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31 Bullet & Mini Vibrators Tested

Bullet & Mini Vibrator Tests
Use During Sex

What is it:

How easy the bullet vibrator or mini vibrator is to use for clit stimulation during partnered sex. When rating the vibrator I consider aspects such as whether the vibrator has a handle that’s comfortable to grip and keeps my hand out of the way during sex, whether I can easily angle the vibrator and fit it between our bodies, whether using the vibrator during sex interferes with me or my partner, etc.

When does it matter:

If you’ll frequently use your wand vibrator with a partner during penetrative sex.

Best Quiet Bullet & Mini Vibrators:

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These are a few of my favorite bullet and mini vibrators to use during sex – they’re stimulating, and comfortable, and they limit distractions so I can stay engaged with my partner. While some others score just as well during sex, these are the ones that also have excellent performance in other important areas! The Laya also offers a unique hands-free use that I enjoy.

Scoring Factors:



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Using a bullet or mini vibrator during sex is a great way to get the clitoral stimulation you need to orgasm. They’re smaller than most vibrators, so they take up minimal space and fit really well between bodies.

But some work better than others.

In this article, I’ll explain how I test and rate my bullet and mini vibrators during sex. I’ll also share my recommendations and let you know what to look for when choosing a mini vibrator to use with a partner.

When rating my bullet and mini vibrators during sex, I consider aspects like:

  • Does the vibrator fit easily between our bodies?
  • Does the grip keep my hand out of the way?
  • Is it easy to keep the vibrator in a good position when my partner and I are moving during sex?
  • Is the vibrator comfortable to grip and leverage for a long time during sex?
  • Does the vibrator cause any major distractions, like vibrating my hands or overly distracting noise?
  • And more!
Pillow Talk Racy Vibrator Length Measurement with Calipers Photo
Design and measurements impact the bullet vibrator, but our ratings are subjectively assigned based on my actual experience during sex
Pillow Talk Racy Rigidity and Flexibility Photo

Many design choices affect how easy a bullet vibrator is to use during sex, such as its length, flexibility, whether it’s curved or straight, etc. But ultimately, I subjectively rate each bullet and mini vibrator based on my personal experience using it during sex.

Test Results

You can see all product ratings and filter this table by performance and price using our comparison table tool here.

When It Matters

Our Use During Sex rating only impacts you if you plan to use your bullet or mini vibrator for clit stimulation during sex.

FemmeFunn Booster Bullet Maneuverability in a Tight Space Photo

Results Discussion & Our Recommendations

My partner and I used each bullet vibrator in the Missionary and Spooning sex positions, and I rated the bullet’s performance in each position. Our overall Use During Sex rating is simply an average of the bullet or mini vibrator’s ratings in these two positions.

While we tested each bullet vibrator in just these two positions, they represent a wide variety of positions. 

For instance, what makes a bullet vibrator difficult to use in the Missionary position also makes it tough to use in other positions where you’re facing your partner or the space between your bodies is tight. Similarly, my experiences with a mini vibrator in the Spooning position can be applied to many other positions where you’re facing away from your partner, and you have plenty of space to fit and maneuver a toy.

General Results

In all sex positions, longer bullet and mini vibrators, like the Pillow Talk Racy (5.0 inches), are generally easier to grip, maneuver, and leverage during sex. Short bullet vibrators like the Dame Zee (2.8 inches) provide minimal space to grip, so my fingers get cramped holding them – and my hand needs to hold the bullet really close between my legs, taking up more space.

Pillow Talk Racy with Dame Zee Size Comparison
Longer bullet vibrators like the Pillow Talk Racy (left) are easier to grip and maneuver than short bullets like the Dame Zee (right)

Bullet and mini vibrators with an angled or curved shape (like the Fun Factory Laya III, Lovense Ambi, and Pillow Talk Racy) are easier to leverage. And the angle helps the mini vibrator rest more naturally on my clit while keeping my hand out of the way.

Fun Factory Laya III with Lovense Ambi and Pillow Talk Racy
A curved or angled shape helps a mini vibrator fit more easily and naturally between bodies. Left to right: Fun Factory Laya III, Lovense Ambi, and Pillow Talk Racy

Because bullet vibrators are small, your fingers are often right near the motor. So you’ll feel many bullets’ vibrations in your hand, which can be distracting during sex. So during sex, I like bullet vibrators with a true handle, like the Pillow Talk Racy, so my hands are farther from the motor, or mini vibrators like the Fun Factory Laya III that do a great job of dampening the vibrations in other ways.

Easy-to-use controls also help you find your ideal setting quickly and without any thought – so pay attention to the Ease of Use section in our bullet vibrator reviews. During sex, I really want to limit any distractions so my mind can just be with my partner. 

We-Vibe Touch X Buttons
The We-Vibe Touch X has excellent controls with separate buttons to increase and decrease power, and a third to move through vibration patterns.

You’ll also want to avoid flimsy tips, like that on the Je Joue Rabbit Bullet, because you often need to apply more pressure or precisely control where the tip is pressing.

