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Lovense Lush 2 Review

Lovense Lush App and Product

Our Verdict


The Lovense Lush 2 is the probably the most well-known app controlled vibrator on the market. It delivers powerful, quiet G-spot vibrations controlled right from your phone. I’ve had a lot of sneaky fun with this toy out with my partner at restaurants, bars, and parks! And my partner can control it even when he’s miles away. We’ve also found Lovense products to be the best at staying connected to minimize disruptions. You won’t really get much clit stimulation from the Lush 2, but if you enjoy G-spot vibrations – this is really one of the best toys for public play, long distance play, and completely customizable G-spot vibrations.

Note: The Lush 3 is out now too. The Lush 2 is still a great product (and less expensive now!) But if you want info on the new version check out my Lush 3 review or go here for a Lush 2 vs Lush 3 comparison.

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  • Powerful G-spot vibrations, especially for a small wearable vibrator
  • Lovense app gives the most complete control of your bluetooth vibe of any app
  • Connectivity is some of the best – still some occasional disconnections, but more reliable than other brands we’ve tried
  • You can video chat in app while your partner controls your toy long distance
  • You can anonymously give one-time control of your sex toy to someone
  • Lovense Lush 2 is quiet and stays in place securely for public play


  • I have to adjust the antenna while I’m sitting to get it in a comfortable position
  • It doesn’t really offer clitoral stimulation for those who don’t enjoy G-spot vibrations
  • The app has a bit of a learning curve to master all the features and discover how you like to control the vibrations

Table of Contents

Let’s talk LUSH!

This buzzy little pal has been in my life for a while now, and together we’ve had some magnificent times.

I’m happy to be alive in the time of wearable bluetooth vibrators. But let’s be clear – some are certainly better than others. And even though many are seemingly similar – they can really achieve very different things.

The Lovense Lush 2 for example is very specifically a g-spot vibrator. It’s an insertable little egg vibrator that stays where you want – right on your G spot – thanks to your very own vaginal walls. The extended antenna portion serves as a transmitter, handy on/off button, and a pull-hold for getting your toy back OUT. But don’t confuse it for a clit-vibrator. To enjoy the Lush 2, you’ve got to enjoy internal vibrations.

If clit vibes are your jam, you may be more interested my best panty vibrator guide.

It’s completely app-controlled – opening up a wide world of public play and fun with partners far away.

Lush and App

But let’s chat details. This sex toy isn’t exactly a budget buy, so you’ll want to know if its a good toy for you! If you want specifics on just how comfortable the Lush 2 is, how powerful its vibes feel, and how quiet they sound in public – I’ve got ya covered with this Lovense Lush 2 review!

Lovense Lush 2 – Cost

I’m going to go ahead and take us right to what MY bottom line usually is – are you getting the best deal for what you’re looking for? And here comes my answer: MAYBE.

It really depends on what your main priorities are. Most of the high-quality bluetooth wearable toys by trusted brands DO fall within this $100-$200 price range. It’s main competitors, the OhMiBod Esca 2 egg vibrator and We-Vibe Jive, are similarly priced. 

The Lush 2 actually falls at the lower end of the price range for these kinds of sex toys now that the 3rd generation is out.

The Lush is a second-generation toy born from lots of reviewing and perfecting of the already-enjoyable qualities of its predecessor. Together, thousands of orgasms have chosen the specific qualities of this piece. And I, for one am thankful.

I do however, resonate with the spirit of exploration without dropping a lot of dollars. If you’re still in the testing-phase – not quite ready to commit to one of the pricier items, you still have options! 

As I mentioned, the Lovense Lush 2 has an even earlier version – the Lush 1 – for about half the cost. Similar design and still app-controlled too! The main sacrifices you’ll have to make are that it’s a bit less-powerful, less comfortable, and less likely to stay connected to the app. This may be worth it though for the chance to dip your toes in at a fraction of the cost. Personally though, I’d save up a bit longer and go for the second version. 

You could also try a budget remote control egg live the Lovehoney Alive. You can still fit in a bit of public fun, but you won’t have the versatility of app control and you’ll need to be pretty close to your partner’s toy. 

