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We-Vibe Match Review

We-Vibe Match and Remote

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Ranked #3 of 8 Hands-Free Couples Vibrators













Our Verdict


The Match is one of the older We-Vibe couples’ vibrators, and it’s their mid-budget option. It’s slightly cheaper than the two newest models, but I found it significantly underperforms in most areas.

If you don’t want to spend on the newest model (the Chorus), I recommend choosing the We-Vibe Sync over the We-Vibe Match. The Sync is only around $10 more, but it’s a much better toy. The Sync is more powerful and has two adjustable hinges to help you find a good fit for your unique body. You can’t change the We-Vibe Match’s shape, so it fits too loosely to stimulate well. 

Because of the increased strength and better fit, the Sync is one of the only two hands-free couples’ vibrators I can orgasm with during sex (the other is the Chorus). Whereas the Match was more of a fun tease – but could not take me all the way.

I’m a fan of thrifty spending. But at such minimal savings (~$10), you should go for the Sync over the We-Vibe Match.   


  • Rumbly vibrations that provide a fun, enjoyable tease
  • Comfortable to wear during sex or while walking around
  • You can move back and forth through patterns, and adjust the intensity of each using the remote control
  • Quiet enough to wear in a quiet coffee shop as long as there is some ambient noise
  • Won’t be audible from the other side of a closed bedroom door
  • 115 minutes or more of battery life


  • Vibrations are not strong enough to do more than tease
  • Not adjustable, so you can’t customize the fit to your body – that means it’s harder to get a fit that keeps the external arm in contact with your clit for consistent stimulation
  • Thin internal arm can get pushed to the side during penetration
  • Remote buttons are finicky and difficult to press correctly; Sometimes my button clicks don’t register
  • No app control like the Sync or Chorus so less versatile control and no long-distance play
  • Has a shorter connection range than most (remote typically disconnected around 18 feet away from the Match)

Table of Contents

My partner and I have enjoyed several We-Vibe toys over the years. But I was most excited to try their couples’ vibrators you can wear during sex.

Multiple We-Vibe Toys and Remotes

I actually purchased the We-Vibe Chorus (the best model) first. But since hands-free stimulation during PIV sex (penis in vagina) is such an enticing deal, I have many friends asking me for recommendations. 

And since the Chorus is a rather pricey option, I wanted to find good choices that were more budget-friendly. Which brought me to the We-Vibe Match

We-Vibe Match and We-Vibe Chorus 2nd and 4th Generation Models

It has a pretty similar look to the Chorus, but is We-Vibe’s second cheapest model. From cheapest to most expensive, it goes:

  1. We-Vibe Unite (cheapest)
  2. We-Vibe Match
  3. We-Vibe Sync
  4. We-Vibe Chorus (priciest)
We-Vibe Unite, Match, Sync, and Chorus, Lined Up Oldest to Newest for Visual Comparison

The Match is about $60 cheaper than the Chorus, but only $10 cheaper than the We-Vibe Sync. For the cheaper price, the Match trades off some features of the higher-end models.

I wanted to know, could you still have a great experience with the mid-level option? Or is it only worthwhile if you go with one of the higher-end models?

So I bought the other We-Vibe couples toys to compare and report back to my pals… and of course, to you!

Here’s what I found in my process! This We-Vibe Match review will walk you through how exactly the Match worked for me during sex with my partner. I also tried the Match for some discreet public play, so I’ll share my findings on that too.

You may be looking for your first during-sex wearable! Or considering upgrading from the Unite to the Match. Either way, this article should help you figure out whether the Match or an alternative toy will be better for you!

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We-Vibe Chorus







Very Rumbly

The We-Vibe Chorus is the best overall (One of only two I orgasm with during sex) – it has the strongest vibes, and the two hinges allow you to customize the fit to your body better than any other.





We-Vibe Sync







Very Rumbly

The Sync is extremely close to the Chorus in performance for ~$50 less. It also has two adjustable hinges. Overall a great value – this is the only other one I orgasm with during sex.

  • We-Vibe often runs a sale on the Sync. Very few shops still sell it now that the Chorus is out.




We-Vibe Match







Very Rumbly

An older predecessor of the Sync and Chorus. It’s nearly as expensive as the Sync, but underperforms in comparison. I recommend the Sync or Chorus instead.




