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38 Wand Vibrators Tested

Wand Vibrator Tests
Vibration Power and Range

What is it:

How strong each wand vibrator’s top power feels, how wide its power range is (whether it has both low and high powers), and whether it has enough power levels so that steps between settings are comfortable and not jarring.

Most Powerful Wand Vibrators:

Tests Discussed:

Note: In this guide, I share how I test and rate my wand vibrators’ power and share the results. I also keep a regularly updated guide with my recommendations for the best wand vibrators here. Head there for recommendations based on all aspects of the wand, not just power.

32 wand vibrators we've tested
I’ve tested 38 wand vibrators so far!

Of course, the most important aspect to consider when choosing a wand vibrator is… (pause for drumroll here)… the vibrations!

Because many wand vibrators are larger than other kinds like bullets, wearable vibrators, and G-spot vibrators, they tend to be the most powerful type. They can simply hold a bigger, stronger motor due to their large size.

Doxy Die Cast size compared to other kinds of vibrators demonstrating wands can fit a larger motor
Doxy Die Cast wand (left) compared to other kinds of vibrators with smaller motors (Left to right – We-Vibe Tango X, Lelo Mona 2, We-Vibe Nova 2)

So if you’re looking for strength, you’re in the right place. But most people will want to make sure their wand vibrator also has good low power levels. Starting right away with too much intensity can be uncomfortable and unwelcome.

And some people prefer softer vibrations throughout their whole experience. So a low or mid-powered wand will be best for them.

In this guide, I test and rate the vibration power of each wand vibrator I own. I provide each wand’s low and high power so you can see how soft and strong each wand can get. I also share how many power levels each wand has in the table below, since a wand with more levels can increase power more gradually

This article discusses vibration power. Head here if you want to learn about how rumbly each wand vibrator is.

Test Results

Results Discussion & Our Recommendations

Here I’ll discuss the most useful results of my wand vibration power testing. If you want more details on how I tested each wand vibrator, head to the testing methods section.

Maximum Vibration Power

What is it:

How strong the wand vibrator’s highest power level feels.

When does it matter:

If you prefer the extreme power some wands offer or want to make sure your wand at least reaches a certain strength.

Most Powerful Wand Vibrators:

Scoring Factors:

Subjectively Scored

Show All Scores (Click to See):

I subjectively rate how strong each wand’s top power feels in comparison to the most powerful wand. This is what I refer to as the “To Scale Max Power” in the Results Table above. So a wand with a To Scale Max Power of 5.0 means I think its top power feels half as strong as the Doxy Die Cast’s top power of 10.0.

Some people love wand vibrators because of their immense power! 

If that’s you, choose a wand with a max power of 7.0 or above. I personally find these wands’ top powers overwhelmingly strong. I rarely, if ever, use their top level because extreme strength is not my preference. 

But if you crave intense power, they’ll be right up your alley! 

Most Powerful Wand Vibrators
Several of the most powerful wand vibrators we’ve tested. Left to right – Doxy Die Cast, Magic Wand Plus, Magic Wand Rechargeable, BMS PalmPower Extreme, Lovense Domi 2

Most ultrapowerful wands are full-sized like the Doxy Die Cast, Magic Wand Plus, and Viben Obsession. Though if you want something easier to maneuver (especially during partnered sex), there are a couple of mid-sized wands with extreme power: the Lovense Domi and the BMS PalmPower Extreme.

The Lovense Domi has a small, easily maneuverable head that still packs extreme power. And the BMS PalmPower Extreme has a mid-sized, angled head that’s also easy to move and position.

If you’re used to other vibrators like bullets, rabbit vibrators, or G-spot vibrators, you may find the top levels of these ultrapowerful wands are stronger than you actually need (though many of these also have great low power levels). 

For instance, the Magic Wand Mini has a max power of 5.0 (half as strong as the Doxy Die Cast’s 10.0). But the Magic Wand Mini is still stronger than every non-wand vibrator I own.

Magic Wand Mini Compared to Other Kinds of Vibrators
Although some options like the Magic Wand Mini are less powerful than full-sized wands, they are often stronger than other kinds of vibrators.

If you enjoy vibration strength, but don’t need something that could power a small city – you’ll likely enjoy any of the mid-powered wands. The Viben Sultry, FemmeFunn Ultra Wand, and Magic Wand Mini are a few of my favorites. They each have lovely, powerful (though not overwhelming) vibrations. 

The only wands I don’t recommend based on their vibration power alone are wands with a max power under 2.0. While not necessarily bad, these wands’ vibrations are more akin to what you’d get from a small bullet vibrator

Bellesa Demi wand next to more comparably sized vibrators
A few “wands” like the Bellesa Demi are much closer to bullet vibrators in size and power than to a typical wand vibrator

If you’re expecting a more typical wand feel, these will seem quite weak.

