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Satisfyer Sexy Secret Review

Satisfyer Sexy Secret and App

Our Verdict


The Satisfyer Sexy Secret is a budget-friendly panty vibrator that I was surprised to love so much! It is lower-powered than I usually enjoy, but I find the vibrations especially teasy and playful. I’ve found I really enjoy it as foreplay while out with my partner. It’s very comfortable, easy to use, and stays reliably connected to the app. The Sexy Secret is whisper quiet, and can seriously go undetected just about anywhere! With its low price-point, I have become a huge advocate for this well-kept inexpensive secret – everyone should have the chance to try some sneaky, app-controlled fun!

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  • Teasy vibrations great for foreplay
  • A quality app at a budget-friendly price
  • Lots of patterns available and ability to create your own
  • App is simple and easy to learn
  • Reliable connection with the app
  • Long-distance connection and video chat with a partner
  • Very comfortable
  • One of the quietest panty vibrators
  • Great battery life


  • Lower powered vibes great for teasing but may not take you all the way
  • App doesn’t have as versatile of features as the Lovense Remote app
  • Have to be in a video call to give up control to a long distance partner (but you can mute the call and turn the camera off)

Table of Contents

Before we get into it, I’d like to offer a quick “CONGRATULATIONS” for your triumph in coming across the Satisfyer Sexy Secret! This toy is a quality app controlled panty vibe at a really do-able price, so I’m excited you’re considering it. 

I’m a bit of a wearable remote control vibrator enthusiast myself, and I’ve had the true pleasure of testing out a bunch of vibrating panties in the past year.

Best Vibrating Panties

With how cheap this panty vibrator is, I was really surprised to find that the Sexy Secret made it into my top 3 favorite panty-vibrators!

But seeing as no two vulvas are alike, let’s get into some details in this Satisfyer Sexy Secret review to figure out whether it’s the toy for you!

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Vibrations

One of my top recommendations with wearable toys is to make sure you’re getting good vibes that are stimulating without trying. Afterall, if you’re bringing this little pal out in public, it’s pretty unlikely your hands will get the chance to “assist”.

So what do “good vibes” mean to you? High power, low power, a wide range or just good patterns? Here’s what you’ll get with the Sexy Secret:

Sexy Secret Vibration Power

This toy is definitely on the lower end of vibe intensity (which also keeps it whisper quiet). It doesn’t have huge power range like the Lovense Ferri (review here). So the power queens may want to consider the Ferri, but stick with me a bit! 

Now normally, I like my power – and I go for the toys that can give that to me! Mostly because I like a toy that can take me over the edge (the Ferri and the Vedo Niki both bring me to orgasm). And while the Sexy Secret isn’t quite strong enough to take me all the way – 

It is a tease! 

In a great way. 

I’m definitely worked up and craving more after spending some time with the Sexy Secret tucked under my jeans. Which a lot of the time is how I use my panty vibrators.

Sexy Secret vs Lovense Ferri Vibrations

My partner and I will head out, use them on the town, get super worked up, then finish the fun back home!

My pals who enjoy a bit of a tease as foreplay or are overstimulated by too strong of vibrations will be perfectly satisfied with the vibes on this one! 

Sexy Secret Vibe Quality: Buzzy or Rumbly

Have you noticed a different quality/feel between the vibrations of different toys? If you have, this section is for you! 

I like to describe the range of vibe quality as either “buzzy” or “rumbly”. The buzzy toys tend to be lighter-feeling, higher pitched vibes that are mostly felt on the surface level of skin. 

Rumbly vibes feel lower and harder to me. I always think that they seem to travel deeper into my body. 

The vibes on the Sexy Secret are mostly pure buzziness. It can feel a little tickly, but a good kind of tickle that I want to keep going. Again, this is a toy I use to get myself hot and bothered.

If you’re a fan of buzzier vibes, or want something that’s not too overwhelming, this toy will be your pal. 

The Vedo Niki or the Lovense Ferri are better options if you want a lot of deep power.

