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Svakom Ella Neo Review – Is a cheap app-controlled egg vibrator worth the savings?

Svakom Ella Neo and App

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Ranked #6 of 9 Egg Vibrators

Best budget app-controlled egg vibrator

















Our Verdict


The Svakom Ella Neo is one of the most budget-friendly app-controlled egg vibrators. So you and a partner can connect together or play discreetly – without spending too much.  There are some trade-offs you’re making for the cheaper price point. The vibrations aren’t as strong as some more expensive options like the Lovense Lush. And the app doesn’t provide as much customization.

But it has excellent battery life, a reliable connection with the app, and is quiet enough to go unnoticed while out for drinks with a partner! So if you’re okay making the trade-offs I mentioned above, the Svakom Ella can provide some fun evenings on a budget. 

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  • The most budget-friendly app-controlled egg vibrator I’ve found
  • Quiet enough for restaurants and bars
  • App-control is reliable (though basic)
  • Can video chat in-app with a long-distance partner while sharing control
  • 3+ hours of battery life on high from my testing


  • Lower-powered than some other egg vibrators
  • Buzzy vibrations rather than rumbly (this is personal preference, but most people prefer rumbly)
  • Not quiet enough for rooms with little ambient noise
  • Less in-depth control than more expensive app-controlled egg vibrators
  • Limited range – it worked reliably up to 30 feet away for me
  • Less comfortable than other egg vibrators

Table of Contents

Of 400+ people who’ve tried and rated this toy on sites like Lovehoney and others, 62% gave it 5-stars. 

But many of these customers mentioned they had never tried an egg vibrator before the Svakom Ella. So I was curious how it would compare to the rest of my collection. Especially since it’s a less expensive app-controlled vibrator

Could it perform at the same level while costing less?

Svakom Ella - Cheap App-Controlled Egg Vibrator

In this Svakom Ella Neo review, I’ll let you know how it compares to the more expensive love eggs so you can decide what’s best for you and your budget.

Compare to Other Egg Vibrators

Overall Score


Vibration Power (20%)

Vibration Range (9%)

Connectivity (18%)

Noise (18%)

Comfort (13%)

App: Close Range Features (6%)

App: Long-Distance Features (6%)

Battery (6%)

Remote Control Features (4%)

Full Review

Vibration Feel

Bottom Line


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App Controlled

Even Mix

The Lovense Lush 3 is the best overall – it has the strongest vibes, the best app, and most reliable connectivity.








Remote Controlled

Remote Controlled



Extremely Rumbly

The VeDo Kiwi is best for people who want high power with a very rumbly feel. This is a strong, comfortable, quiet egg at a budget-friendly price.







Remote Controlled

Remote Controlled



Even Mix

We couldn’t get the app to work, so essentially this is an expensive remote toy. Recommend VeDo Kiwi instead











App Controlled

Extremely Rumbly

Mid-powered vibes with a deep, rumbly feel. Lovense’s app is better, but the Jive’s vibes feel lovely and the noise is exceptionally low. 










App Controlled

Extremely Buzzy

Similar price to the Lush 3, but the Lush outperforms it. At that price, I’d recommend the Lovense Lush instead for most people











App Controlled

Moderately Buzzy

Best for people who want an app-controlled egg on a budget. App provides more basic control than expensive models but works reliably.







Remote Controlled

Remote Controlled



Extremely Buzzy

For people who prefer mid-powered vibes, value comfort & battery life, and want a physical remote that gives feedback (remote vibrates) to their partner







Remote Controlled

Remote Controlled



Extremely Buzzy

Great connectivity range and comfort. But vibes are lacking and remote control clicks are loud. In that price range, I recommend VeDo Kiwi or Svakom Ella instead







Remote Controlled

Remote Controlled



Extremely Buzzy

Basically the same as the Mantric, but less comfortable. In that price range, I recommend VeDo Kiwi or Svakom Ella instead

Svakom Ella Neo Vibrations

The main use of egg vibrators like the Svakom Ella is to be worn internally and provide you with sneaky G-spot vibrations. But lots of egg vibe users like to get creative and hold this toy externally for clit stimulation. So I tested both! 

