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We-Vibe Moxie Review

We-Vibe Moxie Product and App

Our Verdict


The We Vibe Moxie is an app AND remote controlled clitoral vibrator. It’s really comfortable to wear, and has a nice, rumbly and quiet motor, so you can use it in many different public places. 

But I have experienced more disconnections than I like while using the Moxie. I usually use panty vibrators for public play so reliable connection is important to me. So I actually prefer the main competitor of this toy – the Lovense Ferri. I’ve had much better experiences with the Ferri’s connectivity and app control for public play.

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  • Strong, rumbly vibrations
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Magnetically secures to your panties so it’s easy to adjust and position
  • If you prefer broader stimulation, the Moxie spreads the vibes out well


  • Connection more inconsistent than other app controlled toys I use
  • Less focused clit stimulation than I prefer
  • App doesn’t offer as complete or as easy control over your vibes as Lovense’s toys

Table of Contents

I’ve tried my fair share of panty vibrators. Actually WAY more than my fair share – I’ve been on a wearable vibe rampage! 

I’ve found most of them to be a blast, but there’s some that just hit the spot better than others. When I first entered this realm of app-controlled fun, I honestly had no clue how different each toy was. And they’re not really priced to be an impulse-buy – so you wanna make sure you’re choosing the best toy for you.

There’s make-or-break details that are hard to guess from the packaging, like:

  1. Vibes: Your hands are unavailable when you’re using these toys in public – will the vibes make it where you need them to?
  2. Sound: Is “whisper-quiet” for real? Or would they consider your Great Aunt Margie “whispering” across the aisle at church quiet?
  3. App: What does it look like to control this toy or share with a partner?
  4. Connection: Every app controlled toy claims its connection is reliable. But we have certainly found some much better than others.
We-Vibe Moxie in Hand

My We-Vibe Moxie review will walk you through each important feature in a wearable panty vibrator and let you know how the We-Vibe Moxie measures up on each of them. 

Let’s see whether the Moxie is your perfect fit.

We-Vibe Moxie Vibrations

Now. Good vibes are important in every sense of the phrase, but you gotta know what goes into it. So here’s a “good-vibes” recipe: Quality, Power and Patterns!

Recipe for a good vibrator

We-Vibe Moxie Vibration Quality

First things first – the We-Vibe Moxie is a clitoral panty vibrator.

There are some wearable vibrators that target the G-spot instead like the Lush 3 (review) and the We-Vibe Jive.

OR hit both your clit AND G-spot like the We-Vibe Chorus (review here). My husband and I have even explored app controlled butt plugs like the Lovense Hush.

All the Moxie’s vibes will be hitting externally – where most women need them to orgasm.

Now there’s this subtle way vibes can differ that you might have noticed if you’re a toy-noisseur (that’s a toy connoisseur). Some can be more rumbly, while others are more buzzy.

Here’s my go-to test if you want to compare: Hold the toy in your hand and feel whether the vibrations make their way down your hand and into your arm, or if they stay mostly in your fingers. RUMBLES travel deeper, while BUZZY vibes stay mostly on the surface.

To me, purely buzzy vibes feel more tickle-y than rumbly vibes and they don’t bring as much impact. Buzzy vibrations get a rap as being “lower quality” and people usually prefer more rumbly vibes. But there are plenty of people who prefer buzzy vibrators too. 

I think vibration tone is a spectrum. Personally, I prefer mostly rumbly vibrators because I like to feel it a bit more deeply. But I actually still want a hint of buzziness to provide some kick at the surface too. 

The Moxie is closer to the rumbly side – especially on the low-mid power levels. If rumbly vibrations are very important to you, the Moxie is a tad more rumbly than its main competitor – the Lovense Ferri (though I think the Ferri beats the Moxie in many other ways).

Moxie Rumbly vs Buzzy

If you’re used to the absolute rumbliness of the We-Vibe Chorus or We-Vibe Tango X, the Moxie is a little less rumbly.

Bottom Line: 

The Moxie leans more towards a rumbly-feel than a buzzy one. If that’s your jam, you’ll be pleased with this toy – especially on the lower power-settings!

