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VeDO Niki Review

VeDO Niki In Hand

Our Verdict


The VeDO Niki has quickly become one of my favorite vibrating panties. It’s one of just two panty vibrators strong enough to make me orgasm hands-free, is exceptionally comfortable, and maintains easy, reliable connection with its remote. Not to mention that it somehow manages to be one of the quietest panty vibrators while remaining one of the most powerful. You won’t have quite as detailed control of the vibes or range as you would with an app controlled toy like the Lovense Ferri (review here). But the VeDO Niki is my personal favorite remote control panty vibrator.

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  • Great rumbly vibrations
  • Very powerful vibrations
  • Better control than many remote-controlled toys provide
  • Quick, easy, and reliable connection with the remote
  • Great design that directs the vibrations really well to your clit
  • The most comfortable panty vibrator I’ve tried
  • Secure fit
  • Exceptionally quiet – especially for how strong it is
  • 1-1.5 hours of battery life


  • Not as much control as an app-controlled toy provides
  • Remote requires a non-rechargeable battery
  • Mostly high-powered vibes may be too much for those who prefer low-power
  • Not as long of a battery life as some

Table of Contents

I recently purchased the VeDO Niki Panty Vibrator and am happily reporting back on my decision!

If you’ve been considering the VeDO Niki, you may already know that it’s a rechargeable clitoral panty vibrator that’s controlled by a remote and magnetically secures to any pair of your panties. The VeDO Niki is great for discreet public play with a partner or on your own!

VeDO Niki Panty Vibrator and Remote Control

Now here’s the thing, I’ve tried A LOT of the best vibrating panties, and remote-controlled options aren’t usually my favorite – I usually like app controlled toys for public play. 

But in the case of the Niki: 

I am very enthusiastically reporting back on this one

So in this VeDo Niki review we’ll dig into the details of how this toy become one of my favorite remote control vibrators. And hopefully we can determine whether it will treat you just as well!

VeDO Niki Vibrations

One of the most important aspects of a wearable toy – THE VIBES. This is truly why all of us are here!

I like to emphasize how especially important good vibes are for a hands-free toy because – guess what – your hands can’t do any of the work. It’s ALL riding on what this little motor can do for you.

There’s a few things that play into the performance:

  1. Vibe Quality – what the vibes feel like
  2. Vibe Power – the power level, range, AND how well-designed the toy is to get those vibes to your clit – where it counts
  3. Vibe Patterns – are they gonna put you IN the mood or take you WAY out

Niki Vibration Power

The VeDO Niki has a vibe range that’s not QUITE as wide as my favorite toy – the Lovense Ferri. 

But it’s pretty dang close. 

And here’s a cold hard fact: I’ve tried a LOT of panty-vibrators. And I’ve only been able to orgasm hands-free with the VeDO Niki and the Lovense Ferri.

Compared to other vibrating panties, the VeDO Niki starts on a mid to high level power (so maybe not for the extra-sensitive). From there, it powers up to ALMOST the highest level I’ve seen in a panty vibrator, but not quite ALL the way there.

Keep in mind though – that rumbliness that I mentioned above can really start to feel strong. I would say this toy will best serve the power-loving friends!

Another KEY aspect to this toy is that it’s designed really well by letting your own body weight press the toy pretty hard (but comfortably) against your clit. So you feel the FULL power of this panty vibrator. 

You have a lot more control with the Niki than you’d expect for being a hands-free toy. That’s because the lower part of the Niki’s curve sits low enough that when you shift your weight around (when sitting), you can direct just how hard or soft the tip is pressing into your clit.

VeDO Niki Design

This toy offers a lot of power and great control of how that power gets directed!

VeDO Niki Vibe Quality: Buzzy or Rumbly

The difference between rumbly and buzzy vibrations is kind of hard to describe, and it may even be hard to put your finger on if you don’t have many comparisons. So I’ll do my best to paint you a picture:

Buzzy vibrations are more high-pitched, and seem to hit more surface level to me. I think they can feel a little less intense than rumbly vibes. 

