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Lovense Lush 3 Vs Dolce

Quake vs Lush 3 Square Image

Lush 3




Our Verdict

The Lovense Dolce (previously called the Quake) offers nearly the same internal stimulation as the Lush 3 – but the Dolce also has a strong external clit motor. So why would anyone still get the Lush 3 when they could get a toy that stimulates both the clit and G-spot for the same price?

Here’s why: The Lush 3 is far more comfortable to wear for hours than the Dolce. Its battery life is longer so you don’t need to cut the night short. And it’s quieter than the Dolce for better public discretion.

After spending a lot of time with the Lovense Dolce, the Lovense Lush 3, and the Lovense Ferri, here are my recommendations: 

For anyone who’s okay with only G-spot or only clit stimulation – go with the Lush 3 or the Lovense Ferri. If you want dual stimulation and have the budget for two toys, the Lush 3 and Ferri combo offers better stimulation while remaining much more comfortable than the Dolce.

If you’ve only got the budget for one toy and really want both strong clit and G-spot vibes – then the Lovense Dolce is the best choice for you. Just be aware you’re making some trade-offs – primarily on comfort and battery life.

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Table of Contents

I’ve had the Lovense Lush 3 and Dolce (previously called the Quake) for a while now! I’ve used them both in the bedroom and have taken them with me to my favorite bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. I’m reporting back on my findings to help you decide which toy is better for you.

But hey – don’t think I forgot about you folks who maybe already have the Lush, and are considering adding its dual-stimulation sister (the Dolce) into the mix. If that’s you, head straight to my section discussing if the Dolce is worth it if you already have the Lush.

Lush vs Dolce with phone
The Dolce used to be called the Quake so you may see me refer to it as the Quake occasionally in this review. It is the same toy.

Flash Summary for anyone in need of a quick refresher on what each of these toys does:

  • The Lush 3 is an insertable G-spot vibrator that stimulates internally only.
  • The Dolce is a dual-stimulation toy with an insertable G-spot motor and an external clitoral motor
  • The Dolce and Lush are both app-controlled through the Lovense app!

Stick around and I’ll dig into all the nitty-gritty specifics. Here’s what I’ve got for you after spending some time testing both these toys:

A quick note: The Dolce used to be named the Lovense Quake, but Lovense changed the name to Dolce due to trademark issues. That’s why you’ll see it referred to as the Quake in some of my pics. The toy itself did not change though – only the name. Lovense also recently released another dual-stimulation vibrator, the Lovense Flexer. I think the Flexer is worse than the Dolce. You can read more at my Lovense Dolce vs Flexer comparison.

Lush 3 vs Dolce Comfort

Listen, comfort is so subjective. So I’ll give you all the juicy details of my experience, but I’ll also pepper in some cold, hard facts.

Let’s start with commonalities – the internal egg of the Lush and Dolce are similar in size and shape. They both provide a nice full feeling. So those who enjoy that filled-up stretch will likely enjoy both the Lush and the Dolce’s internal arm. 

Dolce and Lush 3 Internal Bulbs

If you prefer smaller internal toys, the Lush or the Dolce might be a bit of a stretch to you.

But the main difference between these two toys is that the Dolce has a stiff (though adjustable) external arm with a motor for clitoral vibrations and pressure. The Lush, on the other hand, has a form-fitting, flexible antenna solely for connectivity.

So no clitoral vibrations will be found with the Lush. But it’s also much easier to position the Lush’s antenna comfortably!

Dolce vs Lush 3 flexible antenna or firm arm

When it comes to the firmer external arm of the Dolce – I had some trouble. 

The issue with dual stimulation toys like the Dolce is that both the clitoral and G-spot motors need to align simultaneously. But repositioning one affects the other. And while you can adjust the angle between the two arms, the Dolce can still only cater to some anatomies. 

For me – I found the adjustable angle wasn’t enough to make a perfect fit because the clit-arm was just too long for me. 

Lovense Dolce Adjustable Angle

Since the clit arm was a bit long, the pressure of my underwear and pants pressed the arm uncomfortably against my public bone. Walking around and going out to bars with the Dolce was much less comfortable (even sometimes painful) than walking with the Lush. 

