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Vibease Review

Vibease Panty Vibe and App

Our Verdict


The Vibease is an app controlled clitoral panty vibrator that can sync its vibes with erotica in the Vibease app. It’s not the most comfortable to wear outside the bedroom, but does have a really strong motor that directs power to your clit very well. It can be used in public places that have enough sound going on around you, but I have had some disconnections with this toy.

For fans of erotica, the Vibease could be a good option – but you’ll need to be prepared to search through a lot of cheesy stories to find some gems. 

For those of you interested in the Vibease for public play or long-distance partner play – I’d recommend the Lovense Ferri instead! It has a more secure fit and maintains better connection with the app. And the long distance experience in Lovense’s app is better.

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  • Strong vibrations that get directed to your clit really well
  • App control is very simple to learn and use – just one main screen 
  • Ability to sync vibes with erotica


  • Does not stay in place well while walking around
  • Not very comfortable
  • Unreliable connectivity particularly in long-distance play
  • App does not provide much control variety
  • Erotica is not very high-quality

Table of Contents

My quest to explore all the world’s best vibrating panties recently brought me to the Vibease.

This Bluetooth vibrator inserts into your panties and can be controlled with your phone. Its claim to fame is that the app houses erotic audio stories that will sync up with the vibrations. It also allows for long-distance partner connection and control-sharing.

Vibease and App

I’ve really immersed myself in wearable panty vibrators like this for the past several months and wanted to give an honest review of the Vibease. Especially in the context of all the other great panty vibes out there. 

So after playing around with this toy and checking out what some other fellow users say, I’ve put together a few thoughts in this Vibease review to help you in your decision!

How Good Is the Vibease App

There’s two main reasons people show up for the Vibease App – Bluetooth Vibe Control and Erotica!

How to Use the Vibease – Control Options

When it comes to controlling this toy via app, there’s really only two control modes:

  1. Quick Play which provides a real time touch screen to change your vibrations.
  2. Fantasy Mode which syncs preset vibration patterns to erotic audiostories available in the app (free and paid stories)

Quick Play mode is for when you’re out and about, or simply want easy control of your Vibease. You don’t want to hook it up to audio. You just want to get vibing!

Vibease Panty Vibrator App Control

On the Quick Play screen, you can tap around or drag your finger to change your vibes. Swiping left to right on the touch screen changes the vibrations from low to high-powered. Then starting at the bottom, you’ll get sparse, slow vibes. Or drag your finger up to the top of the screen and you’ll get quicker, more constant waves.

The Vibease control panel is easily the simplest of any of the app controlled toys I’ve tried. No fancy bells and whistles – just one screen with two options to change (speed and power).

You don’t have complete control to create intricate and detailed patterns like you would with some other apps – but if you care more about simplicity than extremely versatile control of your patterns, the Vibease app will be up your alley.

I personally enjoy creating fun patterns in other apps. One of my favorites for this is the Lovense app which I use to control my Lovense Ferri panty vibrator. It’s got WAY more control options available, though the app doesn’t have erotica. 

For a more immersive sensory experience with your Vibease, head over to “Fantasy Mode” to sync your panty vibrator up to erotica. Here, you’ll ALSO see this little Control Panel screen, but it’s supposed to sync your Vibease up with the story as well.

There are different preset vibe patterns that your vibrator will automatically shuffle through as your story plays. The vibration power of these patterns increases or decreases based on what’s happening in the story. But the pattern that plays seems to be selected at random.

Those preset vibe patterns can be changed if you’re not a huge fan of what’s already there. There’s 11 of them! Drag the bars up and down to create the pattern you’d like your vibe to follow.

Vibease Pattern Creation

If you need a break from the auto-playing pattern, you can go ahead and tap on the panel below to get the vibes right at the level you’re needing in that moment.

Vibease Erotic Audio in App

Bottom Line:

You don’t have a ton of control over every detail of your vibes in the Vibease app. But it’s got a very simple touch screen to control speed and power. And it can sync to erotica which is a pretty unique feature I haven’t seen in any other vibrators- but it’s definitely finicky. 

