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Lovense Ferri Review

Lovense Ferri Product

Our Verdict


The Lovense Ferri is an app controlled panty vibrator that magnetically secures to any pair of underwear. It gives the strongest clitoral vibrations of any wearable toy I’ve tried for public play.

The Ferri is comfortable, secure, and has excellent connection quality with the app. It can be a touch louder from the extra strength than some other public play vibrators so you’ll have to play in places with some background noise – most restaurants are just fine.

The Ferri has become my personal favorite public play toy, and my husband and I have found ourselves in all sorts of sneaky fun since this toy and I have come together.

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  • Provides the strongest clitoral vibes of any wearable toy I’ve tried
  • Secures very strongly and comfortably to your panties with the magnet. You can easily adjust the position to deliver the vibes exactly where you want them
  • Connects easily to the app and maintains its connection
  • Vibrations are completely customizable with the Lovense app
  • Video chatting is great during long distance play
  • Quiet enough to play discreetly in many settings


  • No internal stimulation for those who want G-spot vibes
  • Noise is a touch louder than some other wearable vibes

Table of Contents

Lovense Ferri Video Demo

So, I’ve been on a vibrating panties kick lately. Which absolutely makes life 10x more exciting. And also I feel proud of my multi-tasking: sipping a cocktail and having your partner send some vibes your way were meant to be enjoyed together.

My new little wearable vibrator habit has had me galivanting around with a variety of vibes tucked discreetly away. Now, in case you’re not one to make it far past the first paragraph or so – the Lovense Ferri is my current favorite. So there ya go! 

Holding Lovense Ferri

I’ve always had the best success with Lovense’s app, connection quality, and vibration power compared to other remote and app-controlled vibrators. But until now, they haven’t had a clit-focused public play toy – and I am ALL about clit vibes. So this toy finally bridges the gap between the quality of Lovense toys and the clit stimulation I need to orgasm – right in my sweet spot 🙂

For my curious pals: we’ll talk DETAILS in this Lovense Ferri Review.

Whether you’re new to wearable toys, or kind of an expert just looking to expand your arsenal: I’ve got my favorites for a reason, but let’s figure out whether your priorities will be fulfilled with the Lovense Ferri. 

What’s most important to you in a wearable toy?

  • Something whisper-quiet?
  • Powerful vibes?
  • Reliable connectivity?
  • Clit-focused stimulation?
  • Long distance control-sharing?
  • Ease of use?
  • Battery life?

Let’s see if you and the Lovense Ferri are a good match too!

Lovense Ferri Vibrations

Ok a few different vibe-topics to cover: vibe power, quality, and the patterns you’ll be able to choose from built into the toy (we’ll cover the limitless patterns you can create yourself when we cover the Lovense app).

Before we start with those though – let’s clarify that this toy is designed for clit-stimulation only. That means it’s all external – one of the many reasons the Ferri quickly became my go-to wearable vibrator. The sex toy world is catching on that most women orgasm most reliably from clit stimulation! 

Ferri Secured to Panties

Just situate this toy right where you want the vibrations, secure it to your panties with the strong magnet it comes with, and get ready for some good vibes delivered right to your clit! 

Ferri Vibration Power

So how about POWER? One of the most important questions to answer in a Lovense Ferri review. I often find myself at the upper levels of my toys so I enjoy a good bit of strength in my wearable vibes too.

The Lovense Ferri is the most powerful clit-focused wearable toy I’ve encountered! 

Although large handheld toys like wand vibrators can reach more extreme heights (the Lovense Domi 2 is even the strongest mini wand I’ve tested), the Lovense Ferri’s power is plenty for me!

It’s stronger than its main competitor, the We-Vibe Moxie (review here) and other wearable clit vibes I’ve tried. In fact, it’s one of only two panty vibrators that reliably brings me to orgasm completely hands-free.

Lovense’s Lush 3 (review) is just a touch stronger, BUT – the Lush is a G-spot vibe. And I (and many women like me) need their clit involved to actually cross the finish line. So I use my Lush to tease and get me worked up while we’re out. Then the fun reaches its peak once I’m back home.

But with the Ferri…well, I don’t need to wait until I’m home.

We-Vibe vs Lovense Power

It is SUPER helpful to have the Ferri’s extra burst of intensity right as I’m near the edge. And unfortunately many public vibrators max out before the level I need to finish. 

