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Svakom Vick Neo Review

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Our Verdict


The Svakom Vick Neo is one of the few affordable app-controlled prostate massagers. While it doesn’t reach the extreme power levels of more expensive prostate massagers like the Lovense Edge 2, it still provides a solid stimulation level. And I’ve experienced reliable connectivity and control through the Vick Neo’s apps.

The Svakom Vick Neo’s apps provide more basic functionality than apps for more expensive toys, but you can still control a partner’s toy reliably while video chatting in the app.

If you need a ton of power or a huge range of app functionality, a toy like the Lovense Edge 2 or We-Vibe Vector would be a better option for you. But if you’re newer to anal play and are looking for an app-controlled prostate massager that performs the basics reliably without breaking the bank – I think the Vick Neo is a great option.

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  • Reliable (although basic) app functionality at an affordable price
  • Solid vibrations and a wide range of patterns
  • One of the quietest prostate massagers – great if you have housemates
  • Video chat and message in-app while letting a partner control your Vick Neo
  • Slim size is especially comfortable and great for beginners 
  • Battery lasts a long time (around 2.5 hours)  
  • Waterproof


  • Not as powerful as more expensive massagers
  • More advanced users will likely prefer a more filling size
  • The apps (there are two you can use) are not as feature-rich as the apps for more expensive toys like the Lovense Edge 2 or We-Vibe Vector

Table of Contents

Cost vs Performance

I was excited to test out the Svakom Vick Neo because it’s one of the few app-controlled prostate massagers with a price tag under $75. 

It’s surprisingly difficult to find solid app-controlled toys at a budget-friendly price point – and it seems even rarer for prostate massagers than other toys. 

Svakom Vick Neo Prostate Massager and App

Most inexpensive options don’t have app control, which I enjoy even for solo play – and in my opinion, an app is nearly a “must-have” for partnered play. 

It just makes controlling the toy so much easier.

So when I saw the Svakom Vick Neo listed at a reasonable price with app control capabilities, I had to buy it to see if it’s worth recommending to people.

So is it worth recommending?

Well, yes – if you’re looking for a toy that doesn’t break the bank. 

It feels good and adds some wonderful P-spot stimulation.

But you are making some tradeoffs in a few performance areas when going with the Svakom Vick Neo over one of the more expensive options. 

The Svakom Vick hasn’t been a miracle toy that’s leapfrogged over my favorite prostate massagers like the Lovense Edge 2 and the We-Vibe Vector (review here). I’ll continue to use them more often.

These more expensive prostate plugs perform better in some key areas like vibration strength and the quality of their apps.

But even so: 

The Svakom Vick Neo still feels excellent; it’s comfortable, easy to use, the vibes are stimulating, and I’ve had great, intense orgasms using this inexpensive prostate massager.

Svakom Vick Neo in Hand

I would definitely recommend the Svakom Vick Neo if you don’t want to spend $100+ on your prostate massager. 

Now let’s get into the details with this Svakom Vick Neo review.

Vibrations and Prostate Stimulation

L-shaped prostate plugs like the Svakom Vick Neo slip in place, nuzzle right up against your P-spot to put some mild pressure on it – and then they blast your prostate with vibrations.

Handheld prostate massagers like the Lelo Billy 2 have a handle you can grip to apply more pressure to your prostate manually. But since prostate plugs are hands-free, most of the stimulation comes from the vibrations. 

Svakom Vick Neo Plug vs Handheld toys like Lelo Billy 2

There are a few prostate plugs like the Aneros Vice 2 that are designed to pivot against your prostate when you contract and release your pelvic floor muscles – Aneros plugs can give a bit more pressure, but they take effort.

But traditional L-shaped plugs like the Vick Neo are intended to stimulate mostly through vibrations.

You do get some pressure on the prostate just from the fullness of the plug and its curve to hit your prostate. And my orgasms are more substantial with the Svakom Vick Neo in, even with the vibrations turned off – but pressure isn’t its main focus. 

Vibes are.

If you’re looking for more pressure stimulation, read my Lelo Loki review if you’ve got some prostate experience, or check out the Lelo Billy 2 if you’re newer to prostate stimulation.

