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38 Wand Vibrators Tested

Wand Vibrator Tests
Comfort and Ease of Use

What is it:

How comfortable the wand is to hold and press against your body. As well as how easy it is to press the buttons, leverage the wand for good pressure, and maneuver it to apply the stimulation where and how you want it. This rating also includes how easy the wand is to clean. Ratings are based primarily on solo use – I cover use during partnered sex here.

When does it matter:

If you are easily distracted by subtle discomforts such as feeling the vibrations in your hands, slight wrist strain, or an awkward grip on the handle. It also matters if you want a wand that’s easy to use for a wide variety of stimulation or for long periods of time.

Our Recommendations:

These wands have excellent performance in this category and others. We only include wands we recommend overall, excluding wands that perform well here but not in other areas.

Scoring Factors:






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Comfort relates to how enjoyable a wand is to hold and press against your body. Ease of use is related to comfort, but also includes how simple a wand is to operate and how versatile it is. 

A wand that is comfortable and easy to use allows you to fully enjoy the vibrations without distraction from an awkward grip, vibrations in your hand, difficulty hitting your favorite spot and applying the right amount of pressure, or anything else that may sidetrack your pleasure. 

Varying Wand Handles and Head Sizes
Handle grip and head size or plushness varies between wands, and impacts comfort. Left to right – Magic Wand Rechargeable, Lovehoney Mini Wand, Dame Com, FemmeFunn Ultra Wand

Both comfort and ease of use are subjective, so wand preferences will vary from person to person. But there are several factors that generally contribute to a better experience.

These include a soft and comfortable head, intuitive controls, and a handle with a manageable size, weight, and pleasant texture. In addition, the overall length and head size will influence how easy the wand is to use in particular situations.

Head Size and Plushness Variation
A plush, larger head vs a smaller, firm head
Intuitive Buttons
Intuitive wand buttons

These factors and many others are taken into consideration when scoring Comfort and Ease of Use. In our results table we provide you with the objective specs that affect comfort, like weight and size. But ultimately a wand’s comfort is best determined subjectively during actual use. So all of the final comfort scores are based on my experiences using each wand. 

I try to incorporate both what I find comfortable and what others may enjoy. But the final scores are subjective, so pay attention when your own preferences differ.

This page covers general comfort and ease of use. We specifically cover Use During Sex here. 

Test Results

When It Matters

A wand vibrator’s comfort and ease of use is important if you’re easily taken out of the mood by distractions. And even generally comfortable wands can become more noticeable during long sessions – so a high score is especially important for extended play. 

But while optimizing comfort will matter to some, it’s important to note that most wands I tested were generally comfortable. Most wands scored above a 7.5. None of the wands I tested are actually painful. And none are really that difficult to control. So the overall scores are fairly close to one another. 

Wands Scoring Above 7.5 for Comfort
Most wands score at least a 7.5 for comfort

So if comfort isn’t a top priority to you, it’s best to focus on other aspects like the vibrations. But some wands do feel more comfortable in the hand than others or tire you out less during certain uses. 

Most Comfortable Wands
These wands are the most comfortable to use. Left to right: Bellesa Nirvana, BMS PalmPower Extreme, FemmeFunn Ultra Wand, Viben Sultry, Viben Obsession, Lovehoney Mantric, Lovehoney Mini Wand, Magic Wand Mini and Lelo Smart Wand 2 – Medium

Wands rated 9.2 and above are exceptionally comfortable and easy to use. Those rated 7.2 or below are the only ones that gave me some slight discomfort during use. So it’s best to avoid these if you need minimal distractions.

Our Tests and Recommendations

Each of these tests was performed with the solo user in mind. I tested each wand on my own by lying in bed, using the wand, and paying attention to the relevant aspects of comfort and ease of use. 

While using each wand, I paid attention to the handle’s comfort, the head’s comfort on my vulva, how easy it was to position the wand where I needed it, apply the amount of pressure I enjoy, and operate the controls. I also cleaned each wand after use and noted any difficulties.

I subjectively rated each of these aspects, and the final score takes into account the sum of my experiences to award an overall Comfort & Ease of Use score to each wand. 

VeDO Wanda Restriction During Sex
Wands are tested both back-to-back for comparison’s sake, and also for extended time individually for accurate and detailed observations

I also make sure to test several wands back to back, so their relative scores are more consistent and meaningful when comparing them to each other. But before I write any wand’s full review I use the wand much more extensively and update any of these comfort scores if my opinions change with more use.

