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Lelo Billy 2 Review

Lelo Billy 2 Prostate Massager

Our Verdict


The Lelo Billy 2 is one of the best entry-level prostate toys for people looking to explore prostate stimulation from both vibrations and pressure. Its slim size and unintimidating length make it ideal for beginners, but I still get excellent prostate pressure by using the handle to apply force along the front wall to my P-spot.

The vibrations are solid too: upper-mid strength with a good, rumbly quality. 

If you’ve already got quite a bit of prostate experience, you’ll probably prefer the larger size of a toy like the Lelo Loki or Loki Wave. But if you’re newer to prostate stimulation, and want a well-built, high-quality slim toy – the Lelo Billy 2 is an excellent choice.

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  • Well-built, high-quality toy that’s sized well for beginners to anal stimulation
  • Good power range – both low and high levels
  • Handle allows you to easily apply additional pressure to your prostate
  • One of the quietest toys I own
  • Waterproof for easy cleaning


  • Slimmer than advanced users would likely prefer
  • Lelo Loki and Lelo Hugo reach a higher vibration strength
  • Shorter handle is more difficult to maneuver than longer toys like the nJoy Pure Wand

Table of Contents

We’ll be taking a detailed look at Lelo’s entry-level prostate massager in this Lelo Billy 2 review.

Lelo Billy 2 Prostate Massager and Packaging

By the time I tested the Lelo Billy 2, I’d already owned many larger toys for more advanced users, including Lelo’s Loki and Loki Wave. (You can read about my experience with all my P-spot toys in my best prostate massagers guide here)

But I still found the Lelo Billy 2 provided a great range of stimulation, even after using other more filling toys. While many other entry-level toys leave me feeling pretty underwhelmed, the Lelo Billy 2 has been a pleasant surprise, and I’ve had some wonderful times and orgasms with it.

Let’s get into the deets!

How the Lelo Billy 2 Stimulates the Prostate

I want to quickly chat about how the Lelo Billy 2 stimulates your prostate compared to other toys. 

This can give you some context about why you may want to choose the Lelo Billy or whether a different kind of prostate massager may be better for you.

Vibrating prostate massagers like the Lelo Billy 2 that have a handle allow you to enjoy a variety of prostate stimulation: vibrations, manual pressure from maneuvering the handle, and a feeling of fullness. 

Lelo Handheld Prostate Massagers

The variety and blend of stimulation are what make handheld prostate vibrators wonderful. 

You can do it all.

Now other kinds of toys excel at a specific type of stimulation. For instance, heavy dildos like the nJoy Pure Wand offer more substantial pressure than the Lelo Billy 2. But they sacrifice the vibes.

And prostate plugs like the We-Vibe Vector often have more powerful vibrations. But since plugs are hands-free, you can’t grip and maneuver them to apply firmer pressure. Instead, plugs simply rest against your prostate and stimulate primarily through strong vibrations.

Lelo Billy 2 vs We-Vibe Vector

If you’d rather focus on one aspect of prostate stimulation, check out the nJoy Pure Wand for the best pressure or a prostate plug like the We-Vibe Vector (also great for beginners) for the best vibes.

If you’re interested in a blend of prostate stimulation through both pressure and vibrations, read on!

Vibrations: Power, Quality, And Patterns

The Lelo Billy 2 packs the high-quality vibrations Lelo is known for into a prostate massager that’s the right size for beginners to anal exploration.

Vibration Power

As far as vibration strength – the Lelo Billy 2 is toward the upper-mid part of the power spectrum. 

It packs a strong punch, but it’s not quite as powerful as Lelo’s other prostate massagers. Lelo’s larger prostate massager, the Lelo Loki, and the Lelo Hugo pack a bit more power. 

Lelo Billy 2 Vibration Power vs Other Prostate Massagers

But surprisingly, the Lelo Billy 2’s vibrations feel nearly as strong as the Lelo Loki Wave (their version of the Loki that also makes a come hither motion).

And Lelo Billy’s vibes feel stronger than budget-friendly prostate vibrators I’ve tried, like the Svakom Vick Neo. They’re even more substantial than some expensive toys like the Nexus Revo Stealth.

To provide you with more context than just my own opinion, I tallied up the vibration strength ratings from Lovehoney’s customer feedback. They allow customers to rate the toy’s vibe strength from 0 to 5 stars.

The average rating came out to 4.33 out of 5. 

Lelo Billy 2 Vibration Power - Average Customer Rating and My Personal Rating

To me, that feels a bit high. I’d put it closer to 3.33 because it feels about ⅔ as powerful as the Lelo Hugo, which is a pure 5 out of 5 on vibration power (and also small enough for beginners).

