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Lovense Dolce Review

Lovense Quake Product Image

Our Verdict


The Lovense Dolce (previously called the Quake) is a dual-stimulation clitoral and G-spot vibrator. It’s the strongest wearable dual-vibrator I’ve tried yet – much more powerful than the We-Vibe Chorus (the other leading wearable dual stimulator). Both the clit and G-spot motors pack a strong punch. With it’s high power, you’ll want to wear it in louder environments for public play like bars, breweries, and many restaurants if you want to use the full power range.

Like all rabbit-style toys, the Lovense Dolce can’t fit every person’s anatomy perfectly. Both the clit and G-spot arms have to align right. The Dolce actually doesn’t match up perfectly for me, but even so – it’s still really stimulating from all its power. But if you’ve got it in your budget, I do still prefer using the Lush 3 and Lovense Ferri in combination together (or separately) over the Lovense Dolce – using separate toys allows me to get the exact right fit for more direct stimulation and especially better comfort. But the Dolce costs the same as the Lush 3 alone while offering the same G-spot stimulation, plus strong clit vibes. For people willing to trade off better comfort for strong clit and G-spot vibrations with just one toy – the Lovense Dolce can be a great option at a reasonable price.

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  • The strongest vibrations of any dual-stimulation wearable vibrator
  • Rumbly-feeling vibes
  • Tons of patterns and control style available
  • The most reliable app and connection quality
  • Quiet enough to wear to bars and many restaurants (though quiet settings you’ll need to only use the low power levels)
  • Great long distance app control with video chat in-app and great connection
  • 1-2 hour battery life
  • Adjustable hinge so the Dolce can fit a wider range of people’s body types


  • No low-powered vibes. Even lower settings pack a pretty good punch
  • Dual stimulation toys are anatomy-dependent. Won’t fit every person’s body
  • Highest power levels are too loud for quiet places (coffee shops, in the car with other people, etc.)
  • Less comfortable than other wearable toys like the Lush 3 and Ferri
  • Can’t position the clit and G-spot arms independently like you can with two separate toy
  • While the hinge is adjustable, you can’t lengthen or shorten it so it can still be tough to get a good fit depending on your anatomy

Table of Contents

The day has come – Lovense has finally released a dual-stimulation, wearable, app-controlled vibrator – the Lovense Dolce (which was previously called the Lovense Quake).

Now that’s a mouthful. 

So let’s real quick break all those adjectives down:

Dual-stimulation – the Lovense Dolce simultaneously stimulates both your clit and G-spot (while only costing as much as their single stimulation wearables).

Wearable – this toy fits securely with it’s internal arm inside your vagina and the external arm pressing on your clit so you can wear it around for discreet public play!

App-controlled – control this toy from your phone! Or better yet – give a partner access from anywhere in the world so they can get to work giving you a good time.

Lovense Dolce Packaging
I got the Dolce, when it was still called the Quake. It’s still the same exact toy – only the name has changed.

Now, the Lovense Lush 3 and Ferri have been my favorite toys for discreet public play. Lovense has consistently made the most reliable app controlled sex toys – but the Lush 3 only stimulates the G-spot and the Ferri just works your clit.

So if you wanted clit and G-spot stimulation and the reliability of Lovense toys – you had to DIY it. 

By connecting the Lush 3 and Lovense Ferri together, you’d have a make-shift dual stimulator. This is something I’ve done quite a bit and actually really enjoy – a rare DIY success story! 

But with the entrance of the Lovense Dolce you get both in one toy.

Lovense Dolce vs Lush 3 and Ferri

So I wanted to know how the Lush + Ferri combo compared to the all-in-one Lovense Dolce.

Spoiler – I actually still use my Lush 3 and Ferri together a lot even after getting the Dolce. You can head straight to my section comparing the Dolce to using the Lush 3 and Ferri together for more on that.

I was also curious how the vibes would be since I’ve found the vibrations a bit weaker on some other dual stimulation toys like the We-Vibe Chorus

I’m all for that sneaky life too, so I wanted to know how discreet the Lovense Dolce could be on all fronts – sound, look, comfort. I tested the Dolce out at several of my favorite spots around town to find out.

I’ve now spent some time with my Lovense Dolce and have some thoughts gathered after my experience! 