If you’re here for hands-free prostate stimulation from good vibes – read on!

Vibration Power

The Svakom Vick Neo has 5 vibration intensity levels – 30%, 45%, 65%, 80%, and 100% power.

You can access these power levels by clicking the power button or in the apps, which I’ll cover more later.

When the Svakom Vick Neo is at 100% power, I’d rate its strength at about a 5.5 out of 10. More expensive prostate plugs like the Lovense Edge 2 (9 out of 10 power), the We-Vibe Vector (8 out of 10), and the Lelo Hugo (10 out of 10) are stronger.

Svakom Vick Neo Vibration Power vs Other Prostate Massager Plugs

That’s a tradeoff for the lower price point of the Svakom Vick Neo.

On the other hand, it’s more powerful than some very expensive plugs like the Nexus Revo Stealth, which has a rotating head for automatic pressure. But its vibration strength is only about a 3 out of 10.

While it’s not the most powerful prostate plug, the Svakom Vick Neo’s vibrations are enjoyable and stimulating. When I’ve got the Svakom Vick pressing against my prostate with the vibes turned up, my orgasms are still much stronger than when not using a plug.

And like many prostate plugs, it has two motors – an internal motor for prostate stimulation and a motor in the external arm for perineum stimulation.

Svakom Vick Neo prostate and perineum motors

If you want crazy amounts of power, you’ll need to spend a bit more. But the Svakom Vick Neo is enjoyable and has good vibrations strength for the price. 

Rumbly or Buzzy

Vibrations can be lower-frequency (called rumbly) or higher-frequency (called buzzy). These two vibration qualities feel differently.

Rumbly vibrations penetrate deeper and seem to affect a broader area. In comparison, buzzy vibrations stay more at the surface and remain more concentrated at the actual point of contact.

Ultimately, it’s a personal preference whether rumbly or buzzy vibrators are “better.” And most people will prefer vibrations that fall somewhere on the spectrum between the two ends. Though I’d say most people want their vibrations to be more rumbly than buzzy.

Especially for prostate stimulation, I find the deeper feeling of rumbly vibrators to be more impactful.

The Svakom Vick Neo is more of an even mix between the two – maybe leaning a bit more buzzy. 

Svakom Vick Neo vs We-Vibe Vector vibration quality

This means the vibes don’t move quite as deep or pack as much of an impact as more rumbly vibes like the We-Vibe Vector (my most rumbly prostate massager).

If you have a strong personal preference for rumbly vibes, you may need to spend a bit more on a vibe like the Vector. If you’re newer to toys or are unsure of your preferences, I think the Svakom Vick Neo’s vibration quality will be a fine entry point at a reasonable price.

Vibration Patterns

The Svakom Vick Neo has 7 vibration patterns that you can access by double-clicking the power button without the app. Or 11 vibration patterns if you use it with the Svakom or FeelConnect apps.

Svakom Vick Neo Vibration Patterns

The patterns provide a good mix of pulses, waves, crescendos, and others. 11 patterns are plenty to find something you like. And if you’re like me, you’ll probably just stick with one or two of your favorites and the constant setting.

Size: Who is the Svakom Vick Neo For?

The Svakom Vick Neo has a maximum width of 1.06 inches (27 mm) and 3.5 inches (90 mm) of insertable length.

This is a great size for beginners to prostate stimulation. Other toys I recommend for beginners have similarly slim profiles like the Lelo Billy 2 (1.1 inches wide) and the We-Vibe Vector (1.18 inches wide). 

Svakom Vick Neo Size vs Other Beginner Prostate Massagers

But the Svakom Vick Neo is priced much better for beginners who aren’t sure they’re ready to dish out large sums of cash on a prostate toy.

The 3.5 inches of insertable length is within the typical range for prostate plugs. It’s certainly enough to reach the prostate which is located about 2 inches inside the rectum but won’t reach an uncomfortable depth for beginners.

Comfort and Fit

And speaking of comfort – the Svakom Vick Neo is one of the most comfortable prostate massagers I’ve tried.