But if a simple remote control system is your goal, the Vibease app may be for you.

Vibease Erotica

Now let’s chat more about these stories meant to get you hot and ready (a call out to my Little Caesar’s fans out there).

As a quick preface: I’m not personally a huge erotic audio fan. Reading or watching are more in my wheelhouse. So my opinions on the Vibease erotica may not hold a ton of weight. But I’ve made sure to do my homework, and I can tell you what others think too.

Alright here it is: I really didn’t like a lot of the erotic audio that I found in this app. Most of what I came across was really cheesy and distracting to me. Lots with poor sound quality, really forced acting, or really over-emphasized sound-effects. (Like, please god stop making such loud sucking sounds).

And it’s not just me – about 80 percent of the customer reviews I read which mentioned the audiobooks used words like “creepy”, “awkward”, “cringy” etc to describe it.

I also found that there were not a ton of options, and about half of them you have to pay for by buying credits in the app. I did not purchase any, but did listen to the previews of some of the pay-only ones – still was not impressed (or turned on).

Vibease Erotica Cost

I’m not saying it’s all bad. Just know, you’ll have to spend some time sifting through a fair bit of cheese to find a diamond in the rough.

I don’t actually know of any other toys that do incorporate erotica into their app. So if you’re primarily looking for a way to sync vibes with erotica – the Vibease may be the toy for you. 

You CAN also record your own audio to sync with your Vibease. So if you don’t want to spend time searching to find erotica you enjoy – you can find your favorite clips of a book and record your own voice or a partner’s voice to listen to! 

There’s also an option to add your own music to your Erotica Library. If you play the song, it will auto-fill the vibes based on the sound of it. OR you can try to tap out your own pattern.

I tried to save my own pattern over a song in my library a couple of times, and each time, it either changed the pattern significantly, or just seemed to disregard my pattern and revert back to vibrating based on the sound of the music.

If you ARE able to get this to work for you, it may be a nice alternative to the lower-quality erotica on the app. You could theoretically save some higher-quality content from other sites, and save your own vibe pattern in coordination with it.

Vibease Music or Voice Record

Otherwise you may be better off, grabbing another toy like the Lovense Ferri, and pulling up your favorite erotic audio. If you want to learn more about the Ferri and see it in action I have a video on the Ferri below.

Bottom Line:

If you’re buying the Vibease with the erotic stories in mind, be prepared to spend time sifting through the content to find something you like. You may also need to pay for some of the better audiobooks. Recording your own audio, OR using a different toy while you have another erotica app playing may be better.

Vibease Long Distance Feature

The most POPULAR feature of this toy seems to be the Long Distance use.

Of the reviews that I read, 50% of reviewers purchased primarily for Long Distance Play. And 77% of those had positive experiences.

Before we get into the thick of it though, I think that the positive spin I noticed in these reviews is because many users had never experienced long-distance toys before. So they didn’t have much to compare it to.

But let’s chat specifics.

Connecting is pretty simple – each of you has to create a profile, and then you can search for your partner by typing in your “Partner’s Nickname”. This will send a request to them that they’ll just need to accept.

Vibease Add Partner

When I tried this long-distance feature out, I was primarily interested in the control-sharing and the video chat features. Text chat, voice call, photo-sending, and sharing voice-recordings are also possible!

Vibease Long Distance Chat

The toy control sharing worked out OK. Your partner has to request access to your toy – you can’t send them access as far as I’ve seen. My partner did find that he had to press “Request to Control” a few times, and exit out of the chat then re-enter before it actually went through. Sometimes it would say “request sent” but I hadn’t received anything on my end. It wasn’t quite as quick and easy as our Lovense toys, but we got connected!

The vibe control that your partner will be presented with is actually different from the main Control Panel I showed earlier. It’s actually just the 11 different Vibe patterns that they can play for you by sliding the little bar along the bottom of the screen. Far left toggles Pattern 1, then far right toggles Pattern 11.