So for you folks who have been eying the Dolce – hopefully my Lovense Dolce review can help you decide if it’s for you.

Update Note: Lovense has released another dual-stimulation wearable vibrator, the Lovense Flexer. I updated this Dolce review on October 25, 2023 to include a comparison and my experience with the Flexer. Jump here for a quick comparison. Or for a detailed comparison head to my Lovense Dolce vs Flexer article. In short, the Flexer is worse.

Is There a Difference Between the Lovense Dolce and Lovense Quake?

A quick note – You may still see the Dolce referred to as the Lovense Quake – Lovense originally released it under the name Quake, but changed the name to Dolce due to trademark issues. The Dolce is the same exact toy as the original Quake – only the name has changed.

Lovense Dolce Vibrations

A toy’s ability to muster some good vibrations is probably the most important feature of a vibrator – pretty obvious. 

I’ve already mentioned that other dual-stimulation wearable toys I’ve tried have really lacked the power that some folks (including me) are searching for. 

But besides power, there’s also the vibe quality – how rumbly or buzzy the toy is. Then there’s the vibe-patterns available. All combine together to provide what we hope will be some great vibes!

Here’s what I found when it came to vibe power, quality and patterns for the Lovense Dolce:

Lovense Dolce Vibration Power

Since the Lovense Dolce has two different motors, I’ll break this down and share about the clit vibes alone, the G-spot vibes alone, and then how they feel together.

Lovense Dolce G-spot and Clit Motors

The motor that delivers vibes primarily to the clit is VERY powerful – probably one of the strongest I’ve found in a wearable toy. Although handheld clit vibrators like the Lovense Domi 2 pack even more strength.

Even the lowest level of the Lovense Dolce is pretty strong. If its intensity you’re seeking, this toy can definitely deliver. 

Lovense Dolce Powerful Clit Stimulation

For those who have tried out the Lovense Ferri clitoral panty vibrator – the Lovense Dolce’s vibes are even stronger in terms of raw power. 

Now, because the Lovense Dolce’s clit motor is connected to its G-spot arm – it may not sit exactly where you would like it to. 

With panty vibrators like the Lovense Ferri, I can position the clitoral vibe exactly where I want it and secure it in place with a strong magnet. This ensures the toy is positioned right where I need it on my clit.

But with the Lovense Dolce, you can’t adjust the clit arm as precisely since it’s attached to the internal bulb too – you move one, you move the other.

I found that I couldn’t get the clit-section to sit as tight against my clit as I can with the Ferri – so 

So the Lovense Dolce for me personally gives slightly less clit stimulation than the Ferri even though the motor’s stronger – I definitely was glad for the extra power. 

If you’re someone who the Dolce aligns really well for, you’ll have an absolute ton of clit vibe strength.

*If you’re worried about the fit of this toy, I’ll cover it in a section below. Know that this toy IS adjustable, but some anatomies just work better for dual stimulation toys than others.

When it comes to the vibes directed to the G-spot, the Dolce also excelled in power! Again – in the top few strongest I’ve found in wearable vibrators. 

The Lovense Dolce’s G-spot motor is very similar to the strength of Lush 3 – though I found the Lush 3 is actually just a touch more powerful. (For a full comparison of the Lush 3 vs Dolce head here).

TOGETHER these two motors crank some serious vibration strength. If you’ve never tried out a two-motor toy before, you should know there’s some real science magic that occurs when they both get going. 

The two motors can interact together to create some really unique, even stronger feeling, wobbly sensations that I find feel really great!

Lovense Dolce Vibe Quality: Rumbly or Buzzy

When it comes to vibration quality, toys can either feel buzzy (more surface-level but packing an immediate kick) or more rumbly. Rumbly vibes tend to be deeper sounding and I always feel them deeper too. 

I tend to prefer toys with a blend of the two, but more on the rumbly side.

Now the Lovense Dolce has two motors, so we’ll chat about each of them separately, and then together. 

The clitoral motor of the Dolce is a good mix between rumbly and buzzy, but leaning just a bit towards rumbly. For those who have used the Lovense Ferri – the Lovense Dolce’s clit arm is definitely more rumbly.

The G-spot arm of this toy was about the same – leaning a bit on the rumbly side! It felt almost identical to the vibration quality of the Lush 3 to me.

