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Lovense Hyphy Review

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Our Verdict


The Lovense Hyphy is an incredibly versatile vibrator for both clitoral and G-spot vibrations. At one end is a small tip with three interchangeable attachments for precise, focused vibrations. While the larger end provides broader, more powerful vibes for your clit or G-spot. The slight curve and length of the Hyphy also make it easy to use clitorally during partnered sex.

This toy is higher frequency than I was used to or aware that I enjoyed, but it’s very powerful and satisfying. It feels uniquely different than a strong, rumbly vibrator. And I’ve found I orgasm more quickly and effortlessly with the Lovense Hyphy than my previous go-to clit vibes. It’s also the toy I can have multiple orgasms with most easily. I still prefer more rumbly vibrators for G-spot stimulation, but the Lovense Hyphy has shot to the top of my list of favorite clit vibes.

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  • The strongest vibrations I’ve found in a toy this size
  • Provides a large variety of ways to stimulate all in one toy – you can get really varied types clit stimulation and G-spot stimulation too
  • From my experience, the strong, high frequency clitoral vibes do help me orgasm more easily and many times in a session
  • Less girthy G-spot end is more comfortable internally
  • Decently easy-to-hold handle if you’re not planning on too much back and forth movement
  • Easy to use for clit stimulation during partnered sex
  • App-controlled with great connectivity
  • Long distance play works well and is very versatile
  • Ultra-smooth material makes it easy to glide the Hyphy along my vulva comfortably
  • Very long battery life


  • Vibes are very strong and do not get very low for those who need soft levels too
  • Purely high frequency vibrations (not rumbly) – I’ve found that’s a part of what makes this toy work so well for me, but if you know you need absolute rumbly vibes – you likely prefer a different vibrator
  • Not as easy to grip if you need intense thrusting during internal use for heavy G-spot pressure
  • Fairly loud

Table of Contents

My Experience with the Lovense Hyphy

Alright, guys. I gave the ol’ college try to Lovense’s new quirky-looking Hyphy. To be honest, I was mostly just intrigued by the shape of the toy. But I didn’t have very high expectations. 

And for the first minute or two, I considered it a pretty average toy while I explored the pinpoint clit-end and all the different tips.

Lovense Hyphy Vibrator

I can’t stimulate my clitoris too directly, so I used the silicone attachments to flit around the edges a bit – moving the Hyphy’s focused tip around my lips and just letting the residual vibes reach my clit indirectly. 

This helped me get worked up and ready for more firm pressure, but it didn’t feel like anything spectacular on its own.

Then I flipped the Lovense Hyphy to use the stronger broad end on my clit and HO-LY-DANG

I was there in seconds! 

And quite surprised. This toy is higher-frequency (buzzier) than most of my other toys. And high-frequency vibes often get a bad rap – but damn did they just work for me!

After my first orgasm, I switched back to the focused end so I could easily place it on a part of my vulva that wasn’t too sensitive from my initial orgasm and avoid the oversensitive areas. After about 30 seconds with the focused tip, I switched to the broad end again and quickly reached my second O.

Then another.

Lovense Hyphy Two Ends for Versatile Stimulation

This first experience with the Hyphy had my interest peaked

I had just had multiple orgasms more quickly and easily than I’d had with any other toy before.

Honest talk: I can experience multiple orgasms fairly reliably, but I usually have to work for it. With the Lovense Hyphy, it was effortless for me and REALLY quick – like, under 30 seconds each time I flipped to the broad end and I was rolling into my next one.

And that has continued to be my experience with the Lovense Hyphy. I can keep alternating between the two ends and consistently orgasm on the switch back to the broad end.

It’s become my go-to toy for easy multiple orgasms.

Now I’m not as frequent a user of the G-spot end of toys for internal use. (I love my external stimulation and shallow play!) But I have used this purple pal internally quite a few times. I liked the fit of this toy MUCH more than other G-spot toys because it’s not quite as wide, so it was less overwhelming to me. It also had a nice, smooth and dull head, so it spreads the pressure out nicely instead of feeling “pokey.”

