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We-Vibe Chorus vs Sync – Is It Worth Upgrading?

Side-By-Side Comparison

We-Vibe Chorus

We-Vibe Chorus - Squeeze Remote, Vibrator, and App on table

We-Vibe Sync

We-Vibe Sync, App, and Remote

Overall Score


Overall Score


Our Verdict

The We-Vibe Sync was replaced by the We-Vibe Sync 2. The original Sync is still available while supplies last but is no longer in production. See our full We-Vibe Sync 2 vs Chorus comparison here.

Of all the wearable couples toys I’ve tried, the We-Vibe Sync and Chorus are two of the few I easily orgasm with hands-free during sex (the other is the updated We-Vibe Sync 2).

The We-Vibe Chorus and Sync perform very similarly – I can orgasm hands-free just as easily with both. Along with the Sync 2, they’re the most stimulating couples vibrators I’ve tried – and the only ones I recommend highly.

The main downsides of the Sync are that its remote can be finicky – sometimes I press the button a few times before the Sync responds. And you may need to spend more time customizing it to fit your body.

They each have two adjustable hinges to help you get an ideal fit. But the Chorus’s internal arm is more bulbous, which puts better pressure on my G-spot naturally. I have to adjust the Sync more to get as stimulating of a fit. But when I take the time to fine-tune it, I get the same stimulation from the Sync as I do with the upgraded Chorus. 

The Chorus is more feature-rich, with extras like a squeeze remote and Touch Sense features to control the vibrations with your movements. But these features are clunky, so I end up using the basic control anyway. 

If you don’t mind the trade-offs (a less responsive remote and more time fine-tuning the fit), the We-Vibe Sync can save a good chunk of change. If you want the overall best performance, go with the Chorus.

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Table of Contents

The We-Vibe Sync was replaced by the We-Vibe Sync 2. The original Sync is still available while supplies last but is no longer in production. See our full We-Vibe Sync 2 vs Chorus comparison here.

The We-Vibe Sync and Chorus are two of the best models in We-Vibe’s couples toy line. These toys vibrate on both your clit and G-spot for hands-free stimulation during partnered sex.

Sync and Chorus with Charging Ports and Covers

I’m someone who needs additional stimulation to make sex enjoyable. So I was delighted to find these hands-free wearables.

I’ve actually had the We-Vibe Chorus for a couple of years now. And initially, it was the only wearable couples toy that could bring me to orgasm. The flexible C-shaped models by others (like the Lelo Tiani 3) always fit too loosely for me to get solid clit stimulation. And purely external toys like the Dame Eva were hard to position and often fell out.

But I’ve since expanded my collection to see how other We-Vibe models compare. The older We-Vibe Sync is less expensive, so it’s a more affordable alternative to the Chorus.

Sync and Chorus with Remotes and Packaging Boxes

After using both these remote control vibrators during sex, for some solo play, and out of the bedroom, I have some thoughts to share! 

So whether you’re looking to buy one of these for the first time or considering upgrading from the Sync to the newer Chorus… I’ll give you all the info you need to make your decision in this We-Vibe Chorus vs Sync comparison!

Main Ways to Use the We-Vibe Sync and Chorus

First, you maybe be considering the Sync and Chorus for several reasons. There are a few ways to use them!

You can use for them for:

  1. Hands-free stimulation (both clitoral and G-spot) during penetrative sex
  2. Discreet play outside the bedroom
  3. Long-distance relationships
  4. Hands-free dual-stimulation during solo play

But I think the best way to use the Sync and Chorus is to get hands-free stimulation during sex. That’s what these toys do best – and they do it better than any other vibrators I’ve tried.

Couples toys like the Sync and Chorus are slimmer than other wearable vibrators. So they can fit easily between your bodies to give you the clit stimulation you need during sex – without needing to use your hands or hold a toy to your clit. 

WeVibe Sync with other Wearables Comparing Size

But they’re not as strong or secure-fitting while walking around as other wearable vibes designed primarily for play outside the bedroom or solo use, like egg vibrators or vibrating panties.

So if you’re looking for strength and something very easy to wear around, but you don’t need  a toy to use during PIV sex (penis in vagina), I’d recommend an egg or panty vibe instead.

