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Lovense Hush Review

Lovense Hush In Hand

Our Verdict


The Lovense Hush is a very powerful app-controlled butt plug that lets you play solo or with a partner from near or far. It’s powerful vibrations remain quiet enough for discreet public play, and the Hush is comfortable for several hours out on the town. The Lovense Remote app is intuitive and offers great control of the Hush. The starting size can be a bit larger than some people are ready for, so consider your experience before buying. This is a toy I love and use often – If you’re ready for it, it’s worth it. 

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  • Some of the strongest vibrations I’ve experienced from a remote control plug.
  • Quiet enough for discreet public play
  • Can easily play with your partner from near or long distance
  • Lovense Remote app is intuitive and has great features
  • You can video chat with your partner in-app
  • Hush is comfortable to wear for several hours


  • Only two size options – Hush can be larger than some people are ready for 
  • T-bar can get in the way if you are trying to have vaginal sex while plugged
  • Hush is too firm to wear the entire day. It’s comfortable for several hours

Table of Contents

Lovense Hush Product Image

Lovense promises that it’s plug is “The most versatile vibrating butt plug – EVER!” 

A bold claim.

There’s a lot an app-controlled vibrating butt plug needs to accomplish to be the most versatile ever: Quiet enough for public play, powerful enough to get you off, comfortable enough to wear for hours, simple smartphone app to easily master long distance anal play.

With our Lovense Hush review, we’ll let you know how this butt plug lives up to each of these promises so you can decide if it’s right for you. 

Size – How Does It Affect The Experience

The Lovense Hush comes in two sizes to fit a range of people. The small is 1.5 inches and the medium is 1.75 inches at their largest diameters. Each has an insertable length of 3.8 inches which is a pretty average insertable length – not too intimidating for beginners, while still providing good depth for those more experienced at anal play.

Lovense Hush in Hand for Size

I’d say this vibrating butt plug sizes would be better labeled “Medium” and “A Little-Bit-Bigger Medium.” I’m holding the small size in the pic above for some size perspective. I was a little surprised that the width still felt substantial on the small plug – a feeling I love, but if you’re brand new you may need to work up to it.

The first time I played with my Lovense Hush, I tried to dive right in with the butt plug after minimal warm up with my fingers. I did not easily get the plug in due to a lack of warmup since I figured the small would feel – well… small! 

The second time I played, I warmed up properly with my fingers, used the Lovense Edge 2 for a bit next, and then switched to my Lovense Hush and it slipped in with ease and felt great! Perfectly snug, filling, and incredibly satisfying. I think both sizes provide really great fullness for both beginners and intermediate fans of anal play. And the fullness the Hush provides makes the powerful vibrations feel even stronger.

If you’re used to absolutely huge butt plugs, you may find the Hush small – but most people will find these hit right in the sweet spot for their anal play.

If you’re newer to butt plugs but can comfortably enjoy anal play with your fingers – I think the small is definitely manageable and a good size to start. Just expect to need a bit of warmup before you slide the Hush in place. 

For people completely new to anal stimulation I would not recommend the Hush as your starting plug. I’d recommend a smaller vibrating butt plug like the We-Vibe Ditto or if you have a prostate, the Lovense Edge 2 (review here) is another great place to start! It’s prostate arm is a bit smaller than the Hush plug and specifically targets your prostate! Here they are side by side. The Lovense Edge 2 is a bit slimmer and definitely feels much less stretching.

Lovense Hush vs Edge 2

Like I said, I usually warmup with the Edge 2 before switching to the butt plug.


Most people from beginner (though not complete beginners – see above) to intermediate will find a good fit with the Hush. It strikes a good balance of not too intimidating girth, yet solid fullness and insertable length – which makes the vibrations feel extra strong. If you’re new to butt plugs completely – definitely go with the small and expect to need a warmup. Or try a smaller plug like the Lovense Edge 2 or the We Vibe Ditto

Vibration Power

The Lovense Hush remote control vibrator definitely packs a punch when it comes to vibration power. If you’re looking for a strong vibrating butt plug – this is it. I even feel pretty solid prostate stimulation from my Lovense Hush butt plug even though it’s not specifically designed to target the P-spot. It’s raw power just reaches and vibrates my prostate nonetheless! The upper power levels bring some serious “Dear God Yes” moments. 

I tallied up other customers’ ratings from both the Hush and the Edge 2 for comparison and found customers rated the Hush’s vibration strength at an average of 4.9 out of 5 whereas the Edge 2 was rated at 4.5 out of 5. 

