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Satisfyer Little Secret Review

Satisfyer Little Secret Product Image

Our Verdict


The Satisfyer Little Secret is a budget friendly panty vibrator that is either remote-controlled OR app-controlled. It has lower-powered vibrations, but they are still very fun and make for a great tease. It’s also exceptionally quiet so I can wear it just about anywhere!

It has a great, reliable connection and both the app and remote are very easy to use. I would venture to say this is one of the best values you’ll get for a high-quality app and remote controlled toy!

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  • Vibrations are a great tease for a slow build
  • A reliable, quality app and remote at a very budget friendly price
  • A lot of vibrations patterns available
  • Ability to chat with and share toy-control with a long-distance partner
  • One of the quietest panty vibrators for public play
  • Very comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • 1-2 hours of battery life


  • Low powered vibes that may not be powerful enough for some
  • App has a few less customizable features than some more elaborate apps like the Lovense App
  • Only the toy owner can send control of the toy, so their partner cannot take them by surprise

Table of Contents

I’ve discovered another up and coming panty vibrator for my publicly-playful pals! And this one’s for my fellow budget-buyers.

Satisfyer Little Secret Packaging

Discovering the delightful differences between all the vibrating panties I’ve tried has been real fun, but some of them get a little pricey (although I will say, many are worth the price!)

So I get excited when I find a super affordable option that still does the trick.

This one is a clitoral app or remote controlled vibrator! This panty vibe magnetically secures to any pair of your underwear for a comfortable, snug fit.

In this Satisfyer Little Secret review I’ll break down what was exceptional and what I still go to other panty vibes for. Before we get into it, I’ll just say – the Satisfyer Little Secret left me really pleased – especially for it’s low price tag!

And of all the panty vibes I’ve tested, it’s become one of the few that I actually recommend to people.

Satisfyer Little Secret App, Toy, and Remote

Satisfyer Little Secret Vibrations

I always start out with the vibes section because – hey, that’s what we’re all here for! 

You slide your new toy in, head out for the night, and say “You have one job, don’t mess it up!” So let’s see if the Little Secret can do just that for you:

Satisfyer Little Secret Vibration Power

I will say, the Satisfyer Little Secret is lower powered than many other panty vibrators I’ve experienced. But stick with me because out of all the vibrating panties I’ve tried – this is one of the few I recommend!

There are reasons a lower power toy can be great (especially if you’re into public play):

  1. You may be someone who prefers lower-powered vibes to avoid overstimulation or
  2. You may plan on using your panty vibe mostly as foreplay while you’re out, and want to save the grand finale for when you head back home
  3. You want a near silent toy so you don’t have to think about noise at all while you play in public

I do enjoy power so I don’t identify much with the first one – but I enthusiastically resonate with circumstance #2. 

The vibes on the Satisfyer Little Secret are the physical equivalent of a really arousing thought – not quite enough to take you all the way, but super effective at carrying you along in the right direction.

Or like when your partner’s been touching you in all the right ways, getting you hot and bothered, making you want more – but they just won’t let you finish until you absolutely need it!

By the end of a night with my Little Secret tucked discreetly away, I am definitely Ready. To. Go. 

And for a price-point that’s less than half of some of the stronger-powered toys, I think the Little Secret is definitely a worthwhile toy!

Now for those still wanting to power up, the Lovense Ferri is my favorite strong panty vibrator, but you will have to shell out a few more dollars for that. If you want to see the Ferri in action, I demo it in the video below. You can head to my full review for more info on it.

Satisfyer Little Secret Vibe Quality: Buzzy or Rumbly

The way vibrations feel range from a deep/rumbly feeling, to a lightr/buzzy feeling. 

The Little Secret is pretty far on the buzzy side. This can be great when you’re using it out at a bar because it’s less intense and can allow for longer sessions to extend the night.

The buzzy vibes on this toy feel sort of like a tickle-sensation, but in a good way. The kind that gives you shivery warm feelings all over your body. 

If you know that you’ll prefer something more rumbly, the VeDO Niki is one of the rumbliest I’ve found and the Lovense Ferri has a range between buzzy and rumbly depending on the power level.