Vibease Long Distance Control

The little square shown here doesn’t control anything – it flashes to give you a visual of how the vibes feel to your partner. It’s not as strong of feedback as apps like Lovense where you can actually see the waveform of your partner’s vibes, but it’s nice to have some form of feedback!

After giving up control of my Vibease, we tried out video chatting in the app. We had more serious problems with this. The actual call went through ok – though we again experienced clicking “Video Call” several times before the call actually went through. Once you’re connected, you can chat like a regular Facetime – the call is a bit delayed though, even with great phone reception.

The real problem came in trying to give my partner control of the toy. Your partner SHOULD be able to just click the little touch/screen button in the top right in order to take control of your toy. Every time we tried this, the request said it was sent on his end, but I never received any notification to confirm his request and he never actually gained access.

Vibease Lond Distance Video Chat

After playing around for about 15 minutes, we were able to get simultaneous video-chat and toy-control going this way:

First my partner sent a regular “Request to Control” the toy, THEN I sent a Video Call request, THEN once we were in the call, he clicked the top control-request button.

This is the ONLY time we were able to get this to work.

This experience was really unusual to me, because I’ve had such great success with long-distance chatting and simultaneous toy-sharing with Lovense Toys. In the Lovense App, calls or toy control sharing notifications are instant. I’ve never experienced the invite NOT going through, which seemed to happen more times than not on the Vibease. Lovense also automatically provides your partner with toy-control when you accept their video call, so that extra step is simply eliminated.

If you do successfully get video and toy sharing going in the Vibease App, the control feature is more like the traditional control panel. But it has a split screen so you can still see each other!

Vibease Video Call

Bottom Line:

There are many great theoretical features available. But the real kicker is that sending of call or control invites seems to only go through about 30% of the time. Overall, lots of glitches and not very easy to use. We’ve had much better LDR experiences with our Lovense toys – both the Lush 3 (review) and Ferri (review) would be good options for a wearable long distance toy.

Vibease Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity can make or break an app-experience, so let’s talk about how this functions with the Vibease. There’s really two main ways your toy and phone need to stay connected: during Short-Range Play, and in Long Distance Mode.

There’s also the initial pairing – connecting the app with to your panty vibe to start your session. With the Vibease, I’ve found that most times, you can turn the toy into pairing mode (hold button 5 seconds) and then click “Connect to Device”, and it will pair within seconds.

How to Connect Vibease to App

I have had occasional troubles getting connected. At times, the app just refused to pair at all. But after playing around, I was able to solve this by going into my phone’s bluetooth settings, clicking “Forget This Device” next to the Vibease, and THEN reconnecting.

So some occasional difficulties, but overall the app connected to the toy fairly reliably. And if it stops – forget the device, and then reconnect.

Vibease Short Range Connectivity

Once you pair with your toy, you can take it out and about with you for some discreet public play. I’ve found that once the Vibease connects to the app, this toy stays connected pretty reliably. It’s stayed connected better for me than the We-Vibe Moxie panty vibrator, but still less reliably than my personal favorite panty vibe – the Lovense Ferri

On occasion, the Vibease will disconnect after a lull in use, but I’ve always been able to reconnect by just pressing “Connect to Device” in the app. I have not needed to actually re-launch the toy by sticking my hands down there and pressing the button again – which DOES happen on some other toys which can be very annoying. None of that with the Vibease!

Some Vibease owners have noted that it disconnects for them if the phone and toy get too much distance between them. A few have reported disconnections as soon as 2-5 feet, but this hasn’t been the case for me. I’ve actually found that the Vibease stays pretty well connected until about 30 feet in-between (which is not bad as far as remote control toys go!) 

Vibease Long Distance Connectivity

So I already mentioned that 77% of the reviews were positive from folks who primarily used the toy for the long distance feature. The other 23% of that story are the people who had connectivity issues in Long Distance Mode. 