RUMBLES on the other hand go pretty deep. I think they have more of that punch that really shouts “intensity”. I can usually last longer with buzzy vibes before I start to feel fatigued, though other people have said the same about rumbly vibes.

VeDO Niki Rumbly Vibrations

I personally like a mix between rumbly and buzzy, but maybe leaning just slightly towards buzzy. 

The Niki is RUMBLY. Which was a little different than my usual preference! But I’ll tell ya – I didn’t mind it! And my rumble-loving pals will be pleased. Alongside the We-Vibe Tango X, a handheld bullet vibrator, the VeDO Niki has some of the most rumbly vibes you’ll find in a toy this small!

Niki Vibration Patterns

The Niki has 10 different patterns that you can cycle through from the remote, OR by pressing the button on the toy. There’s a few classics like the quick pulse, slow wave, and of course – the constant vibration.

You can raise or lower the intensity of each of these patterns from the remote – there are 6 different power levels.

Bottom Line: VeDO Niki Vibrations 

These vibes are really enjoyable – very rumbly and strong. The toy is also set up REALLY well to deliver those vibes firmly and directly where it counts – in fact, it’s one of just two vibrating panties that can bring me to orgasm hands-free. The Niki will be well-loved by those thirsting for power! I was happy with it’s selection of patterns too! The only folks I would NOT recommend this to based on the vibrations are those who know they love buzzy vibes OR those who prefer low powered vibrations.

VeDO Niki Remote: Controlling Your Toy

The Niki connects quite quickly and easily with its remote by just holding the toy’s button for a few seconds, and then pressing the power button once on the remote.

VeDo Niki Power Buttons

The power button serves two functions – the first is to connect the toy OR to turn off vibrations by holding the button down again. But then while the toy is connected, you can tap the power button to cycle through the 10 vibration patterns on the remote panty vibrator.

It’s pretty easy and straightforward! The only bummer about remote toys is that you have to cycle through every single pattern on a loop before you find the one you want. You can’t click “backwards” if you pass up the one you want!

But you can increase or decrease the intensity of each pattern on the VeDO Niki – something that most vibrating panties surprisingly lack. 

This gives it an edge over some other toys – many of them only stay at ONE intensity level for each pattern. Above and below the power/pattern button are “+” and “-” buttons that give you the chance to tap higher or lower through 6 levels.

VeDO Niki Remote Control Vibrating Panties

Bottom Line: VeDO Niki Remote

This remote is easy to connect, and gives a good amount of control over intensity since you can power up or down. Unfortunately, there’s no left or right button to cycle through patterns, so it’s a full 10-pattern loop. If you want more control ability, the Moxie has a more complex remote, OR any app-controlled toy like the Lovense Ferri (my personal favorite vibrating panty) will give you all the control you could possibly want!

VeDO Niki Connectivity

Connectivity is another huge make or break factor when it comes to a toy for public play. Fortunately when it comes to panty vibrators – remote-controls are often easier to connect than an app.

The Niki connects to its remote very quickly and easily – I’ve never had any trouble!

When it comes to staying connected, I’ve also had only great experiences. 

As long as this toy is turned on, I can easily change patterns, toggle between levels, and stop or restart the vibrations without any hesitation. 

As with most toys, it has an automatic shut-off that will save the battery if it’s left inactive though. So just make sure your pauses aren’t too long.

When it comes to how far you can separate the toy and remote, I’ve only found it to be reliable until about 60 feet away. 

Which is still a pretty reasonable distance! 

But there are some like the Lovense Ferri that can go MUCH further. If you’re looking for some across-the-room action, you may be limited as to JUST how far across the room you can go.

VeDO Niki Connectivity Range Compared to Lovense Ferri

Bottom Line: VeDO Niki Connectivity

The Niki has quick and reliable connectivity that should be no hassle for any user! It does disconnect after about 60 feet, so the only ones I would advise away are those who hope for some fun from quite a distance.

Wearing the VeDO Niki – Is It Comfortable?

Comfort is not a HUGE deal to everyone, but IT IS TO ME! 

