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31 Bullet & Mini Vibrators Tested

Bullet & Mini Vibrator Tests
Vibration Power and Range

What is it:

How strong the vibrator’s highest power level feels compared to other bullet and mini vibrators, how wide its power range is, and whether it has enough power levels that steps between settings are comfortable. 

Best Powerful Bullet Vibrators:

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Tests Discussed:

Bullets and Mini Vibrators On Table
I’ve tested 31 bullet and mini vibrators so far!

Note: In this guide, I share how I test and rate my bullet and mini vibrators’ power and share the results. I also keep a regularly updated guide with my recommendations for the best bullet and mini vibrators here, which covers all aspects of the vibrators.

Because they have smaller motors, bullet and mini vibrators’ intensity is generally moderate compared to large toys like wand vibrators (I discuss the most powerful wand vibrators here). So a bullet vibrator is often a great choice if too much intensity overstimulates you. 

Bullets and Mini Vibrators Compared to Wand Vibrators

But despite their small size, some bullet and mini vibrators still reach vibration strengths I consider extremely intense, so they can still work great if you crave power! I don’t even use the top settings of several of my bullet vibrators, because they’re more powerful than I need.

In this guide, I share how I test and rate bullet vibrators’ power and discuss the results. And I’ll explain how to use the results of my vibration power testing to choose a bullet or mini vibrator that fits your needs.

Also, keep in mind that for most people, it just matters that the bullet vibrator has enough power to orgasm easily. I can orgasm with almost all of the bullet vibrators I’ve tested, even the milder ones. And most of my favorite mini vibrators (like the We-Vibe Touch X, Fun Factory Laya III, and Lovense Ambi) are intense, but they’re not the most powerful bullet vibrators I tested. Choose based on your preferences!

Test Results

You can see all product ratings and filter this table by performance and price using our comparison table tool here.

Results Discussion & Our Recommendations

Here, I’ll provide a brief explanation of my rating system, but I’ll mainly discuss the most useful results of my vibration power testing. For full details on how I rated each bullet and mini vibrator’s strength, see the testing methods section.

Maximum Vibration Power

What is it:

How strong the highest power level feels compared to other bullet and mini vibrators.

When does it matter:

If you need intense vibrations to orgasm or you just enjoy powerful vibrations.

Scoring Factors:

Subjectively Scored

Show All Scores (Click to See):

I subjectively rate each bullet and mini vibrator’s maximum power on a numerical scale (from 0-10) compared to other bullet and mini vibrators – this is the “To Scale Max Power” metric in the Test Results table above. 

When I began rating bullet vibrators, I started with a set of 28 products. The 10.0 on my Vibration Power scale represents the strength of the most powerful bullet vibrators in my initial set (the Doxy Bullet and Blush Limited Addiction). 

First Round of Bullet Vibrators and Mini Vibrators
The initial set of 28 bullet and mini vibrators I tested

Then I rated the other bullet vibrators’ intensity relative to the 10.0 on my scale. For example, the Dame Pom’s vibration strength of 5.0 means that I thought its top setting felt half as intense as the Doxy Bullet’s or Blush Limited Addiction’s.

Since then, I have tested some bullet vibrators with even more vibration power. That is why some, like the BMS Swan Maximum, have a maximum power greater than 10.0. The 10.0 on my scale is still defined by the intensity of the most powerful bullet vibrators in my initial set of 28 products.

If you want immense vibration strength, choose any bullet or mini vibrator with a max power of at least 9.0. I consider any strength above 9.0 extremely intense! In fact, I hardly ever use these settings because I prefer less extreme vibration strength. So I typically finish with these bullet vibrators’ middle levels.

FemmeFunn Booster Bullet with FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet and Blush Limited Addiction and BMS Swan Maximum Bullet
Several of the best powerful bullet vibrators. Left to right: FemmeFunn Booster Bullet, FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet, Blush Limited Addiction, BMS Swan Maximum

Some of my favorite bullet vibrators with this enormous strength on their top settings are the FemmeFunn Booster Bullet, FemmeFunn Ultra Bullet, and Blush Limited Addiction. Each of these also has moderate middle levels, which I love. 

