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Dame Eva Review – Is This Hands-Free Couples Vibrator Worth Buying?

Overall Score

Ranked #10 of 11 Hands-Free Couples Vibrators

Our Verdict

The Dame Eva is a clitoral vibrator designed to wear during sex for hands-free clit stimulation. The wings secure by tucking under your labia to keep the Eva in place on your clit. 

In reality, whether the Eva will stay in place and work for you depends on your own body. While some people do get a truly hands-free experience, I typically need to use a hand to keep the Eva in place during sex (though some positions keep it more secure than others). 

The C-shaped design of the We-Vibe Sync and Chorus couples vibrators offers a more reliable hands-free experience for a broader range of people’s bodies. They’re the couples vibrators I have hands-free orgasms with most easily. But the people who found a secure fit with the Eva really enjoy it. And it doesn’t take up any extra space in your vagina like C-shaped couples vibrators.

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  • Provides hands-free clit stimulation during sex without taking up any space in your vagina like C-shaped couples vibrators do
  • Only one part to situate correctly (unlike C-shaped couples toys where you need the internal and external parts to align right)
  • Unique design for hands-free wear that people really enjoy when it works for them


  • Whether it will fit you is more dependent on your individual anatomy than other hands-free couples vibrators
  • Only about half of people found the Eva completely hands-free; The rest needed to use their hands to keep it in place at times
  • Weaker clit stimulation than other hands-free couples vibrators like the We-Vibe Chorus and We-Vibe Sync

Table of Contents

The Dame Eva is one of the toys I was most excited to try. The colors are interesting and beautiful. And it’s one of the most unique ideas for a wearable vibrator I’ve run across. 

Dame Eva Couples Vibrator With Its Packaging

Most hands-free couples vibrators are C-shaped with both an external and internal arm. They need that internal arm to keep them in place during sex. But having both clit and G-spot components can make it challenging to find a fit where both parts align well simultaneously.

During sex, I just want a toy that gives me the clit stimulation I need to orgasm without needing to keep my hands between my legs. So if a wearable vibrator can get rid of that inner arm to give me even better clitoral vibes – I’m here for it! 

Well, the Dame Eva is purely clitoral. It has two flexible wings that tuck under your inner or outer labia to keep the Eva in place on your clit – no internal G-spot arm needed.

Showing tucking the Dame Eva's Wings to get a proper fit

So there’s only one part that you need to position well. And it doesn’t take up any additional space inside your vagina during sex.

The promise of the Dame Eva was tantalizing to me. But even as I awaited the happy arrival, I thought it would either be an amazing experience… Or it would be super hard to use and fall flat real quick. 

I mean, why aren’t other people making toys shaped like this!? 

Well, after using it solo and with my partner, reading countless other customers’ experiences, and trying it even more times to work through any learning curve there might be – something became clear:

Whether the Dame Eva will work for you is super dependent on your own personal anatomy.

Dame Eva side by side with We-Vibe Chorus for comparison between the two types of hands-free couples vibrators

I find that C-shaped options like the We-Vibe Chorus still work better for my anatomy. So I find them more user-friendly and more stimulating.

But plenty of others found a way to make the Eva work for them!  Here’s a quick look at the breakdown I got from tallying up customers’ feedback on the Eva.

Dame Eva Customer Experience with Hands-Free Fit Statistic Graphic

So in this Dame Eva review, I’ll go ahead and break down my experience with the Eva, and share what others had to say about it. And you can decide whether it’s a good fit for you.

Review Update Notes

  • February 16, 2024: We bought and tested several new competitors to the Dame Eva – specifically, the newest line of We-Vibe couples vibrators (the Sync 2, the Sync O, the Sync Go, and the Sync Lite) that replace previous versions. We updated this review to include our experiences with the new products and relevant comparisons.
  • November, 2022: Review First Published

Compare Dame Eva to Other Hands-Free Couples Vibrators

Dame Eva Vibrations & Stimulation

Vibration Power

The Eva is on the medium-to-low end of the power spectrum compared to other wearable toys during sex. The Eva feels about 60% as powerful as the We-Vibe Sync 2 and Chorus (two of my favorite hands-free couples vibrators, along with the original We-Vibe Sync).

I found that it doesn’t sit very snug against my clit, even after trying several different ways to position the Eva. So the vibrations aren’t very stimulating unless I use my hands to press the Eva more firmly against my body.

