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Best Vibrating Panties (Remote Control and App-Controlled Wireless Vibrators)

For Sneaky Public Fun!

Lovense Ferri Panty Vibrator

Best Overall


The Lovense Ferri was my first panty vibrator and quickly became my favorite wearable vibrator for public play. After spending the last few months in-depth testing several of the best vibrating panties, the Ferri remains my favorite! It gives the best and strongest clit stimulation, has a great app with tons of features, the most reliable connectivity, and is one of only two panty vibrators that can take me all the way to orgasm completely hands-free! Though it can be a touch louder than some of the less powerful options, it’s completely inaudible in most restaurants and bars. The Ferri is my preferred vibe for some discreet fun on evenings out with my partner.

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Table of Contents

When it comes to discreet public play, panty vibrators are some of my favorite toys! And since 81.6% of women need clit stimulation to orgasm it turns out clitoral panty vibrators are a great option for a lot of women. 

Lucky for you (and especially lucky for me), I’ve tried a whole lot of them! I’ve spent the last few months wearing and testing these body-safe silicone vibrating panties at home, in coffee shops, on walks through my neighborhood, and out at my favorite local breweries. 

Best Vibrating Panties

And I’ve got all the details for you!

They all do the same basic thing – buzz away while tucked between your legs. But I’ve found there are a lot of slight differences that make a not-so-slight difference in how much enjoyment you actually get using your panty vibrator.

Whether you’re researching for yourself, or a real lucky someone, here’s my guide to the best panty vibrators. Scroll a bit further down to hear more about what each aspect of the toy means, and how to choose the best panty vibrator!

Best Overall
Lovense Ferri Panty Vibrator

Lovense Ferri

Strongest clit stimulation, best app connectivity, longest range, and most feature-rich app.

Best With a Physical Remote
Vedo Niki Remote and Vibrator

Vedo Niki

Mid budget with VERY strong clit stimulation. Still one of the quietest panty vibes with great comfort and reliable remote connectivity.

Best on A Budget
Satisfyer Sexy Secret and App

Satisfyer Sexy Secret

Simple, intuitive app with reliable connectivity at a budget price. Exceptionally quiet but not as powerful.

Best Vibrating Panties – App Controlled

Remote control vibrators are either controlled from your phone or a physical remote.

We’ll start with a few options that are controllable by an app on your phone! App-control means you can connect with and share control of your toy with a partner anywhere in the world. It also means many more specific control options to get that perfect feel.

Lovense Ferri – Best Panty Vibrator Overall

I’ll go ahead and start out with the one that started it all for me – the Lovense Ferri. To this day, it is still my favorite panty vibe.

This little vibrator magnetically secures to any pair of panties with the STRONGEST magnet I think I’ve ever owned. It’s the kind of magnet that’s only suitable for high school level science classes and up – so the Lovense Ferri stays in place very well! 

You can position it exactly where you need to get the best clit stimulation and secure it in place with the magnet.


It’s got a bit of an arched shape and has a ribbed surface that presses into your clit in a really satisfying way – delivering all the vibes perfectly. 

Even though small wearable vibrators can’t contain a huge motor like a wand vibrator, the Lovense Ferri’s vibes are strong – they’re the strongest I’ve found in a panty vibrator! You can check out my Vibe-Power Chart for proof

They’re mostly buzzy vibes, which can feel less intense to some, but can also mean longer play-time before I start to feel fatigued. It’s actually one of only TWO panty vibrators I can orgasm with hands-free. The others are a fun tease while I’m out with my partner, but I need a bit of help in the end.

The Lovense Ferri easily gives the best clit stimulation of any panty vibrator I’ve tried.

This toy is also app-controlled, which makes for some AWESOME create-your-own vibes. 


You can also play with a long-distance partner by video chatting and sharing control of your toy.

I’ve had better connectivity with Lovense toys than any other brands, so this one has you SET. Great connectivity, LONG battery life, and an easy magnetic charging port.

It’s on the louder end of panty-vibes – one of the trade-offs you make for high-powered, external vibrating toys. But if you head down to my section where I tested where all the vibrating panties’ noise levels could and could not be heard, you’ll see that actually doesn’t end up being an issue. 

I’m able to play completely discreetly in any place with some consistent chatter or music playing. Most restaurants are just fine and bars are absolutely no issue. 

It was even unnoticeable in my local coffee shop.

The Ferri is on the mid to high range of costs for toys like this, but I think it’s 100% worth it. You’re paying for the best app and connectivity, strong power, excellent clit stimulation, custom control, and LONG battery life – it’s rated for 3-3.5 hours of continuous vibration!

Lovense Ferri Panty Vibe and App

I have seen a person or two mention online that the lowest level was still a little strong for them. I’m pretty sensitive down there and that hasn’t been an issue for me. For most people, I think the Ferri will be just right.

