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Lovense Vulse Review

Lovense Vulse and the Lovense App showing a looping pattern

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Thrusting Feels Better than Vibrations, Best App & Connectivity and Control, Excellent for Play in the Bedroom



















Our Verdict


The Lovense Vulse is a thrusting egg vibrator designed for hands-free play. 

Its thrusting motion gives gentle, but excellent internal stimulation. Since I prefer internal movement over vibrations, I find the Vulse’s thrusting more enjoyable than the Lush 3’s vibrations, even though the Lush 3 is stronger!

The Vulse’s vibrations are mild, but the thrusting feels wonderful. When paired with my favorite clitoral vibrator, the Vulse extends my orgasms, and I can have back-to-back O’s more quickly.

The Vulse’s thrusting motion makes it louder than other wearables. And whether it will stay in place while walking around depends on your specific anatomy. So, the Lovense Lush 3 is the better choice if you want a vibrator you can wear throughout the day. But for excellent stimulation and fun inside the bedroom, I enjoy the Lovense Vulse more.

Like all my Lovense toys, the Vulse maintains an excellent connection with the app too.

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  • I find the Vulse’s thrusting motion more stimulating than purely vibrating love eggs
  • The Lovense app is the best of any brand – both its features and connectivity are excellent
  • The long-distance experience is also smooth and reliable


  • The vibrations are weaker than other egg vibrators
  • The noise, battery life, and uncertain fit make other options like the Lush 3 or Kiwi better for play outside the bedroom

Table of Contents

Lovense Vulse Video Demo

Lovense Vulse Demo Video

Lovense has led the egg vibrator world for many years with three generations of the Lovense Lush. The Vulse is their brand-new love egg that operates a little differently.

Lovense Lush 2 Lush 3 and Vulse
Lovense’s generations of egg vibrators, the Lovense Lush 2 (left), Lush 3 (middle) and Vulse (right)

The Vulse is Lovense’s first egg vibrator that moves. In addition to vibrating, it also thrusts. Since I prefer internal movement, nudging, and pressure over G-spot vibrations, I was excited to try the Lovense Vulse.

However, I had some suspicions. 

Lovense Flexer
The Lovense Flexer, another hands-free moving vibrator that does not stay in for me

I had a poor experience with Lovense’s previous moving vibrator, the Lovense Flexer (review here). The Flexer would not stay in, and it was very uncomfortable. And since the Vulse is another hands-free moving toy, I had some concerns:

  • Would it wiggle its way out of me?
  • Would it hit the right spots to stimulate well?
  • Could it still provide enjoyable pressure, being hands-free?
  • Would the thrusting be more satisfying than G-spot vibrations?

In this Lovense Vulse review, I’ll answer these questions and help you decide if the Vulse is right for you. 

If you’re short on time, here’s the biggest takeaway: 

I find the Lovense Vulse’s thrusting more stimulating than any of my egg vibrators that just vibrate. If you prefer vibrations over movement, other egg vibrators like the Lovense Lush 3 or VeDO Kiwi are stronger.

Lovense Lush 3 with VeDO Kiwi
The Lovense Lush 3 (left) and VeDO Kiwi (right), stronger vibrating eggs, which are more suitable for walking around

If you’re looking for a vibrator to wear around, an ordinary egg vibrator like the Lush or Kiwi is a safer bet. I can personally walk around with the Lovense Vulse in, but whether you’ll get a secure fit depends on your anatomy. A non-moving toy is simply more likely to stay in place while you walk around.

But for play inside the bedroom, the Lovense Vulse is my favorite egg vibrator.

Stimulation Quality

With a hands-free toy, good stimulation quality is essential because you can’t leverage the toy for firmer pressure if it’s not up to your intensity preferences.

It’s important to note that the Lovense Vulse does not provide clitoral stimulation – it’s all internal. The external part is just an antenna to connect with the app. Since I need external stimulation to enjoy myself, I often pair this toy with my favorite hand-held clitoral vibrator, the Lovense Hyphy

Lovense Vulse with Hyphy and Ferri
My two favorite clitoral vibrators to pair the Vulse with – the handheld Lovense Hyphy (left) and hands-free Lovense Ferri (right)

Or for a completely hands-free, dual-stimulation experience, the Lovense Ferri would pair nicely with the Vulse. And you can control them both simultaneously in the Lovense app!

Now, let’s break down how well the Lovense Vulse stimulates by thrusting and vibrating!

