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Lovense Dolce vs Flexer

Lovense Flexer and Dolce Product Image

Lovense Dolce


Lovense Flexer


If you’re choosing between the Lovense Dolce and Flexer, the Dolce is the better option for most people. Dual-stimulation wearables are dependent on your anatomy – both the clit and G-spot arms need to align right for you. Unlike the Lovense Flexer, the Dolce is adjustable, so it will fit a broader range of people. 

If the Lovense Dolce fits you well, the stimulation is great. The Dolce’s vibrations are much stronger than the Flexer’s, so it can be good inside the bedroom. Unfortunately, the Flexer’s come hither motion doesn’t work well. The clit arm moves more than the internal arm, so it provides little G-spot stimulation and feels uncomfortable.

But in my opinion, both the Lovense Dolce and Flexer are worse than Lovense’s other hands-free vibrators, especially if you want something you can wear outside the bedroom. Neither is easy to wear around (the Dolce is uncomfortable, and the Flexer falls out). Both are louder than Lovense’s other options. And Lovense’s single-stimulation toys feel better – they excel at the stimulation they provide.

If wearing your vibe around is your priority – go with the Lovense Lush 3 (G-spot stimulation) or the Lovense Ferri (clitoral stimulation) instead. They’re quieter, and they fit and stimulate better. You can also use them together for better hands-free dual-stimulation than the Dolce or Flexer. Read more about that here

If hands-free stimulation inside the bedroom is your priority – the Lovense Dolce can be good as long as it fits your body. If you plan to try either the Dolce or Flexer, I’d recommend buying through Lovehoney since they have a happiness guarantee – they’ll refund you for a toy if it doesn’t work for you. Or head to my alternatives section for options I enjoy more.

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The Lovense Dolce and Flexer are both hands-free, dual-stimulation vibrators. The Dolce stimulates through powerful clit and G-spot vibrations. Whereas the Flexer stimulates through milder clit and G-spot vibrations, but it also flexes in a “come hither” motion intended to feel like fingering.

Lovense Dolce and Flexer
The Lovense Dolce (left) and Lovense Flexer (right)

Lovense makes several of my favorite wearable vibrators, including the Lovense Lush 3, the Lovense Ferri, and the recent Lovense Vulse thrusting egg. But these are each single-stimulation toys: only your clit, or just your G-spot. Using the Ferri with the Lush or Vulse provides great dual-stimulation but requires purchasing two toys.

In this Lovense Dolce vs Flexer comparison, I’ll help you decide whether the Dolce or Flexer can meet your needs for hands-free dual-stimulation. Or whether you’ll prefer one or a combination of Lovense’s other wearable vibrators.

Lovense Dolce vs Lovense Flexer Vibrations and Stimulation

The Lovense Dolce and Lovense Flexer are dual-stimulation wearables, stimulating internally and externally. They use different stimulation methods, which makes it difficult to give exact comparisons, though the Dolce has much stronger vibrations, and I find it more stimulating overall.

The Lovense Flexer and Dolce stimulation types compared. I have sound off in this video so you can see without distraction. Jump to this video to hear the Dolce vs Flexer noise levels

The Dolce provides clitoral and G-spot vibrations that both reach a 10 out of 10 strength compared to other wearable vibrators. The Dolce’s internal arm is as powerful as the Lush, and the external arm is as strong as the Ferri. On the other hand, the Lovense Flexer’s clitoral arm is just 60% as strong as the Dolce’s. And the Flexer’s internal vibrations are even weaker, packing just 20% of the Dolce’s G-spot vibration strength. 

So if strong vibrations are important to you, the Dolce is better than the Flexer. 

The Flexer’s primary stimulation is meant to come from the flexing motion applying pressure on your G-spot (like fingering). Whereas the Dolce does not move. So any internal pressure from the Dolce comes from the “full” feeling of having it in you. 

Unfortunately, the Flexer’s motion does not work as designed for me.

Gif of Lovense Flexer's external arm moving instead of internal arm
The Lovense Flexer’s clitoral arm moves more than the G-spot arm

The clit arm moves more than the G-spot arm. Since all the movement is outside, I don’t receive good G-spot pressure from the Flexer. And the moving clit arm pinches me uncomfortably.

And since the Dolce is somewhat adjustable, whereas the Flexer is not, more people will find a fit that stimulates them using the Dolce. 