The high-power of this toy, is definitely one of the things that makes it a favorite of mine. The Ferri is one of the few wearable vibrators that I’ve been able to orgasm from with no additional stimulation. 

Lovense does also have their Lovense Dolce dual vibrator for both clitoral and G-spot stimulation. The clit arm is technically a touch stronger than the Ferri, but because you can’t secure it in place exactly where you need the vibes, the clit stimulation ends up being weaker than the Ferri’s. I also prefer my Lush 3 for internal stimulation to the Dolce (which was previously called the Quake).

If you want a full breakdown of why I still recommend the Lush 3 or Ferri to most people over the Dolce, head to my full Dolce vs Lush 3 comparison.

When I want the best clit stimulation, I grab my Ferri.

Ferri Vibe Quality: Buzzy or Rumbly

I’ve realized there’s really two wings of vibe-types that most toys range between: buzzy and rumbly.

Buzzy vibes tend to be more pinpoint, surface level stimulation in my opinion. While rumbly vibes usually feel wider and spread a bit deeper. I usually want my vibrations to be a bit of a mix of the two, which Lovense’s toys usually are. For instance, their Lovense Ambi bullet vibrator is right in the middle of the spectrum.

The Ferri is definitely on the buzzier side. I know that some people prefer rumblier toys, and I often do too on internal or larger hand-held toys. But I think for a toy in such a small package, the slight buzziness helps it get that extra little kick it needs to deliver the punch to tip me over the edge of orgasm!

I prefer the Lovense Ferri’s buzzy vibes to the similarly-sized Lovense Exomoon bullet vibrator (a more rumbly handheld toy). 

Ferri Vibration Patterns

The Ferri has two different pattern collections that are accessible in different ways. The first set can be cycled through just by tapping the button on the toy (more of an at-home feature for sure). Then there are preset patterns accessible through the Lovense App. Plus an infinite amount of patterns you can create yourself.

On the toy itself, you have:

  1. Lower-power constant buzz (though this “low” is actually already pretty strong)
  2. Mid-power constant buzz
  3. High-power constant buzz
  4. Quick, strong pulsing
  5. Quick up, down wave sensation
  6. A sort of wiggle from low to high power repeating continually
  7. Two quick wiggles from low to high power repeating continually
Lush 2 Pattern Options

On the app, you only have 4 pre-set patterns available, the Pulse, Wave, Fireworks, and Earthquake. You DO have lots of opportunity to design and save your own pattern though – which I’ll talk about in the App Section.

Bottom Line: Lovense Ferri Vibrations

Slightly buzzier vibrations, which really works for me on a toy this size. It helps give the vibrations the extra kick they need, but may not fit everyone’s vibe-type preference. If you prefer very rumbly vibes, the We-Vibe Moxie is more rumbly – but keep in mind it’s not as powerful.

Power is AWESOME on this toy! The Lovense Ferri is without a doubt the strongest clit-focused wearable sex toy I’ve used.  And it has a fair selection of built-in patterns, plus the opportunity to design your own if you don’t find a fav. 

Lovense Ferri App Quality

An easy-to-use and enjoyable app is especially important for out-and-about play. Nobody wants to be playing with their phone the whole night trying to get the settings just right or figuring out how to reconnect your toy.

The Lovense Remote app, which is used to control the Ferri, offers several different control options. Though if you’re like me, you’ll find one or two favorites and stick with those.

If you’ve used the Lovense app before – it will look MORE than familiar, because it’s the same setup for every toy!

Ways to Control Your Lovense Ferri

Here’s a quick walkthrough of the options available to you in the app. I’ll explain them in more detail below.

Lovense Ferri Control Panel

Lovense Remote

The Lovense remote is one of my favorites to use and we’ll start here because it’s sort of the command center of the Lovense app. Here’s where you have absolute and total control over every aspect of your vibe. This control style gives the most customizable experience of any app controlled vibrators. After trying out other vibrator brands’ apps I realized just how well Lovense did on this feature.

You can draw or tap out your own completely unique patterns. Or turn “Float” on to hold your vibe intensity steady for more constant or building vibes. 

Lovense Ferri Loop or Float

You can also click “Loop” so whatever pattern you just created keeps repeating!