Vibease Reviews

I personally tried this feature out a few times and did notice the main disconnection issue seemed to be that my invites did not go through to my partner about 70% of the time and vice-a-versa. This made it really hard to share the toy’s control – ESPECIALLY when trying to video-chat at the same time.

I’ve experienced connectivity issues with other brands too, but I’ve had GREAT success with Lovense toys’ connectivity. If you’re short-fused with technology troubles, you may really appreciate one of their similar toys like the Ferri panty vibrator. My partner and I are consistently able to easily connect and stay connected in Lovense’s Long Distance mode.

Bottom Line:

This toy has a fairly reliable connection in nearby bluetooth mode (up to about 30 feet). Getting connected in short range isn’t as seamless as it is with our Lovense toys, but it does the job without much hassle. 

About 77% of the customers who bought the Vibease for long distance mode were satisfied, but about 23% had issues with long distance mode connectivity. That was my experience as well. If you’re primarily wanting to use this toy to connect long distance, I’d really recommend the Lovense Ferri over the Vibease.

Vibease Vibrations 

When it comes to hands-free play, GOOD VIBES are very important. Both the range of power AND the quality of the vibrations are big factors on whether I’ll keep coming back to the toy!

Vibease Vibration Power

The power on this toy is actually pretty dang strong for a wearable vibe! It’s not quite at the TOP of what I’ve seen in wearable toys (Lovense Ferri is a touch stronger), but pretty near the top. The design of it also really directs all those vibes directly against your clit, so power queens will probably enjoy this one. 

It’s range from low to high power is pretty wide, but it does err on the strong side. So if you tend to prefer the lower settings, you might not love this one.

Vibease Vibration Quality

Vibrators tend to range between feeling buzzy or rumbly. This toy is definitely towards the buzzier side on the highest levels, but you can get more rumbly vibes on low. 

To me buzzy toys feel great for more pinpoint-stimulation because the feeling stays more on the surface. Personally I think I can usually last longer with buzzy vibes too. If you’re someone who prefers really deep rumbly vibes you may prefer the We-Vibe Moxie panty vibrator! 

Bottom Line:

The feel of this toy is pretty strong and fairly buzzy. I think it does a great job of directing the vibes to your clit, and that’s really important for all wearable toys. I can definitely orgasm well from the power of the Vibease.

Is the Vibease Comfortable?

The quick answer is – kinda.

The Vibease is a different shape than many of its competitors. It’s bigger for one thing, and it does not magnetically connect to your underwear like the Moxie and Ferri – so it doesn’t stay as securely in place. 

It also has a pretty pronounced spot that juts out to press more directly against the clitoris.

Now I’ll be honest – it took me three attempts to figure out how to correctly wear the Vibease. I first thought this pointed end sat near the vagina, with the wider, round section near the clit. Then I read that this nub was designed to press into the clit, and flipped it around.

Finally, I realized it’s supposed to sit with the nub against your clit, and the rounded top up against your pubic bone.

Vibease Insertion

That little point definitely does help direct more pressure and vibes where you want them, but it also can make the toy a bit uncomfortable at times. And, since this toy does not magnetically secure into place, it usually ends up slipping down into Position A (my first failed attempt) if I’m moving around a lot. The toy is just a bit too large to easily stay in the front pouch of my panties like it’s supposed to.

I definitely found it less comfortable and far less secure than the the Lovense Ferri panty vibe. The Ferri is still designed to direct more pressure and vibes where it counts – but it’s nub to direct the vibes to your clit is less pointy, and I found it MUCH more comfortable than the Vibease. Plus it secures in place with a strong magnet, so once you have it in position – it’s not going anywhere.

Vibease Vs Ferri

Bottom Line:

The Vibease does give great clit-pressure when set right, but it easily falls out of place when walking around – especially since it rests loosely in the small front pouch of a lot of panties. The size and jutting-out nub can also cause slight discomfort. If comfort is your main goal, you might want to look elsewhere at the Ferri or Moxie.

