorus or Sync 2. If exceptional comfort is your priority, or you want something easy to wear during sex and outside the bedroom, the Sync O is the best option. 

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Wearing the We-Vibe Sync O During Sex

The We-Vibe Sync O performs well during sex, and it’s one of the few couples vibrators I orgasm with.

We-Vibe Sync O Adjustable Hinge
The We-Vibe Sync O’s adjustable hinge

Because it has an adjustable hinge, I can find a comfortable, stimulating fit that maintains consistent contact with my clit. So the vibrations transfer from the motor to my body. Whereas entry-level models with a fixed shape like the Sync Go, the Sync Lite, and Satisfyer Double Joy shift off my clit easily and hardly stimulate me during sex.

However, its vibrations are slightly softer than the We-Vibe Sync 2’s and Chorus’s. And since the internal arm doesn’t press as firmly on my G-spot or vibrate, it’s a bit less stimulating during sex than those models. 

We-Vibe Sync O Sync 2 and Chorus Internal Arms
The slimmer internal arm of the We-Vibe Sync O compared to my other favorites, the We-Vibe Chorus and We-Vibe Sync 2

Trading off these models’ rigid, vibrating internal arms for the Sync O’s flexible loop has some advantages during sex. It’s more comfortable since it takes up less space and applies less pressure on my front vaginal wall. But I’ve realized that even though the Chorus’s and Sync 2’s G-spot vibrations are faint, they make a meaningful impact during sex as my partner’s penis presses their internal arm into my G-spot.

I can orgasm hands-free with the Sync O during sex, but I find it easier to do so with the additional G-spot stimulation from the Sync 2 and Chorus.

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Vibration Power and Stimulation

The We-Vibe Sync O has moderate vibration power, which provides solid stimulation. The vibrations are deep and rumbly, which feels high-quality. 

We-Vibe’s other premium models (the We-Vibe Chorus, the Sync 2, and Sync Original) are the only hands-free couples I’ve tested with slightly more vibration strength (about 4% more). But their external vibrations feel stronger when combined with the G-spot stimulation those models provide. 

We-Vibe Sync O Sync 2 and Chorus Motors
The two-motor toys like the We-Vibe Chorus and We-Vibe Sync 2 are more stimulating than the one-motor We-Vibe Sync O

The Sync O’s stimulation and strength are enough for me during sex, though it takes more time and effort to orgasm than with my other top-tier models. I haven’t orgasmed from the Sync O during solo play except when I use it with a dildo to add more stimulation.

The Sync O’s vibrations are undoubtedly weaker than those of large handheld vibrators (like wand vibrators) or even other types of wearables like egg vibrators or vibrating panties. Couples vibrators like the We-Vibe Sync O and others need to be slim to wear during sex. So they can’t fit motors as large as these other vibrators. 

If you want hands-free stimulation during sex, the We-Vibe Sync O is good, but the We-Vibe Sync 2 and Chorus are best. If you typically need more extreme power, you may need a handheld toy like the Lovense Hyphy or a wand vibrator. Or if powerful stimulation as you go about your day is your goal, a panty vibrator or egg vibrator is best.

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Fit and Comfort

The We-Vibe Sync O has an excellent fit and is very comfortable. It has a more secure fit than all other couples’ vibrators I’ve tested, particularly while walking around. 

We-Vibe Sync O Sync 2 and Chorus Internal Arm Width
The We-Vibe Sync O (left) puts more pressure on either side of the vaginal wall than typical models to hold it in place

The flexible O-shaped silicone is more comfortable than traditional rigid internal arms because it doesn’t need to clamp tightly to your front vaginal wall like the Sync 2 and Chorus. You squeeze the loop together while inserting it. Then the flexible loop comfortably expands back out – naturally and gently (yet securely), contacting the sides of your vagina to keep the Sync O in place. 

Once inserted, the silicone loop’s final shape is wider side-to-side than the traditional models, keeping it securely in place. But the Sync O’s silicone loop is slimmer front-to-back than the rigid, bulbous shape of the Sync 2 and Chorus. This provides more space for penetration and presses less on my front wall. 

