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Lelo Loki Wave Review

Lelo Loki Wave Prostate Massager

Our Verdict


After never quite falling in love with the original Lelo Loki, I’ve been surprised at how much I enjoy the Loki Wave. So much so, it’s become one of my most used sex toys and is never far from my bedside.

The Lelo Loki Wave masterfully blends strong vibrations with intensely stimulating – and most importantly automatic – pressure stimulation. If you’re looking for a versatile toy that can deliver several different kinds of prostate stimulation separately or serve them all up together for a sensory overload – it’s hard to beat the Lelo Loki Wave.

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  • Come hither motion gives great prostate pressure without making you do the work yourself
  • You can enjoy a blend of strong prostate vibrations and pressure together in just one toy
  • You can maneuver the handle to target the pressure and vibrations where you want them
  • Handle makes it a great toy to use with a partner
  • Vibrations move through the entire power range in small incremental steps without huge leaps
  • Bulbous head feels filling, but tapered tip makes for easy insertion and allows for more focused stimulation
  • Waterproof to use in the shower and for easy cleaning


  • You can find stronger vibrations with the Lelo Hugo or Lovense Edge 2 if you crave the most vibration power
  • Size can be a bit large for beginners to prostate play
  • Not a hands-free toy. You’ll need to hold the handle or at least make occasional adjustments. I have been able to use it semi-hands-free. 

Table of Contents

After years of the Lelo Mona 2 being my wife’s favorite sex toy, my curiousity kept growing to get my hands on the Lelo Loki.

It looked so perfect. Smooth, elegant curves. A bulbous head for full pressure but a tapered tip for focused stimulation. So similar to the Mona 2, but safe to use anally! 


And seriously – my wife loves, loves, LOVES, her Mona 2. If you want to hear just how much check out her Lelo Mona 2 review.

So I was sure I’d be head over heels for the Loki.

Then I got a Loki. 

And it was… Okay. 

Definitely a high quality build and luxurious feel. Truly a well-made toy, but it didn’t do much for me personally. I wanted more power, more pressure, and I wanted to put a little less work into applying the stimulation myself. 

Then came the Lelo Loki Wave. A nearly identical toy except for a couple additions: A perineum arm, and a come hither motion for automatic pressure stimulation.

And those two additions completely changed this toy! Besides adding more vibration stimulation, the perineum arm keeps the Lelo Loki Wave from rotating when I take my hands off the handle.

The vibrations and come hither motion working together make my prostate feel like it’s received a fast pass to one of its favorite rides. 

The Loki Wave is much more stimulating and even better – more automatic. I can just sit back and enjoy a feast of delicious sensations delivered right to all my most pleasurable spots.

Lelo Loki Wave Improvements to Original Loki

The Loki Wave has earned a spot in my regular rotation of toys – it’s one of the best prostate massagers I’ve tried. Still, no toy is the perfect fit for everyone. 

So in this Lelo Loki Wave review I’ll discuss what it can do, what it can’t do, and help you decide if it’s the right prostate massager for you.

Loki Wave Vibrations and Come Hither Motion

Loki Wave Motion

I normally start out my prostate vibrator reviews chatting about the vibes. I mean, what could be more important?

In the case of the Loki Wave – the motion!

Along with its stimulating vibrations, the Loki Wave ALSO has a motor to make its internal arm move back and forth to apply pressure to your prostate – similar to fingering… 

If your fingers could also vibrate. 

I was afraid the come here motion of the Loki Wave would be largely a gimmick, and I know some Loki Wave owners didn’t love the motion. Instead, it turned out to be what keeps me coming back to the Loki Wave over and over again! 

At this point the Loki Wave is the toy I use second-most. I still use my Lovense Edge 2 (review here) a bit more often – I really love a completely hands-free experience. 

But the sensations I get from the Loki Wave’s motion and vibrations working together are so unique and stimulating, I find myself craving them on the regular. The Loki Wave is one of the few toys I always keep on hand right near my bed! 

The movement of the Loki Wave’s arm applies really great pressure to my prostate when it curls forward. And on the backswing, I’ve actually found I really enjoy the pressure it exerts on the back walls of my rectum too – which was a welcome surprise. 

The original Loki (without the motion effect) left me a bit unimpressed. I loved the filling sensation from the Lelo Loki. But the vibes just weren’t as strong as I personally crave – I’m a bit of a power king. 

But with the Loki Wave, each time the internal arm bends forward, pressing into my pleasure spot, it feels like it’s pushing the vibes deeper and deeper into my prostate. 

The motion actually makes the vibrations feel more impactful too, even though they’re technically a touch less powerful than the original Loki.