We-Vibe Moxie Vibration Power

For a wearable vibrator, the Moxie is slightly above-average when it comes to power. It’s not quite as strong as its main competitor – the Lovense Ferri. But not much weaker.

I will note that the design of this toy isn’t necessarily set up to maximize the vibe’s power. The surface that will press against your clit is mostly flat, which means that the vibes get distributed more WIDELY instead of focusing on one area.

We-Vibe Moxie vs Lovense Ferri Shape Pressing Against Clit

This can be a PLUS for those who prefer more diffuse clitoral stimulation, but I was a little disappointed in the power-delivery. I just am a huge fan of the design of the Ferri, which presses into my clit better. When I’m worked up and ready, I can crank the Ferri up and it delivers all its vibration strength to my clit – right where I need it!

The Moxie doesn’t quite get me over the edge of orgasm, but it’s certainly a nice lead-up to it. Panty vibrators are usually a tease and foreplay for me in public anyway – I’ve found the Ferri to be the only one to take me all the way.

Bottom Line

The We-Vibe Moxie has decent power, but it diffuses it more than I’d like. Those who prefer broad clitoral stimulation will enjoy how the vibes are directed. While people who like direct stimulation may be a little underwhelmed and prefer the more focused vibes of the Ferri.

We-Vibe Moxie Patterns

You can control the vibe patterns from the button on the toy, from the remote control, OR from your phone app. There are 10 preset patterns controlled on the toy itself, 7 patterns on the remote, and 10 in the app (plus the ability to create your own).

Now, we’ll come back to patterns again in the app section, but here’s a few initial thoughts: There’s a pretty even selection between pulsing patterns and rolling/wavy ones. It was easy to find enjoyable patterns for the We-Vibe Moxie.

Bottom Line: 

If you like a lot of preset pattern options, this one certainly has them! I think they’re all pretty well-designed and offer a great mix of options. 

We-Connect App with We-Vibe Moxie

The app control on wearable toys is usually my FAVORITE way to play. It helps make using the toy in public simple and discreet. But I’ve had a fair bit of trouble controlling the Moxie with the We-Connect app in public and have had much better experiences with the Lovense app and my Ferri. Let’s get into specifics!  

We-Connect Control Features

First, here’s a brief look at how the We-Connect app works and what you can do with it.

There are 4 different control styles on this toy:

  1. Patterns/Vibes 
  2. Design Your Own
  3. Touch
  4. Beat

Patterns are what I use the most. These are preset patterns you can select in the app. You can see all the different icons below, which give a visual preview of the different patterns available. Again – there’s quite a few options!

We-Vibe Moxie Vibration Patterns

Once you select a pattern, you can drag up and down to increase or decrease the entire pattern’s intensity. 

Adjusting We-Vibe Moxie's Power

You can also swipe through from one to the other quickly – good for a smooth transition between vibes. 

If you don’t find something you like, head over to the Create Your Own option. The idea is to give you the chance to draw out exactly what you want and save it for your use. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t designed well so I really don’t use it often – a bit of a bummer, because creating my own patterns is one of the main ways I use my Lovense Ferri.  

We-Vibe Moxie Creat Your Own Pattern

The We-Vibe “drawing” is pretty choppy and always seems to lose track of where my finger is. And the real kicker is that you can’t actually FEEL what you’re doing as you draw it out. You have to draw a pattern before using it, and just hope that you like it once you press play. 

With the Lovense app, you feel your vibration patterns in the moment as you’re drawing them. So you can draw a pattern you’re actually confident you’ll enjoy – because you’re feeling it right then! Once you’ve got something you enjoy, you can just click save and access it anytime. 

Lovense Ferri Create Your Own Pattern

So honestly with the Moxie’s We-Connect app, pattern creation isn’t the most useful feature unless you have a SUPERB grasp of how your sketch will feel. 

Next – the Touch Feature.

This one is also a let-down in my opinion. It’s mostly just a little board of changing color that you can drag your finger around on for a light show. The touch/drag of your finger DOES activate vibrations, but there’s not much control over what happens vibe-wise.

We Connect Touch Mode for Moxie

Moving your finger quickly back and forth gives you stronger vibes. But it’s a real quick jump between NOTHING and a whole lot of power, so not much middle ground.

