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38 Wand Vibrators Tested

Wand Vibrator Tests
Use During Sex

What is it:

How easy a wand vibrator is to maneuver and comfortably hold to your clit for quality stimulation during partnered sex.

When does it matter:

If you’ll frequently use your wand vibrator with a partner during penetrative sex.

Our Recommendations:

Scoring Factors:





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Using a wand vibrator during sex can be an excellent way to get the clitoral stimulation you need to orgasm. Many wands take little effort to use and provide reliable clit stimulation so you and your partner can simply enjoy being together.

But some wands perform better during sex than others.

In this article, we rate each wand vibrator’s performance during sex, based on how easy it is to maneuver and comfortably hold the wand to your clit for reliable stimulation. We test each wand in several partnered sex positions and consider aspects like:

  • How easy is it to position the wand on my clit and maneuver it?
  • Does the wand interfere with our bodies and make movement difficult?
  • Is keeping this wand in contact with my body effortless or tiring?
  • And much more.
Magic Wand Original Head With Caliper Measurement Photo
Design and measurements may impact the wand, but our scores are subjectively rated on actual experience during sex
Dame Com Weight Measurement Photo

Many design decisions affect how easy the wand vibrator is to use during sex, such as its weight, head size, handle length, shape, and even whether it’s corded or rechargeable.

We provide many of these objective values for you in the comparison table below. But when assigning each wand’s Use During Sex rating, we ultimately rely on our personal experience using the wand vibrator and subjectively score it based on our experiences.
Note: If you’re more interested in solo play rather than finding the best wand vibrator during sex, then head to our general Comfort and Ease of Use page.

Test Results

When It Matters

This rating only matters for those looking to incorporate a wand vibrator into partnered sex for easy, enjoyable clit stimulation. Of course, many aspects that make a wand easier to use during sex can also make it easier to use solo. But we have another article covering general ease of use and comfort in more detail here that will be more useful for solo play.

Le Wand Petite Fit in Tight Space
This article is about comfort and experience during sex, but general comfort and ease of use has its own separate rating and article
Doxy Die Cast Natural Pressure

Results Discussion & Our Recommendations

We used each wand vibrator in four sex positions: Spooning, Doggystyle, Modified Missionary, and Cowgirl. We subjectively rated each wand’s performance in that sex position. Our overall score is a sum of our experiences in each position. 

Here we’ll discuss the most useful results of our testing and provide our recommendations. If you want to read more details about how we conducted this test, head to our methodology section.

Scores have the following meanings:

Scores between 7.5 and 10: Mostly positive experience during sex. The wand is enjoyable to use with minimal or no mental distraction from positioning, wrist strain, weight, etc. You can easily maneuver it and position it on your vulva for quality stimulation without it taking up too much space or interfering with penetration. We believe people who care about finding a great wand to use during sex will be happy with these wands.

Scores greater than or equal to 6 and less than 7.5: Somewhat positive experience. You can find a way to get quality clit stimulation during sex, but it may take more effort and intentional positioning of the wand or your body. There may be some minor mental distraction from discomfort or effort, or the wand may somewhat limit how you move during sex. Wands in this scoring range are good enough for most people during sex. But those specifically looking for a wand to use with a partner may be let down.

Scores less than 6: Somewhat to completely negative experience. Using the wand in this position is uncomfortable or difficult (moderately to extremely). Discomfort is very noticeable and positioning the wand is difficult and substantially restricts penetration or movement. Or you may not even be able to position the wand in a stimulating spot.


What is it:

How easy a wand vibrator is to maneuver and comfortably hold to your clit for quality stimulation in a spooning sex position – both partners lying on their side with the penetrating partner behind the person using the wand

When does it matter:

If you frequently have sex in the spooning position or similar positions from behind.

Scoring Factors:

Subjectively Scored

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We test wands in the Spooning position by lying on our sides with my penetrating partner behind me. I hold the wand and adjust the placement of the head as needed to find a comfortable spot with the wand vibrating on my clit. 

