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Lelo Loki Review

Lelo Loki Prostate Massager Square

Our Verdict


The Lelo Loki offers several ways to stimulate your prostate at a reasonable price. Strong vibrations, manual pressure, and fullness – it does each of them well, and blends them into a lovely mixture of sensation. 

There are toys that trade-off vibration power to offer firmer pressure (and vice versa). So the choice comes down to whether you’re looking for versatility or an expert at one aspect of prostate stimulation. The upgraded Lelo Loki Wave also makes some worthwhile improvements on the original Loki if you’re willing to pay the added cost.

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  • Good mix of strong vibes, manual prostate pressure, and fullness
  • Vibrations travel deep, but still feel instantaneous
  • Provides a great feeling of fullness while remaining comfortable
  • Tapered tip makes insertion easy and enables focused prostate pressure
  • Easy for a partner to use
  • Quiet enough to use behind a closed door unnoticed


  • Lelo Loki is versatile, but there are toys with either stronger vibes or firmer pressure
  • Handle isn’t quite long enough to easily maneuver the Loki when using it solo – I can move it “in-and-out” easily, but a “back-and-forth” motion is harder
  • Need to occasionally grip the handle and make adjustments to keep it from rotating
  • 1 hour battery life which is shorter than Lelo’s newer toys including the Loki Wave

Table of Contents

“The World’s Strongest Prostate Massager.”

That’s a pretty bold claim from Lelo, and one that certainly caught my attention. 

My partner and I really enjoy most of our Lelo toys – the Lelo Mona 2 can usually be seen resting on her nightstand, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

So I had to know – does the Lelo Loki also live up to the hype?

Lelo Loki Prostate Massager

Well in this Lelo Loki review, I’m going to cut through that hype and give you the answers you need to tell if the Loki is a good fit for you. 

You’ll have answers to questions like:

  • Does the Lelo Loki really have the strongest vibrations?
  • Does a toy with the strongest vibrations necessarily give the best prostate stimulation?
  • How comfortable and easy to use is the Lelo Loki? 
  • Is it quiet enough to use in a house full of roommates?
  • And more! (That’s such a nice catch-all)

Let’s go!

How the Lelo Loki Stimulates the Prostate

Before we dive deep into each aspect of the Lelo Loki, I want to touch on what I believe is its main purpose as one of the best prostate massagers:

The Lelo Loki is an all-in-one-toy that hits you from three different directions for versatile prostate stimulation. It delivers the one-two punch. Or, I guess the one-two-three punch.

  1. The Loki has strong vibrations that are directed well to your prostate.
  2. You can use the handle and the curved shape of the Loki to deliver targeted pressure to your prostate manually.
  3. It also has considerable girth, which gives a nice “full” feeling.
Lelo Loki Versatile Prostate Stimulation

So you can use the Lelo Loki to easily explore a wide variety of prostate stimulation and sensations without needing to buy or swap between multiple toys. 

The Loki can do it all.


If you want to focus on one particular aspect, some toys do provide stronger vibes. And others offer firmer pressure. 

So you need to know what you’re looking for:

Do you want a one-trick pony that excels at either powerful vibrations or intense pressure but doesn’t hit the other one as hard (or even at all)?

If so, the Lelo Hugo has some of the strongest vibrations I’ve found yet, as does the Lovense Edge 2. But since they’re prostate plugs, you can’t thrust them to direct the pressure to specific spots manually.

And the nJoy Pure Wand, with its heavy stainless steel construction, lets you deliver some of the most substantial pressure to your prostate from any toy – but it doesn’t vibrate at all. You’ll be doing all the work yourself.

Lelo Loki vs Lelo Hugo vs nJoy Pure Wand

If you’re here for a versatile mix of prostate stimulation from vibrations and pressure, read on (and also check out my Lelo Loki Wave review here – I prefer it to the original Lelo Loki).

Now let’s dig into some details!

Vibrations: Power, Quality, and Patterns

Vibration Power

The Lelo Loki’s catchphrase is “The World’s Strongest Prostate Massager.” 

While it does pack a solid amount of power, I haven’t found it fully lives up to its slogan. 

Maybe it was the strongest when it was initially released. But now, the Lelo Hugo and the app-controlled Lovense Edge 2 are both greater powerhouses than the Lelo Loki. 

So if you’re here because you’re looking for the absolute most powerful vibrations, I’d check out one of those plugs I mentioned above.

Prostate Massager Vibration Strength Compared

I rate the Lelo Loki at an 8 out of 10 vibration strength.