Thrusting Stimulation

Most of the Lovense Vulse’s stimulation comes from the thrusting motion – not the vibrations.

The Lovense Vulse’s thrusting feels wonderful, and it’s the reason I prefer it over the Lush 3 – because I enjoy internal movement more than internal vibrations.

The sensation feels like a hybrid of penetration from a penis or dildo and fingering. The pressure is gentler than a penis or dildo, with softer, smaller movements. But it’s a similar in-and-out motion.

The thrusting motion of the Lovense Vulse compared to the more G-spot focused rotating motion of the Lovense Nora.

And it’s not quite like fingering because the pressure isn’t up against the front wall. (The Vulse is marketed as a G-spot stimulator, but it doesn’t curve upward like a typical G-spot toy would.) But it’s similar to fingering in the smaller, more focused movements, which feel really enjoyable.

You can vary the thrusting rate from a very comfortable 68 strokes per minute (I timed it on the lowest setting in the app) up to a fast-paced 120 strokes per minute. Even at the fastest pace, the pressure from the thrusting feels good, but not overwhelmingly intense. Since the Vulse is hands-free, there’s no handle to grip and manually leverage for firmer pressure. 

So if you like to feel a ton of impact, you may prefer a handheld option that you can press harder, like the Lovense Nora or the We-Vibe Nova 2.

Lovense Nora and We-Vibe Nova 2
Two of my favorite handheld G-spot stimulators, the Lovense Nora (left) and We-Vibe Nova 2

As someone who prefers slower movements and gentle to moderate pressure during sex and fingering, I absolutely love how the Vulse’s thrusting feels. It’s much more effective for me than plain internal vibrations. And when I pair this with a clitoral vibrator, it prolongs my orgasms and gives me quicker back-to-back O’s.

Vibration Power and Range

The Lovense Vulse’s vibrations are subtle and much weaker than the Lovense Lush 3 or Lovense Dolce (another one of their vibrating wearable toys). Vibrations are not the Vulse’s main featurethrusting is

So, if you prefer powerful internal vibrations over movement, the Lovense Lush 3 will be a better choice for you. I have a full Lush 3 vs Vulse comparison here.

The Vulse begins very gently at about 15% of the Lush 3’s top strength. And the Vulse’s highest setting is still mild – just 40% as strong as the Lush 3. It’s the least powerful of any egg vibrator I’ve tested. But considering it thrusts simultaneously, I still feel plenty of stimulation, so the gentle vibrations don’t matter to me.

I wouldn’t mind if the Vulse did not vibrate at all. The thrusting is what makes this toy feel good.

Lovense Vulse with Remote App Control
The thrusting and vibrations are controlled together. You cannot adjust the thrusting separately from the vibrations.

Unfortunately, you can’t control the vibration power and thrusting speed separately. So, as the vibration intensity increases, the thrusting speed increases, and vice versa. But since the vibrations are mild anyway, it’s hardly a noticeable difference, so I don’t find the combined controls annoying.

Rumbly or Buzzy

Whether you like buzzy or rumbly vibrations is a subjective personal preference. Though, most people prefer rumbly vibrations. These have bigger movements and travel deeper into your body, which can be especially lovely for G-spot stimulation. Meanwhile, buzzy vibrations remain focused more at the surface.

Buzzy vs Rumbly Vibrators Infographic

The Lovense Vulse’s vibrations are extremely buzzy. While I enjoy more rumbly vibrations for internal use, the Vulse’s buzzy vibes are not a deal-breaker since I love the stimulation from the hands-free thrusting. But the combination of a buzzy feel with low strength makes the Vulse’s vibrations low impact.

Lovense Vulse with Lush 3 and VeDO Kiwi
The extremely buzzy Lovense Vulse (left) with the Lush 3 (middle) which has neutral-feeling vibrations and the VeDO Kiwi (right) which has rumbly vibrations.

The Lush 3 has a mix of rumbly and buzzy vibrations if you want something in the neutral range. Or, if you really want deep vibrations, the VeDO Kiwi is the most rumbly egg vibrator I’ve tried. Both of these egg vibrators have vibrations only – no thrusting.


The Lovense Vulse is quiet enough to remain discreet in the bedroom. No one will hear you using it behind a closed door (my partner and I tested this).

But if you’re interested in the Vulse as a toy to wear outside the bedroom, then it’s loud. 