Verdict: Lovense Lush 2 Cost

The price is actually on the low end of the spectrum for a quality bluetooth vibrator. If you need an even more budget-friendly option, you can try the Lush 1 but you’ll sacrifice some quality. 

Or try a remote control vibe that comes with a physical remote! You can still give up control, but public play will be more difficult and long distance play is entirely off the table. 

Lush 2 Review – Vibration Quality

Alright – moment of truth for the Lush – HOW ARE THE VIBES?

I’m talkin’ quality, power, variety – how does it feel? 

Where Do the Lush 2 Vibrations Hit?

Here’s one thing I want to make clear – this is a G-SPOT vibrator, not a clitoral vibrator. So that little pleasure point about two inches up on the INSIDE will get a lot of love from a talented lover.

Not so much anything on the outside – at least not without intentional maneuvering.

TBH, I love external vibes. So the fact that the little extendable arm/antenna provides few second-hand clit vibes was a bit of a bummer to me. I mean – it LOOKS like you should get a little somethin’ from the smaller bulb on the end, but not so. But that’s why clit/internal bluetooth sex toys like the Lovense Dolce (previously Quake) and We-Vibe Chorus exist! And clitoral panty vibrators like the We-Vibe Moxie and Lovense Ferri (my favorite one!)

Quick sidebar: I WILL say that when I’m at home, it IS possible to carefully place the little wrap-wand to share some leftover vibes externally. But clit vibrations are not something to count on if you’re out and about. 

G-spot vibrations on the other hand – oh YES! The Lovense Lush 2 does a great job of nuzzling right up to my G-spot and pressing it’s strong vibes right on my interior pleasure spots! In fact, this was the vibrator that taught me – oh, I can squirt! After playing around for nearly an hour with the Lush 2 attacking my G-spot (in a gooood way) I suddenly was experiencing the previously unfamiliar sensations of squirting! 

Lush 2 Flattened Tip

I’m not saying, this toy will make you squirt too. All women are different. But at least for me, it turns out I need a lot of G-spot stimulation and this little pal delivers it!

So my word of advice – make sure you’re a fan of internal stimulation before you choose this product. If that’s the case for you, I think The Lush 2 may just be a home-run, but we’ve got a few more specifics to go over before we etch it in stone.

Lush 2 – Rumbly vs Buzzy

I’m a visual person so I’ll try to show what the Lush’s vibes are like the best I can. You’re about to witness my fabulous Vibe-Visuals. Because we need to solve the mystery: does the Lush 2 have BUZZY vibrations, or RUMBLY vibrations?

If buzzy vs. rumbly is a new concept to you – here is my best explanation (which honestly is pretty good but everyone interprets these words slightly differently). 

Buzzy vibrations, like that of a lot of bullet vibrators, feel like tight, shallow, quick vibes. I feel buzzy vibes more on the surface – they don’t echo through me quite like rumbly vibes do. If I’m holding a buzzy vibrator in my hand, the vibes mostly stay in my fingers/hand region. They’re really great at hitting one specific spot, but not everyone’s favorite.

Buzzy vibrations often get a bad rap, but honestly I think buzzy and rumbly each have their place. Many of my favorite vibrators are buzzy, like the Lovense Hyphy and FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet. Some of my other favorites are toward the middle of the spectrum, like the BMS PalmPower Extreme and Lovense Ambi.

Here is my diagram of buzzy vibrations:

Lush Buzzy Vibrations

Rumbly vibes are deeper. I find a lot of wands to be VERY rumbly – the Lovense Domi 2 is one of the most rumbly vibrators I own. Just generally bigger movements and overall more reverberating. Rumbly vibes feel like when the base kicks in. When holding a rumbly vibrator in my hand, I can feel the waves all the way into my arm or beyond. They’re not necessarily more powerful vibrations – but they travel farther.

Lush Rumbly Vibrations

I really like the all-over stimulation of rumbly vibrators, and they also tend to be more highly esteemed in the world of sex toys. BUT I do find that very rumbly-vibrators tend to give me a numb sort of feeling after a while – again a bit counter to a lot of sex toy reviews that praise pure rumbles. But hey, we’re all different.