I recommend the Lovense Ferri if you:

  • Want the strongest panty vibrator for the best clit stimulation
  • Want the most full-featured app for close range or long distance play and are okay with a bit of a learning curve
  • Don’t need super low vibration levels
  • Plan to play in environments with a little bit of background noise like coffee shops, restaurants, or bars
  • Want the most reliable connectivity with the app

Check out my full Lovense Ferri review for more info!

We-Vibe Moxie – Remote OR App Controlled

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The We-Vibe Moxie is the Lovense Ferri’s main competitor. It also magnetically secures in place – but not quite as securely as the Ferri. It’s longer, which means more vibes can spread back to your vagina. BUT the longer design makes the Moxie tend to swivel around a bit more, so it doesn’t stay in place quite as well. I’m never worried it will fall out though. 

We-Vibe Moxie Product and App

It doesn’t stimulate my clit quite as well as the Ferri. It’s flatter than the Ferri, so it has less direct vibe-delivery. The vibes are pretty deep and rumbly, but a little less powerful than the Ferri. I find it to be mostly a fun tease.

It’s another app-controlled toy, but it ALSO comes with a remote. So you can play either way! I found the app to disconnect much more frequently than the Lovense app, but the remote can be a good alternative if you have issues with this.

It has a magnetic charging port, so it’s completely waterproof. The battery life listed is “up to 2 hours”, but it tends to only last about 45 minutes for me usually (I like to buzz along the whole time).

Its rumbly, low-powered vibes are actually on the medium to loud end of sounds, so if you’ll be nervous about sound, you might want to consider other options.

The Moxie has one of the highest price points for toys like this. Honestly the only reasons I’d choose the We-Vibe Moxie over the Lovense Ferri panty vibrator are if you need the most rumbly vibes or care a lot about having a physical remote too.


I recommend the We-Vibe Moxie vibrating panties if you:

  • Care strongly about having the most rumbly vibrations 
  • Want the option to control your vibrating panties with an app or a physical remote control

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You can also check out my full We-Vibe Moxie review here.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret – Cheapest App-Controlled Panty Vibrator (and Surprisingly Good)

And now for a surprise contender on my list! 

With the very budget-friendly price of the Sexy Secret, I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. 

There’s a few things you’re sacrificing at the lower price point, but overall I’m really satisfied with the Sexy Secret for its price.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Vibrating Panties Product

Satisfyer’s Sexy Secret is another app-controlled toy that magnetically secures in place. One end also has a taller, thin tip that keeps it situated in place between your legs. So no issues with this toy swiveling out of place! (Already 1 up on the Moxie, and at about a quarter of the price.)

It’s got a wider surface for broader stimulation, and some of the vibes carry back to the labia and vagina. 

Lovense Ferri vs Satisfyer Sexy Secret Shape

These vibes are very buzzy and give a sort of tickle-y sensation (in a good way – it definitely gets me worked up!) 

I will say – vibes are pretty LOW-powered on this vibrating panty. So if you’re looking for power, this might not be the one for you. It’s definitely a fun tease and foreplay for me! Just not super likely to carry you over the edge.

The fact that it’s app-controlled means you have greater control over your vibes, AND the chance to connect with a long-distance partner virtually.

Satisfyer Connect App Long Distance Video Chat

I’ve had great success in pairing this toy AND staying connected during use! As far as connection quality goes, in my experience it’s been second only to the Lovense Ferri. Disconnections are rare and connecting has been easy both for bluetooth and long distance modes.

The magnetic charging port makes it completely waterproof! The battery has lasted for over an hour on high power for me. And if I have shorter sessions, I can use it several times before re-charging.

I’ve mentioned it’s a lower-powered toy, and it really doesn’t have a huge range either. This toy is really quiet though and is a great option if you’re very concerned about sound. And in most cases, you have to trade power for the lower noise levels. 

Satisfyer’s app doesn’t give as detailed and complete control of your vibes as Lovense’s app. But it’s simple, easy to learn, and works well.

I always pick app-controlled over remote-controlled when I can for the extra control it provides – plus it’s easier to discreetly control a toy in public with an app rather than carrying around a strange wireless remote! And apps give your partner feedback about what you’re feeling while they control your toy.

Satisfyer Connect Partner Feedback

One bummer in the Satisfyer app is that if you’re sharing your toy’s control with a long distance partner you MUST be in a call. You can keep your mic and video off if you want though! We-Vibe’s and Lovense’s app don’t require you to be on a call or video chat while you play long distance – but you can if you want! 

You also have to invite someone to take control of your toy – they cannot request control themselves. The long distance control for your partner is definitely not as intuitive as the Ferri or Moxie, and Satisfyer’s long distance control style is more limited. 

I’ll get into how each of the apps compare in much more detail in the Lovense, We Vibe and Satisfyer comparison section!

