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Lelo Sila Review

Lelo Sila Product Image Sq

Our Verdict


The Lelo Sila is a toy that can solve a lot of issues some people encounter with other clit suction vibes. It’s broader opening is great for people with larger clits. The stimulation is deep, wide, and even offers patterns (a rare feat for clit suction toys). Plus the shape is unique and cute. If you’ve had problems with clit suction toys being too intense, the lower levels of the Sila might be perfect for you. I find the Sila’s more diffuse stimulation perfect for a lovely, slow buildup to orgasm. 

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  • Broader mouth for more diffuse stimulation – less overwhelming for a lot of people
  • High levels can still get intense if you want
  • Flattened tip is especially comfortable and adds some subtle stimulation around the clit
  • Offers patterns (most clit suction toys don’t)
  • Waterproof


  • Difficult for many to use during partnered/dildo play(I personally thought it was easy to use though)
  • If you’re someone who usually uses the highest levels of clit suction toys, or enjoyed the hyper-focus of the Sona’s small mouth, it may be less intense than your preference

Table of Contents

Every clitoral suction toy has its pros and cons. Even my very favorite toy in the whole world, the Womanizer Duo, has some design issues (way too many buttons). The Lelo Sila fixes many issues clit suction toys can have for a certain group of people. 

For a lot of people air pulse toys are often too intense, too much stimulation ultra-focused on the clitoris, and they can basically force orgasms from your body (sometimes sooner or more intensely than is pleasurable). 

But the Lilo Sila, has a much wider, flatter mouth than most toys of its kind. This helps diffuse the stimulation over a broader area.

Lelo Sila Broad Mouth

This can be really great for people with larger clits or people who enjoy less laser-focused clit stimulation. 

And the Lelo Sila takes its time getting you to climax. 

Which makes those orgasms even sweeter, and feel more full. 

Now this little round toy is one of my current favorite clit suction toys, for reasons I’ll get into. But as I’ve been researching and reading others’ experiences, not surprisingly I’m finding that this toy (like every other toy) has its limitations. 

Before investing the big bucks on this toy, give this Lelo Sila review a read and decide if the Sila is the right toy for you.

How Does the Lelo Sila Work

If you’re new to the clitoral suction toy world, welcome! This technology has been pretty (sex)-life changing for me and many other users. It’s important to find the right toy for you, so listen closely. 

Clitoral suction toys mimic the feeling of oral sex (a bit anyway). But because it’s a machine, you don’t have to worry about its jaw getting tired or about it smelling whatever’s going on down there after a few no-shower days. Just being real. 

You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy what the toy has to offer. 

Unlike traditional vibrators, clitoral suction toys cover the clit with a dome-like tip and use pressure waves for touch-free stimulation. So while the stimulation might be intense, your clit doesn’t become overwhelmed by stimulation because there isn’t any direct contact with the clitoris. 

Lelo Sila SenSonic Stimulation

This allows some people (me included) to continue to orgasm #2 (and so on). 

I’ve hit my own record orgasm numbers once I started using air pulse toys.

If this isn’t your first rodeo, then you probably have some ideas of what you’re looking for in a toy. 

Compared to other popular toys, the Sila is pretty quiet, offers a good range of intensity while stimulating areas around the clitoris, and its opening is bigger than other toys which is both a pro and a con depending on your anatomy and what you enjoy (focus vs diffused stimulation). 

Plus I just think it’s a really cute, unique-looking toy. 

Lelo Sila Cute Toy

Lelo Sila Intensity – For The Clit Suction Skeptics and Believers

I have issues following directions (or even reading them tbh). So I didn’t know that when you first turn on the Sila, it’s at its highest intensity. I held down the center button, it came on HOT, and I was utterly shocked and honestly concerned. 

I figured out that you have to turn down the intensity when it first turns on. Press the – button 7 times or hold it down. Then you can move up and down the levels as you please. The center button controls the vibration patterns, which is a pretty unique feature of Lelo toys. Most clit suction toys don’t have patterns. 