Lovense Dolce Buzzy or Rumbly Vibrations

Running these two motors together gives that science-experiment effect that I mentioned earlier. Depending on what power levels you set each motor, you can get all kinds of interesting reactions that will give you some huge bursts of rumbliness at higher levels than usual.

Lovense Dolce Vibration Patterns

You can click the up and down buttons on the toy to cycle through patterns or select/create your own patterns in the Lovense Remote app.

Lovense Dolce Buttons

Through the toy’s buttons, there are 4 built-in patterns available and 3 intensity levels of constant vibration to choose from. 

The app is where things get really interesting though. From your “Patterns” option, there are 4 preset options. Each can be played at 5 different speed levels. I will say that I was a little disappointed to find that the 4 options just played out on the clit and G-spot section in the same way. Nothing too creative.

But luckily there are a ton of other patterns to find elsewhere!

Lovense Dolce Patterns and Options

One of my favorite places to find an almost endless list of vibe patterns is to scroll through patterns created by other Lovense toy users. You can see how many people have downloaded each pattern so you can select from really popular options.

Many are even designed SPECIFICALLY for two-motor toys. I’ll chat more about this in the app section, but this will ensure you NEVER run out of great pattern options even if you don’t want to create your own.

Bottom Line: Lovense Dolce Vibrations

The Lovense Dolce’s vibrations are very strong

It’s the strongest dual-stimulation wearable vibrator I’ve tried – much more powerful and stimulating than the Lovense Flexer (jump down here to compare). And it’s clit arm is even more powerful than the Ferri. But since the clit and G-spot arms are connected together, it can be harder to direct all the clitoral motor’s power exactly where I want it to go than with a separate toy like the Lovense Ferri. 

Both motors lean towards the rumbly side, and with the app, there’s a huge selection of vibe-options. 

Those needing some lower power levels or fine-tuned positioning of their clit vibes may benefit by opting for the Lovense Ferri instead. But the Lovense Dolce is a good choice for those seeking powerful clit and G-spot vibrations in one toy. 

Lovense Remote App: Controlling the Lovense Dolce

Lovense makes my partner and my favorite app controlled toys, so I’m pretty familiar with their app by now. I’ve always been a huge fan of how in-depth, reliable, and responsive the Lovense Remote app is while still being fairly intuitive.

Adding the Lovense Dolce’s second motor changes the user experience a tiny bit from a single motor toy, but again – still all very easy and customizable.

As always with Lovense, the app and toy paired very quickly and I’ve had no troubles with Lovense Dolce staying connected while using it.

Lovense Control Features

Here’s a quick shortcut for you: If you don’t want to have to create your own pattern or figure out what feels good with your new toy, you don’t even have to! Because somebody else has already done it, and you can reap the rewards of their brilliant expertise.

To do this, just head straight to the “Patterns” screen shown here, click filter, and select a 2 motor toys. You’ll find patterns under Dolce, but patterns made for other 2 motor toys like the Lovense Edge 2 will work too! 

When you find one you like, you can even save it so that it permanently stays in your arsenal. 

Lovense Remote App 2 Motor Patterns

But back to the basics now:

From your main control screen, the first control style is the Remote option – a favorite of mine since it gives the most precise control over your Lovense Dolce. 

The Remote pulls up a screen with two dots – pink for the clit arm, and blue for the G-spot arm. Raising or lowering each dot increases or decreases that motor’s vibration intensity.

Controlling the Dolce in the Lovense Remote app

You can keep both fingers or two thumbs busy drawing out your design exactly to your desires. There are two really helpful features on this screen to give you a break too. 

The Loop function allows you to quickly draw a repeating pattern. This is great for making a long string of pulses or waves! 

The Float function let’s you set each of the Lovense Dolce’s motors to a constant power. This can be great for keeping a constant buzz-level going or incrementally increasing power. 

Loop and Float Lovense Dolce Patterns

The Traditional Panel works the same as the Float function, but gives you a different view if you prefer.

The next control style is Alarm. Here you can set an alarm, and your toy will buzz you into a happy start – or a happy ending…

Lovense Quake Alarms

I’ll be honest – I don’t really use this feature. It’s just not my thing, but it’s there if it’s your thing.

