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Lelo Hugo Review

Lelo Hugo and Remote

Our Verdict


The Lelo Hugo is a prostate plug with the strongest P-spot vibrations of any toy I’ve tried yet. Its smooth curves and average size make it exceptionally comfortable too, but also make it push out on occasion when my muscles contract. If you’re okay with making occasional adjustments to keep it in place, the Lelo Hugo is worthwhile for anyone who wants the most powerful vibrations to their P-spot.

The SenseMotion remote also offers more versatile control over the vibes than other physical remotes I’ve used. Plus, it vibrates along with the Hugo to help my partner control the toy better since she can feel what I’m feeling.

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  • Strongest vibrations of any prostate toy I’ve tried
  • Average size is very beginner-friendly (can also be a con if you prefer large toys)
  • Smooth curves of the Hugo are especially comfortable – easy to insert and remove
  • Perineum arm flexes to conform to a good fit for more people
  • The vibrating remote control gives your controlling partner a lot of feedback about how they’re affecting your toy
  • SenseMotion works well and is very responsive – added fun way to control the Hugo


  • Average size may be too small for people who prefer feeling very full
  • The smooth curves that make it especially comfortable also make it push out on occasion for some people
  • Not quite as detailed control over the vibes as app-controlled prostate massagers

Table of Contents

Lelo’s made a name for themselves as creators of luxury vibrators. 

And it’s true – they make some great toys. Whenever I glance at my partner’s nightstand, I’m sure to see her favorite vibe, the Lelo Mona 2, sitting out. Ready to go at a moment’s notice. 

But they also have some toys I’ve picked up, tested a few times, and have never used since.

The original Lelo Loki continues to sit at the bottom of my dresser drawer after I was done testing it out. But then they make a couple of minor tweaks by adding a perineum arm and making the prostate section move – and then: 


The Lelo Loki Wave becomes one of my absolute favorites.

So where does the Lelo Hugo stand?

Lelo Hugo with Remote Product

Well, spoiler:

I do still use it after my initial testing, and I use it frequently. The Lelo Hugo has the strongest vibrations I’ve found from a prostate massager yet! So as someone who likes powerful vibes on my P-spot – ya, I like the Hugo 🙂

But it’s not without faults.

I’ll take you through the good and the bad in this Lelo Hugo review to help you decide if it’s the right toy for you.

Lelo Hugo Vibrations and Prostate Stimulation

Since the Hugo is a prostate plug, vibration quality is essential. 

Prostate massagers that have a handle like the Lelo Loki Wave can skate by without needing crazy intense vibrations. You can grip the handle of these toys and maneuver them to apply firm pressure to your P-spot. 

Lelo Hugo vs Loki Wave vibrations and pressure

That’s why some non-vibrating toys like the nJoy Pure Wand still have a cult following even though they seem less high-tech at first glance. Some people don’t get much out of vibrations and would rather have intense pressure.

There are even a few prostate plugs that focus on pressure instead of vibration strength. The Nexus Revo Stealth has weaker vibes, but it has a rotating head to automatically apply hands-free pressure to your prostate.

But with most plugs including the Hugo, the internal arm nuzzles right up to your prostate, providing some pressure and fullness – but mainly it blasts your P-spot with powerful vibrations. Most of the stimulation is from vibration – not from pressure. 

So you want the vibes to be strong.   

Vibration Power

Fortunately, the Lelo Hugo has the strongest vibrations I’ve found in a prostate massager yet.

I was seriously surprised that a toy this small could pack so much raw power. Usually, wearable toys are weaker than their non-wearable counterparts. But with the Lelo Hugo, that’s not the case.

The Hugo gets a 10 on my vibration strength scoring (since it’s the strongest prostate massager I’ve found so far). For comparison, the Lelo Loki and Loki Wave are each at about a 7.5 out of 10. 

Prostate Massager Vibration Strength Compared

Even though they’re larger – which usually means stronger.

And the Lelo Hugo is firm, with a thinner layer of body-safe silicone than some other prostate massagers. The elegant silicone layer doesn’t dampen the motor’s strength before reaching your prostate as a thicker layer can. 

All that power is headed straight for your P-spot.

One bummer is that you can’t control the Lelo Hugo’s prostate and perineum motors separately. If you crank one to full power, they both go to full force. In my opinion, this is a missed opportunity for some additional stimulation. 

With my Lovense Edge 2 (which allows separate control of each motor), I find that you can create some stimulating beat-like patterns from the two motors interacting with each other. It makes the prostate vibrations feel more stimulating to me than the Lelo Hugo, even though the Hugo’s vibes are more powerful. 

Lelo Hugo remote vs app control

But it takes some practice to get that trick to work with the Edge 2, and I still don’t always get it right. So if you just want simple, raw power with no learning curve, the Lelo Hugo is the strongest.

