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Can Max 2 Sync With an Edge

The Lovense brand is known for their great app controlled sex toys. They’re product line is loved by individuals, couples, and cam performers. And the Max 2 and Edge are no exceptions. The Max 2 provides intense stimulation to the penis through it’s app-controlled suction male masturbation sleeve. On the other end the Edge provides powerful app-controlled vibes for prostate stimulation.

A unique feature of Lovense toys is that some can sync with each other. Increasing intensity or changing the pattern of one toy causes the other toy to react the same way! Here’s how syncing the Max 2 with Nora looks.

 Syncing the Max 2 and the Edge would open up your playtime to two interesting possibilities:

  1. You and your partner could enjoy the shared experience that comes with your partner’s toy reacting to yours! All while each enjoying your preferred stimulation: either traditional stroking with the Max 2 or prostate stimulation with the Edge.
  2. You could use both the Max 2 and the Edge simultaneously for your solo sessions. You would only need to control one toy in-app since the other would react with the changes of the first toy. No need to control each toy with separate devices like two phones or one phone/one computer.

So now the real question. Can it be done?

Can Max 2 Sync With an Edge

The short answer is no – but don’t lose hope! Because the long answer is this: there are two great alternatives that provide a solution. Which you choose will depend on what you care most about:

  1. Syncing your Max 2 stroker toy with a prostate toy for a shared experience with a partner.
  2. Using the Max 2 and prostate toy simultaneously on yourself while only having to manually control one toy.

Use the Lovense Nora as a Prostate Massager

If you want to sync your Max 2 with a prostate toy this is your best option. The Nora is the only non-stroking toy that can be synced with the Max 2. However, many people have had great experiences using the Nora anally for prostate stimulation! And it’s clitoral arm is like a flared base making it safe for anal use – while vibrating to massage your perineum. 

Max 2 and Nora

Here’s what one reddit user had to say about his experience using the Lovense Nora for prostate stimulation.

Nora For Anal

One thing to remember is that the Nora’s main head rotates which will provide pressure on the prostate. It’s clitoral arm vibrates to provide stimulation to your perineum. See how Nora moves in the video at the top of this page! That’ll give you a visual of the stimulation you’d be feeling on your prostate.

If you prefer your prostate stimulation to come primarily from vibration, the Nora may not be your best solution. But if prostate pressure is your jam like it is for ThickNRigid give Nora a try! 

Use Another Remote Control Prostate Toy

If you want solo prostate stimulation while using your Max 2 there are a variety of options! If you want the toys to truly sync with each other see above – Nora is your only solution. But if you don’t need your prostate toy synced with your Max 2, try a remote control prostate massager that has its own physical remote.

This will enable you to easily control both toys. You can control the Max 2 with your Lovense phone app while comfortably holding the prostate massager’s remote in your other hand. We review several remote control prostate massagers here. No need to reach behind you and try to mess with buttons on a toy in your ass while also trying to focus on the Max 2!  

If you want even simpler control try a prostate massager with a SenseMotion remote like the Lelo Hugo. This will allow you to control the prostate plug simply by moving the remote. Tilting the remote will change the vibrator’s intensity. Moving or shaking it will also send vibrations in time with the motion. Then you can control your Max 2 without any button mashing while your prostate toy responds to your body’s motion. Hugo is also shaped close to the Lovense Edge for a similar (though less textured) feel!

Lelo Hugo

Here’s a look at the SenseMotion control. This is shown on another Lelo toy but it’s the same control style for the Hugo.

Use the Edge and Max 2 Together Without Syncing

If you’re wanting to control a prostate toy with a long distance partner while they control your Max 2 – the Edge is still a great toy. The only feature you’ll miss out on is that you cannot sync a Max 2 with an Edge. You each can still control your partner’s toy in-app and video chat as usual. And the Edge really does deliver some great prostate stimulation. If you need a long distance prostate toy, it’s a great way to go! You can read more about it in our Lovense Edge review.

Lovense Edge

Final Thoughts

If you came here wondering can Max 2 sync with an Edge, sadly it cannot. But the Nora offers a great solution for those who enjoy prostate pressure, perineum vibrations, and want to enjoy the shared experience of synced sex toys with their partner! 


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