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Lovense Lush 2 vs Lush 3

Lush 2 vs Lush 3 Featured Image

Lush 3


Lush 2


Choose the Lush 3 Over the Lush 2 If You Care About:

  • Better comfort from the new form-fitting antenna design – in my opinion this is the biggest improvement
  • Longer play sessions – you get 2 more hours of play with the Lush 3 
  • You have it in your budget and would rather start out with the best G-spot vibes – even if it is only slightly more stimulating
  • You want the best connectivity – Lush 3 has the best tech, but I haven’t experienced issues with either toy.

If you don’t care strongly about these improvements to the Lush 3, feel free to save a few bucks and pick up the Lush 2 instead!

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Table of Contents

Alright pals, here’s the skinny on the Lush 2 vs Lush 3.

You might already HAVE the Lush 2, or may have been considering pulling the trigger on the 2, only to recently discover that the Lush 3 has made its bold entrance to the scene. And now you have to ask “Is the Lush 3 better than the Lush 2?”

Lush 2 vs Lush 3 Products

For those who need a quick recap on what exactly the Lovense Lush line does: 

These are insertable egg vibrators that can be worn out in public for some discreet play. They’re controlled from your phone via the Lovense App and can also be controlled by a partner from ANYWHERE in the world for my long-distance lovers out there.

Both the Lush 2 and 3 are g-spot vibrators. So little to no clit stimulation with this toy. But surprisingly powerful internal vibes with both!

Now I’ll be honest – some of the differences between the Lush 2 and 3 are SUBTLE. So I’ll walk through each feature and let you know which are noticeably different when you’re using your Lush, and which differences are so subtle it’s not worth factoring them into your decision between purchasing the Lush 2 or 3. 

Throughout this article I’ll help those of you new to the Lush life decide which toy is a better choice for you. And for those of you already #blessed by the Lush 2, I’ll help you determine if an upgrade is in order – OR if you’re good with what you’ve got.

Let’s do it!

Lush 3 vs Lush 2 Comfort

I normally start my reviews talking about the toys’ vibes because… well, what could be more important? But I’m starting this little number off chatting about comfort, because in my opinion it’s the biggest improvement the Lush 3 makes over the Lush 2.

The Lush 3 kicks off its most noticeable differences with the new antenna design.

Lush 2 vs Lush 3 Resting Shape

On both toys, this little arm wraps up and sits against your pubic bone. I’ve found the form-fitting (yet still flexible) curve of the Lush 3’s antenna to be much more comfortable.

The Lush 2 had a stiffer and straighter arm that jostled around, occasionally hitting my clit in uncomfortable ways. And it took more effort to position the Lush 2 antenna in a comfortable spot when I’d go to sit down. But the Lush 3 antenna stays comfortably contoured with my body. It’s now more comfortable than my OhMiBod Esca 2 which was my previous winner for most comfortable egg vibrator.

Lush 3 Form Fitting Antenna

The new curve of the Lush 3 fits comfortably for me whether I’m walking, standing, dancing, or sitting. It ALSO keeps the toy positioned in a place that hits my g-spot just sliiiightly better (I’ll expand in the vibration section).

The material on these toys is very smooth and easily glides with a bit of lube. The insertable egg is exactly the same on both, so if you enjoy one – you’ll enjoy the other! 

Lush 2 vs Lush 3 Insertable Egg

I’m a tighter person myself, so I find both of these toys to be a BIT of a stretch for me for extended play. I can only wear them for a few hours – they’re not quite as comfortable for several hours to me as a purely external vibe (like the Lovense Ferri). But both the Lush 2 and Lush 3 provide really stimulating fullness and certainly press the vibes where it counts!

Bottom Line: 

The new antenna design really impacts the comfort of this toy – mostly external comfort. The bulb part is the same though. If you already felt pretty comfortable in the Lush 2, or comfort isn’t a HUGE priority to you, the Lush 2 may suit your needs just fine.

For comfort queens like myself – the Lush 3 does have a noticeable edge on the Lush 2. And in my opinion, better comfort is the main reason an upgrade from the Lush 2 could be worthwhile.

Lush 3 vs Lush 2 Vibrations

I’d like to launch my Vibes section with a quick reminder that the stimulation on this toy is directed almost ENTIRELY to the G-spot. There’s very little clit-stimulation from either of these toys. (And neither Lush should be used for anal – the Lovense Hush is the best for anal public play.) If you prefer clitoral stimulation, you may enjoy checking out my guide to the best vibrating panties.