Of course, you’ll also need to consider your preferences for vibration power and rumbliness. To the extent possible, I try not to take my vibration preferences into account when rating a bullet vibrator’s performance during sex. This rating is intended to convey how easy it is to use the bullet, how comfortable it is to maneuver during sex, whether you can keep the mini vibrator in contact with your clit during sex without distraction, etc. I separately rate and discuss vibration power here and rumbliness here.


What is it:

How easy the bullet or mini vibrator is to use for clit stimulation during sex in face-to-face sex positions where space is limited. We used each vibrator specifically in the Missionary position, but this rating applies to a wide range of sex positions where space is tight.

When does it matter:

If you frequently have sex in positions facing each other where space is more limited.

Scoring Factors:

Subjectively Scored

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We test how bullets and mini vibrators perform in the Missionary position with my partner on top of me while I’m on my back using the vibrator. 

Bullets and mini vibrators are great in this position (and others where space is limited) because they’re smaller than most vibrators. With larger toys like wand vibrators, the toy is bulky enough that I have to use a “Modified Missionary” position, where my hips are raised with a wedge or pillow, and my partner kneels in front of me to create enough room for the toy to fit.

Bullets and Mini Vibrators Compared to Wand Vibrators
Small vibrators fit more easily in sex positions with limited space than large vibrators.

While these small vibrators are easier in Missionary than other types, certain mini vibrators are better than others. For example, options with slim tips, like the We-Vibe Tango X and We-Vibe Touch X (slim front-to-back), can fit better into tight spaces. As do angled or curved toys like the Pillow Talk Racy, Lovense Ambi, and Fun Factory Laya III.

Some mini vibrators require you to hold them really far between your legs, so your hand takes up too much space in the Missionary position. These include bulky mini vibrators like the Maude Drop and bullet vibrators that are too short, like the Dame Zee.

Maude Drop Comfort and Ease of Use Photo
When holding bulky vibrators like the Maude Drop, your hand and the vibrator take up a lot of space between your legs. 

If you prefer broad stimulation, you may also want a bullet or mini vibrator with a flexible core or a plush surface (like the We-Vibe Touch X). This cushions any pressure on your vulva from the vibrator getting bumped into you harder when your partner thrusts. I don’t mind firm toys when the contact is precise because I can keep the toy positioned on fleshier areas of my body, so the toy isn’t getting jammed against my pubic bone.


What is it:

How easy the bullet or mini vibrator is to use for clit stimulation during sex in positions where you’re not facing your partner (so you have more space available). We used each vibrator specifically in the Spooning position (lying on our sides with my partner penetrating from behind), but this rating applies to a wide range of sex positions where space is not limited.

When does it matter:

If you frequently have sex in the spooning position or similar positions from behind.

Scoring Factors:

Subjectively Scored

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We also test how bullets and mini vibrators perform in the Spooning position – I lie on my side with my partner on his side behind me. 

Because you have plenty of space in front of you in this position (and others like it), you have tons of room to hold, maneuver, and leverage the bullet, and your hand can be between your legs without affecting your partner. So most bullet and mini vibrators are pretty good in more open positions like Spooning.

Since space isn’t limited, the aspects of a bullet vibrator that make it better or worse in positions like Spooning are mostly the same characteristics that make a bullet comfortable or uncomfortable when using it by yourself. The principles I mention above about general use during sex are the main things I look for here: a grip that’s comfortable for long periods of time, and a bullet that doesn’t distract me in any way.

Lovense Ambi with Pillow Talk Racy and Fun Factory Laya III and We-Vibe Touch X
Left to right: Lovense Ambi, Pillow Talk Racy, Fun Factory Laya III, and We-Vibe Touch X

Some of my favorites for the Spooning position are the Lovense Ambi and Pillow Talk Racy for moderate precision, or the  Fun Factory Laya III and We-Vibe Touch X for broader stimulation. 

Our Testing Methods

My partner and I use each bullet and mini vibrator in two different sex positions:

  1. Spooning to represent a variety of sex positions where space is more open or you’re not facing your partner. 
  2. Missionary to represent a variety of sex positions where space is limited or you’re face-to-face with your partner. 

We test the bullet and mini vibrators in small batches so I can rate them more easily in comparison to each other. 

First Round of Bullet Vibrators and Mini Vibrators
We test multiple bullet and mini vibrators side-by-side, so it’s easier to tell how they compare.

When rating a bullet vibrator, I don’t have only that product in mind. I am testing it alongside other options so it’s more apparent whether the bullet vibrator is easier or more difficult to use during sex than others.

I assign a subjective rating for each sex position, consistent with our rating system definitions here, and take detailed notes about my experience using the bullet or mini vibrator. Whenever my thoughts on using the bullet vibrator during sex aren’t clear from this initial test alongside other options, I’ll use that bullet vibrator during sex much more on its own.

Some mini vibrators also provide a unique way to use them during sex. For instance, the Fun Factory Laya III is a “lay-on” vibrator – you can lie on your stomach on top of the Laya for hands-free clit stimulation during penetration from behind. 

Fun Factory Laya III Overlay of Lay On Use

When a mini vibrator offers some unique way to use it with a partner, we discuss our experience using it that way in detail in the vibrator’s full review. But the unique use is not a part of our Use During Sex rating, which focuses on using the vibrator ordinarily during sex while holding it. That way this rating is more consistent between different bullet and mini vibrators.