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Lovense Flexer Review

Lovense Flexer with Lovense App in view

Our Verdict


The Lovense Flexer is the first attempt at a hands-free vibrator that moves from my favorite app-controlled brand. It provides dual-stimulation with clit and G-spot vibrations. But it also flexes back and forth to provide automatic G-spot pressure

Unfortunately, the Flexer doesn’t work as intended for me. When flexing, the external arm moves more than the G-spot arm, making it uncomfortable on my clit and providing little G-spot pressure. It may fit your particular anatomy better, but the Flexer is not adjustable – so it’s a shot in the dark. 

If you want to try the Flexer, I’d buy it through Lovehoney so you can return it for a refund if it doesn’t work for you. Otherwise, there are more reliable options from Lovense and other brands. For instance, the hands-free Lovense Vulse thrusting vibrator works much better. Or jump to all our alternatives here.

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  • Excellent app features and reliable connectivity
  • Good battery life
  • Waterproof


  • Flexer is not adjustable, so it won’t fit a wide variety of people
  • The external arm moves more than the internal arm unless you press on the base with your hand
  • Louder than Lovense’s other wearable toys
  • Vibrations are weaker and buzzier than Lovense’s other wearable vibrators

Table of Contents

Lovense Flexer Demo Video

Lovense Flexer Demo Video with App

I was excited when I noticed the Lovense Flexer pop-up on the Lovense sales page. I had spent the previous months falling in love with rotating G-spot arms. Especially the ones that had a clit-vibrator too.

Lovense Flexer showing stimulation types

And since I love the Lovense Nora (almost, but not exactly, the handheld version of the Flexer), my hopes were high.

Lovense Flexer and Nora
The Lovense Nora (left) is a handheld vibrator that provides automatic G-spot pressure like the Flexer

The Lovense Flexer seems to have it all: clit vibes, G-spot vibes, and an internal head that moves back and forth in a come-hither motion to nudge against your G-spot. It’s hands-free, and Lovense typically makes the best app-controlled vibrators

So as I placed my order and eagerly awaited its arrival, my curiosities swirled:

  • Does the Flexer stay in place and hit the right spots, even though it’s hands-free? 
  • How strong and effective are the clit vibes?
  • Does the moving G-spot arm actually feel like fingering?
Lovense Flexer Motion Illustration

I have my answers after owning this toy and playing with it for a month or two. And to be honest, this toy would benefit from some adjustments. I haven’t loved either of Lovense’s hands-free, dual-stimulation toys (the Dolce or the Flexer – I compare the Dolce vs Flexer here).

Whether you’re a huge fan of rabbit vibrators, hands-free toys, dual-stimulators, or you’ve never tried any of the above! I’ll walk you through my findings with the Lovense Flexer. And help you decide whether it’s still worth a try for you. Or I’ll direct you to something similar that might fit you better.

Review Update Notes

  • November 10, 2023: Updated this review to include my experience and comparisons with the Lovense Vulse thrusting egg vibrator. The Vulse’s hands-free thrusting feels much better than the Flexer’s movement. 

Lovense Flexer Vibrations and Stimulation

The Lovense Flexer has three motors: a clitoral vibrator, a G-spot vibrator, and a third motor that flexes back and forth in a come-hither motion. Even with all this going on, the Flexer’s stimulation is sub-par.

Lovense Flexer Image Pointing Out All Three Motors

Let’s start with the Flexer’s unique come-hither motion. The Flexer has a moving arm designed to nudge against your G-spot, like fingering. I typically enjoy G-spot pressure over G-spot vibrations (that’s why I enjoy the Lovense Vulse so much). So I was thrilled to try the Lovense Flexer for this feature. 

Unfortunately, the Flexer doesn’t stay in place well hands-free, so it doesn’t feel like fingering at all. Ideally when flexing, the clitoral arm would remain fixed on my clit, providing hands-free vibrations.