Dame Eva often needs help from your hands to bet better contact with your clit

If I need my hands anyway, I’d rather just use a handheld vibrator like the Lelo Mona 2 that can achieve about 3 times the power of the Eva. And then I can maneuver and leverage it more easily to press the vibes exactly where I want them. 

Dame Eva next to Lelo Mona 2 showing size difference and vibration power difference

Now, there are several different ways to wear the Eva, and you may find a more stimulating fit than I did. This toy is very dependent on your own anatomy, and many people loved the Eva’s stimulation.

I love this lil guy. I’m still figuring out how to get it *just* right for me, but this is a game changer. Hands free clit stim opens up a world of possibilities and positions for play time. Highly recommend!

Dame Customer Feedback

“This little guy rocks! Takes some time to get the adjustment right and it might not work for everyone, but once we got it to stay in place (within a couple minutes max) it was great for both of us!”

Lovehoney Customer Feedback

It is on the lower end of power (though still stronger than their Dame Zee bullet). In fact, Dame is very upfront and honest in communicating that it leans to the “not intense” side. It’s just designed for people who prefer milder stimulation.

How DameProducts Describes the Eva's noise, power, and vibration feel
Source: DameProducts Website – This is how Dame describes the Eva

So if you’re looking for something strong, a more powerful couples toy like the We-Vibe Sync 2 or Chorus will likely be better for you. Check out my We-Vibe Chorus vs Sync comparison if those sound like better options for you.

We-Vibe Sync and Chorus Fit Better Than the Dame Eva 2

Or stick with handheld vibrators for the strongest stimulation. If you need immense power, consider a wand vibrator – the most powerful type of vibrator. Although wands can be bulky, many of them have ergonomic features to make them easier to use during sex, like the Lovense Domi 2 with an especially small head. Or the Dame Com and BMS PalmPower Extreme have angled heads to fit better between bodies.

But those who are worried about over-stimulation will likely enjoy the Dame Eva’s softer vibrations! Especially since it’s pretty indirect stimulation.

Vibration Feel: Buzzy or Rumbly

The vibrations are also very buzzy. 

Now, buzzy vibes often get a bad wrap in the sex toy world – primarily because many cheap, poorly made vibrators have weak, buzzy vibrations. But I’m someone who actually enjoys and advocates for high-quality, strong buzzy vibes for clit stimulation. 

My favorite clitoral vibrator, the Lovense Hyphy, is extremely buzzy. But its motor is well-made, super strong, and the orgasms it gives me are incredible!

Lovense Hyphy is Buzzy Like the Dame Eva, But Stronger

Unfortunately, the Dame Eva’s vibes are too weak to have opted for a buzzy motor. More rumbly vibrators can still pack a good punch on the lower power levels. For instance, the Dame Pom is a mild mini vibrator. But its rumbly vibrations pack a deeper impact that I can still orgasm easily with it.

But for a buzzy vibrator like the Dame Eva to feel impactful, it has to be strong. 

Overall Stimulation Solo & During Partnered Sex

I used the Eva solo to start and found the vibes pretty underwhelming. So I was looking forward to using it with my partner. I figured if we faced each other, his body could press the toy against me, and it might feel more stimulating. 

But we sadly found that we could only use this toy if he was behind me and I could keep my legs closed. Otherwise, the toy easily fell out. I’ll talk more about this in the next section. 

Overall, the Dame Eva provides subtle, indirect vibes. It can be good for people prone to overstimulation or who enjoy softer vibrations. But people who enjoy a lot of power have better options for them.

People looking for strong hands-free stimulation for solo play may want to consider the Lovense Dolce or Lelo Ida Wave. They’re two of the more stimulating hands-free dual clit and G-spot options I’ve found, but they’re not wearable during sex. 

Lelo Ida Wave and Lovense Dolce are more stimulating hands-free options for solo play than the Dame Eva

For people who want stronger hands-free stimulation during sex, I’d recommend the We-Vibe Chorus or Sync 2 (or grab the Sync 1 while We-Vibe is selling its remaining stock at a discount – it’s just as good)! These hands-free couples vibrators are almost twice as strong as the Dame Eva. 