I also love that Lelo designs their toys with a wide range of people’s needs in mind. As I’ve explored more sex toys, I’ve been surprised by how many toys neglect lower power levels – they come out of the gate in a mad sprint.

But not everyone loves intense power. And even I – a true power-seeker – like to start softer and crank up the strength once I’m more turned on.

The Lelo Hugo has a full power range. It can begin at a low, lovely rumble and gradually build until it’s finishing in a blaze of pure energy – once I’m actually warmed up and ready for that kind of power.

Hugo: Rumbly or Buzzy?

Another aspect of the vibes to consider is your personal preference about their rumbly or buzzy quality.

Some prostate massagers vibrate at a lower frequency which makes them feel deep and “rumbly.” 

Others vibrate at a higher frequency and feel buzzier and more surface level. But it also makes them feel more instantly impactful than rumbly vibes.

Most people’s preference is somewhere on the more rumbly side of the spectrum. I personally like prostate massagers that are about 7.5 out of 10 on the rumbly side.

This gives the vibes an excellent depth, but I don’t lose that immediate kick that buzziness provides.

Lelo’s toys usually are right in that 7.5ish range, which is why they’re some of my partner’s and my favorite toys. And the Lelo Hugo is no exception.

Lelo Toys Rumbly or Buzzy

If you prefer all-the-way-rumbly vibrations, you could consider the We-Vibe Vector (review here). It’s rumbly throughout its full power range. But it also doesn’t get nearly as strong as the Lelo Hugo.

The lower and mid-power levels of the Hugo also feel more rumbly than the higher levels. So if you want the best of both worlds with the option for rumbliness or extreme power, the Lelo Hugo is the better option.

Vibration Patterns

The Lelo Hugo has several built-in patterns available and a way to sort of DIY create-your-own patterns with the SenseMotion remote control.

As far as built-in patterns go, the Hugo has quite a few available. Lelo toys often have more than their competitors.

You can select from:

  1. A constant power level
  2. Longer bursts of vibrations
  3. Quicker bursts of vibrations
  4. A crescendo up to full power
  5. A crescendo up to full power and a decrescendo back down
  6. Random vibrations

You can use the remote control to increase or decrease the intensity of any pattern.

Cycle through the patterns by clicking the center button on the remote control or the button on the toy itself.

The Lelo Hugo’s remote also has two SenseMotion modes, which let you control your prostate massager by tilting or shaking the remote. 

This lets you DIY your own patterns a bit by tilting or shaking the remote back and forth to create rises and falls in power.

It’s doesn’t allow as completely versatile pattern creation as an app-controlled plug like the Lovense Edge 2. But for a toy controlled by a physical remote, the Lelo Hugo has a ton of great pattern options.

Size – Who Does the Lelo Hugo Fit?

Another aspect that may affect the prostate stimulation you get is the Lelo Hugo’s size. The Hugo’s insertable length is 3.4 inches, and its max width is 1.28 inches.

So it’s a bit shorter and narrower than some other prostate plugs. The Lelo Billy 2 and the Hugo are Lelo’s toys that are slim enough for beginners to prostate play.

Lelo Hugo Dimensions and Size

On average, the prostate is only 2 inches inside the rectum, so the Lelo Hugo has plenty of length to reach your prostate. But still, some people just prefer longer toys and deeper penetration – something you’ll have to discover your preference for. 

Since the Lelo Hugo is slimmer than other plugs, it’s especially comfortable, but if you’re someone who wants to feel lots of pressure on your prostate, you may prefer a larger toy. The Lelo Hugo doesn’t try to make you feel “full” – it wants to send you to the moon on a rocket ship made entirely of strong vibrations.

If you’re newer to prostate stimulation, the Lelo Hugo’s slightly smaller size can also be an unintimidating entry to anal play – I think it’s a great plug for beginners even though its powerful vibrations pack a strong punch.

Comfort and Secure Fit

The curves of the Lelo Hugo are incredibly smooth, elegant, and tapered. This makes it really easy to insert, and it’s one of the more comfortable prostate plugs I’ve tried – another reason the Hugo is a good option for beginners. 

Though the angle between the prostate and perineum arm isn’t adjustable, the perineum arm of the Lelo Hugo does flex. 

Lelo Hugo Flexible Perineum Arm

This flex helps it fit a broader range of people and makes sure the perineum motor stays nuzzled right up against your body. 

The subtle, tapered curves of the Lelo Hugo also make it easy and comfortable to remove.

But that can sometimes happen – accidentally.

As my muscles begin to contract when I’m nearing orgasm, the contractions occasionally push the Lelo Hugo off my prostate a bit (and when they’re especially powerful, can push it out completely). When this happens, I don’t feel the full strength of the vibes because they’re not in direct contact with my prostate. 