It’s a major strength of this prostate plug.

The curves of the Vick Neo are subtle, and the body-safe silicone exterior is very smooth. These features and its beginner-friendly size make it a very comfortable plug.

Compare the Svakom Vick Neo’s simple, smooth curves to the bulbous sections of the Lovense Edge 2

While the Lovense Edge 2’s nodes provide more texture and variation, they’re less comfortable than the softer curves of the Svakom Vick.

Svakom Vick Neo comfortable curves compared to bulbous nodes of Edge 2

Insertion, removal, and wear during use are comfy with the Svakom Vick Neo.

Now, the Svakom Vick Neo fits securely inside the bedroom, but its more subtle curves can cause it to push out if you plan on walking around with it. 

I’ve been able to walk around a tiny bit with it in (around the house), but it feels like it’s often on the verge of pushing out. And I have no doubt that it would push out at some point over an hour if I were to try to walk around with it in for that long.

Svakom Vick Neo not as secure as a traditionally shaped butt plug

All in all – the Svakom Vick Neo is a very comfortable toy and has a secure enough fit for use at home. It’s not a toy meant for public play though. 

If that’s what you’re looking for, try a traditionally shaped plug like the Lovense Hush (review here).

FeelConnect and Svakom Apps

There are actually two different apps you can use to control the Svakom Vick Neo – each with its advantages and disadvantages. 

Svakom has their own app you can use, but you can also control the Vick Neo with Kiiroo’s FeelConnect app.  

FeelConnect and Svakom apps to control Vick Neo

We’ll go more in-depth in a sec, but in short: 

  • I like the Svakom app more when using vibration patterns. It lets you raise and lower the power of each pattern, whereas the FeelConnect app has a set strength for each pattern.
  • I prefer the FeelConnect app for long-distance control. It has in-app video chatting capabilities, whereas the Svakom app does not. It’s also easier to use the FeelConnect app to play with constant vibration levels.

Neither of these apps are as versatile and well-developed as the apps for more expensive options like the Lovense Edge 2 (Lovense Remote app) or the We-Vibe Vector (We Connect app). 

Lovense and We-Vibe vs Skakom apps

A higher-quality app is one of the things you’re paying for when going with a higher-end prostate massager. As I go through the FeelConnect App and Svakom Apps, I’ll touch on how they differ from these other apps.

Here’s the main conclusion up front – if you just need some basic functionality to control your toy or share control with a long-distance partner: the Svakom Vick Neo will be fine.

But the other apps do give better, more versatile control. 

Let’s get into the details!

Close Range Bluetooth Control

First, I’ll chat about how you can use either app to control the Svakom Vick Neo in Bluetooth mode (nearby control). 

Plus, what works well – and what doesn’t.

Svakom App

There are four main ways to control the Svakom Vick Neo in Svakom’s app:

  1. Free Touch
  2. Set Modes
  3. Music Mode
  4. Sound Mode
Svakom App Control Selection Screen

Free touch allows you to control the Vick Neo by moving your finger around your phone screen. Move your finger lower, and the vibrations get stronger. Move your finger up the screen, and they get softer.

Moving your finger all around the screen is the closest you can get to creating your own patterns in the Svakom app (a key feature of Lovense, We-Vibe, and Satisfyer’s apps).

The main issue with this mode in Svakom’s app is that you need to keep your finger on the screen for the vibes to continue. 

Svakom App Free Touch Mode to Control Vick Neo

If you lift your finger, the vibes stop.

Lovense’s app handles this better with its float and loop functions. Select “Float” and the vibes will continue where your finger left off. Or select “Loop” and the vibes will repeat the pattern your finger just drew out.

So Svakom’s Free Touch mode works, but it’s not as convenient as Lovense’s app. 

Set Modes is where you can access the Vick Neo’s 11 preset patterns. 

Svakom Set Modes to control Vick Neo with Preset Patterns

What I like about the Svakom app over the FeelConnect app is that you can raise and lower the vibration intensity of each pattern. So, for instance, you could choose to have strong pulses or soft pulses. In the FeelConnect app, each pattern has one pre-designed power level.