But plenty of customers found the Lelo Billy very strong and left feedback like this:

“It’s very powerful, making me come way too fast on the highest power”

Lovehoney customer feedback

“The vibes from this are very strong even on low-speed settings”

Lovehoney customer feedback

Still, if you’re looking for the strongest vibes, the Lelo Hugo is more powerful. But remember, since it’s a plug, you can’t get as much pressure as you can with the Lelo Billy 2. The Lelo Billy 2 focuses on blending both quality vibrations and pressure.

Plus, as I’ll get into in a moment – the Lelo Billy’s vibes are on the rumbly side of the spectrum.  Rumbly vibes feel more impactful on the prostate than a buzzy vibe of the same strength.

So that adds a bit of a bonus to the vibe power.

Another great feature is that the Lelo Billy 2 has a full power range – it has both very low and high power levels. Many toys start at about half of their full power and completely skip over soft, teasy levels. 

But I like to have low levels when I’m getting warmed up and turned on – I don’t like to jump in immediately at a high power level.

The Lelo Billy 2’s first power level is such a low, lovely hum it’s perfect when I’m just getting started. Then you can work smoothly through the power levels with no huge, jarring leaps between intensity levels. 

Rumbly or Buzzy Vibrations?

A prostate massager’s vibrations tend to feel either deep and rumbly or more surface-level and buzzy.

Rumbly vibes tend to feel full and impactful – especially when used internally like a prostate massager is. 

They affect a broader area, whereas buzzy vibes tend to have all their impact right at the spot they’re touching – the vibes don’t spread out as much.

Ultimately, there’s a lot of personal preference involved, but most people prefer their prostate massagers to be somewhere on the rumbly side of the spectrum (though there are people who like buzzy vibes more).

Like most Lelo motors, the Lelo Billy 2 is moderately rumbly – about 75% rumbly.

Lelo Toys Vibration Frequency

This is right in the range I prefer. 

The vibes move deep and stimulate a broad area from the rumbliness, but there’s still a slight bit of buzz so you don’t lose the immediate impact at the point of contact.

If you’re someone who prefers extremely rumbly vibrations, the We-Vibe Vector is another prostate massager that’s a good size for beginners but has super rumbly vibrations.

Again, rumbliness vs buzziness is a personal preference, but I’m definitely happy with the balance the Lelo Billy 2 strikes.

Vibration Patterns

The Lelo Billy 2 also provides a good range of vibration patterns – it has 8 different settings. This may not be important to everyone since many people prefer a constant vibration level.

But I like to have options and find that I prefer using a pattern some days.

The Lelo Billy 2 can provide fast pulses, long pulses, crescendos, a sort of randomized pattern, and others.

There’s also four control buttons so you can go forward and backward through patterns. And you can increase / decrease the power of each pattern. This offers better control than many toys with one button to cycle through patterns and intensities.

Lelo Billy 2 Controls

For a toy that’s not app-controlled to provide completely customized vibes, the Lelo Billy 2 provides excellent pattern options.

Prostate Pressure from the Lelo Billy 2

Since the Lelo Billy 2 has a handle, you can grip and maneuver the prostate massager to apply additional pressure against your P-spot.

Applying pressure is the main advantage of the Lelo Billy 2 over prostate plugs which sometimes have stronger vibes but sacrifice firm pressure.

Lelo Billy Handheld Vibrator vs Prostate Plugs

When I’m using the Lelo Billy 2, I usually grip the handle – leveraging it to maintain consistent force against my prostate.

The combo of the Lelo Billy’s vibrations paired with consistent pressure on my P-spot has given me some great, intense orgasms (even from a so-called beginner toy). 

I’m happy with the pressure I can put on my prostate with the Lelo Billy 2.

Now, the handle is shorter than some other prostate massagers like the Lelo Loki Wave (review here) or long dildos like the nJoy Pure Wand.

So gripping the handle and precisely maneuvering the tip of Lelo Billy 2 all over the place to target a bunch of different spots is not entirely realistic. But leveraging it to put pressure on the front wall where the prostate is located is easy. 

If you want total control over exactly where the pressure will hit, a long toy with a substantial grip-able length like the nJoy Pure Wand gives better maneuverability.

Lelo Billy 2 vs nJoy Pure Wand for Maneuverability

But the Lelo Billy 2’s handle provides enough leverage to angle it forward and press firmly against the prostate. 

The other way a prostate toy applies pressure is simply from the fullness it provides. Since the Lelo Billy is slimmer to be more beginner-friendly, it doesn’t offer a ton of pressure from fullness. Certainly not as much as the larger Lelo Loki.

If you’re a more advanced user, you’d probably prefer the fullness of the Lelo Loki, but the Lelo Billy 2 will still provide pressure from fullness for beginners.