Next is the Sound option. This one let’s your Lovense Dolce respond to the ambient noises around you picked up by your phone’s mic. You can adjust the sensitivity so that it needs more or less sound to vibrate strongly. 

This one is great if you’re wanting some strong buzzes in a club or somewhere else noisy. 

Using Sound to Control Lovense Dolce

It’s also a good way to remain discreet! If you’re in a place with mid-level noise you can use this style so your Dolce will only vibrate more strongly when louder noises are happening around you – so you can be sure your vibes will be masked.

The Music control feature lets you play a song that you have saved on your phone or from Spotify and your toy will buzz along to it. Here, your Lovense Dolce is following the actual audio file (rather than the sounds picked up by your mic) to sync to the rhythm of the song.

I like this option a lot, even for public play, because you can turn the music volume all the way down until it’s off – and the Lovense Dolce will keep vibrating along to the audio file. 

Lovense Music Control for Dolce

It’s great for clicking play and then just letting an ever-changing barrage of vibes surprise you. This is awesome for letting your mind drift rather than staring at your phone creating patterns.

My Patterns will give you access to the 4 preset Lovense Patterns, as well as any that you’ve saved from other people’s creations.

You can also create and save a pattern of your own! This will lead you to the Remote screen where you can tap out a new pattern to save for future use.

Create Your Own Lovense Pattern

You can speed up or slow down any pattern you save here.

Another thing I love about the Lovense app is that whenever you draw a pattern, you feel the vibrations in real-time. With a lot of other apps (like the We-Vibe app) you have to draw a pattern first, then press play and see what it feels like. This can make it difficult to create enjoyable patterns since you can’t feel it while you’re drawing.

But with Lovense’s app, it’s simple to make really enjoyable patterns for your Lovense Dolce.

Bottom Line: Lovense Remote App

The Lovense Remote is my favorite app for controlling sex toys.

It’s very easy to use with the Dolce. It’s got lots of control styles – you can make your own super detailed patterns, or choose a style that’s set it and forget it. It should easily provide everyone with something they like.

Lovense Dolce Bluetooth App Connectivity

Lovense toys have always been my shining example for reliable connectivity. I’ve tried a lot of app controlled toys that disconnect too often that it ruins the whole experience. 

But my Lovense toys are easy to connect and stay connected well – and the Dolce has been no different. 

The initial pairing process is easy. Once you’ve made sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on, you’ll open the Lovense Remote app, hold the Dolce’s “down” button until the toy buzzes once, then select the little link icon in the upper right corner.

Connecting the Lovense Quake to the Lovense Remote App

Click “add toy” and the Dolce should appear, toggled ON. Then, just click “Done” and get started vibing!

I’ve often experienced disconnection with other apps when I lock my phone screen, open a different app, or leave the app untouched for a bit of time. 

With the Lovense Remote app and the Dolce, I haven’t had issues with the toy disconnecting during any of these. If anything, you may notice a slight one-time hesitation in the vibe-pattern when locking your phone, but it’s a split-second.

As I do with all my remote control wearable vibrators, I took the Lovense Dolce out with my partner to see how far he (with my phone) and I (with the Dolce in) could separate before the app lost bluetooth connection to the toy. 

And let me tell you, Lovense outdid themselves with this one – we could walk 290 feet apart before we disconnected! This is the farthest bluetooth range we’ve experienced with any of our bluetooth vibrators.

Now we do this test for all our toys in the alley behind our house with no obstructions so we can make consistent comparisons between toys. So that number will probably get smaller when there are people or walls in-between, but the point is – the Lovense Dolce has the best range we’ve found yet.

Lovense Dolce Distance from Testing

It also instantly re-connected once we got back into range.

Definitely impressive!

Bottom Line: Lovense Dolce Connectivity

The Lovense Dolce and Lovense Remote app are very easy to connect and stay connected consistently! No connectivity issues here.

Lovense Dolce Long-Distance App Control

Long-distance lovers! This one’s for you!

Enough about all this public play talk, let’s chat across-the-world play. Because the Lovense Dolce is all for it.

The free Lovense app with the Dolce gives you the ability to connect with a partner by typing in their username. Once you’ve connected, you’ll be able to send each other text chats, photos, patterns, as well as voice call, video chat, or just provide them with access to your toy!

