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We-Vibe Chorus Review

Overall Score

Ranked #1 of 11 Hands-Free Couples Vibrators

Our Verdict

The We-Vibe Chorus is the top model in We-Vibe’s couples vibrator lineup that provides hands-free clit and G-spot stimulation during partnered sex.

It’s the best overall, and the Chorus is one of the few couples vibrators I orgasm with completely hands-free during sex. I can also orgasm with the We-Vibe Sync 2 and Sync O – but the Chorus has an additional adjustable hinge, so you’re more likely to find the right fit for your individual anatomy.

Though the Chorus isn’t as powerful as big handheld vibrators, it gives great clit stimulation so you can orgasm during sex without holding a vibe to your clit or using your fingers. So you can stay more engaged, in-the-moment, and hands-on with your partner.

Most others I’ve tried are too weak, shift around too much, and don’t stay in contact with my clit. But with the Chorus’ adjustable hinges, I can get the right fit for my body to get the clit stimulation I need. So when I don’t want to hold a vibrator to my clit – the We-Vibe Chorus is the toy I use.

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  • Strongest stimulation from a couples toy (Tied with the Sync 2 and original Sync) – it’s one of the few I easily orgasm with hands-free during sex
  • Very rumbly vibrations which feel more impactful
  • Two adjustable hinges allow you to change its shape to fit your body. This is the main reason the Chorus fits securely and stimulates me well, while others fit too loosely
  • Very comfortable to wear during penetration and stays in place
  • Discreet enough to be worn out of the bedroom
  • It is both an app and remote controlled vibrator, so you can use whichever method you prefer
  • Special features like a squeeze remote and Touch-Sense modes
  • Good connectivity with the app and remote 
  • The ability to share control with a long-distance partner
  • Very quiet and will not be heard in most places – especially from the other side of a door
  • Fancy charging/storage case


  • While it’s the strongest hands-free couples toy I’ve found, it’s still more gentle than larger handheld vibrators. Though I orgasm from the Chorus, some people will still need the greater power of a handheld vibe.
  • For wearing outside the bedroom, it does not fit as securely as panty vibrators or egg vibrators that are designed primarily for that purpose
  • We-Vibe’s app isn’t as feature-rich or intuitive as other app-controlled brands like Lovense and Satisfyer, and it can be glitchy
  • Chorus connects to the app through its remote control – so you’ll need to keep the remote control with you, even if you only plan to use the app
  • Shorter battery life than other wearables that are designed to wear throughout the day

Table of Contents

I’ve had the We-Vibe Chorus for several years and first wrote this review back in my early days of enjoying this C-shaped pal. It was the first couples’ vibrator I wore with my partner during sex!

We-Vibe Chorus Unboxed with Lube and Charging Stand Next to Box

But now that the Chorus and I have been together for a while… And now that I have a bunch more couples’ vibrators, I wanted to give this article an update to share more of my experience and provide greater context!

Couples Vibrators Large Collection
All my couples’ vibrators that are wearable during sex

This C-shaped vibrator is We-Vibe’s top couples vibrator, designed to stimulate your clit and G-spot hands-free during sex. Because it has adjustable hinges I can customize its shape to fit my body, so it’s one of the few that I actually orgasm with during sex.

A few other adjustable models work for me too, including the cheaper We-Vibe Sync 2. But the Chorus has an additional adjustable hinge, which means you’re more likely to get a perfect, stimulating fit for your body.

We-Vibe Sync 2 and We-Vibe Chorus Adjustability
The We-Vibe Chorus’s (light blue) two adjustable hinges provide a wider range of motion than the We-Vibe Sync 2 (dark blue)

In this We-Vibe Chorus review, I’ll help you decide whether the Chorus or another couples vibrator is right for you.

I’ll share my experience and answer questions like:

  • Is the Chorus worth the hype?
  • Does it actually provide solid clit stimulation during sex? 
  • How comfortable is it during sex, and does it stay where you want it?
  • How does it feel for your partner?
  • How does the sound level compare to other wearable vibrators – can I use it easily out of the bedroom?
  • And one that sings from my soul: Can you get anything similar for cheaper?
We-Vibe Chorus Held in Hand

We’ll chat about all this and more in this We-Vibe Chorus review. Let’s do it!

Review Update Notes

  • May 14, 2024: Added a discussion of the Fun Factory Laya III in the alternatives section. Although it’s not wearable, you can use this vibrator in a very specific way (by lying face-down on top of it) for hands-free clit stimulation during sex. You’re limited to this position, so it’s not as versatile, but it doesn’t take up space in your vagina.
  • February 16, 2024: We bought and tested the newest line of We-Vibe couples vibrators (the Sync 2, the Sync O, the Sync Go, and the Sync Lite) that replace previous versions. And we updated this review to include our experiences with the new products and relevant comparisons.
  • November, 2022: We bought and tested several competing couples vibrators, including the Dame Eva, the Lelo Tiani 3, We-Vibe’s budget line, and others. We updated this review to include better insights, our conclusions after testing several competing options, and relevant comparisons.
  • February, 2021: Review First Published.

Compare to Other Hands-Free Couples Vibrators

The We-Vibe Chorus is the best hands-free couples’ vibrator with excellent stimulation and a very comfortable fit. Of all the couples vibrators my partner and I have tried, the only ones I orgasm with are We-Vibe’s adjustable models – the Chorus, Sync 2, original Sync, and Sync O (but this last one’s more difficult since it doesn’t stimulate my G-spot).

We-Vibe’s budget options (the Sync Go and Sync Lite) and other brand’s premium models (like the Lelo Tiani 3 and Dame Eva) offer no way to customize them to fit your body. So they shift off my clit and don’t bring me to orgasm.  

Personally, I orgasm just as easily with the Chorus, the Sync 2, and the original Sync. So the lower price of the Sync 1 and Sync 2 will be worthwhile for many people. The Chorus is better if you’d rather spend more for the best likelihood of getting the perfect, most stimulating fit. The Chorus has an additional hinge that the Sync 2 lacks, so you can customize its shape better.

And compared to the original Sync, the Chorus’s G-spot arm is more bulbous which can provide better G-spot pressure and stimulation for some people.

We-Vibe Chorus During Sex (Where This Sex Toy Shines):

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Ok – let’s start with my favorite way to use the Chorus, and the main reason I think it’s a worthwhile toy: 

You can comfortably wear this toy during sex for hands-free clit stimulation. This is huge because penetration alone never cuts it for me.

We-Vibe Chorus Internal and External Arms With How They Stimulate

Most people with vulvas need clit stimulation during sex to orgasm. Pairing sex with a strong handheld vibrator (like the Lelo Mona 2) is my usual go-to, but handheld toys limit what you can do.

Positions that don’t work while holding a vibrator wedged between your bodies are off the table. (Off the bed?) Plus, it takes more effort to hold the toy, position it just right, leverage it to press the vibes where you need them, and focus on the toy’s buttons.

Handheld Vibrators Which Are Larger But Easily Adjustable vs We-Vibe Chorus

Now, I still believe handheld toys have their place and offer excellent stimulation during sex.

But using a handheld vibe can be distracting at times. And you’ll use your hands and some mental energy to control your toy, rather than engage with your partner. So sometimes I want consistent clitoral stimulation during sex – completely hands-free.

And the We-Vibe Chorus fills that need the best of any couples vibrator I’ve tried!

In fact, only the We-Vibe Chorus and a few others (the We-Vibe Sync 2, the Sync Original and Sync O) bring me to orgasm hands-free while I’m with my partner.