The Lovense Lush 2 sits in the middle of the two ends, but slightly more towards rumbly in my opinion. If you’re someone who prefers entirely rumbly vibrations, the We-Vibe Jive is at the far end of the spectrum. But the Lush 2 feels like a pretty nice balance between the two ends.

Lush 2 Rumbly Buzzy

The rumbliness of the Lush 2 means that you can really feel the vibes. Even on the lowest setting, you really notice them right away! Which can also mean you may not even have to turn the power very high if you’re playing in public so you can keep the noise minimal.  

I’m really happy with the balance of rumbliness and buzziness the Lovense Lush 2 strikes. It’s right in my sweet spot!

Lush 2 Vibration Power

Now let’s talk vibration power. 

I honestly was surprised by how powerful this toy could get for being so small! 

I have other g-spot vibrators that are NOT wearable, and I figured the Lovense Lush 2 would not come close to their power, but was quickly proven wrong. If you happen to have the Lelo Mona, I would say the vibe power is only a bit lower than the Lelo Mona’s – which is pretty impressive since the Mona is larger and not wearable.

Sure, it’s not gonna be as powerful as a wand. But you can’t wear a wand to the bar. Overall – the Lush 2 has some pretty impressive power for its size!

Lush 2 Power

The very lowest level of power is fairly strong as well. It can make for a surprising start if you prefer softer vibes, but it’s really nothing over-the-top. For power-seekers, the Lush 2 might just be the one for you! I’ve found it to be stronger than competitors I’ve tried. 

I don’t know that you can get much more powerful vibrations without starting to become more audible (that holds true for both the toy AND me).

I personally don’t tend to orgasm from internal stimulation alone though – I use this toy to get me hot and bothered at bars and restaurants before going home with my partner. But for many people – the vibration intensity of the Lush 2 can take them all the way. 

I read through over 300 other customers’ reviews and tallied how many people said they were able to orgasm from the Lovense Lush 2 alone and how many said they couldn’t. There’s power in numbers so take more than just my word for its strength.

Lush Orgasm Customer Reviews

Lush 2 Built-in Vibration Patterns

We’ll cover the vast landscape of customizable vibes you can create with the Lovense app in a bit. We’ll chat about the built-in vibe patterns here first.

The Lush has two different sets of built-in patterns. These patterns follow suit with the other vibe-qualities we’ve talked about in that they’re all very INTENSE. The motions are very quick and come to high, sharp peaks before quickly swooping through again.

The first set of patterns is accessible by clicking through the button on the end of the toy to cycle through them. Fun for when you’re using the toy at home. The first three hold a constant buzz at three different intensity levels. The fourth is a quick, intense tapping. The fifth is a quick wavy up and down feel. The sixth starts low, swooping quickly to the highest vibe power before dropping back to start over – all in quick succession. And the fifth repeats a medium buzz with two quick high-intensity wobbles, also very quickly.

In the Lovense app, there are four different preset patterns. Rather than EXPLAIN them, you can see how they feel as shown in the little icon representing each!

Lush 2 Pattern Options

If you don’t want to work hard at creating your very own pattern it’s nice to start with these. With these basic patterns you can adjust their speed to your preference.

Lush Pattern Speeds

Besides these built-in patterns, there’s an infinite assortment of custom patterns you can create and save that we’ll talk about later in the Lovense App Section. It’s limitless – Lovense is truly the best for customizing vibrations patterns.

Verdict: Lovense Lush 2 Vibrations

The Lush 2 is a pretty high-powered vibe for such a small toy! It’s m.o. is intensity, and that holds true on the depth and power of the vibes, as well as the preset patterns. I find its vibes much stronger than the Esca’s – The Lovense Lush 2’s main competitor. 

Lush 2: Lovense App Quality

I think the Lovense app developers were visual enthusiasts, and perhaps some control freaks. This is truly the app for people who want total control and customization of their vibrations. 

You can trace intricate patterns on the screen and watch the vibes play out too – pretty mesmerizing.