Loki Wave Pressure and Vibration Stimulation from Come Hither Motion

The Loki Wave is carrying me along to orgasm with each curl of its prostate arm delivering its vibes directly to my prostate. 

If you’re someone who’s tried vibrating prostate toys and felt like they missed the mark because they didn’t also apply enough pressure to your P-spot – the Loki Wave may be a great option for you.  

The Loki Wave does an excellent job of combining both pressure and vibration stimulation.

Vibration Strength

I’d put both the Lelo Loki Wave raw vibration strength at about a 7/10.

The original Lelo Loki does have a touch more vibration power (8/10), but I find the Lelo Loki Wave stimulates the prostate better overall.

Unlike the original Loki, the Loki Wave also has an external arm with its own motor which vibrates to stimulate your perineum – plus it helps stabilize the Loki Wave so you can use it semi hands-free. I can keep it in place pretty well without the Lelo Loki Wave rotating by keeping my legs a bit more together. 

The Loki Wave’s vibrations are definitely strong enough for me, but I do sometimes find myself pressing the “up” button for more power only to find it’s already maxed out. So I use a couple other toys when I’m craving a TON of vibration power. 

The Lelo Hugo has just about the strongest vibrations you can find. A definite 10 on raw vibration strength!

And the Lovense Edge 2 is right at about 9 on pure power – but I actually find it a bit more stimulating from the unique interactions you can get with separate control of each motor. 

Both are great prostate plugs if you prefer strong vibrations. But you won’t get the kind of prostate pressure you can get with the Loki Wave.

Below shows the raw vibration strength of these prostate massagers. But keep in mind, the Loki Wave and the Edge 2 actually feel more stimulating than their pure vibration strength would make it seem since there’s other factors contributing to the prostate stimulation.

Prostate Massager Vibration Strength Compared

What the Lelo Loki Wave excels at is blending vibration power with intense prostate pressure to create a unique sensory experience.

Even though the Loki Wave’s vibrations are a small touch less powerful than the original Loki, the Loki Wave’s vibes pack a much greater punch when combined with the pressure from the motion.

The added pressure from the motion makes the vibes of the Loki Wave feel more impactful.

With the vibes set on full power, and the come hither motion applying pressure to my prostate, I get an incredible sensory overload experience with my Loki Wave (in a very good way). I’m feeling just a ton of sensation! 

Another thing I love about the Lelo Loki Wave (and Lelo products in general) is that you can move gradually through their entire vibration power range. The first power level of the Loki Wave is hardly noticeable – such a soft, low, lovely rumble.  

And as I get more turned on and want more power, I can slowly turn the Loki Wave up through its power levels without any huge leaps.

And if I go too far and am not ready for that intense power yet, I can turn it back down.

I’m always surprised by how many sex toys start out more intense than they should. If I’m not warmed up yet, the lower levels of some toys can feel a bit much. And some toys only let you cycle through the intensity levels.

So if you accidentally turn it up too high, you have to step through every single level all the way through to the max level until you reset at a low power.

Lelo handles their toys’ power range beautifully. Small incremental steps, starting so low and gradually increasing all the way to the max power. And the ability to both increase and decrease power. 

Such a seemingly small feature, but one that really helps set Lelo above some of their competitors.

Vibration and Motion Patterns

You have a lot of ways to control your Loki Wave.

You can have it just vibrate (constant vibration or with patterns). Just move back and forth. Vibrate constantly while it moves back and forth. Or vibrate with various vibration patterns while it moves back and forth. 

And of course you can adjust the vibration strength of both the steady vibes and the vibration patterns.

Lelo Loki Wave Button Control

I’m someone who enjoys having good vibration patterns. I like the sensations to change a little bit and keep me guessing. I think it adds to the stimulation and prevents the vibrations from becoming background noise that my body has become used to.

I’ve found the patterns of the Loki Wave really enjoyable. Some are pulse-like and repetitive, whereas others feel more randomized – these are the ones I really like!

In total there’s 10 vibration/motion pattern settings you can cycle through (again with both a forward and reverse button so you can easily backtrack). With the exception of app controlled toys (which can let you design your own vibration patterns) Lelo has some of the best and most versatile vibration patterns I’ve found.

Ability to Stimulate the Prostate vs Other Toys

The Loki Wave is one of the most versatile toys for prostate stimulation. 

It’s curved really well to hit my prostate, fills me up to apply pressure against my P-spot from the fullness, I can thrust it to target specific pleasure regions, or I can let it automatically apply repeating pressure from the come hither motion.

Oh. And it vibrates too!