Favorite Couples Vibrators Compared to Worse Models
The couples’ vibrators that work for me (left) and the options that don’t (right)

Every other couples toy I’ve tried has been unable to take me all the way. The Dame Eva, Lelo Tiani 3, Satisfyer’s budget C-shaped line, and We-Vibe’s entry-level couples toys (the Sync Go, Sync Lite, Unite, and Match) – NONE of these give me the consistent clit stimulation I need during sex to orgasm.

But the We-Vibe Chorus truly does free up my hands and take me all the way. I can adjust its shape to fit snugly on my clit and G-spot. And its deep, rumbly vibrations have the power I need to cross the finish line!

We-Vibe Chorus In Two Positions to Show Adjustment Options

If you’re primarily looking for a toy to free up your hands during sex, and still give you the clit stimulation you need – the We-Vibe Chorus is my top recommendation.

The clit stimulation is wonderful paired with internal fullness from my partner. And though the Chorus’ G-spot vibes are quite soft, they feel lovely when combined with penetration.

There are a couple cheaper models that may work just as well for you. Personally, I orgasm just as easily with the Sync 2 and original Sync during sex. But the Chorus has an extra adjustable hinge than the Sync 2, so you’re more likely to get a fit that works perfectly for you. And the Chorus’s G-spot arm has a more bulbous shape that can apply better G-spot pressure during sex than the original Sync.

Regarding comfort, when I first bought my Chorus, I was curious whether adding something extra would cause me any pain, but it didn’t! My partner is on the higher end of average-sized, and I’m usually fairly tight.

Side View of We-Vibe Chorus Showing Thin Internal Arm as Still Comfortable During Sex

For us, the fit and size of the We-Vibe Chorus add a little extra tightness but nothing crazy. It takes a bit more work to fit him in, and you may have to try to find a good position for initial entry. But after he’s slid in once, it’s easy to change positions and have him slide right in again.

If you’re worried about fitting your partner, the We-Vibe Sync O‘s internal arm takes up less space. The extra room will benefit some. But the extra pressure of the Chorus and vibes against your G-spot are worth it if stimulation is your main priority! I orgasm with the Chorus much more easily during sex than the Sync O.

Positions facing each are typically difficult to hold a vibrator to your clit since space is limited, but the We-Vibe Chorus works great in these positions. And positions from behind (like spooning) especially push the internal arm into my G-spot, and that quickly became my favorite way to use the Chorus!

We-Vibe Chorus Side View Showing Bump of G-spot Arm Which Presses Against G-spot

And the Chorus stays firmly in place, maintaining excellent contact with my clit during sex.

There are two different adjustment points on the Chorus (which I’ll discuss more later). So if you already have this toy and have not been as lucky as me at keeping it in place – make sure to adjust these hinge points so that it stays snug.

Adjusting the We-Vibe Chorus

These hinges are the main reason the Chorus stands above its competitors. While other couples vibrators I’ve tried fit loosely and shift off my clit during sex – the Chorus stays exactly where I need it to deliver the vibes right to my clit.

We-Vibe Chorus Vibrations

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Vibration power is a big part of your couples’ vibrator decision. Since the We-Vibe Chorus is hands-free, you won’t be controlling the pressure with your hands. So it needs to be strong enough without requiring you to press it more firmly against your clit.

The feeling of a toy’s vibrations also land somewhere on a spectrum between buzzy and rumbly. Where on this spectrum you like your vibes is largely personal preference (though most people prefer deeper, more rumbly vibrations.)

Buzzy vs Rumbly Vibrators Infographic

Here are my thoughts on how the We-Vibe Chorus handles each aspect compared to other vibrators.

We-Vibe Chorus Vibration Power

The We-Vibe Chorus has two separate motors – the larger arm remains outside your body, vibrating on your clit. The smaller end presses into your G-spot, packing a second punch. You can control each motor’s vibration intensity separately or together.

We-Vibe Chorus Ends Pointing Out Clit Stimulation and G-spot Vibrations

There are two different motors on the We-Vibe Chorus: The larger part remains outside your body, vibing on your clit. The smaller end presses into your G-spot, packing a second punch. You can turn both motors on at varying levels together, or just one at a time!

We-Vibe Chorus G-spot Arm With Weaker Motor But Good Pressure

The G-spot motor’s vibrations are gentle. They don’t do much on their own, but the pressure and vibes really enhance sex when my partner is inside me.

Because these C-shaped vibrators’ G-spot vibrations are mild, I used to think they didn’t contribute that much to the experience. But then I bought the We-Vibe Sync O which stimulates my clit well, but lacks a G-spot motor. Without the G-spot stimulation, I noticed a big difference and found it much easier to orgasm with the Chorus than the Sync O.

The Chorus’s external motor packs more power than its G-spot arm. Perfect for people like me who crave clit vibes. (One of the reasons I spent months testing all the best vibrating panties.) I was glad to find the We-Vibe Chorus was designed with the external piece as the main driving force since most women (myself included) need clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

The We-Vibe Chorus, the Sync 2, and the original Sync all have equally powerful clit motors, and they’re stronger and more stimulating than any other wearable couples vibrators I’ve tried. They’re the three I orgasm with easily and reliably.

But the vibrations are still softer than bigger handheld toys. And since you can maneuver and leverage a handheld vibrator to press the vibes exactly where/how you want them, handheld toys still provide more stimulation.

Hands Free We-Vibe Chorus With Lower Power vs Handheld Stronger Lelo Mona 2

So if you typically need a ton of power and stimulation to orgasm, your experience with the Chorus may be different than mine. You’ll probably still want to keep a handheld toy like the Lelo Mona 2 or a wand vibrator like the Magic Wand Rechargeable for even more strength nearby as well.

But the Chorus’ vibration strength is plenty for me to orgasm easily during sex.

Besides having a stronger clitoral motor than many other hands-free couples vibrators, the We-Vibe Chorus also stays in contact with my clit better. Using the Chorus’ two hinges, I can adjust its shape to fit my body.

So the Chorus stays snug where I need it, and all the vibration strength actually translates into clit stimulation. Whereas flexible couples vibrators like the Lelo Tiani 3, the budget Satisfyer Double Joy, and others fit too loosely. Most of their power never even reaches my clit, because their motor has shifted off to the side.

You can get more substantial power if you’re not looking for a toy you can wear during sex. The Lovense Ferri and Lovense Lush 3 are about twice as strong as the Chorus, so I prefer them for sneaky play outside the bedroom.

We-Vibe Chorus With Half the Strength of Lovense Ferri and Lovense Lush 3

And for hands-free dual-stimulation during solo play in the bedroom (not during sex), I like the Lovense Dolce (previously called Quake) and Lelo Ida Wave.

Lelo Ida Wave and Lovense Dolce - Stronger Dual Stimulation

So if you’re primarily looking for a solo toy or a play outside the bedroom, those options above may suit you better.

But the We-Vibe Chorus is the best couples vibrator overall for hands-free stimulation during sex.

We-Vibe Chorus Vibration Quality

If you’ve not seen this “rumbly/buzzy” lingo used, here’s my best verbal explanation of something that you feel:

Rumbly (low-frequency) vibrations affect a broader area and travel deeper into your body. Whereas buzzy (high-frequency) vibrations affect the area near the point of contact and they stay more surface-level. Rumbly vibes can also prevent toys from becoming overstimulating.

For example, when I hold a rumbly sex toy in my hand, I feel the vibrations all down my arm. Squeezing it tightly in my hand doesn’t muffle the feel – instead, it sends the waves deeper into my arm.

