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38 Wand Vibrators Tested

Wand Vibrator Tests
Attachment Compatibility

What is it:

Each wand vibrator’s compatibility with wand attachments. We consider how many attachments fit each wand vibrator and whether the ones that fit cover a broad variety of stimulation types (clit, G-spot, dual-stimulation, penis, prostate, etc.) Compatibility table here

When does it matter:

If you like to use your wand vibrator beyond its basic clitoral use.

Our Recommendations:

Several other full-sized wands also score 10 for attachment compatibility, but the three listed above have the highest overall performance in other areas too.

Scoring Factors:



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Wand attachments provide an easy way to modify your wand’s head so you can go beyond clit stimulation. There are wand attachments for G-spot, anal, prostate, penis, and dual-stimulation. As well as attachments that modify how clitoral stimulation feels by providing a unique texture or fluttering effect.

Le Wand Rechargeable, Petite, and Lovense Domi with wand attachments

Wand attachments are typically designed to fit a particular wand vibrator model. But these attachments often fit and work well on a range of similarly-sized wand vibrators.  

We bought wand attachments covering a broad range of brands, sizes, and stimulation types. 

We test and rate each wand’s compatibility with every attachment, so you can choose a highly compatible wand or find an attachment that fits your current wand. We provide a wand attachment compatibility table for you here.

If you’re choosing a wand vibrator, start at this table.

If you’re choosing attachments for your wand, start at this table.

Test Results

Our Tests and Recommendations

We test every wand we have with each wand attachment and check to see whether they’re compatible together.

We try each attachment on each wand and note whether each pair is fully compatible, somewhat compatible, or not compatible. Our Wand Attachment Compatibility Table uses these definitions:

  • “Yes” – the wand vibrator and wand attachment are fully compatible. This means the attachment fits snug on the wand, and you can fully use the wand attachment as intended.
  • “Somewhat” – the wand vibrator and attachment are somewhat compatible. This means the wand attachment fits on the wand, but may be slightly loose or have some slack between the attachment and wand head. It can still be used for its intended purpose but may shift around minimally during use.
  • “No” – the wand vibrator and attachment are not compatible. The attachment may not fit over the wand’s head. Or the attachment may be too large that it shifts too much to be used for its purpose.

If you’re looking for a compatible attachment for a wand that we have not reviewed: measure the width of your wand vibrator’s head. Find one we’ve reviewed with a similar head width (provided in the table above) to your wand. It is likely that most of the same attachments will fit your wand too.

A similar head width is more important for a snug fit than a similar head height.

Wand Attachment Compatibility Table

The below table shows all the wand vibrators and wand attachments we’ve tested. If you only want to see attachments compatible with your particular wand, use the Filters tab to find your wand, and select “Yes.” This will remove all attachments that don’t fit your wand! You can also toggle columns on and off with the “Customize Table” tab.

Number of Compatible Attachments

What is it:

Whether a wand vibrator is compatible with a large number of attachments or only a small selection.

When does it matter:

When you want a lot of choice in your wand vibrator attachments.

Our Recommendations:

Several other full-sized wands also score 10, but the three listed above have the highest overall performance in other areas too.

Show All Scores (Click to See):

This rating indicates whether a wand is compatible with a large number of attachments. This can be important if you want greater choice even between attachments of the same stimulation type.

For instance, you may prefer soft textures on your G-spot and would prefer a squishy wand attachment like the Vixen Gee Whiz to a firm one like the Le Wand Curve. Or perhaps you want a more phallic-shaped G-spot attachment like the Vixen Wanderer.

Magic Wand Rechargeable Compatible Wand Attachments
Magic Wand Rechargeable and several of its compatible attachments

When your wand is compatible with a ton of attachments, the chances are good you can find one that checks all your boxes. 

Most attachments are designed for the Magic Wand Plus and Magic Wand Rechargeable, so full-sized wands that have similar dimensions to these two have excellent attachment compatibility. You’ll be able to find a ton of variety. 

There are a few mid-sized wands that are compatible with a good range of attachments. These include the Doxy Die Cast 3R, Doxy Number 3, Dame Com, and Le Wand Petite.

Le Wand Petite Compatible Wand Attachments
Le Wand Petite and some of its compatible attachments

Mini wands and others with small heads tend to have more limited options available. Often only the wand’s branded attachments (and sometimes a couple more) will fit these like the Lovehoney Deluxe Mini and Lovense Domi.

Attachment Stimulation Variety

What is it:

Whether the attachments that fit a particular wand vibrator cover a broad variety of kinds of stimulation (clit, G-spot, dual-stimulation, penis, prostate, etc.)

When does it matter:

When you want to make sure you can find attachments for various kinds of stimulation that fit your wand vibrator.