Lelo Tiani 3







Very Buzzy

Tiani 3’s slimmer internal arm is a good option for someone with a tight vagina or whose partner’s penis size is large. Most others will prefer the Sync’s or Chorus’ adjustable fit.




We-Vibe Unite







Very Rumbly

Cheapest option that still can work okay. But fit is looser and vibes weaker than We-Vibe’s higher-end models. Recommend buying through Lovehoney so you can return if it doesn’t fit you.



Not Applicable

Dame Eva




Not Applicable



Very Buzzy

A unique, beautiful design for hands-free clit stimulation during sex. Whether it will fit you highly depends on your own anatomy. Buy through Lovehoney so you can return if it doesn’t work for you.




Satisfyer Double Joy







Very Buzzy

I couldn’t get a good fit that stayed in contact with my clit. Shifts around a lot and the internal arm was too large to have both the toy and my partner in me.



Not Applicable

Satisfyer Double Classic




Not Applicable



Moderately Buzzy

The absolute cheapest at ~$25. Shifts around a lot and difficult to keep in contact with your clit during sex. Low risk if you want to try it, but don’t set your expectations high.

We-Vibe Match Vibrations and Stimulation

The We-Vibe Match is a dual-stimulation remote controlled vibrator that vibrates on your clit and G-spot. 

We-Vibe Match Clit and G-spot Motors

But while there’s a motor in each of the Match’s arms, the G-spot stimulation is pretty faint. The clit motor feels about 5 times as strong as the G-spot motor. So the Match focuses primarily on providing hands-free clit stimulation during sex.

But just how strong of clit-vibes are we talking?

C-shaped couples vibrators like the We-Vibe Match tend to be softer than other wearable vibrators. For instance, egg vibrators and vibrating panties are geared more towards sneaky public play (instead of use during sex). They’re designed to be stronger since they’re not getting any help from additional stimulation during sex. 

Panty Vibrators and Egg Vibrators as Better for Public Play

The We-Vibe Match is less than half the strength of the Lovense Ferri (my most powerful panty vibrator) or Lush 3 (my strongest egg vibrator).

Comparison of Power Range on Lovense Ferri and Lush vs We-Vibe Match

Compared to other couples vibrators designed to wear during sex, the We-Vibe Match’s vibration power falls in the middle of the pack. 

During solo use, it’s a little bland just because it’s lower-powered. But when I was wearing it with my partner, it was a fun tease and felt good since it’s paired with penetration. 

It has the deep rumbly feel that We-Vibe is famous for, which many people prefer in their vibrators. The vibrations are deeper and feel better than Satisfyer's cheap couples toys like the Satisfyer Double Joy.

But while the We-Vibe Match feels enjoyable during sex (and does enhance the experience), it doesn’t quite reach the power I need to orgasm. 

We-Vibe Match Vibrations and Stimulation vs Other Couples Vibrators  Comparison Rating Graphic

There are only two couples vibrators that can bring me to orgasm hands-free during sex. Those are the We-Vibe Sync and Chorus

We-Vibe Sync and Chorus as Strongest Couples Vibrators

A few things help the Sync and Chorus stimulate better than the We-Vibe Match. First - these two have an impressive range of adjustability. So you’re much more likely to get a good fit that will keep each arm in good contact with your body, stimulating exactly where you need it.

We-Vibe Sync and Chorus Range of Adjustability

And the second slight difference that might be unnoticeable if you didn’t have all of them in front of you: The Chorus and Sync have slightly wider G-spot arms. These wider arms stabilize the toys and keep them from shifting out of place during penetration.

We-Vibe Match Chorus and Sync Internal Arm Width Comparison

With the Match’s thinner arm, I find that it angles off to the side when my partner is in me. This causes the external vibes to shift off my clit, which makes the stimulation weaker than I prefer.

Oh, and the Sync and Chorus have stronger clit motors

So overall, you’re getting greater contact and stronger motors with these two. So the stimulation during sex is better than you can get with the We-Vibe Match. They take me to the finish line completely hands-free.

So honestly, the best recommendation I can make? Get the We-Vibe Sync (review here) instead of the We-Vibe Match! The Sync is only about $10 more for much better stimulation. For me, $10 is worth it for the ability to enjoy hands-free orgasms during sex with my partner.

