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Sex Toy Deals & Discounts

Discount Codes Labor Day Sales PeepShowToys 20% Off Sitewide – This is the best sitewide sale I’ve seen for this Labor Day weekend. The discount is automatically applied at checkout. There are also steep sales on many products. See the full list here. A few of my favorites are listed below. Lelo Many products are …

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Testing And Scoring System

To help you compare competing products, we develop a set of tests for each category (like wand vibrators, prostate massagers, or bullet vibrators). We design the tests to quantify and highlight significant product performance differences. Jump here to learn how to interpret our scores. For instance, is one vibrator stronger or weaker than another? Is …

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32 wand vibrators we've tested

Best Wand Vibrators

With so many options available, picking the best wand vibrator for your needs can feel intimidating. But if you can identify your budget and top priorities in a wand, you can significantly narrow your search. Do you care more about vibration power or rumbliness? Would you rather save $50 for a slightly less powerful wand, …

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Rechargeable Wand Vibrators

Best Rechargeable Wand Vibrators

Rechargeable wands are more convenient than their corded counterparts and more cost-effective than wands using ordinary AA batteries. You also don’t need a plug-in wand to get the extreme power wand vibrators are famous for. Many of the wands in this guide are so intense that I stick to their lower and middle powers myself. …

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Vibration Power and Range

Of course, the most important aspect to consider when choosing a wand vibrator is… (pause for drumroll here)… the vibrations! Because many wand vibrators are larger than other kinds like bullets, wearable vibrators, and G-spot vibrators, they tend to be the most powerful type. They can simply hold a bigger, stronger motor due to their …

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Waterproof Wand Vibrators

Best Waterproof Wand Vibrators

Waterproof wands offer a greater variety of ways to enjoy your wand, as you can bring them with you into your bath, shower, or pool! And since they’re fully submersible, you can easily clean a waterproof wand with soap and water in the sink. You don’t need to worry about keeping running water away from …

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Small and Mini Wand Vibrators

Best Small and Mini Wand Vibrators

There are several reasons why you might prefer a small wand vibrator over traditional, larger options. Shorter and lighter wands are generally easier to maneuver, with slimmer handles that are more comfortable to grip. Small wand heads offer more precise, direct stimulation, which some people prefer to the broader, diffuse stimulation of a larger head. …

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