The screen above the panel shows you the design you’ve made with your fingers, which can be pretty mesmerising.

If you have more than one Lovense toy, you can control two from the same phone – so if you want clitoral and G-spot stimulation you could control a Lush and a Ferri together.

Lovense Ferri and Lush Together

Lovense Music

This feature gives you the chance to FEEL your favorite beats in a much more intimate way than the artist may have ever intended. I use this feature for longer sessions where I want the vibrations to keep changing. 

You can choose to play songs from those saved on your device, OR you can link your Spotify account!

Lovense Remote Music

I’ve found the vibes respond to base audio the most. It tends to vibrate on medium for most of the time with little spikes or dips here and there on most songs I’ve tried. You can also play the song and turn the volume all the way down on your phone while vibes keep going to the inaudible tune! I like doing this so that the vibrations keep me guessing.

Lovense Alarm

Quickie little section on this. TBH I haven’t used it much (okay really ever, other than to test it). It only works if you have the toy turned ON – so make sure you have it in place and ready to go!

You have to make sure to have all the permissions for your phone to receive notifications etc. I DEFINITELY recommend testing it a bit before relying on it to wake you up for that important meeting. 

You can set the time, days a week, how many times it will let you “snooze” and also the vibe-pattern.

If you DON’T love the idea of a buzzy wake-up, it definitely could make for some fun teasing. A set the timer and leave kind of deal. 

Lovense My Patterns

If you feel overwhelmed creating your own patterns from scratch, there are 4 different preset patterns to choose from in-app. You can still adjust the built-in patterns a bit too by playing them at 5 different speeds all the way from a quarter speed up to 4 times as fast.

You can also click “Create Your Own” which will bring you back to the Remote Touch Screen to draw out a pattern to save and store for future use.

Lovense Ferri Pattern Creation

Once you’ve designed your fav, you can name it. You can make it a LONG pattern, OR a short one you’d like repeated, and just set the whole pattern to loop by clicking this little button. OH and you can play your saved pattern a .25 – 4x speed as well!

Lovense Sound Feature

The Sound feature is great for a club-like atmosphere with lots of varying sounds. This one’s all about the sounds happening AROUND you, not what you’re playing on your phone like the Music Feature. You can adjust the sensitivity too, which makes the Ferri’s vibration intensity increase more easily.

Lovense Online Patterns

If you still have not found the vibe of your dreams, you can check out popular patterns saved by other folks! There was no additional setup or anything for this. It was just right there in the app, very accessible and fun.

Scroll through and test out a HUGE variety, then save, add to favorites, or send to a partner if there’s one (or several) you especially like! Oh and speaking of PARTNERS – let’s talk Long Distance Control on this app next! 

Lovense Remote Popular Patterns

Bottom Line: Lovense Ferri Remote App Control Styles

There are quite a few ways to control the Lovense Ferri. Lovense gives more complete control of your vibes than any other app controlled vibrator brand so far. All the options are fairly intuitive. It’s easy to set up a really specific, customized pattern. Plus there are endless patterns created by others to choose from.

Lovense Ferri Long Distance Control

If you and your partner are long-distance – the Lovense Ferri has you covered. And if you’re NOT long distance… maybe send them away for a weekend. Because the control-sharing on this toy can really make for some fun times.

Connect with a partner on the Lovense App by either clicking to add them, OR accepting their request. 

Lovense Give Up Control

They can stay in your saved connections so that you can quickly reconnect with them whenever you’d like. You’ll notice a green check next to their name when they’re online. You can also remove a connection or block them at any time.

When your partner is online, you can interact with each other by sending chat messages, recording a voice message, sending photos, sending a vibe pattern, starting a voice call, video call OR giving them control of your toy.

Lovense Long Distance Options

Now, the text and voice messages are fine and all, but let’s be honest – the video and toy control is where it really starts to heat up. So let’s chat about that a bit more:

You can either send a request to take control of your partner’s toy, or they can request control of yours. Either way requires the other to accept.

Whoever has control of the toy has COMPLETE control until one person ends the session. 

You can’t both control the same toy together. This is one thing I wish Lovense (and other brands) would implement – so far I’ve found no toys that have this feature. Sometimes I know exactly what my body needs in the moment and I want to be able to give it to myself – even while my partner is connected to my toy. But to do that, I have to take back control of the Lovense Ferri. You can end your partner’s control of your toy anytime you want.

