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Lelo Gigi 2 Review

Holding Gigi

Our Verdict


The Lelo Gigi 2 is a luxurious G-spot vibrator with a unique flattened head to provide broad stimulation and firm pressure to your G-spot. But it’s not just for your G-spot. It can easily vibe on your clit and is great during partnered sex. It’s quiet, rumbly vibes keep it sneaky and discrete. 

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  • Flat head delivers great broad pressure and vibrations directly to your G-spot
  • Good for clit or G-spot stimulation
  • Easy to use during sex
  • Rumbly vibrations 
  • Exceptionally quiet and discrete
  • Waterproof


  • Vibrations are weaker than some other vibrators
  • Some prefer pinpoint precision to broad stimulation
  • Insertable length is fairly short

Table of Contents

The Nike Swoosh, the Starbucks Mermaid, and the flat head of the Lelo Gigi 2 – some of the most recognizable and iconic shapes in the world. 

Okay, maybe the Gigi 2 is far from that level of fame.

Flat Tip

But if you’ve been perusing sex toys a while, you’re sure to have come across this vibrator over and over again. And after seeing it so many times with it’s beautiful curve but flattened tip, it’s hard not to wonder – what would that feel like nuzzled right up against my G-spot? Well I had to find out for myself!

Today, we’ll help you decide if it’s worth exploring for yourself with our Lelo Gigi 2 review.

Lelo Gigi 2 Vibrations

Will the Lelo Gigi 2’s vibrations bring you over the edge and into orgasmic bliss?

Well… depends. 

For me, yes. And for a lot of people yes. The Lelo Gigi 2’s vibrations are rumbly and whisper quiet – it’s an absolute perfect companion for sneaky orgasms. And Gigi’s vibes are plenty powerful for many people. 

But they are less powerful than many other vibrators. For instance, if you’re used to the extreme power of large wand vibrators, the Gigi 2 will feel way softer. But even many mid-sized vibrators (including the Lelo Mona 2) are stronger. The Gigi 2 is about the same strength as the brand’s bullet vibrator, the Lelo Mia 2, which I consider a mild bullet. But the Gigi is much more rumbly, so the Gigi feels more impactful.

Since I’m just one person with only my own experience to go on – I got curious and wondered how many people loved the Lelo Gigi 2’s power and how many wanted stronger vibes. 

So I went through hundreds of reviews. Customer experience ranged from “I cranked it to high power and folded like a lawn chair” – a very satisfied customer – to “doesn’t do anything for me.” 

As with most things, you can tell a lot from most people’s experience on average. So I tallied the results for you! I counted any customer review from “pleased with my purchase but the power of the vibration could be a tad stronger” to “weak vibrations” and put them in the “Customer mentioned they wanted more power” category. 

Gigi 2 Power Graph

As it turns out, most people enjoy the Gigi just the way it is. And as I read through reviews, a lot of people mentioned that even though they usually had trouble orgasming from penetration – they came easily with the Gigi 2. Others mentioned learning to squirt with the Gigi.

But there are times for me that I want or need more power. If you’ve had problems orgasming from vibrators in the past, I’d say it’s probably best to go with a more powerful option like the Lelo Mona 2 – another great G-spot vibrator (and the vibrator I usually find myself reaching for – especially during sex). But otherwise, the Gigi is worth a try! I personally find the vibration power satisfying.

There’s 8 different vibration patterns and you can change the intensity for each pattern. Just cycle through settings and increase the power with the buttons on the handle. 

And the Lelo Gigi’s rumbly vibes stay focused at the tip of the vibrator. You won’t feel the vibrations making their way to your hand through the handle – which I find particularly distracting with some other vibrators. They’ll stay directed right to your clit or G-spot where you need them. 

How to Use Lelo Gigi 2 

On your clit, G-spot, during sex? Yes to all three! Versatility is one of the great things the Gigi 2 vibrator has going for it.

Flat Tip to Spread The Sensations

The flat head of this vibrator is great for those who love broad stimulation. If you find the pinpoint tip of bullet vibrators a bit too precise, you may enjoy this vibe instead. It spreads the vibrations over a larger surface area. (You could also consider a broad mini vibrator like the We-Vibe Touch X.)