Satisfyer Little Secret Vibration Patterns

Since this toy can be controlled from the app OR from the remote, you have a lot of patterns to choose from. The Satisfyer app does allow you to create your own patterns, but you can also choose from all these presets if you just want to dive in.

Satisfyer Little Secret Vibration Patterns

The remote give you 8 different patterns to choose from, and you can also toggle between three different power-levels on each pattern.

Little Secret Remote

I’ll share some more specifics on the app in an upcoming section. But for now I can say – you are swimming in pattern options with the Satisfyer Little Secret. And for that, I definitely recommend it!

Bottom Line: Satisfyer Little Secret Vibrations

The Little Secret is a lower-powered, buzzier panty vibrator that is great for a tease. For those who really want power, the Lovense Ferri and VeDO Niki will be a better choice.

But the Little Secret is a perfect fit for those who don’t want too much stimulation or prefer less-intense toys. And for those who do need a lot of power to finish, I still get very turned on during a night with the Little Secret – so I love it as foreplay. 

It has awesome vibration patterns too, so it should give anyone the chance to find something they like.

Satisfyer Connect App with the Satisfyer Little Secret

Here’s one of my absolute favorite things about this toy – It’s budget-friendly but you can still control it with both a remote or an app!

Little Secret Remote and App Control

Most of the budget-friendly options are remote-controlled only, but apps just give so much more custom control and I always prefer app control myself!

But not only that – the Satisfyer Connect app works well. Satisfyer’s app outperforms every expensive brand I’ve tried except Lovense’s. So Satisfyer’s app-controlled vibrators like the Little Secret, or the handheld Satisfyer Ultra Power Bullet 8, have become my top recommendations for those on a tight budget.

At such a reasonable price point, I wondered how reliable and useful this app would be. I’ve had disappointing connectivity issues, or useless features even with some more expensive app controlled toys.

But I love the Satisfyer Connect App!

The design is bright, clean, and set up really intuitively. The Little Secret also connected really quickly to the Satisfyer app and stayed connected with few to no glitches. 

I was also surprised to find many of the same control features available in this app compared to its pricier competitors.

Here’s a breakdown of the main control panel:

Satisfyer Control Features

From your main screen, you can choose between Program Play, Live Control, Ambient Sound, and Music Vibes. Though they’re named slightly differently, these are the main four I find on other similar toys!

Satisfyer Connect App Control Options

Program Play is where all your preset or saved patterns will be stored. As you can see there are a lot of options! 

Once you pick one, it will begin playing. Then you can drag up or down on your screen to increase or decrease the intensity of each pattern! If your screen is locked, no problem – you can also control the intensity from the power buttons on your phone.

This is a great way to remain discreet in public. It’s easy to control without even opening your phone.

Satisfyer Little Secret Live Control and Looping Patterns

Live Control is going to give you the most custom control. This is where you can draw out your own pattern. Again – you’ll drag up and down to raise and lower the power. You can also use the little loop button to quickly and easily create a repeating pattern.

When you exit this screen, it will ask if you’d like to save your glorious creation to experience again later. I love this because in some other apps if you want to save a pattern you have to decide ahead of time you’d like to create a new pattern, then draw it, then save it. Sometimes when I try to draw a good pattern – it ends up a dud.

I love that the Satisfyer Little Secret app let’s me save a pattern I simply stumbled upon and enjoyed – no pre-meditated drawing required.

Ambient Sound is a great one for a noisier environment like a club or bar – it’s responsive to the sound happening around you (or rather, around your phone). So your vibe can follow along with the music in your location.

Satisfyer Connect App Using Ambient Noise

If you’re NOT up in the club, it’s actually still really useful for discreet public play. 

When your environment’s louder, your toy will vibrate stronger. But when your environment is quiet your Satisfyer Little Secret will tone it down a bit so the vibes still go unnoticed. 

Though honestly, the Little Secret is already one of the quietest toys I’ve encountered so I’m never really concerned about noise with it.

Music Vibes is our last control feature! This one is great for an ever-changing vibe-pattern. 

It takes any song you have stored on your phone and buzzes along to the tune/beat of it. Unfortunately, you do have to have the song stored on your phone – it can’t sync with your Spotify account like the Lovense Ferri can. 