The partner who has been given control of the toy has all the same control options as the short range version. They’ll see a screen like this with the control panel overlaid on the video chat. They can also minimize the control panel once they’ve got a pattern going so the video chat is cleaner:

Lovense Ferri Long Distance

You’ll still have the option to mute yourself at any time or turn off your camera.

For some memories that’ll stick around a little longer – the owner of the toy can record the video chat session. The person controlling the toy does NOT have the option to record though. 

Lots of fun options for play with this long-distance app. Oh, and even if your partner’s not online when you pop on, I’m sure it won’t be long before they are: You can send them little texts, photos, emojis or voice recordings to send a little encouragement 😉

Lovense Anonymous Sharing

If you’re looking for a quick way to give up control of your toy anonymously for a one-time situation, the Lovense app is really well set up for that. 

When you go to connect, you’ll have the option of getting a “Control Link” to send to a partner instead of a regular connection request. You can set a time limit for how long they’ll have access! Once their time is up, they’ll no longer have access to your toy OR you unless you share another link.

Lovense Ferri Anonymous Control

This feature is used by a lot of cam performers or just for some extra anonymous fun!

Bottom Line: Lovense Ferri Long Distance Control

The long distance control has LOTS of options for messaging. It was pretty easy to figure out, and had no seeming delay, slowness, or connectivity issues (which I’ll cover more thoroughly in the next section)!

Lovense Ferri Connectivity

There’s really two separate types of connectivity with this toy: 

  1. Close range bluetooth connection to your phone or your partner’s phone – How well does the Lovense Ferri stay connected when you’re controlling it with your phone by bluetooth? How far away can your partner get with their Ferri before the connection drops? Does it stay connected when you lock your phone screen or use another app?
  2. Long Distance Connection  – How easy is it to get connected to your partner’s Ferri from miles away? Does the connection drop more easily in Long Distance mode? Again, can you be in other apps, or lock your phone screen?

I’ve really had nothing but GOOD experiences with both. From our experiences with app controlled toys by OhMiBod, We-Vibe, and Lovense – we’ve found Lovense to be the best at connecting easily and maintaining reliable connection. But here’s a breakdown on what that means:

Lovense Ferri Close Range Connectivity

Initial setup is really easy: simply open the app, turn on the Ferri, and select add toy. The Ferri will appear and you’re good to go. Then whenever I turn the toy on and open the app, it shows up immediately to begin controlling. Or you can go into your saved toys, unselect it, and connect to a different Lovense toy.

I’ve found Lovense toys, including the Ferri, have the most reliable connection out of any app-controlled toys I’ve tried so far.

I can usually lock my phone, open other apps, or let the app sit untouched while the Lovense Ferri keeps vibing away on my clit. I only have a disconnection once in a blue moon, whereas with other brands I expect it to happen a few or even several times while we’re at the restaurant playing.

Even when the Lovense Ferri did briefly disconnect, reconnecting was almost instantaneous. I just went back to my list of saved toys and selected to connect to the Ferri – and just like that we’re back at it!

Connecting Lovense Ferri

I’ve found when my OhMiBod or We-Vibe toys disconnect, it takes a lot more work and fiddling with the toy to get it to reconnect again. This is one of the main reasons I think Lovense toys tend to be the best for public play and long distance play. And as an added bonus, Lovense is also less expensive.

I’ve played a lot in colder months too when I have a lot of layers of clothing on, and the Ferri still remains connected easily. 

I will say that I am a fairly small person, and I have read that sometimes body-size can affect connectivity a bit. Still, I would place my bet on Lovense toys staying reliably connected over any other app controlled toys at this time. 

I also ran some tests to see if the distance connection held up to what they claimed on the site:

Lovense Ferri Range

My partner could control my Lovense Ferri up to 50 feet away if we were facing each other.

He could control the toy up to 35 feet away if he was behind me while I was facing away from him.

This was with no other sorts of obstructions. When I tested this in a smaller environment, with more frequent large obstructions like brick walls, the connectivity didn’t hold up quite AS far. However, it still made it two rooms away, and we’ve never had any issues staying connected when my husband and I are out at bars or restaurants. 