My partner can attest to my need to be in a comfortable seat, at the right temperature, and not wearing painful shoes or tight pants etc. And this theme with me extends to my sex toys too. 

I like a toy that I barely notice – except for the vibes. 

So let’s dish – is the Vedo Niki comfortable?

Niki Overall Comfortability

This toy is one of the larger ones I’ve seen, but the design of it is awesome

It doesn’t feel bulky at all. In fact, large size and the smoothness of its curve distribute the pressure more evenly than other vibrating panties making it one of, if not THE most comfortable toy I’ve worn. 

VeDO Niki Vibrating Panties Comparison

It sits pretty far underneath you too, so it really can’t be seen through your outfit at all!

This toy does get a little warm from the motor if you’re using it continuously. I’ve experienced this with other toys too, and it’s never a bother to me because I tend to run cold. BUT if that sounds like a summer nightmare to you, be aware!

VeDO Niki Secure Fit

One thing that’s also really important in panty vibrators is how securely they fit. And the importance of a secure fit extends BEYOND the fact that you don’t want it falling out on the floor mid-cha-cha.

It’s also really important because if it’s not firmly pressed against you, it just can’t direct the vibes well. The vibes just kind of feel annoying if your panty vibrator isn’t snug against you. And don’t even THINK about trying to stand or walk with a loose toy because it’s WAY loud when it’s not pressed tight against your body.

The magnet that holds this toy isn’t the strongest – it’s definitely not the pinnacle of magnet science that the Lovense Ferri’s magnet is. 

But I’ve still never had any issues with the VeDO Niki panty vibrator shifting around or slipping loose.

The shape of it just sits so nicely in my panties (even a thong) that it doesn’t seem to ever budge. I’ve even tried it without the magnet and it doesn’t move. 

VeDO Niki Magnetically Secured to Underwear

And I’ve already mentioned how delightfully this toy presses against my clit, but it’s forever worth mentioning again: This makes a HUGE impact on how intensely I feel the vibes.

Niki Adjustability

The Niki advertises it’s “adjustability”, which is sort of true. The toy does have some nice hinges that are really bendy, which adds a lot to the comfort. But the hinges don’t stay in place. 

It’s sort of like a screen door that will move if you press on it, but it will slide back into its standard place when there’s no pressure on it.

VeDO Niki Flexible Panty Vibrator

But the extra squish in the head does make the VeDo Niki even more comfortable!

Bottom Line: VeDO Niki Comfort and Secure Fit

This toy is comfort TO THE MAX. I’ve also found it to fit VERY securely, even though the magnet is a weak little shrimp. I can’t think of a single person who I would dissuade from getting this toy based on the comfort. 

If comfort is your jam – the Niki is your jam!

VeDO Niki Noise Level

If you’re planning on using your vibrating panties in public – and let’s be honest, of course you are – noise level is something you’ll definitely want to consider before you make your panty vibrator pick. 

A loud toy can really limit where you can wear it, or how high you can power-up. When I’m wearing a toy out and about, I want to be EXTRA sure that I can’t be heard at all.

I’ve found that all panty-vibrators will slide by completely undetected in a bar, and most can in a pretty quiet restaurant too. The key is ambient background noise. As long as there is some chatter, music playing, or even the heat or air running, you’ll be just fine.

You’ll really want a quieter toy once you get into some quieter situations though, or if you’re at a location with frequent lulls in the sound.

I tested ALL of my vibrating panties to figure out the decibel level of each one. I used an app on my phone and tested each one on the lowest vibe level, AND the highest vibe level. 

Out of ALL of them, the Niki had the LOWEST noise levels. Even though it’s one of the stronger vibes. Listen to how it compares to the Lovense Ferri in the video below – both toys top power is nearly the same.

At the weakest power, it was at 30 dB, and at the highest power, only 34dB.

Now if you don’t speak in decibels – don’t worry, because usually I don’t either. 

So I ran another test!

I took the Niki to four different locations and brought my partner along to test out when he could start to hear each panty vibrator. At each place, he sat 3-6 feet away.

Here’s a quick display of our results for the VeDO Niki. Or for our full test results you’ll have to check out the noise results in our guide to the best vibrating panties.