But it's important to be aware that when you're wearing the Svakom Ella internally, all the vibrations will be on your G-spot. The external arm is just an antenna and does not vibrate. So you don't get clit stimulation while wearing egg vibrators like the Svakom Ella. You only get clit stimulation if you hold the vibrator externally on your clit.

If you're looking for a wearable toy for clit stimulation, a panty vibrator would be a better fit.

Ferri Secured to Panties
Panty vibrators like the Lovense Ferri (shown here) are designed for clit stimulation. Egg vibrators give G-spot stimulation when worn.

If you're here for G-spot vibes - read on!

Svakom Ella: Rumbly or Buzzy

Rumbly vibes have a deep, diffuse feel. They stimulate beyond just the area they’re touching.

Whereas buzzy vibes are more “tickle-y” (but like, in a good way). They stay more on the surface, but hit a specific spot with all the power.

Buzzy vs Rumbly Vibrators Infographic

There’s a lot of personal preference involved about which is better. I like some buzziness for clitoral stimulation. But for internal vibes like the Ella Neo, I prefer my toys to be very rumbly. 

But the Svakom Ella leans quite a bit toward the buzzy side

Egg Vibrators Ordered from Most Buzzy to Most Rumbly

That means it wasn’t really my cup of tea for internal use. If you’re like me and enjoy more rumbly vibes, you may prefer the We-Vibe Jive (app-controlled) or the VeDo Kiwi (remote-controlled) egg vibrators.

Svakom Ella Neo vs More Rumbly Options Like the We-Vibe Jive and VeDo Kiwi

Buzzy-lovers will find the Svakom Ella to their liking. 

Svakom Ella Vibration Power

The Svakom Ella Neo’s power is mid-level compared to other egg vibrators. This power can provide a nice tease for your G-spot, but won’t pack a crazy amount of impact. 

Its vibrations are best for people sensitive to over-stimulation and who prefer milder vibes. And for those willing to trade-off some higher powers for a more reasonable price point. 

While it’s weaker than the Lovense Lush and VeDo Kiwi, its power is comparable to some more expensive options like the We-Vibe Jive and OhMiBod Esca

Svakom Ella - Egg Vibrator Vibration Power Comparison Graphic

I also tried this egg vibrator at home clitorally. I was able to orgasm with it, but it’s not as easy to use or as strong as vibrators designed primarily for clit stimulation. 

If vibration strength is important to you, the Lovense Lush 3 and VeDo Kiwi have more power.

Lovense Lush and Vedo Kiwi - More Powerful Alternatives to the Svakom Ella

Svakom Ella Sound Level

All wearable egg vibrators will advertise themselves as “discreet,” but just how discreet are we talking?

You’ll be able to use the Svakom Ella discreetly in places with some ambient noise like coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. You’ll need to be careful in quieter locations.

I always want to be extra sure that no one can hear my toys wherever I wear them. So I run them through a series of tests.

Svakom Ella Noise Level Taken With Decibel Reader

I measure their noise level in decibels to directly compare their sound. But the more helpful test - my partner and I take the egg vibrator to several locations and see if we can hear it.

First - the decibel test:

I wore each of my egg vibrators at home and measured their decibel readings while in use. The Svakom Ella chimed in at 38dB on the lowest level and 45dB on the highest level. You can see how that compares to the others in the graphic below.

Svakom Ella - Egg Vibrator Decibel Noise Level Comparison Graphic

But if you’re like me, decibels don’t mean that much to you - so here’s some better context.

The location test:

I always take my wearable vibrators out to a few different places and test all the power levels. My partner sits by me and lets me know when / if he can hear anything.

First, in louder settings like a brewery or bar (73dB), the Svakom Ella is easily drowned out at all power levels. My partner was never able to hear the Ella in these places.