I did wonder whether the wrapped arm of the Lush 3 would direct more leftover vibes externally to my clit than the Lush 2 did.

It did not.

If simultaneous clit and g-spot stimulation is really what you’re looking for, there are toys specifically designed for that. Lovense released their Lovense Dolce (review here) which offers very strong clit and G-spot vibrations. However, I don’t recommend it for most people. You can check out my Lovense Dolce vs Lush 3 comparison to see why I still recommend the Lush or the Ferri to most people.

The We-Vibe Chorus is one of my favorites for dual stimulation – but the connectivity isn’t as good so I don’t use it as much as my Lovense toys for public play.

Lush 3 G-spot Vibes

So since we’re internal only with the Lushes, let’s talk about how well the vibes will be hitting your G-spot. The two main aspects I want to mention are POWER and QUALITY.

Lush 3 vs Lush 2 Vibration Power

The power range and maximum intensity are about the same on the Lush 2 and 3.

Both give the strongest vibrations I’ve found in a wearable vibrator – much stronger than some competing wearables like the We-Vibe Moxie and Chorus. And even stronger than Lovense’s clitoral panty vibrator – the Ferri

Lush 3 and Ferri

I actually find the impact of the vibes to be slightly greater on the Lush 3 than the Lush 2. With the stiffer, outstretching arm on the Lush 2, the insertable bulb often pivots slightly out of place for me. Because the Lush 3 arm is permanently wrapped upward, the bulb stays positioned in a way that presses the flatter section more snug against my G-spot.

Lush 2 vs 3 Hinge

*This image exaggerates how “flat” the Lush 2 Lays to make it easier to see

The better G-spot stimulation from the Lush 3 is a subtle difference. If you already have the Lush 2, it’s not substantial enough to upgrade just for that reason. In my opinion better comfort is the much more noticeable difference and my personal favorite improvement in the Lush 3

But even though the increased G-spot stimulation is slight, it’s there – and the Lush 3 design just seems to be a bit more reliable in getting me worked up.

Lush 3 vs Lush 2 Vibration Quality

Toys’ vibrations tend to lie somewhere in a spectrum between buzzy (high frequency) and rumbly (low frequency). Many smaller bullet vibrators are buzzy, while many larger toys like wands tend to be very rumbly – though there are exceptions.

I find that rumbly vibrations go deeper, while buzzy vibrations tend to stay more surface level (but are felt more instantly). Rumbly vibes tend to feel a little more intense to me too because they’re felt through more of my body. 

I personally like my vibes to be a bit more rumbly so I feel them stimulating more of my nerve endings, but I still want a touch of buzziness to bring that instant kick.

Both the Lush 3 and Lush 2 feel somewhere in the middle between buzzy and rumbly – with a slight lean toward rumbly. 

The Lush 3 starts out a bit more rumbly than the Lush 2 at the lower power levels. As you turn up the power on both toys, they become more alike in vibe quality. Both end in a buzzier vibration by the time you reach the highest power.

Bottom Line: 

Though I do find the Lush 3 a bit more stimulating, the difference between these two toys’ vibration impact and quality is pretty subtle. If you already have the Lush 2, this wouldn’t be a main reason I’d consider upgrading to the Lush 3. The design of it does hit the G-spot more directly, but it’s still a small difference! 

If this is your first venture into Lush land, it’s up to you whether the cost of the Lush 3 is worth it for you to start your journey with a bit better stimulation.

Lush 3 vs Lush 2 Charging and Battery Life

Another key upgrade with the Lush 3 is the charging port. The new design has a sleek magnetic charging port compared to the pinhole charging peg that the Lush 2 had. In the old design you had to stab the charging cord through the silicone of the toy. 

Lush 2 vs Lush 3 Charger

The first time I charged my Lush 2, I checked over and over that I really was supposed to push the charging cable through the toy – I felt like I was about to break my new purchase.

Lush 2 Charger

Now both the Lush 2 and 3 are completely waterproof, but you have to be careful when pushing the charger of the Lush 2 through the toy’s silicone. The silicone is self-repairing, but that can wear out and break down over time – or over a very short time if you get too aggressive with the charging cable. So if you’re not careful with the Lush 2, you can damage its waterproof effectiveness.

The pinpoint hole is completely eliminated for the Lush 3 by changing the charger to a magnetic cable that simply attaches to the outside of the Lush. It can be a little annoying to have to make sure the magnet is latched onto the toy (and it can jostle free more easily) – but it’s a much better design long term so your Lush 3 will always remain waterproof. 