Some dual-stimulation wearables, like the Lovense Dolce and Lelo Ida, are also great for hands-free solo use. But they’re too big to be used during sex. And they are also not comfortable enough to wear while walking around.

Lelo Ida Wave and Lovense Dolce - Stronger Dual Stimulation

While you can wear the Chorus and Sync around or enjoy them solo, that’s not where they shine. Instead, they save their gusto for during-sex use. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in the right place.

In this article, I’ll mostly be comparing the We-Vibe Chorus vs Sync when it comes to during sex use. But I’ve tried them both solo, and out of the bedroom as well! So I’ll sprinkle in some of those observations too.

We-Vibe Chorus and Sync Side View and Top View

We-Vibe Sync vs Chorus: Performance During Sex

Of all the wearables I own, the Sync and Chorus are two of the few that bring me to orgasm hands-free during sex! Along with the Sync 2, they’re the ones I orgasm with most easily. 

The Sync and Chorus provide a comparable experience during sex with slight differences. 

The Chorus has a slightly more bulbous internal arm than the Sync. This can provide some additional G-spot pressure for more stimulation. However, the Sync’s adjustable internal arm can be bent in a way that replicates this pressure. So I experience the same level of stimulation from both. I just have to spend more time adjusting the We-Vibe Sync to get my ideal fit.

We-Vibe Sync next to We-Vibe Chorus showing the Sync's G-spot arm adjusted farther back to replicate the Chorus's natural G-spot pressure
We-Vibe Chorus (right) with its G-spot arm in its normal position. Its thicker, more bulbous internal arm naturally presses on my G-spot in a stimulating way. By pulling the Sync’s (left) internal arm back farther, I can replicate the “bump-out” shape that makes the Chorus naturally more stimulating.

The Chorus and Sync also have different remotes, which affects the experience during sex a bit.

While the We-Vibe Chorus remote has some extra features like Squeeze control, I find the Sync’s smaller remote is more convenient to hold during sex. So if you don’t need fancy features, you may prefer using the We-Vibe Sync’s simple remote control.

Sync and Chorus Remote Size Comparison and Squeeze Features

On the other hand, the Sync’s remote has some responsiveness issues. I sometimes have to press the buttons multiple times before the Sync’s vibrations change. The Chorus’s buttons work great.

If you’re using the We-Vibe app to control the toy, the Sync connects to the app more quickly and easily. Since the Chorus pairs with the app through its remote, it requires more steps. The Sync pairs directly with the app.

Chorus and Sync with Apps - Sync Connects Easier

This also means you have to keep the remote nearby even if you’re just using the app to control the Chorus.

Chorus with App and Remote - Remote Always Must Be Near to Connect

The Chorus also has a Touch Sense feature designed to control the vibrations with your body’s movement during sex. However, this feature is clunky and doesn’t work very well. So you’ll likely just control it with the remote or app.

Overall, the Chorus and Sync both provide excellent stimulation during sex. You’ll likely need to spend more time adjusting the Sync for an ideal fit. And the Chorus’s remote control is more responsive.

Now I’ll break these toys down a bit more in-depth by category below.

We-Vibe Sync vs Chorus: Vibrations and Stimulation

The Sync and Chorus each have two vibrating motors: one in the clit-arm, and another in the G-spot arm.

Sync and Chorus Motor Locations

As I was checking customer reviews, I noticed a rumor that the Chorus had stronger vibes than the We-Vibe Sync. But I did not find this to be true.

I think the vibration power of the We-Vibe Chorus and Sync are equal. 

I used to think the Chorus’s vibrations felt slightly more intense because they pressed into my G-spot better. Its internal arm is more bulbous than the Sync’s, so it automatically applies more stimulating pressure against my G-spot, which helps me orgasm. However, after spending more time fine-tuning the Sync’s shape, I’ve realized I can accentuate the way its G-spot arm bumps out to achieve the same effect. 

We-Vibe Sync next to We-Vibe Chorus showing the Sync's G-spot arm adjusted farther back to replicate the Chorus's natural G-spot pressure
We-Vibe Chorus (right) with its G-spot arm in its normal position. Its thicker, more bulbous internal arm naturally presses on my G-spot in a stimulating way. By pulling the Sync’s (left) internal arm back farther, I can replicate the “bump-out” shape that makes the Chorus naturally more stimulating.

So ultimately, the Chorus and Sync can provide the same great stimulation if you adjust them to find your ideal fit.