One strange aspect I’ve come to just ignore when using the Vick Neo is that the vibrations don’t seem to match the patterns illustrated in the app. For example, Mode 3 shows a wavelike pattern but feels like the pulses shown as Mode 10.

So you kind of need to just scroll through patterns and find ones you like by feel – don’t rely on what they show in the app.

You’re limited to these 11 patterns in either app. Both Lovense and We-Vibe provide a greater range of patterns – as well as the ability to create your own (Lovense is the superior app for pattern creation).

But if you’re not a big pattern-person, these 11 will be plenty.

Next is Music Mode. 

Svakom App Music Mode

This one makes your Vick Neo prostate massager vibrate in sync with the music’s rhythm on your phone. It has a few pretty ridiculous songs that come in the app, and it pulls the rest from your phone’s music library.

Unfortunately, any attempt to select a song from my phone instead of one of the goofy preset songs resulted in the Svakom app crashing. I switched to my partner’s phone to test it on hers, and the app crashed on her phone too.

So Music Mode was pretty much a no-go for me. I need one of the better apps for that (plus, Lovense’s app lets you sync with Spotify).

Sound Mode works well and is a great way to ensure discretion. This mode uses the sounds picked up by your phone’s mic to control the Svakom Vick Neo.

Svakom App Sound Mode

When the sounds around you are louder, the Vick Neo plug will vibrate more powerfully. When the background noise is lower, it will vibrate more softly.

You can also control the sensitivity to raise and lower the sound threshold.

FeelConnect App 

The FeelConnect app also provides a few basic ways to control the Svakom Vick Neo in Bluetooth mode. Most are similar to Svakom’s control styles but have some differences.

You’ve got:

  1. Touch Control (which is like Svakom’s Free Touch)
  2. Presets (equivalent to Skakom’s Set Modes)
  3. Clap Control (like Svakom’s Sound Mode)
  4. Local Connect – there’s no equivalent in Svakom’s app for this.
FeelConnect App Control Styles

Touch Control provides a slide bar to raise and lower the vibration strength of the Vick Neo. I like FeelConnect’s Touch Control better than Svakom’s Free Touch mode. 

You can lift your finger off the slide bar and keep the Vick Neo vibrating at a constant level – there’s still no way to loop a pattern though like with Lovense or We-Vibe’s apps.

Presets is where you’ll access the Svakom Vick Neo’s 11 patterns. Unlike with Svakom’s app, you can’t raise and lower the vibration power of each pattern in FeelConnect’s app. So I prefer Svakom’s for pattern control.

Clap Control provides a great system for controlling the Vick Neo with the sounds picked up by your phone. You set the red bar on the screen to the sound level you want the background noise around you to reach before your toy vibrates. 

FeelConnect Clap Control to control Vick Neo with sound

The Vick Neo won’t vibrate unless your environment is louder than your set threshold. But you can also set how strongly the Vick Neo will vibrate when the noise around you is more audible.

So you can control when it vibrates and how strongly it vibrates to sounds picked up by your phone’s mic. 

It’s pretty good actually.

Local Connect is a way to sync two FeelConnect-enabled toys so they vibrate together. 

Connect Two Toys Together in FeelConnect App

Ideally, you should be able to use presets or the touch mode to control both synced toys. Unfortunately, only the Clap Control function worked to control both toys I connected. When the sound level reached above my threshold, both toys vibrated.

But the other modes still only controlled one toy at a time. 

Close Range Bluetooth Connectivity

Even though the FeelConnect and Svakom apps don’t provide as much in-depth functionality as higher-end apps, I’ve actually had good experiences with both apps’ connectivity.

Getting the Svakom Vick Neo connected to each app through BlueTooth was a quick and easy process – taking only a few seconds.

On the Svakom app it’s a simple click of the Connect button. On the FeelConnect app, you’ll just search for BlueTooth devices and toggle the connect slider for the Vick Neo.

Svakom and FeelConnect Apps Pairing Screens

I’ve had more difficulty initially pairing some of my more expensive We-Vibe toys than I have with the Svakom Vick Neo. So I’m pretty happy with the pairing process.