All the moving parts CAN take a little familiarizing before you’re smooth-sailing. I found there to be a slight learning curve to discovering patterns I really love. When there’s limitless options, I have to narrow it down a little for myself. But if a bit of learning doesn’t bother you, it’s a pretty fun thing to get familiar with. 

Once you learn to use the app, you have more control over your vibes with the Lovense Remote app than any others.

Lovense Remote App – Control Panel

The Lovense App control panel provides 5 different ways to control your toy.

Lush 2 App

Any of these options can be used to remote control your toy by yourself, or your partner can use them to control your Lush in the bedroom or in public! Head to the section on noise to find out where you can use your Lovense Lush 2 in public – thankfully, its quite a lot of places!

The main way to control the Lovense Lush 2 is with the center “Remote” button. This feature is where the Lovense remote app really shines – by giving you completely customizable remote control of your vibrations. 

Slide your finger around on the pane to create endless patterns of rising and falling intensities. Hit the “Loop” button to repeat your pattern and carry you away to orgasm. 

Lush 2 Touch Panel

The “Float” button is great for those who love a consistent vibration. Drag the dot to your preferred intensity and the Lush 2 will provide a steady vibration at your favorite power level. 

The “Traditional” panel is a pretty similar setup to the “float”, except that you drag the slider to the desired intensity.

Lovense Remote Traditional Panel

The “My Patterns” section of the Lovense app has the 4 built-in patterns we talked about earlier – “Pulse”, “Wave”, “Fireworks”, and “Earthquake”. Again – those each have 5 different speed settings you can choose from to customize it a bit. 

But this is a much more interesting feature: You can create and save your own entirely unique pattern by clicking the “Create Pattern” button! Discover a pattern you find especially tantalizing? Save it and enjoy it the next time you play!

If you’ve gone ahead and set up an account with Lovense, you’ll also have access to patterns saved by OTHER people. Just navigate to “Patterns” in the bottom right corner of the Lovense app and select from tons of popular patterns created by other users. They’re sorted by most popular so you can easily find crowd favorites.

Lovense Remote Popular Patterns

The next control style is Alarm. I personally have NOT used this one because I don’t care to associate sexy times with being abruptly awoken. But you can save multiple different alarms with various rules. Set the time and which day(s) of the week you’d like it to go off, and you’re in business!

Lovense Alarm

The Music feature allows you to choose a song for your Lovense Lush 2 to vibe to. It’ll automatically pull up whatever you have stored on your phone’s music library, and you can also connect your spotify account. It’ll vibe out different patterns based on the rhythm and intensity of the music. 

Lovense Remote Music

It’s a fun way to get some continuous, but constantly changing stimulation. The rhythmic vibes keep changing with the song. It’s less predictable than a looping pattern and I find when the vibes are a bit unpredictable – they can be more stimulating to me. 

The Lush 2’s vibes are set to the song’s RHYTHM rather than volume. I’ve found that I can choose a song, turn the volume all the way down to zero, and the vibes will still play themselves out – it’s a pretty nice way to get unique vibration patterns while I actually listen to some other, uh… more erotic things. 

And here we are at the last control style – Sound activated vibrations. This one is awesome for a noisy environment – like dancing in a bar – because it will match the level of sound you have around you. It differs from the “Music” section in that this sets your Lovense Lush to vibrate to the ambient noise around you.

It’s best used out dancing, but I also enjoy just tapping on my phone to give little bursts of vibrations from the sound of my fingers bumping the speaker.

Lush 2 Sound Control

One of the downsides to the Lovense Remote app is that when you switch between the different control styles the vibes stop until you select the next control style. It can be a bit annoying, but they instantly start up again when you select your next control panel. I don’t find it too disruptive, but I wish they kept vibrating how they had been while I make the transition.

If you DO feel like that will be a frustration to you, one of the main competitors of the Lush 2, the Esca 2, has solved this issue by enabling swiping through control styles without your vibes ever taking a break. OhMiBod doesn’t have nearly as much customization capabilities though. We compare the Lush 2 vs Esca 2 here for more info.

Lovense Lush 2 Long Distance Features

If you’re in a long distance relationship and looking to play with your partner – or perhaps want to give control of your toy to an anonymous stranger – let’s talk about what you can do to connect with someone far away.