Also if you want the vibe to keep going, you have to keep moving your finger constantly – NO THANKS. I like my toy to do the work for me.

Touch mode is another style I just find the Lovense Ferri handles better. I can select “Float”, drag the circle to my preferred power, and my toy will keep vibing at that intensity. Or I can select “Loop”, instantly draw a pattern (and feel the vibration as I draw it), and let the pattern keep repeating. I find this makes controlling the Lovense Ferri in public much easier – I can quickly and easily draw patterns I like or set it to a constant power, and then lock my screen again.

Lovense Ferri Loop or Float

LAST control style for the Moxie in the We Connect app – the Beat Feature.

This one has two different options: control from a song on your phone, or control from the sounds around you!

Go ahead and pick your poison and then get SPECIFIC – you can change whether the vibes are responding to Base, Mid, or Treble sounds. That’s a feature unique to the We Connect app I do find at least intriguing.

We Connect Music and Sound Mode

You also don’t have to play your song out loud. I like setting a song to play on my phone and then turning it all the way down for some continuous, but changing vibes from my Moxie. Just set it and forget it!

If ANY of these get too loud or too intense for you and your location, you can set a sort of master-lock on the settings to make sure the We-Vibe Moxie never goes higher than what you want. Click the little toy icon in the bottom left, and adjust overall intensity.

We-Vibe Moxie Set Max Power

Bottom Line: 

This Moxie’s app is not the most intuitive or feature rich. It can get the job done, but I personally find Lovense’s app gives a much better experience. If having a lot of in-the-moment control of your panty vibrator is important to you, the Lovense Ferri may be better for you. If you think you’ll mostly find yourself selecting from preset patterns and simply adjusting the intensity of the pattern – the Moxie can do just fine for that.

We-Vibe Moxie Short-Range Play Connectivity:

Keeping the app and toy connected is really important for me. I mostly use my panty vibrators for discreet public play – and sneaky fun can turn into EXTREME annoyance really fast if I keep losing connection. 

No one wants to keep fiddling with the app to try to get a toy reconnected. Or worse – slipping away to the restroom so you can inconspicuously reach down your pants and turn the toy off and on again.  

That initial connection setup between your toy and app is another thing that can range in difficulty-level between various toys. I’ve found the We-Vibe Moxie to be on the trickier end for that initial connection.

There’s this really specific order of events you have to follow:

Hold the button on the toy down for 10 seconds, then click to “Connect Toy” at just the right moment.

Connect Moxie to App

Even having done this quite often, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten it to connect on the first try. I always have several attempts before it actually connects. Definitely not as smooth as with my Lovense toys. 

Also with the Lovense Ferri – if the toy is on, you never need to reach down your pants and press a button on the toy to connect it to the app. You only have to toggle a button on your phone. This keeps you from any awkward hand-reaching when you’re playing in public.

So in regards to initial pairing – every time you want to use your We-Vibe Moxie you can definitely get there – but it takes some time, learning, and reaching down your pants – so get connected at home first. 

Now let’s chat STAYING connected:

There are two main things that can cause disconnections in bluetooth toys from my experience:

1) Disconnection from your toy moving too far away from the connected phone

2) App disconnection from lulls in use

We-Vibe Moxie Disconnection from Distance

Every bluetooth toy has a certain radius of separation the phone can have with the toy before it starts to disconnect. (Unless of course you’re using the Long-Distance Feature)

Some things that can make that radius bigger or smaller:

  • Extra layers of clothing
  • Other people between the toy and phone
  • Body size
  • Walls, couches, buildings etc.

We tested just how far we could stand before the toy disconnected. For both the app and physical remote, we found this to be about 50 feet. This is without any sort of blockers like people, walls, chairs etc. That’s a pretty average distance for toys like this. 

BUT the big kicker is that RECONNECTING once you get back into range is often a hassle with the Moxie.

Once the We-Vibe Moxie disconnects, there’s really no quick reliable reconnection. It requires a lot of trial and error in pressing “reconnect” on the app or remote. In many cases, I actually had to reach into my pants to restart the whole toy and exit out of the app in order to reconnect. That’s super inconvenient especially for a toy you’re trying to discreetly use out and about. 