It is the strongest handled toy I’ve used (tied with the Loki Wave). This means it delivers the most powerful vibes you can get while still being able to exert pressure on your prostate manually too.

The Lelo Loki is certainly way stronger than the budget-friendly prostate massagers in my collection. And even a lot stronger than some of my expensive toys like the Nexus Revo Stealth.

I read through all of Lovehoney’s customer feedback to provide context from others’ experiences with the Lelo Loki too. 

I counted the people who mentioned they wanted more power and those who were satisfied with the Lelo Loki’s vibration strength. 

I always like to do this because it illustrates how different each person is. But more importantly, it gives you a good feel for what most people think. 

Responses ranged from “Underpowered” or “I would turn it up a bit more if it was possible” to “With the sheer power of the vibration, this toy could double as a jackhammer.

But when you compile it together, you can see most people find the Lelo Loki’s vibes powerful.

Of the people who discussed the prostate massager’s power, 70% said the Lelo Loki was strong, and 30% wanted more power.

Lelo Loki Graph of Vibration Power

Lelo also designs their sex toys so that you can move smoothly through the entire power spectrum. No large leaps from level to level. 

You can gradually increase from an almost unnoticeable rumble up to full blast. 

This is great for avoiding going too hard too soon – no jumping to an intensity your body isn’t ready for yet.

It also helps the people who feel numbed by too much power. There are plenty of lower, more rumbly levels to play with on the Lelo Loki.

Vibrations: Rumbly or Buzzy

The Lelo Loki is also a 7.5 out of 10 rumbliness – where 0 is completely buzzy, and 10 is entirely rumbly.

Most Lelo toys are in that range which is right in my sweet spot.

I find totally rumbly toys, even though they stimulate deeper, often miss out on packing an immediate kick at the surface too. And completely buzzy vibes stay way too much at the surface – they don’t involve and stimulate much of your body.

I like 75% rumbly vibes because they travel deep but still stimulate the surface too. And the lower power levels do stay more rumbly if that’s your preference.

Lelo Toys Rumbly or Buzzy
Lelo’s motors tend to be about 75% rumbly

Everyone has different personal tastes on this quality. Most people prefer their vibes somewhere on the spectrum, but usually on the rumbly side. 

If you tend to prefer exceptionally rumbly toys, you may want to consider the We-Vibe Vector. It has the most rumbly vibrations I’ve found in a prostate toy.

The Lelo Loki provides a good blend.

Vibration Patterns

Besides a constant speed, the Lelo Loki has 5 more vibration patterns.

Not everyone cares about patterns, but I think they help avoid getting too “used to” the sensations. When toys only have a constant setting, I find I get numb to the vibrations sooner.

The Lelo Loki’s 5 patterns are enjoyable and provide a good mix of pulses, waves, and randomization.

Lelo’s newer toys offer a broader range of patterns though. For instance, the Lelo Loki Wave has 10 modes and includes a “come hither” movement, making it more enjoyable to me than the original Loki.

And app-controlled toys like the We-Vibe Vector and Lovense Edge 2 offer a lot more customized control over the vibes.

But if you don’t care about bells and whistles, the Lelo Loki offers a good set of basic patterns.

Using the Lelo Loki as a Frenulum Vibrator

I wanted to mention a quick side use: I enjoy using the Lelo Loki on my frenulum too.

I’d used my partner’s Lelo Mona before with great results, so I expected the Loki to feel wonderful too.

The underside of the penis is more sensitive to vibrations than the prostate. So the Loki’s power feels more substantial when pressed to the frenulum.

I like the more pinpoint, focused stimulation you can get from the Lelo Loki compared to the broad stimulation from toys designed for frenulum stimulation like the Hot Octopus Solo Lux. The handle and tapered tip of the Loki make it super easy to press the vibes in a focused area. 

Using Lelo Loki as Frenulum Vibrator

Worth giving it a try!

Prostate Pressure

Remember when I said having the strongest vibrations isn’t everything? That’s because the Lelo Loki also supplies pressure.

As a couple of customers put it: 

“I’ve realized that you can’t rely on the vibrations alone and that you have to put some effort in. OMG, I can honestly say I’ve never felt anything like it and was screaming out with pleasure.”

“I could feel the pressure against my prostate, and I was instantly rock hard – I’d never reacted like this to anything. I was having waves of pleasure, and I hadn’t even turned it on yet!”

Lovehoney customer feedback

The Loki presses against your prostate a couple of ways. 

Using the Lelo Loki for Prostate Pressure

First, the Lelo Loki is curved so that it naturally angles toward your prostate to press on your P-spot and deliver the vibes where it counts.

