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Vixen VixSkin Mustang Review – A Comfortable Realistic G-Spot Dildo

Mustang Carmel

Our Verdict


This realistic dual-density dildo is made from very high quality silicone with an especially squishy outer layer and a firm inner core. Its average size and wonderful curve make it a fantastic partner to comfortably hit your favorite spots! It’s hard to find a more realistic feeling dual-density dildo than the Mustang without dishing out a few hundred dollars.


  • Dual-density material’s firm inner core holds its shape well even with hard thrusting
  • The soft outer layer’s squishiness makes it very comfortable even during long play sessions
  • Strong upward curve targets G-spot or P-spot really well
  • Bulbous head tugs at the G-spot or P-spot for great sensations
  • Very realistic look and feel
  • Slightly above average size works great for most people


  • Suction cup is not very strong. It works well on horizontal surfaces but not so well on vertical surfaces
  • Needs a lot of water-based lube or it feels too grippy
  • Some people may want more pressure than the squishy head provides

Table of Contents

The Vixen VixSkin Mustang is one of the most popular choices for people looking for a realistic dildo. But is it truly worth every inch? 

There’s a lot to love about the Mustang (technically a just-above-average amount at 6.5 inches) but is it a good choice for you? Our Vixen Mustang review will help you decide if this dildo is what your body’s been missing. 

What’s the VixSkin Mustang All About?

The Vixen Mustang is a dual-density, 100% Platinum silicone dildo that has a realistic feel and design. The outer Vix-skin layer’s texture is meant to feel like real skin although it does get sticky and requires a lot of lube to mimic the real thing. 

The Mustang is a great dildo for those wanting a realistic experience without spending several hundred dollars for an ultra-realistic dildo like the RealCock toys.

The Vixen Mustang looks like a penis, complete with three different nude flesh tones. But you could also choose funky colors if you prefer a less anatomic look. 

Mustang Tones

There are no testicles which makes it a bit more difficult to hold. But it does have a suction cup base for hands-free fun! 

As far as stimulation goes – the Mustang is best for comfortable G-spot or prostate stimulation. It has a really great upward curve and bulbous head to target those spots. It won’t apply as much pressure as a firm silicone or metal toy, but it’s soft, squishy outer layer provides better comfort for a lot of people. The squish also makes it very comfortable for long play sessions! 

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the Vixen Mustang’s features and see how they measure up.

VixSkin Mustang Review – Features and Benefits

High Quality Body-Safe Silicone Material

The Vixen Mustang is made of 100% Platinum silicone, which is completely body-safe and the highest quality of silicone. You don’t have to worry about getting nasty toxins leached into your body and this silicone will last a long time!

Silicone can retain body heat so it warms up as you play, giving it a more comfortable and life-like feel.


Since silicone is non-porous, the VixSkin Mustang is super easy to clean with soap and water. The Mustang is 100% waterproof so you can submerge it in soapy water to clean or to add a little fun during a relaxing bath.

Comfortable Realistic Texture – Dual Density with VixSkin

One of the main ways the Vixen Creations Mustang feels so real is that it’s one of the best dual density dildos. It has two layers of silicone. The inner layer is a solid firm core to hold its erect shape, with a slight curve that makes this toy great for direct contact with your G-spot or P-spot. The outer layer is the realistic VixSkin flesh-like silicone. The outer layer is soft and squishy which helps it feel more like a real penis, and I find its softness more comfortable internally than firmer silicone. 

There are a lot of advantages to a dual density dildo over a single density. Dual density dildos combine the best parts of firm and soft dildos. Like a firm dildo, they’ll hold their shape well even with hard thrusting. But like a soft dildo it provides a more comfortable and forgiving squishiness in your body!

I find the Mustang’s outer layer even squishier than many other dual-density dildos. That’s a texture I love but people who enjoy harder internal pressure may prefer less squish. 