They’re each about medium-strength compared to other kinds of wearable vibrators. They’re less powerful than some wearables that aren’t intended to wear during sex, like the Lush 3 or Lovense Ferri

Sync and Chorus Medium Powered Wearables vs Lush and Ferri High Powered Wearables

And of course, since wearable vibrators must be small, no wearable toy can match the overwhelming strength of large wand vibrators like the Magic Wand Rechargeable. Big handheld toys can simply hold a larger, more powerful motor.

But the Sync and Chorus are both the strongest (along with the Sync 2) of all the toys we’ve tested that are designed to wear during sex for hands-free stimulation. And they’re two of the only couples’ vibrators I orgasm with easily and reliably.

And the clit vibrations of both the Sync and Chorus are extremely rumbly

The medium-intensity, deeply rumbly vibes are a perfect combo to enhance sex without overstimulating. Enough to bring me to orgasm but not cause my partner to finish before I’m ready.

Here’s what a user of the Sync had to say about it:

“I’m the type of girl for whom clitoral stimulation is an absolute must to get me to come. Which is why the Sync has been a big hit in our household. Love the very assertive vibrations (enjoyed by me and him as well).”

We-Vibe Customer Feedback

The G-spot motors on both toys are fairly buzzy and mild – clit stimulation is the main focus.

Sync and Chorus Vibration Feel - Rumbly or Buzzy

However, those gentle vibrations get pressed firmly into my G-spot during sex. And when they’re paired with the clit vibes, the effect is excellent. I’ve been surprised to find I orgasm much more easily with couples vibrators that have this G-spot motor compared to options with no internal motor like the We-Vibe Sync O.

Sync G-spot Arm Which is Softer

If you’re on a tight budget… I think you’ll have quite a similar experience with the We-Vibe Sync. And you’ll save $80! If you want the absolute best stimulation and think you’ll benefit from the larger internal arm, go with the Chorus.

We-Vibe Sync vs Chorus: Fit and Comfort

The Sync and Chorus are very similar in their fit and comfort, with some minor differences. 

Both toys have two adjustable hinges to help you get the right fit for your personal anatomy. This is why both of them provide much better stimulation than We-Vibe’s cheaper models without hinges (like the We-Vibe Sync Go, the Sync Lite, the Match, and Unite).

WeVibe Sync and Chorus G-spot Width Comparison

The only difference is that the Chorus has a slightly larger, more pronounced G-spot arm. Its more accentuated shape naturally presses into my G-spot for more stimulating pressure. But when I use the two adjustable hinges to fit the Sync to my body, I can replicate that shape and orgasm just as easily from both.

Some people need to play around with the adjustment more than others. 

“The hinges did allow for a decent fit, though they did take some trial and error to get in the right position for my body.”

Reddit User’s Experience

Both toys sit securely along my body without moving around uncomfortably. And this is true whether it’s during sex, sitting, standing, walking, or just lying. The Sync and Chorus fit better than any merely flexible C-shaped couples toys – their adjustable hinges are essential.

Chorus and Sync Full Adjustability Range

It’s also very easy to insert the Sync and Chorus’s G-spot arm. Each toy’s inner arm is thin enough for most people to fit a penis or dildo without discomfort! 

Some other couples vibrators like the Satisfyer Double Joy have such a large G-spot arm that it interferes with penetration. But both the Sync and Chorus provided plenty of space.

Besides the more bulbous shape for G-spot pressure, the Chorus’ G-spot arm is slightly wider than the Sync’s, which is supposed to help it fit more securely. But I didn’t notice any difference from the wider arm personally. Both the Sync and Chorus stayed in place on my clit and G-spot during sex.

WeVibe Sync and Chorus Top View of G-spot Arm

Another Sync-user expressed similar sentiments:

“I assumed this would fall out during sex, make us uncomfortable or lose connection but we never had any issues!”

We-Vibe Customer Feedback

And while walking around, both toys also stayed in position. However, I recommend tight underwear if you plan to wear one around. And it’s best to wear form-fitting pants instead of something flowy. Even though it stays in pretty well, it’s not as secure as an egg vibrator or panty vibrator – so those are better to wear out of the bedroom.

Sync and Chorus are Not as Secure as Jive and Niki

Chorus Squeeze Remote vs Basic Sync Remote

Another big way the Sync and Chorus differ is in their remotes.