Lovense Ferri Long Distance Connectivity

As for staying connected in long distance mode – I’ve been REALLY happy with the Lovense Ferri! Some apps tend to move much slower or be just plain glitchy when you’re connecting remotely. This is not the case for any Lovense toy I’ve used.

It typically stays connected for me even if I lock my phone or open other apps. It seriously makes ALL the difference. For instance when my husband and I tried the We-Vibe Chorus (review here) long distance, it connected easily the first time. But once it disconnected it was very difficult to get it to reconnect and with all the time it took to get it up and running again – yah, it dragged down the mood a bit. 

That’s why I use the Chorus most during partnered sex for hands-free clit stimulation and unique G-spot pressure. Or if I want to enjoy public play in a VERY quiet environment – the Chorus is the quietest wearable I’ve used.  

Bottom Line: Lovense Ferri Connectivity 

When I’m reviewing a toy, in most aspects of a toy I try to consider: who would enjoy this? And who would NOT enjoy it? 

But as far as connectivity goes, in my experience Lovense has been the clear winner – Really easy and quick connectivity. Some of the most reliable I’ve found in any toy. If you’re annoyed with disconnects – the Lovense Ferri is probably your preemo dreamo option.

Wearing the Lovense Ferri – Is it Comfortable

There are a couple different aspects to cover under this toy’s “wearability.”

If there is one thing I am passionate about – it’s comfort. With a toy that’s used in public, this is especially important. Because you can’t just keep adjusting things in the moment.

Ferri Overall Comfortability

The Ferri is worn externally, and is actually magnetically attached to your underwear. It sort of sits directly underneath you, shifted to the front a bit. Because it attaches to what you’re wearing, your clothing choices impact how comfortable it is.

Lovense Ferri Panty Vibrator

You want your panties AND pants to be tight enough that it will hold the toy close and provide extra pressure. But you don’t want things so tight and stiff that it will press into you in a painful way.

For me, this toy is the MOST comfortable of the wearable vibrators I’ve tried. It’s one of the smallest and least intrusive. It does not require any part to be worn internally. 

The only activity that I had to be a little more careful in was sitting. Since the toy really sits right below your pubic bone, sitting with the toy shifted too far forward can add a little too much pressure. 

It’s easily solved by finding the placement that works best for you. I recommend playing around a bit at home first to find the right spot before taking it on the town. Chairs with cushioning are also nice, but not necessary.

Ferri Secure Fit

Standing or dancing were both easy and comfortable activities as long as you are wearing the right clothing. Again – this toy attaches to your panties, and has a little bit of weight to it, so you want to wear something that will hold it close.

As long as this was the case, I did not notice much moving around – and the magnet is VERY strong.

Lovense Ferri Through Hand

You know that trick where you move a coin around a table by holding a magnet underneath? The magnet is strong enough to hold the Ferri THROUGH my hand!

So don’t worry, the Ferri’s not going to slip around once you’ve got it in place. 

Ferri Adjustability

Magnetically attached panty vibrators are much more adjustable than traditional panty vibrators.

Usually a remote control panty vibrator comes built into a pair of (typically unflattering) panties OR the panty vibrator is meant to be slipped into the front pouch that comes in a lot of underwear.

In both cases, you can’t really adjust where the vibrator hits to get the best spot for you. And often, the vibrator’s contact on your clit isn’t very good with it resting loosely in the pouch of your panties.

With the Lovense Ferri panty vibrator’s strong magnet, you can move the vibrator exactly where you want it and secure it in place right there. It’s much more able to adjust to your specific needs.

The whole Ferri is less than 3 inches long, so it’s easy to slide it forward or backward so the vibes hit perfectly. Make sure to play with it at home before you go out so you can find your favorite setup.

Ferri Visibility

Something I’m always conscious of – “can people tell I’m wearing it?” Now I know under most circumstances, folks aren’t staring at my crotch. But it’s nice to know they wouldn’t see anything even if they were.

With this toy, you’re pretty safe in most outfits. Again – this toy sits mostly underneath you, so there’s NOT a little toy-shaped bump on the front of you. The deepest part of the toy sits at the front and is .83 inches deep. This isn’t a problem though, because it just fits right between your legs.