If you’re wanting to use a dildo in a harness or with a suction cup, it’s a lot easier with dual density toys like the Vixen Mustang. Purely soft dildos can often be too flimsy to go where you want them. But firm dildos can be a bit too much stimulation or pressure when riding hard. A firm inner core with a soft outer layer is a great solution. 

The outer VixSkin layer of the Vixen Mustang tends to get sticky over time. You can use talcum powder to reduce the tackiness. If you’re someone who prefers complete smoothness and slipperiness with your dildo, the Mustang may feel a bit more “grippy” to you.

A Shape Made for All The Best Spots 

For me, the combination of the Mustang’s firm upward curve paired with the soft outer layer is what makes this dildo a great experience (and one which can be heard down the hall).

The Vixen Mustang has a really great upward curve for G-spot or P-spot stimulation. The bulbous head presses and tugs at the G-spot (or P-spot) but with such a squishy softness that I can go a while without it becoming uncomfortable. And the flared base makes it completely safe for anal!

Mustang Carmel Both Sides

Along the shaft, there are multiple realistic veins to add extra stimulation as you ride the dildo. Many people find veins on a firmer silicone dildo too stimulating and distracting. If that sounds familiar, you may enjoy that the softness of the Mustang’s VixSkin layer dampens the veiny texture. You’ll feel them, but not too much!

The Right Size for Most, But Not For All

As far as dildos go, most women can’t find a better sized dildo. This dildo is right about the same size that one study found most women prefer their partner’s penis to be! 

The Vixen Mustang is 6 ½” long so it’s great for beginners who don’t want a very large toy. But it’s still slightly above average so you can take it pretty deep if you want to. It can also be a comfortable warmup for those who prefer larger toys once they’re more turned-on. 

The width of the Mustang is a modest 1 ⅝” so it can provide a full feeling without too much stretching. The Mustang can be a great sized dildo for anal too. Although if you’re new to anal exploration you may want a slimmer model like the Vixen Spur.

If you prefer really deep penetration or a very full feeling the Mustang may not be the best toy for you. Vixen also makes longer models like the Bandit or thicker like the Maverick – each with the same dual-density VixSkin material. 

Overall, the Mustang is the size and width of a slightly above average penis.

Hands-Free Riding… Kind Of

There’s a suction cup base on the Vixen Mustang for hands-free fun but it’s not the strongest suction cup dildo. It holds well when you stick it on a horizontal surface like a floor or a chair. But you may find it a bit more finicky trying to stick it to vertical surfaces like the shower wall or a headboard. 

If you love the Mustang’s shape, but really want strong suction on all surfaces you could try this solution – Vixen’s Woody is about the same size and shape as the Vixen Mustang but with a hole for an insertable bullet vibe. You can insert the Tantus suction base instead of a bullet vibe and Voila – you can enjoy the Mustang’s familiar shape with better suction! There is a tradeoff  though – the Vixen Woody is NOT dual-density so it doesn’t have the same wonderful squish of the Vixen Mustang. But then again, you can put a vibrator in it so maybe it’s a fair trade!

Vixen WoodyTantus Suction Cup

All in all – the Vixen Mustang is a great dildo for those who want comfortable, stimulating G-spot or P-spot pressure from a realistic dildo! If you enjoy squishy dildos, you’ll enjoy this. If you haven’t tried a dual-density dildo with a squishy outer layer, the Mustang is a great place to start!

Mustang Carmel

Vixen Mustang Alternatives

There are some great alternatives to the Vixen Mustang too. Some are less expensive toys and others provide subtle variations to satisfy particular needs the Mustang may miss for some people.    

Affordable Mustang Alternative – Blush Neo Elite Dual Density Dildo

If you’re looking for a more affordable toy that hits many of the same notes as the Mustang, the Blush Neo Elite line may be a good option for you. There are four models – with and without balls and various lengths. Each is model is dual density, 100% Platinum silicone so it will hold it’s shape but has a softer outer layer. The Blush Neo Elite isn’t as squishy as the Mustang. Fans of firmer textures may prefer it and will feel the ridges and veins of this toy more. But if you came for the Mustang’s squish, this toy may not be for you. 