Buzzy vs Rumbly Vibrators Infographic

When I’m holding buzzy toys in my hand, the tingling stays mostly in my fingers and starts to tickle a little. Squeezing it tigher muffles the feeling for me. But a touch of buzziness can add a nice extra kick at the surface.

Which you enjoy is a personal preference. I usually like mine to be a mix. But most people prefer more rumbly vibrators.

Now that we have an idea of rumbly/buzzy – where does the We-Vibe Chorus fall?

Well the internal motor on this toy that sits against the G-spot is slightly buzzy (as are the other couples vibrators I’ve tested). I found this unusual since We-Vibe has become well-known for their deep, rumbly toys.

We-Vibe Chorus Clit Arm with Deep Rumbly Vibrations and G-spot Arm with Light Buzzy Vibrations

But the clitoral motor revived We-Vibe’s rumbly reputation!

The Chorus’s clit-motor is very rumbly. So if you’re someone who does not want buzzy clit vibes, the Chorus is a great option.

Chorus: Fit & Comfort

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The We-Vibe Chorus is very comfortable and provides more customization than other couples vibrators to get the best fit.

The Chorus’s silicone has a velvety soft feel that is very comfortable. The sides of the G-spot arm have some extra squishiness that keeps it comfortable even while my partner is in me.

We-Vibe Chorus with Soft Squishy Arm Adding to the Comfort

During sex, it hits all the right places and stays in place well for me because I can customize the fit to my body. The adjustability from the Chorus’ two hinges enables me to get a much better fit than I can from its competitors.

We-Vibe Chorus in Several Different Adjustment Positions

During sex, it hits all the right places and stays securely in place because I can customize its shape to fit my body. The Chorus’ two hinges provide a much better fit than its competitors. Most couples vibrators are merely flexible, but not adjustable. So you can’t make them fit tighter to keep consistent contact with your clit, like you can with the Chorus.

I cannot orgasm with any merely flexible model I’ve tried, including the Sync Go, the Sync Lite, and Lelo Tiani 3. The Chorus’s G-spot arm is also wider than these flexible models, which helps keep it securely in place.

We-Vibe Chorus Sync Go and Sync Lite Internal Arm Comparison
The Chorus’s wider internal arm keeps it from slipping out or twisting like it can with the We-Vibe Go (middle) and Lite (right)

The Chorus also has two hinges compared to the We-Vibe Sync 2 and Sync O which each have one hinge. While I can find a good fit with each, the broader range of customization the Chorus provides makes it more likely you’ll find a shape that fits your anatomy just right.

When wearing the Chorus out, you’ll notice it while walking. And even though I’ve never had it slip out, I still recommend wearing tight underwear or pants. Walking with C-shaped vibrators like the Chorus is not as easy as walking around with egg vibrators or panty vibrators.

That’s one reason those are better for playing outside the bedroom. Whereas the Chorus focuses on providing good stimulation during sex.

The We-Vibe Sync O’s loop-shaped internal arm provides more secure fit while walking if that’s a big priority. But it’s less stimulating during sex than the Chorus.

And the Chorus still fits securely enough for me to wear out comfortably when dressed right. Walking and dancing are probably when you’re going to be aware of it the most – but it wasn’t uncomfortable for me. When sitting or lying, you could just about forget it’s there after a while if it weren’t sending out delicious vibes.

Putting the We-Vibe Chorus in is no trouble either – just apply water-based lube to the G-spot arm, and it slides in easily.

We-Vibe Chorus Internal Arm Width vs Lovense Lush 3 Internal Bulb

Adjusting Your We-Vibe Chorus

The hinges are a big part of why the Chorus fits and performs better during sex than other couples vibrators. But I feel like the manual didn’t explain how to adjust the Chorus well.

So lemme give you a quick how-to:

We-Vibe Chorus Adjusting Clit Arm Hinge in Two Different Positions

The first hinge is just before the start of the clitoral arm and the second hinge is just before the G-spot arm. Each hinge allows you to open up or close the corresponding arm.

If you pinch on either side of the hinge and bend it, you’ll feel little clicks as you adjust it. When you set its shape, it will stay in that position securely. You won’t have any issues with it re-adjusting itself while wearing it.

It’s there to stay.

We-Vibe Chorus Adjusting G-spot Arm in Two Different Positions

When I first picked mine up, I just loosely held the two arms and flexed them apart. This is NOT adjusting it. Adjusting the hinges involves really getting your fingers in there to press it into place. It’s not hard – you just have to know where to press.

Pressing the We-Vibe Chorus Open to Flex Springs Which Does Not Adjust the Fit

Once you’ve successfully found the hinges, you can adjust the orientation of each arm to find the best fit for you! Here’s the Chorus as extended as it can be just for illustration.

We-Vibe Chorus Extended

Getting the fit right is important for comfort, a secure fit, and directing the vibrations to your clit and G-spot. 

So play around with the shape! It took me some experimenting before I found the shape that stimulated me best.

When I first put it in, I was trying to get it to fit in this first upright position shown on the left. I quickly learned that it’s supposed to be worn more like the image on the right, with the external arm a bit lower.

Much more comfortable and effective this way!

Chorus Insertion

We-Vibe Chorus Visibility

The Chorus is pretty easy to conceal visually. There aren’t any noticeable bumps or flashing lights. Totally sneaky.

We-Vibe Chorus When Worn
The We-Vibe Chorus being worn

One quick note is that this toy gets slightly warm during a long use. I’m always cold, so I’m not gonna lie – I enjoyed the warmth. It can be frustrating to some though.

We-Vibe App Quality: Close-Range Mode

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As we cover the We-Vibe app, I’ll start by chatting about what control features are available to you in close-range and long-distance modes. Then I’ll discuss the We-Vibe Chorus’ connectivity with the app here.

We-Vibe Chorus with We-Vibe App
The We-Vibe app used to control the We-Vibe Chorus

While I’ve found a couple other brands (Lovense and Satisfyer) have more intuitive, more feature-rich and less-glitchy apps, the We-Vibe app still provides several good control options. You’ll likely find something that you enjoy and works well for you.

For a quick answer, this is the main way We-Vibe’s app differs from the Lovense and Satisfyer apps:

  • We-Vibe focuses on providing you with a good selection of pre-designed patterns that you can adapt to your preferences. But their app is less intuitive to navigate, can be glitchy, and lacks more in-depth controls like the ability to create your own patterns.
  • Lovense and Satisfyer focus on providing you with in-depth control of your vibes. Creating your own patterns is easy. But We-Vibe gives you greater control over pre-designed patterns.   

Though I prefer Satisfyer’s app to We-Vibe’s personally, Satisfyer’s couples’ vibrators are far worse than We-Vibe’s, so I don’t recommend them. And Lovense (who has my favorite app) doesn’t make a vibrator that you can wear during sex.

So We-Vibe has the best balance between high-quality couples toys and a good app experience.

I also typically control the We-Vibe Chorus with the physical remote control since I find using my phone during sex is more distracting.

The Chorus connects to the app through its remote, so you’ll need to bring the remote with you when you want to use the app. I’ll talk more about this when we discuss connectivity.

You have a few main ways to control the Chorus in the We-Vibe app: Single Vibe, Multi Vibe, Touch Mode, Beat Mode, Ambient Mode and a Touch-sense feature.

Basic Control: Single Vibe and Multi Vibe Modes

There are 10 preset patterns available for you to use in the We-Vibe app. And you can adjust the intensity of each one. Finding a pattern you like won’t be difficult for most.