My testing here does not specifically account for use with another person. Of course, the features I assessed such as handle comfort and head comfort apply to use during partnered sex as well. But for a more thorough discussion of partnered play, head to my wand vibrator Use During Sex testing page.

Handle Comfort

What is it:

How comfortable the wand is to grip and hold during typical use.

When does it matter:

If you are sensitive to wrist strain, discomfort in your hands, or feeling vibrations in your hands. This may also matter more if you enjoy applying substantial pressure with your wand as you’ll need a comfier hold.

Scoring Factors:

Subjectively Scored

Our Recommendations:

Show All Scores (Click to See):

I evaluated the handle comfort of each wand by lying in bed, holding the wand, and applying comfortable pressure and stimulation. 

I based my assessment on any discomfort that occurred immediately or after an extended time, including wrist strain, awkwardness, or discomfort from vibrations in the handle. Additionally, I considered which toys had an even weight distribution in my hand and were easy to grip based on their weight, material, and circumference.

Most wands did a great job of minimizing vibrations in your hands, but a few were more noticeable including the Doxy 3R, Lovense Domi, and Bellesa Demi.

I found handles with a smaller circumference are easier to hold for longer periods of time. And they’re easier to grip tightly when you want to apply firm pressure. So these fatigued my hands less and scored higher. The Viben Sultry is a full-sized wand with a lovely, slim handle.

Viben Sultry and Satisfyer Wander Handle Difference
The Sultry (left) is much easier to hold than the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman (right) even though they’re both full-sized wands, because the Sultry has a slimmer, more contoured handle

Others with really wide handles like the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman require me to use two hands and make the experience less comfy.

Some have curved handles, angled heads, or helpful contouring that make it easier to support the wand’s weight. These also score higher. The Viben Sultry and BMS PalmPower Extreme are great examples. 

BMS PalmPower Extreme Easy Grip and Angled Handle
Because the BMS PalmPower Extreme is angled, it helps me get a firm grip and apply firm pressure without strain

But some attempts at contouring fell short. For instance, the O-wand’s special handle made it more difficult to hold and limited how you could grip the wand vibrator.

The handle’s material also affects its comfort. Smooth, soft, easy-to-grip silicone handles like those on the FemmeFunn Ultra Wand or Viben Sultry scored best. They’re easier to hold even if lube gets on the handle. Whereas slick materials like plastic scored lower because they became slippery if they got wet.

Grippy Silicone Handle vs Slick Plastic Handle
The FemmeFunn and Sultry (left two) allow for a less-slick grip because of the silicone handle. The Bodywand Aqua (right) can be slippery if lube is involved

Button placement along the handle also affects its comfort. Scores are lower if I have to grip the toy in an awkward way to avoid accidentally pressing the buttons.

The handle’s length does not directly contribute to the scores, though it does affect the experience. A slightly longer handle may benefit someone with limited mobility or flexibility. More length may enable you to position the wand further down without having to bend your body or reach as much.

Bellesa Demi Reach vs Longer Wand Reach
Long handles require less of a reach, but take up more space

But a longer handle can also be more tiring on your wrists if the wand is heavier. Most of my top recommendations for handle comfort are small to medium in length. Simply because these tend to have a smaller circumference and are lighter weight.

The Viben Sultry is an exception to this – it has a long handle that may benefit those I mentioned above while still being especially comfortable to hold. 

Similarly, a heavier wand can be less comfortable on your hands when you need to hold the weight up. But when you’re lying on your back and letting the weight of the wand rest against you, a heavy wand adds some easy, lovely pressure. 

Top Scoring Handle Comfort Viben Sultry and FemmeFunn Ultra Wand
My top-scoring wands for handle-comfort. Viben Sultry (right) and FemmeFunn Ultra Wand (left)

My recommendations for comfortable handles include the top-scoring Viben Sultry and FemmeFunn Ultra Wand

Head Comfort

What is it:

 How comfortable the wand’s head is when pressed against your body during use.

When does it matter:

If you tend to get distracted if a wand’s head presses too firmly against your pubic bone, has weird textures or seams, or directs the vibes elsewhere besides your clit.