Video calling your partner will automatically give them access to your toy, and here’s what the screen looks like for them:

Long Distance Video Call with Lovense Quake

They’ll be able to control your toy like you would on the usual Remote panel. Either one of you can also minimize the call screen if you want to look at something else in the app for a bit. Or minimize the control panel if you want to see more of your partner 

Minimizing Lovense Control Panel During Video Chat

If you want them to have control, but are feeling camera-shy, go ahead and just send control permission instead – you can give control without video chat if you’d prefer!

If you’re the type who likes to be surprised, you can go into your partner’s settings and set them up so that they will have automatic ability to take control of your Lovense Dolce when you’re both online. Otherwise, they’ll have to request permission and be accepted by you each time.

How to Allow Partner to Automatically Take Control of Your Lovense Toy

For anybody wanting to have a little one-time fun with someone anonymously, there’s a way to do this too! Cam girls often use this feature – just go to “Long Distance” then “Get Control Link” from the upper right corner. You can give them control without them seeing your username.

You’ll be able to select how many minutes or seconds they have access to your Dolce, then just send them the link the Lovense app generates. When time’s up, they’ll disappear from your app!

How to Give Anonymous Control of the Lovense Dolce

Besides all these features, the long distance connectivity is great too. There may always be occasional hiccups, but Lovense toys rarely disconnect long distance. With other apps I’ve experienced my invites not sending, delays, and other glitches. But Lovense has always provided a reliable, high-quality long distance experience for me.

Bottom Line: Lovense Dolce Long Distance Use

The Lovense Dolce is reliable in long distance mode and has some awesome features for long-distance partner play! If you’re looking for simplicity, you may be overwhelmed by all the options. There can be a bit of a learning curve, but it doesn’t take too long to understand the ropes of the Lovense Remote app! 

Most Lovense Dolce users will be pleased with the ability to connect personally or anonymously with a partner in the Lovense app.

Wearing the Lovense Dolce – Is it Comfortable?

There are a few things that contribute to just how comfortable a wearable toy is. Since the Lovense Dolce may be inserted for a while, you definitely want it to feel nice to have it in. 

You also need it to stay in place well for the sake of direct stimulation (not to mention wanting to avoid awkward conversations if it falls out onto the floor)

If you’re wearing it out and about, you also want to make sure it’s not visible by others.

Lovense Dolce Overall Comfort

I can be a bit of a stickler when it comes to being comfortable. With the Dolce, there are two main points of contact that influence the overall comfort!

The G-spot section is pretty dang wide – a bit wider even than the Lush for those who have tried it out! I tend to prefer smaller toys, so it was a bit much for me – I personally preferred the size of the Lush 3’s internal bulb. Those who appreciate a stretch and a feeling of fullness will enjoy the size of the Lovense Dolce. 

Lovense Dolce Size

The arm that attaches the G-spot motor to the clit vibrator is a hinge that can be adjusted in to change the angle (and even swivel a bit) for a better fit. But it’s also very firm feeling. 

I noticed that any adjustments needed to be made before I put the Lovense Dolce in – it’s very hard to adjust once it’s inserted. So the first several times are a bit of trial and error. 

I made the mistake of wearing it right out in public my very first use and had it in quite an uncomfortable position, waiting for a moment I could slip away to a restroom to re-adjust. You’ll definitely want to find the right fit for you at home before taking it out. 

The actual length of the clit-arm doesn’t align in an ideal way for me. I am a fairly small individual, and size can be hit or miss with toys like this! It is adjustable in the sense that you can open and close the angle of the G-spot and clit arms. But you can’t lengthen or shorten them (I’m not aware of any dual stimulation toys you can), so it was a bit long for me. 

It’s really just dependent on each individual’s anatomy which is always the risk with any dual stimulation toy! It may align perfectly for your particular body or it may miss the mark a bit. That’s one advantage to using a separate G-spot and clit toy like the Lush 3 and Ferri together – you can adjust each toy individually.

Lovense Dolce Adjustable Angle

With the arm of the Lovense Dolce being a bit too long for me, I was still able to use it, but it wasn’t as comfortable and did not provide as direct of stimulation as I would have liked. The fact that the vibrations are so strong, did help though! Even though I wasn’t getting direct delivery, the vibes still traveled over eventually.