I really recommend going with the Lovense Ferri if you’re planning on using your panty vibrator to play in public. The initial connection and reconnection are much more reliable – and they don’t require any reaching into your pants to press a button on the toy.

We-Vibe Moxie Disconnection from Lulls in Use

I’ve found the Moxie to have pretty frequent disconnections when I let my phone sit for a bit. This happens most often when I press pause on the vibes and set my phone down for a minute or two. It also happens if I start a pattern and then lock my phone and set it aside.

On occasion, the re-connect happens automatically when I unlock my phone again. But sometimes, especially if I’ve let my phone sit for several minutes, it will require me to go through the entire reconnection process again.

If I’m in public, this is especially frustrating because the toy’s button is not really located for casual access (at least at the bars I’m going to).

I HAVE found that the remote can be a better solution because I can let it sit without fear of disconnectivity from lulls in use. One downside with the remove is there’s no pausing the vibes – you have to keep some sort of vibe going the whole time. But the We-Vibe Moxie is one of the few toys I recommend using the physical remote over the app if you plan to play in public.

We-Vibe Moxie and Remote Control

Bottom Line: 

For short range public play, this toy does not have the most reliable connectivity. Sometimes play with the Moxie will be seamless, but disconnection is fairly likely. And it may be game-over once it does disconnect. You can resolve some of the disconnections by using the remote, but your play is more limited that way.

If a top priority for you is reliable connection for public play, I’ve had much better experiences with my Lovense Ferri’s connectivity – initial connection, maintaining connection, and reconnecting if there is an interruption (which is much more rare) are all better.

We-Vibe Moxie Long Distance Use:

If you’re looking to connect with a partner virtually – this section’s for you!

Once you get your own phone paired with the toy, that initial connection with a partner is pretty easy. You click “Connect Your Partner”, and should have the option to send a connection link via text or other communication platforms. 

Once they accept, they’ll be saved in your app as “your partner” and any time either of you opens the app, you can see the status of their connectivity by the red, yellow and green dots next to their name. (You can also remove them as a partner at any time).

We Connect Moxie Partner Availability

Now, the initial partner connection is easy. But we’ve had troubles getting connected again when we come back to the app later. Sometimes one of us will appear as “offline” even when we’re actually online. We’ve also noticed that sometimes the invites we send to connect do not go through to the other person.

When you do get connected, you’ll have the ability to text, send photos, video chat OR share control of your toy. Once your partner is controlling your toy, you won’t have the ability to control your We-Vibe Moxie yourself unless you end the session.

We-Connect App Long Distance Controll and Video Chat

Control-sharing, video and phone calls will require that you accept these call-invites each time. No one can just take control of your Moxie without you accepting the invite, and only your saved partner can request control.

We-Vibe Moxie Connect Invite

The connection that we’ve found with the We-Vibe Moxie has been kind of inconsistent in long distance mode as well. Most issues come when trying to provide or request permissions. But once you’re connected, the long distance works pretty well.

Bottom Line: 

Long Distance use on this toy can be a little frustrating connection-wise. Once you are connected, there are some great features to enjoy. But getting there can be rough. We’ve found Lovense toys to be a better long distance fix.

We-Vibe Moxie Noise Level

Let’s bring it back to Great Aunt Margie and how we don’t want this toy’s definition of “whisper quiet” to be compared to her definition of quiet.

I took this toy on my classic tour-de-restaurants to give some specifics on where it’s safe and where it’s not.

En-route my partner and I found that idling in the car, you could definitely hear the toy on low and high. Once driving with no music, you could hear on high, and just barely on medium. Driving with music completely drowned out everything and you could hear no vibes at all.

At a quiet indoor restaurant with no music, my partner could not hear until the very highest level. In this instance, I was sitting on a high wooden bar-stool. We did find that when my husband was seated close-by he could FEEL the vibrations through the floor on the mid/high levels though – something that we did not experience with our Ferri.

I think the We-Vibe Moxie’s slightly deeper and rumblier vibrations traveled through the material a little more easily. 