Lovense Hyphy vs Lelo Mona G-spot Head Size

But internally, I still prefer more rumbly vibes like I can get from my Pillow Talk Sassy.

I was also pretty surprised to find that the handle was easier to hold than I expected—especially given that the handle-end becomes shaped like a cell tower when it’s flipped for internal use. But I had no problems keeping a secure hold and pressing around. 

Though you should be aware – I’m not an aggressive thruster. And you may want a better grip if you are. 

Lovense Hyphy Tip Becomes Handle During G-spot Use

I am honestly STOKED about this new toy for my specific needs (mostly clitoral stimulation) and have raved to quite a few friends about it already! 

And I’ve enjoyed many a multiple-orgasmic-night since the Lovense Hyphy joined my crew. 

Now I’m not saying that this toy is a miracle worker and will automatically give everyone multiple Os too. Each person is different and needs different things. 

But I think the Lovense Hyphy has some features that make it especially helpful for multiple clitoral orgasms for me – and I think some others will have similar experiences with it.

We’ll get into specifics in this Lovense Hyphy review and chat about why I think it works so well for me and how it may or may not work similarly for you.

Hyphy Clit and G-spot Vibrations

The Lovense Hyphy provides some genuinely unique vibes that have become some of my favorite (especially clitorally). 

BUT vibration preferences vary. 

Let’s get into some details so you can tell if the Lovense Hyphy meets your needs. 

And guess what, we have two different ends to discuss on this toy. So let’s do it:

Focused and Broad Stimulation

The Lovense Hyphy is really versatile, and I am all for it. 

You can use the smaller end for pinpoint-precision clitoral vibes (with three different head attachments). If you’re not as keen on über-direct clit stimulation, you can use those same tips for some fluttery fun around your lips to get yourself warmed up. That’s typically what I do.

Lovense Hyphy Three Silicone Tip Attachments

The flat “tongue” attachment is particularly great for sliding between the labia, and some even enjoy letting it slip internally for some shallow fun. It’s somewhat firm and narrow, so it feels intense if that’s what you enjoy – not diffuse like the gentle fluttering of the Je Joue Amour bullet’s flexible, broad flutter tip.

The sphere tip is supposedly for “broad” stimulation, but it’s so tiny that it still makes more sense for focused vibes. The smoothness makes it easy to glide along your vulva though. 

The “U” shaped piece can straddle your clitoral hood for direct stimulation or hug your nipples. 

Again – I have to dance around the whole general area when it comes to clitoral stimulation. Nothing too direct for me. 

But when it comes to focused stimulation, I have to say – this toy has got it figured out. Even without using the focused tip directly on my clit, I have a whole lot of fun tracing it around the outskirts to work myself up.

The G-spot end is a whole other deal. You can use this end both internally and externally. When used on the clit – it gives broader and stronger stimulation than the tip end. It really stimulates the clit quickly because of how high frequency and strong the vibes are. 

I am REALLY into using the broad end on my clit immediately after using the focused end. When I switch to the wide end right after getting the pinpoint stimulation, I’ve found it leads to some of the quickest and most satisfying orgasms I’ve experienced!

Lovense Hyphy Flattened G-spot End for Broad Stimulation

And I can put that process on repeat.

The two different ends on the Lovense Hyphy are one of the main reasons I think this toy is excellent for experiencing multiple orgasms in one session.

When I first explored how to experience multiples, I learned from OMGYes that many women need to go back to touches away from the clit right after their first orgasm. Then to build to the second O, many people slightly modify the stimulation that worked for their first orgasm.

The Lovense Hyphy makes it easy to switch up the stimulation.

After an orgasm with the strong, broad end, I can switch to the more teasy stimulation of the focused end. I can easily position the small tip away from my clit where I’m not too sensitive. 

Lovense Hyphy High Frequency Tip

In a way, I go back to the stage where I’m just sort of getting myself worked up and fluttering around with the small end to recover and rebuild.