The Chorus has a larger, uniquely soft remote with Squeeze Control. The harder you squeeze on the remote’s squishy silicone, the stronger the Chorus vibrates.

Close Up of WeVibe Chorus Remote Buttons

On the other hand, the Sync has a traditional, small, 4-button remote without any bonus control features. 

Holding WeVibe Sync Remote Showing Small Size

While the soft silicone of the Chorus’ remote feels nice and luxurious in your hand, its squeeze function is difficult to use. You really have to squeeze it to get any power. It’s genuinely tiring and distracts me from enjoying the Chorus’ vibrations between my legs.

So I just use the Chorus’ buttons the same way I use the Sync’s basic remote. 

And the Sync’s smaller remote is easier to hold during sex or hide discreetly in my pocket if I’m out of the bedroom.

Smaller Sync Remote Which is More Discreet Than Chorus Remote

The Chorus also connects to the We-Vibe app through the remote. So even if you only want to use the app to control the Chorus, you must bring its remote with you! And this remote is larger and less discreet than the Sync’s. 

Chorus App and Remote to Pair

So you can’t just keep the squeeze remote hidden away in a pocket like you can with the Sync’s. It’s easier to keep it in a purse.

The We-Vibe Sync connects directly to the app. So if you don’t intend to use the remote, you can just leave it. And if you want to bring it along, it fits discreetly in a pocket (even the unreasonably tiny pockets of women’s jeans).

WeVibe Sync Remote Near Pocket

If you care about better responsiveness, the quality feel of the Chorus’s remote, or the squeeze-control, then it’s the better choice! The We-Vibe Sync’s remote is better for something smaller to hold and easier to keep in your pocket.

We-Vibe Sync vs Chorus: Connectivity

Connectivity is a big deal with remote or app-controlled toys. Nobody wants the IT guy in their bedroom. (Unless it’s Kumail Nanjiani).

The We-Vibe Sync and Chorus’s connectivity is about the same, but for different reasons.

First – the We-Vibe Sync is easier and more convenient to pair with the We-Vibe app than the Chorus. 

The Chorus pairs to the app through its remote. So there’s more of a button-pressing process you have to go through to pair it. And you’ll need to bring the Chorus’s remote with you even if you just plan to use the app.

Whereas the Sync just requires a click of one button on the toy to pair. And you don’t need to have the Sync’s remote with you to use the app.

The Chorus isn’t too difficult to pair now that they’ve updated the app. Pre-June 2022, it required more troubleshooting. Since the 2022 We-Vibe app update, both my Chorus and Sync pair reliably to the app.

Once you do it a few times, you start to get the hang of the process.

WeVibe Sync and Chorus Pairing Screens

Everything else about the app connectivity was the same between the Chorus and Sync. 

They can disconnect from the app on occasion. But it’s not too frequent (again, the June 2022 app update helped this). 

If you disconnect, both toys often re-pair without any effort. But sometimes you have to get involved. It just takes going through the button-click process to get them paired again.

WeVibe Sync Button for Pairing

Connecting with a long-distance partner in the We-Vibe app is pretty quick for both toys. But we have noticed one issue with the We-Vibe Sync and the Chorus. You have to be on a certain page in the We-Vibe app to see your partner’s invite. 

Before we realized this, we missed several of each other’s invites. But this is not a connectivity issue – more of a poor app design decision that hopefully will be updated soon.

WeVibe Screen to See Partner Invites

For now, you may need to communicate with your partner outside the We-Vibe app first. That way, you can let them know you’re about to send them an invite on the app so they can head to the page they’ll receive your request.

When using the physical remotes, I’ve found the Chorus’ buttons are more responsive. I sometimes have to press the Sync remote’s buttons multiple times before the Sync’s vibrations change. This isn’t much of a problem if you’re controlling the Sync yourself. But if a partner is controlling the Sync, they may not be making the adjustments they think they are.

My Sync remote sometimes does not respond to a click if I’ve been buzzing along without clicking for a while. But I can resolve this by holding down any remote button for 5 seconds to re-pair.

I haven’t noticed any disconnections during prolonged inactivity with the Chorus or Sync..

Of course, both toys will disconnect if you go out of range due to distance. But they pair again automatically once back in range.