We-Vibe Chorus vs Sync 2 G-spot Pressure
The slimmer design of the We-Vibe Sync O (left) puts less pressure on the front wall compared to others

Ultimately, this reduced pressure on my G-spot is more comfortable but less stimulating. The trade-off can be worthwhile if you find feeling “too full” uncomfortable.

The Sync O is also very comfortable externally because it maintains consistent contact with my clit and doesn’t move around much during sex or while walking. Because it has an adjustable hinge, you can customize the fit to your unique body. I can adjust the tightness and position the clitoral arm more precisely. This adjustable hinge is essential for hands-free couples vibrators. None of the models without one remain in contact with my clit.

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App Control: Close Range Features

The We-Vibe Sync O’s app provides a decent experience in nearby Bluetooth control. It provides a reasonable variety of intuitive and practical ways to control your Sync O. But the app is glitchy at times, which you should be aware of.

We-Vibe Sync O with App on High and Remote
The We-Vibe app currently doesn’t reach the top power of the We-Vibe Sync O. Full strength is only available with the remote or on-toy buttons

Currently, for the Sync O and We-Vibe’s other newest models, you cannot access the vibrators’ maximum intensity through the We-Vibe app. When I control the Sync O using the on-toy button or the remote control, I can reach a higher power level than through the app. 

We’ve contacted We-Vibe about this glitch. They’ve said they’re aware of it and are working to rollout a fix soon.

When working correctly, the We-Vibe app’s features are basic but useful. Its functionality focuses on providing a library of pre-designed vibration patterns that you can select from and then adjust the vibration power of your chosen pattern. Whereas other apps like Lovense and Satisfyer provide more hands-on, in-depth control with better features to design your own vibration patterns.

The main control screens include Single Vibe Mode and Multi Vibe Mode.

We-Vibe Sync O Single Vibe Mode
We-Vibe Sync O Single Vibe mode in the app

In Single Vibe Mode, a dot is provided on-screen, representing the Sync O’s vibration strength. You’ll select a vibration pattern from the menu, then drag the dot up or down to raise and lower the intensity. 

We-Vibe Sync O Multi Vibe Mode
We-Vibe Sync O Multi Vibe mode in the app

Multi Vibe Mode provides an easier way to switch between different vibration patterns quickly. It splits the screen into 4 corners, and you’ll select a different vibration pattern for each corner. Drag the dot into a corner, and the Sync O will vibrate with the corresponding pattern. The farther you drag the dot, the stronger the vibrations are.

We-Vibe Sync O Touch Mode
We-Vibe Sync O Touch Mode in the app

Touch Mode makes the motor respond to the speed of your fingers moving across the screen. The quicker you tap or drag your finger, the stronger the vibes are. I never use this feature because constantly moving your finger is tiring. I also found the Sync O’s motor did not always respond to my finger’s movements in Touch Mode.

Options like Beat Mode and Ambient Mode are better for effortless stimulation. Beat Mode makes your Sync O vibrate along with your favorite songs. They must be physically stored on your device, though – it does not work with streaming services.

We-Vibe Sync O Ambient Mode
We-Vibe Sync O Ambient Mode in the app

And Ambient Mode makes your Sync O vibrate to the noise around you that your phone’s mic detects. You can set whether the Sync O should respond to the Bass, Midrange, or Treble sounds in both Beat and Ambient Modes. I use these two modes to keep the Sync O’s vibrations constantly changing without my active input. 

We-Vibe Sync O Beat Mode
We-Vibe Sync O Beat Mode in the app

Beat Mode and Ambient Mode were unavailable in 2022 and 2023, but they’re back in the app again. This is another example of glitches that may occur with We-Vibe’s app.

Since the Sync O is primarily used during sex, the app control is good enough. I typically use the on-toy button or remote to control it, so I don’t need my phone during sex. But if the app is a big priority for you, Lovense has better app-controlled vibrators. However, none are designed to wear during sex, like We-Vibe’s couples vibrators.

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App Control: Long-Distance Features

The We-Vibe Sync O has a good long-distance app experience if you communicate with your partner outside the app first.