Meanwhile, the G-spot arm would pivot, delivering lovely pressure to my G-spot. In reality, the clitoral arm moves more than the G-spot arm, so I lose clit stimulation. 

Gif of Lovense Flexer's external arm moving instead of internal arm
Gif demonstrating the Flexer’s external arm moving instead of the internal arm.

And the internal arm provides very little pressure against my G-spot since the external arm is moving more. You can force the G-spot arm to pivot by grabbing and holding the clitoral piece. But this is difficult and eliminates the hands-free aspect.

Holding the base of the Lovense Flexer to keep it in place better

I’ve enjoyed the hands-free G-spot pressure from the Lovense Vulse (G-spot stimulation only) Lelo Ida Wave (dual-stimulation) more than the Lovense Flexer. Or you could go with the handheld Lovense Nora. Each toy has a rotating inner arm providing automatic G-spot pressure, and I love both.

The Lelo Ida Wave (middle) provides better hands-free G-spot pressure, and the Lovense Nora (right) provides better handheld G-spot pressure.

Onto the vibrations!

The Flexer’s vibrations begin gently, which is great for warming up and remaining discreet. But they only reach a mid-level strength – nothing intense. The clit motor is strongest, starting at a 3 out of 10 vibration strength on low and reaching 6 out of 10 on high. For reference, the Lovense Ferri (my favorite clitoral panty vibrator) is over 1.5x as strong.

And while the Flexer’s G-spot arm is similar in size to the Lovense Lush 3 (their G-spot egg vibrator), the Flexer’s internal arm maxes out at just 2 out of 10 vibration strength – just a fifth of the Lush 3’s power. Compare the Lush 3 vs Flexer in more detail here.

The Lovense Flexer’s mild vibration strength may work for those who prefer soft stimulation but will leave many wishing for more power. 

Vibration Power Graph Comparing Lovense Flexer's Power to Similar Options

Most of Lovense’s toys are toward the middle of the rumbly-to-buzzy spectrum. Though a couple are rumbly like the Lovense Domi 2 wand and Lovense Exomoon bullet vibrator.

But the Lovense Flexer’s clitoral and G-spot vibrations are extremely buzzy.

These vibrations can feel tickly, and most people prefer rumbly vibrations that travel deeper. If that’s you, the Flexer’s buzziness will be disappointing. I’ve found Lovense’s other wearable toys much more enjoyable as they’re less buzzy and more stimulating. 

Lovense Flexer Comfort & Secure Fit

Illustration showing how Lovense Flexer fits

The Lovense Flexer is uncomfortable, and the fit is inadequate for effective stimulation. This came up quite a bit in the previous section, so let’s dig into it: 

One of the main complaints I have with the Flexer is the clit-arm’s design. It’s narrow and short. And it’s not adjustable, so if it doesn’t fit your specific anatomy, you’re out of luck. 

Image demonstrating the Flexer's short clit arm and lack of adjustable components

The narrowness means that when it shifts slightly to one side (which happens since it moves), it won’t hit your clit at all. 

Demonstrating the Lovense Flexer's narrow shape that pivots out of position

That narrow clit-arm also moves around when the internal arm is flexing. If I’m not holding the base, the G-spot arm does not stimulate well, and the moving external part pinches my pubic bone uncomfortably. 

Image highlighting uncomfortable part of Lovense Flexer

I think the Lelo Ida Wave’s design is much more comfortable. It has a broad, flat base, which evenly distributes the pressure and vibrations.

Lovense Flexer vs Lelo Ida Wave shape for better comfort

The wider external portion of the Ida Wave also keeps the toy anchored so that most of the rotations of the internal arm are focused against your G-spot.

Video comparing the Lovense Flexer’s movement to the Lelo Ida Wave’s. The Ida Wave’s primarily moves internally. Whereas the Lovense Flexer’s clit arm moves substantially.