But overall, I didn’t find the Lovense Dolce to be on the more comfortable end of the spectrum. I’d say discomfort is probably the biggest drawback of the Lovense Dolce (at least for my particular anatomy). 

I find the Lush 3 and Ferri combo more comfortable than wearing the Lovense Dolce alone.

Lovense Dolce Secure Fit

As far as staying in place goes, I definitely knew this toy would not fall out! Once it’s in, it takes some significant tugging to get it back out again.

Because the arm of the external motor was a bit long for my anatomy, it did tend to pivot around a bit. I couldn’t keep the clit arm in as firm of contact with my clit like I can with the Lovense Ferri panty vibrator. But this may not be the case for those whose anatomy is a better match with the Dolce.

You may or may not find the need to wear a longer shirt with this toy. It did cause a bit of a bump for me that I certainly noticed, though I’m sure most others would not. Either way – it was easily hidden with a longer shirt! But if you want a more discreet fit, the Lovense Lush 3 and Ferri together does not make a bump.

Lovense Dolce Beneath Pants

Bottom Line: Lovense Dolce Comfort

Like any dual stimulation toy, the Lovense Dolce will be hit or miss based on your personal anatomy. It does have an adjustable arm, but this will still only help some people out. 

For me, discomfort was its biggest drawback since it didn’t fit my body just right. I also prefer toys with a bit smaller internal arm, and I like to be able to position the clit arm exactly where I want it. 

If you love to feel filled up by your insertable toys, you’ll probably enjoy the size of the Dolce! Those who are not wanting to feel that stretch may want to consider other options like the Lush 3 which is a bit smaller, or the Ferri which is entirely external.

I also personally found using the Lush 3 and Ferri together (or separately) is more comfortable than the Lovense Dolce. For me, better comfort is the main reason I’ll still be using my Lovense Ferri the most for my public play. I just find both the Lush 3 and Ferri more wearable for long periods of time than the Dolce.

Lovense Dolce Noise Level

I’ve taken to testing out all my wearable toys in the same four scenarios to make sure I get a consistent estimate on where this toy will or will not be audible. So the Dolce got to tour the town with me!

At each location, I slowly increase the power of my toy, and my partner let’s me know when he can start to hear it.

At home with no AC or heat running to add ambient noise, he could hear both the clit and the G-spot motor even on their lowest settings. These are some strong motors!

When the AC was on though, we could make it to about 20% power on the clit motor before he could hear it. With the G-spot motor, we could make it to about 80% power.

We tried this out at a coffee shop, and found that we could hit about 75% power with the clit motor and 90% with the G-spot motor before it was detectable.

At a brewery, I was able to use both motors on the highest power without him noticing at all.

In the graphic below, the green line indicates that my partner could not hear the Dolce at that power level. Once, the line turns red, it indicates my partner could hear the Dolce at that power.

Lovense Dolce Sound Levels

Overall, you can get away with wearing this toy in a few quieter locations as long as you stick to the lower levels. But at the higher levels the Lovense Dolce is one of the louder toys from the intense power of the motors. 

If you want to use the upper power levels, you’ll want to go somewhere with moderate, consistent ambient noise. Bars, breweries, and many restaurants are loud enough to have you in the clear at full blast!

Bottom Line: Lovense Dolce Noise Level

This toy is definitely not the quietest one out there due to its strong power and dual motors. But you can still get away with wearing it to some fun places – stick to bars and louder restaurants if you want to use the full power range. In quieter settings you’ll need to be conscious to only use the lower levels. 

If you’re nervous about sound, I’ve found the Lush 3 and Ferri are quieter from the better fit than the Lovense Dolce.

Lovense Dolce Battery Life

I used this toy on it’s highest levels for about an hour before it died the first time. So if you tend to use toys petal to the metal, you’ll have a good 60 minutes of fun. 

Since then, I’ve used it in shorter sessions at lower power levels and it has lasted about 2 hours in total. 

The nice thing about Lovense toys is that you can check their battery percentage in the app. So you always know what to expect!

Checking Lovense Dolce Battery in the Remote App

This is a pretty average amount of time for a wearable vibrator, but it is a shorter battery life than other Lovense toys.