If you want even more extreme power, the BMS Swan Maximum is the strongest bullet vibrator I’ve tested so far. But it’s less comfortable than the others I mentioned, so I don’t prefer it. Besides, all of these options have more strength than I need anyway.

Keep in mind that for most people, it’s just important that your bullet or mini vibrator has enough vibration power for you to orgasm easily and reliably. Beyond that, you want to make sure it performs well in other areas you care about. It’s not necessarily important, or even beneficial, to get the absolute strongest bullet vibrator you can find. 

I orgasm effortlessly with any bullet vibrator that has a top vibration strength of 6.0 and higher. And I typically finish on a vibration power between 6.0 and 9.0.

Fun Factory Laya III with We-Vibe Touch X and We-Vibe Tango X and Lovense Ambi
Several of my favorites. Left to right: Fun Factory Laya III, We-Vibe Touch X, We-Vibe Tango X, Lovense Ambi

Some of my favorite bullet and mini vibrators with power in this range include the Fun Factory Laya III, the We-Vibe Touch X, the famously rumbly We-Vibe Tango X, and the app-controllable Lovense Ambi.

When the vibration strength is less than 6.0, I can still orgasm all the way down until the strength is around 2.7. But it takes more time and effort. I prefer bullet vibrators with a top power of at least 6.0. Plus, these vibrators (like the ones I mentioned above), typically include mild warmup levels too. So they’re still great options for those overstimulated by intense vibrations.

Power Range

What is it:

How wide the range is between the highest and lowest power levels, and whether it has enough power levels that steps between settings are comfortable.

When does it matter:

A broad power range with many intensity levels is always more versatile. You can warm up with softer levels when your body isn’t ready for intense vibrations. But when you want more strength, you can turn it up high. A broad power range is also more likely to include settings at your ideal strength.

Scoring Factors:


Adjusted Power Range Width

Show All Scores (Click to See):

The bullet vibrator’s top setting is not the only aspect of vibration power you should consider. Too much power can be overstimulating when you’re not already warmed up, and many people prefer moderate vibration strength anyway.

So most people will want to choose a bullet vibrator that has both gentle and intense settings.

We-Vibe Touch X and Maude Vibe Vibration Power vs Frequency Graph marked up to illustrate the Touch X has a broader range

Each bullet and mini vibrator’s Power Range performance rating is determined by the width of its power range (the distance between its maximum and minimum vibration strengths) and by how many intensity levels it has. 

So a higher Power Range rating indicates a bullet vibrator with a broad range, so you can begin with gentle settings and work your way up as your body becomes ready for more intensity. And bullet vibrators with more intensity levels, so that steps between settings are comfortable, also receive a higher rating. 

I use each wand’s low and high power levels to score its power range width. Higher scores indicate wands with a broader range, so you can start low and work your way up as you want.

BMS Swan Maximum Bullet with Fun Factory Laya III and We-Vibe Touch X and Pillow Talk Racy
Bullet and mini vibrators with great, broad power ranges. Left to right: BMS Swan Maximum, Fun Factory Laya III, We-Vibe Touch X, Pillow Talk Racy

Some of the bullet and mini vibrators with the best power ranges include the BMS Swan Maximum, Fun Factory Laya III, We-Vibe Touch X, and Pillow Talk Racy. Each of these has a full intensity range from soft to intense, so they’re excellent while warming up and for a strong finish. And each has gradual steps between levels so that the journey is very comfortable.

Only a few bullet vibrators that have excellent vibration power don’t offer anything gentle as a warmup. These include the Doxy Bullet, VeDO Bam, Nasstoys Intense Travel Vibe, and a few others. 

Doxy Bullet with VeDO Bam and Nasstoys Intense Travel Vibe Mini
Some especially powerful bullet vibrators lack any gentle warmup levels. Left to right: Doxy Bullet, VeDO Bam, Nasstoys Intense Travel Vibe Mini

A couple of my favorites, including the Blush Limited Addiction and Femme Funn Ultra Bullet, begin with moderate stimulation that I personally find comfortable without a prior warmup, but may be too strong for those easily overstimulated.