Sexy Secret Vibration Patterns

Since this panty vibrator is app controlled, there’s all sorts of awesome patterns and customizations available! Here’s a screenshot of all the different preset patterns:

Satisfyer Connect Patterns for Sexy Secret

With all these different patterns available (as well as patterns you can create), you’ve got quite a slew of options! My favorites are always the wavy-patterns, solid vibes, and pulses. This toy definitely has you covered in that department.

I’ll talk more about your control options a bit further on in the app section, but just know you’ll have quite a variety to choose from with the Sexy Secret.

Bottom Line: Sexy Secret Vibrations

The vibes on the Satisfyer Sexy Secret are on the lower end compared to powerful panty vibes like the Lovense Ferri and Vedo Niki. But I really love the teasy quality of the Sexy Secret! I don’t orgasm from it alone, but I get worked up! 

There’s quite a lot of vibe-patterns available, so if you’re ok with the teasier vibrations, you should definitely be able to find something you like! Those who prefer a higher-intensity toy will probably want to look into more powerful options like the Ferri or the Niki.

Satisfyer Connect App with the Satisfyer Sexy Secret 

The fact that the Satisfyer Sexy Secret has an app is a big deal because it’s So. Dang. Cheap. 

Every other quality app-controlled wearable vibrator is significantly more expensive. But even at its cheap price, Satisfyer’s app is the second-best I’ve found (after Lovense’s), outperforming other expensive brands like We-Vibe.

So, if you’re really wanting to dip your toes into the app-controlled toy world, the Satisfyer Sexy Secret is a great place to start. If you don’t need a wearable vibrator, you can also consider the handheld Satisfyer Ultra Power Bullet 8.

The Satisfyer app provides you with 4 different ways to control your panty vibe on your own. But it also allows you to connect with a long-distance partner and give them control of your toy! 

You can video chat with them, text and send photos all within the app.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret and App

Both long and short range play with the Satisfyer Connect app were really intuitive too. More complex apps like the Lovense app have quite a bit of a learning curve before you really have a good grasp on using it. 

But I found it really easy to jump right into the Satisfyer Connect app and begin playing without spending much time familiarizing myself with things. 

The Satisfyer Connect app is one of the simplest, easiest apps to pick up. If you prefer simplicity over having a ton of features you’ll like the Satisfyer Connect app.

If you do care about having a physical remote, the Satisfyer Little Secret (review here) is nearly identical to the Sexy Secret and has both remote and app control.

I’ll chat about the long-distance features a little bit later. But for now, let’s get into the features of close-range play!

Satisfyer Control Features

Pairing your Satisfyer Sexy Secret with the app is quick, easy, and reliable! Even more reliable than the much more expensive We-Vibe Moxie

Once you connect your toy, you’ll have the option to choose between Program Play, Live Control, Ambient Sound, and Music Vibes.

Program Play is a great way to just get your panty vibrator buzzing! This is the place to just grab a preset pattern and you’re off. 

And let me tell you – there are a lot of options. In case you missed it in the previous section, here’s another glimpse at everything available.

Satisfyer Connect Patterns for Sexy Secret

As you can see, there’s a pretty nice variety of waves, pulses, and steady buzzing. 

You can also raise and lower the intensity of each pattern by dragging up or down on the screen. 

Or if your phone is locked, you can power up or down on the intensity by using your phone’s volume buttons! This is a great way to play in public without anyone catching onto you.

For a little more custom control, you can select that second option: Live Control.

In Live Control, you draw out your pattern in the moment by dragging your finger up and down. 

This is a great way to draw out some quick patterns. Press the little “loop” button to repeat your new creation!

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Live Control and Looping Patterns

If you suddenly realize you’ve created a masterpiece, you can save your pattern so you can use it again later!

If you don’t want to be glued to your phone for the night, the next control feature is perfect for you: Ambient Sound.

When Ambient Sound is selected your Sexy Secret will hum along to the noise that your phone picks up around you. So it’s GREAT for a club or somewhere with some bumpin’ music. 