As for staying in place, the Flexer has a wide bulb, so even though the arm moves around, I’ve never had it fall entirely out of me. However, some people mentioned needing to hold it in.

“The toy would slip out a bit and had to be held in. It still hurt me no matter what way I held it. It’s a shame because for me Lovense toys are normally so satisfying to use.”

Lovehoney Customer Feedback
Slight Taper Between Lovense Flexer's internal arm and the base

So if it fits right, you could wear it around, but I wouldn’t recommend it (it’s also very loud). The Flexer is best in the bedroom, where you can sit on the base to keep it in place.

The Lovense Ferri and Lush are better public play companions. They stay right where I want them and remain comfortable while walking. You can wear these separately or together. And you can control them both from the Lovense App simultaneously. 

Lovense Ferri and Lush 3 fit better than the Lovense Flexer

The Flexer’s internal bulb size is similar to the Lush but not quite as wide. So, it provides a nice stretch. This is great if you enjoy some girth but might be uncomfortable if you prefer slimmer toys.

Lovense Lush 3 and Flexer comparing size of internal arm

The size of the bulb does not allow for additional penetration, so you can’t wear it during sex. If that’s your goal, the We-Vibe Chorus or the We-Vibe Sync are your best options.

Lovense Flexer vs We-Vibe Chorus

Bottom Line: 

The Flexer has some design aspects that poked me uncomfortably during its movement. And since it’s not adjustable, it will be hit or miss whether it aligns with your anatomy.

I didn’t have issues with it falling out, even when walking around. But it shifts too much when it flexes to stimulate well unless you sit firmly on the toy or hold it in place.

Lovense App: Close-Range Features

Although I don’t enjoy the Lovense Flexer’s stimulation, the app experience is phenomenal. 

The Lovense Remote app is the best of any brand. It has excellent close-range and long-distance features and has the most reliable connectivity. We’ll cover the close-range features first. Jump here for long-distance features and jump here for connectivity.

The Lovense app makes it easy and intuitive to design your own pattern or set the vibrations to your preferred strength.

Lovense Flexer App Quality Graph Comparison vs Other Brands

From the main Lovense Remote screen, you can raise or lower the on-screen dots to adjust the stimulation. One dot controls the Flexer’s vibration power, and the other controls how fast it flexes. 

One bummer unique to the Lovense Flexer is that you cannot control the clit and G-spot vibrations separately. They’re a package deal. Lovense’s other dual-stimulation wearable toy (the Lovense Dolce) allows you to control the clitoral and G-spot motors independently. 

Lovense Flexer and the app. Image highlights the fact that you cannot control the clitoral and G-spot motor independently.

You can use the “Loop” function to create repeating patterns quickly. Tap “Loop,” then drag one or both dots on the screen. The pattern you draw will repeat itself. This is ideal for making any sort of wave motion or quick pulses. And it’s fantastic for quickly drawing out a pattern and setting your phone aside while you enjoy. This way, you don’t have to stay glued to your phone the whole time.

Lovense Flexer Loop feature in the app

To set the vibration power or flexing speed at a constant level, use the “Float” button. This will keep the power and speed fixed wherever you position the Flexer’s on-screen dots. I typically use this screen to warm up and then slowly drag the dots higher for a slow build. The “Float” function is also great for jumping quickly between power levels. 

Lovense Flexer app screen showing Float Function

Lovense has a few preset patterns that are automatically available in your library. But where you really have the doors open is in “Discover” mode. Here, you can browse and save patterns that other people have created and shared. There are TONS of them. 

Lovense Flexer's app screenshot showing the Discover Mode

And when you find one you enjoy, you can save it to your library to use whenever you want! 

Lovense also offers the ability to let your toy buzz in response to your favorite songs. The songs need to be saved on your phone. The Lovense app used to be compatible with Spotify, but that feature was discontinued in September 2022 when Spotify removed support for third-party apps. 