But if you want more substantial pressure, you’ll have to grip the handle and push the Loki’s tip more firmly against your prostate. You won’t get completely hands-free pressure like you can with the Nexus Revo Stealth (review here) – a prostate plug with a rotating to apply the pressure so you don’t have to. With the Loki – you’ve got to do some of the work.

Because the Lelo Loki’s end comes to a taper, the pressure you get from thrusting it tends to be more focused – nudging a small area with the tip of the Loki. Some people love the narrow pressure (as evident from the customer feedback above).

I prefer pressure over a broader area that you can get with blunt toys like the nJoy Pure Wand. It has heavy spheres at each end that spread the force over more area. I love that kind of pressure!

Pressure from Lelo Loki's Tapred Tip vs nJoy Pure Wand's bulbs

Surprisingly, the Lelo Loki Wave also provides a better mix of broad and focused pressure. The internal arm is shaped the same as the original Loki – taper and all. So you can still get that focused pressure when you want it.

But the “come hither” motion makes the bulbous prostate arm move back and forward inside you – alternating putting pressure on the front and back walls with the broad surface of the bulb.  

This automatic pressure is what makes the Loki Wave a top-tier toy for me.

And sure, you can manually provide that with the original Lelo Loki. But honestly, it’s a bit hard to do by yourself. The handle isn’t that long, so it takes a fair bit of effort to keep moving it back and forth. 

The Lelo Loki Wave does it for you. And the nJoy Pure Wand has a much longer handle that’s easier to maneuver.

Nudging the tip against your prostate is much easier and is the main type of pressure you’ll get from the Lelo Loki.

Lelo Loki vs Loki Wave vs nJoy Pure Wand Prostate Pressure

So for thrusting pressure, the Lelo Loki can give it to you. But it’s a bit difficult and less versatile than the Loki Wave or nJoy Pure Wand. So I think there are better options if manual pressure is important to you, but they are a bit more costly. 

If you’d rather spend less, the Lelo Loki, like most jacks-of-all-trades: does a good job. But I prefer the pressure of the Loki Wave and nJoy Pure Wand.

The other way the Lelo Loki provides pressure is by filling you up. And here, the Lelo Loki does excel!

The internal bulb has a diameter of 1.5 inches and an insertable length of 3.9 inches. While this may not sound huge, it feels filling. The silicone layer is tight to the motor’s casing without much give. So the Lelo Loki feels more filling than a silicone dildo of the same size.

Lelo Loki Full Feeling from Firm Texture

When it’s in you though, the elegant curves and smooth silicone of the Lelo Loki make it feel comfortable, even while it’s stretching you. 

The fullness of the Lelo Loki is satisfying. 

Size: Who is the Lelo Loki For?

So we’ve already mentioned that Loki’s diameter is 1.5 inches, and its insertable length is 3.9 inches.

Now that’s a pretty decent girth. 

If you’re new to anal play, I would not start with the Lelo Loki. Get some experience under your belt with a smaller toy first before upping the size.

The We-Vibe Vector has a max width of 1.18 inches, and I think it’s a great size for beginners who still want a strong vibrating toy. It’s also the most comfortable prostate massager I own.

Lelo Loki Size good for intermediate people, We-Vibe Vector for beginners

The Lelo Loki is for people already used to some anal play and who enjoy a stretch. The common wisdom is to step up the width of your anal toys in 0.25 inch increments. So if you’ve played with a toy close to 1.25 inches in diameter, you’ll likely be good to go with the Lelo Loki.

Otherwise start with a slimmer toy like We-Vibe Vector or Lelo’s other handheld prostate massager – the Lelo Billy 2 (review here). It’s not quite as strong as the Loki, but its slimmer size is a better fit for beginners to anal play.


Insertion and Removal

If you’re ready for a toy with a 1.5 inch width, inserting and removing the Lelo Loki is comfortable.

The Lelo Loki’s tapered tip helps it slide in more easily – you still have to be ready for a toy of the Loki’s size though.

If I haven’t played anally in a while, I’ll usually warm up with a smaller toy first, like the Lelo Hugo. But if I’ve been in the groove of playing regularly, I’m able to start with the Lelo Loki straight away.

The Lelo Loki also has a taper at the rear. It slopes gradually from the neck of the prostate massager to the bulb. 

This feature means that removing it is also comfortable. Toys with a dramatic drop-off toward the back force your muscles to stretch more quickly, making the removal less comfortable.

And of course, the Lelo Loki has a flared base which makes it safe for anal use – no need to worry about the toy getting pulled in too far.