Then when my clit isn’t oversensitive anymore, I can flip back to the broad end and ramp up for another orgasm from the powerful, high-frequency vibes.

All in all, even if it’s not a multiple-orgasm game-changer for you, the Hyphy still offers great versatility in that you can still use it for precise clit stimulation, broad clit stimulation, or G-spot stimulation.

I’ll talk more about what it’s like to use the G-spot end internally in the upcoming sections. 

Rumbly or Buzzy Vibrations

Vibrators can be higher frequency or lower frequency. If you haven’t come across the great “rumbly vs buzzy” divide often described by sex toy enthusiasts, here is a quick rundown. 

First, one is not necessarily “good” and the other “bad.” Though you may find your personal preference is strongly for one type or the other – there are a lot of very strong opinions for each! 

But many people prefer vibes somewhere between the two ends of the spectrum.

Higher-frequency vibrators are referred to as “buzzy” and often get less respect than rumbly vibes. In my opinion, that’s partly because a lot of cheap vibes happen to be buzzy. But there are high-quality, high-frequency vibes too. The Magic Wand Plus and Magic Wand Original are two examples of famous, well-loved vibrators that are actually buzzy on their highest settings.

High-frequency vibrations stimulate more at the surface of your body. But powerful high-frequency vibes still penetrate to some extent. 

For me, I can go longer without feeling overwhelmed by too much stimulation from a high-frequency vibe. Some people can start to feel numb to buzzy vibes after a while though (especially if there’s not a lot of power driving the vibes).

But I find high-frequency vibes pack a great immediate kick which my clit is more responsive to than low-frequency vibes. 

Low-frequency vibrators are called “rumbly” and usually receive quite the esteem. The vibrations sound and travel much deeper. They involve more of your body – penetrating deep and stimulating a greater area. 

Buzzy vs Rumbly Vibrators Infographic

But even though they’re reaching deeper, I find my clit itself is less responsive to them. As a result, it takes longer for the vibes to stimulate my clit enough to orgasm. And I need a rumbly vibrator’s power to be even stronger to orgasm clitorally. 

They’re missing that instant right-on-the-spot punch that comes from higher-frequency vibrations.

My personal opinion is that both types of vibes have their place. Of course, there’s also a lot of personal preference involved.

Clitorally, I’ve always preferred vibrators with at least some level of higher-frequency vibes too. I orgasm more easily from my Lovense Ambi and Lelo Mona 2 (which are each a mix of rumbliness and buzziness) compared to my Pillow Talk Sassy, which is pure rumbles all the way.

But for G-spot stimulation, I like how “all-encompassing” more rumbly vibrations feel. I need more full-feeling impact on my G-spot so internally, I prefer lower-frequency vibes like my Pillow Talk Sassy or Pillow Talk Racy.

Alright – so where does the Lovense Hyphy land?

Lovense Hyphy Buzzy Vibes (High-Frequency)

The Lovense Hyphy is a very high-frequency vibrator. The pinpoint end is especially buzzy, but the broader end is also higher-frequency than my Lelo Mona 2. 

It’s honestly higher frequency than I knew I enjoyed. 

But it turns out that I find a well-built, strong, high-quality buzzy vibe: Awesome! 

I orgasm more easily from the broad end of the Lovense Hyphy than I do from my Mona 2 (which had been my go-to vibe for clit stimulation).

I think those powerful, buzzy vibes are a large part of why it’s so easy to get there over and over again with this toy. 

And the fact that I can alternate between ends to change up stimulation also keeps me from getting numb to the higher-frequency vibrations.

If you’ve written off high-frequency vibes for clit stimulation before, I think the Lovense Hyphy could be a toy that changes your mind. 

For G-spot stimulation though, it did leave something to be desired. It felt very similar to the Lovense Lush 3 if you’re familiar.

A fun tease, but it doesn’t pack the deep rumbly intensity that takes me places internally. 