You can set the Lovense Flexer to vibrate in response to the noise picked up by your phone’s mic! Great for a club setting.

Side-by-side screenshot showing Lovense app's Music and Sound Modes

All of these settings are very intuitive, too. If you want the most customization power and value a user-friendly experience, Lovense toys are my top recommendation! 

So, even if you don’t go with the Flexer, Lovense has several other wearables that might do the trick for you. My personal favorites are the Lovense Ferri and Lovense Lush 3. And even though the Nora isn’t wearable, it’s my favorite for dual stimulation.

Lovense Flexer, Nora, Lush 3, and Ferri - each uses the Lovense App

Lovense App: Long-Distance Features

The Lovense App also has amazing long-distance control features. The long-distance connection (discussed here) is excellent too.

You can store one or more partners if you’ll connect with them often. In your saved partners list, you can easily see when they’re online.

Lovense Remote app saved long-distance partners list screenshot

You can video chat with your partner in the Lovense app while they control your Flexer. If you’d rather play without video, you can also only share control of your toy.

When you give your partner control of your Flexer, they will have the same Loop and Float functions you normally use in the app! So they can easily draw out an exact vibration or flexing pattern or set them to a constant level. 

Lovense Flexer App Screenshot showing Long-Distance Video Chat

And if your partner also has a Lovense toy, you can simultaneously control each other’s toys!

You can mute your mic or turn off the video portion anytime during your video chat. You can also minimize the control panel to see your partner more clearly.

Showing different display options in a Lovense Long-Distance Call

One extra fun feature – you can generate a one-time control link to give someone control of your Flexer anonymously. This is great if you don’t want to share your Lovense username. Simply set an amount of time the control link will be active. Then send the link, and the person can only control your Flexer for the amount of time you set. When the time is up, they can’t access your Flexer or request control again.

Screenshots of the Lovense App showing how to generate an anonymous control link

Overall, Lovense’s long-distance play is easy and the best of any app-control brand. The app gives you and your partner several easy, intuitive options to customize your experience. 

If the Flexer does not sound like it will work as well as you’d like, I’d suggest trying the Nora. It will allow your partner to stimulate you both externally and internally. But since it’s handheld, you have better control over the stimulation, and I find it more enjoyable!

Lovense Nora can also be enjoyed long-distance

Lovense App: Connectivity

The Lovense Flexer has fantastic connectivity with the Lovense App, both in nearby Bluetooth mode and long-distance mode. Connecting is quick and easy, the Flexer stays connected, and the Flexer responds quickly to adjustments you make using the app. 

All Lovense toys have a quick, easy pairing process with the app (see the video below). The first time you use the Flexer, you must add it as a new toy. After you’ve completed that process once, the Flexer will typically connect immediately when you open the Lovense app. If it doesn’t, you can simply select it from your list of toys.

Pairing the Lovense Flexer with the Lovense Remote app

The Lovense Flexer typically connects within a few seconds. And it stays connected, too – disconnections are rare. And even if the Flexer briefly drops the connection, it typically reconnects automatically within a second or two. Often, you need to go through the entire pairing process again with other brands.

Lovense Flexer Noise Level

The Flexer is one of the louder wearable vibrators – another reason it’s unsuitable for public play.

While wearing it, I measured the Flexer’s noise at 64dB on high power. That measurement is accounting for my body muffling some of that noise. Other Lovense wearables like the Ferri and Lush only hit 46dB and 47dB on high-power when I wear them. Listen to the difference in the video below.

Noise comparison video of the Lovense Flexer vs Lush 3 vs Ferri

We also tested whether my partner could hear it while standing immediately on the other side of our closed bedroom door. He could hear the Flexer’s vibrations once they reached 30% power. However, when I used the come hither motion alone, it remained inaudible the entire time. 

But if you’re looking for something you can wear more discreetly, consider the Lovense Ferri or Lovense Lush 3 instead. 