I’ve been happy with the prostate pressure the Lelo Billy 2 provides, and it’s more pressure than you can get from a slip-in-place prostate plug.

Size: Best for Beginners

The Lelo Billy 2 is an ideal size for people newer to prostate stimulation. 

Here’s how it looks stacked up against the larger Lelo Loki.

The diameter of the Lelo Billy 2 is just 1.1 inches which is a great size for people starting to explore P-spot stimulation. It’s an unintimidating width that makes inserting the Lelo Billy 2 comfortable and easy.

This width is comparable to the We-Vibe Vector (1.18 inches), which is a plug I often recommend to beginners. And advanced users – I just think it’s a great prostate plug! 

But the Lelo Billy 2 is one of the few high-quality slim prostate massagers that has a handle so you can also thrust it to apply pressure. So for beginners who want to explore both vibration and pressure stimulation, I think the Lelo Billy 2 is a good fit.

Its insertable length is 3.9 inches which is enough to reach the prostate, which typically rests only 2 inches inside the rectum

3.9 inches is the same insertable length as Lelo’s more advanced prostate toy, the Lelo Loki – so people who like a bit deeper stimulation can still enjoy the Lelo Billy 2 as well. But advanced users will likely prefer the more “filling” sensation you can get from the Lelo Loki’s larger bulb.

Comfort: Insertion, During Use, and Removal

The Lelo Billy 2 is one of the most comfortable toys I own.

Everything about it is subtle – a slight curve, slim size, gradual taper, no sudden changes or bulbous sections. All of these traits help make it a very comfortable prostate massager.

Lelo Billy 2 Comfortable Smooth Silicone

The Lelo Billy 2 is one of the easiest prostate massagers to insert. 

In addition to its slim size, it has a good tapered tip that helps make insertion very easy. And the tapered tip is rounded at the end so it doesn’t feel too “pokey” either.

The body-safe silicone of the Billy 2 is also exceptionally smooth, so with a little bit of water-based lube, it glides in with ease.

It also has only a slight curve so that it angles toward your prostate, but it’s not as accentuated as other toys’ curves. This means it may not naturally put as much pressure on your prostate without you using the handle to press it more firmly. 

But it also makes it easier to insert or remove, and more comfortable to have in.

Just as the tip has a taper for easy insertion, the rear of the Lelo Billy 2 is tapered gradually from the neck to the broadest part of the toy so that removing it is easy and comfortable too.

This also means you’ll need to grip the handle every now because your muscle contractions can naturally push the Lelo Billy 2 out on occasion. That’s the main downside of the more comfortable, subtle curves.

Comfortable Prostate Massagers - Lelo Billy, Lelo Hugo, We-Vibe Vector

Especially for prostate play beginners, I would recommend going for a more subtle and comfortable toy like the Lelo Billy 2.

Ease of Use

Because the Lelo Billy 2 is a pretty compact, beginner-friendly toy – it can be more difficult to maneuver and control than larger toys. 

While bigger toys have more space for the buttons to be spread farther, the Lelo Billy 2’s have to be close together. 

So you’ll have some times when you mean to increase the power, but you accidentally press the change pattern button instead. Or times that you mean to just grip the handle so you can put some extra pressure on your prostate, but your fingers accidentally press a button too.

Lelo Billy 2 in Hand

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time switching patterns or increasing and decreasing power, it could be annoying. But in my experience, it’s not that disruptive.  

I don’t usually change between patterns that much. Once I’m warmed up and ready for full power, I typically crank it up and leave it on blast. So except for an occasional accidental button click, it’s not difficult for me to control.

Noise: Will the Lelo Billy 2 Wake the Neighbors

Short answer – no. 

The Lelo Billy 2 won’t wake anyone who’s not in the same room as you.

As I do with all the prostate massagers I review, I asked my partner to stand on the other side of the closed bedroom door and try to listen in while I used the Lelo Billy 2. 

I went through all the vibration power levels and settings and she could not hear the Lelo Billy 2 at any level or setting. 

It’s definitely a discreet noise level – 50dB according to Lelo to be exact. But if you’re like me, the above context is more practical. 

I’d be surprised if you even need a fan on in your room to hide the sound or the Lelo Billy 2, but if you tend to be concerned about noise – turn a fan on and you’re absolutely good to go.

Battery Life and Charging

The Lelo Billy 2 offers up to 4 hours of use on a single charge, but it will be less if you play mostly on the highest power levels.

Lelo Billy 2 Charging

Honestly, I haven’t ever used it that long, so I can’t say exactly how many hours of use I typically get from the Lelo Billy. However, I can tell you that I’ve never had it die on me during use, and I usually play a few times in between charges.