Scoring Factors:

Subjectively Scored

Our Recommendations:

Show All Scores (Click to See):

I tested the head comfort of each wand vibrator by lying in bed and pressing the wand against my vulva in various ways to get different kinds of clit stimulation.

I evaluated the toy’s ability to provide stimulation without hitting too hard against my pubic bone or vulva. I considered how the squishiness or firmness of the head and the flexibility of the neck affected the wand’s comfort. 

Head Size and Shape Variation
The head shape impacts comfort and stimulation-type

Additionally, I assessed the toy’s performance by considering the shape, size, and height of the head. I used a wide range of angles and varying pressure to rate the overall comfort level the head provides during different kinds of stimulation.

Heads with a smaller circumference like the FemmeFunn Ultra Wand and Bellesa Nirvana are easier to press into a specific spot without bumping against my leg or stimulating other areas where I do not want to feel the vibrations. So the top scorers have primarily small to medium-width heads.

Slim Heads on Wands
Slimmer heads allow more focal pressure without hitting other areas with distracting vibes

I also found heads that are taller (but not wider) like the Viben Sultry and FemmeFunn Ultra were comfortable for both broad and more focused stimulation. I could comfortably use the top part of the head for less broad stimulation. But I could use the long side of the head for very broad stimulation. 

Tall and Slim Heads of Wands
Tall and slim heads allow focal pressure using the top edge of the head, or broad stimulation using the side of the head

I found how squishy or firm the head was didn’t directly affect my experience of how comfortable the wand’s head felt. For instance, I found wands with a firm head and a slightly flexible neck felt just as comfortable as a head with a squishy texture. 

But if you prefer extra squish to your head, the Magic Wand Plus, Rechargeable, and Mini each have good, soft heads.

Easy Positioning and Pressure

What is it:

How easily you can maneuver the wand in various ways to get different types of clit stimulation. And how easily you can leverage the wand and vary the pressure.

When does it matter:

If you like to apply a lot of pressure with your toy. Or if you need your wand placed in a particular spot and tend to make frequent adjustments.

Scoring Factors:

Subjectively Scored

Our Recommendations:

Show All Scores (Click to See):

The previous two metrics focused on how comfortable the handle and head of the wand vibrator felt once positioned during use on your vulva. This metric focuses on how easy it is to actually get the wand into a position that feels good – and into a variety of enjoyable placements. It also considers how easy it is to apply good pressure to feel the vibes more deeply.

Again, I used each wand in a variety of ways and rated them comparatively. 

Easy Wands to Maneuver
Some of my favorites that are the easiest to maneuver due to small heads and small handles. Left to right, Magic Wand Mini, Blush Noje W4, and FemmeFunn Ultra Wand

Toys with smaller heads and shorter, thinner handles are easier to maneuver. So many of these score higher.

Smaller heads like that of the Lovense Domi 2 take up less space and fit more easily between your legs. You can more easily keep the pressure on your lips for more indirect stimulation. Whereas large heads will always spread the stimulation over a broad area and stimulate everything. 

Large vs Small Heads of Wands
Smaller heads are better for direct stimulation, and larger heads will spread this out

If you want broad stimulation, a large head is great. But if you want to move your wand around more easily and get more indirect clit stimulation a smaller head is better.

The weight of the wand is not directly scored. But toys that are both heavy and difficult to hold scored lower since it was hard to maneuver them. But heavy toys with a good grip still scored well since the extra weight helps to provide firmer pressure and push the vibes into you. 

Doxy Die Cast Wand Shape Photo
One of my heaviest wands, the Doxy Die Cast. It’s extra weight takes more effort to move, but provides great natural pressure

A great example of this is the Doxy Die Cast. The aluminum-titanium alloy handle makes this one of the heaviest wands. But the extra weight means that you don’t need to press as hard with this toy, so it’s a nice low-effort option for people who still like firm pressure. 

Using this toy on my back is a breeze even with its heavy weight. But using it in positions where you’re holding the weight up is tiring.

Wands with a slightly flexible neck allow you to apply the pressure at a more comfortable angle than a stiff neck. Because the neck has some give to it your hands don’t need to be at as extreme of an angle to apply pressure. The Viben Sultry and FemmeFunn Ultra Wand struck a great balance of flexibility.