Hush vs Edge 2 Power

Both pretty strong – bugt the Hush comes out on top for powerful anal play. I even think both toys have the same motor. But while the Lovense Edge 2 has two motors – a prostate motor and a perineum motor – which do feel VERY powerful when combined together – not all of those vibrations are being directed internally.

I think because the Hush is more filling and all of it’s vibes are pressing right up against my internal walls, it’s vibes just feel stronger. Here’s what one customer had to say about the vibration strengths.

Lovense Hush Power Customer Review

Lovense Hush for Prostate Stimulation

Now, if you have a prostate you’ll probably be wondering how the Hush does at bringing you to those mind blowing prostate orgasms. For me personally… it does pretty well – for others, it seems to do amazing – lucky bastards.

When we averaged how customers rated their orgasms using the Lovense Hush and the Edge 2, the Hush had an orgasm rating of 4.6 out of 5 compared to the Edge 2’s 4.1. 

My orgasms are much stronger using either toy. But at least for me – if I want more prostate stimulation I tend to use the Edge 2.

Lovense Edge 2 Curved to Target Prostate

The Hush vibrating butt plug isn’t specifically shaped to target your prostate. So most of the prostate stimulation from this sex toy comes from the sheer raw power of its vibrations reaching your prostate anyway. Or your personal anatomy happens to work out well for the Hush to hit your prostate – something I can’t predict for you.

If you have a prostate and want the best chance for prostate stimulation in your long distance play, I’d go with the Edge 2. But my orgasms are much stronger from both toys, and I do get a fair bit of prostate stimulation from the Hush as well. And like I said, it seems other people experience better orgasms from the Hush so take my experience with a grain of salt. 


I really don’t have anything negative to say about the power.

10 for Hush Power

You want the strongest vibrating butt plug? The Hush is up there. Keep in mind, if you’re specifically looking for prostate stimulation you may want a vibrating prostate plug like the Lovense Edge 2. But most people have really intense, satisfying orgasms with the Hush.

How Comfortable Is The Lovense Hush – Insertion, Removal, Secure Fit, And Wearability

Insertion Comfort

Whether the Lovense Hush will be easy and comfortable for you to insert mostly depends on how much anal experience you have.

This sex toy has all the right design elements for easy breezy insertion – gradual tapered tip, not too pointy though, and an extremely smooth silicone exterior.

But then there’s the diameter of the bulb… The small size is 1.5 inches in diameter, which is decently filling. 


Super satisfying once it’s in! 

But if you’re completely new to butt plugs you may feel some discomfort while inserting it.  

I felt some initial discomfort during insertion my first time. I didn’t properly warm up with a smaller toy first. I just thought since I ordered the small, I wouldn’t need much prep. But I did.  

The next time, I used my fingers first, the Lovense Edge 2 second, and finally switched to the butt plug and it slipped in easily and without any discomfort. Now this is my usual sequence and it only takes about 2 minutes until I’m sliding the Hush seamlessly in. But it makes all the difference!

If you’re already used to anal sex toys this size or larger – the Hush should be pretty comfortable to insert. If not, you may need a slower warmup before you’re comfortably slipping it in for your long distance play.

Removal Comfort

Removal is usually a bit more uncomfortable for me, though it hasn’t been painful. For one thing by the time I’m removing the sex toy, I’ve just had one or more pretty intense orgasms. 

I’m no longer turned on. 

By that time my ass is looking to just kick back and relax. So I’m more aware of uncomfortable sensations.

Another aspect that can cause some discomfort is that the taper along the back of the bulb to the neck isn’t quite as gradual as the taper at the front. So removal isn’t as gradual as inserting. That’s especially true if you go for the larger sized Hush butt plug.

Lovense Hush Insertion and Removal Tapers

The plug is designed with rings along the neck that are meant to trap water-based lube to make removal easier.

There are mixed reviews on if this helps and I, for one, am not sure it does. All I know is that removing this sex toy isn’t a sensation I look forward to. But it’s definitely not a dealbreaker for me as I keep coming back to the Hush over and over again for its powerful anal vibes and the intense orgasms I get.

Use a lot of water-based lube and you should be good. But the sensation will definitely take some getting used to – especially for those new to anal play. 

Secure Fit

No issues here! Once you’ve got the Hush in, it’s staying in completely hands free.