We-Vibe Chorus and Sync - Most Stimulating Couples Vibrators During Sex

Dame Eva Fit and Comfort

Now, if you’ve been eyeing the Eva, you’ve probably noticed a lot of people saying that this toy takes some “figuring out”. You have to learn to insert it correctly and situate it, so the Eva stays in place during sex.

I tested the Dame Eva many times solo and with my partner. And yes – it’s a struggle to figure out.

I mean – pull out the mirror so you can see (I really had to do this) and get ready to spend some quality time with your vulva and the Eva. It took me several trials, but I have been able to figure out a fit that works okay for me. 

But I still find the C-shaped We-Vibe couples vibrators offer a more reliable hands-free fit.

Dame Eva next to We-Vibe Sync - Eva's more difficult to position than C-shaped couples vibrators

I scanned other users’ comments on Lovehoney and Dame’s website. And it was a pretty even split between people who could wear the Eva completely hands-free and those who couldn’t.

So be aware that whether this toy will fit you, depends on your own body – which no one can know without trying the Eva! 

Or it will at least take some committed practice.

The Eva’s instructions mention a few different ways to attempt to position it. The only one I’ve been able to master is with the wings between my outer labia facing upward. 

Dame Eva's Instructions showing how to use the Dame Eva - I've only been able to get the position circled to work

It can be a little uncomfortable while you’re figuring out how to get it in place. But once you’re wearing it, it’s quite comfy. And my partner can easily fit inside me while I wear the Eva. It doesn’t interfere with penetration at all.

My partner and I have tried several different sex positions with this toy. But to keep it in place hands-free, we have to stick to positions with him behind me. This allows me to keep my legs mostly closed, which helps the Eva stay in place. It’s also easier to reach a hand down to press on the Eva when necessary.

We also have to keep movement to a minimum.

If he’s thrusting more quickly, or I’m on top, the Eva tends to fall out. 

We also had to be careful with lube. If you get any lube around the Eva’s wings, it can easily slide out of place. And when it falls out, it’s a bit disruptive since it takes some work to get it back into place.

I’ve learned that if you think it may pop out, it’s best just to reach your hand down and press it in place. 

Others’ experiences with finding a secure fit are mixed, indicating once again that the Eva is quite dependent on your anatomy. People fell mainly into three groups:

  • People who enjoyed the Eva and said they could use it hands-free
  • People who enjoyed the Eva, but said they could not use it hands-free
  • People who neither enjoyed the Eva, nor could they use it hands-free
Dame Eva Customer Experience with Hands-Free Fit Statistic Graphic

Like me, many others had a tough time keeping it in place without their hands: 

“It’s not really hands free tbh”

“I find that it moves around a lot and is hard to keep in place, so I end up using my hand/fingers to hold it, which kind of defeats the purpose.”

Lovehoney Customer Feedback

Even many people who enjoyed the Eva and rated it highly mentioned they needed to get their hands involved:

“It doesn’t stay in place as easily as I’d like when I’m with a partner, but it does when I’m on my own, and it’s still less annoying to hold onto than most vibes!”

“I’ve tried it with my partner a couple of times and so far I can’t figure out how to make it hands-free. However, we give it 10/10. Both agreed that it was the best purchase for our sex life.”

“For me it is not hands free, which is sad but I sort of expected as much. Despite the hands free aspect not working – it is amazing and I love it.”

Dame Customer Feedback

But others did successfully use the Dame Eva hands-free.

“I even walked and moved around some to see if it would stay put, which it did!”

“Thus far it works very well and the toy actually stays in place in almost all of the positions I’ve tried, except maybe one or two (in which case, just a finger can help hold it in place). Like, I could walk around the house with it on or use it in the shower and even if it’s wet it still says in place.”

“Works wonderfully and is truly hands-free”

“Actually stays in place and really works!

Dame Customer Feedback

So it’s best if you’re not absolutely set on a hands-free experience, but you may be one of the people the Eva fits just right.

Personally, with how the Eva restricts my movements, I would rather grab a handheld vibrator to use during sex or the more secure, hands-free We-Vibe Chorus

Handheld or C-shaped Couples Vibrators In Contrast to Dame Eva

All that said – I think the Eva might be a fun addition if you want something unique, are up for some trial and error, and are aware that the Eva may or may not fit your particular anatomy. Even though the Eva doesn’t fit me quite right, I still enjoyed it more than cheap C-shaped vibes like the Satisfyer Double Joy.