Sultry and FemmeFunn Medium Flex
he Viben Sultry and FemmeFunn Ultra Wand (top two) provide comfortable pressure with slight neck flexibility. But the Bellesa Demi and Romp Flip (below) are a bit too flexible, diminishing the amount of pressure you can get
Romp and Demi Extreme Flex

But a neck with too much flexibility weakens the pressure you can apply because the head bends too easily. The Bellesa Demi Wand and Romp Flip each are a bit too flexible. 

Wands with a curved handle or angled head like the BMS PalmPower Ultrapowerful, Bellesa Nirvana, and Lelo Smart Wand (Medium & Large) also put your hands in a more natural, comfortable position when applying pressure. So these are great options if you like to press the vibrations firmly into your body.


What is it:

How easy it is to use the controls and whether they have all the necessary functionality for a positive experience.

When does it matter:

If you typically switch power levels or vibration patterns during use.

Scoring Factors:

Subjectively Scored

Our Recommendations:

Show All Scores (Click to See):

I tested each wand’s controls by using them extensively and adjusting the vibration power and changing patterns during use. 

Magic Wand Mini and Blush Buttons
The Magic Wand Mini (left) allows tapping up or back down on power. The Blush Noje W4 (right) only allows cycling through

Wands with intuitive controls and full functionality scored highest. For instance, wands with distinct buttons to increase and decrease power score better than wands that require you to cycle through power levels.

I don’t get taken out of the mood as often by accidentally passing up the ideal power level, and then needing to cycle through all of them again. 

Most wands provided increase and decrease buttons including the Magic Wand Mini, Magic Wand Plus, and Doxy Die Cast. But a few like the Bellesa Demi Wand, Blush Noje W4, Romp Flip, and Viben Sultry require you to cycle through power levels.

Wands with Great Power Control
Wands that have awesome power controls. Left to right – Magic Wand Plus, Magic Wand Mini, Doxy Die Cast

Wands with buttons that are easy to locate, identify, and press were less distracting to adjust the vibrations. And if I’m able to press those buttons without adjusting my grip on the toy, it also makes for a smoother experience. The Doxy Die Cast, Magic Wand Mini, and Magic Wand Plus do this very well.

Grip and Accidental Button Press
Some wands like the Doxy 3R shown, require a careful grip so you don’t accidentally press the buttons

The only wands I found myself accidentally pressing the buttons on occasion were the Doxy 3R and Doxy Number 3. Though it was rare and I didn’t find it too distracting. I liked their controls apart from an occasional accidental button push.

Easy Cleaning

What is it:

Whether a wand vibrator is waterproof, splashproof, or not rated. For wand vibrators without a waterproof rating, I subjectively rate how difficult it is to clean.

When does it matter:

If you’re worried about damaging your toy with water. Or if you won’t use your wand as much if cleaning is tedious.

Show All Scores (Click to See):

In our Test Results table at the top of this article, you can see the waterproof rating of every wand vibrator we tested.

IPX7 wand vibrators are fully waterproof and submersible. This rating means they can be submerged up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. Every IPX7 waterproof wand received a score of 10 for easy cleaning. You can completely submerge and scrub your wand with soap and water without any worry.

IPX6 wand vibrators are splashproof. This rating means they can resist high-pressure, heavy sprays of water. In other words, you can scrub it with soap and easily rinse it off in the sink without issue. These wands are also easy to clean and received scores of 9.

Many wands we tested are either fully waterproof or splashproof – so if you care about very easy cleaning choose one of those.

Non Waterproof Wands
Many wands are either waterproof or splashproof. But those that are neither, like those shown above, take more care during cleaning

If toys were neither splashproof nor waterproof, I assessed how difficult it was to keep water away from electronic components. Some factors that affect this are the head size, how small and textured the neck was, and the button placement. If there are spots that needed cleaning near non-sealed seams or intricate textures, the toy scored lower.

If the head was taller and there were fewer tricky-to-reach places, then the wand scored higher for cleaning. Though wands that were not splashproof or waterproof did not score above a 7.

If you are worried about damaging your toy with water or know that you’ll be likely to use it more if the cleaning process is quick and easy… Then I would recommend choosing one of the many completely-waterproof options! So look for those 10s.

Other Considerations

This section covers wands’ objective features which may affect your comfort and ease of use, that are not explicitly incorporated into the scores. Typically these features improve comfort in some ways and decrease it in others. Our measurements for these features are included in the Test Results table above so you can choose based on your preferences.