Compare this to the Lush 3 which lasts about 5 hours or the Lovense Ferri which lasts about 3.5 hours. But the Lovense Dolce does last about the same time for me as my other wearable dual stimulation toy – the We-Vibe Chorus.

Charging is also simple. The charging cable magnetically attaches to the Dolce which removes the need for any openings in the silicone so the Dolce remains waterproof.

Bottom Line: Lovense Dolce Battery Life

You can get a good 1-2 hours of play with this toy depending on how much your cranking the vibes. Since this is such an intense toy, I found this was plenty of battery life, but if you want a longer play time, the Lush 3 or the Lovense Ferri are longer-lasting options.

Lovense Dolce Review Results

I think the Lovense Dolce is a great toy if you:

  • Like extra-strong vibrations and don’t need a lot of low power levels
  • Want strong clit & G-spot stimulation without needing to buy two separate toys and understand that it may not fit as well as two separate toys would
  • Like vibrations that feel a bit more rumby than buzzy
  • Want the most full featured and reliable app for controlling sex toys
  • Want an easy-to use app
  • Plan to connect with a long-distance partner
  • Enjoy internal toys that feel a bit filling
  • Want to use this toy in places with a medium noise level (bars, restaurants)
  • Are happy with a 1-2 hour battery life

I think an alternative would be better if you:

  • Need or prefer lower-powered vibrations
  • Would prefer a more comfortable fit than strong dual stimulation in one toy
  • Like purely buzzy or purely rumbly vibrations
  • Want a very simple app with no learning curve at all
  • Want a better guarantee that the toy will fit your body (this requires buying two separate toys)
  • Prefer small insertable toys
  • Want a very quiet toy
  • Want a toy that will last for more than 2 hours of battery-life

Lovense Dolce Alternatives

Lovense Dolce vs WeVibe Chorus

One of the main alternatives to the Lovense Dolce is the We-Vibe Chorus.

These toys are similar in that they’re both C-shaped app controlled vibrators for dual-stimulation (the Chorus also has a physical remote too). 

But they actually serve quite different purposes. Each has advantages and disadvantages. 

Lovense Dolce vs We-Vibe Chorus

A major distinction of the We-Vibe Chorus from the Lovense Dolce is that it can be worn during penetrative sex. 

The G-spot arm is much slimmer than the Lovense Dolce’s internal bulb to make room for penetration with a penis or dildo. The Dolce is not meant to be worn during sex – it’s just too big. The Lovense Dolce’s focus was creating the strongest dual stimulation wearable vibrator so the motors needed to be larger. 

The entire We-Vibe Chorus is just much smaller than the Lovense Dolce, which meant it fit my anatomy better personally – I found it more comfortable than the Dolce. I think it’s actually one of the most comfortable wearable vibrators. The Chorus is great for those that want dual-stimulation, but prefer smaller toys internally.

The main downside of the Chorus:

It’s much lower-powered than the Lovense Dolce. The Chorus’ G-spot motor is particularly low-powered. It really doesn’t pack much of a punch unless it’s paired with penetration. But the Dolce’s clit arm also far outpowers the Chorus’ clit motor. 

If you’re looking for powerful dual-stimulation the Lovense Dolce is a better choice.

Since it’s lower powered, the Chorus is much quieter than the Lovense Dolce though. You can use it in quieter public places without needing to be as conscious to stick to the low power levels. 

I did experience much more connectivity issues with the We-Vibe app and the Chorus than I did with the Lovense app and the Dolce. Lovense has a much better designed and more reliable app.

But if you’re ok with putting up with occasional disconnections or glitches, it does have some similar features including the preset patterns, responsive vibes to the noise around you, and vibing along to a song. 

You can also connect with a long-distance partner and give them control of your toy, but long distance connection in the We-Vibe app is much more spotty than with the Lovense app.

It really comes down to this:

Choose the We-Vibe Chorus if:

  • You’re looking for a dual stimulation couples vibrator to wear during penetrative sex
  • You prefer low-powered vibrations
  • You want to be able to play in quieter public settings
  • You find smaller toys more comfortable

Choose the Lovense Dolce if:

  • You want the most powerful dual stimulation vibrator
  • You value quick, easy, and reliable app connection
  • You like more filling internal toys
  • You’re okay needing to play in a bit louder public settings like restaurants and bars
  • You want to connect with a long distance partner without disruptions

You can read my full review of the We-Vibe Chorus here.