I assess whether it’s easy to comfortably situate the wand for good clit stimulation in this position. 

Smaller Headed Wands for Spooning
Wands with smaller heads like the Lovense Domi (left) and FemmeFunn Ultra Wand (right) are easiest to maneuver while spooning

Typically, wands with smaller heads like the Lovense Domi and FemmeFun Ultra Wand are easiest to maneuver and press where I want them in the spooning position. So these wands tend to score higher.

Even though space for the wand is more open while spooning than in face-to-face sex positions, it’s still most comfortable to rest my legs naturally in a fairly closed position. And a small head fits in that tight space better. 

Mid Sized Wands with Curves
Mid-sized heads that are still easy to use in the spooning position because of their curved design. BMS PalmPower Extreme (left) and Dame Com (right)

But some mid-sized heads still fit really well if the wand’s handle or head is angled for easier leverage. The Dame Com and BMS PalmPower Extreme are still very easy to use while spooning even with their mid-sized heads.

Shift Leg Back in Spooning with Large Heads
Larger heads still work, but you’ll likely have to shift your top leg back

You can still make wands with larger heads work, but you’ll have to angle your top leg outward to create more space to maneuver the wand. This can take a bit more effort, so large heads tend to score lower unless they have other characteristics that make up for the bulkier head.

For instance, even though the Magic Wand Plus and Rechargeable are full-sized wands, I enjoy them while spooning. Their heads are softer than others, and they spread the vibes out in a comfortable, satisfying way.

Magic Wand Head Plushness
Large heads that are very firm like the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman (below) can bump against my pubic bone uncomfortably. Unlike wands with plush heads like the Magic Wand Rechargeable (above)
Satisfyer Wander Woman Head Plushness

Whereas more firm full-sized heads like the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman’s press uncomfortably against my pubic bone when my partner thrusts from behind. If I am distracted by a harder surface bumping against me, the wand scores lower. 

Lightweight wands like the Lovense Domi and FemmeFunn UltraWand also tend to be less tiring to use while spooning. Unlike positions on your back, while spooning you hold the weight of the wand up. With heavy wands, this can get a bit tiring for longer use. 

Resting Handle on Bed in Spooning
You can rest some longer wands against the bed in this position to prevent your arm from tiring

However, many long wands are still easy even if they’re heavy. This is because you can rest a long wand’s handle against the bed to help support the weight. This is possible with the Doxy Die Cast, the full-sized Magic Wands, and even the mid-sized Dame Com. These can be great options if you enjoy spooning and want a longer handle, so you don’t need to reach as far.


What is it:

How easy a wand vibrator is to maneuver and comfortably hold to your clit for quality stimulation in a Doggystyle sex position. The partner using the wand is on their knees with their upper body resting mostly on their shoulders since you need your hands to hold the wand. The penetrating partner is kneeling behind.

When does it matter:

If you frequently have sex in the Doggystyle position or similar variations from behind

Scoring Factors:

Subjectively Scored

Show All Scores (Click to See):

We test wands in the Doggystyle position with me on my knees and my partner behind me. When using a wand in Doggystyle, I rest my head and shoulders on a pillow and use one hand to hold and maneuver the wand vibrator between my legs. 

Magic Wand Original Resting Weight on Bed
Tall wands can sometimes be propped on the bed for support

The biggest contributor to success in Doggystyle is finding a wand light enough to hold up or long enough that you can prop the base of the handle on the bed to help support the wand’s weight. Otherwise, it can be tiring to use a wand in Doggystyle where gravity is working against you.

Small, lightweight wands with an easy handhold like the Lovense Domi and FemmeFunn UltraWand are extremely easy to use. And the Viben Sultry is a wonderfully lightweight full-size wand if you prefer a longer handle.