The Pillow Talk Sassy and Pillow Talk Racy are still my go-to vibes for rumbly G-spot stimulation. But if you prefer buzzier vibes internally the Hyphy can give you that!

Lovense Hyphy vs Pillow Talk Sassy vibrations

Vibration Power

Vibe power is all about context. And since this toy has such varying uses, we have a lot to cover!

The small end (for focused stimulation) is quite a bit less powerful than the G-spot end. However – with how focused the stimulation is, that’s NOT a bad thing. When applied directly, it feels intensely powerful because all the power is going into a tight area.

For those with a sensitive clit, maybe even a bit too powerful sometimes. Thankfully, you can get down to pretty low powers when you use the app. And if you’re like me, you may prefer moving the precision end around your lips and avoiding direct contact with your clit.

Now when it comes to the G-spot end, this toy packs some REALLY high power. While it’s not quite as extreme as wand vibrators like the Lovense Domi 2, the Hyphy is stronger than other G-spot vibrators.

The G-spot end is more powerful than the highest level of the Lelo Mona 2 and the smaller Lelo Gigi 2. It’s also much stronger than Lovense’s wearable vibrators like the Lush 3 and Lovense Ferri.

It’s right about the same power level as the Pillow Talk Sassy (though at the opposite end of the frequency spectrum).

Lovense Hyphy Vibration Strength Compared to Other G-spot Vibrators

Keep in mind – these are very high-powered, buzzy vibrations – so it feels different than a high-powered, rumbly vibe. 

I was surprised to find this combo of high-powered, buzzy vibrations works crazy-well for my clitoral orgasms. One of the most powerful you’ll find for anyone who loves a good buzzy vibe. 

I can press it against me through my clothes and get there in seconds. 

The Hyphy knows what it’s doing.

The lowest button setting on the Hyphy is still pretty dang high though. You’ll have to use the app if you want to access some softer levels and they just don’t get whisper-soft like the lowest levels of the Mona 2.

If you typically don’t enjoy a lot of power, you probably will prefer a vibe with softer levels than the Lovense Hyphy.

After the awesome external vibes, I was a little let down by how the toy felt internally. When I’m using the Hyphy for internal stimulation, I enjoyed the powerful vibes. But the lack of rumbliness diminishes the effect for G-spot stimulation. 

So even with the high power, it mostly just felt like a nice internal massage. 

For me, this is a high-powered vibe used best for clit stimulation.

Bottom Line: Hyphy Vibrations

The Hyphy is the strongest toy of this size I’ve tried (along with the Pillow Talk Sassy). It’s got high-frequency vibes with a ton of versatility. I still find low-frequency vibrations are more impactful for internal stimulation, but I’ve found the Lovense Hyphy amazing for fast and easy clitoral orgasms (on repeat).

Lovense Hyphy G-spot Impact and Pressure

If you plan to use this toy primarily for internal use, you may be interested in just how much control you have. With G-spot vibrators, you want to be able to grip the toy and press it against that front spot well!

I will say that this toy is not angled for the firmest pressure against the G-spot. It does have a slight curve. But it’s not quite as strongly curved as some other G-spot vibrators like the Lelo Mona 2 or Pillow Talk Sassy.

Lovense Hyphy vs Lelo Mona 2 Shape and Curve

Other G-spot vibes also have an actual handle to grip and maneuver the toy.  But with the Lovense Hyphy, the precision tip takes up some of the space of the “handle” when you’re using the G-spot end internally. 

There is some room above the focused end to grip, but you have to hold it just-so due to the precision tip sticking off the back. 

This wasn’t a huge problem for me because I don’t care to apply too much of an upward tilt. And I also don’t thrust very hard myself. But if those activities are your cup o’ tea, you’ll do better with something like the Lelo Mona or Pillow Talk Sassy.

Lovense Hyphy handle vs other G-spot vibrator handles

Lovense Hyphy Ease of Use 

One thing that will take some getting used to is flipping the toy over and using the buttons right. 