The Lush’s soft, flexible antenna just rests so nicely along my body. Improved comfort was the greatest difference between the Lush 2 and 3 and finally made the Lush more comfortable than its biggest competitor – the OhMiBod Esca 2.

But back to the Dolce – my pants pushing on the Dolce’s clit arm also pivoted the angle of the G-spot portion so that it was not hitting my G-spot as directly. 

Lovense Dolce Beneath Pants

I’m not alone in this experience either (queue the cold, hard facts). Of the customer reviews I read, 42% of people mentioned discomfort with the Dolce. 58% did not. 

So they either felt comfortable or found the discomfort minimal enough not to mention.

If you are one of the lucky ones, you may find the Dolce to be a perfect fit! 

Lovense Dolce Comfort Statistics

Due to the comfort issues, I prefer the Lush 3. The arm on this toy is flexible and is not designed to provide pressure, so I had no problems finding a comfortable position while wearing this toy. 

And if I want that extra clit stimulation, I prefer to pair the Lush 3 with the Lovense Ferri – you can control both toys in the Lovense Remote app at the same time!

I find the Lush + Ferri combo much more comfortable than the Dolce alone – and even more stimulating!

Wear Lush and Ferri vs Dolce

Another dual stimulation couples toy I find more comfortable than the Dolce is the We-Vibe Chorus (review here). But while the Chorus is more comfortable than the Dolce, it’s a lot less powerful – BUT you can wear it during sex! Which is my favorite way to play with it.

But for comfortable, strong dual stimulation I like the Lush 3 + Ferri combo best.

Comfort Winner: Lovense Lush 3

Both these toys will provide a full feeling to satisfy those girth-queens out there! I had some discomfort because this toy did not fit quite right for me. Dual stimulation toys are more dependent on your anatomy. The Lush is just likely to fit more people. 

If you’re on a tight budget and want both clit and G-spot stimulation in one toy, better comfort is something you may be trading off by going with the Dolce – unless your body is the right fit. 

If you want to go the safe route – I would recommend the Ferri and the Lush 3 to use simultaneously (or separately). Using two separate toys allows you to position each toy comfortably without affecting the other. 

Lush 3 vs Dolce Vibrations

Before we get into the details, this is another quick reminder that the main difference between the Lush 3 and the Dolce is that the Lush only has a G-spot motor, while the Dolce has both a G-spot motor and a clit motor

Lush 3 vs Dolce Vibration Power

The internal bulb on the Dolce and Lush 3 are almost identical – and the vibes are as well! 

They start at the same level (which is already fairly high – not much in the very low power range). And they reach about the same strength – though the Lush 3 gets just a tiny bit more powerful. 

Both have some of the strongest internal vibes I’ve seen on a wearable toy! Lovense seems to specialize in fitting powerful motors in compact spaces. For instance, their Lovense Domi 2 is the only mini wand vibrator I’ve tested that rivals the strength of huge full-sized wands.

The Dolce adds an extra little (or actually not-so-little) bit of fun for the clit. The Dolce’s external motor is powerful. Whereas the Lush 3’s antenna does not stimulate the clit at all.

The shape of the Dolce doesn’t press against my clit as directly as a few of my favorite panty vibrators – especially the Lovense Ferri. So I found the high power of the Dolce’s clit vibes are necessary to get the clit stimulation I need. But when I want the best clit stimulation, I still reach for my Lovense Ferri.

Dolce vs Lush 3 vibrations

Lush 3 vs Dolce Vibration Quality

A sex toy’s vibes can feel more rumbly or buzzy. Rumbly feels a little deeper and rolling to me, while buzzy vibes tend to stay more surface-level and maybe more tickle-y. But they also pack a nice immediate impact. So I like my vibes to be more rumbly than buzzy, but still have a touch of buzz.

The G-spot portion on the Dolce and Lush have similar buzzy/rumbly levels. They both lean a bit more towards rumbly side but do still have some buzziness too – a perfect combination in my opinion.

Things change a little bit on the Dolce once you start getting that clit-motor going. 

The two motors working together seem to make the entire Lovense Dolce feel more rumbly. And when the waves from the two motors align just right – it creates a moment of really deep-feeling vibes. 

I have to mess around in the app a bit to get this effect to happen, but when it does, it creates some seriously enjoyable vibes! 

Lush and Dolce Rumbliness

The clit vibes alone on the Lovense Dolce are also slightly more rumbly than buzzy. 