The Svakom Vick Neo also stayed reliably connected while playing. Of course, with any Bluetooth vibrator, there will always be occasional disconnects, but it’s been infrequent with my Vick Neo. 

Overall, I’m satisfied with the Svakom Vick Neo’s Bluetooth connection quality.

Long Distance Control

Long-distance control lets a partner take control of your Svakom Vick Neo from anywhere in the world.

The prostate massager is still connected to your phone by Bluetooth. Then your partner connects their phone to your phone through Wifi or cell data. It’s not as complicated as it sounds.

FeelConnect App Long-Distance Functionality 

FeelConnect provides very basic control of your toy to your partner, but they have good video chatting and messaging capabilities while a partner controls your Svakom Vick Neo.

Connecting with a Long Distance Partner in FeelConnect App

Inviting your partner to play is easy – just add them with their username and send a chat or start a video call.

Your partner will receive a message (or a video call request). While they’re messaging or video calling in the FeelConnect app, they’ll have a slide bar overlaid on the screen so they can control the Vick Neo’s power level.

The video calling, messaging, and control system each work well. So controlling a partner’s toy and connecting together is easy.

FeelConnect Video Chatting In-App While Controlling Svakom Vick Neo

It doesn’t provide in-depth control like some of the more expensive apps. For instance, in Lovense’s app you can send your partner vibration patterns, or even quickly create your own repeating patterns in the moment while you video call.

The more expensive apps provide more versatile toy control than just a slide bar.

But if you don’t need a bunch of bells and whistles, the basic functionality of FeelConnect’s long-distance control works well.

Svakom App Long-Distance Functionality

Svakom’s app for long-distance control is much more clunky and doesn’t allow you to video chat or message in the app – you’d need a separate app pulled up for communicating. 

So I prefer FeelConnect’s app over Svakom’s for long-distance connections.

Connecting with a partner is also a bit odd. Svakom creates a “room” for you and your partner to join. You text your partner the room ID, and then you both can control the Svakom Vick Neo.

Connecting with a Long Distance Partner in Svakom App

The fact that you both can control the toy is pretty nice and fairly rare for app-controlled toys. Typically apps only let one partner control the toy at a time.

Your partner can select any of the 11 patterns and raise and lower its intensity just like in Bluetooth mode. They can also choose Intensity Mode, and a slide bar will appear for them to raise and lower your Vick Neo’s intensity level. 

Svakom app long distance control of Svakom Vick Neo

Svakom’s app works fine, but the lack of communication capabilities in-app makes it a lower quality long-distance option than the FeelConnect app.

Overall – both apps provide basic long-distance functionality that works well. But they don’t offer as broad a range of features as more expensive app-controlled prostate massagers.

Long Distance Connectivity

As far as getting connected and staying connected to your long-distance partner – both apps have worked fairly well.

I noticed some occasional lag with Svakom’s app. Sometimes, when I’d try to raise the power slider, it wouldn’t register immediately. But that’s the only glitch I noticed.

FeelConnect also worked well (again – it’s the better option for long-distance control). Connecting with a partner was quick, and we experienced few disconnections while playing.

Any long distance vibe will have some occassional disconnections, but disconnections were rare with both FeelConnect and Svakom apps.

Noise Level

To test the noise level, I used the Svakom Vick Neo in our room while my partner stood on the other side of our closed bedroom door.

I ran through the entire power spectrum of the Vick Neo and all its vibration patterns.

My partner couldn’t hear the Vick Neo at any power level or pattern. It’s a quiet toy.

You’ll be fine using it if you live with housemates – no need to worry about them overhearing.

Battery Life and Charging

The Svakom Vick Neo takes 1 hour to charge and is listed as having a battery life of 2.5 hours (though it will be a bit less if you’re continually playing on the higher power levels).

While I haven’t set the Vick Neo vibrating and sat around timing it, I usually use it around 3 times between charges and am often surprised to see that it still has plenty of battery life.

Svakom Vick Neo Charging

Unless you have very long play sessions, you’ll likely be satisfied with the Svakom Vick Neo’s battery life.