The Sila offers 8 intensity speeds. Overall, this toy doesn’t feel as intense as other clitoral suction toys by Lelo, and definitely not as intense as the higher levels of the We-Vibe Melt or the Womanizer Premium. 

The Lelo Sila gives you lovely slow speeds to ease you into it, but the higher levels still feel great even though they’re not crazy intense. The top speed is comparable to the 7th level (out of 12) of the Womanizer Premium, or the 8th level (out of 11) of the Satisfyer Pro 2.

What matters about the intensity is that the Lelo Sila gives you a more diffused stimulation than any other clitoral suction toy I’ve tried.

What this does is help people who either:

  1. Have become skeptical of clit suction toys after finding others way too intense. Super-focused clit stimulation is not for everyone. People tend to either LOVE or hate it. If you’ve experienced too much intensity with other clit suction toys and written them off – It may be worth bringing out the eraser and giving the Lelo Sila a try before deciding to move on from these toys entirely.
  2. Want a nice, slow, achingly teasy ride to orgasm. I usually cannot last long once I click toys up to the highest levels. The Lelo Sila’s diffuse stimulation carries me slowly to orgasm instead of tearing one out of me.  
Lelo Sila vs Sona stimulation

If you’re someone who loves the super intense, focused clitoral stimulation of a toy with a smaller opening, like the Sona 2, then maybe the wider, flatter tip of the Lelo Sila isn’t for you. But if you’ve found other clit suction toys too intense – the Lelo Sila may be a clit suction toy that works for you.

Many people have criticized the Lelo Sona 2 for its small opening. I have to agree that the Sona 2’s mouth is very small – even for someone who doesn’t have a larger clitoris. If you have a larger clit or don’t like super focused clit stim, I would definitely avoid the Sona 2, and consider trying the Lelo Sila. 

SenSonic Technology for Deeper Stimulation

While each clit suction toy brand, such as Womanizer, We-Vibe and Satisfyer, are all aiming for that oral-sex-like feeling, each offer a pretty different experience. 

Satisfyer toys are famously more surface-level than other brands (which helps keep cost down). Womanizer is known for its thuddy pulsations. And Lelo are known for deep, rumbly pleasure. 

Lelo’s patented “SenSonic technology” provides sonic wave pulsations, which travel deep into the internal clitoral network, and an undercurrent of vibrations to stimulate the external surface.  

It’s truly all about preference. 

Higher quality toys tend to have thuddier, deeper pulsations than cheaper toys. However, each body is different and some people do prefer more surface level stimulation. 

With Lelo’s combination of deep pulses and the surface level vibrations, I find that I really don’t need the higher levels to reach a really satisfying orgasm. 

Even though I also enjoy focused, intense toys like the Womanizer Premium, I find the deep, but diffuse stimulation of the Lelo Sila strikingly different and incredibly rewarding too.

Many users agree that, unlike the toys that promise an orgasm in under a minute, the Lelo Sila pampers you with a slow build to a fuller-body orgasm. 

Lelo Sila Luxury Toy

If you’re someone who likes purely intense toys, like the Rose vibrator, that will almost MAKE you climax (maybe before you’re really ready for it), then the Sila might be a little frustrating for you. 

But if you like to relax and take your time enjoying the experience of the sensations and buildup, then the Lelo Sila is perfect for you. 

Sila Comfort – A Softer, Broader, More Comfortable Mouth

The broad mouth of the Lelo Sila is one of its main draws. It’s made of soft silicone, and its unique design is especially comfortable, offering better coverage than most other toys (and a much easier fit) 

First of all, the opening is noticeably bigger than the openings of most clitoral suction toys. 