Our Recommendations:

Several other full-sized wands also score 10, but the three listed above have the highest overall performance in other areas too.

Show All Scores (Click to See):

This score indicates whether the attachments that fit a particular wand vibrator cover all the bases – can you only find G-spot attachments? Or can you find attachments for all kinds of stimulation? 

A wand that only has a few attachments available can still provide a wide range of stimulation options. For instance only the Lovense branded attachments and the Wand Essentials Vibra Cup fit on the Lovense Domi. But these attachments provide G-spot stimulation, textured clit stimulation, prostate stimulation, and penis stimulation.

Lovense Domi 2 Compatible Wand Attachments
Although only a few attachments fit the Lovense Domi, the compatible attachments still cover a broad range of stimulation.

So you can still do quite a lot with the Domi’s few compatible attachments. You just don’t have a ton of selection to experiment with several different G-spot attachments.

Again, you’ll have the most variety with full-sized wands. But check the compatibility table for your mid-sized and smaller wands, because you may still find a good attachment that works for your anatomy.

Help Choosing the Best Wand Attachment for You

Though quality can vary some between attachments, differences tend to be more preference-based than quality-based. Here we’ll give a quick rundown of each of the wand attachments we include so that you can find one that meets your needs.

Insertable Wand Attachments (For G-spot, Prostate, and Anal use)

Doxy Number 3 Prostate Massager

Doxy Number 3 Rabbit Attachment Square

This is a prostate attachment shaped like the Nexus Revo Stealth prostate massager. The wand’s vibrations transfer through both the prostate arm and the external portion for perineum stimulation. This attachment screws onto the Doxy Die Cast 3R or the Doxy Number 3, so it is only compatible with these two wands.

Le Wand Curve

Le Wand Curve Attachment Square

A completely smooth silicone attachment for G-spot or prostate stimulation. There’s a slight upward curve and a rounded head. This attachment is weighted and very firm. Some people may like a bit more squish, but the firmness and weight enable this attachment to apply more substantial pressure than others. 

There is also a rippled version if you prefer more texture. 

Le Wand Petite Curve

Le Wand Petite Curve Attachment Square

Just like the Le Wand Curve above, but sized for the Le Wand Petite. Again, there’s a rippled version if you prefer more texture.

LuzArte Bubbles

LuzArte Bubbles Attachment Square

A colorful, beaded silicone attachment. The beads are quite flexible, but the silicone itself is still fairly firm. You can use this for G-spot stimulation too, but most people will prefer it for anal stimulation.

PalmPower Below

A G-spot attachment with a really substantial curl. This only fits the PalmPower Rechargeable and is the only purely G-spot attachment available for it (the others are dual-stimulation)

PalmPower Extreme Curl

BMS PalmPower Extreme Curl Attachment Square

This is a G-spot attachment for the PalmPower Extreme Ultrapowerful, though it fits some similarly-sized wand vibrators too. This one is fairly firm but the neck is extremely flexible so it bends out of the way easily. Many will prefer a more rigid attachment for more pressure. 

The Le Wand Petite Curve which is more rigid also fits every wand that the PalmPower Extreme Curl fits. So choose based on your preference for flexibility.

Queen G

Lovehoney Queen G Attachment Square

This is a small G-spot attachment for the Lovehoney Deluxe Mini Wand. It’s got a comfortable flat head and some slight flexibility. This is the only wand attachment that fits the Lovehoney Deluxe Mini and the Bellesa Demi Wand.

Vixen Gee Whiz

Vixen Gee Whiz Attachment Square

This is a really high-quality attachment from Vixen who makes premium silicone dildos. The Gee Whiz’s silicone has just the right amount of squishiness and flexibility. Not too squishy and flexible that you can’t get good pressure. But not too firm and rigid that it’s uncomfortable.

The Gee Whiz’s arm is at a 90 degree angle from the wand vibrator, so this is a good option if you plan to use it on yourself. The Vixen Wanderer (next up) is parallel with the wand and can be more convenient for a partner to use on you.

Vixen Wanderer

Vixen Wanderer Attachment Square

Like the Gee Whiz, the Vixen Wanderer is exceptionally high-quality silicone with the right balance of squishiness and flexibility. This one is more phallic-shaped and the dildo is parallel to the wand vibrator. This can make it easier for a partner to use on you, but more difficult to use on yourself.

Lovense Domi Attachments

Lovense makes two attachments for the Domi – a clitoral / Gspot attachment and a penis / prostate attachment. The first attachment has texture on the outside for more clit stimulation. Whereas the other has a sleeve for penis stimulation. But each has an insertable arm that could really be used for G-spot, anal, or prostate stimulation. I’ve found the penis / prostate attachment fits more loosely than the clitoral / G-spot attachment, but I haven’t had any issues with it staying on.