But even though the Dolce is adjustable, I still find it much less stimulating than using vibrating panties like the Lovense Ferri in combination with a separate G-spot egg vibrator like the Lush 3 or the Lovense Vulse

The adjustability of the Lovense Dolce

The Lovense Dolce’s hinge only provides one point of adjustment. So many people will still struggle to find a good fit – I cannot keep the Dolce’s clit arm and G-spot arm simultaneously in a good position. Adjusting the clit arm affects the G-spot arm’s positioning and vice versa. But when using separate toys, as I mentioned above, I can place the clitoral vibrator and G-spot vibrator separately. So I can ensure each is in a good position that stimulates me! 

The Dolce or Flexer may fit and stimulate you, but either toy is a gamble. If you want to take the chance, buy through Lovehoney so you can return it for a refund if it doesn’t fit you right.

Lovense Dolce vs Lovense Flexer Comfort & Secure Fit

Since the Lovense Dolce is adjustable, it’s more likely to provide a comfortable and secure fit than the Lovense Flexer. The Dolce can be comfortable in the bedroom. But walking around with either the Dolce or Flexer is uncomfortable. And the Lovense Flexer even slips out.

The Lovense Dolce has a wide internal bulb that stretches me more than the Lovense Flexer. So, to enjoy the Dolce, you have to like a girthy feel. I find the Dolce comfortable enough when lying on my back in bed. So it can work well in the bedroom. However, trying to walk around with the Dolce is uncomfortable for me. You may not have issues if the Dolce fits you better. But be aware that it’s a risk.

Even though you can adjust the angle between the Dolce’s clit and G-spot arms, you can’t lengthen or shorten either arm. For me, this results in the Dolce’s clit arm sitting awkwardly high on my pubic bone. This also causes it to show through my clothing. You may not get a comfy fit even with the Dolce’s adjustable hinge.

While the Dolce is comfortable enough in bed, I don’t find the Lovense Flexer comfortable at all

Gif of Lovense Flexer's external arm moving instead of internal arm
The Lovense Flexer moves around too much to be comfortable for me

The Flexer’s slim clitoral arm does not evenly distribute the pressure. And when flexing, the clit arm moves more than the G-spot arm. This causes the Flexer to repeatedly pinch and poke my pubic bone uncomfortably while also pulling it too far away from my body to stimulate me.

Thin External Arm of Lovense Flexer
The Lovense Flexer’s slim clit arm, which can provide uncomfortable pressure

The Lovense Flexer’s curves are also more subtle than the Lovense Dolce’s. The Flexer’s subtle curves cause it to slip out of me easily, especially during the flexing motion.

Bulb Shape of Lovense Flexer and Dolce
The Lovense Dolce and Flexer bulb shapes

On the other hand, the Dolce’s large internal egg size helps it stay in place securely. You have to tug firmly to remove the Dolce – I’ve never had it slip out accidentally.

The Lovense Dolce is the more likely bet for a comfortable experience if you’re okay with a more girthy feel and the risk of it not lining up with your anatomy. Otherwise, consider the Lush and Ferri combo or the Lelo Ida Wave for more comfortable hands-free dual-stimulation.

Lovense Dolce vs Lovense Flexer Noise

The Lovense Dolce and Lovense Flexer are fairly loud wearable vibrators. The Dolce has a slightly lower decibel level, though, and the noise is more consistent, so it’s less noticeable than the Flexer.

The Lovense Dolce and Flexer noise comparison

The Flexer’s motion makes a very prominent, inconsistent sound as it moves back and forth. And the extremely buzzy vibrations have a higher pitch, which doesn’t fade into the background as much as low-frequency vibrations. 

Although the Dolce is the quieter option, neither is very discreet. For more discreet sound levels, consider the Lush 3 or Ferri.

Lovense Dolce vs Lovense Flexer Battery Life

The Lovense Flexer has a longer battery life than the Lovense Dolce. I test my vibrators’ battery life by charging them fully and running them at maximum intensity until they die. 

Lovense Flexer and Dolce with Magnetic Charging
The Lovense Dolce and Flexer charging

The Flexer lasted 92 minutes, and the Dolce lasted 60. Both provide a decent amount of time for play inside the bedroom, but other wearables like the Lovense Lush 3 or Lovense Ferri last much longer.

Both the Dolce and Flexer use Lovense’s standard magnetic charger. You can buy a replacement directly from Lovense if you lose it.