On the initial Long Distance Control screen, you’ll have options to add connections by “Adding People”, “Accepting a Request”, or sharing a “Control Link”. 

The first two let you add someone by searching for their username and giving them yours. This is the best way to connect your Lovense Lush 2 with a partner you’ll play with often. They’ll appear in your saved connections so you can easily have multiple sessions with them. Though you can block or remove a person from this list at any time.

Lovense Add People

The “Control Link” route ANONYMOUSLY gives someone access to your toy only for a short period of time that you set! You choose how many minutes or seconds they get, and WHICH toy you’re providing access to (in case you have other Lovense-compatible products). This feature makes it an awesome toy for cam performers or people who want to play with others without giving away your username!  

Lovense Anonymous Control Link

To add someone as a more permanent connection, they’ll need to set up an account. Search their username to add them and send over a request. Once they’ve confirmed your request, they’ll show up in your list of “People”. When they have their Lovense app opened, you’ll see the little green check next to their username, showing they’re online.

When your partner is online, you have all sorts of options to interact with them. You can chat and send voice-messages like a regular texting conversation. If you click the bottom right “+”, more options will pop up. 

Lovense Long Distance Options

From left to right, you can send photos, send a vibration pattern you’d like for them to try out, give them Live Control of your vibrator or request control of theirs, Video Chat with them, do a voice call, and more!

The Live Control and Video Chat options are my two favorites that we’ll delve into a bit more. It’s the best way to enjoy the Lovense Lush 2 in a long distance relationship.

Clicking Live Control will send an invite for them to control your toy. Once you’ve given control, you won’t be able to control your vibe at all again until you end their control. I wasn’t a huge fan of having ALL my vibe-control taken away while they control my toy but that could just be me. I’d prefer us to each have simultaneous control, but so far I haven’t found any bluetooth vibrators with that feature.

Lovense Give Up Control

Once they accept, your partner’s screen will look like this – here, they can tap out different patterns for you to enjoy while you continue chatting via the text box. You can also send each other voice-messages while the Live Control is enabled. They can choose to end the control at any time.

Lovense Live Control Feature

Now let’s talk Video Chat. Calling your partner will send a similar invite that your partner must accept. You both have the ability to turn on or off your video view at any time. 

Video chatting with your partner gives them access to your toy. They’ll just tap their screen and the control panel will pop up on top of the video. Again – once this happens, you will not have control of your vibes again until you end the call. You can minimize the control panel as well so you can have the video in full-screen.

Lovense In-App Video Chat

You can also minimize the video view and move it around your screen to go back to typing if you’d like too. The toy-owner has the option of recording the video call, but the partner who has been GIVEN access can NOT record.

Lovense Video Chat Tools

Even when your partner is NOT online, you can send them chat messages, photos, emojis and voice recordings. Entice them to jump online with you 🙂 Make sure they have their settings set to notify them that you’re there though. 

Verdict: Lovense Lush App Quality

The Lovense App does take some learning to get used to all the features and understand how to use all of them. If you don’t mind a bit of learning, no other app gives as much complete control of your sex toys’ vibrations like the Lovense app. 

The in-app video chatting makes it really great for people connecting with a long distance partner. And it’s also a great app for people wanting to anonymously play with others.

Lovense Lush 2 Connectivity Review

I’ll break it down in a second but, in case you decide to skim this section, here’s the takeaway: The Lush 2 has AWESOME connectivity in both the Close Range AND Long Distance modes. We’ve found Lovense toys to be on average better than their competitors for bluetooth connectivity.

Lush 2 Close Range Connectivity

I’ve been completely satisfied with my connection when I’ve taken this toy out and about. A very rare disconnect can happen for me, but it’s easy and quick to reconnect with minimal disruption. 

To connect your sex toy, just click the top right button and select it from the list of saved toys. It will immediately be connected and you’re ready to play. You can even connect multiple toys at once (trust me, the Lush and Hush can be a great combo!)

Connect Lush 2 and more

But I’m here to give you SPECIFICS, I ran some nifty little tests. Just for you! Well, and for me.