At a quiet outdoor restaurant with no music, both my partner and I could hear nothing at all! My seat of choice this time was one of those classic metal patio chairs. Once you have some ambient noise – the breeze, music, chatter – you should pass by completely undetected.

Back at home, I tested the Moxie out sitting on a couch next to my partner. Even on the lowest settings, he could both hear and feel it. So small house-party settings are not recommended.

Bottom Line: 

The Moxie will be useable at all levels in a location that has light music, constant chatter or other ambient noise. If this sort of environment is what you’re looking for, this will fit your ideal! For quieter locations, you’ll want to look into other toy options. We-Vibe’s wearable G-spot vibrator – the We-Vibe Jive – is one of the absolute quietest toys we’ve tested. My partner usually can’t hear it in the same room of our quiet house.

We-Vibe Moxie Comfort

The We-Vibe Moxie is one of the comfier toys I’ve worn! External-only toys are always some of my favorites because they just take less work and are more comfortable to wear.

It clips with the little magnet to your underwear and presses in against your clit. It really sits directly underneath you, not upwards like I originally thought it might!

How to Wear the We-Vibe Moxie

I will say that due to the longer length of this toy, it can kind of slide to one side or the other more than I’ve found with the Ferri. I have found an easy solution to be to tuck it under the little seam/pouch that many panties have. This keeps it from swiveling around.

It’s certainly much more secure and easily adjustable than panty vibrators that don’t secure magnetically. The Moxie was the first magnetic panty vibrator and for that I’m thankful it exists.

There is a little flashing light on the middle/bottom section near the charging port. But it’s not very bright, so I’ve had no issues with this shining through any of my clothes.

Bottom Line: 

I can wear this toy for hours on end and not feel uncomfortable! If comfort is a top priority for you, the Moxie is great. This magnetic panty vibrator is very secure and easily adjustable.

We-Vibe Moxie Battery Life

I have found the Moxie to have a shorter battery life than other wearable vibrators like my Ferri and Lush 3 (review here). I definitely have to charge it fully every time I want to use it.

When I’m using high-powered vibrations almost constantly, it usually dies within 45 minutes, even on a full charge.

If you’re on lower vibrations pretty consistently, it may last about an hour and a half.

Bottom Line: 

The Moxie is definitely for shorter play-time. For longer battery life, you may want to check out the Ferri panty vibrator which can last about 3 hours. Or if you really want a long life the Lush 3 boasts a 5 hour battery life. I’ve never used mine continuously long enough to find out if that’s true. I usually am back at home, shedding some layers of clothes with my partner after a couple hours out.

We-Vibe Moxie Review Results

I LOVE wearable vibrators for public play. And app-controlled toys that specifically target my clit – those are my favorite! That also means I’m extra picky about them though – especially in connectivity. 

This toy definitely satisfies my love of COMFORT and all things rumbly. But as Parks and Rec’s Tom Haverford would say – the Moxie has some qualities that moved it to my “Oh no no list” – at least for wearing it to play around town. 

The unreliable connectivity was the main issue for me. I prefer QUICK and EASY pairing. If there is a disconnection, I want to reconnect fast and without needing to reach into my pants. The Lovense Ferri has just been much more reliable for me and also gives me the clit stimulation I need – so I use it much more (it’s my personal favorite public play vibrator). If I’m playing in public I’d rather treat myself to the high quality connection of the Ferri. Even the more budget-friendly Satisfyer Sexy Secret (review here) maintains a more reliable connection than the Moxie in my experience.

The Moxie’s sound level felt adequate to me. And I did like the patterns and the vibe power that were available. I’ve still been able to have quite a bit of fun with this toy once I get it connected. 

If you enjoy the mid/high powered toys to your liking and are wanting something COMFORTABLE to wear out for a night at the bar, this can help you get there. Just know that you’ll have to play around with connection. Your play-time may also have to be limited to an hour or so.