Niki Sound Levels

First we tested it out at our house with NO AC or music on – just an occasional bird chirp. Here, I could actually get away with the first half of the levels without him even realizing I had turned the toy on – a feat only one other panty vibrator was able to manage.

Next, we tried the same scenario, just with the AC on. With this scenario, he never did end up hearing the toy. Even all the way up to the highest noise level. In fact, my partner was sitting across the room while I tested the toy out again to refresh before writing this section. 

I was able to orgasm from the VeDO Niki’s vibes without him even knowing I’d turned it on.

At a local coffee shop, we tried it again and found the toy to be completely undetectable noise-wise. So just for good measure, we tested the fourth location – a brewery. 

And the Niki was completely silent in the louder environment as expected.

Bottom Line: VeDO Niki Noise Level

The Niki is the absolute quietest panty-vibrator that I’ve tried, and you can basically wear it anywhere. It’s the quietest sound that you’ll find for the surprisingly-high power of vibes! It’s great for anyone who wants a lot of power at a discreet noise level.

VeDO Niki Battery Life

A good battery life on a toy is KIND of a big deal. The experience of a toy dying on you after all the work you put in is worthy of a revenge-era Taylor Swift song.

The sweet spot for me is about an hour and a half. Some toys go WAY over the top and provide 3+ hours of fun – the Lovense Ferri is one of these! 

Others are on the shorter end like the We-Vibe Moxie – only about 45 minutes when you’re on high-power. 

The VeDO Niki advertises a 1-hour battery life, but I’ve found it to last longer than this. Probably right near that 1.5 hour sweet spot, even on high power. I’m usually able to get in 2-3 shorter sessions between charges too. 

It definitely does the trick for me, but you CAN find options with really impressive run-times if you want longer outings.

This toy charges via USB port at the end. It’s not the tiniest hole, so I always try to be careful when I’m washing it.

VeDO Niki Rechargeable

The other battery you have to keep in mind is the remote battery. The remote is NOT rechargeable, and uses one of those tiny circular, flat batteries where you have to use a microscope to read the name of it. 

VeDO Niki Remote Batteries

So far, the battery on the remote hasn’t needed replacing, but it is kind of a bummer knowing that I’ll have to go on a battery-hunt when it eventually does bite the dust.

Bottom Line: VeDO Niki Battery Life

The Niki has a 1-1.5 hour battery life, which is pretty average for a panty vibrator. I’ve found it to be perfect for me, though people looking for an extra-long session may want to look into toys with a 3 hour charge like the Lovense Ferri. 

The battery-powered remote (rather than rechargeable) is a bit of a bummer, but pretty typical for remote-controlled toys. If you don’t want to have to deal with regular batteries, an app-controlled toy might be better for you!

VeDO Niki Review Results

The Niki is definitely one of my favorite vibrating panties. Even though this toy has a remote rather than an app to control it, I just think you cannot beat a well-designed toy. 

The way that this toy presses against the clit means really INTENSE vibes that are pretty likely to push you over the edge hands-free.

It certainly does for me! Again – the VeDO Niki and the Lovense Ferri are the only two panty vibrators that I can reach the finish line with completely hands-free.

I love that this toy is extra-comfortable, and stays put when walking or moving. The SUPER quiet vibes make me feel comfortable to take it anywhere. And I’m constantly surprised by how powerful and rumbly the vibes get. 

The battery life is not the longest you can find, but it was the perfect amount for me at about one and a half hours.

I think the VeDO Niki is a great toy if you:

  • Like powerful vibrations
  • Enjoy a rumbly vibes
  • Don’t mind having a remote rather than an app to control it
  • Don’t want to deal with connectivity and technology hassles
  • Want something VERY comfortable and secure
  • Want the quietest toy panty vibe you’ll find
  • Only expect to need an hour and a half battery life

I think an alternative panty vibrator may be better if you:

  • Tend to like lower-powered toys only
  • Want a very buzzy vibration
  • Prefer an app-controlled toy
  • Want to use this toy to connect with a long-distance partner
  • Want a battery life that lasts longer than 1.5 hours

VeDO Niki Alternatives

Lovense Ferri – Best App Controlled Alternative

The Ferri is pretty similar to the Niki in vibe-power, but even a little higher! 