Fortunately, I do have some music stored on my phone so I enjoy this feature.

Even if you turn the music volume all the way down on your phone, the Little Secret will keep playing along to the audio file – I do this so I can play around with unpredictable patterns!

Satisfyer Connect App - Music Vibes

Bottom Line: Little Secret App

The Satisfyer app is surprisingly really good at a low price point. It’s easy to use with almost no learning curve, and offers simple but fairly versatile control. If you’re on a tight budget, but want quality app-control, the Satisfyer Little Secret is a great choice.

Satisfyer Little Secret Long Distance Use

Raise your hand if you’re considering this toy to connect with a long-distance partner! The bad news is I can’t see whether you’re raising your hand. But the good news is – the Satisfyer Little Secret works really well in long distance mode! (Something I can’t say for all the long distance toys I’ve tried.)

First off, the Satisfyer app is really reliable and stays connected well! 

I’ve had troubles with calls or texts not going through on other apps, but I haven’t encountered that issue with the Satisfyer Little Secret.

The app is free to download, so once you both have it, you’ll both make an account and then add each other as a connection.

You can send texts, regular photos, and time-limited photos (like a Snapchat) within the app. You can also video chat, which is ultimately how you can give your partner control of your toy. 

Satisfyer Connect Long Distance Features

One bummer with the Satisfyer app is that you can ONLY give control of your toy if you’re in a video call. And only the toy owner can provide control. 

So your partner can’t take you by surprise by gaining control of your toy on their initiative. AND you can’t just send control without first video-calling (though you can keep the video and sound functions turned off the whole time if you’d like). If you want to be surprised by your partner taking control, you’ll need the Lovense Ferri.

Once your partner has been given access to your toy, they will drag up or down on the screen to increase or decrease the intensity of the vibes. The more color that fills your screen, the stronger the power. They can still select the loop button and draw a pattern in the moment, but can’t send you preset patterns.

Long Distance Control While Video Chatting in Satisfyer Connect App

It doesn’t give the most informative visual feedback about what you’re feeling since it doesn’t show the waveform – just fills the screen a bit with color. 

But it’s simple and easy to use.

If you’re someone who needs extremely intricate control during long distance play, the Lovense Ferri provides more versatile control. But if you just want the basics and simple, easy control – the Satisfyer Little Secret is great for long distance play!

Bottom Line: Satisfyer Little Secret Long Distance Use

The Satisfyer Little Secret is very reliable in long distance connection and provides some great ways to chat, connect and share toy control! If you’re someone who values something that’s quick, simple, and easy to use over having more complex, intricate control – the Satisfyer Little Secret would be a great long distance vibrator.

Satisfyer Little Secret Connectivity

Getting your toy and app paired and keeping them paired are super vital for not turning sexy-time into pull-out-your-hair time (not the sexy hair pulling). And to be honest, some of the toys I’ve tried have taken a few of my hairs.

Luckily, the Little Secret has not been a hair thief. It pairs very quickly and easily. 

To get it set up you just hold the button on the toy down until it buzzes twice, then open the app, and select it from the link button in the upper right corner.

I’ve also had great experiences with it staying connected. Locking my phone or opening other apps has not caused any interruptions in my experience.

Distance wise, I was able to separate my phone and the toy by about 145 feet before it broke connection. Now, my partner and I were testing this outside with nothing in the way so we could get a good measurement, so it might not be that incredible for you. But the nice thing is that as soon as the toy was back in range again, it reconnected immediately without having to re-pair the toy.

I did the same distance test with the remote, and it stayed connected until about 50 feet. So if you’re looking for some across the room action, using the app control is a better bet!

Bottom Line: Satisfyer Little Secret Connectivity

This toy pairs with the app and remote very quickly and reliably. I have not experienced any issues with disconnection when locking my phone or using other apps. The remote stays connected until about 50 feet away, but I’ve gotten away with three times that with the app. Along with the Lovense app, the Satisfyer Connect app is the most reliable I’ve found!

Wearing The Satisfyer Little Secret – Is It Comfortable?

First I’ll just tell you:

Yes! It’s comfortable.