We-Vibe Sync Better Stimulation Over We-Vibe Match

I mean, if money is no object, then by all means, jump up to the Chorus. It even has slightly stronger stimulation than the Sync due to a tighter hinge. But that difference is pretty slight. And the Chorus is $60 more than the We-Vibe Match. 

So if you’re trying to maximize the bang for your buck, the We-Vibe Sync gives you the best stimulation-to-cost ratio. 

We-Vibe Match Comfort and Fit

The We-Vibe Match has decent comfort and stays in place pretty well for me while walking around and during sex. The internal arm is also thin enough that a penis or dildo can also fit. 

But it did have a few small areas where the Match performed worse than my top picks.

We-Vibe Match Fit & Comfort vs Other Couples Vibrators  Comparison Rating Graphic

First and most importantly - the Match is flexible but not adjustable. You can’t change its shape entirely to fit your body better. The newer We-Vibe versions each have two hinges, allowing the arms to adjust and change the toys’ shape. 

We-Vibe Match Flexibility vs We-Vibe Chorus Adjustability

This makes it much more likely that you’ll find a good fit for you. 

The We-Vibe Sync, which is only a few more dollars, has these two different adjustment points. One near the G-spot arm to help you get internal pressure just right and keep it secure to your body. And another on the clit end helps get the clit-vibe placement and pressure right.

We-Vibe Chorus in Several Different Adjustment Positions

The Match’s flexibility relies on a one-size-fits-all model. 

This worked okay for me, in the sense that I feel some stimulation from it, and it doesn’t fall out. But the stimulation and pressure are not enough to bring me to orgasm. And since all anatomies differ, there’s a good chance that it won’t naturally fit your particular body just right either.

Here’s an example of someone it didn’t work for:

“We tried it as a couple the first night we received it, and her feedback was it wasn't proportioned right for her - it went too deep for her G spot and up past her clit on the outside. Once we were having sex it wouldn't stay in place either which was frustrating for her and she had to try and hold it which defied the point of it.”

-Lovehoney customer feedback

Some even mentioned that the We-Vibe Match slipped out for them:

“In the several times we used it during PIV we found it tended to slip out, ruining the moment a little due to having to readjust.”

-Lovehoney customer feedback

Of course, there is a chance that you’ll be a naturally good fit with this toy like this couple:

“The levels of the buzzy vibrations were just right to stimulate, and they were directed just where they were needed.”

-We-Vibe customer feedback

But getting the perfect fit with the Match is certainly no guarantee. So it’s nice to have the adjustability of the Sync and Chorus.

The second thing that is a little different on the We-Vibe Match vs the Sync and Chorus: The Match’s internal G-spot arm is a bit narrower.

We-Vibe Match Chorus and Sync Internal Arm Width Comparison

It’s hardly noticeable when you’re quickly looking at them. But I found it made a massive difference in the side-to-side security of the toy. 

The Match’s inner arm tends to be pushed slightly askew by a penis. And this makes the clitoral motor sit at an angle instead of pressing firmly against my clit. And since that internal arm is off to the side, it’s not pressing fully on my G-spot either. So both internal and external stimulation becomes a little diminished.

The wider arms on the Sync and Chorus keep them from moving out of position during penetration. So my partner can be in me, and the G-spot arm stays pressed up against my G-spot. And the clit motor stays comfortably vibrating on my clit to transfer all the vibes where I actually want them.

Bottom line? If you skip one trip to Starbucks, you can put that extra $10 towards the We-Vibe Sync. This is much more likely to get you a better fit than the Match!

We-Vibe Match Remote Control Features

The main way to control the We-Vibe Match is through the remote. It does not have app-control features like the Sync and Chorus do. 

We-Vibe Match Remote vs Chorus and Sync Remotes and App

You can also cycle through patterns by pressing a button on the toy itself, but it’s tricky to do when you’re wearing it, so the remote control is best.

The We-Vibe Match’s remote control capabilities are pretty straightforward. There’s no fancy features or unique control styles like some toys have. For example, the Chorus has a squeeze-activated setting on the remote. And the Lelo Tiani 3 has a SenseMotion feature to control the toy by tilting or shaking the remote.