I wanted to know if it was just me or if others experienced the Hugo pushing out, so I read through customer reviews. I found that 34% of customers’ feedback mentioned the Hugo pushing out. But others said that it stayed in well, so your own experience may vary.

Lelo Hugo Secure Fit Statistic

Other toys with more pronounced bulbs like the Lovense Edge 2 do stay in more securely. My muscles grip onto the bulbs and keep the plug pulled tight against my prostate. Though the prominent curves feel less luxurious and ultra-comfortable than the Hugo’s elegant taper, the Lovense Edge 2 is an excellent option if you want to make sure your experience is entirely hands-free.

I’ve also found the We-Vibe Vector stays in place the best of all my prostate plugs – even without pronounced bulbs. It seems to defy reason, but it remains securely in place even with smooth curves.

To feel the full 10 out of 10 strength of the Lelo Hugo’s vibes, I’ll often reach down and press on the plug to keep it in direct contact with my prostate when I feel my muscles starting to pulse.

I also find sitting on the plug works well and keeps it pressing nicely on my prostate.

Hugo vs Edge curves

I should also mention – in general, prostate plugs aren’t shaped to be easily worn around as you go about your day. Prostate plugs just tend to push out more easily than a traditionally shaped butt plug. If you want a plug that you can wear and control outside the bedroom, I’d check out the Lovense Hush

For better prostate stimulation inside the bedroom, go with a prostate massager. 

Remote Control Quality

Let’s chat Hugo remote!

How to Use the Lelo Hugo – SenseMotion and Control Styles

The Lelo Hugo’s remote gives an extensive range of control styles and is more versatile than most other physical remote controls.

You can use the center button on the Hugo’s remote to cycle through the prostate massager’s patterns we discussed earlier.  

How to control the Lelo Hugo

You can use the + and – buttons to increase or decrease the power of the constant vibrations and the patterns. Many toys don’t let you change the intensity of pattern vibrations, so I was glad this was a feature of the Lelo Hugo’s remote.

But the main unique feature of the Hugo’s remote is its SenseMotion modes.

SenseMotion lets you control the Hugo’s vibrations by moving the remote instead of mashing buttons. 

There are two SenseMotion modes that you cycle through by pressing the center button.

The first lets you control the Hugo by tilting the remote – a vertical position puts the Hugo’s power at 100%. A horizontal position keeps the Hugo vibing at its lowest power level.

The second SenseMotion mode gives you control by shaking the remote. Shake it faster, and the Lelo Hugo vibrates harder.

Lelo Hugo SenseMotion Control

I enjoyed that SenseMotion allowed me to create vibration effects that are outside of the preset patterns. While not as versatile as app control which lets you draw out detailed patterns, you could get some pretty fun waves from tilting and shaking the remote.

And it was really responsive for me. The Hugo responded quickly to any shaking or tilting from the remote.

Still, I find myself using the prebuilt patterns and constant vibration more. I find it a bit distracting to continually move the remote around when I’m the one controlling my toy.

But during partnered play SenseMotion is more fun because your controlling partner can more easily give you the exact sensation they’re intending to and feel more involved in the experience.

Vibrating Remote = Feedback for Your Partner

So let’s chat more about partnered play!

The Lelo Hugo’s remote is great at giving your controlling partner feedback about what you’re feeling from the vibes.

By default, the Hugo’s remote vibrates along with the prostate massager itself. So your partner’s hands feel the same pattern they’re sending to your prostate. 

If the prostate massager is vibrating at full blast, the remote is vibrating at full blast. If the Lelo Hugo is vibrating with quick pulses, the remote is vibrating with quick pulses. 

This feedback is excellent for partnered play

My wife and I find many other toys controlled by a physical remote essentially useless.

It’s just not really fun to control your partner’s toy when you press a button and have no idea how that changed the sensations for your partner. 

Non-vibrating vs vibrating remote control
Left: A typical non-vibrating remote doesn’t provide any feedback to the controlling partner. Right: Hugo’s remote vibrates so your partner knows what your vibes are doing.

This is a reason we love app-controlled toys too – you can at least see the vibration patterns to have an idea of what they’re feeling.

But with the Lelo Hugo’s remote – you can feel what they’re feeling.

You can also turn off the remote’s vibes if you’re playing solo and don’t want to feel the remote vibrating in your hand too.

Connectivity and Responsiveness

The Lelo Hugo’s remote has connected quickly and easily to the prostate massager for me. It doesn’t take long to get going.

I’ve also found the SenseMotion modes responsive. As soon as I change the tilt of the remote, the Lelo Hugo’s vibes change too.

Sometimes I find the + and – buttons seem to take a moment to change the vibrations, or it feels like I have to press them a few times to take effect. This can be minorly annoying at times, but it hasn’t been too much of an issue.