Power Range

What is it:

How wide the range is between the highest and lowest power levels, and whether it has enough power levels that steps between levels aren’t too large.

When does it matter:

A broad power range is usually important because it enables more versatile stimulation. You can start on softer levels when your body isn’t ready for crazy strong power. But when you want more strength, you can turn it up high.

Top Peformers:

Scoring Factors:


Adjusted Power Range Width

Show All Scores (Click to See):

A wand’s top level is not the only important aspect of vibration power to consider. Often high power can be overstimulating when your body isn’t fully turned on yet. And some people never want extreme power.

So depending on your vibration preferences, you may want to make sure your wand has good low power levels too.

Viben Obsession and Magic Wand Plus vibration power vs frequency graphs - Illustrating Difference in Power Range
Some wands like the Viben Obsession have no gentle powers. Others like the Magic Wand Plus cover a broad range with gentle and powerful settings.

I use each wand’s low and high power levels to score its power range width. Higher scores indicate wands with a broader range, so you can start low and work your way up as you want.

Only a few wands don’t offer anything in the low power range. The Doxy 3R, Doxy Number 3, Magic Wand Original, and Viben Sultry for instance each begin moderately strong. While I can begin with some moderate strength as long as the wand is rumbly (like the Viben Sultry – one of my favorites), some will need softer levels.

I found the Viben Obsession in particular way too strong on its softest setting. Its first power level is a 7.7 out of 10 (extremely powerful) which makes this wand fairly unusable to me. I only recommend it to people who love extreme, buzzy-feeling power from beginning to end.

The number of intensity levels a wand vibrator has also contributes to its Power Range score. More power levels typically means that there are smaller gaps between settings. So you can work your way through the power levels more gradually. 

Satisfyer Wand-er Woman’s 6 power levels create smaller steps between settings compared to the Magic Wand Original’s 2 levels.

While many wands have more levels, I personally find four settings is good enough that steps up are not jarring. The Magic Wand Rechargeable, Magic Wand Plus, and BMS PalmPower Extreme each have four power levels, and a broad power range. These are three of my favorites and an excellent option for someone who needs both soft and powerful vibrations!

Frequency vs Power Graphs

What is it:

A graph of each wand vibrator’s power vs frequency across all of its power levels. 

When does it matter:

If you want a detailed look at the full power and frequency characteristics of any particular wand vibrator. This will tell you how strong and how rumbly each setting of the wand feels.

For each wand, we provide a graph of its vibration strength vs vibration frequency (how rumbly it is) for each of the wand’s power levels. This graph (see Magic Wand Plus example above) is published in each wand vibrator’s full review. Learn more about it in our Wand Vibration Frequency page here.

How We Test and Score Vibration Power

Overview of Scoring

For our testing, I subjectively rate each wand’s vibration strength on a scale from 0 to 10 for each of its power levels. 

I rate the most powerful vibration level of all the wands a 10.0 (This is the Doxy Die Cast’s highest power level). Then I rate all the power levels of each wand based on how they compare to that 10.0 power level.

Magic Wand Plus and Doxy Die Cast Power vs Frequency Marked Up Graph

As best I can, I attempt to rate the intensity to scale. 

For instance, when I rate the Magic Wand Plus’ top power as 9.0, in comparison to the Doxy Die Cast’s top power of 10.0 – I’m saying the Magic Wand Plus feels about 90% as strong as the Doxy Die Cast when they’re both on high.

This is my subjective interpretation of how intense each wand’s power feels and certainly has its limitations (discussed more below). It’s definitely not an exact science – but it’s close enough that you can see which wands are more or less powerful, and by roughly how much. 

These values are the “To Scale” ratings in our Test Results Comparison Table.

The “To Scale” values are then adjusted to give a final performance rating that better reflects the quality of the wand’s vibration power. Without this adjustment, wands that have plenty of power for most people would score too low and negatively impact the wand’s Overall Performance rating given in each wand’s full product review. 

For instance, the Magic Wand Mini’s “To Scale Max Power” is 5.0, meaning it feels half as strong to me as the Doxy Die Cast’s top power (the strongest of all wands) which is 10.0. 

Magic Wand Mini and Doxy Die Cast Power vs Frequency Graph
Although the Magic Wand Mini is half as strong as the most powerful wand, it’s still more powerful than any non-wand vibrator I own.

But the Magic Wand Mini is still more powerful than any of my non-wand vibrators! So its final Power Score is higher because most people will find the top power of the Magic Wand Mini quite strong. 

As another example, suppose a new wand vibrator is released that’s twice as strong as the Doxy Die Cast! The Doxy Die Cast’s “To Scale Max Power” would then be adjusted to 5.0 since it’s half as strong as our new “most powerful” wand. 

But its Maximum Power Score should not be set to 5 out of 10, because its top power hasn’t changed, and is still much stronger than most people will ever use.