We-Vibe Pattern Options

I enjoyed almost all of these patterns – but as usual, I tend to pick one or two of the wave patterns and stick mainly with that – just my personal preference.

You can control them one at a time in the Single Vibe screen. Or We-Vibe’s Multi-Vibe screen makes it easy for you to save your top favorite 4 and quickly jump between them.

We-Vibe Chorus Multi Vibe View

You can also set your clit and G-spot motors to vibrate on two separate patterns. You have individual control of each motor in the We-Vibe app (one of the advantages of using the app instead of the remote control).

This separate control can be great, especially if you prefer one of your motors to vibrate more powerfully than the other.

We-vibe Chorus Multi Vibe View Expanding One Dot to Control Clit and G-spot Motors Separately

I can turn the internal motor down a bit when I’m not in the mood for internal stimulation. This can also help reduce my husband’s stimulation and extend our play during partnered sex. But I still get a lot of good clit stimulation.

And when I want to bring it home, I’ll turn both motors up to full blast!

You can also line up several patterns to play back-to-back with the “Playlist” option. The We-Vibe Chorus will roll straight from one pattern to the next. I enjoy this feature for longer sessions to add more variety without needing to keep playing around with the app in the moment.

We-Vibe Chorus Playlist Feature

We-Connect Touch Mode

Touch Mode makes your Chorus’s vibrations respond to your finger’s movements on the screen.

We-Vibe Chorus Touch Mode

Speed up and your Chorus vibrates more powerfully. Lift your finger, and the vibrations stop. This mode takes a lot of work and is exhausting since you need to keep your finger moving.

With the We-Vibe Chorus, I stick to modifying the preset patterns. The Multi-Vibe screen gives plenty of control and fits my needs better than Touch Mode.

Beat Mode and Ambient Mode

Ambient Mode causes the Chorus’ vibration power to respond to the sound around you. It’s picking up on the sound using your phone’s mic – so it’s helpful to have it out!

You can also choose whether each motor is responding to Bass, Midrange, or Treble tones! It’s a great if you have some thumping music going.

Chorus Sound Mode

Beat Mode pulls music you have stored on your device – no streaming services like Spotify. The Chorus’s vibrations sync to the song.

Music control is a pretty common feature on app-controlled toys and I really enjoy it! It’s a fun way to keep a constant vibe going without having to do anything. And it keeps things from getting repetitive. I don’t have to switch things up manually – the vibes keep changing with the song.

You can also choose to play a song and then turn your phone’s volume all the way down. But the vibrations will continue on to the song’s audio file. This is something I do quite a bit as a way to keep the vibrations unpredictable.

The thing that sets this music/beats feature apart from others is that again – you can control which motor is responding to which part of the music – treble, mid or base. I haven’t seen this with other toys and it was pretty interesting.

Touch Sense Modes

Touch Sense control is unique to the We-Vibe Chorus – their other couples vibrators don’t have this feature. The Touch Sense modes can be activated in the app.

WeVibe Chorus Touch Sense Mode Screens

Once Touch Sense is activated, the idea is to let your body’s movements with your partner control the toy. Each time your partner’s body (or your fingers) bump the clitoral arm, the intensity will change.

We-Vibe Chorus Sensor on Toy For Touch Sense Mode

That’s the idea anyway.

In practice, I find We-Vibe’s Touch Sense isn’t sensitive enough to work consistently. You almost have to focus too much on bumping the sensor. I don’t mind this since I prefer consistent vibrations anyway.

Bottom Line

The We-Connect app takes some time to figure out the control system. Selecting and modifying preset patterns is super easy, but you don’t have as much in-depth control to create your own patterns in real time as you do with the Satisfyer’s couples toys.

Essentially We-Vibe has a good app, though its main competitors are slightly better in my opinion. But We-Vibe’s couples vibrators (especially the Chorus) are much better than their competitors.

And I find using the preset patterns in the Multi-Vibe screen provides enough control for me to enjoy using my Chorus with the app.

Long Distance Play With The Chorus

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The We-Vibe Chorus’s long-distance features are comparable to other long-distance apps I’ve tried. It has a few oddities to it, but overall pretty good and easy to use.

You can message your partner or video chat with them through the We-Vibe app while they control your We-Vibe Chorus.

Screenshot of the We-Vibe app's messaging feature with a long-distance partner

Connecting with your partner is fairly straightforward. You’ll each create a profile and add each other to your partners list. You can send them an invite via text, and it will give them a link to accept your connection invite.

We-Vibe Setting Up a Profile For a New Partner

Once you’re on each other’s saved partner list, you can connect directly in the We-Vibe app. You’ll be able to see your partner’s icon, and tell whether they’re online. Then just send them an invite in the app to control your Chorus.

We-Vibe Chorus App and Where Partners Display

You can also save more than one partner here – this is one addition that came with the 2022 app update.

In the We-Vibe app you can text, voice call, and video chat! You can also send photos.

Your partner can request control of your Chorus, and you’ll need to accept to get things rolling! You can video chat while they control your Chorus, or you can choose to leave your mic and video off if you prefer to remain more discreet.

We-Vibe Request and Accept Toy Control Screens

Your long-distance partner will have access to the same Single-Vibe, Multi-Vibe, and Touch Mode control panels that you have in nearby Bluetooth mode.

WeVibe Chorus and Sync Partner Control and Video Call

While your partner is controlling your Chorus, you can’t change the vibration patterns or intensity yourself. But you’re free to take back control of your Chorus any time. 

We-Vibe How to Take Back Control Of Your Toy During Long Distance Call

If you are in video mode, you can turn on or off the video or voice feature at any point. And if you’re video chatting while one of you is controlling the toy, you can minimize or maximize the control screen that hovers over your video call.

We-Vibe Video Call Microphone Video and Control Icons

So you can easily switch between focusing on the controls or seeing each other better. I find We-Vibe’s app provides a better view of your partner than Satisfyer’s, which does not allow you to minimize the control screen.

You may want to communicate with your partner before you send a control invite because they need to have the long-distance screen pulled up to see your invite. Otherwise, they won’t get notified about the invite.

We-Vibe Where to See a Partners Control Request

I used my toy solo once, and my partner sent invites I never saw, because I didn’t know he planned to be online.

So it takes a little pre-planning and isn’t the best if you want to take your partner by surprise. The Satisfyer and Lovense apps are better about sending very obvious notifications.

If this sounds like it will be a big frustration to you, and you’re primarily buying this for long-distance use, I might recommend the Lovense Ferri, Lush 3, or Dolce instead! These are not wearable during penetrative sex but have my favorite long-distance setup.

Lovense Wearables Better for Long Distance Play Due to Better Lovense App

They use the Lovense app, which makes connecting with a partner simpler. And there are more custom control options available to long-distance partners. For instance, you can set your partner’s permissions so that you don’t even need to confirm their toy control request!

So they can really take you by surprise.

Lovense’s app is the best for long-distance play, so if that’s your top priority, you may want to consider one of their toys.

But the We-Vibe Chorus’s best use is for hands-free stimulation during sex with your partner. So if you want to get the most from the Chorus, you’ll be in the same room.

Long-distance play with the Chorus is best thought of as a bonus use.