Lush 3 Magnetic Charging Port

The Lush 3 advertises up to 5 hours of play compared to the 3 hours available with the Lush 2. So if you plan to take this toy out for extended periods of time, the upgrade can almost double your playtime. 

This is another one of the main reasons why an upgrade from the Lush 2 to the Lush 3 may be worthwhile. If you’re someone who enjoys long public sessions, the extra battery life can come in handy.

I personally never experienced my Lush 2 dying on me during play, and was always happy with the longevity it provided. But I typically only play a couple hours at a time. For those of you who intend to wear your Lush throughout your day, the Lush 3 will be a better option.

Bottom Line: 

The Lush 3 charging port is more convenient and ensures your Lush will remain waterproof throughout its life. 

It also has a VERY long battery life – a couple hours longer than what was available with the Lush 2.

If 3 hours will be plenty of play for you, then you can save some money and just stick with the Lush 2. I’ve never had mine die on me when I play in public – but I personally only play for a couple hours. 

If you’re more interested in wearing your Lush throughout the day for extended sessions, the Lush 3 would be a better choice.

Lush 3 vs Lush 2 Connectivity

The Lush 3 implements some new tech for better connectivity – there’s an upgraded PCB board and supposedly the new antenna design helps improve connectivity too.

To be honest I haven’t had issues with the connectivity of either toy so this is a hard one for me to test by experience.

If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you know that I’ve consistently had better experiences with my Lovense toys’ connectivity over other app controlled vibrator brands.

I’ve found Lovense toys are easier to get connected to the app AND stay more reliably connected. 

The Lush 2 always connected REALLY quickly and reliably for me. I’ve found this to be true of the Lush 3 as well. 

The Lush 3’s bluetooth connectivity is advertised at 20-43 feet away depending on whether you’re sitting or standing and whether the phone is in front or behind you. The Lush 2 was listed with similar estimates too.

I ran a few tests of my own and found that the Lush 2 maintained a pretty reliable connection until about 50 feet. While the Lush 3 was able to reach a whopping 130 feet before connection got spotty! So in my experience there is a difference in the distance each toy can be from your phone. 

BUT I wouldn’t rely on my 130 feet number as a typical experience. I was standing outside my house and having my partner walk away several times until each Lush lost connection. There wasn’t anything in between us to interfere with the signal and I wasn’t moving around. The test was mostly meant to see if the Lush 3 can typically be further from the phone than the Lush 2 before it disconnects.

And my answer is yes.

But I actually always felt completely satisfied with the range I got with the Lush 2. I never reached the distance threshold when letting my partner control my Lush 2 on a night out at a bar. We typically are pretty near each other. 

If you plan to be pretty close to your partner when you play in public (nearby at a bar or sitting at the same table), you may not need the upgraded bluetooth distance of the Lush 3

But if you want to sit further away from your partner (maybe play a bit of a spectator) while you control their Lush, the Lush 3 may be a better option!

As far as reliability goes – I’ve had GREAT experiences with both. They remain more reliably connected than their main competitor – the We-Vibe Jive. With either Lush, I may notice a slight hiccup in connection once in a blue moon. But I’ve also always had instantaneous and almost seamless reconnection if any issues DO come up – much better than the other app-controlled brands I’ve tried.

Bottom Line: 

The Lush 2 was able to reach some pretty impressive and satisfying distances while maintaining a great connection. The Lush 3 can go a bit further. Both have GREAT consistent and reliable connection with the app. Connecting is easy, and disconnections are pretty infrequent – I’ve not really noticed a difference between the Lush 2 and Lush 3. If you care about a bit more distance between the phone and the vibrator, go with the Lush 3.

Otherwise you’ll likely be just fine with the Lush 2!

Lush 3 vs Lush 2 Noise Level

I find both Lush toys to be pretty quiet when worn. If you happen to turn one of these babies on when it’s out of you, it may scare you away from venturing into public play!

But you’d be surprised how much your body dampens the sound once the vibrator is in. And small amounts of ambient noise in your environment quickly make both the Lush 2 and 3 completely inaudible.  

Both the Lush 2 and 3 were undetectable up to the highest levels in most settings. Quiet cafes are kind of a toss-up, but anything louder is 100% in the clear. You can read more specifics about my testing in various environments in either my Lush 2 Review or my Lush 3 Review.

I’d highly recommend either toy for discreet public play.

The Lush 3 IS technically quieter than the 2. But when you do the math based on the decibel level listed on their packaging, it’s only 4% quieter decibel-wise. I actually downloaded an app that lets me test the approximate decibel level of things around me. When I tested the Lush 2 and 3, they actually listed the same noise level. 