Since it tends to be a shot in the dark whether or not the Eva will work for you, I’d recommend buying from Lovehoney. Lovehoney is one of the only places that allows money-back returns simply because you didn’t like the toy. So it’s your safest bet.

But if you’re committed to something hands-free and were hoping for a more sure fit: I’d recommend the We-Vibe Sync 2 or the Chorus! These are similar in price and stay securely in place for a broader range of bodies than the Dame Eva.

We-Vibe Sync and Chorus - More Reliable Hands-free options during sex than the Eva II

Dame Eva Control Features

The Eva is controlled by a button on top of the toy. 

Controlling the Dame Eva with the button on top of the toy

It has three different power settings – low, medium, and high. But there are no patterns. Pressing the button cycles through the power levels. But there is not a way to step back down unless you go through the full cycle.

This gives pretty limited control, which adds to the difficulty of using the Eva during sex. 

First, because there are only three speeds, it’s hard to have a nice slow build. But the button itself is also difficult to press. 

If you’re wearing the Eva facing up, the button is right next to your clit. So it’s hard to press without bumping around uncomfortably. And as I’ve mentioned, the toy is pretty precariously placed. So pressing the button can sometimes knock the Eva out.

Dame Eva on a drawing of a vulva showing it can be difficult to press the button without knocking the Eva out

I don’t mind a button-only control system on most toys. But I think the Eva would benefit from a remote control, since clicking the button often makes it slip out. 

It’s best to pick one speed setting you enjoy and stick to it the whole time. That way you’re not clicking the button during sex.

If you’re like me, and enjoy slowly working through power levels for a gentle build – the We-Vibe Sync 2, the Chorus, and the original Sync are much better at this. These toys have a remote control or an app that you can use to control them.

Sync and Chorus with remotes describing the benefits of remote controlled couples vibrators

Both these options give the easy ability to power up or down in small increments. And there are also some fun preset patterns you can access!

Dame Eva Noise

The Dame Eva is usually the kind of toy you won’t be able to hear from the other side of a closed door. 

To test noise levels, I had my partner stand on the other side of our closed bedroom door while I used the Eva inside. Normally, he could not hear any of the three vibration powers from the other side of the door.

However, at least my Eva tends to make this strange rattling sound if you hold it a certain way. And this rattling is much louder. So when this happened, my partner said he’d have to be trying to listen for it, but he could hear it a bit.

I recommend playing light music or turning a fan on in your room if you need to be discreet. With a fan on, my partner couldn’t hear the Eva even when it made the louder sound.

Some users found the noise level to be frustrating even if they weren’t trying to be sneaky:

“On the highest setting, it is incredibly loud and distracting”

Dame Customer Feedback

Other hands-free couples vibrators like the We-Vibe Sync, Lelo Tiani, and We-Vibe Chorus are quieter than the Dame Eva. So if you’re very concerned about noise, one of those may be a better option for you.

Dame Eva Battery Life

The Dame Eva charges through a cute little charging port, which is great for storage too!

Overhead view of Dame Eva in its Charging Case

It has about an hour of battery life in it. But you can stretch it further if you stick to the lower powers.

I tested the battery life of each of my hands-free couples vibrators, including the Eva. I charged each fully and set them all vibrating at their highest power level. Then I left them to buzz until they could buzz no more. I checked on them every 10 minutes to see which ones were still going, and marked when each battery died.

The Eva was one of the first ones to die.

We-Vibe’s entry-level couples vibrators lasted the longest, including the We-Vibe Sync Go and Sync Lite (and their predecessors, the We-Vibe Match and Unite). These models lasted around 2 hours and up. But unfortunately, they each fit and stimulate poorly.

My favorite couples vibrators, the We-Vibe Chorus and Sync 2, lasted between 60 and 90 minutes on high. But they’re more stimulating than the Dame Eva. So you can stretch the battery life longer since you won’t need to have them on full blast as often as the Eva.

Dame Eva Aesthetics & Packaging

I usually don’t talk too much about how a vibrator looks since I care more about how it feels. But the Eva’s aesthetic was one of the main reasons I wanted to try this product. 