Power Source

Most wands are either plug-in powered from a wall outlet, or they’re rechargeable. Though we did test two wands which took AA batteries.

Rechargeable Corded and Battery Powered Wands
Wands can be battery-powered (Mystic Vibratex – right), corded (Magic Wand Plus – middle) , or rechargeable (Lovense Domi 2 – left)

The power source affects the comfort and ease of use to a degree. Some people may find a cord a bit annoying or feel like it gets in the way. Others don’t notice and enjoy the cost savings many plug-in wands provide over their rechargeable versions. And all the cords are long enough that I had plenty of maneuverability.

Additionally, a corded wand can be more convenient since you never need to worry about charging it. You can always play immediately – though you do have to play near an outlet. Whereas rechargeable wands can be taken anywhere.

The only power source I do not like is battery-powered where you need to keep buying batteries. This gets expensive and is less convenient than charging a wand or plugging it into the wall.


Weight is another measure that we include in the Test Results table for your information that can both positively and negatively affect your experience.

Doxy Original Weight Measurement Photo
The Doxy Original’s weight being measured

When you’re lying on your side or in another position where your grip is holding the wand up, a heavier wand can be more tiring and difficult to use for long periods. But in positions on your back where you’re pressing the wand down, the heavier weight makes applying pressure easier

I especially like using the Doxy Die Cast (the heaviest wand) on my back. But I prefer lighter wands like the Viben Sultry if I need to hold the weight up.

Wand Length

Longer wands can be easier for people with limited flexibility or mobility. They also allow you to apply leverage without needing your hands to be as far between your legs. Many times they help you comfortably maneuver the wand. 

Bellesa Demi Reach vs Longer Wand Reach

But in some positions, a long handle can get in the way a bit. With the added length, you may find that in some positions the end of the handle bumps into the bed or against the covers limiting how much you can angle and maneuver the wand.

Head measurements

Smaller and larger heads each have pros and cons. 

A larger head will spread the vibrations out comfortably over a wide area. People who love wands for their broad stimulation will want full-sized wands with big heads.

Head Size and Shape Variation

But smaller heads are easier to maneuver into tight spaces, use for indirect clit stimulation, and keep the vibrations away from areas that you don’t want to be stimulated.

We include the head’s dimensions in our Test Results table so you can choose one that fits your preferences. 

Head Shape

In the wands I’ve tested, there are three main shapes of heads: Round, Cylindrical and Tapered.

Head Shape Differences
The tapered head of the VeDO Wanda (left), round-headed Lovense Domi (middle) and cylindrical Magic Wand Mini (right)

Rounded heads can apply more even pressure across a wider area. Whereas cylindrical heads are great because you can angle your toy for firmer pressure right where that rounded “edge” protrudes. And tapered heads tend to be more rare. They are nice for slipping into a smaller space without taking up as much room.

The shape of the head is probably not a make-or-break feature to most people. But if you already have a wand you like, it may be worth assessing the shape of the head so you can pick another similar one.

Use During Sex

This page covers general use of the wands. For info on how each of these wands performs during sex head to our Use During Sex page.

Test Limitations

When selecting the most comfortable wand vibrator, it’s important to keep in mind that my ratings are subjective. While I’ve attempted to incorporate what other people may prefer, scores are still based on my personal experience with each wand. 

I’ve tried to outline how each feature affects comfort and ease of use so that if your preferences differ from mine you can still choose a good wand vibrator for you. This may require you to look beyond the numerical Comfort Scores I provide toward the objective specifications in the Test Results table. 

But I think most people will generally find wand vibrators I’ve rated higher feel more comfortable than those with lower ratings.

How to Improve Comfort

Improving comfort begins with picking a wand that best fits your preferences. But one way to eliminate discomfort from holding a wand is to use a wand mount.

Wand In Use with Axis Overlay
The BMS PalmPower Extreme in use with the Liberator Axis mount

A wand mount holds the vibrator for you, allowing you to focus on the experience. With a mount, you don’t have to worry about wrist strain or hand fatigue from vibrations.

I especially enjoy wand mounts during sex. They completely free up your hands so you can be fully present in the moment!

It’s worth noting that not all wands are compatible with a mount. If you’re interested in using a mount, you can refer to my Wand Mount Compatibility page for more information.