Using the Close Range features, I set a vibe pattern on my phone and began walking away with the toy… and walking AND WALKING. The vibe pattern stayed strong and consistent for about 50 feet – with walls and buildings blocking the way too! After 50 feet, the bluetooth connection began to waver and then cut out, but as soon as I started getting closer to my phone again, the connection picked right back up and began the vibe pattern again.

Opening other apps, or locking my phone also have not had any negative impact on the connectivity for me. With some other brands, we’ve had trouble with our toys disconnecting when we open other apps or lock our screen.

I should say, my experience is not entirely universal. I’m pretty small myself so I don’t have a lot of my body blocking the antenna. Your experience could differ from mine. Still, I think Lovense toys are the best for connectivity.

Lovense Lush 2 Long Distance Connectivity

This is an area that connectivity is especially important! Technology can make or break your long distance sexy time. 

And I’ve concluded that the Lush 2 is a true companion – looking to help my partner and I connect – not looking to destroy us with annoying disconnections.

I’ve struggled with other app-controlled toys cutting out randomly, when I open other apps, or lock my phone. With the Lush 2, I’ve had no problems at all. It always seems to stay connected and doesn’t keep requiring a re-connect. Overall, just a reliable little piece of technology. 

Verdict: Lush 2 Connectivity

I almost never deal with the Lush 2 disconnecting. But you could still experience them on occasion – especially depending on how well the antenna extends from your particular body. But I’d say, if you have connectivity issues with the Lovense Lush, I think they’d likely be worse with its competitors.

Lovense has been the most reliable brand we’ve used for connectivity – I’m very pleased. If strong, consistent bluetooth connection is your priority, I really don’t know how much better you’ll find than this! 

Lush 2 Review – Comfortability

If I am a boat, comfort is my water. It will bring me life, or it will bring me death.

I don’t know if that makes sense – I may be basking in some post-Lush-bliss and enjoying a glass or two of wine as I write this now. It may be affecting my metaphors.


And this little squirt will be getting a nice long ride in you for several hours, so let’s make sure you’ve got a good passenger between your legs.

Lush 2 Internal Comfort

Since the majority of this toy will reside on the INSIDE, let’s start there. 

First off – you’re going to notice this toy when it’s in. Even before it vibrates. It’s not like a tampon or a diva cup that becomes pretty much undetectable once you situate it right. It takes up space and it’ll make sure you’re aware it’s there. I tend to prefer smaller toys, so keep that in mind as I offer my perspective.

The Lovense Lush material is a very smooth body safe silicone and I’ve found that inserting is easy and comfortable as long as I’ve added lube – which is still a must for this toy.

Once snug in place, walking, dancing, standing or laying all feel comfortable. Sitting is when it can cause some discomfort for me. I found I have to intentionally situate myself in order to make sitting comfortable for the long haul. And I do have to discreetly re-adjust the antenna on occasion so it rests comfortably.

The Lush’s bulb has a little flattened tip to press into the g-spot. This gives some great stimulation, but when I’ve been wearing it for a long time it can occasionally start to feel a bit uncomfortable.

Lush and Esca Bulb Comparison

Overall, I would say the Lovense Lush is pretty comfortable, but you may need to adjust it on occasion. If comfort is extremely important to you I’ve found the OhMiBod Esca egg vibrator to be more comfortable for longer than the Lush 2.

Lush 2 External Comfort

The Lush’s external antenna is a little stiffer than I’d prefer. For me, this means that it’s harder to keep pressed up against my body, and I have to put a bit of effort in to get it comfortably positioned under my clothes. 

In regards to how VISIBLE it is to others – you mainly just have to plan your outfit right. Tight leggings were a no-go for me as the shape was pretty clearly outlined by the tight fabric. But draping a longer shirt over easily solved this problem. Thicker pants like jeans or wearing a skirt over your leggings are also great solutions. 

There is a little flashing light on the end of the toy, but you can turn it off so no one will see a beacon between your legs.

Verdict – Lush 2 Comfort

For me the Lovense Lush takes a bit of adjusting to keep it comfortable for a full night on the town. Walking, dancing, standing, and laying all feel comfortable to me. The antenna can get into awkward positions when I’m sitting and I’ll need to adjust it occasionally. If care-free comfort is important to you, you may prefer the Esca which I think is more comfortable.