The app’s long-distance features are intuitive and allow you to message, video chat, and share control of your Sync O with a partner anywhere in the world. 

Starting the long-distance connection is clunkier than other apps and requires you to communicate outside the We-Vibe app first. When inviting your partner to take control of your toy, they do not receive a notification. They will only see the invite if they go directly to the long-distance screen in the app. So I first text my partner outside the app to give them a heads-up to look for an invite. 

Control Request 2 in We-Vibe App
You must have your partner’s contact open in Long Distance Play in order to see their request

Once you’re connected, the experience is great. Your partner will use the Single or Multi Vibe screens to control your Sync O. So they can easily select which vibration pattern you’ll feel and adjust the intensity. 

We-Vibe Sync O Partners Control Screen
Your partner’s control screen during long-distance play through the app

You can minimize the control panel if you’d rather see each other more clearly in a video call. Or if you’re more comfortable without audio and visuals, you can turn the camera and mic off.

Your View During We-Vibe Call
Your view and video or mic controls during a video chat

It’s easy to take control back without ending the call – so if you’re close to orgasm and need to set the vibrations exactly how you want them, you can. If your partner also has a We-Vibe toy, you can control each other’s simultaneously. And you can store multiple partners in the app.

Overall, it’s a good long-distance experience once you get connected.

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Remote Control Features

The We-Vibe Sync O has excellent remote control features. It handles all the necessary functionality very well but provides no unique bonus capabilities.

We-Vibe New Remote Features
The We-Vibe Sync O’s remote control

The Sync O’s remote has 5 buttons:

  • 2 separate buttons to increase and decrease intensity
  • 2 separate buttons to move forward and backward through vibration patterns
  • 1 button to pair the remote to the We-Vibe Sync O.

Many remote control vibrators make you cycle through vibration patterns or power levels with a single button. Sync O’s separate buttons for each function make accessing your preferred pattern and intensity easier. 

The remote is also a reliable alternative when the We-Vibe app is glitchy. For instance, the remote accesses all the Sync O’s power levels – there is currently a glitch in the app that prevents accessing the maximum power. 

We-Vibe Sync Go vs Chorus Remote
The We-Vibe Sync O’s remote (left) next to the We-Vibe Chorus’s remote (right) which has squeeze control functionality

It has no special features like the We-Vibe Chorus’s squeeze control. But I appreciate the We-Vibe Sync O remote’s simplicity. I rarely use the special bonus functions some remotes provide. In addition, the Chorus’s app control only works if the remote is nearby, but the Sync O’s app control is not linked to the remote, which is more convenient.

We-Vibe New Remote vs Sync Original Remote
The We-Vibe Sync O’s new remote design (left) compared to older models (right)

We-Vibe also redesigned their remote for their newest line of products. So the Sync O’s remote has a comfortable, sleek silicone texture compared to most older models’ hard plastic remotes. I’ve also found the new buttons are more responsive and easier to press than those in the old design. 

CR 2032 Battery for Remote
The We-Vibe Sync O remote takes one CR 2032 battery

The remote takes one CR 2032 battery, so you can replace it easily.

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The We-Vibe Sync O has excellent connectivity with its app and remote. Though I’ve had issues with We-Vibe’s connectivity in the past, they revamped their app in 2022, and I’ve experienced reliable connectivity ever since. 

We-Vibe Sync O and Remote Control
The pairing buttons for the We-Vibe Sync O and remote

Pairing with the remote or app is quick, easy, and reliable. To pair the remote and Sync O, you’ll first press and hold the on-toy button for 5 seconds, then press and hold the remote’s power button for 5 seconds. If the remote was the most recent device connected to the Sync O, I typically don’t need to repair it the next time I play – it’s already connected.

Pairing the app with the toy is also easy. The app walks you through the steps each time. I can regularly get paired within 10 seconds without any troubleshooting required.

We-Vibe Sync O App Pairing Instructions
The We-Vibe app walks you through pairing the We-Vibe Sync O each time

The app and remote stay connected well, even if I let them sit for a period without use. I can often lock my phone screen and open other apps without causing connection issues.