Definitely buzzier vibrations than that Niki, but it’s the only other vibrating panty that I can orgasm with. This toy is on the louder end compared to the Niki, but I’ve been able to play just fine in most restaurants and definitely any bar. 

Lovense Ferri vs VeDO Niki Vibrating Panties

It’s app-controlled, which means WAY more control AND the ability to connect with a long-distance partner. 

Plus, if your partner is controlling your toy the Lovense app lets them see what you’re feeling. It gives them better feedback than a simple remote control.

The battery life is INCREDIBLE, at 3+ hours, and I’ve had it stay connected at more than 180 feet away. 

I’ve found it to be pretty comfortable too, though not quite as comfortable as the VeDO Niki. 

The Ferri is a little more expensive than the Niki, but not much for all the extra features it has! If you want to see it in action head to my Ferri video below

I’d recommend the Lovense Ferri over the VeDO Niki if:

  • You want an app controlled toy
  • You want to connect with a long distance partner
  • You want the absolute most stimulating vibrations you can find in a panty vibe
  • You’re okay with a bit buzzier vibrations

Check out my full Lovense Ferri review for more info!

Satisfyer Sexy Secret – Budget-Friendly App Controlled Panty Vibrator

The Satisfyer Sexy Secret is another app-controlled toy. Yet somehow it remains one of the CHEAPEST panty vibrators you can find!

It’s another really comfortable panty vibrator that also allows connection with a long-distance partner.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret vs VeDO Niki panty vibrators

It’s got much lower power than the Niki, so it might suit someone who is worried that the Niki will be too powerful for them. 

Even though it’s not strong enough to bring me to orgasm hands-free like the Niki, I still enjoy its teasy vibes – and get really worked up from them. I love it for foreplay while I’m out with my partner – and then we’ll finish when we’re back home.

This toy is another VERY quiet one, so it should satisfy those who are a little nervous, or want to use it in quiet places. And if you do care about having a remote, the Satisfyer Little Secret is nearly the same toy with both remote and app control.

I’d recommend the Satisfyer Sexy Secret over the VeDO Niki if:

  • You want a budget-friendly app controlled panty vibrator
  • You want to connect with a long distance partner
  • You’re okay with more teasy vibrations

You can read my full Satisfyer Sexy Secret review here for more info on this panty vibrator.

We-Vibe Moxie – App Controlled and Remote Controlled

If you want to have versatility to use a remote OR an app to control your toy, the We-Vibe Moxie is one of the only options out there for this. The Moxie has pretty rumbly vibrations, similar to the Niki, though they tend to be lower power. This toy can get a little loud too, so it’s best for louder restaurants or bars.

We-Vibe Moxie Vs VeDO Niki Vibrating Panties

The app allows connection with a long distance partner, and lots of customized control. Though I have had frequent connection issues with the app. Having the remote is a nice backup. It’s a pretty comfortable toy, but is not quite a secure as others since it can pivot back and forth.

The Moxie is one of the more expensive panty-vibrators, so try to find it on sale if you can!

I’d recommend the We-Vibe Moxie over the VeDO Niki if:

  • You want a toy that can be controlled both by an app and by a physical remote control

You can also check out my full We-Vibe Moxie review here.

Our Verdict

The VeDO Niki is one of my favorite remote-controlled clitoral panty vibrators for sneaky public play. 

It’s incredibly comfortable with a great design that directs the vibes firmly against your clit. The vibrations are VERY strong and rumbly – it’s one of just two panty vibes that can bring me to orgasm hands-free.

It’s THE quietest panty vibrator I’ve tried, which means that it can be worn just about anywhere, including a quiet home, without being noticed. Its battery life lasts about an hour and a half, which allows for a fair amount of fun.

For those looking for a remote-controlled option, I can’t recommend this toy enough!

VeDO Niki In Hand

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