Though I’ve mentioned my huge enthusiasm for this toy, I’ll be the first to admit that it takes some practice. Believe it or not, flipping a toy back and forth makes it hard to keep track of the orientation of the buttons! 

Lovense Hyphy Buttons

Once you’ve got the hang of the buttons, I find using either end for clit stimulation is easy. There’s plenty of room to hold the toy and move it all around your vulva. 

I also found the G-spot end easier to hold than I expected when using it internally. But again – those who spend a lot of time thrusting or angling their toys more intensely may prefer a toy with a genuine handle.

Using either end to stimulate clitorally during partnered sex is also a piece of cake! (No pun intended?) The slight curve makes it the perfect shape to slide it between my legs easily.

And the Hyphy has enough length and curve that my hands are out of the way of the action too.

Lovense Hyphy Comfort 

The smoothness of this Lovense Hyphy is rather heavenly and much less “grippy” than I’ve found some other silicone toys to be. 

Though the toy’s core is stiff, the width was a bit narrower than the many G-spot toys. So I found it very comfortable while still providing a filling sensation and pressure. 

Lovense Hyphy Comfortable Shape

One thing I appreciated was the more slight curve of the toy. This less dramatic arch fit my anatomy well and meant it did not put too much pressure or unwanted vibrations near my vaginal opening like some other stiff toys do. 

Lovense Hyphy Flat G-spot Tip vs Tapered tip

The flattened head was also very comfortable both internally and externally! Internally it feels blunter and less “pokey” than the tapered tip of the Lelo Mona 2, so I find the Hyphy more comfortable.

Lovense App BlueTooth Control (Close Range Quality)

I have always had good experiences controlling my Lovense toys with the app. 

My Lovense toys typically connect more quickly and remain more reliably connected than many other app-controlled vibrators I’ve tried. And the toys are quick to respond to what you do on the app.

My time with the Lovense Hyphy has been no different! So if you’ve had other Lovense toys, expect the same quality from the Hyphy.

Besides the great app features for partnered play, people might want to try out the app because it provides lower power levels than the buttons. 

So use the app if you are looking for a wider intensity range from low to high! 

Lower Powers Are Possible in Lovense Remote App

Pairing for the first time is very quick and easy. You’ll click the link button and select “Add Toy.” The app found the Lovense Hyphy right away for me. 

Once you connect the Hyphy once, it’s stored in your list of toys and should pair pretty instantly again.

There are several ways to control the Lovense Hyphy’s vibrations in the Lovense Remote app.

Lovense Remote Home Screen

You’ll have the main “Remote” option, which provides the most customization over your vibrations. You’ll see a dot that represents the Hyphy’s motor. Use your finger to drag it up and down to raise and lower the vibration power.

By tapping “Loop” you can easily make repeating vibration patterns with one quick flurry of your finger. 

The “Float” function sets the vibes to a steady power level and makes it easy to jump quickly between high and lower intensities. Or you can use this to increase power incrementally.

Controlling the Lovense Hyphy with Loop and Float Functions

You may notice there’s only one dot to control even though the Lovense Hyphy has two ends that vibrate. This is because you can only have one motor going at a time. So whichever motor is on will follow the pattern you draw out with the dot. 

To switch the active motor, you’ll use the physical buttons on the Lovense Hyphy. Then the new motor will follow the vibration pattern from the app.

My Patterns is where any preset vibes will be stored. You can also save some of your own creations here OR download patterns made by others and keep them here.

Lovense My Patterns and Saved patterns

The Music tab will give you the chance to vibe along to any songs you have saved on your phone or Spotify. It’s responsive based on the sounds in the music. You can adjust the sensitivity for lower or higher-powered vibes. 

You can also choose to turn the song’s volume down but keep the vibes going to the muted song. I’ve found this is a great way to have the vibrations change and keep me guessing.

Controlling the Lovense Hyphy with Music

Alarm will set you up for a buzzy surprise at any time of the day or night. But, quite frankly, I never use this. It doesn’t make as much sense to use it with a non-wearable vibrator like the Lovense Hyphy.