At a coffee shop (50dB), he also couldn’t hear the toy at all. Even when the Svakom Ella was on its highest power, he couldn’t hear it. Keep in mind that coffee shop ambient noise can vary by location. Always test first to make sure you can’t hear the vibe.

In our completely silent house (30dB), he sat about 10 feet away from me without the air even running. In settings this quiet, it really depends on what random ambient noises are happening at a particular moment. Some days he couldn't hear the Ella until about 75% of its power. Other times, he could start to hear it on its low power levels.

Generally, you'll be able to use the Svakom Ella in any place with a little bit of background noise (cafes, restaurants, bars, outdoors, etc.) Completely quiet places, you'd have to be very careful.

Svakom Ella - Egg Vibrator Sound Levels By Location Comparison Graphic update-2

Bottom Line: Svakom Ella Sound

While there are a few even quieter egg vibrators, the Svakom Ella Neo remains completely discreet in most locations. So if you plan to use it at busier coffee shops or a bar, you should have no problem!

Svakom Ella App Control: Close Range Features

You can use two different apps to control the Ella Neo - the Svakom App or FeelConnect. Some missing features in one app are available in the other, so it’s worthwhile to have both. 

Svakom Ella Controlled By FeelConnect App or Svakom App

The Svakom and FeelConnect apps don’t provide as customized control of your vibes as others like the Lovense app. For example, you can’t create your own patterns, download other users’ patterns, or easily control multiple toys at once.

But the Svakom Ella’s apps offer good, basic control while keeping the price down. 

You can still set and adjust a constant vibration power, select from a range of pre-designed patterns, and control the Svakom Ella with sound.

Svakom Ella - Egg Vibrator Close Range App Control Comparison Graphic

Svakom App: Close Range Features

The Svakom App provides four main ways to control the Svakom Ella’s vibes, though only a few work well - so the control is limited. 

Svakom App Menu Screen

Set Modes is where you’ll find all the preset patterns - this is the main way to control the Svakom Ella Neo. There are 11 vibration patterns available which is a fairly substantial set. 

How to Use Svakom App to Control Svakom Ella Neo

With this range of patterns, you’ll likely be able to find something that feels good to you. And you can adjust the intensity of each vibration pattern. So you can make them feel more teasy or more intense. 

Oddly, the pattern icon shown in the app does not accurately represent how the pattern feels. For instance, Mode 1 shows a zig-zag pattern. But it’s actually a constant vibration. 

So you’ll have to find your favorite patterns by feel rather than relying on how it looks in the app.

Free Touch lets you touch the screen to provide a constant buzz. But you have to keep your finger touching the screen the whole time. So I don’t find this control style very useful if you like to set it and forget it.

Using Svakom App's Free Touch Mode to Control Ella Neo

Music Mode supposedly makes your Svakom Ella vibrate to songs on your phone. But my app crashed whenever I selected a song. We tried using my partner’s phone instead and had the same experience. 

Svakom App Music Mode Screenshot

So if Music control is important, you may need something with a more developed app like the Lovense Lush 3.

Sound Mode responds to the noise around you, and the Ella will vibrate as your environment gets louder. You can adjust the sensitivity of this too! 

Svakom App Sound Mode Screenshot Showing Sensitivity

Sound Mode is an excellent option if you’re nervous about people hearing you. It will make sure your toy only buzzes when there are louder sounds around you to drown out the Svakom Ella’s noise. 

So in the Svakom app, the two useful features are Sound Control which can help you remain discreet, and Set Modes which offers a good range of adjustable patterns.

FeelConnect App Quality with Svakom Ella Neo

The FeelConnect app is your second option for controlling your toy.

FeelConnect App Control Selection Screen

This app also provides basic control. It does not allow for much customization or creating your own patterns, but it handles the basics well. 

There are 3 main control choices:

Touch Control lets you drag a bar up or down to adjust the power level of a constant vibration. Unlike the Svakom app, this one is nice because you can let your finger off the screen, and the Ella Neo will continue vibrating. 