Vibrations Winner: Lush 3 vs Dolce

I can’t declare a winner here – it depends on whether you need clit stimulation and your budget. 

The Dolce and Lush have pretty identical G-spot vibes – powerful and a nice balance between rumbly and buzzy. But the external motor of the Dolce increases the rumbly feel and offers good clit stimulation – whereas the Lush 3 does not stimulate the clit at all.


If you mostly enjoy just clit stimulation or just G-spot stimulation, then I think going for the Lovense Lush (G-spot vibrator) or Lovense Ferri (clitoral vibrator) is a better option than the Dolce. 

These toys are easier to position than the Dolce for better comfort and more direct stimulation. You can also comfortably use both toys simultaneously for excellent dual stimulation – even better than the Lovense Dolce.

But if you’ve only got the budget for one toy and know you want both strong internal and external stimulation – the Dolce is your best option. Just be aware you’ll be trading off some things like comfort and battery life. 

Those looking for internal vibes alone or who don’t want to tradeoff comfort to add clit stimulation will do just fine with the Lush 3.

Lush 3 vs Dolce Noise Level (And Public Play Capabilities)

The Dolce is noisier than the Lush 3 – mainly because there are two motors on it. 

Besides choosing to play in the low power levels or only use one motor at a time, there’s not a way I’ve found to control this. And since the clit motor isn’t always resting tightly against your body, it can get a bit loud – louder than the Lovense Ferri. 

I tested both toys with my partner sitting about 5 feet away from me at home with some soft music and then at a cafe. He would indicate to me when he could start to hear it as I powered up. 

Lush vs Dolce Noise Chart

On the Lush, I could make it to 80% power at home and 90% power at a cafe before he could detect the sound. 

For the Dolce, I was able to go up to 20% power on the clit motor and about 80% power on the G-spot motor at home. At a cafe, I could make it to 75-90% on both motors before he could hear! It’s mostly the clit-motor that you’ll have to pay attention to since there’s nothing to muffle the sound.

Once you’re anywhere louder, like a noisy restaurant or bar, you’ll be safe to use both toys on full power as long as the noise level around you is pretty consistent.

Noise and Public Play Winner: Lovense Lush 3

You can use the Lush or Dolce on lower-powers in quieter settings, but for the full effect, you’ll want to use these in a place with a medium or higher noise level. 

The Dolce is louder than the Lush, but mainly when the clit-motor is on. I’d recommend the Lush if noise levels are a huge concern for you. 

Overall, for public play I use my Lush 3 more. The fact that it’s quieter, much more comfortable to wear for hours, and has a longer battery life makes it better for public play.

Lush 3 vs Dolce Connectivity

To make short work of this section – the connectivity is basically the same. 

Really good for both. 

Lovense toys have by far been my favorites for reliable connectivity.

I’ve found they both connect easily, and I’ve not had any issue with either one disconnecting from the app due to a lull in use or opening other apps. 

One notable difference is that the Dolce can stay connected in Bluetooth mode when the toy is farther away from the phone than the Lush 3 can – 290 feet, according to my test! 

That is a greater separation than I’ve been able to achieve with any other toy.

The Lush 3 stayed connected for me up to 130 feet away from my phone. Which is still impressive! 

Quick Note: I always test Bluetooth range on the same empty street by my house. That way I have consistent conditions for each toy. Then I can compare them to each other and make statements like “the Dolce remains connected from farther than the Lush.” 

When you’re using your toys in a place with people, chairs, and other obstructions, you’ll probably reach lower numbers than I achieved in my testing. It also probably depends on your phone’s quality too.

Lush and Dolce Bluetooth Range Comparison

Honestly, both these numbers are large enough that it won’t make much of a difference in practice. You can confidently control your partner’s Lush 3 or Dolce from across the bar in Bluetooth mode.

And of course, you can control either of these long-distance vibrators from anywhere in the world with wifi or cell data.

Connectivity Winner: Lovense Dolce (But Both Are Great)

Both have excellent connectivity – easy and quick to pair with the app. They also stay connected reliably. The Dolce does beat out the Lush 3 in its ability to stay connected in Bluetooth mode farther away from the connected phone. It reached about double the distance of the Lush! But both have an excellent range for most practical uses.