If I separate my app or remote from the Sync O beyond its range and experience a disconnect, it re-pairs automatically once it’s back in range. In my testing, I separated the Sync O from the app by 170 feet before the Bluetooth connection dropped. And I separated the remote 40 feet.

Your phone’s Bluetooth connection will likely vary based on your particular phone and usage. For instance, We-Vibe’s site only lists the distance as 30 feet when there’s a direct line-of-sight. So the 170 feet we experienced is more than what is typical.

When playing long-distance, you connect the Sync O to your phone through Bluetooth. Then your phone connects to your partner’s over wifi or cell data. The connection is also reliable during long-distance calls as long as you and your partner have a clear wifi or cell signal.

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The We-Vibe Sync O is a relatively quiet couples’ vibrator. The rumbly vibrations have a low pitch, which is hard to detect. It only reaches 45 decibels at its highest power level. 

My partner can hear it in a silent room from a few feet away. But he can’t hear anything from the other side of a closed door, even up to the highest power from only 5 feet away. He doesn’t notice if we’re doing dishes together and the water’s running.

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Battery Life and Charging

The We-Vibe Sync O is rechargeable and has a good battery life, lasting 93 minutes on its highest setting in our tests. This is comparable to other couples’ vibrators and excellent for use during sex. 

We-Vibe Sync O Charging Cord
The We-Vibe Sync O with the magnetic USB charging cable

Those looking for a vibrator to wear around may want longer. Wearables explicitly designed for play outside the bedroom can last longer. For example, the Lovense Ferri lasts almost 3 hours on high power.

If your primary use is at-home play with a partner, the Sync O’s battery life is plenty.

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General Design and Specs

Design and Aesthetics

The We-Vibe Sync O comes in purple or green velvet. It’s covered in sleek silicone, giving it a luxurious feel. The new on-toy button design is larger and easier to press, too.

We-Vibe Sync O Purple Color
The We-Vibe Sync O’s purple color and new button design


The We-Vibe Sync O is made of body-safe silicone that coats the entire toy. I use water-based lube with it, and it’s easy to slide in.


The We-Vibe Sync O is 3.2” long, about 2” tall, depending on how you have the hinge adjusted, and 1.7” deep, which is deeper than the others due to its flexible O-shaped internal arm. The top arm’s depth is 1.2” inches like the other models.

We-Vibe Sync O Measurements
The We-Vibe Sync O’s measurements

The Sync O’s flexible loop is wider than most couples vibrators’ rigid G-spot arms. But it feels more comfortable and less filling since it’s flexible, and there’s no material in the middle.

Waterproof Rating

The We-Vibe Sync O is IPX7 waterproof, which means you can submerge it in water. This makes cleaning easy and means you can take it into the shower or bath. However, the remote control is only rated IPX4, which can only resist light splashes of water. You should not submerge or run water from the faucet onto the remote control. Clean the remote with a damp cloth.

Waterproof We-Vibe Sync O Submerged in Water
The We-Vibe Sync O is IPX7 waterproof, but the remote is only IPX4 splashproof

In The Box

The We-Vibe Sync O comes with a remote, a magnetic USB charging cable, manual info, and a cloth storage bag. It does not have a hard case like the older top-line models.

We-Vibe Sync O with Box and Contents
The We-Vibe Sync O packaging

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We-Vibe Sync O Review Results

The We-Vibe Sync O can be a good alternative to We-Vibe’s other high-end couples vibrators, the Chorus and Sync 2.

The flexible silicone loop is more comfortable than the rigid internal arms of these other models. But it’s less stimulating as it lacks a G-spot motor and applies less pressure to my G-spot. I orgasm more easily during sex with the We-Vibe Chorus and Sync 2. But I can still orgasm with the Sync O, and it fits more securely when walking around.

Those who prioritize the best hands-free stimulation during sex should get the We-Vibe Chorus or Sync 2. Those who especially value comfort or want something easy to use during sex and outside the bedroom will enjoy the Sync O.