I can walk around, dance, sit, have sex, and do pretty much anything with Lovense Hush vibing away. 

Dancing with the Hush

It’s T-base also means it’s secured safely in the RIGHT place – it’s not going to go somewhere it shouldn’t and surprise you with a not-so-fun trip to the hospital.

Comfortable Wear While Plugged

This sex toy really is a great, comfortable remote control butt plug once it’s in. I’ve experienced no discomfort whatsoever while wearing my Lovense Hush.

The sex toy’s smooth silicone feels incredible gently nuzzling up against me. It has a wonderful narrow neck which means my sphincters aren’t being over-stressed and pushed while the plug is in. All the fullness is inside at the bulb. 

It also doesn’t penetrate too deeply so you don’t find yourself randomly being uncomfortably poked when you try to sit down with the Lovense Hush butt plug in.

The T-bar base also rests neatly and comfortably in your ass crack. No uncomfortable chafing like you’d get from a butt plug with a round base. T-bases are much more comfortable than round bases with one downside – If you want to be plugged and receive simultaneous vaginal penetration T-bases can get in the way.

But ya – walking, sitting, dancing – the Lovense Hush is very comfortable.

One Comfort Caveat

There’s one caveat to its record of comfortable wear. 

The Lovense Hush is comfortable for a certain amount of time! Several hours – yes! Enough time to hit the bars, have some drinks, dance, and sneak in some secret sexy fun with your partner? Yes!

But if you’re looking for a butt plug to wear the entire day, it’s not best suited for this.

To be fair, no vibrating butt plug is well-suited as an all day plug. The Hush, like other vibrating butt plugs, is soft smooth silicone wrapped over a hard plastic casing giving shape to the plug and protecting the motor. 

What you want for an all day butt plug is extremely soft, squishy silicone all the way through. These sex toys will press on your ass like a plush pillow – allowing you to be plugged the entire day without stressing your sphincters. 

It’s impossible to get that with a vibrating butt plug. If that’s your goal try the SquarePeg SuperSoft Egg Plug. Or the B-Vibe snug plug which is not super squishy, but has an even narrower neck – another good quality in an all-day plug. 

But the Hush is very comfortable for several hours. Enough for all the fun my partner and I can fit in an evening!


The Lovense Hush is a very comfortable butt plug to wear for several hours – plenty of time to hit the town. If your new to anal play you may feel discomfort during insertion and removal. Go slow, warmup, and use water based lube. Once it’s in, you’ll have a secure hands free fit to have fun for several hours in comfort.

Is The Lovense Hush Good For Public Play

This is a resounding- yes! The Lovense Hush is great for public play. Probably the best anal toy out there for sneaky sexy fun on a night out. It’s quiet yet powerful, comfortable for several hours, and has an excellent feature-rich smartphone app for you and your partner to control each others’ toys.

How Loud Is The Lovense Hush?

It’s hard to find a toy that delivers powerful vibes while keeping it on the down low. The Hush strikes that balance really well! It’s quiet enough to go unnoticed in most places with any other ambient noise happening. 

You’ll have no issue keeping your play secret in a bar, outdoors, or even most restaurants. If I’m at home in our quiet house my wife will notice if we’re in the same room – but not the next room over. Here’s what another customer had to say.

Lovense Hush Quiet Customer Review

All the vibrations are happening internally. And your skin actually does a pretty great job of dampening the sound. For that reason a Lovense Hush is much quieter for public play than prostate toys like the Edge 2 which have a noisy exterior perineum motor. 

Most Lovense Hush customers were able to get the power they needed while playing at a quiet enough level to feel safely secret in their public excursions.

Comfort For Public Play

Just to re-iterate on the comfort level. This butt plug is definitely comfortable and secure enough to be worn out for several hours of fun at the bars. You could fit in a whole bar crawl while sneakily teasing your partner or getting them off hands free before it would start to become uncomfortable. 

Again, not an all-day butt plug. But great for several hours of fun! 

Connection – Don’t Get Interrupted

Personally, I’ve not had connection issues with any of my Lovense toys. I think Lovense toys are the best at long distance connectivity. They connect easily when I pair them to my phone and they remain connected. I can switch to another app or lock my phone screen and the plug keeps vibrating away. 

Connecting Lovense Hush

On rare occasions where the sex toy does briefly disconnect, it’s no effort at all to quickly reconnect it. I don’t need to exit the Lovense app or press anything on the toy. I just re-select the toy on the Lovense Remote app and I’m right back to playing. It definitely does not kill my vibe.