It can also be great if you’re in a place that has significant changes in noise level, because it will automatically make sure the power only increases when the noise around you is louder – this is another great feature for keeping your public play undetected!

Satisfyer Connect App Using Ambient Noise

You can press pause at any point if you want the toy to stop buzzing for a bit. A quick tip to get things buzzing more when the music isn’t playing – tap on the table near your phone, or even brush your phone’s microphone for some quick, strong pulses.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret - Mic Off

The last control feature is called Music Vibes. 

This one will sync with a song you’re playing from your phone! Whatever music you have stored on your phone is an option. You can’t sync with Spotify like you can with Lovense’s app – the songs need to be on your phone.

These feature’s great for vibing along to the song you’re listening to, but it will also work if you turn the volume all the way down on your phone and let the song play silently!

Satisfyer Connect App - Music Vibes

The ultimate set it and forget it option! As long as you have a whole slew of songs queued up, you’ll have some constantly-changing vibes set for your whole night out. It’s kind of fun to let it surprise you too!

I like using this feature to keep the vibes always changing and me always guessing!

Bottom Line: Sexy Secret App

Overall, the Sexy Secret App is easy to use, and has some great control functions. It has many of the same abilities as other more expensive toys out there. The close-range play features in this app earn the Sexy Secret a definite ‘recommend’ from me! 

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Long-Distance Use

The ability to connect long-distance with a partner is such an awesome resource if you’re apart! Look at us: living in the age of technology.

You both will have to create a free account on the Satisfyer App. Then add your partner in your connections by searching for their username. Once they’re added, they’ll be saved in your connections for future fun.

Satisfyer Connect App - Connecting with a Long Distance Partner

Once you’re connected, you can text, send photos (including Snapchat-like timed pics), and video chat.

Satisfyer Connect Long Distance Features

Once you’re in a video chat, you can give your partner control of your toy. Only the toy-owner has the ability to invite someone to control. Their partner cannot request control of it. If you want your partner to be able to spontaneously take control of your toy, you’ll need the Lovense Ferri.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret - Invite a Partner to Control Your Toy

One bummer is that you MUST be in a video call in order to share toy control with your partner. BUT you do have the easy option of just keeping video and sound turned off if you’d rather not chat.

Once your partner has control of your toy, they have pretty simple and basic abilities. They’ll simply drag up or down on your screen to control the power of the toy.

Long Distance Control While Video Chatting in Satisfyer Connect App

There is not a way for the partner to set a preset pattern for the toy-owner, and that’s one downside I noticed. Other toys like the Lovense Ferri provide more versatile control during long distance play. But if you’re looking for simplicity the Sexy Secret is a great pick!

The long distance connection is very easy to use and stays connected with quick reaction time. I’ve had issues with some toys suffering a long delay, or not sending the invites I send. I’ve had no issues like that with the Sexy Secret!

Bottom Line: Sexy Secret Long-Distance Use

The long distance feature of the Satisfyer Sexy Secret is very responsive and reliable. It has some great features without too many frills, so it’s simple and user-friendly! Unless there’s a really specific feature you were hoping for that I didn’t mention, this toy is great when it comes to long-distance use!

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Connectivity

The connectivity of your toy can seriously make or break your experience. If you’re out in public, nobody wants a sudden disruption to pull themselves out of the moment to resolve some IT issues. 

With the Sexy Secret, I’ve had great experiences with connectivity!

It pairs very quickly and easily, and also stays connected. I’ve had better experiences with the Satisfyer connectivity than the more expensive We-Vibe Moxie. With the Moxie I’ve noticed disconnections when locking my phone or after lulls in use, but the Satisfyer app is always ready to go immediately when I open the app back up again.

I’ve also had it stay connected in bluetooth mode from 130 feet away from my partner’s phone! The only panty vibrator to work from farther away for me has been the Lovense Ferri. So you can definitely have some across-the-bar fun if you’d like!