The decibel measurements I recorded while wearing the Vulse are higher than my other egg vibrators. But the main thing that makes the Vulse more audible than others is the thrusting motion. It’s a unique sound that’s easier for someone to notice.

The Lovense Vulse’s sound compared to the Lovense Lush 3.

With toys that only vibrate, the sound is steady and consistent, which can easily blend into the background noise. It’s hard for the Vulse’s sound to blend into the environment, so it’s not great to use outside the bedroom.

If you’re looking for a toy to wear around, the Lovense Lush 3 or the Lovense Ferri (or even both together) are better options.

Lovense App: Close Range Features

The Lovense app has fantastic close-range features. Both its features and connectivity (discussed here) are the best of any app-controlled vibrator brand I’ve tried. And its performance with the Vulse is great.

The primary control is simple, intuitive, and effective.

The Lovense app makes it easy to set your vibration power and thrusting speed to a constant level or quickly create a pattern. Using the “Loop” button, you can draw out a unique pattern, and the Vulse will repeat it.

Vulse Loop Function

Or you can use the “Float” feature to set the vibration power and thrusting speed at a constant level. If you want to speed the thrusting up or slow it down, simply raise or lower the on-screen dot.

Vulse Float Function

Unfortunately, you cannot control the Lovense Vulse’s vibrations separately from the thrusting motion. So, you’ll have to raise the vibration intensity as the thrusting speed increases and vice versa. Lovense’s other dual-motor toys have separate controls, so I wonder if this will ever change.

Vulse Patterns

Under “My Patterns” you’ll find pre-designed vibration and thrusting patterns. Any pattern you create and want to save will be stored here too. You can change the playback speed of each one. You can also scroll through patterns other Lovense users have shared in the “Discover” section and save any you enjoy to your library.

The Lovense Vulse can vibrate and thrust along to music saved on your phone. You used to be able to use Spotify too, but Spotify disabled support for third-party apps in 2022, so Spotify is no longer available. 

Vulse Music Control

Using “Sound” control, the Vulse will vibrate and thrust with the sounds picked up by your phone’s mic. The louder the sounds are, the stronger the Vulse vibrates and the quicker it thrusts. You can also adjust the sensitivity so that it takes more or less sound to activate the Vulse.

Vulse Sound Control

“Alarm” allows you to set a time for your Vulse to buzz and thrust. 

Vulse Alarm

All the features work as intended and are simple to use.

Lovense App: Long-Distance Features

The Lovense app also has excellent long-distance features, making it easy to connect and play with a partner anywhere in the world. 

Vulse Long Distance Chat Feature

You can video chat or send texts and photos in the app while you control each other’s Lovense toys. You do not need to use a separate messaging or video app while playing together.

A long-distance partner controlling your Vulse will have the same excellent control screen with “Loop” and “Float” functions that you have during close-range Bluetooth play. So your long-distance partner can easily set your Vulse to a constant power and speed. Or quickly send you a looping pattern. 

Lovense Vulse Partner Control

You can share control of your Vulse with or without video and sound. While video chatting, you can also minimize the control screen to see your partner better.

Vulse Adjust Partner Settings

It’s easy to add a partner to your long-distance contacts in the app, and you can adjust their individual partner settings. For example, you can control whether your partner needs to request permission to control your Vulse. Or you can automatically accept requests so your partner can take control of your Vulse by surprise. 

You can save one or multiple partners. And you can also block any contact easily.

Vulse Anonymous Control Link

If you only want to give control to someone one time (not save them in your list or give them your username), you can also send a one-time anonymous control link. You set the time limit on their access, and once the time is up, they’ll lose control unless you send another link.

Lovense App: Connectivity

The Lovense app has excellent connectivity and responsiveness – it’s the best of any brand. Pairing the Vulse to the Lovense app the first time is quick and easy. Just turn your Bluetooth on, select “Add Toy,” and the app will find the Vulse in seconds. After the first time connecting, the Vulse will usually connect automatically when you open the Lovense app.

Lovense Vulse Initial Pairing
Lovense Vulse initial pairing

I rarely experience a disconnection, but if I do, the Vulse typically reconnects automatically after a few seconds. My partner and I also tested how far the connected phone could be separated from the Vulse. In our test, my partner was able to control the Vulse in Bluetooth mode (nearby control) from up to 240 feet away. And of course, with Wifi or cell data, you can control it from any distance.