Using Touch Control in FeelConnect to Control Svakom Ella Neo

Presets is where the Svakom Ella’s 11 pre-saved patterns are. There is no drawing representing what each of these feels like, so it’s a guessing game similar to Svakom. Unfortunately, you can’t adjust the power or speed of these patterns in the FeelConnect app - so use the Svakom app for better control over patterns.

Vibration Patterns Available in FeelConnect App

Finally, Clap Control is responsive to the sound around you - it’s similar to Sound Control in the Svakom app, but a bit more feature-rich. 

Adjusting Power and Sensitivity in FeelConnect's Clap Control

You can adjust both the sensitivity and the vibration power on this feature. 

So you can control how loud your environment has to be for your Svakom Ella to vibrate - this helps you remain discreet. But you can also control how strongly it will vibrate when ambient sound is over your set threshold. So you can make sure the vibes feel how you want them to. 

Once again - great for keeping volume under control or playing in bars and clubs.

Bottom Line: Svakom Ella App Quality in Close Range Bluetooth Control

The Svakom Ella may be a good fit for you if you’re willing to trade off more complex control to save some money.  The Svakom and FeelConnect apps offer solid, basic control. But if you want more customization and the ability to create and save your own patterns, it might be worth spending more on the Lovense Lush 3

Svakom Ella App Control: Long-Distance Features

Both the Svakom app and FeelConnect app allow for long-distance play. But each has different capabilities.

One is better for more anonymous play, and one is better for couples.

Again, the Svakom Ella Neo’s long-distance features provide the basics. But other app-controlled egg vibrators provide more in-depth long-distance control.

Svakom Ella - Egg Vibrator Long Distance App Control Comparison Graphic

You can still video chat with a partner while they control your Svakom Ella. But your partner’s control will be limited to raising and lowering the Ella Neo’s vibration power. Other apps allow your partner to send and adjust patterns or create their own patterns while video chatting. 

Svakom App’s Long Distance Capabilities

In the Svakom app, connect with a long-distance partner by setting up a “chat room.” Then you'll send the room ID (a long string of numbers and letters) to your partner. 

It's not the most user-friendly experience. But it's nice for more anonymous play since you don’t need to share your username with anyone - you simply join the same room.

Here, you can share control of your toy, but there is no video-chatting, voice calls, or texting within the Svakom app (you’ll use FeelConnect for that). 

Your partner can control your toy by clicking the preset patterns and adjusting the intensity. 

Long-Distance Control in Svakom App

Your partner can also control your toy through “Intensity Mode” by adjusting the slider to different levels of a steady buzz. However, it has been hit or miss for us on whether this function works.

Svakom App Intensity Mode during Long-Distance Control

One nice feature is that you can both control the vibes of the toy at the same time. So if the vibes are not to your liking, you can make a quick adjustment without ending your partner’s control.

Overall, it’s a pretty straightforward app that does the trick. But it is a severely limited experience compared to other apps that allow texting, voice, or video calling.

FeelConnect App’s Long Distance Capabilities

You can use the FeelConnect app with the Svakom Ella Neo as well! Here you can connect with and save a partner in your connections for frequent calls. So it’s better if you plan to play with the same person regularly.

The FeelConnect app does allow video calls, voice calls, and texting! The downside here is that your partner can only control your Ella Neo’s vibrations by adjusting the intensity of a constant vibration. 

No patterns are available for them to send.

Video Chatting in FeelConnect App While Controlling Svakom Ella Neo

The personal-connection aspect in this app is much better than Svakom though. It’s also easy to minimize or maximize your video chat screen, toy control screen, or chat screen to see your partner more clearly. 

Minimize and Maximize Video Chat Screen in FeelConnect

With the FeelConnect app, you can simultaneously control each others’ toys - this is great if you each have a FeelConnect enabled toy. 