Lelo Loki Wave Types of Stimulation

A lot of toys rely on just one type of stimulation to work your prostate, but the Loki Wave allows you to explore sooooo many ways to experience prostate pleasure! This is really great because it can take quite a bit of exploring and experimenting to find what feels most pleasurable to you. 

The Loki Wave reduces the learning curve for prostate stimulation by letting you play around with several different types of p-spot stimulation with just one toy.

Some people prefer really strong vibrations right up against their prostate. Prostate plugs are really great for this. I’m someone who really enjoys this sensation – that’s why I also love my Lelo Hugo and Lovense Edge 2 which have stronger vibrations than the Loki Wave. 

But you can’t thrust prostate plugs to apply firm pressure or target particular regions, which is another really impactful way to stimulate the prostate – and it’s a lot of peoples’ preferred way to play. 

Prostate Massagers vs Prostate Plugs

Heavy, curved dildos like the nJoy Pure Wand are really great for intense pressure stimulation from thrusting. But there’s nothing automatic about them – you’ll have to do all the work yourself and these toys have a steep learning curve. And they’re missing out on strong vibrations.

Others love pressure against their prostate from feeling filled up.

The Lelo Loki Wave let’s you explore ALL of it.

You can thrust it with or without vibrations to enjoy prostate pressure. It’s curved toward your prostate and has a bulbous head so it feels filling but has a tapered tip. That way you can apply either broad or focused prostate pressure.

Or you can use the come hither motion for automatic pressure stimulation. And you can use the vibrations for really great p-spot stimulation without a lot of effort on your part.

By far my favorite prostate stimulation I get from the Loki Wave is the sensory overload from the come hither motion and vibration together. It’s the main reason I use my Loki Wave so often. Apparently I like just a whole lot happening at once! Who knew?

Size – Who is a Good Fit for the Lelo Loki Wave

First the specs, then some context:

The Loki Wave is 1.47 inches in diameter at its widest point and it has 3.54 inches of insertable length.

Lelo Loki Wave Dimensions

If you’re considering the Lelo Loki Wave as your first toy, 1.47 inches is a bit wider than I would start. Beginners to prostate stimulation may find the larger girth of the Loki Wave uncomfortable.

Complete beginners may want to start with a slimmer toy like the Lelo Billy (1.1 inches wide) or the We-Vibe Vector (1.18 inches wide).

Both are great, slimmer options that are better sized for beginners. They’ll be easier to insert and more comfortable for people new to prostate play. The Lelo Billy 2 also has a handle so you can apply pressure with it, but it doesn’t have an automatic come hither motion.

And the We-Vibe Vector is easily the most comfortable prostate plug I’ve tried. It’s a great wearable option for beginners.

Then again, the original Lelo Loki (which is the same size as the Loki Wave) was actually my second prostate toy and I LOVED the fullness from it (though it was missing the intense stimulation of the Lelo Loki Wave).  

So it varies from person to person, but it’s common advice to start a bit slimmer. I’d say if you’re comfortable inserting a couple fingers anally, you’ll likely enjoy the size of the Loki Wave. 

The wider size of the Loki Wave provides really great filling sensations that put pressure on my prostate even before I turn the motion on. Then once that come hither kicks in, the bulbous head of the Loki Wave moving back and forth provides amazing pressure.

This is a toy that definitely benefits from the additional girth – while still remaining small enough to not be intimidating.

It’s likely too large for complete beginners, but if you’re ready to increase size or enjoy a bit of fullness the Loki Wave could be a good fit for you.

Comfortable Use

Insertion and Removal

Though the Loki Wave has a bit more girth than other toys, it has a nice subtle taper to it which helps it insert really comfortably. 

I was actually pretty surprised by how easy and comfortable the Loki Wave was to insert and remove.

But with the original Loki (which has the same size and shape of the insertable arm as the Loki Wave) being only my second prostate toy, I expected the jump up in size to be intimidating, but the Loki and Loki Wave pressed in with ease.

The gradual taper of the Loki Wave also means it will be easy to remove – on purpose, but occasionally on accident too. If you’re not holding the grip you’ll have to reach down and press on the handle from time to time to keep the Loki Wave from pushing out.  

Lelo Loki Wave Comfortable Insertion and Removal

Always use a good water-based lube on the Loki Wave and insertion and removal are both comfortable.

Handle for Comfortable Solo or Partnered Play

The Loki Wave’s handle gives a comfortable grip and an easy way to thrust the prostate massager without needing to contort your body into a yoga pose.