We-Vibe Chorus Remote Control Features

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The Chorus’ squeeze remote is one of the more feature-rich and luxurious-feeling remotes of my couples’ vibrators. Though it does add a clunky element to the connecting process (which I’ll cover when I discuss connectivity)

We-Vibe Chorus Squishy Remote
The We-Vibe Chorus’s remote control

If you don’t want to read more, this is essentially what I think about the Squeeze Remote:

In my opinion, the bonus feature (squeeze control) doesn’t work that well and I don’t use it often. But the Chorus’ remote provides excellent basic control, and it’s a soft, comfortable texture to hold.

It’s the only remote control I have that’s made of comfy, squishy silicone. It feels lovely in your hand, though it is also a bit bulkier than others.

For the basic control, the Chorus’ remote uses a 4-button system (which I think should be standard for remote control vibrators, but sadly is not). This means you have two buttons to move forward and backward through patterns. And the other two buttons increase and decrease the vibration power of each pattern.

We-Vibe Chorus Up and Down Buttons for Intensity and Left Right Buttons for Pattern Change

Unfortunately, many remote controls make you cycle through patterns and power levels. Often they don’t provide buttons to move backward or decrease the vibration intensity.

So if you accidentally turn the power higher than your body’s ready for, you have to cycle through even stronger levels to get back to a lower one, which can be a real mood-breaker.

Most of We-Vibe’s toys, including the Chorus, use the 4-button system, so you’ve got all the essential control you need to move forward and backward / up and down.

We-Vibe Chorus Sync 2 and Sync Original Remotes
We-Vibe’s remote controls from the Chorus (left), Sync 2 (middle) and older model, the Sync Original (right)

I also enjoy that you can gradually increase the power of the Chorus’s patterns with the remote. There are no large leaps. This is a must for me. Especially if I’m using this toy during sex, I want that slow, gradual build.

The Chorus also has a squeeze remote, which allows you to control the Chorus by squeezing the soft, squishy silicone of the remote control. To activate squeeze control, just tap the top button on the remote. Then the harder you grip, the stronger the Chorus vibrates.

We-Vibe Chorus Squeeze Remote End Being Squeezed to Give Bursts of Intensity

I’m sure some folks enjoy this feature, but I don’t think it was anything to write home about. You have to squeeze too hard for me to use it – it takes some grip strength for your squeeze to register.

And if you want the Chorus to keep vibrating at that intensity, you have to keep squeezing! If you stop, the vibes just stay on a very low rumble.

I think the Squeeze remote would have worked better if the Chorus’ vibration power gradually bumped up each time you squeezed it.

I don’t have the hand muscles to keep on constantly squeezing, so I typically stick with the remote control’s buttons or the We-Vibe app.

Another quick note – I find the Chorus remote a little bulky, which can be trickier for some to hold during sex. The other We-Vibe remotes are a tinier size (like the We-Vibe Sync 2 and Sync O remotes).

We-Vibe Chorus Sync 2 and Sync O Remotes
The We-Vibe Chorus’s larger remote (left) compared to the Sync O and Sync 2 remotes (right)

And if you wear the Chorus out, you’ll want a bag or something with bigger pockets – the Chorus’ remote is not fitting discreetly into the tiny pockets of most women’s jeans.

If that’s important to you, the We-Vibe Sync 2 also has the same 4-button control, without the squeeze functionality. But it’s remote is much smaller, so it’s easier to keep in your hand or pocket.

Control-wise though, I’m a fan of the We-Vibe Chorus remote. It gives me all the main control I need during sex, solo-play, or while wearing around the house! I just don’t use its bonus functionality.

We-Vibe Chorus Connectivity

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When I first wrote this article, We-Vibe’s app connectivity with most of their toys wasn’t as good. But I’ve seen improvements over the years – one of the reasons I thought an update to this review was necessary.

With a 2022 app update, We-Vibe’s connectivity improved and the We-Vibe Chorus remains reliably connected with the app and remote.

Initial Connection

Pairing the We-Vibe Chorus to the app is a reliable (though still a bit clunky) process.

I rarely have difficulties getting the Chorus to connect to the app. It rarely takes more than 10-15 seconds.

Something different about the We-Vibe Chorus compared to other app-control vibrators is that your phone pairs to the Chorus through the squeeze remote. Your phone does not pair directly to the We-Vibe Chorus.

We-Vibe Chorus Which Pairs to Lovense App Through the Remote Control

This can be a bit annoying because you always need to have the remote with you – even if you only plan to use the app. So if you’re taking the Chorus out, you’ll have to bring the remote and a purse or pocket to store it.

For in-bedroom play, it’s not a big deal since you can just set the Chorus’ remote on a nightstand nearby.

It also makes the pairing process take a few seconds longer since it requires more button clicks than toys that connect directly to the app. You’ll need to press a button on the Chorus and the remote to connect them to your phone.

Luckily, since the app update, it walks you through this process now. The app tells you exactly when to press each button to get the Chorus paired.

Lovense App Walking Through Pairing the Chorus

So I pretty much always get connected right away, but it takes more steps than toys like the We-Vibe Sync, which connect directly to the We-Vibe app.

Maintaining Connection in Close-Range Mode: For Nearby Public Play or Playing at Home

Once you get connected, I’ve found that the We-Vibe Chorus stays connected.

I can usually play for more than 30 minutes without experiencing a disconnection. And I can typically lock my phone or open other apps without the Chorus dropping connection.

I also wanted to see what distance/range the Chorus could maintain its Bluetooth connection with the app and remote. So I ran a few tests to see how far away you could be from the Chorus before it disconnected.

Here’s what I tried:

  1. Taking the toy and squeeze remote away from my phone
  2. Taking the squeeze remote and phone away from the toy
  3. Taking the phone and toy away from the squeeze remote
We-Vibe Chorus and Remote Separated Showing Connectivity Range of 35 Feet

In all cases, when I tested in my house with many obstructions, the Chorus disconnected when I got a few rooms away, which was about 35 feet. My partner could control it from upstairs while I was downstairs. But the Chorus lost connection if he also moved to the other end of the house in addition to being on a different floor.

So you’ll need to keep the app and remote fairly close to the Chorus if there are a lot of obstructions. But you can still be a couple rooms apart.

If you’re sitting together you shouldn’t have any worries since you’ll be nearby.

But if you want to control your partner from across the room, you’ll just have to remember that you can’t sit too far from your partner. Connect through long-distance mode if you’ll be farther away.

I also found that if you’re in an open space with no obstructions, the Chorus and app stayed connected up to about 175 feet – one of the farthest distances of any couples’ vibrator.

Keep in mind, I tested all my couples vibrators in an alley outside my house. So it was a wide open space with no obstructions, just so that we could see how these couples toys’ range compared to each other. In typical use with more obstructions, the Chorus will have a shorter range.


If the Chorus disconnects – either a random disconnection or because you went out of range – it typically reconnects on its own. Most of the time, if you pull open the We-Vibe app again or walk back within range, the Chorus reconnects automatically.

But occasionally, it doesn’t automatically re-pair, and then you’ll need to go through the initial pairing process again. This requires pressing the pairing button on the Chorus and the squeeze remote.

We-Vibe Chorus Top Button Used for Pairing and Reconnecting Toy

If you want the smoothest experience, the Lovense Ferri and Lush 3 reconnect very easily. But especially for use during sex (which is the best use of the We-Vibe Chorus), disconnections are never really an issue.

Long Distance Connectivity

Sharing control with a long-distance partner has also become a smoother experience as We-Vibe has updated their app.

For the most part, my partner and I connect quickly and easily with no troubles staying connected for the duration of our call.

We’ve noticed an infrequent issue where the app shows both of us as “offline” even if we are online. When this happens, you cannot start a long-distance call. We are currently testing how frequently this issue occurs and will update this section once our results are in. For now, know that this has been rare from our experience, and when you are able to connect, the call is reliable.