However, my personal experience with this is not universal. Both Kate (my wife) and I are pretty average sized people so we don’t have too much to block the signal. If you weigh more or have a lot of layers of clothing you may experience a few more disconnections. Still, I think the Lovense app and toys are the best choice for reliable app controlled connections.

So how far away can you control the Lovense Hush? Well there are two ways to connect with the Lovense app- close distance and long distance. If you’re in a long distance relationship, you can control your partner’s Lovense toy from anywhere in the world as long as both of your cell phones’ internet signals are good (data or wifi). 

With the close-range connection you can control your partner’s Lovense Hush from about 10 feet away (360 degrees) if they’re sitting or 30 feet (from behind) while standing.

Lovense Hush Range

HOWEVER – you can easily get around this limited distance and minimize disconnections with this trick. Just use the long distance connection even when you’re relatively close.

Let’s say your partner is wearing the Hush. If you use the long distance connection, your partner’s toy will connect to their phone’s bluetooth. Their phone is probably right next to the connected toy – in their pocket or their purse. So it will have a very strong, nearby connection. Then your phone just connects to theirs over the internet to control their sex toy. Problem solved.  


It is hard to find a better-suited anal toy for public play than the Hush butt plug. Even while providing powerful vibes, it’s quiet and comfortable. Though some people may experience occasional disconnections, I’ve found Lovense toys to be some of the best out there for connectivity. 

Lovense Remote App Quality

There are many ways you can control your Lovense Hush. Of course, there are preset vibration patterns and vibration strengths programmed into the sex toy if you don’t want to use the app. 

But where’s the fun in that? 

Plus, it’s not very convenient to reach around to your ass and press a button on the plug to change your vibration patterns, but it is VERY convenient to have all the controls right at your fingertips on your phone. And Lovense delivers an intuitive app loaded with features to make your play dynamic and fun.

Live Control, Vibration Patterns, Music and Sound Activated Control

My favorite way to control my Lovense Hush is simply with the live control interface in real-time. I use this for solo play and partnered fun. 

You simply connect your toy to the Lovense Remote app. You’ll also conveniently see your remaining battery life here so your fun doesn’t accidentally get cut short. Then select “Remote” to control your Lovense Hush in real-time.

Hush Close Range Play

You move the pink circle around the screen to increase and decrease your intensity. You can select “Float” to hold the vibrations steady at your preferred vibration power or select “Loop” to create repeating vibration patterns.

Hush Remote App Loop and Float

Another great feature is that you can connect multiple toys at once. So if your partner is wearing a Lush and a Hush, you can control their vaginal and anal stimulation simultaneously! Or each where one and drive each other wild. Check out our comparison article for info on the Lovense Lush vs the OhMiBod Esca (it’s main competitor).

Hush and Lush Remote App

You can also create and store vibration patterns that you enjoy. See our Lovense Edge review for a more detailed walkthrough on that. It’s a pretty nice feature to easily return to vibration patterns you like. Or choose from patterns other users have designed and shared.

There’s also options to control your sex toy in rhythm with music on your phone. Or let it be sound activated by the music happening around you. This can be fun if you and your partner are out dancing – though to be honest I don’t personally use it much. Not that I’m not an amazing dancer…

And there’s an alarm feature which can wake you up with vibrations – again a feature I’ve honestly never used. I don’t want to get tired of vibrations the way I quickly learned to hate any song I set as my alarm in high school.

Long Distance Play With Your Partner

Where the Lovense Remote app really shines is in controlling your partner’s Hush as a long-distance vibrator

You each need to create a Lovense account with a username so you can connect by searching for each other. One of you just sends an invite, the other clicks accept, and you’re in!

Once connected, you each have control of your partner’s toy. You can send vibration patterns to your partner or control their toy in real time – definitely my favorite way. 

When you live control your partner’s toy, you have the same interface as when you’re controlling your toy from bluetooth. You’ve got the same loop and float options. But while you’re controlling their Hush you can video chat in-app with your partner so you can see their expressions and hear their reactions. 

Here’s an image of how the in-app video chat looks. I had an Edge 2 connected to show how the video looks, but it works the same for any Lovense toys. Also imagine your partner in view instead of my ceiling fan.