Dame Eva with its Packaging and Charging Station

Like the Maude brand (which makes the Maude Vibe), Dame cares about designing products that look good and have a more natural aesthetic. Dame’s products don’t feel like novelty gag gifts in bright, hot pink colors.

I think Dame knocked it out of the park with the Eva’s look. They have cooler, more organic colors – a rare find in the sex-toy world which is usually full of hot pinks, purples, and other vibrant colors. 

The Eva also comes with a fancy-ass charging station, and the packaging was v classy.

Dame Eva Plugged into Charging Case - Side View

I will say that I wish I had gotten the Quartz. The “Fir” turned out more teal than I thought it would be. Which is not really the color I was hoping for. 

But all in all, I hope other brands follow Dame into the world of more earth-toned, natural vibrator colors.

Other Dame Eva II Specs

Dame Eva Materials

The Eva is made from medical-grade silicone. So it’s silky smooth and completely body-safe! 

Dame Eva Size

The Eva is 2.4 inches wide with the “wings”, which are very flexible. It’s 1.7 inches tall and 1.1 inches deep. It fits nicely into the palm of my hand!

Dame Eva in hand for size context with dimensions shown

The depth is small enough that it doesn’t get in the way during sex. My partner was easily able to fit in me while I wore the Eva. 

Since the Eva sits between the labia, the height was a good fit if it was between the outer labia. But if you secure the toy in the inner labia, you may have a tighter space for penetration.

Dame Eva Waterproof Rating

The Eva is 100% waterproof! So bring it in the tub or dunk it entirely underwater while cleaning. It’s also magnetically re-chargeable. It’s always reassuring to me that no little charging holes will start to let in water over time. Perfectly sealed!

Dame Eva in water showing waterproof rating


How to Use Dame Eva

The Dame Eva is worn during penetrative sex to provide clitoral stimulation. You secure it by tucking the Eva’s wings between your inner or outer labia (whichever works best for you).

How to use Dame Eva - couples vibrator with its instruction manual

It takes practice and different variations to figure out the best fit. Still, it’s not as secure as other hands-free wearable toys I’ve tried. So it is likely to require some help from your hands depending on your positions. 

How to Clean the Dame Eva

The Dame Eva is completely waterproof. So you can submerge it while you clean it with warm, soapy water. 

Dame Eva Review Results

The Dame Eva was an intriguing toy and a fun experiment. But it ultimately doesn’t work for my particular anatomy as well as I was hoping during sex.

Dame Eva with its box

While it works well for some people, this is a toy that will be highly dependent on your own body. I think other types of hands-free couple toys fit better for a broader range of people.

The Eva gives subtle stimulation that can be enjoyable and stimulate your clit well if you assist it with your hand. But in most positions, the Eva’s not truly “hands-free.” You’ll need to give it a little help to stay in.

I’ve found the C-shape of We-Vibe’s couples toys still provides the best fit for most couples who want hands-free stimulation during sex. These include the We-Vibe Chorus and Sync 2 (their current models). And the original We-Vibe Sync, which has been discontinued but is still available while stock lasts.

Dame Eva, We-Vibe Sync, and We-Vibe Chorus couples vibrators side by side

The Eva is very beautifully packaged, and the aesthetic is lovely. It’s a toy unlike any other and can be a fun addition to your collection. As long as you’re willing to spend time experimenting or assisting with your hands. And ultimately, you need to be aware – it may not fit your own vulva well.

Dame Eva product and packaging shot

If you can’t afford to take a chance on whether the Eva will fit you, I’d recommend two options. 

  1. If you want to try the Eva, buy through Lovehoney since they offer a full refund if you don’t end up enjoying your toy. 
  2. Go with a toy that works for a broader range of people and is a bit less dependent on your particular anatomy.

The We-Vibe Sync 2 is about the same price and more secure-fitting. Or try a handheld toy like the Lelo Mona 2. Both give more power, simpler control, and are great during penetrative sex!

Dame Eva II, We-Vibe Sync, and Lelo Mona 2 - Three similarly priced options for clit stimulation during sex with pros and cons

Dame Eva Alternatives

We-Vibe Chorus and Sync

The We-Vibe Chorus and Sync 2 serve the same purpose as the Eva. All three are couples vibrators you can wear during penetrative sex for hands-free stimulation.