Lelo Tiani 3 and We-Vibe Match Remote with We-Vibe Chorus Remote

But you might prefer the simplicity of the Match’s remote. Sometimes fancy features can be distracting. And I’m using hands-free couples vibrators to eliminate distractions during sex so I can be hands-on with my partner.

And the Match’s remote is simple - just four buttons. Two to move forward and backward through patterns. So you don’t need to cycle through all the patterns every time as you do with one-button remote controls (like the one that comes with the We-Vibe Unite).

We-Vibe Match Remote Buttons for Power and Patterns

The other two buttons allow you to increase and decrease the vibration power of each pattern. This has become a must-have feature for me with wearable vibrators. I want to be able to make those slight intensity adjustments because it helps to create that slow build. 

I don’t want giant, startling leaps. And I don’t want to cycle through every stronger power level to get back to softer levels. Four buttons are just right.

So the Match is nice if you’re going for useful control features without getting overly complex. It’s also better for those who don’t need custom control abilities available with app-controlled toys or prefer not to have their phone nearby.

I’d recommend the We-Vibe Sync if you want more custom control. It has app and remote control functionality. Or if that squeeze remote of the Chorus sounded fun, check out my full We-Vibe Chorus review here.

We-Vibe Match Remote Control Features vs Other Couples Vibrators  Comparison Rating Graphic

I encountered one issue with the We-Vibe Match’s remote though - getting the buttons to respond. This brings me to my next section:

We-Vibe Match Connectivity

Ok here we go - we’re getting into my surprise complaint with this toy. The dang remote! I’m honestly not even sure if it’s a connectivity issue. Or just the fact that the buttons are really hard to push!

With most remotes, I can give a nice, quick “tap” to the button, and the toy leaps to respond. But with the We-Vibe Match, the remote requires more of a press-and-hold process. I really have to button mash to get the Match to adjust its vibrations. 

Close Up of We-Vibe Match Finicky Buttons

It takes some practice to get used to. And even then, it’s just not very reliable.

This can be annoying if you’re planning to give a partner the remote so they can control the Match. When I gave control to my partner, he kept pressing the buttons, but nothing was happening. 

I tried to explain exactly how to press the buttons to him. But you sort of have to be the one wearing the toy to get the button-press system down since it’s so finicky. As a result, he was never sure when his button clicks were actually adjusting the We-Vibe Match’s vibrations.

We-Vibe App Better Than Remote for Parter Control

Others also experienced this button issue, but I guess they were not as bothered as I was:

“It can also take a few moments to figure the remote buttons out, but that wasn't a big deal.”

-Lovehoney customer feedback

And I agree, it’s not a huge deal as long as you control the We-Vibe Match yourself. Of course, I can feel whether my button click changed my vibes. Whereas my partner can’t when he’s got the remote.

If you get that button-press figured out, the toy stays pretty reliably connected. I haven’t had any issues with having to re-connect the toy and remote while playing unless it goes out of range.

We-Vibe Match Connectivity Rating vs Other Couples Vibrators  Comparison Rating Graphic

I also tested all of my couples vibrators’ connectivity range to see how far I could separate the toy from its remote control or app. 

I could only keep a reliable connection up to 18 feet apart with the We-Vibe Match. This was shorter than any of my other couples vibrators. So it may not work well for across-the-room play. But it’s certainly sufficient for controlling the toy during sex.

We-Vibe Match Connectivity Distance vs Other Couples Vibrators  Comparison Rating Graphic

Bottom line? The Match’s remote buttons are pretty demanding, which makes it hard to appreciate the otherwise decent connectivity. I prefer the app and remotes that control my Sync and Chorus. Plus, I can separate the app and toy over 100 feet without losing a connection!

We-Vibe Match Noise

An area the We-Vibe Match performs well: Volume! 

The Match is one of the quietest couples’ vibrators. All my wearable toys during sex (except occasionally the Dame Eva) are not audible behind a closed bedroom door. So you’ll be good using them during sex even if you live with other people.

But when I tested my toys’ decibel levels while wearing them, the We-Vibe Match rang in even lower than most.

We-Vibe Match with Decibel Reader

I also tested this toy with my partner by wearing it to different locations and running through the power levels and patterns! He would let me know if he started to hear it. 