Lovense Lush 3, Ferri, and We-Vibe Nova - Quieter Alternatives to the Flexer

Or if you want extremely quiet dual-stimulation just to enjoy in the bedroom, check out the We-Vibe Nova.

Lovense Flexer Battery Life & Charging

The Lovense Flexer is rechargeable, and Lovense lists the battery life between 1.5-2 hours. I tested this by fully charging the Lovense Flexer, and then turning it on at max power (both vibrations and flexing). The Flexer lasted 92 minutes in my testing, so right at the hour and a half mark from Lovense’s specifications.

Plenty of play time for use at home. For something you can wear around longer, consider the Lush 3 or Ferri, which have even longer-lasting batteries. 

Lovense Flexer and its magnetic charging cable

To charge the Flexer, simply use the magnetic charging cable. You can buy a replacement cable on Lovense’s site if you lose it.

Lovense Flexer Review Results

Lovense Flexer next to pillow

Although the Lovense Flexer is an exciting idea, it didn’t work as intended for me. Since the external part moved too much, it didn’t provide great G-spot pressure, and the clit arm pinched me uncomfortably. 

The Flexer was Lovense’s first try at a wearable toy that moves. I’m hopeful that future iterations may work better. The Flexer could work better for you if it fits your particular anatomy. But since it’s not adjustable, chances are slim.

While I normally recommend buying Lovense toys directly through Lovense since it’s cheaper, this is a toy I’d buy through Lovehoney instead. They have a happiness guarantee, so you can return it for a refund if it doesn’t work for you.

I think the Lovense Flexer is a great toy if you:

  • Are excited to try a unique hands-free dual-stimulation option from the best app-control brand. And you’re willing to take a chance on the Flexer fitting your anatomy, even though it’s not adjustable.

I think an alternative wearable vibrator might be better if you:

  • Enjoy strong vibrations
  • Value a comfortable experience and adjustability
  • Want a toy you can easily wear around
  • Want something to use during sex
  • Will be bothered by the external portion moving around
  • Don’t want to rely on gripping the small base of this toy to keep it in place

Lovense Flexer Alternatives

Lovense Ferri and Lush – Better To Wear Around

If you want a hands-free toy to wear as you go about your day, the Lovense Ferri and Lovense Lush are more comfortable, discreet, and stimulating than the Lovense Flexer. They use the same great Lovense app and have excellent connectivity.

Lovense Lush 3 and Ferri - wearable alternatives to the Lovense Flexer

The Ferri is a panty vibrator that provides hands-free clitoral vibrations. And the Lush 3 is an egg vibrator that provides hands-free G-spot vibrations. Choose based on your preferred stimulation. Or you can wear them both simultaneously for better dual-stimulation than the Flexer provides. You can easily control them together in the Lovense app.

The Ferri and Lush are separate toys, allowing you to customize your fit. That means better stimulation, better comfort, and a more secure fit as you walk around. 

Image showing the Lush and Ferri Combo vs the Lovense Flexer

I also prefer this combo over the Flexer because the Ferri and Lush have stronger motors than the clit and G-spot arm of the Flexer. And even though they’re stronger, they’re quieter than the Flexer. So the Ferri and Lush are much more discreet.

To learn more, head to my full Lovense Lush 3 review and Lovense Ferri review. Or check out my full Lovense Lush 3 vs Flexer comparison.

Lovense Nora 2 – Handheld Dual-Stimulation

The Lovense Nora 2 is better than the Lovense Flexer if you want the automatic dual-stimulation of clitoral vibrations and G-spot pressure (like the Flexer provides) and don’t mind a handheld toy. The Nora’s dual-stimulation is much more effective and enjoyable than the Flexer’s. 

Lovense Nora rabbit vibrator and Lovense App

The Nora has a vibrating clit motor like the Flexer. But the G-spot portion rotates rather than flexes. The Nora’s internal arm applies comfortable pressure on your G-spot as it sweeps through its motion.