I can often open other apps or lock my screen for extended periods without any issues when I go back to adjust the settings.

In addition to remaining reliably connected, the Vulse responds quickly to any changes I make in the app.

This reliability and responsiveness applies in long-distance mode, too. As long as your wifi or cell data are reliable, the long-distance experience is very smooth. The long-distance connection is only spotty if your wifi or cell signal (whichever you use) is poor.

Secure Fit

The Lovense Vulse fits me very well and stays securely in place without wiggling out. I can walk around with it in and have no issues with it slipping out. Even when thrusting at full speed, it stays securely in place for me.

However, this is my personal experience, and yours may differ based on your anatomy.

For context, I tend to be tight, and egg-shaped toys stay in well for me. I’ve had my fair share of issues with some other wearables pushing out, like the Lovense Flexer or We-Vibe Match, and I know how frustrating this can be.  

Lovense Flexer and We-Vibe Match
The Lovense Flexer and We-Vibe Match, two wearables that do not stay in for me

I’ve noticed one person online mention that the Vulse does wiggle out for them, but that just hasn’t been the case for me. Since this is a fairly new toy, I’ll monitor people’s experiences and update this section as I find more data to indicate whether people generally find a secure fit (like me) or have issues keeping the Vulse in as they walk around.

Overall, since a moving toy like the Vulse is less certain that you’ll get a secure fit while walking around, it’s best for play in the bedroom. A purely vibrating toy like the Lovense Lush 3 is a safer choice if venturing out of the bedroom is a top priority.


Egg vibrators are the kind of toy that you notice inside you. They’re a good toy for people who enjoy some girth and internal pressure. I tend to find the slimmer ones, like the We-Vibe Jive, the most comfortable myself. But if you like a fuller feeling, you’ll enjoy larger ones.

Lovense Vulse Bulb Shape vs Lush 3 Bulb Shape
The more tapered shape of the Vulse (left) feels less full than the Lovense Lush (right)

The Lovense Vulse has excellent comfort. It has a smoother, more tapered shape than the Lush, which has a flattened end for G-spot pressure. As a result, the Lovense Vulse doesn’t stretch me as much, which I find more comfortable.  There’s still definitely pressure on the internal walls, but the Vulse is easier to insert and is less noticeable when I’m sitting or moving around.

The antenna, which wraps around the front, doesn’t move around much or bump against me uncomfortably when I’m walking. 

Lovense Vulse and Lush Antennas
The Lovense Vulse’s antenna (left) has the same straight design as the Lush 2 (middle) instead of the curved antenna of the Lush 3 (right)

It has the same antenna design as the previous Lovense Lush 2, instead of the form-fitting Lush 3 antenna. I find the form-fitting design better, but the Vulse’s antenna doesn’t cause me the same discomfort that the Lush 2’s did – perhaps because I don’t wear the Vulse for several hours at a time, or because the Vulse’s more stimulating thrusts keep me more aroused. 

Just make sure to have some water-based lube on hand before you slip it in.

Battery Life

The Lovense Vulse is rechargeable and lasted 61 minutes at its highest speed during our testing. This is good enough if you intend to play in the bedroom. But it has sub-par battery life if you want something to wear throughout the day. 

Lovense Vulse Charging
The Lovense Vulse and the magnetic charging port

Other wearables I’ve tested last longer, like the Lush 3 (2.3 hours) and Lovense Ferri (2.8 hours), so these are better options if you want something you can play with throughout the day. 

However, if you’re using the Lovense Vulse in the bedroom, the one-hour play time is plenty for most people. And you can extend the runtime by using the low and medium settings too.

Lovense Vulse Review Results

The Lovense Vulse is my new favorite egg vibrator because I prefer this movement-oriented stimulation over plain vibrations. As a toy to use in the bedroom, the Vulse is my most stimulating hands-free G-spot vibrator! I really enjoy using another vibrator on my clit while the Vulse thrusts away inside, making my orgasms feel more drawn out. 

That said, it’s not for those who prefer vibrations over movement since the vibes are mild and buzzy. And your experience with the secure fit may vary based on your anatomy. I can wear this toy around without issue, but not everyone will experience a secure fit while walking.

If your main goal is to find a toy you can wear throughout the day while giving control to a partner, I think the Lovense Lush 3 is still the better option. If your main goal is to find a stimulating hands-free G-spot toy you can play with in the bedroom (and, of course, still let a partner control you), I like the Lovense Vulse most.