Lush 2 Noise Level

When you get this toy in the mail, do not make the mistake of turning it on in your bare hands. Or DO – but with the proper information and expectations…

When this toy is naked in the open air (instead of properly inserted in a nice vagina), it sounds surprisingly loud! If you’re not prepared, you may just be too afraid to wear it out to your favorite restaurants. 

The magic happens when you’re actually WEARING it. Because once on the inside, the vibes are muffled by your body incredibly well! 

Night and day difference. Here’s the results from reading through what over 300 other customers had to say about the noise level. 

I tested if the Lush 2 was audible in a variety of places so you can decide if it’s quiet enough for you. 

As I hunted down all the valuable insights for you, I made a list of curiosities to test:

How high can the Lush 2 go before it’s audible in a crowded bar, a quiet restaurant, or a chill night in? Does the Lovense Lush 2 sound different on a chair, booth or couch? Could people ACTUALLY hear it, or was I just imagining they could?

So I set off to find the answers – my partner in tow to get a WEARER vs OBSERVER perspective on noise. First stop was a quiet restaurant – maybe 1 other nearby table filled and low music playing. A leather booth was my seat of choice! I took control of my vibes first to get familiar with the environment – low vibes felt pretty silent to me so I kicked it up a bit. 

Medium made me wonder if it might just be reaching an audible level, but I checked with my partner and he didn’t hear a thing. Slowly climbing to the very highest power, I confirmed with him that he STILL was not detecting the sound. 

With my partner’s nearby ears unable to detect the noise in a pretty quiet restaurant, I was confident no one in a crowded bar was going to be able to tell without a close look at my distracted face.

But what about a chill house environment with a few friends? Back at home, we sat on the couch and tested the Lovense Lush on the lowest setting. In our quiet living room without ambient noise it was pretty immediately noticeable. The lowest setting is actually not much quieter than the high when you’re in a completely silent environment because it’s so rumbly and low. So it’s a no go in the same room of a quiet house. In the next room over behind closed doors – you’re good!

Lush 2 Sound Recommendations

I think they KEY to a successfully sneaky sesh is to go to a place where there’s continuous mixed environmental sounds – music, talking, espresso machines. If there’s frequent lulls in sound, that’s where you might run into trouble. So only test it out at that house-party if there’s some bumpin tunes and lots of chatter.

Verdict: Lovense Lush 2 Public Play

Awesome for places with even a low amount of ambient sounds – not great for intimate gatherings or libraries.

Lovense Lush: Battery Life

I have been able to use this toy multiple times without recharging. Lush advertises a 3-hour battery life if you’re continually buzzing. I haven’t used it for that long continuously, but I’ve been really happy with the battery hold and have great faith it would last that long easily. You can keep track of the toy’s battery in the Lovense app too if you want to pace yourself!

Lovense Lush 2 Review Results

I think the Lovense Lush 2 is a great toy if you:

  • Want some of the most powerful G-spot vibrations from a wearable vibrator.
  • Are okay with not having much clit stimulation from your toy
  • Want the best app loaded with features and customizable control and don’t mind a bit of a learning curve
  • Are looking for a reliable connection
  • Want to connect with a partner long distance or play in public
  • Want to give control of your toy anonymously to someone

I think an alternative bluetooth vibrator may be better for you if you:

  • Are wanting a lot of clitoral stimulation
  • Would prefer a very simple to learn app over one that gives you more control and features
  • Want the most comfortable toy for longer wear
  • Are on a tight budget 

Lush 2 Alternatives

Better Comfort and Even Quieter – Esca 2

The Esca is one of the main competitors to the Lovense Lush. It’s almost identical in shape, and is also app controlled with partner control and video call capabilities. People who are looking for something a little smaller and more comfortable might like this toy better if they’re also willing to have a little lower-powered vibes. 

OhMiBod Esca and App

Keep in mind that the connectivity is not quite as reliable as Lovense. For long distance control, we had more connection issues with the Esca than the Lush. But I really enjoy the Esca’s teasy vibes for foreplay and solo play. 