Lovense Remote App Video Chatting

The only downside is that if you give your partner live control, you can’t simply override their vibrations if you notice something is feeling particularly good and want to just keep it going. If you want control of your own toy, you’ve got to take control back. Your partner won’t be able to control anymore until you give control back to them. I’d like to see Lovense allow both partners to control the toy at the same time.


I really like the Lovense Remote app for solo play and long distance fun. It gives pretty much endless ways to control your toy and it’s really easy and intuitive to use. The video chatting in-app is great for couples in a long distance relationship and connecting is easy. I wish both partners could control a the same toy together though. But ya – I’ve definitely had fun times using the Hush vibrating butt plug with the Lovense app.

Who Is The Lovense Hush For and Who Should Look Elsewhere

Lovense Hush In Hand

I think the Lovense Hush is a great toy if you:

  • Want one of the most powerful vibrating butt plugs
  • Want a discreet plug for public play
  • Want to give up control to your partner from nearby or in a long distance relationship
  • Want intuitive app-control with a lot of functionality for solo play and partnered play
  • Want a plug that’s comfortable to wear for several hours

I think some alternative plugs would suit you better if you:

  • Want to specifically target your prostate
  • Are entirely new to anal play. If you can comfortably use two fingers, the small Hush is likely good. Otherwise start smaller.
  • Want to wear a plug the entire day
  • Want to wear a plug while receiving simultaneous vaginal penetration

Answers To Commonly Asked Lovense Hush Questions

Which Way Do You Wear The Lovense Hush

Insert your Lovense Hush with the little hook-like end turned up toward your back as shown here. Done!

How To Use The Lovense Hush With Chaturbate

Another great feature of the Lovense Hush is that it makes a great tip controlled vibrator for cam performers. You just need the Lovense browser or extension to connect to any of these platforms.

Then you simply add your toy and set your vibration settings for different tip amounts. We go into this in much more detail in our tip controlled vibrator guide. Check it out.

How Long Does the Lovense Hush Last

If you’re using your Lovense Hush vibrating butt plug continuously on full power it should last about 2-3 hours. If you only intermittently let it vibrate you can extend this over several hours. 

How To Connect Lovense Hush To A Computer

If you want to control this sex toy with a computer, either for camming or for better video-chatting with your long distance partner, you need to make sure your computer has bluetooth. If it’s a mac it should have bluetooth built-in but not all PC’s come with bluetooth. If yours doesn’t, Lovense has a cheap blue-tooth adapter to make it possible.

Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter

Then you just download the Lovense app for your PC or Mac and connect the usual way.

What Size Lovense Hush Should I Get

If you’re new (or even just new-ish) to anal play I’d definitely go with the small.

Quite familiar with anal sex toys? If you know from experience that you enjoy a fair bit of fullness and stretching go ahead and give the larger size a try. 


But if your main focus is to have a comfortable app-controlled toy for a bit of fun public play, the small is going to be your best bet for comfortable wear.

Can I Just Use The Lovense Lush Anally

Nope. The only reason to use the Lush anally is if you have a life-threatening condition but for some reason your doctor refuses to see you unless you also have something stuck up your butt.

Anal toys need a larger base that can’t get sucked up your butt. So no, don’t use the Lush anally. The Lovense Hush vibrating butt plug, the Edge 2 vibrating prostate massager, and the Nora rabbit vibrator are the only Lovense toys safe for anal.

Lovense Hush Alternatives

App Controlled Vibrating Butt Plug For Beginners – We Vibe Ditto

If you’re new to butt plugs and are feeling intimidated by the Lovense’s sizes – here comes Ditto to meet your butt where it is.

The Ditto is the only real competitor to the Lovense Hush vibrating butt plug. It’s another app-controlled vibrating butt plug for long distance play – this one by We-Vibe.

It’s pretty comparable in power but it’s max diameter is only 1.28 inches. It won’t feel quite as filling, but if you’re new to anal play that’s a great way to start. 

And you can still have all the same public play fun with the We-Vibe app. Or if you prefer, it also comes with its own dedicated remote control which can form a more reliable connection.

Unfortunately, the Ditto is usually a touch more expensive. But a more expensive long distance toy you use is better than a less expensive toy you don’t use. The main distinction is the size of the two toys. If you need a smaller width, the Ditto is a better choice for your long distance play.

We recommend the We-Vibe Ditto over the Lovense Hush If:

  • The 1.5 inch diameter of the Lovense’s Small sounds too large for you
  • You want a more reliable connection from a physical remote

Better Prostate Stimulation – Lovense Edge 2

The Lovense Edge 2 long distance prostate vibrator is another great alternative for those specifically looking for prostate stimulation in their long distance play.