Since there are four buttons on the handle pretty close together, it can be a bit difficult to press the right one in the heat of the moment – especially with lube on your fingers. So be prepared to sometimes accidentally increase the power when you meant to change the vibration pattern. But it hasn’t been much of an issue.

Overall, the handle provides a great way to easily target the pressure from the Loki Wave’s bulbous head and tapered tip exactly where I need them.

Lelo Loki Wave Handle Comfort

And it makes it very easy for my partner to hold and use the Loki Wave on me too! It’s a great toy for incorporating into partnered play. 

With prostate plugs your partner can often change the vibrations with a remote control or app. But there’s something about gripping a toy in her hands, and methodically maneuvering it in me to press all my favorite spots that feels more like an all-encompassing experience together. We love it!

Semi-Hands-Free Play

When you’re enjoying some solo fun with the Loki Wave, but don’t want to hold it and thrust it yourself (this is usually me, I’m a bit lazy) you can use the Loki Wave semi-hands-free.

If I lie on my back and insert the Loki and keep my legs together, it will stay in place pretty well, even while it’s vibrating and doing the come hither action. It will occasionally start to push out and I’ll have to reach down and press the Loki Wave in a bit deeper again.

But I don’t have to grab the handle very often.

You have to do a bit of adjusting with your body to apply some pressure to the handle so that the internal arm moves back and forth inside you rather than the handle moving back and forth outside you.

Lelo Loki vs Loki Wave Secure Fit

It’s definitely not as hands-free as a prostate plug which will slip in and stay put – no additional effort. But it works well enough for me as a hands-free toy with the method I mentioned above.

Using it hands free like this helps me keep my mind turned on and distraction free. Personally I can start to feel distracted when I’m thrusting a toy myself – I can start to focus too much on which motions to perform and where to thrust. 

I’d rather just sit back and enjoy the sensations I’m feeling so I usually use my Loki Wave in this semi-hands-free approach.

If entirely hands-free prostate pressure is important to you, there are a few prostate plugs designed with pressure in mind. The head of the Nexus Revo Stealth (review here) rotates to apply prostate pressure completely hands-free.

The Nexus Revo Stealth’s vibes are much weaker than the Loki Wave’s though. I find the Revo Stealth’s vibrations more of a distraction to the pressure stimulation. Whereas the Loki Wave feels like a great blend of vibration and pressure.

Lelo Loki Wave Noise – Is it Discreet?

Since it’s just my wife and me in our house together, I have no real need to be discreet. But we still tested the Loki Wave’s noise level and discretion.

The Lelo Loki Wave has a maximum noise level under 50 decibels which is apparently the volume of both a quiet conversation and what an electrical transformer sounds like from 100 feet away – you know how everyone knows what an electrical transformer sounds like from 100 feet?

So to provide some better context for you, I used the toy in our room with the door closed while my wife stood on the other side of the door to see if she could hear it vibin’ and movin’.

Our house was completely quiet – we had the furnace off too.

Here’s what we found: 

With just the motion turned on (no vibrations), she could not hear the Lelo Loki Wave at all.

With the vibrations turned to their max power and no motion, she also could not hear the Loki Wave.

When both the vibrations were turned up all the way and the motion was on, she thought she could maybe hear it, but she had to really try to listen for it. And she was standing right on the other side of the door. She thought she could tell a little more if I was using some of the vibration patterns with a lot of sudden changes.

Overall, it’s pretty unnoticeable. You’d really have to be right on the other side of the door and trying hard to listen for it. And with a fan turned on in the room with me, she definitely couldn’t hear it no matter how I used the Lelo Loki Wave. 

Lelo Loki Wave Review Results

The Loki Wave’s become one of the few toys I always keep near my bed, never heading over to my storage area with the rest of my toys. It offers an experience that’s uniquely stimulating and really versatile. When I’m wanting all three – intense pressure stimulation, strong vibrations, and fullness – I grab the Loki Wave.

I Think The Lelo Loki Wave is a Great Toy if You:

  • Want a toy that can stimulate with both prostate pressure and strong vibrations
  • Want a toy you can thrust to target the stimulation to particular pleasure spots 
  • Want automatic pressure stimulation from the come hither motion so you there’s less of a learning curve and you don’t have to do the work of thrusting
  • Enjoy a bit of fullness (a bit larger than I’d go for a first prostate toy)
  • Want a toy with a handle so it’s easy and comfortable to use alone or together

I Think an Alternative Prostate Massager May be Better if You:

  • Would rather trade off the ability to target the pressure for a completely hands-free toy
  • Would prefer the strongest vibrations or the most intense pressure possible over the ability to experience both vibrations and pressure stimulation in one toy
  • Are new to prostate stimulation – I’d start with a smaller toy

Lelo Loki Wave Alternatives

First, I’ll just say:

There really aren’t other toys like the Loki Wave. 