Overall, FeelConnect provides a good experience for long-distance couples who just want to connect together with basic control and video chatting.

Bottom Line: Svakom Ella Long Distance Control

With both apps’ combined features, you have a decent array of capabilities. 

The control features available during long-distance play are still fairly basic. But if video chatting and basic control sharing is all you need, the Svakom Ella provides a good experience on a budget.

If you want more custom control, including pattern creation and sharing, you’ll need one of the more expensive options like the Lovense Lush 3 (my preferred option) or We-Vibe Jive.


I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Svakom Ella’s reliable connectivity.

Pairing the Ella with both the Svakom app and FeelConnect app is quick and easy - so you won’t need to spend a lot of time troubleshooting. 

Svakom Ella - Egg Vibrator Connectivity Rating Comparison Graphic

After initially pairing the toy with the app, the app will remember the Svakom Ella and pair again quickly. Occasionally, I have to turn my Bluetooth off and on again if the pairing seems slow. But this always fixes the issue.

Once connected, the Ella stays reliably paired - only rare disconnections typical with any app-controlled vibrator. Even when I lock my screen or open other apps, the Svakom Ella has remained connected! 

It does need to remain pretty close to the phone to stay paired. The connection became spotty after separating the phone and egg vibrator about 35 feet. 

Svakom Ella - Egg Vibrator Connectivity Range Comparison Graphic

This is significantly less than other egg vibrators like the Lush 3 or OhMiBod Esca 2. So if you’d like more distance, you have other options! 

On the plus side, the Svakom Ella re-pairs to the app automatically once you’re back in range. So you don’t need to worry about running to the bathroom to take the Svakom Ella out to troubleshoot the connection.

Svakom Ella Comfort

While not uncomfortable, the Svakom Ella Neo is certainly less comfortable than other egg vibrators.

Svakom Ella - Egg Vibrator Comfort Comparison Graphic

It’s a little longer than most egg vibrators, so it presses more on the walls near the vaginal opening. I found the pressure near the entrance distracted from the sensations on my G-spot and made the toy feel less comfortable overall. 

Egg vibrators that sit higher up near the G-spot are more comfortable. The We-Vibe Jive, Lovense Lush 3, Mantric remote control love egg, and others that scored high in comfort all rest primarily on the G-spot.

On a positive note, the antenna of this toy has a button on the end of it! Some egg vibrators only have a button on the insertable egg portion. That makes it inconvenient if you forget to turn the toy on before inserting it.

Svakom Ella's button is located on the antenna

But I found the antenna arm a bit too floppy - it can jostle around uncomfortably. Other toys like the Lush 3 have a more form-fitting antenna that rests comfortably along your body. And Lovehoney’s Desire Love Egg is another one I found much more comfortable because the antenna was shorter, stiffer, and less likely to hit me where I didn’t want it.

Lovense Lush's form-fitting antenna is more comfortable than Svakom Ella Neo's

I’ve found the Svakom Ella is easy to wear around without worrying about it slipping out. In fact, all my egg vibrators remain securely in place.

Out of the hundreds of customer reviews, I perused across sites, I saw 3 people mention that it slipped out for them. The Svakom Ella is the only egg vibrator I’ve seen someone mention this happening to them. But it’s less than 1 percent of people who said they had an issue with it staying in place.

I think most people will experience a secure fit, and far more customers mentioned successfully wearing their Svakom Ella out of the house. 

That has been my experience as well. Whether laying, sitting, or walking - the Svakom Ella has remained in place for me. But if this is a huge concern for you, more bulbous toys like the Lovense Lush, OhMiBod Esca, or Lovehoney Desire might feel safer.

More bulbous egg vibrators than Svakom Ella

Svakom Ella Battery Life

The Ella was one of the longest-lasting egg vibrators I’ve seen! When I ran it constantly on the highest power level, it lasted over 3 hours. Only the much more expensive Lelo Lyla 2 lasted longer.