Ferri Positioning

There IS a little flashing pink light where the “on” button is, but it’s pretty dim, and falls at the BACK of the toy. So any flashes that occur are deep in the forest of your legs where few shall be looking. Plus it’s underneath your underwear and your other clothes. I had my husband take a close look and he could not see the light 🙂

Bottom Line: Lovense Ferri Comfort and Secure Fit

The Ferri is pretty dang comfortable. ALL wearable pieces take a bit of figuring out, but this one’s pretty straightforward. In my opinion it’s more comfortable than toys with an internally worn part. And once it’s in place, it’s not going anywhere.

Lovense Ferri Noise Level

I’m all about quiet playtime in public. But my ears are on HIGH ALERT with anything wearable. So if you’re like me, let’s chat noise level.

This toy has all external vibes, so sound is definitely more of a concern than with an internal vibe like the Lovense Lush. With internal toys, your body helps dampen the sound, but your body can’t help you out with the Ferri. 

Since the Lovense Ferri is a pretty high-powered external vibe I would say this toy leans towards the louder side of wearable vibrators. Stick with me though, because as you’ll see there’s a lot you can do with the Ferri. 

It’s still the toy I use the most out in public. It just means I have to be a little more conscious that the place I’m using the Ferri has enough background sound to drown it out.

Also note: You can set maximum vibration levels for your Ferri and the app won’t let you go above them. If you’re especially concerned about sound, this is a great way to make sure you remain mentally comfortable that no one will hear you.

Here’s a few tests I ran to give you an idea of what you could get away with.

Lovense Ferri in a Silent Car and in a Car with Music

My husband and I galavanted to several locations with the Ferri tucked away so we could test how audible it was in different settings. We of course played in the car on the way!

In the car when we were driving at a good speed, my partner and I couldn’t hear the Ferri, even without music on in the car. The ambient sound of the engine + the road + other cars driving drowned out the Ferri and made it inaudible even on the highest levels.

When we not moving or in a slow area, the noises from the engine and road were lower, and we could both hear the Ferri on even the low settings.

But turning on some low music quickly made the noise undetectable. So if you don’t want to time your vibrations in sync with your driver, you’ll need a bit of low music to drown it out. 

We were pretty surprised with how quickly the Ferri became inaudible in the car, especially since the Ferri seems loud when you’re just holding it.

Lovense Ferri in a Quiet Restaurant

The first restaurant I took this to was pretty quiet – low music playing and a few people lightly chatting at their tables.

I sat in a booth, which serves well to confine any noise to your own little table.

On the low and mid levels, I felt very comfortable. Neither myself nor my partner were able to hear the Ferri stimulating my clit between my legs. And these levels were deliciously teasy and getting me worked up.

On the highest levels is when I started to feel a little more nervous seated in my booth in a quiet restaurant. I thought maybe I could hear something if I listened for it, but my partner sitting across from me still did not. 

As the night progressed and I realized my partner really couldn’t hear it and I wasn’t sure I really could either, I felt a little more comfortable using the highest levels. But I still wasn’t as care-free on the highest intensities of the Lovense Ferri as I am with my internal toys. 

It really came down to comfort here – neither of us could actually hear it, but I was aware that I had to make sure there was enough background noise. With my Lush 3, I would have roamed all around the highest power levels without a second thought. 

So I would say in mid-quiet public places (like sit-down restaurants), you should be good to go UNTIL you reach the highest power settings. On the highest levels look for a place with a bit more chatter or music if you want to be completely care-free and comfortable to let loose.

Lovense Ferri in a Bar / Club / Any Noisy Environment

As long as you have some consistent sounds around you – you’ll be absolutely set on any power level with the Ferri.

The last two places I tested the Lovense Ferri were at a coffee shop and a brewery. 

When I say coffee shop, it sounds like it would be quieter than the sit-down restaurant from my previous test. But it’s the type of shop where people hang out a bit, chat, and students go to work on homework, etc. It’s definitely pretty quiet, but there’s a fair bit of varied background noises happening around you. 

I got my favorite tea, found a table with my husband, and used the Ferri in all its multi-powered glory completely care-free. Neither of us could hear it at all.

After that, I was certain the Ferri would have no sound problems at the brewery, but still wanted to test it there to make sure. And I was quickly proven right. Once again, my husband and I did not hear a peep coming from between my legs as we sipped our drinks.

So really any setting with a fair bit of background noise – you’re completely good on all power levels of the Ferri.