However, you still need to be on the long-distance screen to see a partner’s control request. So you may want to communicate with your partner ahead of time. That way you can tell them to watch for your invite.

We-Vibe Chorus Noise Level

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The Chorus is one of the quieter couples vibrators. 

It definitely cannot be heard behind a closed door at home. So you’ll have no issues with someone hearing the Chorus during sex.

But I was also curious how it held up for out-of-bedroom play. Good news: not only is the Chorus pretty comfortable to wear out: it’s also inaudible in most locations!

This was a surprise to me initially since part of the We-Vibe Chorus is external. So my body can’t help dampen the clitoral motor. But it didn’t need any help. It’s very quiet all by itself because it’s so rumbly!

I’ve tested in different settings to make sure my partner and I can’t hear it.

Here is my testing journey:

Stop 1:

I wore the Chorus at home while doing dishes with my partner and he didn’t notice the noise at all. The kitchen’s ambient noise with just the sink running read 62 decibels which is the sound level of a typical restaurant. So at a typical restaurant level, my partner and I couldn’t hear it at all!

We-Vibe Chorus Intensity Adjustment Buttons on Remote

Stop 2:

I wore the Chorus in our car without music playing. Just the sounds of the road beneath us and our car’s engine humming away. Still nothing! No audible sounds to my husband or me.

I was 2/2 for the Chorus and couldn’t think of a much quieter place, so I created my own two-person house party.

Stop 3:

My very own home without any appliances or even the AC running – good for complete silence (we don’t have kids).

Well it turns out that’s where the buck stops. If you don’t have any ambient sounds, you can still hear it. Seated in our silent house on the couch together, both of us could hear it. Even when the clit motor was on low power levels. 

The We-Vibe Sync 2 is quieter than the Chorus. I’ve used the Sync 2 in our shared home office 5 feet away from my partner without him hearing it. So if you want the absolute quietest, the We-Vibe Sync 2 is a better choice.

But you’ll be fine if you’re mainly considering the Chorus to use during sex. No one can hear it on the other side of a bedroom door.

We-Vibe Chorus Battery Life

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I test all my couples vibrators by fully charging them – then running them on their highest setting until they die. The We-Vibe Chorus has a decent battery life, lasting 65 minutes in my test. 

All My Couples Vibrators in a Box with Timer for Testing Battery Life in Minutes

The 65 minutes on high power I got from the Chorus was pretty average for couples vibrators. A few like the Sync Go, the Sync Lite, and Unite lasted 125 minutes or more. But these have weaker motors than the Chorus, so they don’t use as much power.

In ordinary use, I tend to the Chorus vibrating on medium-to-high power, so I get a slightly longer runtime than the 65 minutes on maximum power that I got in my standard test. To get the full 90 minutes We-Vibe advertises, I’d have to play on the lower levels more often.

Its runtime of over an hour is plenty during sex. But if you plan on using it out of the bedroom, be conscious you can’t make a whole evening of it. Unless you give it some breaks and let it hum along on the low powers occasionally.

You can check the battery levels on the app to keep track of this!

Chorus Battery Info

If you are interested in a very long battery life for more out-and-about situations, vibrating panties and egg vibrators tend to last longer since they’re designed specifically to wear around.

We-Vibe Chorus Aesthetic

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The We-Vibe Chorus has a really lovely aesthetic. Everything feels luxurious from the soft, silky silicone of the toy and remote to the hard-shelled protective storage case.

We-Vibe Chorus Silky Smooth Material

The We-Vibe Chorus and remote fit neatly into the case and even charge directly in it.

We-Vibe Chorus in Charging Port Under Lid

The light blue model I have is no longer available, but there’s a lovely coral option that feels like a lovely change of pace from the bright pinks I normally see.

We-Vibe Chorus Review Results

The We-Vibe Chorus is one of the only wearable vibrators for hands-free stimulation during sex that’s worth considering.

It’s the overall best couples vibrator I’ve tested, and is one of the few that easily and reliably brings me to orgasm hands-free during sex.

We-Vibe Chorus in Case on Table with Moody Bedroom Lighting

The Chorus’s adjustable hinges are essential in a C-shaped vibrator to get a secure fit that stays in contact with your clit. The Chorus’s strong vibrations and the secure fit its customized shape provides are the reasons I get the stimulation I need to orgasm during sex.

The only other models I orgasm with easily are the Sync 2 and Sync, so I’d limit your decision to those models and the Chorus. While any of these models are likely to perform well for you, the Chorus’s broader range of customization than the Sync 2 and its more bulbous, stimulating G-spot arm than the Sync original make it the most likely that you’ll find an excellent, stimulating fit.

During-sex-wearables are not as strong as larger handheld vibrators. So if you typically need a lot of power, you may still need the greater strength of a handheld vibe. But I love how the Chorus frees my hands so I can fully engage with my partner during sex – and it still gives me the stimulation I need to finish.

The remote and app work well and maintain good connectivity with the Chorus.

We-Vibe Chorus Remote and App Sitting on Pillow

It’s a higher price point than other couples vibrators. But I’ve tested more budget-friendly couples’ toys like the Satisfyer Double Joy, Satisfyer Partner Classic, and other mid-level toys. Unfortunately, so far I haven’t found any cheap couples vibrators that actually work.

If you’re on a tighter budget, consider the We-Vibe Sync 2 or the discontinued original Sync while inventory remains. If your budget is less than that, you’d be better off going with a handheld toy instead of a cheap hands-free vibrator.

For the overall best hands-free couples vibrator – go with the Chorus. I recommend buying the Chorus through Lovehoney since it’s a more expensive toy. Both Lovehoney and We-Vibe have a happiness guarantee – they’ll refund you if you don’t end up enjoying your toy.

So that way, you’re not out money if you don’t end up loving the Chorus.

I think the We Vibe Chorus is a great toy if you:

  • Are primarily looking for a hands-free toy that you can wear during sex to get the stimulation you need to orgasm (without needing to hold a toy to your vulva or use your hands)
  • Want some of the strongest stimulation available in a wearable couples vibrator, but understand that you won’t get the extreme power that a handheld toy provides – I orgasm hands-free from the Chorus personally, but people who need a ton of strength may not
  • Value a wide range of power from low to high
  • Enjoy deep, rumbly vibrations
  • Want a comfortable option for during sex use, and use outside the bedroom
  • Would like both remote-control and app-control capabilities
  • Value a reliable connection and don’t want too much troubleshooting
  • Are looking for something very quiet
  • Are ok with 60-90 minutes of battery life
  • Have the budget for the best hands-free couples vibrator

I think an alternative bluetooth vibrator may be better if you:

  • Need the major vibration strength of a large handheld toy to orgasm
  • Want the most secure couples’ vibrator for out of bedroom play and don’t mind sacrificing internal vibrations
  • Prefer a very strong wearable vibrator – the Chorus is best for during-sex use, but vibrating panties and egg vibrators are stronger if you don’t need to wear this during penetration
  • Want to be able to leave the remote control behind when you’re using the app (the Sync 2 is very similar and allows this. But the Chorus connects to the app through the remote – so you’ll need to bring the remote with you)
  • Want something with a longer battery life (greater than 90 minutes – a reason the Lovense Ferri and Lush 3 are better for play outside the bedroom)

We-Vibe Chorus Alternatives 

We-Vibe Chorus and Remote Top View in Charging Case

How highly I recommend the Chorus differs based on your priorities:

  • For Use During Sex: High – Along with the Sync 2 and Sync original, the We-Vibe Chorus gives the best hands-free stimulation during sex. And you’re most likely to get an excellent fit with the Chorus.
  • For Play Outside the Bedroom: Medium – one of the quieter options I’ve tried, and has good connectivity. But the Sync O, vibrating panties and egg vibrators fit more securely for walking around and have longer battery life
  • For Solo G-Spot Stimulation: Low
  • For Solo Clit Stimulation: Medium
  • Budget Buy: Low

If you’re missing a “High” on the most important use to you, here are some alternatives!