Lush 3 and Ferri Combo vs Lovense Dolce

Another alternative to the Lovense Dolce is actually two toys used at the same time: the Lovense Lush 3 and Lovense Ferri together.

After all, the Lovense Dolce was basically made to combine the stimulation of these two toys into a single product.

Lovense Dolce or Lush and Ferri Together

The Lush 3  is Lovense’s G-spot wearable vibrator, and the Ferri is their clitoral vibrator that magnetically secures to any pair of your panties. 

Pairing these together gives AWESOME stimulation, and both can be controlled at the same time on the Lovense app.

Combining the Lush 3 and Ferri is actually my personal preference over the Dolce, and if you have it in your budget for two separate toys, I think it’s ideal.

First, if you’re nervous you might be one of the unlucky ones whose anatomy won’t align well for the Lovense Dolce, using the two separate toys removes that issue! You can position each toy individually so they’re each stimulating exactly where you want the vibes. 

Since the Lovense Dolce was not quite the right fit for my body personally, I found that using these two toys together provided more direct stimulation, and was more comfortable. Although even without a perfect fit, the Lovense Dolce was still very stimulating from it’s exceptional power.

But I like that by using the Lush 3 and Ferri I can position one toy where I want it without affecting the position of the other. So I can get my clit stimulation just right.

The Lush 3 and Ferri combo is a bit quieter together than the Lovense Dolce as well.

Plus you can use each alone if you’re not in the mood for dual stimulation.

You’ll get pretty similar power levels to the Dolce, with the same great connectivity and app-user experience! 

Downside: It requires buying two toys.

What you get is more versatility, more precise positioning, better comfort, and the option to use each toy separately.

You can read my full review of the Lush 3 here and my Lovense Ferri review here.

Lovense Dolce vs Flexer

Lovense has recently released a dual-stimulation wearable vibrator that moves – the Lovense Flexer.

Lovense Flexer Image Pointing Out All Three Motors

Like the Dolce, the Flexer has separate vibrating clitoral and G-spot motors. But the Flexer has a third motor that makes it flex back-and-forth in a come hither motion intended to press on your G-spot, like fingering.

Unfortunately, the Flexer’s clitoral arm moves more than its G-spot arm. So I get very little G-spot pressure, and the clitoral arm moves off my clit (and even pinches me painfully). While the Lovense Dolce is not the most comfortable toy, it’s more wearable than the Lovense Flexer.

Gif of Lovense Flexer's external arm moving instead of internal arm
Clitoral arm moves instead of the intended G-spot arm

The Dolce also has a hinge so you can adjust it somewhat. But the Flexer has no way to adjust it. So if the Flexer doesn’t naturally fit your body, you’re out of luck.

Both the Lovense Dolce’s motor are also substantially more powerful than the Lovense Flexer’s motors. I find the Dolce much more stimulating. The Flexer’s vibrators are also extremely buzzy, which many people will find irritating or numbing. Whereas the Dolce’s are a mix between rumbly and buzzy.

Read more about my experience in my Lovense Flexer review. Or head to my side-by-side Lovense Dolce vs Flexer comparison.

Final Thoughts

The Lovense Dolce is the most powerful dual stimulation toy I’ve tried yet, though it can be tricky to direct all that power exactly where you want it. This is the difficulty with any dual stimulation toy.

Overall, it’s a great fit for those who enjoy feeling filled up internally, love intensity, enjoy public play, and want everything packaged in one toy! 

It’s not the quietest toy, but you can still get away with using the highest power levels in breweries, bars, and many restaurants.

Comfort can be a bit of a toss-up since no dual stimulation toy can fit every person’s anatomy just right – but the Dolce is adjustable to fit a wider range of people. But if comfort is a huge priority to you, you’ll have to take a bit of a risk in choosing the Lovense Dolce. Or opt for wearing the Lovense Lush 3 and Lovense Ferri together so you can position each toy how you want them.

The app pairs quickly and reliably with the Lovense Dolce, and you’ll have 1-2 hours of battery life on a full charge. The excellent connectivity makes it a great option for long-distance partners and also close-range partners who want to control their partner from across the room.

Lovense Quake Product Image

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