Bottom Line: Lovense Ferri Noise Level

In quieter settings like nice sit-down restaurants, the Ferri may take some getting used to. It actually is quiet enough to play in most of these settings. But since it’s louder than some other wearable toys, you may find yourself a little more on guard – checking to make sure you really can’t hear it.

But the Ferri is quickly drowned out in most settings. I felt completely comfortable going through the entire range of the Ferri’s power levels in my local coffee shop, and DEFINITELY in my favorite brewery. And even as I realized – okay, you really can’t hear this thing, I gained confidence in some of the quieter restaurants.

If you think you’ll want to play in really quiet settings or feel especially nervous about sound, you can throttle the Ferri’s maximum power to a level you’re comfortable with. Or you could choose an internal toy like the Lovense Lush 3. The We-Vibe Chorus is another exceptionally quiet clitoral option, but you may deal with more frequent disconnections with We-Vibe’s app.

Lovense Ferri Battery Life

The Ferri promises 3-3.5 hours of continuous use. This is one of the longest battery lifes that I’ve seen, and it seems to be true so far.

I have not let mine buzz constantly for the full 3.5 hours, but I’ve had 1-1.5 hour sessions and then played again several consecutive days without charging.

The Ferri has awesome battery life and it’s going to be hard to beat 3.5 hours!

Lovense Ferri Review Results

I personally really value maintaining consistent connection and getting good clitoral stimulation from my toys. So the Ferri has become my go-to and preferred wearable vibe for public play. 

Lovense Ferri Profile

It’s not the quietest option, but it still becomes completely unnoticeable in most settings with any amount of background noise. I’m able to discreetly play in most restaurants, coffee shops, bars, parks – a ton of places without anyone (even my partner nearby or myself) being able to hear. 

Internal toys without clit stimulation are fun, but they don’t take me all the way. And the quieter external toys I’ve tried aren’t quite strong enough to make me finish easily either. So I don’t mind playing in settings with a little extra ambient background noise so that I can get the stimulation I crave! I won’t be playing in a library, but most restaurants will do just fine. 

The Ferri is one of the few wearable vibrators to make me finish with no additional stimulation – one of the reasons it quickly became my personal favorite vibrator for public play.

I think the Lovense Ferri is a great toy if you:

  • Want some of the strongest and best clitoral vibrations from a wearable vibrator.
  • Want a reliable connection for uninterrupted public play or long distance fun.
  • Want a comfortable wearable toy with an adjustable and secure fit.
  • Want complete customization of your vibes.
  • Want a good video chat experience while controlling your partner’s toy during long distance play
  • Don’t mind needing a bit more noise in your environment than you would need with an internal toy or quieter toy

I think an alternative bluetooth vibrator may be better if you:

  • Prefer G-spot vibrations to clitoral vibrations
  • Want very rumbly vibrations
  • Are new to public play toys and feel very nervous about sound  

Lovense Ferri Alternatives

Out of the possible “top-priority features” with this toy, here’s how I would rank each. Low being – not the best. And High being – AWESOME, AMAZE, RECOMMEND:

  • Quiet Noise Level: Medium
  • Powerful Vibes: High
  • Reliable Connectivity: High
  • Clit-focused Stimulation High
  • G-Spot Stimulation: None
  • Easy Long Distance Control-Sharing: High
  • General Ease of Use: High
  • Battery Life: High
  • Cost: Medium

If one of your faves is not quite hitting that HIGH mark you were hoping for, here are some awesome alternatives that might get the job done.

Quieter and G-spot Focused Alternative – Lovense Lush 3

The Lush 3 uses the same app, so all the same patterns apply as well as easy and reliable connectivity. The difference is that this one is insertable and focuses on g-spot stimulation alone! 

Lush 3 In Hand

It’s actually a touch more powerful than the Lovense Ferri, but ends up being a bit quieter because the noise is muffled by your one and only vagina before the sound escapes out into the world.

It doesn’t really give much clitoral stimulation which is why my personal preference is for the Ferri. But I still love the teasiness of the Lush 3 and use it as a fun bit of foreplay before we make it back home.

It’s also worth noting that Lovense still sells the Lush 2 (review) which is less expensive than the newer model. It’s a touch less comfortable than the newer version but about the same level of stimulation. I chat more about the differences between the versions in my Lush 2 vs 3 comparison.