Lovense Dolce vs Lovense Flexer App: Close Range Control

The Lovense Dolce and Flexer use the same Lovense Remote app to control them. Lovense’s app and connectivity are the best of any brand I’ve tried. And I have remote control vibrators from many different brands.

If you’re already familiar with Lovense’s app, skip to our final comparison results

The Lovense app’s close range features are excellent. Controlling either the Dolce or Flexer is versatile and intuitive.

Lovense Flexer Loop feature in the app
Lovense’s “Loop” feature in the app

You can quickly draw a repeating pattern from the Remote screen using the “Loop” feature. Or set the vibration power or flexing speed to a constant level using the “Float” button. 

Lovense Flexer app screen showing Float Function
Lovense’s “Float” feature in the app

You can control the Dolce’s clitoral and G-spot motors separately. With the Lovense Flexer, you have to adjust the vibration strength of each arm together. But you can control the flexing speed separately from the vibration strength.

From the My Patterns screen, you can access preset patterns and adjust their speed. You can also create and save your own vibration patterns here. You can also browse patterns other Lovense users have created and shared and save any you like to your library.

Lovense Flexer's app screenshot showing the Discover Mode
Patterns others have created in the Lovense app through the “Discover” feature

Using the “Music” feature, your Dolce or Flexer will operate in sync with songs saved on your phone. It only works with songs saved to your phone’s music library after Spotify disabled third-party app support in 2022.

Side-by-side screenshot showing Lovense app's Music and Sound Modes
Lovense’s music and sound controls

The “Sound” feature makes your Dolce or Flexer respond to the sounds around you, picked up by your phone’s mic! You can adjust the sensitivity so it takes more or less noise to activate your toys.

You can also use the “Alarm” feature to make your toy vibrate or move at a specific time.

This is the most feature-rich and intuitive of all the vibrator apps I’ve tried. So, the Flexer and Dolce tie in this area. If you don’t think the Dolce or Flexer are good options for you, all of Lovense’s toys use this app.

Lovense Dolce vs Lovense Flexer App: Long Distance

The Lovense Dolce and Flexer provide the same long-distance experience through the Lovense app. Lovense offers the best long-distance experience of any brand.

You can save one or multiple partners that you’ll connect with regularly. Or even share anonymous control of your Dolce or Flexer.

Vulse Long Distance Chat Feature
Lovense’s long-distance chat screen

When connecting with a long-distance partner, you can simply give up control of your toy to your partner and send texts and photos. Or you can video chat in the Lovense app while they control your Dolce or Flexer. You do not need a separate messaging app.

Lovense Flexer App Screenshot showing Long-Distance Video Chat
Your partner’s control screen in Lovense’s long distance calls

When your partner controls your toy, they have the same great “Remote” control screen you do during close range play. So they can draw out the exact pattern they’d like you to feel or set the vibration strength / flexing speed to a constant setting.

Either of you can mute or turn off the video portion, depending on your comfort level. Or if you’d prefer to see your partner better, you can minimize the control panel when you’re not using it.

It’s very easy to use and is a great way to connect with a partner anywhere in the world.

Lovense Dolce vs Lovense Flexer Connectivity

The Lovense Dolce and Lovense Flexer both have excellent connectivity. This is true of all Lovense toys.

Pairing the Dolce or Flexer to the Lovense app is quick and easy. Once you’ve added your toy the first time, in the future it will typically pair automatically when you open the Lovense app.

I can open other apps and let the Lovense app sit dormant for a while, and everything stays connected. 

On the rare occasion it does disconnect like if you move the toy too far from the phone, it will often automatically re-pair once you’re back in range.

This great connectivity applies during close range play (Bluetooth connection) or long-distance play (over the internet) as long as you both have good cell service or wifi.

Other Specs Comparison

Lovense Dolce vs Lovense Flexer Waterproof Rating

Both the Lovense Dolce and Lovense Flexer are IPX7 waterproof. This makes cleaning very easy because you can completely submerge them in water while scrubbing.

Lovense Flexer and Dolce in Water
The Lovense Dolce and Flexer submerged because they are waterproof

Lovense Dolce vs Lovense Flexer Materials

The Lovense Dolce and Lovense Flexer are both coated in smooth silicone. It’s body-safe and makes for a silky feel!