Check out our Esca 2 review here.

Or see our full comparison of the Lush 2 vs Esca 2 here.

We recommend the OhMiBod Esca 2 over the Lovense Lush 2 If:

  • You want a more comfortable vibrator for longer term wear
  • You want a very simple app with minimal learning required
  • You don’t mind dealing with a bit more frequent disconnections
  • You want an even quieter vibrator for your public play

Clitoral Alternative – Lovense Ferri

For years Lovense went without a great public play vibrator for clitoral stimulation. So I was VERY excited when they announced the Lovense Ferri panty vibrator – so excited that I bought it the first week it was out and took it for a ride out to dinner with my husband the same day it arrived.

Lovense Ferri Product

The Lovense Ferri magnetically attaches to your panties so that the toy rests on your clit – which just so happens to be where I, and many women, enjoy them most!

I’m pleasantly surprised by how strong the clitoral vibrations are with it. But even more of a surprise was that it remains quiet enough for public play in a lot of sit down restaurants. I took it for its first trip out to a restaurant with light chatter and low music and was able to use it at full power without anyone realizing the fun I was up to.

It is still louder than the Lush since the vibrations are external – but definitely still quiet enough for public play in many settings. It’s become a go-to for me. If you want public play and prefer clitoral stimulation – this is a great toy to have.

It really comes down to this: if you prefer internal vibrations go with the Lush 2. If you prefer clitoral vibrations, go with the Ferri.

For me the Lovense Ferri (review) quickly became my personal favorite wearable vibrator.

We recommend the Lovense Ferri over the Lovense Lush 2 If:

  • You want the public play capabilities of the Lush 2, but prefer clitoral stimulation
  • You don’t mind needing slightly more ambient noise than you would with the Lush 2 to remain discreet

Lovense Lush 2 Budget Alternative – Lush 1

The Lush 1 is the earlier version of the Lush 2! Similar look and same app. 

It’s an option if you’re looking for a budget buy. 

Lovense 1 Product

For half the cost, it can be an opportunity to try out app-controlled internal vibes. But keep in mind that you’ll be sacrificing the improvements Lovense made to the Lush’s comfort, bluetooth connectivity, and power. Again, I’d personally recommend saving a bit longer for the Lush 2 and starting there, but this is an option.

We recommend the Lovense Lush 1 over the Lovense Lush 2 If:

  • You’re on a tight budget and don’t want to save for the Lush 2

Clitoral and Internal Stimulation – WeVibe Chorus

If you’re loving the idea of public play, but are getting the vibe that the Lush may be too internally focused, falling short on the clit stimulation – check this one out. The WeVibe Chorus is a bit pricier than the Lovense Lush, but it offers two motors – one for your clit, one for your G-spot! 

We-Vibe Chorus in Hand

This toy is also app controlled, and designed for out-and-about fun, but has more of a “clamp” design that will stimulate BOTH internally and externally! Some people have more difficulty keeping it fixed in place during their public play than with the Lush 2 though. But the Chorus can even be worn DURING sex with it’s slim design!

It is a bit louder than the Lush since some of its vibrations are outside your body, but that can easily be solved in an environment with more ambient sounds.

If you want more info I have a full We-Vibe Chorus review here.

We recommend the We-Vibe Chorus over the Lovense Lush 2 If:

  • You also want good clitoral stimulation while you wear your vibe
  • You want to be able to wear your vibe during sex
  • You don’t mind your vibrator being a bit louder

Final Thoughts

Even though I have to make some occasional quick adjustments to keep the Lush comfortable for an entire night on the town, I can’t get past the wonderful power of its stimulating G-spot vibes. Not to mention the endless amount of customizable vibrations. It definitely does the trick to get me worked up when I’m out with my partner or friends.

The connection quality and Lovense app are AWESOME! This toy is my first choice for playing in public settings or connecting with my partner long-distance. The in-app video chatting lets my partner and I share our pleasure even when we’re apart.

The Lush has definitely provided some new, fun adventures for my partner and I – AND I love using this toy alone too.

Lovense Lush App and Product

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