And the Sound control option will control the Lovense Hyphy with the sounds picked up by your phone’s mic. So when louder sounds are happening around you, the Lovense Hyphy will vibrate more powerfully. 

With Lovense’s wearable toys, this is a great feature to use in a club or somewhere with loud music. But I don’t find it as useful for a handheld vibrator, though you could blast some tunes at home. You can adjust this sensitivity as well.

Lovense Hyphy Sound Control

Make sure to check out the “Discover” section to find and download other people’s patterns. Here you’ll also find the “Speed Mode,” which responds to how fast your phone moves. So give your phone a shake for a quick burst of solid vibes.

Lovense Discover tab in Lovense Remote App

Long Distance App Quality

Especially for long-distance control, my partner and I have had our most reliable experiences with our Lovense toys. So I’d highly recommend one of their vibrators if you plan to play with a remote partner often.

My experience using the Lovense Hyphy long distance again has been no different – still excellent control and reliable connectivity. 

Once both partners have downloaded the free app and made an account, it’s easy to search for their username and connect.

Once connected, you can chat, send photos, video call, and share control of your Lovense Hyphy with a long-distance partner. 

You can also share control of your toy while video chatting in the Lovense app – there’s no need to pull up Facetime or another video app separately.

Lovense Hyphy Long Distance Control and Video Chatting in App

Your partner will have the same control screen with the Loop and Float functions to control your Lovense Hyphy. So they can draw out the vibration pattern they want your toy performing. This is a lot more versatile control than other brands offer a long-distance partner.

For example, Satisfyer’s app only lets a long distance partner raise or lower the toys’ power. But with Lovense’s app a long distance partner can specify the exact vibration pattern.

You can also minimize the control panel so that the video is full screen.

One aspect that may bother some is that the toy user will choose which side of the Lovense Hyphy is active. A long-distance partner can’t use the app to change which of the Hyphy’s motors is operating.

The toy user needs to manually switch active motors using the Lovense Hyphy’s physical buttons. For those who want to relinquish complete control, this could be a bit of a bummer. 

Using Lovense Hyphy Buttons to Change Between Motors

I didn’t mind it though because I like to maintain some control myself – after all, I know what my body wants best. So I can use the precision end as long as I want and then switch to the higher power of the broad end once I’m ready for it. 

Hyphy Connectivity

Lovense has the best Bluetooth connectivity I’ve found in remote-controlled toys. The Lovense Hyphy connects quickly and easily. And it stays reliably connected. 

There will always be some occasional disconnections with any app-controlled toy, but it’s been very rare with my Lovense Hyphy.

It’s also reliable during long-distance play. 

And it stays connected even if I lock my phone or open another app. I have noticed that when I lock my phone, it sometimes seems to have a little hiccup or slight lag in the running pattern. But I never have an issue with the buzzing stopping altogether. 

I’ve been able to separate this toy and the phone by 250 feet before losing Bluetooth connection. And even after it loses connection, it immediately pairs back up again once you’re back within range.

Noise Level

The Lovense Hyphy does put up a bit of a racket. 

It’s one of the louder toys of this size that I’ve used. But for the great power, I’ll take it! 

If you’re a numbers person – the ambient sound of my house registers at about 40 dB. The Lovense Hyphy reached about 70 dB at its highest. Compared to other G-spot vibrators, the Hyphy was louder. The Lelo Mona registered at 64 dB at its highest and the Pillow Talk Sassy at only 57 dB.

But what’s that mean?

Well, if you live with roommates, this is one you’ll want music on in your room while you’re playing. In our silent house, my partner could hear it across the hall with my bedroom door closed. 

But when I put some music on in the room, he couldn’t hear the Hyphy anymore.

Hyphy Battery Life

This little pal advertises 4.5 to 5 hours of continuous use, and let me tell you – I have not found the end of it yet. Battery life will not be an issue for you – this toy really does just keep going, even with its strong power! 