I find external toys like panty vibrators to be more comfortable than internal wearable vibrators in general. But there are still a few key design choices that separate panty vibes from each other: the shape of the toy and how securely it stays in place.

Satisfyer Little Secret Overall Comfort

The shape of this toy makes for a really comfortable experience! It’s soft and squishy with a nice wide, flat head for broader stimulation. The texture of the silicone is really smooth too!

It also flexes a bit so it fits whatever shape it needs to really well.

Satisfyer Little Secret Flexibility

With some wearable vibrators, I know I’ll get uncomfortable after a couple hours. Bue I’m never worried about wearing the Satisfyer Little Secret for as long as I want!

Satisfyer Little Secret Secure Fit

Another important thing to note – the Little Secret fits securely in place.

Some toys are held in place just by sliding into the front pocket of your panties. 

These are not great because you’re really putting a lot of faith in gravity. But they’re also not great, because the toy tends to drift away from the perfect spot and buzz loosely around, which can be pretty uncomfortable (and noisier). 

The Satisfyer Little Secret is secured by a magnet to your underwear which prevents issues like the tragedy described above. 

Satisfyer Little Secret Magnet

But even without the magnet, the thinner back portion tends to keep the toy from pivoting while the gentle curve just fits naturally into place.

It’s really one of the most comfortable wearable vibrators I’ve used.

Bottom Line: Little Secret Comfort

This toy is exceptionally comfortable and definitely stays in place well! It’s very soft and squishy, has a great shape, and for extra measure, is magnetically secured to keep it right where you want it!

Satisfyer Little Secret Noise Level

If you do hope to wear this toy out in public, noise is an important thing to know about. And all panty vibrators tend to brand themselves as “whisper quiet”, but if you actually want that, it’s hard to guess which one can follow through!

The Satisfyer Little Secret is one that I actually have found to be whisper quiet. There is MAYBE one other toy that is quieter. 

Part of that is that, as I mentioned earlier – it is lower powered. But the peace of mind that your public play won’t be noticed is pretty wonderful. If you do want stronger vibrations that are nearly as silent, the VeDO Niki is a good option. But the Niki is only remote controlled – not app controlled. 

For some official stats, I tested the Satisfyer Little Secret in my house with my partner sitting about 6 feet away from me, and with the AC on, he couldn’t hear it even on its highest setting! You will definitely be fine wearing this toy anywhere with just a bit of ambient noise.

In the graphic below, a red bar means my partner could hear it at that power level, whereas a green bar means he could not hear it.

Satisfyer Little Secret Noise Level

When I wear the Little Secret at a restaurant or bar, I have absolutely no concern that it can be heard – I can’t hear it myself. 

Bottom Line: Satisfyer Little Secret Noise Level

This is one of the quietest vibrating panties you’ll find, hands down!

Satisfyer Little Secret Battery Life

This toy charges via a magnetic charging port. Some people don’t like these as much because it’s easier for the charger to slip off without you noticing, but they’re my favorite because I feel extra-sure that it’s 100% waterproof. No holes that can eventually wear down.

Once charged, the Little Secret has lasted over multiple sessions for me without charging! I’d say it is able to run for 1-2 hours on high-power the whole time. It definitely will give a good amount of time for play.

Bottom Line: Satisfyer Little Secret Battery Life

You’ll get a good 1-2 hours of high-powered play with this and even more if you’re using one of the lower-powered settings! This is pretty average with toys like this – only a few other toys have longer battery lives than this.

Satisfyer Little Secret vs Satisfyer Sexy Secret

If you hadn’t noticed yet, Satisfyer has an almost identical product called the Satisfyer Sexy Secret (review here) which has some slight differences. 

I have both! So I can clue you into which might be the better fit for you.

Satisfyer Little Secret vs Sexy Secret

The most obvious difference between these two is that the Little Secret has a remote in addition to the app-control capabilities. The Sexy Secret is only app-controlled. 

If you know you won’t use the remote anyway, the Sexy Secret will be just fine and is usually slightly cheaper! 

But if you’d like to use a remote, or at least have the option to, the Little Secret is just a few more dollars, which is a very small price to pay for that extra control-source.