Vibease Noise Level

Discreet public play is one of the features I take advantage of the most with wearable panty vibrators. So a low noise level is VITAL.

I took the Vibease out to a quiet coffee shop and a chill bar to test it out. I found that the mid-level vibrations could definitely be heard at the quiet cafe when I was sitting on a couch. At the chill bar, we could not hear this on the highest setting, but my partner could FEEL the vibrations through the floor. My seat in this scenario was a tall, uncushioned wood and metal bar chair. 

The size of this and the positioning make for easily transferable vibes – especially on hard surfaces. A smaller toy like the Lovense Ferri tends to transfer less, while still delivering the same power. And if you’re really concerned about noise, the We-Vibe Chorus (review here) is the quietest wearable vibe I’ve tried.

Bottom Line:

This is not the quietest vibrator, though you could probably get away with the sound level in most restaurants with music playing and other ambient noise. Watch out for the feel of the vibes with this toy though and try to choose more cushioned chairs.

Vibease Battery Life

This toy is rechargeable through a tiny port on the end.

Vibease Charging Port

The Vibease boasts up to 3 hours of play! So far I have not had a session that ended quicker than expected (though I do make sure to charge each time between uses). 

As with most toys like this, if you’re using more consistent, high-powered vibes, the battery will die quicker. But so far I’ve been pretty pleased with the battery life!

Bottom Line:

Good battery life and pretty comparable to other toys like this!

Vibease Alternatives

If you came to the Vibease primarily for sneaky public play OR the long-distance connection capabilities, I would recommend the Lovense Ferri instead.

The Ferri is actually my favorite long distance / public play toy at the moment. It’s a small and very powerful panty vibrator that stays in place much better than the Vibease. It also has a really easy-to-use app that connects much more consistently. 

Ferri vs Vibease Secure Fit

The long-distance connection with the Ferri is reliable, and you can do almost all the same things plus more as you chat from across the world! Text, voice call, video chat, share toy control and even send vibe patterns.

If you came to the Vibease for the Erotic stories – the Vibease is really the only toy that truly syncs with the actual content of the erotica. But you’ll have to spend time sifting through cheezy stories to find some good ones.

Another option is to go with the Lovense Ferri (in my opinion the better panty vibe) and use it while you listen to your own erotica.

With the Ferri’s app, you can play audio that you’ve downloaded on your phone or from Spotify. You can queue up some erotica that you KNOW is good, sit back, and enjoy. The toy will vibrate based on the audio’s sound. So even though it’s not responding to the WORDS, it’ll still coordinate with the sound. Or you could queue up a vibration pattern you enjoy and ride it out as you listen to your favorite erotic stories.

The non-sale price of the Ferri is about the same as the Vibease, but you can often catch it at a discount!

For more info, head to my full Lovense Ferri review.

Final Thoughts

The Vibease is definitely different from other wearable clit vibrators out there. The incorporation of erotica is a fun idea, and the shape is set up in a way that delivers really good clit stimulation backed by strong power.

Overall though, I did not find most of the erotic stories on the app to be very enjoyable – be prepared to spend time searching for the good ones. 

The app control is really simple and easy to learn, but it lacks the versatility of other brands like Lovense. If you want something really easy to use, you may enjoy Vibease’s control style. I myself enjoy a little more creative control!

I also found the toy itself to be less comfortable than other panty vibes like the Ferri.

Since many people considering this product are looking to use the Vibease in long-distance relationships, it’s also important to mention that the connectivity for long-distance was not very reliable.

The power is awesome, but I have found the Lovense Ferri to deliver just as well in the power-arena while also doing GREAT with a lot of the other features the Vibease seems to struggle with (comfort, secure fit, reliable app, more complete control of vibrations).

I’d mostly go with the Vibease if you’re really interested in the erotica and okay with searching for something you enjoy.

Vibease Panty Vibe and App

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