It charges via a magnetic charging port. So no need to worry about damaging the Lovense Hyphy’s IPX7 waterproof rating by plugging through the silicone like Lovense’s oldest toys.

Lovense Hyphy Charging with Magnetic Charging Cord

You can also see the battery life left in the Lovense app, so you know when it’s close to needing a charge.

Lovense Hyphy Review Results

The Lovense Hyphy has become one of my go-to vibes for clit stimulation. The strong, high-frequency vibes really do work well for me to have quick and repeatable orgasms. I love the ability to switch to the focused end after an orgasm to stimulate areas that aren’t too sensitive until I’m ready for powerful broad stimulation again.

I still prefer rumbly vibes for G-spot stimulation, but the Lovense Hyphy is a new favorite for clitoral orgasms.

Lovense Hyphy Vibrator and App Open

I think the Hyphy is a great toy if you:

  • Want the ability to have both very focused and broad clit stimulation with just one toy
  • Want to explore whether varied clit stimulation can enable or simplify multiple orgasms for you
  • Enjoy very powerful, buzzy vibrations (or you’re at least willing to give high frequency vibes a chance – I find my clit is very responsive to this quality of vibration). 
  • Like very direct or precise stimulation
  • Enjoy using G-spot ends externally for more diffuse vibrations
  • Want a thinner G-spot vibrator without too much girth
  • Don’t need too sharp of a curve to stimulate your G-spot
  • Highly value a comfortable toy
  • Want a very reliable app
  • Are looking for the ability to play with a long-distance partner
  • Want an app-controlled toy that has a variety of control methods
  • Are ok with your toy being a bit loud
  • Need an extra long battery life

I think an alternative vibrator might be better if you:

  • Know you definitely need rumbly vibrations
  • Need really soft vibration levels
  • Prefer girth G-spot vibrators with more girth to feel full
  • Tend to thrust your G-spot vibrators a lot to apply firm pressure
  • Like very curved G-spot ends to apply significant pressure
  • Need your toy to be quiet

Lovense Hyphy Alternatives

If you’re looking for focused clit stimulation, but are sure you prefer lower frequency, rumbly vibes – I’d recommend the We-Vibe Tango X (review here), the most rumbly bullet vibrator I’ve tested.

As a small bullet vibrator, the Tango X gives similarly focused stimulation to the small end of the Lovense Hyphy. The end of this toy is not quite as tiny as the Hyphy’s tip, but it is smaller than most other toys. And it has a slanted lipstick-shaped end that you can use to get quite precise stimulation. 

It’s also a plastic end, which makes it excellent for gliding smoothly along your vulva, but the grip to hold is silicone.

Lovense Hyphy vs We-Vibe Tango for Precise Clit Stimulation

The We-Vibe Tango X is much more rumbly than the Lovense Hyphy. So if you prefer rumbly clit vibes over buzzy ones, you’ll probably enjoy the Tango’s rumbly, focused stimulation over the Hyphy’s buzzy, concentrated vibrations. 

It does not have a G-spot end, so it will only suit those looking for clitoral stimulation.

On the G-spot end, I’d recommend the Lelo Mona 2 or Pillow Talk Sassy as alternatives for people who prefer to really grip their vibrator and thrust it to apply pressure to their G-spot. 

Lovense Hyphy vs Pillow Talk Sassy vs Lelo Mona

Both the Mona 2 and Pillow Talk Sassy have good handles that are easier to hold and maneuver so that the head of the vibe presses more firmly into your G-spot.

The Pillow Talk Sassy is my favorite vibrator to use for G-spot stimulation

The Pillow Talk Sassy is very powerful like the Lovense Hyphy – but its vibration frequency is on the opposite end of the spectrum. 

Its vibes are super rumbly (low frequency). There is not a hint of buzziness to them.

For clit stimulation, I prefer there to be some amount of buzz – it makes it easier for me to orgasm. But for G-spot stimulation, that’s when I want the vibrations to be as deep as they can get.