But most of the powerful bullet vibrators I’ve tested have mild enough starting levels for most people.

Power vs Frequency Graphs

What is it:

A graph of each bullet and mini vibrator’s power vs frequency across all of its power levels. 

When does it matter:

If you want a detailed look at the vibrator’s full power and frequency characteristics. This tells you how strong and how rumbly each setting feels. You can also compare two vibrators on the same graph using our graph comparison tool here.

We use the results of our vibration power and rumbliness testing to provide you with a graph of each bullet vibrator’s Power vs Frequency, so you can tell how it feels on every setting. See the We-Vibe Tango X’s below for example. 

This graph provides all the essential information about the vibrations: how gently they begin, how powerfully they finish, and how each setting feels from rumbly to buzzy. 

You can find each bullet vibrator’s graph in that product’s review (full list of reviews here). You can also use our bullet vibrator graph comparison tool here to compare two bullet or mini vibrators on the same graph. This gives you a quick way to see which is more rumbly, more powerful, etc.

Learn more about the Vibration Frequency (plotted on the x-axis) here.

How We Test And Score Vibration Power

Overview of Scoring

I subjectively rate each bullet and mini vibrator’s power on a numerical scale (from 0-10) for each of its power levels.

I started with 28 of the most popular bullet and mini vibrators and others I thought were likely to perform well for the price. Using this initial test group to establish a baseline, I rated the most powerful vibration level of these bullet and mini vibrators a 10.0. I rate all other power levels based on how they compare to the 10.0 intensity level.

Dame Pom and Doxy Bullet Vibration Power vs Frequency Graph marked up to illustrate how to read the Vibration Power scale

I try as best I can to rate the bullet vibrators’ power to scale. So when I rate the Dame Pom’s top setting a 5.0, I’m saying that it feels half as strong as the Doxy Bullet’s top setting of 10.0.

As I continue to test bullet vibrators, I have found some that are more powerful than any in my original set, like the BMS Swan Maximum. The 10.0 on my Vibration Power scale is still defined by the baseline established from my original set of bullet vibrators. So these more powerful options are rated above 10.0.

This is my subjective perception of how intense each setting feels, so my process certainly has limitations (discussed below). While not a perfect system, it’s close enough to help you see which bullet vibrators are more powerful than others, and by about how much.

These Vibration Power values are the numbers you see in the Power vs Frequency Graphs, and they’re the “To Scale” ratings in the Test Results Comparison Table above.

I adjust the “To Scale” values to give each bullet vibrator a final Max Power performance rating (indicated by the colored background in the Test Results table) that better reflects the quality of the mini vibrator’s power. These ratings are consistent with our product scoring system defined here.

A marked up screenshot teaching the difference between our Performance Ratings and To Scale Vibration Power values so you can understand our results better.
The Je Joue G-spot Bullet Vibrator has a Max Power performance rating of 6.8 which means it has decent power. Most people will be happy with it, but those looking specifically for a powerful bullet vibrator may be disappointed. It has a To Scale Max Power of 5.5, meaning it is 55% as strong as a bullet vibrator with a Vibration Power of 10.0.

When this Max Power performance rating is greater than or equal to 7.5, it means I think the bullet vibrator is powerful enough that people specifically looking for a strong bullet vibrator will be happy with it!

This final performance rating makes it easier to see which bullet and mini vibrators have excellent, decent, or poor vibration strength. And without this adjustment, bullet vibrators that have plenty of power for most people would score too low and negatively impact the vibrator’s Overall Performance rating. 

Testing Process, Limitations, and Sources of Error

I rate each bullet’s vibration power subjectively, unlike Vibration Frequency which I measure directly (learn about it here). As a result, my testing process has limitations and sources of error.