Svakom Vick Neo Review Results

The Svakom Vick Neo is a prostate massager I’d recommend to people newer to prostate stimulation who don’t want to spend a fortune. I haven’t found a better app-controlled prostate plug than the Vick Neo in this price range.

It provides some nice, comfortable fullness while stimulating your prostate with solid vibrations. And it’s app-enabled, so you can easily control your toy solo and connect with a partner long distance.

Svakom Vick Neo packaging and prostate plug

The apps work well, and connectivity has been reliable for me. But they provide more basic functionality than the more expensive apps with extra bells and whistles.

If you’re just looking for the basics on a budget, the Svakom Vick Neo is a good option.

I recommend the Svakom Vick Neo if you:

  • Are looking for an app controlled prostate massager on a budget
  • Value comfort over greater fullness – this toy is sized slimmer for beginners
  • Are okay trading off some additional power and more comprehensive apps for a more budget-level toy

I’d recommend another prostate massager if you:

  • Prefer larger toys for a more substantial feeling of fullness
  • Are willing to spend more for stronger vibrations
  • Would rather spend for a more comprehensive app – the Svakom Vick Neo’s apps work well but provide more basic functionality than others 


If you’ve got a higher budget and value a ton of vibration power and a more feature-rich app, I think there are some better options for you.

The Lovense Edge 2 is a great prostate plug with the most stimulating vibes I’ve found in a P-spot toy yet.

Lovense Edge 2 and Lovense Remote app to control it

In the Lovense app you have complete control of each motor’s vibrations separately. You can get some really unique interactions between the two motors that I find incredibly stimulating. 

Lovense’s app is also the best of all the app-controlled toys I’ve tried. They provide the most functionality for solo or partnered play. 

This one is my favorite plug. 

Lovense also still sells the original Edge here at a discounted price while supplies last now that the newer version is out. The original is just as strong as the new model. It’s a bit smaller which is better for beginners. If you’re on a budget and the first Edge is still available to you, it’s a worthwhile choice over the Vick Neo until it’s gone.

You can read my full Lovense Edge 2 review here. I also compare the first and second versions so you can decide which may be better for you.

The Edge 2’s size may be a bit intimidating for someone completely new to prostate stimulation. If you can comfortably insert two fingers, you’ll be alright.

Otherwise, I’d recommend the We-Vibe Vector. This one is slimmer than the Edge 2 and is a perfect size for beginners.

We-Connect App Controls We-Vibe Vector

Even though it’s slim, it still packs plenty of power (just a touch less than the Edge 2). It’s vibrations are very deep and rumbly which is great for P-spot stimulation. 

We-Vibe’s app isn’t quite as feature-heavy as Lovense’s, but it still provides a lot more control capabilities than the Svakom Vick Neo’s apps.

I have a full We-Vibe Vector review if you want more info here.


Where to Buy Svakom Vick Neo

Lovehoney and PeepShowToys are the two shops I recommend buying the Svakom Vick Neo. Depending on sales one store may have a cheaper price than the other. 

At Lovehoney you can use my discount code “PleasureBetter15” for 15% off. Lovehoney is also one of the only shops that allows returns if you don’t enjoy your toy. At PeepShowToys you can use my code “PleasureBetter” for 10% off.

Cleaning Svakom Vick Neo

The Svakom Vick Neo is fully waterproof. So you can easily clean it with antibacterial soap and water. No need to keep running water away from any of the Vick Neo’s components. It can be completely submerged.

Svakom Vick Neo sumberged in water demonstrating waterproof rating

What Lube to Use with Svakom Vick Neo

Use water-based lube with silicone toys like the Svakom Vick Neo. My favorite is the Sliquid Sassy water-based lube.

Final Thoughts

The Svakom Vick Neo is a great prostate plug for people on a budget who want to explore app-controlled toys. You won’t get the extreme control level that the apps for more expensive toys provide, but the basic functionality offered works well.

I still get great stimulation and have stronger orgasms while using the Vick Neo and definitely recommend it to beginners or people trying not to spend too much.

Svakom Vick Neo Product and Packaging Square

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