Sexy Secret and Little Secret Control

Another main difference is the location and shape of the magnet. On the Sexy Secret, the magnet sits at the front and is very wide and circular. The Little Secret’s magnet is an oval, and sits at the back/base of the toy. 

The magnets are about the same in strength, but I do actually prefer the Sexy Secret’s magnet. It’s just shaped and placed in a way that I feel is less likely to fall off. The Little Secret’s magnet never has fallen off for me though – it’s just kind of my own mental quirk for some reason.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret vs Little Secret Magnet Location

The on-button placement is also a little different! Here I think the Little Secret’s is more conveniently placed if you need to turn the toy on or off WHILE wearing it. It’s a bit larger and in a really convenient position to reach down and press. 

Satisfyer Sexy Secret and Little Secret Button

Every other feature on these Satisfyer Secrets are pretty much the same.

Same noise levels, patterns, stimulation, power and comfort! 

Really the main reason to choose the Little Secret over the Sexy Secret is if you care about having a remote.

Satisfyer Little Secret Review Results

I think the Satisfyer Little Secret is a great toy if you:

  • Want quality app control on a small budget
  • Are okay with teasier vibrations as foreplay or prefer lower powered toys
  • Want a lot of pattern options
  • Want a toy with both an app and a remote so you have some flexibility
  • Want one of the quietest wearable vibrators out there
  • Want an app that’s simple and easy to learn over a complex, feature-rich app
  • Care about reliable connection
  • Plan to use for long-distance play, but want to be the one in control of sending invites
  • Really value comfort
  • Want a toy that will last for 1-2 hours of play

I think an alternative panty vibrator may be better if you:

  • Prefer very strong vibrations
  • Want rumbly vibrations rather than buzzy
  • Want your long-distance partner to be able to surprise you by taking control of your toy without you knowing
  • Want a 3+ hour battery life

Satisfyer Little Secret Alternatives

Lovense Ferri

The Lovense Ferri is my personal favorite app-controlled panty vibrator.

The app is also really easy to use, but it does take some time to learn everything you can do with it. It has some additional features for solo and couple-play that the Little Secret is missing. For instance, in long distance play it’s really easy for your partner to see how your vibrations are feeling. It shows the waveform whereas the Satisfyer Connect app just shows a color overlay.

Lovense Remote vs Satisfyer Connect Video Chat

Connectivity is great with the Lovense Ferri too.

It will give you a lot more power than the Satisfyer Little Secret. I get the strongest clit stimulation from the Ferri which is why it’s my favorite panty vibe.

The increased power does make it a touch louder though. But I’m still able to wear it in most public places – restaurants and bars are no issue. You’ll need to be more careful in quiet settings. 

It’s not quite as comfortable as the Little Secret, but it’s pretty close. And it has one of the longest battery lifes I’ve run across at 3+ hours.

Satisfyer Little Secret vs Lovense Ferri

The Lovense Ferri is about double the price of the Little Secret, but it might be worth it if you’re looking for POWER.

I’d recommend the Lovense Ferri over the Satisfyer Little Secret if:

  • You want the strongest clit stimulation to take you all the way
  • You’re okay with needing to be a little more conscious of the sound-level in your environment
  • You have the budget and want a premium level toy

VeDO Niki

The VeDO Niki is my favorite remote-controlled panty vibrator. This one has some AWESOME power that is still somehow exceptionally quiet. 

The vibrations are very deep and rumbly and I’m a huge fan of all the patterns available. There are a lot of options despite not having an app to control it.

Satisfyer Little Secret vs Vedo Niki

The VeDO Niki is also very comfortable and is also magnetically secured. It’s a bit more expensive than the Little Secret, but for the super quiet, very powerful vibrations on this toy, it’s a great alternative!

I’d recommend the VeDO Niki over the Satisfyer Little Secret if:

  • You want stronger power and more rumbly vibrations
  • You’re okay without app control

Final Thoughts

The Satisfyer Little Secret is a worthwhile, quality panty vibrator on a small budget. It’s not the most powerful, but it’s still very teasy and fun! And the app is more reliable and higher quality than many of the apps I’ve used from more expensive brands. It’s a great value for money and is exceptionally quiet so you’ll have no worries playing in public.

Satisfyer Little Secret Product Image

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