In my tests, the Chorus could go 175 feet from the app and the Sync made it 200 feet before experiencing a disconnection!

Of course this will differ based on your environment and anything that comes between the toy and app. But either distance gives you the opportunity for some across-the-room fun.

I did see some reviews that mentioned more connectivity problems like this one:

“The user interface is dreadful and it will disconnect randomly or sometimes just not work at all. It’s a great concept and when it actually works it’s amazing.”

Lovehoney Customer Feedback

That particular quote was from 2021, and I do actually know what they’re talking about. I’ve had the Chorus since 2020, and toward the beginning, I had more issues with pairing and staying connected. 

But the recent update helped with this issue. And I’ve been happy with the connectivity on both toys since then.

Winner: Connectivity – Depends

The Chorus has a slightly more complex pairing process that requires you to keep the remote by you – even if you’re just using the app. 

So the We-Vibe Sync is more convenient during app use

But the We-Vibe Chorus remote has better responsiveness

If you plan to use the app more, pick the Sync. But if you think you’ll primarily use the remote to control your toy, the Chorus always responds when I click a button.

Neither one of these issues is a huge deal-breaker though. It will just take some practice!

Sync and Chorus Tie for Connectivity

We-Vibe Sync vs Chorus: Noise

The Sync and Chorus are two of the quieter wearable vibrators. Both are the same volume on the highest setting. But the Chorus’s lowest setting is a little softer than the Sync’s lowest setting.

So there’s only an impactful difference if you plan to use this toy in exceptionally quiet places, since the Chorus allows you to access even more discreet low power levels.

Both are completely inaudible from the other side of a closed bedroom door. 

It’s only when we’re out of the bedroom in a quiet house that we notice a difference. We tested both toys with my partner and me in a silent room of our house, seated about 10 feet away. I slowly increased power levels, and my partner let me know when he could start to hear it.

We could reach about 40-60% power for the Chorus before he could hear it. While the Sync only made it to about 30-50%. Overall it’s not a huge difference. 

All wearable toys are best in the bedroom or places with at least some ambient noise. So you can be confident in using all the power levels. If you’re super concerned about sound, you could check out an even quieter egg vibrator like the We-Vibe Jive.

WeVibe Jive is the Quietest Wearable Next to Sync and Chorus

We-Vibe Sync vs Chorus: Battery Life & Charging

The Sync and Chorus are both rechargeable toys – woohoo! 

They have fancy little charging ports holding the toy and the remote. I’m a huge fan of these cases for organization’s sake. Plus they just look good sitting there!

Sync and Chorus with Charging Ports and Covers

When it comes to battery life, the We-Vibe Sync lasts for a little bit longer than the Chorus. 

I tested all my couples vibrators by charging them fully, then letting them run on max power until their batteries died. I checked on them every 10 minutes to see which ones were still going.

The Chorus lasted for about 65 minutes on high. While the Sync lasted 85 minutes.

You’ll be able to stretch those batteries a little longer if you stick to the lower powers. But if you want the longer of the two, choose the Sync!

We-Vibe Sync vs Chorus: App Control (Close Range & Long Distance Features)

The Sync and Chorus use the same app, so there are very few differences! 

The one way they differ is that the Chorus has “Touch-Sense” modes available through the app. You can select three different modes that will change the Chorus’ vibrations when you touch a sensor on the toy. 

Theoretically, this allows the natural movements of your and your partner’s bodies control the Chorus.

WeVibe Chorus Touch Sense Mode Screens

However, I’ve found this to be very finicky. It usually isn’t very responsive to touch. As a result, I don’t really use it. So from a practical standpoint, the available app-control features are the same for the We-Vibe Sync and Chorus.

There are several other great features available for both the Chorus and Sync though!

For those unfamiliar with the We-Vibe app, you have 10 different preset patterns to select. Then raise or lower the intensity of each one.

WeVibe Sync and Chorus 10 Preset Patterns

We-Vibe’s newest update makes it less intuitive to find all these patterns, in my opinion. But it does make it easier to quickly switch between your 4 favorite patterns with this “Multi Vibe” setup.

Chorus Multi-Vibe View

And this allows you to set the clit and G-spot motor to two different patterns and intensities.

You can also control the toy through “Touch Mode” as well. This is supposed to mimic fingering. So the vibes get quicker and stronger as you move your fingers over the screen faster.