Compare Alternatives

Lovense Vulse vs Lush 3

The Lovense Lush 3 is better than the Lovense Vulse for those who prefer stronger G-spot vibrations instead of a thrusting motion. 

Lovense Vulse vs Lush 3

Both egg vibrators use the same Lovense app and have excellent connectivity, so there’s no difference in that regard. But the Lush 3 has 2.5 times more vibration power than the Vulse. It’s our strongest egg vibrator. However, the Lush doesn’t have thrusting, so I find the Vulse more stimulating even with its weaker vibrations. 

The Lush 3 is also better than the Vulse if you want a toy to wear throughout the day. It has a longer battery life and is quieter. And since the Lush doesn’t move, it’s more likely that it will stay in place. Though personally, I can walk around with the Vulse without issue.

They’re about the same price, so it’s up to which type of stimulation you prefer between thrusting and vibrations, and whether you’re looking for a toy to use in the bedroom (Vulse) or throughout the day (Lush).

Read full Lovense Lush 3 review

Lovense Vulse vs Ferri

The Lovense Ferri is better than the Lovense Vulse for clitoral stimulation and play outside the bedroom. You can attach the Ferri to any pair of underwear using its powerful magnet – so it’s not dependent on your individual anatomy to get a secure fit. More people will be able to walk around with the Ferri in place.

Lovense Vulse vs Ferri

The Ferri provides clitoral vibrations, so you won’t get any internal stimulation unless you pair it with the Vulse or Lush. On the other hand, I orgasm from clitoral stimulation alone, but not G-spot stimulation. So I can orgasm using only the Lovense Ferri. But when I use the Lovense Vulse, I need to use another vibrator on my clit.

The Ferri is also a bit cheaper too!

Read full Lovense Ferri review

Lovense Vulse vs Flexer

The Lovense Flexer is a moving wearable vibrator, like the Lovense Vulse, but the Flexer is much worse. 

Lovense Vulse vs Flexer

The Flexer provides dual-stimulation with vibrating clitoral and G-spot arms. In addition to the vibrations, the Flexer also flexes in a come hither motion intended to feel like fingering. 

Unfortunately, the Flexer does not work as designed. When flexing, the clitoral arm moves instead of the G-spot arm. So I do not get G-spot pressure, and the clit arm pinches me uncomfortably. It’s neither stimulating nor comfortable. In contrast, I love the Vulse’s thrusting motion and find it very comfy.

I recommend pairing the Ferri with the Vulse or Lush if you want hands-free dual stimulation. And if you don’t mind using your hands, the Lovense Nora is an excellent option.

Read full Lovense Flexer review

Lovense Vulse vs Dolce

The Lovense Dolce is a wearable dual-stimulation vibrator, unlike the Lovense Vulse, which provides G-spot stimulation only. 

Lovense Vulse vs Dolce

The Dolce has a vibrating G-spot and clitoral arm. And the Dolce’s motors are substantially more powerful than the Vulse’s vibrations. But I personally prefer using the Lovense Vulse and holding another vibrator to my clit, as I find the Vulse’s thrusting more stimulating.

The Lovense Dolce is bulky and less comfortable than the Vulse. Walking around with the Dolce is especially uncomfortable, so it’s a toy I’d only recommend inside the bedroom.

Even for hands-free vibrations, I prefer using the Lush 3 and Ferri together over the Dolce. The Lush / Ferri combo is more comfortable and stimulating than the Dolce. Or if you’re okay with G-spot stimulation only, the Vulse is better.

Read full Lovense Dolce review

Lovense Vulse vs VeDO Kiwi

The VeDO Kiwi is better than the Lovense Vulse for those who prefer strong, rumbly vibrations and don’t want thrusting. The Kiwi’s top vibration strength reaches a 10 out of 10, which is much stronger than the Vulse’s 4 out of 10.

Lovense Vulse vs VeDO Kiwi

The Kiwi’s vibrations are also extremely rumbly, while the Vulse’s are extremely buzzy. The Kiwi is about half the cost, so it’s an excellent budget egg vibrator. Since the Kiwi doesn’t move, you’ll also likely have a secure fit. Though the Kiwi only has a remote control – not an app. So you can’t use the VeDO Kiwi with a long-distance partner.

Read full VeDO Kiwi review

Lovense Vulse and the Lovense App showing a looping pattern

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