I find this feature great for clit stimulation – especially if you have a sensitive clit. Extremely focused vibrations can feel like too much stimulation for me sometimes. But when you do want more focused vibes you can turn Gigi upside-down and use the edge of the tip for precise vibrations. 

The shape of the Gigi with its curve and flat tip is truly designed for G-spot stimulation. Some people find narrower, more pointed G-spot vibrators pokey and a bit painful on their G-spot. I must admit, I sometimes am one of these people – which is why I use my Lelo Mona mostly for clit stimulation during sex with my partner. But the flat head of the Gigi presses a wide, comfortable surface over the entire G-spot area. Here’s how the Gigi’s tip compares to the Mona’s.

Mona Gigi Tips

The flat head can feel a bit more like the firm, full pressure you get from the head of a penis or dildo pressing your G spot – rather than the concentrated stimulation of fingers. But on top of that it’s vibrating! 

You may enjoy the Gigi if you’ve had issues with other toys making you feel like your insides are being jabbed. Here’s what one customer had to say about it.

Review comment

The Gigi has a shorter insertable length than a lot of other G-spot vibrators. Luckily the G-spot is located pretty shallow along the front wall near the entrance. But if you enjoy playing around deeper in – Gigi may not reach as far as you’d like. It can also be more tricky to maneuver solo for G-spot play since it’s not as long as other toys like the Mona.

How’s Gigi Do During Sex?

You can also use the Gigi 2 on your clit during partnered sex! It’s elegant curve and handle create ample space for your partner to work your G spot while the Gigi works your clit – without becoming over-crowded!

During sex is one time where the flat head is a bid of a downside in my opinion. It can make it a bit harder to maneuver around your vulva during sex than a tapered G-spot vibrator like the Mona. But if you enjoy the vibes staying mostly around your clit, you probably won’t have issues with the Gigi. 

Can the Lelo Gigi 2 Keep a Secret – Noise Level

Perhaps you enjoy a good bit of sneaky fun. Or maybe you need to be discrete for other reasons. A time or two you’ve have had your mind snapped out of arousal by the sudden realization “Damn – this vibrator is loud!” 

If you fit any of those descriptions, the Lelo Gigi 2 could make a great companion for you. The Gigi’s vibes are quiet, deep, and rumbly (not high-pitched and buzzy).

Used externally, I can go unnoticed in bed next to my husband if I’d like. And if you’re using it for G-spot stimulation your body dampens those sounds further. 

Even at its highest levels the Gigi is quieter than most vibrators of the same power. 

Again, since sexual experience and preferences are so different from person to person it’s good to know MOST people’s experience – not just mine. So from hundreds of customer reviews I looked through all the reviews which discussed noise level and tallied the results. 

From the reviews I read, zero customers said the product was loud and most people who mentioned the noise level raved of its quietness. I did come across 3 customers who mentioned that the toy became loud after they had damaged it – more on that in the next section.

It’s fair to say most vibrators aren’t as well known for being quiet as the Gigi 2.  

And if discretion is important to you, I got my Lelo Gigi through Lovehoney which always ships in plain packaging which won’t draw attention.

Gigi Arrival

Is the Lelo Gigi 2 Waterproof

Yes! You can have fun with the Gigi 2 in the shower. And thank goodness because let’s face it – shower sex seems hot, but good shower sex is really hard to have. A trusty toy in the shower can help guarantee orgasm and pleasure for all.

Be careful using the Lelo Gigi in really hot water though. Some people have said the silicone fit more loosely on the vibrator after using it in extreme temperatures. It won’t affect the quality of the vibrations. You’ll probably still have years of pleasure ahead if this happens, but it can make the vibes louder.   


The Gigi is also super easy to clean since it’s waterproof. You can let warm water run directly over the entire toy as you wash with soap and water. It’s best to clean your vibrators both before and after use.

What is the Best Type of Lube for Lelo Gigi 2

Water-based lube. Using silicone lube on silicone toys can damage the vibrator.

Check out the Gigi’s pricing here or keep reading for some other alternatives.

Lelo Gigi 2 Alternatives

Higher Power Alternative – Lelo Mona 2

I have a lot to say about this vibrator – it’s one of my personal favorites. And it’s even the toy I learned how to have multiple orgasms with. But I’ll condense my thoughts here and let you read my Lelo Mona 2 Review for the rest.