Other Toys to Use During Sex

Less Expensive Hands-Free Vibrator: We-Vibe Sync 2

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The We-Vibe Sync 2 is a very similar design to the Chorus and is made by the same brand. It uses the same app and has the same raw vibration strength. And it’s about $50 cheaper than the Chorus.

We-Vibe Chorus and Sync 2 with Remotes
The We-Vibe Chorus (left) compared to the We-Vibe Sync 2 (right). Both are also app controlled.

A few key differences are that the Chorus has two adjustable hinges instead of just one. So you’re more likely to find the perfect fit for you. However, I can find an equally excellent fit and can orgasm easily with both.

It also has a different remote. The Chorus’s remote has a squeeze-activated setting, and the Sync 2’s does not. However, for $50 less, this is a worthwhile trade-off.

The Sync’s remote also is not necessary to use the app. So you can leave it at home, whereas with the Chorus you need to bring the remote with you.

The Sync 2 and Chorus are the two couples vibrators in We-Vibe’s current lineup that I orgasm with the easiest. Everything else is less stimulating during sex. However, the discontinued original Sync can also be worthwhile until We-Vibe sells out of their remaining inventory. 

The original Sync has two hinges like the Chorus and I find it just as stimulating – although the Chorus’s G-spot arm is more bulbous so some people get better pressure and stimulation from it. The original Sync’s remote is also less responsive than the Chorus’s, but still good enough.

If your budget is lower than the Sync 2 or original Sync, I do not recommend a hands-free vibrator. I think you should go with a handheld toy at that point. The cheap wearable couples vibrators just don’t work well as they lack adjustable hinges and shift off my clit immediately.

For more information, you can read my We-Vibe Sync 2 review here and my We-Vibe Sync original review here. Also see my side-by-side We-Vibe Sync 2 vs Chorus comparison guide here

Discount codes: 15% off order at Lovehoney with code “PleasureBetter15”

Another Less Expensive Option: Fun Factory Laya III

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The Fun Factory Laya III is not a wearable couples vibrator like the We-Vibe Chours, but you can still use it for hands-free clit stimulation during sex in a more limited way. It’s worth considering if the Chorus is outside your budget, or if you want a vibrator that doesn’t take up any space in your vagina.

Fun Factory Laya III with We-Vibe Chorus

Since the Laya is a “lay-on” vibrator (not a wearable) there’s a very specific way you can use it for hands-free clit stimulation. I rest the Laya on the bed and lie on top of it. Then my partner can enter from on top of me. 

Fun Factory Laya III Overlay of Lay On Use

The Laya’s contoured shape rests comfortably along my vulva and provides excellent clit stimulation in this position! I orgasm with it easily, and use it often! Since it’s entirely external it’s a great choice if you’re concerned about fitting both your partner and the Chorus’s G-spot arm in you.

Since the Laya is not wearable, if you want to use it hands-free, you’re limited to this face-down position lying on top of the Laya. So the Chorus is the better choice if you want hands-free clit stimulation in any sex position you want. But you can also use the Laya as an ordinary handheld vibrator for clit stimulation in other positions.

Read full review

A Budget Alternative I Wouldn’t Recommend: We-Vibe Sync Lite

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The We-Vibe Sync Lite is meant to serve the same purpose as the pricier We-Vibe couples’ vibrators at a much lower cost. It looks almost the same AND can be used during sex just like the Chorus. 

We-Vibe Chorus with We-Vibe Sync Lite
The remote and app controlled We-Vibe Chorus (left) compared to the app-controlled We-Vibe Sync Lite (right)

But it performs much worse.

The Sync Lite (and its predecessor the Unite) is NOT adjustable like the We-Vibe Chorus (so you’re less likely to find a good fit for your body). It falls out very easily and does not stay in place to stimulate me well.

So it was more of a distraction and ultimately I can’t orgasm with it.

It is less than half the price of the Chorus. But if there’s one thing I’ve found in testing couples’ vibrators: you need quality.

I’d rather spend on a toy that I enjoy using during sex.

So if the Chorus is outside your budget, go with the Sync 2 or a handheld vibrator. If I haven’t dissuaded you, you can read more at my We-Vibe Sync Lite review here.

Handheld Clitoral Vibrators During Sex

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If your budget is lower than the We-Vibe Sync’s price point, you should go with a handheld toy. The cheap wearable couples vibrators just don’t work well.

Three Handheld Toys Next to We-Vibe Chorus Showing Handhelds Are Great During Sex Too

And when I’m not set on hands-free fun with my partner, I usually grab a handheld vibrator. Handheld vibrators provide excellent clit stimulation during sex – you’ll just need to hold them.

The Lelo Mona and Lovense Hyphy are two of my top picks. These are marketed as G-spot vibrators, but I use them clitorally. Their longer, curved handles make it super easy to slip them between my legs without much effort.

Since the toys are slim, the vibrator doesn’t take up much space between our bodies. And since they have a long handle, my hands are also out of the way.

Lelo Mona 2 and Lovense Hyphy Long Curved Handle for Better Leverage and Pressure

And the Lovense Ambi is another great pick if you’re on a budget!

It’s smaller, so you need to reach farther between your legs when using it. But the shape naturally angles the blunt head of the vibrator between your legs. And I love the pressure I can get from this toy without it taking up much space!

Lovense Ambi Angle

And if you enjoy the deep, rumbly motors of We-Vibe’s toys: the We-Vibe Tango X is another powerful, slim bullet vibrator that easily fits between your bodies. Your hands will need to be in the action a bit more though. So I prefer the other toys I mentioned personally.

These can all give you more clitoral stimulation than the Chorus because they just have stronger motors – but you will need to hold the vibrator. That’s the trade-off.

We recommend a handheld toy over the We-Vibe Chorus if:

  • You just want stimulation during sex and don’t care that you need to hold a vibrator
  • You need stronger power than you can typically get from a wearable vibrator
  • You are looking for a cheaper option that still works well

Read my full Lelo Mona 2 review here and my Lovense Hyphy review here.

Better for Play Outside the Bedroom

Clit-Focused: Lovense Ferri

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The Lovense Ferri is my favorite vibrator to wear out of the bedroom.

It’s a clitoral vibe that magnetically secures to any pair of panties to deliver strong vibes right to your clit.

This one is clit-only, and it’s not wearable during penetrative sex unless you have crotchless panties. But the clit stimulation is more powerful, and I prefer the Lovense app over the We-Vibe app! I orgasm more easily from the Lovense Ferri’s more powerful vibrations.

Lovense Ferri and App as Clit-Only Stimulator

I find it just as comfortable as the Chorus. And you’ll find it more comfortable if you don’t enjoy penetration, since the Ferri is purely external. This one’s about half the cost too.

Downsides: It is a bit louder – always a give and take when balancing power and volume. But I can still use it discreetly if there’s ambient noise or music around me.

We’ve also found the Lovense Ferri connects easily, quickly, and stays connected to the app. It’s one of the best for a reliable connection.