We-Vibe Sync O Alternatives

We-Vibe Sync 2

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The We-Vibe Sync 2 is better than the We-Vibe Sync O if you want more intense stimulation during sex. This model has a motor in both the clitoral and G-spot arms. The Sync 2’s clitoral vibrations are slightly stronger than the Sync O’s. The Sync 2’s increased strength, combined with its extra G-spot stimulation, makes it easier to orgasm with.

We-Vibe Sync O vs We-Vibe Sync 2
The We-Vibe Sync O compared to the We-Vibe Sync 2

The Sync 2’s rigid internal arm feels more filling and puts more pressure on the G-spot. This is both more stimulating and slightly less comfortable than the Sync O. So, which is better depends on whether you value stimulation or superb comfort more.

The Sync 2 does not fit as securely as the Sync O while walking around, so the Sync O is better for those who also want something they can wear throughout the day. 

The Sync 2 is actually $10 cheaper than the Sync O, and it has the same app and remote capabilities. 

We-Vibe Chorus

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The We-Vibe Chorus is the top-of-the-line model and is more stimulating than the Sync O during sex. Like the Sync 2, the Chorus also has a motor in the G-spot arm that the Sync O lacks.

The We-Vibe Sync O compared to the We-Vibe Chorus

The We-Vibe Chorus has an additional adjustable hinge. The Chorus has a hinge at the base of each arm. The other premium models have just one hinge, and the budget models have no hinge. So the Chorus’s range of customization is greater than the other We-Vibe couples vibrators, making it more likely that you’ll find your perfect fit.

While I can orgasm during sex with the Sync O and the Chorus, the additional G-spot pressure and vibrations from the Chorus make it easier.

It’s less secure than the Sync O if you’re wearing it out of the bedroom, so it’s best suited for those who plan to use it during PIV sex. It’s about $40 more expensive, but it’s the best choice if you want a greater likelihood of a perfect fit from its improved adjustable range.

Lovense Ferri

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The Lovense Ferri is better than the We-Vibe Sync O for long-distance couples or those primarily wanting a wearable vibrator to enjoy outside the bedroom. 

We-Vibe Sync O vs Lovense Ferri
The We-Vibe Sync O couples vibrator compared to the Lovense Ferri panty vibrator

The Lovense Ferri is a panty vibrator designed to wear around and provide clitoral stimulation as you go about your day. For play outside the bedroom, it’s generally better than the Sync O because the vibrations are more stimulating, its battery lasts longer, and the Lovense app is far better.

On the other hand, the Sync O is better for those who want both something they can wear around and something to provide hands-free stimulation during sex. The Sync O balances these two goals. Whereas the Ferri is not designed to be worn during sex but excels at play outside the bedroom.

Read full review

Handheld Vibrator

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Those who need intense stimulation during sex will benefit from a handheld vibrator like the Lovense Hyphy or a wand vibrator over hands-free toys like the We-Vibe Sync O.

We-Vibe Sync O with Handheld Alternatives
The We-Vibe Sync O compared to handheld vibrators

Hands-free couples vibrators like the Sync O need to be slim so that you can wear them in a variety of positions during sex. Since they’re smaller, they simply cannot hold as large of a motor as most handheld toys. So all wearable couples vibrators (even the top-of-the-line Chorus) are less powerful than comparable handheld vibrators.

You can also maneuver handheld vibrators. So you can position them exactly where you want and apply the precise amount of pressure you need. While hands-free stimulation during sex is fun, if you don’t already have a good handheld vibrator, I’d get one before adding the Sync O to your collection. Then try a hands-free toy later on!

The Lovense Hyphy, the BMS PalmPower Extreme, and We-Vibe Touch X are a few of my favorites. 

Where to Buy [With Refunds and Happiness Guarantees]

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I recommend buying the We-Vibe Sync O through Lovehoney or We-Vibe. These are the only two shops I’ve found that will refund you if you don’t enjoy the Sync O (here’s Lovehoney’s money-back guarantee and here’s We-Vibe’s money-back guarantee) Since hands-free couples vibrators are pricey, having the option to return it if the Sync O doesn’t work for you is helpful. 

At Lovehoney, you can also use our discount code PleasureBetter15 at checkout to get 15% off your order.

We-Vibe Sync O couples vibrator, remote control, and app

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