WeVibe Chorus Touch Mode

This is a much more hands-on feature, requiring you to keep your fingers busy the whole time. It’s not a great “set it and forget it” option like the Multi Vibe setup is.

You can also create your own pattern through the app, but it’s not a very user-friendly experience. You have to draw out the pattern before you feel it. So it’s hard to design something you know you’ll like.

WeVibe Chorus and Sync Draw Your Own Pattern

I usually stick to the preset patterns in the Multi Vibe screen.

Beat Mode lets you buzz along to the songs saved on your phone. And Ambient Mode responds to the noise around you.

We-Vibe Sync 2 Beat Mode

You can even adjust whether your toy is responding to bass, midrange, or treble sound.

In long-distance play, We-Vibe recently added the ability for you to save multiple partners if you’d like. You can text with them, voice call, send photos, video chat, and let them control your We-Vibe toy!

WeVibe Chorus and Sync Partner Control and Video Call

Since the 2022 app update, I’ve had great experiences with We-Vibe’s long-distance control.

Other Specs Comparison

We-Vibe Sync vs Chorus Materials

Both the We-Vibe Sync and Chorus are made of a smooth, silky silicone and are 100% body-safe. The Chorus’ remote is also a squishy silicone, whereas the Sync’s remote is plastic.

We-Vibe Sync vs Chorus Waterproof Rating

The Sync and Chorus are IPX7 Waterproof. So you can fully submerge both of these toys! Bring them into the tub, pool, shower, and enjoy!

WeVibe Sync and Chorus in a Bowl of Water Submerged

We-Vibe Sync vs Chorus Color Options

The We-Vibe Chorus has more color options than the Sync

The Chorus comes in purple, cosmic pink, coral, a metallic blue, or the light blue I have from Lovehoney.

WeVibe Sync and Chorus Color Options

While the Sync only has a plain aqua or purple. I enjoy the shade of aqua I have though!

We-Vibe Chorus vs Sync Comparison Results 

So is the price difference worth grabbing the newer We-Vibe Chorus over the We-Vibe Sync? Well here are the main differences so you can decide for yourself.

Since the Chorus has a slightly larger internal arm, it’s easier to find the most stimulating fit. Its bulbous G-spot arm naturally provides better, more stimulating G-spot pressure that helps me orgasm. However, by spending more time fine-tuning the Sync’s adjustable hinges, I can achieve the same level of stimulation from the Sync. 

The other major difference is their remote controls. The Sync’s smaller remote can be easier to hold during sex. And I like that you don’t need the Sync’s remote nearby to connect to the app. But unfortunately, its buttons are not as responsive as the Chorus’s remote. Sometimes I need to click the Sync remote’s buttons multiple times before it changes the vibrations.

WeVibe Chorus and Sync and Cases

If money’s not a limit, the Chorus is a great choice, providing excellent stimulation with minimal adjustments. But for a lower cost, the We-Vibe Sync is just as stimulating once you find your right fit – just be aware, the remote is more finicky.

I think you should choose the We-Vibe Chorus if you:

  • Want the best hands-free stimulation during sex. The Chorus’ requires less adjustments to find the most stimulation.
  • Enjoy gripping down on something during sex and think you’ll like the Squeeze Control feature
  • Are looking for 65 minutes of battery life (and maybe a bit more on lower-powers)
  • Don’t mind bringing the remote along when you plan to use the We-Vibe app (the toy connects through the remote, so you need to bring it with you) 

I think you should choose the We-Vibe Sync if you:

  • Want the more affordable option
  • Want a small, basic remote that’s easy to hold or fit in a pocket
  • Understand you may need to click the remote control’s buttons a few times for the change to take effect
  • Want a slightly longer battery life (about 20 minutes extra on high power)
  • Want to be able to leave the remote at home if you only plan to use the app

Where to Buy [With Refunds and Happiness Guarantees]

If you’re worried about whether or not you’ll like your pick, I’d recommend buying from Lovehoney or We-Vibe. These are the only places that let you return a toy for a refund just because you did not like it.

We have a discount code to help bring the cost down – use PleasureBetter15 at checkout for 15% off your entire order.

Unfortunately, the Sync is not available at Lovehoney. You can purchase the Sync directly through We-Vibe.

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