Lelo Loki Flared Base

Comfort During Use

When I’m using the Lelo Loki, it fits comfortably. It provides a nice full feeling, but the subtle curves keep the toy comfortable.

And the tapered tip is dull enough that it doesn’t feel like it’s ever poking me.

Ease of Use: Solo and Partnered

I find the Lelo Loki is easy to use for partnered play but can be challenging to maneuver with skill solo.

While the handle allows you to grip and thrust the toy to target your prostate better, it would be easier to use alone if the handle was longer.

When I’m using the Lelo Loki solo, my hands have to be pretty far down there to grip the handle, so maneuvering the toy can be difficult. I can grab the handle enough to nudge the Loki back and forth against my prostate. But manually moving the toy back and forth (instead of in and out) is tough.

The nJoy Pure Wand is longer with a more substantial curve. So I find maneuvering it in all sorts of directions is easier because the handle sticks out far enough to grip more easily.

You also need to reach for the handle fairly often, or the Lelo Loki tends to rotate. I can usually position myself in a way that keeps the Loki from turning, but it’s not foolproof. Just be aware – you’ll have to make adjustments at times. 

The buttons can also be difficult to press while using it since they’re between your legs and not very visible. So you kind of have to fool around until you press the button you’re looking for.

Even without maneuvering it super well, my orgasms keep rolling in and are still a lot stronger with the Lelo Loki. 

The pure fullness the large bulb provides puts ample pressure on my prostate – pair that with the vibrations, and my P-spot is still getting a lot of action.

Now for partnered play, maneuvering the toy is easy. My partner can just position herself to grip the Loki’s handle effortlessly, so there’s no issue there.

I find the Lelo Loki Wave better to use alone than the Loki. The perineum arm keeps it from rotating (and adds to the stimulation). Plus, the Loki Wave automatically moves back and forth, which is the motion that’s difficult to achieve with the original Loki.

Noise Testing: How Discreet is the Lelo Loki

This section is going to be short and sweet!

The Lelo Loki’s spec lists the prostate massager’s maximum noise level at 50dB. Of course, if you’re like most people, that probably means absolutely nothing to you.

So for better context, I used the Lelo Loki in our bedroom while my partner stood on the other side of the door and tried to listen in.

She couldn’t hear the noise level at any of the Lelo Loki’s power levels. This was with no other sounds going – not even the AC. So you should be good to use this in a house with roommates. 

In fact, even the Lelo Loki Wave (which has the added “come hither” motion) was quiet enough to use too.

If you’re still concerned, just turn a fan on in your room or play music, and there’s no way anyone would be able to hear the Lelo Loki.

Battery Life and Charging

The Lelo Loki takes about 2 hours to charge and lasts up to 1 hour on a single charge. But it can deplete quicker if you’re using it primarily on the highest power levels.

Lelo Loki Charging

1 hour is a bit shorter than many prostate vibrators’ battery life, so you’ll want to plug it in after you use it each time. I have reached for Lelo Loki on occasion to find out – it hardly had any battery life leftover from the previous session.

If you care about longer play sessions, the newer Lelo Loki Wave has a battery life that’s good for up to 2 hours. 

I also wanted to point out that the Lelo Loki is waterproof, even though some people are skeptical about how the charging port looks. 

Lelo Loki is Waterproof - Completely Submerged

But the charging port chamber is sealed off from the electronic components, so you’re good to use the Loki in the shower or bath.

Lelo Loki Review Results

The Lelo Loki is a good all-in-one versatile vibrator you can use to stimulate your prostate several different ways. 

It has strong vibrations and a girthy internal bulb that feels nicely filling. Plus, you can use the handle to maneuver the Lelo Loki to apply targeted pressure to your prostate too. 

Lelo Loki Product Imagery

With its moderately filling size, it’s not for complete beginners to anal. But if you enjoy some fullness and are looking for a combo of pressure and vibration stimulation, the Lelo Loki can be a good toy for you.

I try to give a pretty objective look at toys when I review them – after all, personal preference plays a heavy influence in whether you’ll enjoy any particular toy. So I try to give an objective look and answer questions like “how powerful is it compared to other toys?” to help you decide what’s best for you.

Personally though, I think if you have it in your budget for the Lelo Loki Wave, it’s worth going for the Wave instead. I rarely use my Lelo Loki, but I use the Loki Wave regularly. 

Lelo Loki Wave Packaging and Product

It’s more stimulating from the “come hither” motion, which provides automatic pressure stimulation. This back and forth action is difficult to do yourself with the Lelo Loki manually.