Lelo Mona Face View

First, though I find the power of both the Gigi and the Mona to be sufficient for me, the Mona is certainly more powerful. And I do find myself reaching more often for the Lelo Mona and turning it all the way up. It can be a touch louder than Gigi, but it’s still very quiet. I’ve used it sneakily many times!

I don’t use the Mona as much internally because I find the pointed end less comfortable inside me than Gigi’s broad flat head. But other’s love the Mona’s tapered shape and find the narrow head can make insertion easier for them. If you like more precise stimulation (compare it a little more to fingering) you may enjoy the Mona more for your G-spot O’s. But if you love firm, broad pressure – Gigi is the way to go.

I find the Mona’s buttons a bit easier than Gigi’s to press as well. This can be nice so fiddling with buttons doesn’t take me out of the moment.

I also love the long slender curve of the Mona and find it REALLY easy to use on my clit during sex. Like the Gigi, it’s easy to keep your hands out of the way of the action. But you get a bit more maneuverability with the slender shape of the Mona. 

Both options are great. It definitely depends what you prefer.

We’d Recommend the Lelo Mona 2 Over the Lelo Gigi 2 If:

  • You want more powerful vibrations
  • You prefer more precise, targeted vibrations
  • Using the vibe on your clit during sex is a top priority

Budget-Friendly Option – Pillow Talk Sassy

The Pillow Talk Sassy vibrator combines some of the great traits of both the Lelo Gigi 2 and the Lelo Mona 2 – and then cuts the price tag roughly in half.

Pillow Talk Sassy

The Sassy is a budget friendly – yet still luxurious – vibrator to use on your clit, G-spot, or during sex. The shape of its head is somewhere between the Lelo Mona and the Gigi. The head comes to a pointed tip for more precision than Gigi. But it’s not as accentuated as Mona’s tapered tip so Sassy maintains some of that broad stimulation. 

The Sassy has more power than the Lelo Gigi 2 as well. If you think you’ll need more intensity, Sassy may be a good alternative. There are no vibration patterns though. If you enjoy wavelike sensations you can’t get them here. It’s all constant vibes – but that can allow you to eliminate more choices and distraction and focus on the sensation.

We’d Recommend the Pillow Talk Sassy Over the Lelo Gigi 2 If:

  • You’re on a budget
  • You typically need a lot of power to orgasm
  • You usually use the constant vibration setting
  • You tend to prefer more pointed toys and precise stimulation

Rumbly and Long-Distance Alternative – We-Vibe Rave

The We-Vibe rave is a G-spot vibrator that can be controlled by a press of a button on the toy or on a phone hundreds of miles away.

We-Vibe Rave

If you’ve been wanting to try some long distance fun with your partner, the We-Vibe Rave may be a great way to go. Even if your partner is controlling the vibrations, you can still hold the Rave and decide where to deliver them. Or give complete control to your partner and let them make all the decisions.

The Rave’s vibrations are deep and rumbly. They’re more powerful than the Lelo Gigi’s and maybe even than Mona’s. Yet they stay deep and rumbly the whole time. They never get buzzier even when all the way up. 

The shape is a little unique. Along one side there’s ridges for additional stimulation, but it has a flattened head. It can provide broad stimulation like the Gigi, though not quite as broad. But the ridges add some interesting variation. Some people do find the ridges a bit distracting if they enjoy thrusting the vibrator while using it.

We’d Recommend the We-Vibe Rave Over the Lelo Gigi 2 If:

  • You want to have some long distance fun with a partner
  • You want more powerful vibrations
  • You prefer extremely rumbly vibrations

Final Thoughts

The Lelo Gigi is a versatile G-spot vibrator. It’s main drawback is having a bit less power than some other vibrators. But the fact that the vibrations stay focused at the head without traveling up through the handle make up quite a bit for the lack of power. If you’ve needed additional power in the past, you may prefer a vibe like the Mona. But the Gigi is enough power for most people.

If you enjoy G-spot stimulation and haven’t experienced a vibrator delivering broad, flat pressure flush against your G-spot – the Gigi 2 is worth exploring. 

Holding Gigi

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