Full-sized wands are still easy to use in Doggystyle as long as you can prop the handle on the bed to help support its weight. This is easier with rechargeable wands than plug-in wands since the cord at the base of the handle interferes with propping the wand up. 

Easy to Prop in Doggystyle
These larger wands are easy to prop up in this position – left to right: Viben Sultry, BMS PalmPower Extreme and Magic Wand Rechargeable

Some examples of larger or medium-sized wands I find easy to prop up and use in Doggystyle are the Magic Wand Rechargeable, BMS PalmPower Extreme, and Viben Sultry

Since you’re also supporting your bodyweight in Doggystyle, maneuvering a wand is more difficult in this position than in others. As a result, I enjoy several wands with broader heads in Doggystyle because I can rest them on my vulva, and they spread the vibes over the entire area. I don’t need to maneuver them into a particular spot as I do with smaller wands.

The Viben Sultry, BMS PalmPower Extreme, and Magic Wand Rechargeable each comfortably disperse the pressure and vibrations over a nice broad area that provides excellent stimulation to my clit in Doggystyle.

Wands with smaller heads like the Lovense Domi and FemmeFun UltraWand still work well because their heads are more rounded instead of tapered. This helps to even out and broaden the stimulation a bit.

And of course, their small size and light weight make them easy to maneuver. So you can put the pressure exactly where you want even with your more limited mobility in Doggystyle.

Modified Missionary

What is it:

How easy a wand vibrator is to maneuver and comfortably hold to your clit for quality stimulation in a Modified Missionary sex position – the partner using the wand vibrator is on their back with pillows or a wedge beneath their hips to raise them up. The penetrating partner is kneeling facing them.

When does it matter:

If you frequently have sex in positions facing each other with the partner receiving penetration on their back.

Scoring Factors:

Subjectively Scored

Show All Scores (Click to See):

We test wand vibrators in a modified form of the missionary position with my hips raised by propping pillows or a sex wedge beneath me. My partner enters me from a kneeling position in front of me.

Modified Missionary with Wedge
With wands in use, you’ll need to modify the missionary position to make room for the toy

We use this position to create enough space for a wand vibrator to fit and still enjoy sex facing each other while I’m lying on my back. This is a position we find works well while using a wand vibrator. I rated many wands 9.0 and above.

In a traditional Missionary position where I’m lying flat on my back and my partner is lying on top of me, there’s too little space between our bodies to comfortably use a wand. In that case, you really need a slimmer vibrator like the Lelo Mona 2 or a bullet vibrator. And even then, it still helps to modify your position to create more space.

As with other positions, I use each wand in this Modified Missionary position and assess overall comfort and ease of maneuvering during sex. And I consider the quality of contact the wand’s head provides my clit in this position. 

Missionary Wand Angle Easier with Angled Handle
The BMS PalmPower Extreme is one of my favorites to use in this position because the angled head fits well, while the handle does not jut out too far

One of my two favorite wands to use in this position is the BMS PalmPower Extreme. Its angled head fits perfectly where I need it while keeping my hands in a comfortable spot. And in this sex position, I can easily close my legs around the wand’s head to effortlessly keep it in place.

Since you’re on your back in this Modified Missionary position, gravity is working with you. So I don’t mind the bigger, heavier toys since I don’t need to hold their weight up. 

Large Wands that Add Natural Pressure
Though they’re larger, the Magic Wand Plus (left), BMS PalmPower Extreme (middle) and Magic Wand Rechargeable (right) are not tiring to hold in this position, and t he weight helps add natural pressure

In fact, their weight naturally adds some nice pressure for even better clitoral stimulation. The BMS PalmPower Extreme is great for this. And so are the larger Magic Wand Plus and Magic Wand Rechargeable! Our movement isn’t restricted either in this position even with their larger heads.

If you like a lot of maneuverability and control over the pressure being applied, the Magic Wand Mini is excellent in Modified Missionary. It’s a perfect size – lightweight and easy to position. I can easily adjust how much pressure is applied with just my fingers.