Plus, the Loki Wave has a perineum arm that adds to the stimulation and keeps the prostate massager from rotating like the Lelo Loki tends to.

Alright, so there’s my personal opinion too! Now, having said that – if what I mentioned above isn’t important to you, the original Lelo Loki is a great toy and can save you a few bucks over the Wave.

I think the Lelo Loki is a great prostate massager if you:

  • Are looking for an extremely versatile prostate massager – you want vibrations, the ability to manually thrust a toy, and enjoy the sensation of fullness from a girthy internal bulb
  • Want a strong vibrating prostate massager with a handle so your partner can use it on you
  • Would rather have the ability to experience both strong vibrations and firm pressure, than to have the absolute most powerful vibrations possible (see the Lelo Hugo prostate plug or the Lovense Edge 2 if you care most about strong vibrations).
  • Don’t have the budget for the Lelo Loki Wave – my personal preference between the two prostate massagers

I think there are better prostate massagers if you:

  • Would rather have the strongest vibrations (but less pressure) or the heaviest pressure (but no vibrations): 
  • Are new to anal play – the Lelo Loki is larger than I would start out with as a first toy
  • Want maneuvering the prostate massager to be as easy as possible or automatic

Alternatives to the Lelo Loki

If the Lelo Loki didn’t quite tick all your boxes, here’s what I think some other toys do better. Keep in mind, when a toy does better at one aspect – it probably does worse at another.

If you care most about having the strongest vibrations possible and don’t care to be able to maneuver your prostate massager then a strong plug like the Lelo Hugo would be a better option for you. It’s stronger than the Loki, but manually directing pressure is off the table.

I’d also recommend the nJoy Pure Wand if you want to focus more on heavy pressure but don’t care about vibrations. The stainless steel construction lets you put some hefty force against your P-spot.

Lelo Loki Alternatives

Also, if you’re new to anal play, I’d suggest starting with a smaller toy. 1.5 inches is a bit large for a first toy. I’d recommend something like the We-Vibe Vector, which has a width of 1.18 inches.

And as I’ve mentioned before, if you have it in your budget – the Lelo Loki Wave offers a bit more stimulation and ease of use than the original Loki. I use it regularly (it’s one of my absolute favorite toys).

FAQ about the Lelo Loki

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Lelo Loki.

Where to Buy the Lelo Loki

Buying the Lelo Loki directly from Lelo is often the cheapest option. Use code “PleasureBetter” for 20% off when other sales aren’t running. But Lovehoney is one of the few sites which lets you return an item for a full refund if you didn’t end up enjoying it. Use code “PleasureBetter15” for 15% off.

What Kind of Lube to Use with the Lelo Loki

You should use a water-based lube with the Lelo Loki. Silicone-based lubes and others have the potential to damage the silicone of the Loki.

Cleaning the Lelo Loki

Since the Lelo Loki is 100% waterproof, you can completely submerge it while cleaning. No need to keep running water from the faucet away from any part of the Loki. Use antibacterial soap and water to clean.

How Long Does the Lelo Loki Take to Charge

The Lelo Loki takes 2 hours to charge.

How to Insert the Lelo Loki

Use plenty of water-based lube on the Lelo Loki. It helps to use your fingers first to apply lube directly to yourself as well. If the Loki is larger than you’re used to, warm up with a smaller toy first.

When you’re ready, gently nudge the Lelo Loki back and forth, getting deeper each time. 

If you experience any discomfort, don’t press deeper until there’s no discomfort. Eventually, you will be close to having the Loki completely in. A gentle nudge should take it the rest of the way.

Final Thoughts

The Lelo Loki is a versatile prostate massager that serves up P-spot stimulation through a blend of solid vibrations, manual pressure, and fullness from a fair-sized internal bulb.  

Lelo Loki Prostate Massager

While the Lelo Loki is certainly a good toy with a solid mix of prostate stimulation, I find myself using the updated Lelo Loki Wave far more often personally (It’s one of my favorites). It improves on some of the Loki’s weaker points – it adds a perineum arm for extra stimulation and to keep the toy from rotating.

But more importantly, it supplies uniquely stimulating automatic prostate pressure from a “come hither” motion – a movement that is difficult to achieve manually with the original Lelo Loki.

If you have it in your budget, I think it’s worth opting for the improved stimulation from the upgraded model. But the original Lelo Loki offers a lot at a reasonable price – and provides a path for exploring several kinds of prostate stimulation in just one toy.

Lelo Loki Prostate Massager Square

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