We recommend the Lovense Lush 3 over the Lovense Ferri If:

  • You prefer G-spot stimulation to clitoral stimlulation
  • You are very conscious of sound and want a quieter option

Quieter, More Rumbly Vibrations, and Internal/External Stimulation – We-Vibe Chorus

This toy gives you a taste of BOTH worlds – clit AND G-spot stimulation – though most of the stimulation is clitoral. 

It has weaker vibrations than the Ferri – it takes more work for me to be able to orgasm with this toy. But it is whisper quiet and the vibrations are very rumbly! It’s easily the quietest public play toy I’ve used.

We-Vibe Chorus in Hand

If you don’t need very strong vibrations to orgasm and really value a discreet option, the Chorus could be a great couples vibrator for you.

It’s also app controlled, or can be controlled with a physical remote. The app doesn’t give quite as complete customizable control of your toy as Lovense’s app does. But if you don’t care about having complete creative expression, it can do the trick just fine. You can still video chat in the We-Vibe app as well.

Connectivity is a bit spottier though so be prepared for more frequent disconnections than you’d have with the Lovense Ferri.

It’s still on the more comfortable end of insertable toys. AND it can be worn during penetrative sex too – which is my favorite use of the We-Vibe Chorus.

Hope this helps. I tried keeping this review a bit shorter. (Though as a result it contains approximately 30% less hilarity than usual).

If you want more info, I review the Chorus here in detail.

We recommend the We-Vibe Chorus over the Lovense Ferri If:

  • You want both clitoral and internal stimulation
  • You prefer very rumbly vibrations
  • You don’t need as strong of vibrations to orgasm
  • You are very concerned about noise and want the absolute quietest wearable vibe
  • You are okay with more frequent disconnections than you’d have with the Lovense Ferri

Lovense Ferri vs We-Vibe Moxie

The We-Vibe Moxie is the main competitor of the Lovense Ferri. It’s another magnetically secured panty vibrator.

We-Vibe Moxie vs Lovense Ferri in Hand

The main differences from the Ferri are that the Moxie has rumblier vibrations and less powerful vibrations. It will be a quieter option, though not as powerfully stimulating as the Lovense Ferri.

It again uses the We-Vibe app (the same as the We-Vibe Chorus) so it’s not as fully featured as Lovense’s Remote app. And disconnections will happen more frequently than they would with the Lovense Ferri.

We recommend the We-Vibe Moxie over the Lovense Ferri If:

  • You prefer very rumbly vibrations
  • You don’t mind trading off some vibration power in exchange for a quieter toy 
  • You are okay with more frequent disconnections than you’d have with the Lovense Ferri

Budget-Friendly Ferri Alternative – Satisfyer Sexy Secret

The Satisfyer Sexy Secret is a newer addition to my app controlled panty vibrator collection and I definitely think it’s worth considering for two types of people:

  1. People on a tight budget that still want quality app control
  2. People who are really nervous about sound

Just like the Lovense Ferri, the Satisfyer Sexy Secret is magnetically secured and app controlled.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret and App

Not only that, but the app actually works well even while being pretty dang inexpensive. It doesn’t give as in-depth control as the Lovense Ferri’s app, but it gets the job done.

The biggest trade-off for the low price point is power. I find the Sexy Secret a fun tease, but I can’t orgasm from it hands-free like I can with my Lovense Ferri.

Good for a tease and getting worked up! But I need the Lovense Ferri’s power to bring it home!

But one benefit of the lower power – it’s whisper quiet.

We recommend the Satisfyer Sexy Secret over the Lovense Ferri If:

  • You want an app controlled panty vibrator on a tight budget
  • You’re okay with lower power
  • You’re really nervous about sound

Head to my full review of the Satisfyer Sexy Secret for more info.

Final Thoughts

The Lovense Ferri has changed the public play game for me. It’s taken it from being a fun foreplay activity that gets me worked up, to being an activity that can take me all the way on its own. The Ferri finally bridges the connection strength, app quality, and vibration power of Lovense products with the consistent clitoral stimulation that I need to finish.

It’s my current favorite public play toy and I’d recommend it to anyone who loves clit stimulation and wants to join in on some sneaky fun. 

Lovense Ferri Product

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