Lelo Sila Broad Mouth Compared to Womanizer
Flattened tip is especially comfortable, softer, and wider than most other clit suction toys

While the Lelo Sila is great for people with larger clits, it’s also more comfortable for people with smaller clits. I’ve personally enjoyed the Lelo Sona 2 Cruise, which is infamous for its smaller opening – but I definitely find the bigger opening of the Lelo Sila way more comfortable

As mentioned above, Lelo’s “SenSonic technology” gives both deeper pulses and surface level vibration. The flat area around the opening of the lip adds a significant amount of vibrating stimulation too. Most other toys lack the thicker flat area and miss out on transferring this additional stimulation around the clit. 

Lelo Sila Flattened Tip


The Lelo Sila’s unique, soft, broad mouth is more comfortable than most toys, and perfect for people with bigger clits or who may have found other clit suction toys too focused on the clit. 

With a great intensity range, the Sila’s patented “SenSonic technology” provides deep sonic wave pulsations and an undercurrent of vibrations to stimulate the external surface. Though the Lelo Sila is on the more expensive side, it’s more diffuse stimulation offers a slower build up to orgasm than more focused toys. 

And at least for me, it seems to incorporate more of my body for a fuller orgasm. 

How Easy is it to Keep the Sila on Your Clit

Ok listen. I’ve tried a lot of clit suckers and I’ve read a lot of customer reviews. Never in my life have I had a different opinion than nearly every customer review I’ve read on a toy. Until now. 

Most customers dismissed the Lelo Sila as too difficult to use during penetrative sex or dildo play. 

This could not be more different from my experience. 

I absolutely love using this toy during partnered sex. 

Using the Lelo Sila during Penetrative Sex

My partner and I have had no problems with this toy in almost any position. My favorite positions to use this toy (and probably my favorite positions in general) are spooning and face down doggy positions. But I’ve even been able to use the Lelo Sila while on top of my partner in cowgirl – a notoriously difficult feat for a clit suction toy. 

But clearly my experience is not the majority’s. So take that with a grain of salt. 

I do agree with many customers that it’s easy for a small movement to break the seal. It’s pretty hard to keep a perfect seal on any clit suction toy if you’re moving around. 

Personally, I don’t mind it. I even enjoy moving it around my vulva to feel the stimulation on my labia, instead of keeping it glued to my clitoris. Because the mouth is flatter and wider, it covers more area too, so I’m always getting some stimulation, even if it’s not directly on my clit. 

And I find the wider mouth actually does make it easier to keep it generally over my clit than many smaller clit suction toys.

If you need direct clitoral stimulation during partnered sex, the Womanizer Starlet 2 and the We-Vibe Melt are great options for partnered play too. Many people prefer the “handle” most toys have. 

Lelo Sila vs Womanizer Starlet 2

The Sila does not really have a handle, but the indented sides make it pretty easy to maneuver down there. 


The Lelo Sila is a quiet toy. 

Comparatively, it’s quieter than the very buzzy Satisfyer Pro 2, but not quite as whisper quiet as the Womanizer Premium, or any other Womanizer product really. It’s definitely quieter than the Rose toy (but also way more expensive). 

If someone is in the next room, they won’t hear you using it, except maybe on the highest level, but even that’s unlikely. And if there’s any sort of music playing or AC blowing, definitely no one will be able to hear.

Now clitoral suction toys do get louder when they slip off your clit and break the seal. And since this toy does that pretty frequently, that’s something to think about with the noise level.

If you’ve ever used one of those foam fans attached to a spray bottle and touched your finger to the blades, that’s similar to the sound of a clitoral suction toy breaking the seal. It was startling at first, but it will happen and you will get used to it. If it’s quiet, you know you have a good seal. 

Like I said earlier, many users including myself enjoy moving this toy around the vulva. It’s going to be louder if you’re moving it around like that, so maybe try that out when you’re home alone or have a fan going in the room. 

Cost: Is the Lelo Sila Worth the Money

I’m not going to pretend like this toy is not expensive. 