For more info, check out our Lovense Ferri review.

We recommend the Lovense Ferri over the We Vibe Chorus if:

  • You don’t need a wearable that’s for use during penetrative sex, and instead want something mainly for play outside the bedroom
  • You prefer clitoral stimulation over vaginal stimulation
  • You are looking for a more powerful option
  • You want something a little more budget-friendly
  • You want the best app experience

G-spot Focused: Lovense Lush 3

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Another that is not wearable during sex, but provides stronger hands-free G-spot stimulation.

Lovense Lush 3 Wearable G-spot Vibrator and App

This one is internal only – so NO external vibes. It’s got MUCH more powerful G-spot vibes and is just a smidge louder than the Chorus. But your body dampens the sound of internal vibrations really well.

I can also use the Lush in our car without music, and my husband won’t hear it vibing away between my legs.

It’s not quite as comfortable as the We-Vibe Chorus since it’s more filling – unless you’re used to a bit of a stretch. But it gives much more substantial G-spot stimulation.

We-Vibe Chorus Internal Arm Width vs Lovense Lush 3 Internal Bulb

The Lush is SUPER easy to control with the app, and connectivity is VERY reliable.

It’s not quite as high of a price point as the Chorus. This one is not made to use during sex though. But it’s a great option for people who want strong internal vibrations and a reliable connection.

Both the Lush 3 and it’s less expensive predecessor – the Lush 2 – are excellent options. They provide similar stimulation, but the Lush 3’s antenna is more comfortable.

For more info, check out our full Lovense Lush 3 review or for a more budget-friendly option, our Lush 2 review.

We recommend the Lovense Lush 3 over the We Vibe Chorus if:

  • You’re looking primarily for a toy to wear outside the bedroom – not a toy to wear during sex
  • You prefer stronger G-spot stimulations and don’t care as much about clitoral stimulation
  • You are looking for a more reliable connection

We-Vibe Chorus vs Sync O

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The We-Vibe Sync O is a hands-free couples vibrator like the We-Vibe Chorus. The Sync O is easier to wear as you go about your day, but is less stimulating during sex (though still decent). It can be worth considering if you want to balance those two uses.

The We-Vibe Sync O (left) with the We-Vibe Chorus (right)

The Sync O’s internal arm does not have a vibrating motor like the Chorus’s. Instead, the Sync O’s internal arm is a flexible loop of silicone. While wearing the Sync O, its internal loop is wider than the Chorus’s internal arm, which helps keep it more securely in place while walking.

However, because the internal arm does not vibrate or press uniformly on my G-spot, the We-Vibe Sync O is less stimulating than the Chorus during sex. I can orgasm with the Sync O, but it takes effort. My orgasm does not come easily, as it does with the We-Vibe Chorus.


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How Does the Chorus Feel For The Penetrating Partner?

Her partner here!

The We-Vibe Chorus is a fairly neutral experience for the penetrating partner. The Chorus’ G-spot arm is much softer than the clitoral arm. So while I do feel it slightly, it’s not very stimulating.

We-Vibe Chorus Internal Arm Not Too Stimulating for Male Partner

So while the Chorus probably won’t add much to the penetrating partner’s experience, I was happy it wasn’t overstimulating. My main concern was that it would cause me to orgasm earlier, but the stimulation on my penis is not strong enough for that to be the case.

My partner’s vagina does feel tighter with the Chorus in. Again – this is a pretty neutral experience for me. It doesn’t affect me positively or negatively during sex. Though initially entering my partner takes more time.

We’ve found entering from behind works best. And it’s best for her to be warmed up already. After I’ve entered once, it’s easy to switch positions and slide in again.

Orgasms with the Chorus – Does it take you there?

It’s Kate again!

As is evident at this point in the review – yes, I orgasm with the We-Vibe Chorus. But obviously, it differs based on the person.

We-Vibe Chorus Held in Hand By Window

I’ll give you my experience. 

Quick orgasm bio for myself: I typically can only orgasm if there is clit stimulation involved, and I enjoy the high power levels of my toys when I’m teetering on the edge of my O. 

My environment and freedom to control muscle movements is also important to me. I like to grind my body a bit into my toys for more pressure.

At home with my partner, I can orgasm with the Chorus! This one and the We-Vibe Sync are the only two wearable couples vibrators that take me there during sex! 

And completely hands-free I might add. 

I was pleasantly surprised because the Chorus is lower-powered than I typically like.

Before the Chorus, I was used to larger handheld vibrators that provide even more power – like the Lelo Mona 2. However, I’m not someone who needs the extreme power of huge wand vibrators like the Doxy Die Cast to orgasm. So if that’s you, you may find the Chorus too soft for your preferences.

We-Vibe Chorus and Sync as Only Couples Vibrators I Recommend vs All Other Couples Vibrators

I can also orgasm with the Chorus during solo use as long as I can rock back and forth a bit.

I still really enjoy the Chorus as a tease and buildup before we get home – and by then I am WORKED UP after having been on the edge.

But during sex is where it really shines! And it’s my absolute FAVORITE way to use the We-Vibe Chorus.

The Chorus couples vibrator makes hands-free orgasms during sex really easy and oh so good.

How to Use the We-Vibe Chorus

The We-Vibe Chorus has a smaller arm that you’ll into your vagina – apply some water-based lube first. It stimulates the G-spot, while the larger end vibrates against your clit.

We-Vibe Chorus Internal and External Arms With How They Stimulate

The G-spot arm leaves enough room so that you can enjoy penetration while wearing the toy.

Adjust the toy to get the right fit for you beforehand! Adjusting the two hinges is essential for getting a secure fit that stimulates your clit well.

How to Adjust We-Vibe Chorus

To adjust the Chorus, hold the hinge section of the toy, and pull back both the clit end and G-spot end. You’ll hear clicks, and the toy will hold the new shape if you’ve adjusted it successfully.

We-Vibe Chorus and Sync Original Adjustability
The We-Vibe Chorus (left) adjustability compared to the We-Vibe Sync Original (right) adjustability

Holding the toy and flexing it loosely from the two arms does not adjust the toy. If you don’t feel the hinge moving, you’re likely just flexing the toy.

How to Connect the We-Vibe Chorus to Phone App

The We-Vibe app walks you through how to connect each toy to the app. 

For the Chorus, it involves opening the app, selecting the Chorus from your toy list, and then following the on-screen prompts that let you know which buttons to press on the Chorus and the squeeze remote.

Lovense App Walking Through Pairing the Chorus

How to Charge We-Vibe Chorus

The Chorus charges in its charging/storage case. The case has a magnetic support that attaches to the magnet on the Chorus. Simply set the Chorus and remote in the case to charge. 

The We-Vibe Chorus’ charge time is 120 minutes.

We-Vibe Chorus Magnetically Secured to Side of Charging Port

Where to Buy [With Refunds and Happiness Guarantees]

I recommend buying the We-Vibe Chorus through Lovehoney or We-Vibe since these shops will refund you if you don’t end up enjoying your toy. Since the Chorus is on the pricey side, I think having the option to return it if it doesn’t work for you is a good idea.

You can use the code PleasureBetter15 for 15% off your order at Lovehoney.

I also enjoy shopping through PeepShowToys. They have a great, curated selection of vibrators (but they do not offer a happiness guarentee like Lovehoney and We-Vibe). You can use the code PleasureBetter for 10% off at PeepShowToys.

We-Vibe Chorus - Squeeze Remote, Vibrator, and App on table

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