And its plush head is extremely comfortable.If you want to let the natural weight of a toy do the pressure-work for you, I recommend the BMS PalmPower Extreme or one of the full-sized Magic Wands. But if you like to leverage your toy to put pressure in more specific spots, the Magic Wand Mini is better due to its smaller head and lighter weight.


What is it:

How easy a wand vibrator is to maneuver and comfortably hold to your clit for quality stimulation in the Cowgirl sex position – the penetrating partner is lying on their back, while the partner using the wand is straddling on top of them.

When does it matter:

If you frequently have sex in positions facing each other with the partner receiving penetration on top.

Scoring Factors:

Subjectively Scored

Show All Scores (Click to See):

In Cowgirl, space between your bodies is somewhat limited (especially, if the person on top is leaning forward), so smaller wand vibrators tend to be best. Larger wands tended to feel more crowded and also put some uncomfortable pressure on my pubic area in this position.

Smaller Wands for Cowgirl
Smaller wands like the Lovense Domi (left), Maia Zoe (middle), and Magic Wand Mini (right) are best in this position because they can get into tighter spaces comfortably

Whereas smaller wands like the Magic Wand Mini, Maia Zoe, and Lovense Domi are easy to fit in the tighter space and comfortably apply good vibrations and pressure. I can easily shift them to one side of my clit or the other too.

The Magic Wand Mini also benefited from its especially comfortable, plush head!

The Magic Wand Mini, Maia Zoe, and Lovense Domi each have shorter handles, which I find works great in this position. Though I know some folks are looking for a longer handle, so they don’t have to reach as far. 

In that case, you’ll want a curved handle or angled head in the Cowgirl position so it’s still easy to fit in the tighter space.

Mid Sized Wands with Curves
Great options if you want a longer handle that stays close to the body – the BMS PalmPower Extreme (left) and Dame Com (right)

I recommend the Dame Com or the BMS PalmPower Extreme for you. Even though these heads are larger than the others I’ve mentioned, due to their ergonomic shape I can still comfortably position them on my clit in Cowgirl without needing to concentrate on leaning my body back to create more space.

The Dame Com’s curved handle and the PalmPower Extreme’s angled head also make them very easy to leverage for more pressure.If you have a large wand vibrator, you can still get quality clit stimulation in Cowgirl, but you’ll likely need to lean back, so your bodies are in a more open position. The two large wands I find best in Cowgirl are the Magic Wand Plus and Magic Wand Rechargeable. They fit well when I lean back, and their plush heads are very comfortable.

Our Testing Methods

My partner and I use each wand in four different sex positions to test a variety of conditions in which you may use a wand vibrator with your partner. 

We use each wand while Spooning, in Doggystyle, in a Modified Missionary position, and in Cowgirl. (Of course, we use our favorites in many more positions, but our tests only score these four.)  

We chose these four because they’re common, they cover a broad range of body alignments during sex, and they share similarities with a variety of other positions you may enjoy.

While using a wand vibrator in a particular position I pay attention to what my body’s feeling. I note how easy it is to keep the toy in contact with my clit while my partner’s thrusting, whether our bodies’ movement is limited while using the wand, if the wand’s weight is tiring to hold, whether the size of the head works well in that position, and more. 

Basically, I try to notice anything taking my attention away from simply enjoying pleasure. And I also pay attention to anything contributing to a great experience!

After using each wand, I give it a subjective rating for use in that particular sex position. 

Then the final Use During Sex score is a sum of our experience in these four positions.

To the extent possible, I try to minimize incorporating my own vibration strength and frequency preferences into the Use During Sex score. This score is primarily intended to convey how easy it is to use the wand, how comfortable it is to maneuver during sex, and how easy it is to move your body freely during sex while keeping the wand in good contact with your clit. 

So you’ll want to make sure the wand you choose also meets your Vibration Power and Vibration Frequency preferences.

We conduct our tests in two stages meant to bring consistency and depth of experience to the scores.