With the We-Vibe Match, he could hear it while we were sitting in the same room of our quiet house once the Match reached about 20% power. Your mileage may vary depending on the slight noise differences in your location. For example - air conditioning may or may not drown out the sound based on how close you or others are to the vent.

When we took the Match to a quiet coffee shop, my partner could not hear the toy on any power level or vibration pattern. We were good as long as there was soft music playing or some other ambient sound.

And it was easily inaudible in louder places like a bar or restaurant.

We-Vibe Match Measured Decibel Sound Level vs Other Couples Vibrators  Comparison Rating Graphic

One thing to watch though, is the button click. The Match’s remote clicks can be a little louder than the toy and may be noticeable if you’re in a quiet public place. So be conscious of keeping the button clicks discreet.

We-Vibe Match Battery Life and Charging

The Match has a good battery life compared to other couples vibrators.

I tested all of my toys by charging them fully, then setting them to vibrate on high power. I checked on them every ten minutes to see which ones were still vibrating.

Couples Vibrators in a Box with Timer for Battery Test

In my testing, the We-Vibe Match lasted for about 115 minutes on high power! This means you can probably get a little more battery life if you use the lower power levels too.

However, since the Sync and Chorus are a little bit stronger, I’d still recommend these. Even though their battery life was shorter on high, that’s partially because they’re simply cranking out more power. You could get a similar battery length if you kept those toys on medium-high power instead of all the way up.

And the 65 and 85 minute battery lives of the Chorus and Sync are plenty for us during sex. 

We-Vibe Match Tested Battery Life in Minutes vs Other Couples Vibrators  Comparison Rating Graphic

I also found the Match’s charging port to be tricky! You have to push the toy down into the port just-so to get it to charge. The first time I tried it, I put it in and thought it was charging, only to find it still dead hours later. So you really have to make sure the light is on to ensure it’s charging.

Since the Sync and Chorus perform better in most other areas too, I would say most people will be happier with one of them than the We-Vibe Match.

Other We-Vibe Match Specs

We-Vibe Match Materials

The We-Vibe Match is made from body-safe silicone. There are no phthalates, BPA, or latex!

We-Vibe Match Close Up of Material

We-Vibe Match Size

The We-Vibe Match is 76.5 mm long, 29.7 mm wide, and 46.4 mm tall. 

Or to put it in inches, about 3” long, 1.2” wide, and 1.8” tall.

We-Vibe Match in Hand with Measurements

The Match’s G-spot arm is slimmer than the Sync’s and Chorus’, making the We-Vibe Match shift out of place more easily during sex. 

We-Vibe Match Connection Distance

In my testing, the Match stayed connected up to 18 feet away from the remote control. But separating the remote and toy any further lead to disconnections.

This distance may also be smaller depending on your environment and obstructions.

Waterproof Rating

The We-Vibe Match is 100% waterproof! So you can take it in the tub, shower, or pool! It’s also easy to clean since you can completely submerge it while cleaning with soap and water.

Waterproof We-Vibe Match in Bowl of Water


I’m always a fan of the colors on We-Vibe’s packaging. The Match’s box was just as lovely as ever in a purple and teal gradient.

We-Vibe Match with Remote Lube and Bag

It also comes with a sample of We-Vibe’s lube and a silky white storage bag!

We-Vibe Match Review Results

The We-Vibe Match is still a pretty pricey couples’ toy for being one of We-Vibe’s weaker-performing models. The Sync is a much better option at a similar price.

The main issues I had with the We-Vibe Match were:

  1. It did not have any adjustability to help me customize the fit. As a result, the external arm had difficulty remaining in contact with my clit, so stimulation was weaker.
  2. The motors are also less powerful than the Sync or Chorus - the vibes feel good, but don’t take me all the way like the Chorus and Sync do.
  3. The remote was also pretty finicky, and since it’s not app-controlled, you don’t have other options.

If you’re trying to stay in the We-Vibe Match’s price range, I recommend spending just $10 more for the We-Vibe Sync instead

We-Vibe Sync as Better Than We-Vibe Match

This couples vibrator is almost identical to the Match but has many small upgrades that make a huge difference. The Sync has two adjustable hinges to help you get a good fit for your unique body. As a result, I get a fit that remains securely where I need it. 