The Edge 2 has two arms (a prostate arm and a perineum arm) each with its own powerful motor. And the angle of the two parts is adjustable so you can find the right fit for you. 

Lovense Edge 2 Adjustable Arm

You or your partner can take full app-control of each motor separately. It uses the same Lovense app so you get all the same long distance play features. 

In my opinion the vibrations feel slightly less powerful than my Lovense Hush – I think due to the more average size. But they’re still really strong, and definitely get me off. When I’m wanting prostate stimulation I use the Edge 2 over my Lovense Hush.

The Edge 2 is also less intimidating size-wise. It’s max width is only 1.4 inches, but it glides in very easily. This is another great long distance plug for people intimidated by the Hush’s size.

Lovense Hush vs Edge 2

Lastly, the Edge 2 is louder than the Hush since the Edge 2’s perineum motor is vibrating outside your body. And it’s harder to casually wear around than a vibrating butt plug. The Edge 2 is definitely not as good for public play so keep that in mind. Still great for a long distance relationship – just keep it in the bedroom!

You can find out more by checking out our Lovense Edge 2 Review.

We recommend the Lovense Edge 2 over the Lovense Hush If:

  • You want an anal toy designed for prostate stimulation
  • You care more about long distance play than you do about public play
  • You want a more beginner-sized plug

Alternative for All Day Butt Plug Wear – SquarePeg Toys SuperSoft Egg Plug Or B-Vibe Snug Plug

Lastly, if you are expecting to be filled up by your Lovense Hush all day long, you may find yourself getting uncomfortable after several hours. The Hush is perfect for several hours of a night out. 

Sunrise to sundown – not so much.

If your goal is to keep a sexy secret for yourself or your partner throughout the whole day – you need a few key traits in your butt plug that you just won’t find in a vibrating butt plug. 

Your ass needs a bit more cushy-ness if it’s going to clench around a plug all day. The only way to achieve this pillow-softness with body safe materials is to have an entirely soft, squishy silicone plug. That rules out vibrating butt plugs which have an outer soft layer of silicone over a hard plastic casing.

So neither of these next butt plugs vibrate – so no long distance play. If you value vibration for your stimulation, choose one of the toys we’ve already discussed. If you value all-day use, these are better toys.

Some of the best plugs for long-term wear are the SquarePeg Egg Plugs in SuperSoft Silicone. They’ll provide all the squish you need to be comfortable using a plug all day. They’re some seriously plush stuff! And they come in 9 available sizes, including smaller sizes than the Hush, so you’re sure to find one that fits you.

SquarePeg Egg Plugs

Ah, but I’ve misled you… As it turns out the SquarePeg SuperSoft Egg is NOT the perfect plug for your all-day endeavours. 

If you look at the neck on the SquarePeg Egg you’ll notice it’s still got a decent bit of girth to it. So your sphincters will still be put to work stretching around the neck of the plug. Sure, they’re stretching around a damn comfortable material, but they’ll still get tired after a full day’s work. 

So the second element of a good plug for all day wear is a thin neck! One that puts extremely minimal work on your sphincters. And that feature you’ll find in the B-Vibe Snug Plug which also comes in a range of sizes.

It’s neck is thin and won’t stress your sphincters with a whole day’s wear. And it’s thin T-bar is safe but extremely comfortable and unnoticeable nestled in your crack. 

But here, the Snug Plug doesn’t have the super soft squishiness of the SquarePeg Egg so you’ll be plugged by a firmer material. 

I haven’t yet seen a butt plug with both these good features for long-term wear. So you have to play around and decide which works best for you. 

Either way, both sex toys are pretty damn comfortable, certainly for longer than most plugs.

We recommend the SquarePeg SuperSoft Eggs or the B-Vibe Snug Plug over the Lovense Hush If:

  • Vibrations are not a must-have for you
  • You want to maximize comfort to push the limits of how long you can wear your plug
  • You want a to choose from a wide range of butt plug sizes

Final Thoughts

As someone who’s discovered the mind blowing orgasmic potential of anal play, I could hardly be happier with the Lovense Hush.

It’s hard to find more powerful vibrations from a plug or a better suited anal toy for public play. If you’re able to fit either of the sizes Lovense offers, the Hush is definitely worth it. 

Lovense Hush In Hand

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