It’s long distance connectivity has also been great for me! It’s comparable to Lovense’s excellent long distance connectivity and better than We-Vibe’s.

Though the long distance mode isn’t as full-featured as Lovense’s, the Satisfyer Connect app offers all the main features you’d need, with great connectivity, at a budget price.

Bottom Line: Sexy Secret Connectivity

The Satisfyer app and Sexy Secret have awesome connectivity together. It’s quick to pair, and has been really reliable in staying connected throughout my entire experience.

Wearing the Satisfyer Sexy Secret – Is It Comfortable?

There are two big kahunas when it comes to comfort on a panty vibrator: shape and a secure fit. 

You’re basically sitting on the panty vibrator, so if the shape is bad, it’s like sitting on a lego. And a secure fit will keep your panty vibe firmly fixed in a place that feels good!

Sexy Secret Overall Comfort

The overall comfort of the Sexy Secret is AWESOME

Along with the Vedo Niki it’s the most comfortable panty vibrator I’ve tried.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Comfort

It’s made of very smooth silicone, and has a bendy, squishy structure, so it will mold well to your body!

The shape is just superb: It also has a wide, flat head to press against your clit for lots of great surface area. Then the back portion becomes elongated and thin to rest between your legs and keep the toy from turning or pivoting.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Shape and Fit

I can definitely forget this toy is here – well, if it weren’t for all the vibes!

But it’s a huge win in my book. I hate having to perch just right on my chair, or squirm all night to keep things comfortable down there.

I’m always comfortable with the Sexy Secret and can wear it for several hours.

Sexy Secret Secure Fit

The Sexy Secret also stays in place very well for two different reasons:

First, it’s magnetically secured – compared to some other vibrating panties which simply slide into your underwear and try unsuccessfully to stay put for dear life. 

The magnet is a must for me. 

It keeps your panty vibrator exactly where it’s supposed to be – great for better stimulation and comfort.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Magnet

The second reason this toy stays in place so well is just because of the shape! It’s just designed well, and presses firmly against my clit the whole time. 

This is really important, because any loose toy just jostles around too much and hits all the wrong spots in really uncomfortable ways.

Bottom Line: Sexy Secret Comfort

This toy is comfort to the max – tied with the Vedo Niki for most comfortable wearable vibrators. It’s got a great shape to contour your body, and stays in place very well with the magnet-secured-method and natural curved design.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Noise Level

The Sexy Secret is one of the quietest panty-vibrators out there! 

Even at its highest levels, it is completely undetectable in almost every environment.

I used a decibel reader to test the sound volume on the lowest and highest levels, and with the app right up close to the toy, it only ranged from 34 dB to 39 dB. 

According to comparable noise levels, this is quieter than a library.

If you don’t speak in decibels though, here’s some practical facts from my master test:

I took the Sexy Secret out to four different locations with my partner so we could test exactly when he started to notice the hum of the toy. Each test was done with him sitting 3-6 feet away from me.

Green indicates it was inaudible at that power. Red means he could hear it at that level.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Noise Level

The first test was just in the house with no AC or heat on. Shockingly, the first few levels went by completely undetected! 

It was only in the second half that he started to think he noticed a bit of buzzing. For a completely silent house, this is quite an accomplishment, and I’ve only had one other panty-vibrator achieve this.

Next, we tried the same setup, but with the ambient noise of the AC on this time. Every single level was drowned out this time.

The nearby coffee shop gave us another ‘all-clear’ and for safe measure, we tested it at a brewery. Again – good to go on all power levels!

Bottom Line: Sexy Secret Noise Level

If you’re concerned about noise and looking for the quietest option out there – this is one of them. If you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of power, the Sexy Secret will definitely provide you with all the subtlety and discretion in the world. For those seeking a bit more power, the Niki is another really great, quiet option that has more power (just know that it’s not app-controlled).

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Battery Life

The death of a panty-vibrator battery is – to quote Andy Dwyer of Parks & Rec – “one of the most significant bummers of my lifetime”.