Unless your play sessions tend to be really long, I think you’ll be satisfied with the battery life of the Lelo Billy 2.

When you need to charge, it takes 2 hours to get a full charge.

I want to mention that the Lelo Billy 2 really is waterproof so you have peace of mind. Even though the charging port looks like water could get in and damage it, that’s simply not the case.  

Lelo Billy 2 Waterproof Submerged in Water

Lelo provides a good explanation of their waterproof charging port here. So you can be confident that you actually can take it in the bath with you or submerge it while cleaning.

Lelo Billy 2 Review Results

The Lelo Billy 2 is one of the best prostate massagers for people beginning to explore anal stimulation.

It’s a great size for beginners but still allows you to explore a wonderful range of prostate stimulation from vibrations and pressure.

Lelo Billy 2 Packaging and Product

While there are toys with stronger vibrations, the Lelo Billy 2 still feels quite strong and more impactful than lower-quality toys. And the prostate pressure you can get from leveraging the handle to press the tip against your prostate is great.

Insertion, use, and removal are all comfortable, which is essential in an entry-level toy.

I think the Lelo Billy 2 is a great prostate vibrator if you:

  • Need or prefer slimmer prostate toys, but still want a high-quality option
  • Want a versatile toy with a good mix of stimulation from vibrations and from pressure
  • Prefer toys that have a good power range – with both low and high levels
  • Value comfortable insertion, use, and removal

I think there are better options if you:

  • Have more experience with anal toys and prefer larger sizes for a fuller feeling
  • Want the absolute strongest vibes you can get – the Lelo Hugo and Lelo Loki’s vibes are stronger, but they have other downsides
  • Want greater maneuverability from a longer handle – the nJoy Pure Wand offers better maneuverability and pressure but doesn’t vibrate

Lelo Billy Alternatives

If you’re looking for a slim option like the Lelo Billy 2 but know you like a ton of power, I’d consider the Lelo Hugo or the We-Vibe Vector. 

Both are prostate plugs so you won’t be able to maneuver them to apply additional pressure like you can with the Lelo Billy. But their vibrations do get even stronger than the Lelo Billy. 

And both are great sizes for beginners. 

Best prostate massagers for beginners - Lelo Billy 2, Lelo Hugo, We-Vibe Vector

Plus, even though the We-Vibe Vector is slim for beginners, I still use it regularly myself. I find it really stimulating and especially comfortable. Or for a more budget-friendly prostate plug, you could consider the Svakom Vick Neo – but that one does trade off some power.

If you prefer a larger toy, I’d consider the Lelo Loki, Loki Wave, or nJoy Pure Wand.

Each is thicker than the Lelo Billy to provide more fullness. If you still want a mix of pressure and vibrations, the Lelo Loki or Loki Wave are great options.

If you want the most pressure you can get, but don’t mind a non-vibrating toy – the nJoy Pure Wand provides the most substantial prostate pressure I’ve found in a toy yet.


Where to Buy the Lelo Billy?

Buying directly through Lelo is often the least expensive option. You can use the code PleasureBetter at checkout for 20% off.

Lovehoney is a great place to purchase if you’re unsure you’ll love it. It can be a touch more expensive, but Lovehoney is one of the only shops that allow returns if you don’t end up enjoying your toy. Use code PleasureBetter15 for 15% off at Lovehoney.  

How Long to Charge the Lelo Billy?

The Lelo Billy 2 takes 2 hours to charge and provides up to 4 hours of use.

Cleaning the Lelo Billy 2

The Lelo Billy 2 is completely waterproof – you can completely submerge it. You can clean it with antibacterial soap and warm water – no need to keep running water away from any part of the Lelo Billy 2.

What lube to use with Lelo Billy?

The Lelo Billy 2 is made from body-safe silicone. Use a water-based lube with silicone toys. Silicone lubes can react with silicone toys.

Use Waterbased Lube with Lelo Billy 2

How to Insert the Lelo Billy?

Coat the tip and entire insertable length with a water-based lubricant. If the Lelo Billy is larger than you’re used to, warm up by inserting a finger first. Once ready, relax and slowly begin to nudge the tip of the Lelo Billy 2 in. Gently nudge it back and forth getting a little deeper each time. If you experience any discomfort, don’t insert farther until you are comfortable and used to the sensation again. Eventually, you will feel the Lelo Billy 2 slip into place.

Final Thoughts

I definitely recommend the Lelo Billy 2 to beginners looking to explore a versatile mix of prostate pressure and vibrations. 

It’s a great size for a first toy with the high-quality build of Lelo’s other toys.

Lelo Billy 2 Prostate Massager

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