Non Waterproof Wands
For consistency, we use each wand back to back, initially

Stage 1 (Consistency): Initially we used all our wand vibrators one after the other in each sex position paying attention to all the aspects I’ve mentioned above. We use our wands back-to-back like this so that my experience with other wands is fresh in my memory when assigning the next wand’s subjective rating. This helps bring some consistency to the relative scores between different wand vibrators.

This first stage involves a few consecutive hours of testing with breaks. Now, I can’t handle penetration for hours straight. Nor can my partner. So sometimes during this first stage we “simulated” sex in that position: We moved through the motions of a particular sex position without my partner actually inside me. (When my partner wasn’t hard or when I didn’t want penetration).

But this allowed us to give an initial scoring with the wand vibrators’ Use During Sex ratings being relatively consistent between each other.

Stage 2 (Depth): Before we write the full review for any particular wand vibrator, we then extensively use it during actual sex. We adjust and update our initial rating based on our more in-depth experience with the wand vibrator. If a wand’s review is published on our site, you can be confident its Use During Sex scores are updated per this second stage of in-depth testing.

Lastly, when new wands hit the market – we make sure to add those into our testing too! Here’s how we keep it accurate: When we buy a new wand to test, we begin with an initial Stage 1 test alongside a selection of our other wands that represent a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and weights. 

We use this test to give the new wand an initial Use During Sex rating that fits consistently with our past wand scoring, but we only test it back-to-back with our representative selection of wands. We don’t reuse every single wand we own again. 

We then use the new wand much more in-depth during sex and adjust its score if our thoughts and experiences change from our initial rating before we write the full review.

How to Get the Most From Your Wand Vibrator During Sex

Since wands can be bulkier than other vibrators, I’ve loved introducing wand mounts into my wand-play. Being able to slide your wand into a mount frees up your hands. Instead of fiddling with a large toy to hit the right spots, you can adjust your body position to change the way your wand is stimulating while the mount holds your wand still for you.

Medium or Large Sized Wands in Mounts
The wand mounts from Liberator – the Wanda (left) and Axis (right) are an awesome way to keep your wand in place during sex without you having to hold it

I find this especially helpful during sex. This primarily helps by holding your wand to your clit, hands-free while you enjoy penetration from behind. The Axis mount lets me lay forward across the front of it on my stomach with the wand held perfectly between my legs. And the Wanda mount is great if you want to be on your knees, bending forward.

Modified Missionary with Wedge
Mounts are also great for idealizing your positioning to allow space for simultaneous penetration and vibrations

Mounts are also great for angling my body in a way that is great for penetration without the extra work. So it really cuts back on the actual physical exertion for the wand-user. With the Axis, I am essentially in a resting position the whole time! I can just lay on my stomach across it. Instead of supporting my weight on my hands and knees while also holding the wand.

I strongly recommend looking into a mount if you want easy stimulation during sex. And also if you want to limit distractions and free up your hands to focus more on enjoying the moment with your partner.

Some sex-positions are easier than others for fitting a wand. But if you’re in a position where you and your partner are facing each other, the best way to increase stimulation with a wand is to lean backwards. This tilts your pelvis up, and shifts the clit up and out from between your legs. 

You can do this un-assisted in Cowgirl pose. But this gets trickier in Missionary. In order to have the space needed to tilt back, you’ll need to lift the hips so they are higher than your shoulders. 

You can do this with pillows. Or, this is where the mount comes in again! A wand mount can also serve as a sex-wedge when it’s not holding a toy. I use my mount to support my hips and lift them to the desired height. The mount is much easier to maneuver than several stacked pillows. The Axis mount is my favorite for this “Modified Missionary” pose.

Wand In Use with Axis Overlay
The Axis mount and BMS PalmPower Extreme is my favorite mount-and-wand combo during sex!

If you want to read about which wands are most compatible with a mount, you can check out my Mount Compatibility testing here.