You want something that’s going to last ‘til the end, not die at the worst moment! 

An hour is fine, I guess, but getting a toy that will last over an hour on high is what I always vote for. 

Afterall – you have to get the toy connected, set up and comfortable, travel to your place, and then get it poppin. So an hour can go pretty fast.

I have been really satisfied with the battery life on this toy. I’ve kept it on high power for over an hour multiple times and it seems to just keep going. The little icon in the top right screen of the app shows how much power you have left, which is also really helpful for gauging your time left.

In writing this article, I’ve sat with the toy on for several hour-long sessions on low to mid-level power, and it’s still at 68% battery after not charging it for two weeks!

Bottom Line: Sexy Secret Battery Life

This toy definitely has good battery life for an evening out, and it’s easy to know how much power you have left by just checking the app.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Review Results

I think the Satisfyer Sexy Secret is a great toy if you:

  • Are looking for teasy vibrations good for foreplay
  • Want a high quality app controlled toy on a tight budget
  • Want a simple app that’s easy to learn
  • Don’t mind buzzy vibrations
  • Want to be able to connect with a long-distance partner
  • Value a reliable connection
  • Are looking for a very comfortable toy
  • Want one of the quietest panty vibrators
  • Want something with a great battery life

I think an alternative panty vibrator may be better if you:

  • Want very strong vibrations
  • Prefer mostly rumbly vibes
  • Would prefer a remote over an app to control your toy
  • Want an app that has the most versatile control options and are okay with a learning curve

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Alternatives

Here’s a few comparable toys if the Sexy Secret doesn’t seem to be checking all of your boxes.

Lovense Ferri – Stronger Vibes (My personal favorite panty vibrator)

The Ferri is one of my personal favorite toys!

It’s also an app-controlled, magnetically secured panty vibrator. But the Ferri gets strong enough to take me all the way without any other help! 

Satisfyer Sexy Secret vs Lovense Ferri

The Lovense Remote app also has more versatile features than the Sexy Secret, but it’s about double the price. It’s a bit louder than the Sexy Secret too, but I still use it in restaurants and bars all the time without issue. Playing in quiet settings will be harder.

If you want power, great app control, and have it in your budget I really love the Lovense Ferri.

I’d recommend the Lovense Ferri over the Saitsfyer Sexy Secret if you:

  • Have a larger budget and want the best panty vibrator
  • Want the most powerful and stimulating vibrations
  • Are okay with an app with a greater learning curve

You can find out more by reading my full Lovense Ferri review

VeDO Niki – Powerful, Quiet, and Comfy –  But Remote-Controlled

The Vedo Niki is another AWESOME panty vibe still at a pretty decent price-point. 

This one is NOT app-controlled, but it will make my power-queens happy. 

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Vs Vedo Niki Panty Vibes

Its vibrations are much stronger than the Sexy Secret’s and very rumbly. This one is a lot more likely to take you all the way rather than just being a fun tease. Other than the Lovense Ferri, this is the only other panty vibrator to make me orgasm hands-free.

Despite its strength, it’s also one of the quietest toys I’ve come across! It’s also extra comfy, and easy to use. The battery life is pretty comparable to the Sexy Secret too!

I’d recommend the Lovense Ferri over the Saitsfyer Sexy Secret if you:

  • Want more powerful, rumbly vibrations
  • Prefer a physical remote to app control

Read my full Vedo Niki review here for more info!

Our Verdict

The Sexy Secret is a great, and very inexpensive option for app-controlled public play.

It’s one of the most comfortable toys I’ve tried and has some really teasy vibes that are great as foreplay. It’s low power makes it exceptionally quiet, which means you could get away with wearing this toy just about anywhere! The battery life provides an hour and a half or more of fun.
For those looking to try out an app-controlled wearable toy without breaking the bank, the Satisfyer Sexy Secret is probably the best place to start!

Satisfyer Sexy Secret and App

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