Lovense Dolce vs Lovense Flexer Comparison Results

The Lovense Dolce is more likely to fit a broader range of people than the Lovense Flexer. I think the Dolce is generally the better option of the two. However, both toys are highly dependent on fitting your own unique anatomy. If you want to try either the Dolce or Flexer, buy through Lovehoney since they will let you return a toy for a refund if it doesn’t work for you.

I think most people will enjoy single stimulation options more (like the Lovense Lush 3 or the Lovense Ferri). With these toys, there are not so many parts that all need to fit exactly right. So these, and my other alternatives below, generally work for more people. 

I think the Lovense Dolce is better if you:

  • Want powerful hands-free vibrations – if it aligns correctly for your body, the Dolce will provide strong clit and G-spot stimulation
  • Enjoy a girthy toy that provides a full stretch internally
  • Plan to play inside the bedroom – it’s comfortable enough in bed, but walking around with the Dolce is not comfy.
  • Understand that even with its adjustable hinge, it may not align correctly for your body

I think the Lovense Flexer is better if you:

  • Really want to try the flexing motion – the Flexer’s hands-free fingering motion is unique. But for many people, it won’t work as intended. It’s a gamble based on your anatomy.

I think an alternative toy or combination of toys is better if you:

  • Want a better, more stimulating, more comfortable fit
  • Want a toy you can comfortably wear outside the bedroom
  • Wand a hands-free wearable with discreet noise levels
  • Need a battery life longer than 60-90 minutes


Lovense Lush 3 and Ferri

The Lovense Lush 3 and Ferri are more stimulating and comfortable than the Lovense Dolce or Flexer. You can wear both and easily control them at the same time through the Lovense app. They’re also better options if playing outside the bedroom is important to you.

Lovense Ferri and Lush 3 fit better than the Lovense Flexer
The Lovense Lush 3 and Ferri being controlled together in the Lovense app

Because these are two different toys, you can adjust their position separately so they sit exactly where you need them. So even though the Dolce’s vibrations are just as powerful, the better fit from the Lush and Ferri makes them more stimulating.

If you only have the budget for one toy, I still prefer the Lush or Ferri alone over using the Dolce or Flexer for dual stimulation. They’re so much more comfortable and stimulating, even by themselves. 

If you’re really interested in internal movement (like the Flexer), you could also use the Lovense Vulse thrusting egg vibrator with the Ferri instead of the Lush 3. I compare the Lush 3 vs Vulse here.

Read my full Lovense Lush 3 review here and my Lovense Ferri review here

Lelo Ida Wave

The Lelo Ida Wave is a hands-free dual-stimulator that’s more comfortable and fits better than the Lovense Dolce and Flexer. Like the Dolce and Flexer, the Ida Wave is best inside the bedroom as walking around is still somewhat difficult.

Lelo Ida Wave and Lelo App
The Lelo Ida Wave

The Ida Wave’s purpose is most similar to the Lovense Flexer – it has a rotating internal arm that provides G-spot pressure and an external vibrator for clit stimulation. Unlike the Lovense Flexer’s narrow clit arm, the Lelo Ida Wave’s clitoral arm is very broad which comfortably distributes the pressure. And the substantial width keeps the clitoral arm in excellent contact with my clit the entire time. 

It also anchors the clit arm in place much better than the Lovense Flexer. So the Ida Wave’s external arm doesn’t move uncomfortably while the internal arm rotates.

Unlike the Flexer and Dolce, the Lelo Ida Wave can only be controlled from nearby. The Lelo app does not have long-distance capabilities like the Lovense app. And Lelo’s app control is much more basic. But the Ida Wave’s dual-stimulation is much more enjoyable than the Dolce or Flexer’s. I prefer the Ida Wave for hands-free dual-stimulation in the bedroom. 

Read more about the Lelo Ida Wave here.

Lovense Nora

If a hands-free experience is not important to you, the Lovense Nora provides better dual-stimulation than the Dolce or Flexer.

Lovense Nora rabbit vibrator and Lovense App
The Lovense Nora

The Nora is a handheld rabbit with a vibrating clitoral arm and a rotating G-spot arm. Because it’s handheld, you can easily control how deep you insert it, how much pressure you apply, and where the toy is in contact with your body.

As a result, I find it more stimulating than the Dolce or Flexer. But of course, you have to hold it! The Nora uses the same great Lovense app and has excellent connectivity! It’s about the same price as the Dolce or Flexer, so it’s an excellent alternative if you don’t mind holding your toy.

Read more about the Lovense Nora here.

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