If you haven’t tried out air pulse technology before, I’d recommend you start with a less expensive option. You don’t want to spend more than a hundred dollars just to find out that you don’t even like clitoral suction toys. Though a ton of people swear by them, there’s also people who don’t like them at all. Try a less expensive toy like the Satisfyer Pro 2, or the even the TikTok famous Rose toy

Less expensive clit suction toys than Lelo Sila

If you like it and want to upgrade, then the Sila might be a toy to look at. 

The exceptions are: I would totally recommend someone with a bigger clit pay the higher price for this toy. If you know you enjoy intense clitoral stimulation and have trouble finding toys that work with your clit, then I’d say to invest in this toy. 

I would also recommend trying the Lelo Sila out if you’ve found other clit suction toys too intense. It doesn’t mean it will fix that issue for you – but it has for others.

Lelo is a luxury toy brand, like Womanizer and We-Vibe, so most of their toys are going to be more expensive than budget brands. You’re paying for well built toys from body-safe materials with quality pulsations. 

Lelo Sila Review Results

Lelo Sila Product

I think the Lelo Sila is a great toy if you:

  • Have a larger clit and want a better fitting clit suction toy
  • Have found other clit suction toys feel too intense or ultra-focused
  • Want a deep, but diffuse clit stimulation for a slower buildup to a more satisfying orgasm
  • Want a clit suction toy with unique patterns

There are better alternatives to the Lelo Sila if you:

  • Prefer the tight focus of clit suction toys with smaller openings
  • Dislike intense clitoral stimulation at all (it’s more diffuse than other clit suction toys, but definitely still clit-focused)
  • Are shopping on a budget

Lelo Sila Alternatives

Lelo Sila vs Lelo Sona 2:

Many say that the Lelo Sila fixed some of the issues that the Lelo Sona 2 had. The most obvious is the opening. The Sona 2 has a very small opening. Some people loved how intense this makes the Sona feel, but others found it focused to the point of painful.  

Lelo Sona 2 vs Sila

If high intensity and pinpoint clit stimulation sound great to you, you’d probably prefer the Sona 2. It is very focused!

But if more subtle, diffuse stimulation sounds up your alley, go with the Lelo Sila. 

Lelo Sila
Lelo Sila Product Image Sq
Lelo Sona 2
Lelo Sona 2 Product Image Square

Lelo Sila vs We-Vibe Melt:

The We-Vibe Melt is also becoming one of my favorite toys the more I use it. 

It’s about the same price as the Sila – even slightly cheaper. The Melt also has a larger tip than some others, but it’s not quite as large as the Sila’s. If you’re not sold on the Sila’s diffuse stimulation, the Melt’s pulses are a nice happy medium. It also has a nice soft mouth, though not flattened like the Sila’s so it doesn’t transfer stimulation around the clit like the Sila. 

Lelo Sila vs We-Vibe Melt

The Melt does have the “handle” shape instead of the round body of the Sila which some people find easier to grip. I find them both comfortable to hold. 

The biggest plus to the Melt is the app control. You can download the We-Vibe app and control the toy from your phone, or send an invitation to your partner anywhere in the world and they can control it for you (though the long distance control can definitely be spotty). 

For a toy that is a  similar price, and also offers pretty deep stimulation, I think the Melt is a great option if you’re interested in the app control. The Melt is less diffuse and stronger though – something to be aware of if you’re considering the Sila for its broader stimulation.

I recommend the We-Vibe Melt over the Lelo Sila if:

  • You’re interested in app control
  • You think you’d find a toy with a handle easier to grip and maneuver
  • You want a nice soft mouth like the Sila, but with a bit more intensity

Final Thoughts

This cute little toy has quickly become one of my favorites. As someone who has tried many air pulse toys, I love how the Sila’s unique features offer a different experience. The wide mouth is great for more diffuse stimulation for a lovely, slow buildup. And the flat soft tip which transfers more stimulation around the clit is like nothing I’ve tried before in an air pulse toy. It has some really sweet patterns, and the stimulation travels deep into the internal clitoral network. It’s definitely a more expensive toy, but it can be worth it if you’re looking for a slow-burning buildup. 

Lelo Sila Product Image Sq

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