So the final performance scores are adjusted to better reflect quality in use. But we provide the “To Scale” values for you in the Comparison Table so you have better context about roughly how much stronger one wand is than another.

The “To Scale” values of maximum and minimum power are also what we use to calculate the width of a wand’s power range and graph vibration power vs frequency.

Testing Process

Unlike vibration frequency (learn about it here) which we objectively measure, I rate vibration power subjectively.

Marked up wand vibrator graph illustrating objective measurements and subjective ratings

How intense a wand feels goes beyond a simple look at the amplitude and frequency of the wand’s motor itself. The vibrating system includes both the wand and your body. And human perception of vibrations even of the same amplitude is different at various frequencies.

Many factors influence how intense a wand’s vibrations feel including the size and weight of its motor, how the motor’s casing is constructed, how off-center the rotating mass is, how fast it can rotate, how firmly you press the wand against you, and even your body’s response to vibrations. 

With all these variables, it’s not feasible to objectively quantify how intense a wand’s vibrations feel. 

Instead, I subjectively rate how intense each wand’s power levels feel based on my own personal experience with them. I use the comparative method I outlined in the Overview of Scoring to assign their ratings.

With my eyes closed, my partner uses two different wand vibrators on me at high power, and I tell him which feels stronger and by roughly how much until all the vibrators are sorted from most powerful to least powerful, with an initial numerical rating.

Once the wand vibrators are sorted, we continue using the wand vibrators and refining our numerical estimates of how much softer they feel by comparison to the strongest wand and to each other.

We repeat the process of rating the power for all the wand’s levels, continually checking that we agree with the sorting and power estimates by blind-testing already rated and sorted wands alongside the newly rated wand. We check that if we rated the current wand’s power level higher than the others, that we still agree it feels stronger. 

We repeat, retest, and recheck, until every power level of every wand is rated. This was a several-week process for our first group of 32 wands. When we test a new wand, we compare its power levels against the already-rated wands and sort / rate the new wand.


Our subjective testing process for rating vibration power certainly has limitations and sources of error.

The biggest source of error is that estimating the percentage of vibration strength that one wand has compared to another relies on my ability to subjectively estimate well. When I rate the Magic Wand Mini’s power level a 5.0, I’m saying it feels 50% as strong as the Doxy Die Cast’s top power, which I rate a 10.0. But this is a subjective estimate and can certainly be off.

That is why we continually test wands back-to-back, and I first rate which wand feels stronger, so they’re at least ordered correctly. Then I try to estimate the amount stronger or weaker one wand feels. This way, they’re sorted fairly accurately, even if the exact numbers have errors.

The error in estimation is more pronounced for very low-powered wands since their entire power range is so small compared to the strongest wands. For instance, I estimate the Romp Flip’s top power (1.6) is only 16% as strong as the Doxy Die Cast’s. And its lowest power (1.0) is only 10% as strong.

Romp Flip and Doxy Die Cast Vibration Power vs Frequency Graph
The Romp Flip’s entire power range is weaker than the Doxy Die Cast’s lowest strength. When the power difference is this large, providing a precise numerical estimate is difficult.

But it feels so much weaker, that those numbers are very difficult to estimate accurately. For the wands with extremely soft vibrations and tiny power ranges like the Romp Flip, we only manually sort and rate the highest and lowest power levels. 

For the power levels in-between, we mathematically estimate their vibration strength on a line between the top and bottom power levels. The numbers are so small, any slight differences in results are meaningless.

A final source of error is that estimating how the vibration power compares between an extremely rumbly (low-frequency) wand and an extremely buzzy (high-frequency) wand is also difficult. 

A graph of the Lelo Smart Wand 2 Large and Viben Obsession vibration power vs frequency. This graph illustrates their drastically different vibration frequencies. Rating vibration intensity is difficult when frequency difference is substantial
When the vibration frequency is substantially different between two wands (as the Lelo Smart Wand 2 and Viben Obsession are in the above graph), comparing their intensities is difficult. Buzzy and rumbly vibrations feel very different.

Two wands with the same vibration amplitude, but vastly different frequencies simply feel very different from each other because of how our bodies perceive various frequencies. So precisely estimating their relative intensity is a challenge, and there is certainly some error between my estimates for wands with drastically different frequencies.


Wands can provide some of the most powerful stimulation you can get from a vibrator. But many will also prefer some of the softer or mid-powered wands, since too much intensity can be overwhelming.

If you like a ton of strength, the Doxy Die Cast, Magic Wand Plus, and BMS PalmPower Extreme are the three most powerful wand vibrators. They each have lovely low levels too.

If you think you’ll rarely use the top power levels of your wand, you may consider a mid-powered wand. The Magic Wand Mini, Viben Sultry, and FemmeFunn Ultra Wand are three with solid (but not overwhelming) vibration power.