The Sync’s improved fit and stronger motors make it one of the only two toys I can orgasm with hands-free during sex (the other is the Chorus). 

The Sync has both a remote to control it and app-control capabilities. So it also opens up a whole world of more custom control. And you can play with a long-distance partner through the We-Vibe app. 

We-Vibe Sync with Remote and App

You can read my full review of the We-Vibe Sync to hear more about why I think it’s one of the best couples’ vibrators.

And if you simply want the best of the best in any price range, you can read more about the We-Vibe Chorus here.

We-Vibe Match Alternatives

We-Vibe Chorus or Sync

The Chorus and Sync are two of We-Vibe’s updated versions of the Match. They are the only two couples’ vibrators that I can orgasm with because of their stronger stimulation and customizable fit.

Sync and Chorus with Charging Ports and Covers

The Chorus has a slightly tighter fit than the Sync, but they’re pretty comparable even though the Chorus is about $50 more. 

I 100% recommend the Sync over the We-Vibe Match since it’s so close in price with several significant improvements. But if you’re curious about what additional features the Chorus has since it’s the newest and greatest, you can check out my We-Vibe Sync vs Chorus comparison guide to help you make your decision!

Handheld Couples Vibrators

Hands-free stimulation is a great option to enhance PIV sex and free your hands to be all over your partner! 

But I still use handheld toys more often to get the clitoral stimulation I need during sex. While they’re not as effortless as hands-free couples vibrators, they’re more versatile.

Handheld Vibrators vs We-Vibe Match

Even though it requires the attendance of one of your hands, you can quickly adjust the toy as needed. You can move it wherever you want stimulation at that moment - direct or indirect. And you can leverage it to get the exact amount of pressure you’re looking for.

If you don’t already have a good handheld vibrator to use during sex, I’d begin there.

The key to a toy that doesn’t get in the way during sex is its shape. Here are a few of my favorites and what I find they excel at:

Lelo Mona 2

The Lelo Mona 2 is marketed as a G-spot vibrator. But I love using toys shaped like this for clitoral stimulation. The long, curved shape and excellent handle make it easy to keep my hands out of the way, and leverage the toy to press perfectly where I want it. 

Lelo Mona 2 with Curved Handle and Small Tip

And the pointed tip slides very easily between my legs. Since it’s tapered, I find that this one can easily stimulate me clitorally even while my partner and I face each other during sex.

You can read my full Lelo Mona 2 review here for more info

Lovense Ambi 

I prefer the Moan 2 personally, but the Lovense Ambi is a little cheaper than the Mona 2 and still works well. 

Lovense Ambi on Table

The Ambi is a small golf-club-shaped vibrator that can fit in tight places. This toy works great for me in positions where my partner is behind me. 

Especially if I’m laying face-down on the bed. Because it’s tiny enough that the angle I hold the toy at is not restricted by hitting the bed. This is more difficult with the longer handle of the Mona. But the Ambi’s short handle means you have to reach a little further down there.

Lovense Ambi Against Body vs Lelo Mona Against Body

I love the blunt tip of the Ambi and the “right angle” that causes it to slide between my legs. This gives me great leverage to press the toy where I want, even though the handle is shorter.

Lovense Ambi Angle

We-Vibe Match FAQ

How to Use the We-Vibe Match 

Apply water-based lube to the smaller G-spot arm and slide the toy into your vagina. The larger vibrating end of the toy will rest up against the clit.

The inner arm is thin enough that most people can have additional penetration from a partner’s penis or a dildo while wearing the Match. You can wear this toy during penetration and control it through the remote control! It will add mostly clitoral stimulation, but you get some soft G-spot stimulation too.

We-Vibe Match Motor Location

Where to Buy We-Vibe Match 

If you buy the We-Vibe Match, I’d recommend purchasing it from Lovehoney. It’s one of the only places that allows returns for a refund if you do not enjoy your toy. Use the code PleasureBetter15 for 15% off your entire order.

You can also find the We-Vibe Match at PeepshowToys. Use the code PleasureBetter for 10% off your order if you decide to purchase from PeepShowToys. 

We-Vibe Match and Remote

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