However, the Chorus and Sync 2 are the two wearables that I orgasm with most easily during sex (along with the discontinued original Sync)! The only other couples vibrator that brings me to orgasm hands-free during sex is the We-Vibe Sync O, but I find it more difficult.

Dame Eva vs We-Vibe couples vibrators for hands-free stimulation during sex

The Chorus and Sync provide internal vibrations in addition to clitoral vibes. And they’re both stronger than the Dame Eva.

But the most important difference – they stay in place much better than the Dame Eva. So you can enjoy 100% truly hands-free play.

Both the Chorus and Sync have more and better control options than the Eva. Of course, you can stick to the button on the toy if you’d like. But it’s easier to control your toy during sex with its remote or app.

I love using the remotes to control these toys during sex because I don’t have to stick my hand between my legs to change the power or pattern. It’s easy to increase or decrease the power, so I can give myself a slow build too.

Remotes make it easier to increase and decrease vibration power without moving the toy

The app can also be awesome for play during sex. Though my favorite time to use it is for discreet public play. The app helps you get the exact pattern and intensity you want. And it’s also easy to let a partner control me with the app or the remote.

When they’re at full price, the Sync and Eva are about the same price. And the Chorus is just a bit more expensive. It’s the top-of-the-line model with a second adjustable hinge to improve the fit. And it has some squeeze/touch-activated control features.

I have full reviews of the We-Vibe Sync 2 and We-Vibe Chorus if you’re interested!

A Great Handheld Option – Lelo Mona 2

While the Lelo Mona 2 does not give you hands-free vibes, it’s one of my favorite options for clitoral stimulation during sex.

Lelo Mona 2 - a handheld alternative to Dame Eva for use during sex

If you’ve tried using a bullet vibrator or wand vibrator during sex and given up, I’m here to say: There’s still hope for the handhelds!

Here’s why – while the Mona is marketed as a G-spot vibrator, you can also use it on your clit. And in my opinion, this type of vibrator has the best design for clitoral stimulation during partnered sex. 

Long handheld toy compared to small bullet vibrator for use during sex

The Lelo Mona 2 (and others like it) has a long handle that lets me hold the toy and easily maneuver it wherever I need the vibes. Without my hands getting in the way. 

The handle keeps them clear out of the action – unlike small bullet vibrators that require you to have your hands right in between your legs. 

Benefits of Handheld Slender vibrator during partnered sex

And the Mona’s narrow tip and slim profile is great for slipping easily between my legs and our bodies without the toy itself getting in the way. The slim shape takes up less space than bulky wand vibrators (although some are designed to be great wand vibrators to use during sex).

If you want the most versatile, strongest stimulation during sex – a handheld vibrator like the Lelo Mona 2 is the way to go.

Read my full Lelo Mona 2 review here

Dame Eva vs Fin

The Eva is a clitoral vibrator worn between the labia. The Fin is a vibrator worn on your (or your partner’s) fingers for clitoral stimulation.

So the Fin’s main purpose is to give you or a partner the ability to enjoy some external vibes without having to actually hold a toy. So while you still need to use your hands, in theory, it’s less distracting than gripping and maneuvering a handheld vibrator. (I personally don’t find holding a vibrator too distracting though.)

Dame Fin Finger Vibrator

Whereas the Eva is intended to offer an entirely hands-free experience. However, as I’ve mentioned many times throughout this Dame Eva review, many people still need to use their hands to keep the Eva in place.

It looks like if you wear the Fin closer to your knuckles, it frees up the tips of your fingers for some insertion. All while still providing clitoral vibrations externally. 

I don’t personally own the Dame Fin, so I’m not positive about how deep it allows your fingers to go. One review I read mentioned:

“Biggest issue – the design ‘gets in the way’ and prevents you from inserting as much as you’d otherwise like”

Dame Fin Customer Feedback

But either way, it sounds like a fun way to spice up some solo play, or a partner’s fingering technique.

Where to Buy the Dame Eva

You can buy the Eva through Lovehoney, PeepshowToys, or directly through Dame Products

But I personally recommend buying through Lovehoney. They’re one of the few shops that will let you return a toy for a full refund simply because you didn’t end up enjoying the toy. 

Since the Dame Eva is very dependent on each person’s individual anatomy, I think having the option of returning it is important.

Buying through Dame allows returns, but it is for in-store credit, so Lovehoney is a safer bet!

Dame Eva Product

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