Svakom Ella - Egg Vibrator Battery Life Comparison Graphic

So the Svakom Ella Neo can provide a longer evening out than other egg vibrators before you need to head home and recharge.

But keep in mind, the Svakom Ella’s vibration power is mid-range, which helps it last longer. 

The Lush 3 is almost double the power of the Ella, and can last for a little over 2 hours on high power. So this is an excellent alternative if you want both a long battery life and stronger power.

Svakom Ella FAQs

Svakom Elva vs Ella Neo

Svakom does have a purely remote-controlled egg vibrator - the Svakom Elva. It’s typically about $10 cheaper than the Ella Neo (app-controlled).

While I haven’t tried the Svakom Elva personally, I haven’t seen any mention of it having stronger vibrations than the Ella Neo. And it has another downside: the Elva has a retrieval cord instead of an antenna. So the button is on the actual egg itself. 

If you need to troubleshoot, you’ll have to take the Svakom Elva out. Whereas the Svakom Ella has a silicone antenna with a button on the end. So you can turn the Ella Neo on or off without removing the love egg. 

Can the Svakom Ella Neo be used for anal?

I’ve seen around the internet that some have been interested in using the Svakom Ella Neo for anal play. The Svakom Ella Neo should not be used anally. It is not anal-safe. 

Any anal toys should have a flared base. Toys without an anal-safe base can get stuck and result in an unwanted trip to the hospital.

Svakom Ella Neo is Not Anal Safe

Is the Svakom Ella a bullet vibrator?

The Svakom Ella’s main purpose is to serve as an insertable, G-spot egg vibrator. However, it could also be used clitorally like a bullet vibrator if you’d like.

Svakom Ella Neo can be used for Clit Stimulation

But it does have lower power and is harder to hold and maneuver than toys designed primarily for clit stimulation. The Svakom Ella Neo could still get me to the finish line clitorally. But it took longer than my other clit-focused toys!

If you plan to use it primarily for hand-held clitoral play, I’d recommend something easier to hold and designed specifically for clit stimulation. Consider the We-Vibe Tango X if you like small toys or the Lovense Hyphy for a mid-sized option.

Svakom Ella Review Results

Svakom Ella Egg Vibrator on a nice background

I think the Svakom Ella Neo is a great toy if you:

  • Want an app-controlled G-spot toy without breaking the bank
  • Prefer lower or mid powered, buzzy vibrations
  • Want the sound to be discreet enough for restaurants, bars, or louder cafes
  • Prefer basic app control over extreme customization capabilities
  • Value reliable connectivity
  • Aren’t as concerned with the most comfortable option
  • Want 3 hours or more of battery life for long evenings out

I think an alternative wearable vibrator might be better if you:

  • Want the highest quality toy and are willing to spend a bit extra to get that
  • Prefer higher-powered and/or more rumbly vibrations
  • Want to wear this toy discreetly to very quiet places
  • Would like to be able to design your own vibe-patterns and have more customized control
  • Value very-comfortable toys

The Svakom Ella Neo is best for people who want an app-controlled love egg on a budget.

You’re making trade-offs on power and the more versatile app features that the higher-end toys offer. But the Svakom Ella Neo provides basic, reliable control without breaking the bank.

If you want more vibration strength and the best app functionality: the Lovense Lush 3 performs the best of all the egg vibrators, but has a price tag to match its performance.

If you’re on a tight budget, but are looking for a discreet toy for public play or an egg vibrator you can let a long-distance partner control, the Svakom Ella may be a good fit for you.

Where to Buy the Svakom Ella [Discount Codes]

PeepShowToys typically has the lowest price I've seen on the Svakom Ella Neo. You can bring the cost down more with our 10% off discount code - PleasureBetter.

If you're unsure you'll like it, Lovehoney can be a good option. Lovehoney can be a bit more expensive than PeepShowToys, but Lovehoney allows returns if you don't enjoy your toy. Use code PleasureBetter15 for 15% off your order.

Svakom Ella Neo and App

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