If you’re looking for strong vibrations, automatic movement to apply pressure, and a filling shape all in one toy: The Loki Wave is the best option. And it excels at blending these different kinds of stimulation to deliver a uniquely enjoyable experience!

The main reason I’d recommend something else is if you would prefer just one type of stimulation turned all the way up to the max. 

Either just vibrations – but the strongest you can get. Or just pressure – but the heaviest, firmest pressure you can find.

But if you want it all – just grab the Loki Wave.

Let’s start with vibrations:

Strongest Prostate Vibrations: Lovense Edge 2 and Lelo Hugo

Both of these toys are prostate plugs.

That means they’ll slip in place and will stimulate your P-spot completely hands-free with strong vibrations.

Since they don’t have a handle like the Lelo Loki Wave, you CANNOT maneuver them to apply pressure to various spots. Once a prostate plug slips in place – that’s where it’s going to stimulate. But they are curved so that they nuzzle right up against your P-spot.

Lelo Loki Wave vs Lovense Edge 2 vs Lelo Hugo

But the vibrations from each of these toys are the most powerful and stimulating I’ve found. Some people prefer strong vibrations to prostate pressure. If that’s you, both the Lovense Edge 2 and Lelo Hugo would be great options.

The Lovense Edge 2 is app controlled. You have complete separate control over each motor in the app. You can design your own vibrations patterns and find the exact vibe you want! It’s also adjustable so you can get a good fit for your body.

The Lelo Hugo has its own physical remote – it’s not app controlled. You have more limited patterns since you can’t design your own, but it’s a touch more powerful than the Edge 2. But I personally really enjoy the control the Edge 2 offers and find it a bit more stimulating personally.

Lovense Edge 2 vs Lelo Hugo remote vs app control

Both are also better options if you’re newer to prostate play.

They’re smaller and slip in place with ease – especially the Lelo Hugo which has a slimmer and incredibly smooth tapered shape. And toys that stimulate purely through vibrations require less of a learning curve.

We recommend the Lelo Hugo or Lovense Edge 2 over the Lelo Loki Wave if:

  • You want the strongest vibrations possible and are okay trading off the ability to target the pressure
  • You are newer to prostate play and want a smaller toy

If you want more info, you can read my full Lovense Edge 2 review or head over to my Lelo Hugo review

Heaviest Prostate Pressure: nJoy Pure Wand

In the other direction we have toys that stimulate with the absolute heaviest pressure but don’t vibrate.

The nJoy Pure Wand is the Rolls Royce of sex toys for people who prefer very firm prostate (or G-spot) pressure.

It’s made entirely of stainless steel so it has ample weight behind it to really press into your prostate. And there’s nothing tapered about the two stainless steel balls at either end. You will be getting nothing but heavy, broad pressure. 

nJoy Pure Wand vs Lelo Loki Wave

Some people find they prefer prostate pressure to vibrations. If that’s you – you may want to consider the nJoy Pure Wand.

But you will have to do all the work. It has a steep learning curve since you need to apply all the stimulation yourself.

Personally, I really love the automatic movement of the Loki Wave to apply pressure.

We recommend the nJoy Pure Wand over the Lelo Loki Wave if:

  • You want the absolute heaviest pressure stimulation you can find and are okay without vibrations
  • You have explored prostate stimulation quite a bit already or are okay with the steeper learning curve from a toy where you do all the work

Lelo Loki vs Loki Wave

A quick final work on the Lelo Loki vs Loki Wave. 

If you’re considering between the two toys I’d personally recommend going with the Loki Wave. I found it far more versatile and stimulating.

Lelo Loki and Loki Wave

Without the automatic pressure stimulation, I found the regular Loki a bit more lackluster. The vibrations didn’t feel quite as stimulating without being combined with the pressure from the internal arm’s movement.

And with the regular Loki, you will certainly need to hold the handle. Since there’s no perineum arm on the original Lelo Loki it will rotate out of position if you’re not holding the handle. The Loki Wave on the other hand has much less of a tendency to rotate and can be used semi-hands-free. 

I’ve found it to be a far more effective toy!

Final Thoughts

The Lelo Loki Wave is a blender of prostate stimulation. It takes all the right ingredients – vibration, pressure movements, and fullness – mixes them all up, and delivers them right to your prostate.

If you enjoy prostate vibrations and prostate pressure and want to experience them together, the Lelo Loki Wave is one of the best prostate massagers for the job.

Lelo Loki Wave Prostate Massager

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