So the Pillow Talk Sassy’s ultra-rumbly, powerful vibes are my go-to for G-spot stimulation. 

It has a bit more girth than the Hyphy, but I still find it very comfortable because it flexes a bit – it’s not stiff like the Lovense Hyphy. 

Pillow Talk Sassy is Flexible vs Lovense Hyphy is Stiff

There’s only one button on the Pillow Talk Sassy, so you have to cycle through vibration strengths which can be annoying. But with how rumbly this toy is, I usually just get it placed and let the vibes do their thing! 

It’s also one of the least expensive high-quality G-spot vibrators.

The Mona 2 is similar to the Lovense Hyphy in that it’s got a bit of high frequency too – though not as high frequency. So I prefer the Mona 2 for clit stimulation over the deeper rumbles of the Pillow Talk Sassy.

But for G-spot stimulation, it will satisfy those looking for a bit more girth and maneuverability. 

I don’t find it the most comfortable internally because it tends to stretch my vaginal opening a bit too much for my taste, but I know there are plenty of people looking for that more firm, full feeling.

Lelo Mona and Lovense Hyphy Side by Side for Comparison

The Mona 2 also has a tapered end and a very arched curve. It’s great for applying more focused pressure from the tapered tip, and the angle makes it easy to hit your G-spot. I like more blunt G-spot force from the Lovense Hyphy’s flattened head, but ultimately it’s a personal preference. If you want more focused pressure, you’ll probably like the Mona 2 more.

And I still love using the Lelo Mona 2 during partnered sex for clit stimulation. If you want more info on it I have a full Lelo Mona 2 review here.


Where to buy the Lovense Hyphy

Buying directly through Lovense is typically the most inexpensive option. Lovense is also an international shop, and you can select your country from the dropdown menu at checkout. Lovehoney is often a touch more expensive, but they allow returns if you don’t end up enjoying the toy. Lovehoney is not yet stocking the Hyphy but is likely to soon.

How to Use the Lovense Hyphy

To turn on the Lovense Hyphy, hold down the + button until you feel one buzz. Press the up button one more time to turn on the focused end. Use the + and – buttons to increase and decrease power. To switch which motor is active, hold the – button on the Lovense Hyphy. To turn off the Lovense Hyphy hold the + button.

Does the Lovense Hyphy tongue attachment feel like oral?

Short answer: it’s closer, but not really. The tongue attachment is about an inch long and ⅓ of an inch wide. It does shake back and forth, but the material is much stiffer and thinner than a tongue. It can provide a fluttering sort of sensation similar to oral, but it’s much faster and more focused than a tongue, so the intensity may be a bit too much for some. It also comes to a tip that needs to be wielded carefully to avoid an unwanted jolt! It does get closer to oral than most toys, but many of the most important sensations are just impossible to mimic. 

View of Lovense Hyphy Tongue Attachment from multiple angles

Does the Lovense Hyphy give quick orgasms?

The answer is for sure going to differ by person. But for me – yes, the Lovense Hyphy gives some of the quickest orgasms I’ve ever experienced! I think it’s the very strong, high-frequency vibrations that just get right to the point!

Does the Lovense Hyphy help with multiple orgasms?

Again – this will be different based on the person. I can often experience multiple orgasms, but this is my new favorite toy for them. For me, it’s because of the ability to switch between applying strong pressure clitorally with the G-spot end, then flitting the smaller end around for some more teasing stimulation in between orgasms. This change of pace allowed me to flip between “play” and “finish line” seamlessly.

Final Thoughts 

The versatility, strength, and unique quality of the Lovense Hyphy’s vibrations have made it one of my new favorites! I still prefer other toys for G-spot stimulation, but clitorally this is quickly becoming my new go-to. 

I experience multiple orgasms with it more easily than any of my other toys, so it gets an A+ in my book. It’s a very comfortable toy for those who don’t prefer much girth during internal use. The reliable and intuitive app makes for a great experience, and great long-distance control.

Lovense Hyphy Product Image Square

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