Despite the neon colors, this dildo has a realistic shape, including bulging veins and a bulbous head with a retracted foreskin. 

The dimensions of the Neo Elite are similar to the Mustang, with a total length of 7 ½” but only 5 ½” is insertable compared to 6 ½” of the Mustang. The width is a bit less, with a size of 1 ½” instead of 1 ¾” of the Mustang. Since the Neo Elite is a bit less squishy than the Mustang, it still provides a good full feeling even though it’s a bit less wide.

The Blush Neo-Elite’s suction base is where this toy beats the Mustang. This is one of the strongest suction cup dildos I’ve found. You should have no trouble sticking it most places. It’s also harness compatible if you want to get your kink on with a partner. 

The attached testicles also provide a great hand-hold making this toy really easy to grip and maneuver inside you by hand. 

For the price, the Blush Neo-Elite is a great alternative to the Vixen Mustang.

Blush Neo-Elite vs Vixen Mustang

  • More affordable dildo
  • Stronger suction cup dildo
  • Less realistic looking (brightly colored)
  • Less realistic feeling (less squish)
  • Ridges, veins, and textures feel more pronounced since it’s outer layer is firmer  

More Distinct Head – Uberrime Supero

The Uberrime Supero is another dual density dildo that’s made of two layers of platinum silicone to give you a firm erect shape and a soft squishy feel. Again, it’s a bit less squishy than the Mustang, but squishier than the Neo-Elite.

Uberrime Supero

The tapered head inserts easily and provides great pinpoint stimulation. The bulbous head is slightly wider than the shaft for delicious sensations from the ridged, retracted foreskin tip. The more pronounced mushroom cap head tugs at the G-spot or P-spot really well!

Along the straight shaft run raised, bulgy veins that you do need to use a bit more lube with than the Mustang to not feel too much “grip.”

The Supero has a flared base and comes in multiple flesh tones. You can use this toy vaginally or anally and with a compatible harness. However, the Uberrime Supero doesn’t have a suction cup. 

The size of this toy has 7” of insertable length, with a diameter of 1.59” and a circumference of 5.5”, making it slightly larger than the Vixen Mustang. If a slightly larger toy appeals to you, you might prefer the Uberrime Supero.   

Uberrime Supero Size

Uberrime Supero vs Vixen Mustang

  • More tapered head for easier insertion and more “pinpoint” stimulation
  • Firmer outer layer of silicone
  • Supero’s head is more pronounced giving great tugging pressure to G-spot
  • Less highly curved than Mustang 

Larger Mustang Alternative – Vixen Maverick

Another great Vixen Mustang alternative is the VixSkin Maverick – also manufactured by Vixen. This is a dual density dildo topped by realistic Vixskin material for a great lifelike feel. 


The Maverick is great for those who prefer a more “filled-up” feeling than the Mustang gives. The Vixen Maverick is has a total length of 8” (7” insertable) and a very filling 2” width. Those who want more pressure from the squishiness of the Mustang’s head will find that with the Maverick. Even with the squishy comfortable VixSkin layer, the Maverick provides substantial pressure from its size.

The Maverick is a smoother texture than the Mustang which can help it slide easily. It’s slight curve provides great stimulation for your P-spot or G-spot. And the dramatic ridge of the bulbous head provides extra sensations for a more intense pleasure. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a larger, wider dual-density dildo, you’re sure to enjoy the Vixen Maverick.

Vixen Maverick vs Vixen Mustang

  • Maverick is larger in both length and width for a more full feeling
  • Good pressure with good squish
  • Smoother texture than the Mustang
  • More bulbous head 

Final Thoughts

If your ready to step-up the realism and comfort of your sex toys, the Vixen Creations Mustang is one of the best realistic g-spot dildos at a reasonable price. Try it and see what all the squish is about.  


Mustang Carmel

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