Lovense Nora vs Flexer illustrating the difference in how they move

I find the Nora’s G-spot stimulation is much better than the Flexer’s because you can easily hold the Nora in place. So the Nora actually presses on your G-spot. In contrast, the Flexer’s motion moves the external arm too much instead of pressing the internal arm to your G-spot. 

Lovense Nora illustrating the benefit of its handle vs the hands-free Lovense Flexer

The Nora’s G-spot arm can also move more quickly than the Flexer, which causes it to feel more stimulating. Ultimately, I orgasm easily with the Nora, but I cannot orgasm at all with the Flexer.

Comparison video demonstrating how the Lovense Flexer and Lovense Nora move.

The Nora is another Lovense toy, too. So you’ll have that same great app to play with solo or with a long-distance partner anywhere in the world.

Read more about my experience with the Lovense Nora here.

Lelo Ida Wave – Better Wearable Dual-Stimulation

Like the Flexer, the Lelo Ida Wave also provides hands-free clitoral vibrations and G-spot pressure from a moving internal arm. But the Lelo Ida Wave is much more comfortable and stimulates better. 

Lelo Ida Wave and Lelo App

The Ida Wave is the most similar option to the Flexer in design, but the wider clitoral motor is critical. It keeps the clit arm in contact with my body the whole time. Whereas the Flexer’s clitoral arm instantly moves off my clit when the toy flexes.

The Ida Wave’s wide clitoral arm disperses the pressure evenly and comfortably on my body instead of pressing against my public bone uncomfortably like the Flexer does.

Lelo Ida Wave showing broader clitoral arm than the Lovense Flexer

The Ida Wave’s wider exterior part also keeps the toy “anchored” so that its internal rotating arm stimulates my G-spot well. All the rotations happen inside like they’re supposed to! By contrast, the Flexer doesn’t have much to keep the external part from moving. So the Flexer shifts around, and the external arm moves when the toy flexes. So the Ida Wave’s G-spot pressure is much better.

Lelo app screenshot showing basic control feature

The Lelo app has very basic control abilities – nothing as great as Lovense. You can only control it from nearby (it is not a long-distance toy). But at the end of the day, the Ida Wave stimulates better and doesn’t distract me with painful pokes. So, the Ida Wave is my preference over the Flexer, despite the more basic app.

Read more about my experience with the Lelo Ida Wave here.

Lovense Flexer vs Vulse

The Lovense Vulse is another moving wearable vibrator from Lovense. This one is a thrusting egg vibrator that provides hands-free internal stimulation. The Vulse is more comfortable, more stimulating, and generally better for most people than the Lovense Flexer.

Lovense Vulse vs Flexer

The Lovense Vulse only stimulates your G-spot – it does not provide dual-stimulation like the Lovense Flexer. But the Vulse’s internal thrusting feels wonderful! I’ll gladly take the Vulse’s internal stimulation that feels good over the Flexer’s poor, uncomfortable, and even slightly painful dual-stimulation any day.

I especially love using the Vulse for hands-free internal stimulation while I use another vibrator on my clit. My orgasms feel more extended and happen more quickly one after another.

To learn more, read my full Lovense Vulse review

Lovense Flexer FAQ

How to Use the Lovense Flexer

Turn the Flexer on using the button at the toy’s base. You can cycle through intensity levels and patterns using this button. But for better control, connect it to the app as described above.

Lovense Flexer button

Use water-based lube on the internal part and insert it vaginally. You’ll likely need to sit on the Flexer or keep a hand pressed firmly on the base to keep the external arm from moving as the toy flexes.

How to Clean and Care for the Lovense Flexer

Clean the Lovense Flexer with warm, soapy water before and after use. It is entirely waterproof, so you can submerge it!

Lovense Flexer and water-based lube

To keep the silicone in good condition, use water-based lube instead of silicone lubricant.

Lovense Flexer with Lovense App in view

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