Marked up bullet vibrator graph illustrating which axes are subjectively rated vs objectively measured

How intense a bullet vibrator feels to a person is more complex than simply measuring its amplitude and frequency. In fact, the perception of a bullet’s vibration strength will even differ from person to person. All of these factors (and more) affect how you perceive a bullet vibrator’s power:

  • Vibration amplitude
  • Vibration frequency
  • Rigidity or flexibility of the vibrator
  • Motor orientation
  • The vibrator’s weight (both of the motor and the entire vibrator)
  • Your age
  • Position of the vibrator on your body
  • Environmental factors
  • How the motor’s casing is constructed
  • How firmly you press the vibrator to your body

With all these variables that affect your perception of a vibrator’s intensity, it’s not possible to simply take measurements and objectively quantify intensity with a statement like, “Because of measurements x, y, and z, this bullet vibrator universally feels more powerful than that vibrator!”

Instead, I subjectively rate how powerful each bullet vibrator’s settings feel based on my own personal experience with them. My vibration power ratings rely on how the bullet vibrator feels to me. It’s possible, and even likely, that when I rate one bullet vibrator as slightly more powerful than another, the other bullet may feel like the more powerful one to you.

This guide’s purpose is to help you make informed buying decisions based on your preferences for vibration strength. There will be small discrepancies in our perception of the vibrations, especially for bullet vibrators I rated very close in strength. However, larger differences will remain more accurate between different people’s perceptions.

When testing vibration strength, I try to remove as much bias as possible. I wear noise-cancelling headphones and a blindfold, so I cannot see or hear the bullet vibrators. 

My partner uses the bullet vibrators on me back-to-back, and I tell him which feels stronger. We go through this process until all the bullet and mini vibrators are sorted from least to most intense. 

We go through a similar process to assign the numerical ratings estimating how much more or less intense one bullet vibrator is from another. One source of error that affects this part of the process is that accurately estimating huge differences is difficult.

For instance, when I rate the Le Wand Baton’s top vibration power as 2.5, I’m saying it feels 25% as strong as the Blush Limited Addiction’s top power of 10.0. But those numbers are so different that it’s hard to say whether it’s really 25% as powerful or 30% as powerful. The main point is that the Le Wand Baton feels much weaker, so if you care about intense vibrations, you shouldn’t choose it.

Le Wand Baton and Blush Limited Addiction Vibration Power vs Frequency Graph
The Le Wand Baton is so much weaker than the Blush Limited Addiction that accurately estimating the power difference is difficult.

Another source of error here is that high-frequency (buzzy) vibrations feel very different from low-frequency (rumbly) vibrations—even at the same amplitude. Our bodies’ cells detect and respond to vibrations differently at different frequencies. So, accurately estimating the power difference between two bullet vibrators at vastly different frequencies is difficult. 

We-Vibe Tango X and Maude Drop Vibration Power vs Frequency Graph
When the vibration frequency is substantially different between two bullet vibrators (as the Maude Drop and We-Vibe Tango X are in the above graph), comparing their intensities is difficult. Buzzy and rumbly vibrations feel very different.

We perform the rating process described above for each bullet and mini vibrator’s strongest setting, gentlest setting, and a convenient third power level. We repeat, retest, and recheck as necessary to ensure I still agree with the bullet vibrators’ sorting and intensity ratings for these three data points for each bullet.

Once I’ve manually rated the lowest, highest, and a third middle setting for each bullet vibrator and am confident my ratings are as accurate as possible, we mathematically estimate the strength of the bullet vibrator’s remaining intermediate intensity levels. We use our objectively measured vibration frequency values to fit a quadratic curve through the three power levels I subjectively rated.

This provides the full range of values in our Vibration Power vs Frequency graphs.

Final Thoughts

If you want one of the strongest bullet vibrators, go with the BMS Swan Maximum, Blush Limited Addiction, or FemmeFunn Booster Bullet. Each of these has top levels so intense, I don’t personally use them!

Otherwise, many of my favorite bullet and mini vibrators, while not quite as extreme, have excellent power ranges with both gentle and intense settings, including the Fun Factory Laya III, We-Vibe Touch X, We-Vibe Tango X, Lovense Ambi, and others.