I think the We Vibe Moxie could be a good toy if you:

  • Value broad, rumbly stimulation over app and connection quality
  • Would rather use a physical remote for public play than app control
  • Don’t need more than an hour of play-time
  • Really value comfortable wear
  • Don’t need complete customizeable control of your vibrations

I think there are better alternatives to the We-Vibe Moxie if you:

  • Want really reliable connectivity 
  • Want quick and easy pairing
  • Are looking to have longer vibe-sessions
  • Want more focused and powerful clitoral stimulation
  • Are relying on this for long-distance play with a partner
  • Prefer using a reliable app to control your vibrator over a physical remote
  • Want unlimited, completely customizeable control of your vibrations in app
  • Are on a tighter budget

We-Vibe Moxie Alternatives

Here’s how HIGH or LOW I recommend the Moxie for you based on these main values:

  • For Quiet Public Use: Medium
  • For Clit Stimulation: Medium/High
  • For Comfort: Low
  • For Connectivity: Low
  • For Long Distance Connection: Low/Medium
  • For Battery Life: Low

Here’s a few alternatives for you to consider if all your boxes don’t quite seem to be checked with the Moxie.

Lovense Ferri vs We-Vibe Moxie: More Powerful and Better Connectivity

OK – I will forever bring this toy up to everyone because it is my favorite wearable vibrator – as you’ve probably gathered by how I’ve compared the We-Vibe Moxie to the Lovense Ferri for most of this review. I have ALWAYS had really awesome app and connectivity experiences with Lovense toys, and the Ferri is no exception.

The Ferri is the We-Vibe Moxie’s direct competitor. It’s another magnetically secured panty vibrator with all the same advantages over a traditional panty vibe that slips in the front pouch of your underwear.

We-Vibe Moxie vs Lovense Ferri in Hand

The vibes are slightly buzzier than the Moxie’s, but they get stronger and pack a more full punch. The fit presses into my clit better than the Moxie and the vibrations feel more focused near my clit – rather than diffused over more of my vulva. 

And it has a much longer battery life. 

It’s definitely very comfortable, and doesn’t seem to swivel out of place like the Moxie does. It’s also a little cheaper so win-win!

Downsides: The only downside I can conjure up is that it’s a little less rumbly than the Moxie. 

Honestly, the only reasons I’d pick the Moxie over the Ferri is if you care a lot about rumbly vibes – but the Moxie is only a touch more rumbly – or if you want your vibrations spread out over a broader area. 

But connection quality, the app control, and the vibration strength are all better on the Lovense Ferri.

For more info on my pick o’ the year (or of the decade) – head to my Ferri review or watch my Ferri vs Moxie video below!

We recommend the Lovense Ferri over the We Vibe Moxie if:

  • You want stronger, more direct clit vibes
  • You’re okay with slightly buzzier vibrations
  • You value quick, easy, and reliable connectivity
  • You don’t want to be interrupted during long distance or public play
  • You want more complete and intuitive control over your vibrations
  • You like spending less for even higher quality

Budget Alternative – Satisfyer Sexy Secret

The Satisfyer Sexy Secret is significantly less expensive than the We-Vibe Moxie, so it’s worth bringing up!

But not only that – it’s also app controlled, also magnetically secured, though it’s definitely not as powerful. But here’s the real kicker:

The Satisfyer Sexy Secret works with its app better than the We-Vibe Moxie.

At about a third of the price!

Now the Sexy Secret’s vibrations are definitely more teasy, and don’t get me off hands-free like the Lovense Ferri’s powerful vibes.

But it’s a reliable app controlled panty vibrator at a really low price point. It’s definitely fun for foreplay and worth considering over the We-Vibe Moxie if you’re on a tight budget.

We recommend the Satisfyer Sexy Secret over the We-Vibe Moxie if:

  • You don’t want to mess around with connectivity problems
  • You’re okay with lighter, teasier vibrations
  • You’re on a tight budget

Find out more about the Satisfyer Sexy Secret here.

Final Thoughts

The Moxie can definitely provide some discreet public-play fun. It has some great rumbly vibes that certainly give good clit stimulation. I think it’s quite comfortable to wear too!

But since I use panty vibrators mostly for public play, the Moxie has some major issues for me. Connectivity is really not great with this toy, and that’s my main beef. If you’re willing to put up with this, you might have found a match! But if you plan on using the toy for public play, I’d recommend going with the Lovense Ferri instead. We’ve found it to be more stimulating, more discreet, and maintain a much more reliable connection.

We-Vibe Moxie Product and App

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