Dual-Stimulation Wand Attachments

BodyWand Rabbit

Bodywand Rabbit Attachment Square

This dual-stimulation attachment has a fairly firm G-spot arm with a tapered tip – best if you like focused pressure. Some will enjoy the focused stimulation from it, while others will prefer the more diffuse pressure of a rounded end. The neck of the G-spot and clitoral arms are somewhat flexible, but not flimsy. 

Doxy Number 3 Rabbit Attachment

Doxy Number 3 Rabbit Attachment Square

Like the Doxy Prostate attachment, their Rabbit attachment threads directly onto the head of the Doxy Number 3 or 3R. So it’s only compatible with these wands. The texture has a very slight squish, but it’s mostly firm. And there’s not too much flexibility for increased pressure.

Le Wand Petite Dual-Stimulation Attachment

Le Wand Petite Dual Stimulation Attachment Square

This smooth silicone attachment is weighted and firm for improved pressure. The G-spot arm is slightly tapered for a little more focused stimulation. It fits a variety of mini wands.

PalmPower Bliss

BMS Palm Bliss Attachment Square

The PalmPower Bliss only fits the PalmPower Rechargeable and Original. It threads directly onto the plastic threads of the wand. The texture is extremely firm – no squish. This helps it apply better pressure, but can decrease the comfort for some.

Wand Essentials Euphoria

Wand Essentials Euphoria Attachment Square

This dual-stimulation attachment has a fairly thick internal arm that provides a mild stretch, but it tapers down to a fine tip at the end for more focused stimulation. The clitoral arm is broader than other attachments which can help it stay in contact with your clit. It’s fairly firm, but not too much so, and it has some flexibility between the two arms.

Wand Essentials Fluttering Kiss

Wand Essentials Fluttering Kiss Attachment Square

This attachment has a long, somewhat flat G-spot arm with minimal squish. The clitoral arm is a thin layer of silicone that flutters back and forth as the wand vibrates and flaps against your clit. 

Modified Clit Stimulation

Wand Essentials Flutter Tip

Wand Essentials Flutter Tip Attachment Square

This is a clitoral attachment with a long, thin layer of silicone fixed to the attachment at its two ends. As the wand vibrates, the thin silicone flutters back and forth on your clit. There’s also a dual-stimulation version – the Fluttering Kiss.

PleasureWorks Pop Top Textured Caps

PleasureWorks makes several textured caps that fit a variety of wands. Some people enjoy adding texture to the clit stimulation; others don’t get much from it.

Penis Stimulation

Le Wand Loop

Le Wand Loop Attachment Square

This silicone attachment has a flexible loop that curls around your penis. My partner doesn’t personally get much from using the loop over just holding a wand’s head directly to his penis, but some may enjoy it.

Wand Essentials HummingBird

Wand Essentials Hummingbird Attachment Square

This attachment provides a sleeve for penis stimulation (open at each end). My partner finds it more stimulating than the Le Wand Loop. Unlike others attachments in this guide, this one is made of porous material. Though non-toxic, it can harbor bacteria over time and won’t last forever. We never recommend porous materials for inserting into your body (like anal or G-spot stimulation). But there’s some wiggle room for penis toys. Almost all penis toys (like Fleshlights, etc.) are porous, but choose a silicone option if you have skin sensitivities.

Wand Essentials Vibra Cup Penis Masturbator

Wand Essentials Vibra Cup Penis Masturbator Attachment Square

This one is my partner’s preferred penis attachment. It’s a sleeve enclosed on one end that vibrates in contact with your penis head and shaft. It has soft, gentle nubs that softly stimulate the penis. Again, this is a porous material, so see my discussion above.

Wand Attachments for Body-Safety

Pleasure Works Pop Top Smooth Wand Attachment

PleasureWorks Pop Top Smooth Attachment Square

This wand attachment is simply a smooth silicone cap. The main reason to get this is if you have the Magic Wand Original

The Original Hitachi Magic Wand has a porous TPR head that cannot be sanitized. It is the only porous wand we tested. That is one of the main reasons the silicone Magic Wand Plus and Magic Wand Rechargeable are better options. But if you already have the Magic Wand Original, use this cap as a way to provide a body-safe silicone finish for your Magic Wand.

What’s Not Included

Though we have our favorites, we do not rate the quality of wand attachments in this guide. Each wand attachment differs so much from the next and they’re often designed for entirely different purposes, so comparing them is like comparing apples and oranges.

Though quality can vary slightly between attachments, differences tend to be more preference-based than quality-based: for instance, a more firm or more squishy G-spot attachment. It’s most important to find an attachment that provides the stimulation you want, and fits your wand vibrator model.