Remote and Hugo

How far away can the remote be? My partner and I tested this. First, we connected the remote to the Lelo Hugo, and then she backed away until the remote lost connection.

The Hugo remained connected on average until we were standing 350 feet away from each other.

That’s the farthest we’ve experienced with a physical remote control.

Plus, it’s all you need unless you want to play with a long-distance partner – in which case, you’ll need an app-controlled prostate massager. 

As I mentioned earlier, the Lelo Hugo is a toy meant to be controlled and enjoyed inside the bedroom (or in the bath – it is 100% waterproof). So your partner won’t be too far away. However, the Hugo doesn’t fit securely enough to walk around with it in, so it’s not intended for public play. 

Bottom Line: Remote Quality

The Lelo Hugo’s remote offers the best control I’ve experienced apart from an app controlled toy.

It’s got good connectivity and responsiveness, gives great feedback to the controlling partner, and offers much more versatile control over the vibes than most physical remotes do. 

Noise Level

Remember, the Lelo Hugo is not a good option for public play, so we’re just talking noise level in your own home.

Lelo lists the Hugo’s max noise level as 50dB. But if you’re like any normal person, you probably need a little more context than that.

So here’s what I’ve got for you.

I slipped the Lelo Hugo in and turned it on while my wife stood on the other side of the bedroom door. Our house was otherwise completely silent (not even our AC blowing).

On the other side of the closed door, she couldn’t hear the Lelo Hugo at any power level. I played with the different vibration patterns to see if changing vibes would be more audible. She couldn’t hear them either.

So even with the Lelo Hugo’s high power, it’s quiet enough to remain discreet in a house full of roommates. 

Turning a fan on or playing some music can add some additional peace of mind. 

Battery Life

How long does it take the Lelo Hugo to charge, and how long can you play with it?

Same answer to both questions: 2 hours.

If you’re using the highest power levels of the Hugo, it won’t last quite the entire length. But I’ve not had my Hugo unexpectedly die on me so far. So unless your play sessions are really long, you should be fine.

While the Lelo Hugo itself is rechargeable, you will need to keep batteries on hand for the remote. The remote takes two AAA batteries.

Lelo Hugo Rechargeable and Battery operated remote

Lelo Hugo Review Results

I think the Lelo Hugo is a great toy if you:

  • Are looking for especially strong prostate vibrations
  • Want a lot of pattern options and a versatile remote control
  • Prefer slim to medium-sized toys – aren’t looking to feel super “full”
  • Value an especially comfortable plug that’s very easy to insert, wear, and remove
  • Want to give control of your toy inside the bedroom to a nearby partner 
  • Want your controlling partner to be able to feel the vibes of your toy

I think there are better options if you:

  • Prefer larger toys and the feeling of being filled up
  • Are looking for a toy to wear out of the house
  • Want completely intricate control of the vibration patterns or to play with a long-distance partner
  • Are on a tight budget

Lelo Hugo Alternatives

Even though the Lelo Hugo has the strongest vibrations of any prostate toy I’ve tried, there are still good reasons to consider other options.

If you’re used to prostate play and prefer substantial pressure or larger toys, you may be a bit underwhelmed by the Lelo Hugo’s more average size.

If that’s you – you might consider the Lelo Loki Wave (review here). It has a larger bulb for a more filling sensation and greater insertable length.

It’s not a plug like the Hugo, so you’ll need to hold it to maneuver it. But this can allow you to thrust the Loki Wave to apply targeted pressure to your prostate along with the vibes. The vibrations are weaker than the Hugo’s, but some people prefer better pressure to vibration strength.

Lelo Hugo Alternatives

If you want a toy you can wear and let a partner control while you’re out of the house, consider a traditionally shaped butt plug. It will just give a more secure fit than the Lelo Hugo, so you won’t need to worry about it slipping out at the wrong time. The Lovense Hush is my favorite option for out-of-the-house anal play.

Lastly, I’d consider the Lovense Edge 2. It’s a prostate plug like the Lelo Hugo. While it’s not quite as powerful, you have complete control of both motors with the Lovense app. And I find it a touch more stimulating. It’s got a more secure fit for a better hands-free experience but still isn’t quite secure enough for public play.

But you can give control of the Edge 2 to a long-distance partner, and it’s better if you’re on a tight budget.

Final Thoughts

I think the Lelo Hugo is a great prostate massager for anyone who cares a lot about powerful vibrations and excellent comfort. While it’s not the most secure fit for a completely hands-free experience every time, I don’t mind occasionally needing to press on the base to experience the most powerful vibes of any prostate toy I’ve tried yet.

The remote control works well, too and has been great for sharing the fun with my partner.

Lelo Hugo and Remote

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