Lush 3 vs Dolce Battery Life and Charging

Both these toys have a magnetic charging port. These are always my favorite because it gives me that extra assurance that it’s 100% waterproof. 

Lush and Quake Magnetic Charging Ports

When it comes to holding a charge, the Lush 3 beats out the Dolce. The Lush 3 works up to 5 hours, while I only get 1-2 hours from the Dolce.

The higher you keep your toy’s power, the quicker the battery will wear out. So if you’re using the Dolce on high all night, it will probably only last about one hour rather than 2. The Lush ranges between 3 and 5 hours.

Lush and Dolce Comparison -Battery Life

Battery Life Winner: Lovense Lush 3

The Lush 3 can last as long as 5 hours, while the Dolce usually maxes out at around 2 hours of play (or less if you’re flooring it). So go with the Lush if you need extended play, but there’s still lots of fun to be had with the 1-2 hours that the Dolce provides.

Lush 3 vs Dolce App

These toys both use the same app, so many things are very similar: Including the excellent connectivity, intuitive setup, and versatile control of your toys. And just like the Lush 3, the Lovense Dolce can be used as a tip activated vibrator for cam performers.

One main difference you’ll find between using the Lovense App with the Lovense Quake vs Lush 3 is that the Dolce shows two dots on the main remote screen so you can control both motors.

I will say that having to get both thumbs busy with the Dolce takes more finger work than the one dot with the Lush. But that’s why I like this little hack:

If you go to “Patterns,” you’ll be able to click the filter in the upper right corner and select “Dolce.” This will show you 2-motor patterns made by other people with the Dolce! You can also select patterns made for the Lovense Edge 2 (review here) since it’s another 2-motor toy.

The long-distance control on the Dolce will also give your partner the two dots so they can control both. 

Lovense Remote App 2 Motor Patterns

The Alarm, Music, Sound, and preset Patterns operate the same on the Dolce as on the Lush. 

One thing that disappointed me a bit with the Dolce and these four features: the vibrations of the two different motors were not differentiated at all. The pattern and power level were the same on the clit and G-spot arm.

So if you want different actions happening on each motor to keep things exciting, you’ll need to rely on controlling your toy live or using two motor patterns designed by others in the Popular Patterns section of the app. Other people have made some of my FAVORITE patterns.

Bottom Line: Lovense Dolce vs Lovense Lush 3 App

The app is the same on both these toys! The main difference in using the Lovense App with the Dolce vs the Lush is that the Dolce has two motors to control. Overall, the app is straightforward to use and super reliable!

Results: Is the Dolce Better Than the Lush 3?

So is the Dolce better than the Lush 3? This question is a bit like comparing apples to oranges because they offer different kinds of stimulation. The Dolce offers both clit and G-spot vibrations, while the Lush 3 focuses only on the G-spot. 

If you don’t own either yet and are debating between the two, here’s the best way I can break down my recommendations:

If you prefer G-spot stimulation and don’t need clit stimulation – Get the Lush 3 over the Dolce. The Lush 3: 

  • Offers slightly better G-spot stimulation than the Dolce
  • Is much more comfortable to wear
  • Is quieter for public play 
  • Has a longer battery life
Lush 3 Product Image

If you prefer clit stimulation and don’t need G-spot stimulation – I actually recommend you get the Lovense Ferri vs the Dolce. The Ferri:

  • Offers better clit stimulation than the Dolce
  • Is much more comfortable to wear
  • Is quieter for public play
  • Has a longer battery life
Lovense Ferri Panty Vibrator

If you want G-spot and clit stimulation together:

  • Got the budget for two toys? Go with the Lush 3 and Ferri combo. They offer better stimulation, better adjustability, and are more comfortable. Plus, you can use them separately when you’re not in the mood for dual stimulation.
  • Only have the budget for one toy? This is when the Lovense Dolce is the best choice.

Should you get the Dolce if you already own the Lush 3?

If you already have the Lush 3, I don’t recommend buying the Dolce! If you want dual-stimulation, it will be better to add the Lovense Ferri to your collection. 

Wear Lush and Ferri vs Quake

The Lush and Ferri can be worn at the same time very comfortably and offer stronger stimulation together than the Dolce. 

Better stimulation, better comfort, better battery life – just get the Ferri if you already have the Lush.

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