Obviously the app has some room for error, and other ambient noise may have affected this. But all this to say – the difference is so slight that it doesn’t actually change what you can or cannot do while wearing it.

If the lower noise level is the main or only reason you’re considering the Lush 3 over the Lush 2, I don’t think it’s worth it. And it wouldn’t be a deciding factor in my choice between the Lush 2 vs Lush 3.

Bottom Line: 

In reality, the difference in noise between the Lush 2 and Lush 3 is pretty non-existent. If you’re satisfied with the noise level on the Lush 2, the Lush 3 may technically be quieter, but in reality – about the same. For newbies to the world of Lush – I wouldn’t factor noise much into your decision between the Lush 2 or 3.

Lush 3 vs Lush 2 App

This is the LAST of my feature comparisons between the Lush 3 and Lush 2. We’re ending with the app because both use the Lovense app – so really no differences here!

Lush 3 vs Lush 2 App

For those not familiar with the Lovense app, there are several different ways to control your toy by yourself, with a nearby partner, or with a long-distance partner.

The main control screen looks like this – as you draw or tap out your pattern, your Lush’s vibes will follow the design your finger draws. 

Lovense Loop or Float

You can “Loop” your design so whatever pattern you draw will automatically repeat. Looping is great for quickly making unique pulsing or wavy patterns.

You can also “Float” at a constant level – just tap the screen and your vibe will hold at your preferred power. This is great for keeping a repetitive, steady vibe going. OR for just slowly and steadily increasing as you get more worked up.

While connecting with a long distance partner, you can video call, voice chat, and text in the Lovense Remote app – all while controlling each others’ Lovense toys. 

Lush 3 Video Chat

You can save multiple partners in the app to easily connect again in the future – or you can send someone an anonymous control link to someone to give them one-time control of your Lush 2 or 3 without sharing your Lovense username with them. And both are equally good as a tip controlled vibrator for cam performers.

Lovense Anonymous Control Link

There’s several other great ways to control your toy and find fun patterns. You can check out my Lush 2 Review or Lush 3 Review for specifics on this AND how the long-distance connection works and looks.

Bottom Line: 

The Lush 3 and Lush 2 use the same app, so everything is the same between these! There are lots of great control and connection options with Lovense, and whichever toy you pick will be easily controlled via this app. My partner and I have had better experiences with Lovense’s app than any other app controlled brands we’ve tried – especially when it comes to long distance control. Controlling and connecting have been much easier for us with our Lovense toys.

Which is Better and Should You Upgrade if You Already Have the Lush 2?

If I were a first time Lush owner and budget was no object, I would go with the Lush 3 personally – primarily because I really value comfort. I find the new antenna design more comfortable than the Lush 2 antenna which requires some occasional adjusting throughout the night to keep it from interacting with my clit in uncomfortable ways. 

Overall the Lush 2 is comfortable enough – just keep in mind you’ll need to adjust the antenna more often.

The slightly better G-spot stimulation from the Lush 3 is nice, but not a huge difference from the Lush 2. So if I was getting my first Lush, I’d start with the Lush 3 for the best stimulation – but I wouldn’t upgrade from the Lush 2 to the Lush 3 primarily for better stimulation. It’s pretty subtle.

If you’re wanting to extend your play past the three hour mark, the Lush 3 is the better choice.

The decision really comes down to what your main priorities are! Now that we’ve had time to discuss in detail, let’s revisit my bullet list from the beginning of the article.

Here’s what I think about choosing your Lush in order of greatest importance:

Choose the Lush 3 Over the Lush 2 If You Care About:

  • Better comfort from the new form-fitting antenna design – in my opinion this is the biggest improvement
  • Longer play sessions – you get 2 more hours of play with the Lush 3 
  • You have it in your budget and would rather start out with the best G-spot vibes – even if it is only slightly more stimulating
  • You want the best connectivity – Lush 3 has the best tech, but I haven’t experienced issues with either toy.

If you don’t care strongly about these improvements to the Lush 3, feel free to save a few bucks and pick up the Lush 2 instead. I’ve had plenty of great times with my Lush 2 tucked discreetly away. In fact, I’ve had it longer so my Lush 3 has some catching up to do 😉

For those of you who already have the Lush 2 and have been considering upgrading: 

I Think It’s Worth Upgrading From The Lush 2 to the Lush 3 Only If:

  • You experience discomfort from the Lush 2 antenna, and would enjoy the toy a lot more if it were more comfortable to you
  • You’ve found yourself wanting to play past the battery life of the Lush 2
Lush 3 Product Image

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