But the Sexy Secret is one of the cheapest panty vibrators you’ll find while still being high quality! It’s a great deal for those who don’t mind the lower power and a little less versatile control of your vibes than Lovense provides.

Satisfyer Sexy Secret and App

It’s a toy I really enjoy as a fun tease and definitely continue to use long after my testing’s been done!

I recommend the Satisfyer Sexy Secret vibrating panties if you:

  • Want a quality app controlled panty vibrator for under $40
  • Are okay with teasy vibrations for foreplay rather than very powerful vibrations
  • Want exceptionally quiet vibrating panties
  • Want a simple, easy to learn app even if it has fewer features

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If you want to learn more head over to my Satisfyer Sexy Secret review

Vibease – Best Audio Book Panty Vibrator

Our last app-controlled option is the Vibease. This toy has a unique feature from any of the other toys we’ve talked about in that it houses erotic stories, and syncs the vibes to what you’re listening to.

Vibease Panty Vibe and App

I’ll be honest though – I did not really enjoy most of the erotica stories they had available on the app. Many of them were pretty cheesy, but some deep sifting can yield a few diamonds in the rough. 

The app maintained a pretty reliable connection when I was using it on my own while out and about. BUT if you’re planning to use this to chat or share with a long distance partner, myself and MANY others had a lot of connectivity issues there. I’d go with the Lovense Ferri or the Sexy Secret if long distance control is important to you.

This is also one of the biggest panty vibrators I’ve used. I do find it to be one of the least comfortable options, unfortunately. Part of this is that it does not have any magnet, so it just slides into the little front pocket of your underwear. Because of this, it does not stay in place very well, and I find that the little nub that’s supposed to press into your clit usually slides too far down for very direct clit pressure.

Vibease Fit

It is definitely on the higher end of vibe-power for those who know they want it strong! Those higher power levels can be pretty loud though. If you decide you still need to try this toy, you may want to stick to lower-powers if you’re in a quiet public place.

It has a little charging hole, and I’ve found the battery life to last me a pretty long time. This toy lists up to 3 hours of fun on one charge!

The Vibease is on the pricier end of panty-vibrators. You can find the same power and more customized vibe control in other toys, so I really only recommend it to those who are mainly interested in the erotica-syncing feature.

Vibease Erotica Cost

I recommend the Vibease vibrating panties if you:

  • Want to sync your vibrations to erotic audiobooks
  • Don’t intend to wear your toy out of the house for public play
  • Want a limited, but very simple control panel

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For more info head to my full Vibease Review

Best Remote Control Vibrating Panties

These next remote control panty vibrators are controlled specifically by a physical remote. Not an app. So this means no long-distance play – only nearby control – and less detailed control of your vibrating panties. Still, there are some quality remote panty vibrators worthy of rubbing elbows with my clit.

Vedo Niki Panty Vibrator – Most Comfortable and Versatile Remote Control Panty Vibe

First of all, remember how I said there were just TWO panty vibrators that can make me orgasm hands-free? 

Well the Vedo Niki is one!

Vedo Niki Remote and Vibrator

The Niki is a remote control panty vibrator, but it has better control options than many others!

This toy’s remote has up and down arrows so that you can change the intensity level of your vibe-pattern as you play – a lot of sex toys have just one button to cycle through power levels. You can also cycle through the preset patterns it has available by pressing the power button on the remote.

The Vedo Niki vibrating panties magnetically secure in place which is rare for a remote control panty vibrator. 

I’ve found it stays pretty securely in place, though the magnet isn’t as strong as the Ferri’s or Moxie’s. 

The Vedo Niki is the most comfortable panty vibrator I’ve tried too! It’s got a lovely broad shape that rests really comfortably along my vulva.

The shape is one of my favorite things about this toy – it’s curved upward, but the bottom of the toy sits deep enough that sitting down presses the toy firmly against my clit. 

Vedo Niki Comfortable Vibrating Panties

This GREATLY increases the amount of stimulation you experience with the Vedo Niki. And that makes it my second-favorite toy next to the Ferri! 

On top of great contact, the vibes are pretty powerful and are exceptionally rumbly. It’s lowest powers are still pretty strong, so if you don’t want anything too strong, maybe look at the Moxie or Sexy Secret instead.

The strong power on this toy might lead you to think it’s loud, and at first I was fooled because holding the toy out in the open does produce a louder sound. BUT, once it’s pressed snug against your body, it’s actually one of THE QUIETEST panty vibrators of them all!

Here’s how the sound level compares to the Lovense Ferri. Both toys top power levels are nearly the same, but the Niki’s remains exceptionally quiet.

This is HUGE for those that want a nice range of power, but really need it to stay extra quiet.

The little charging port hole is right at the bottom. The toy advertises a 1-hour charge time – so it’s not for long sessions like the Lovense Ferri.

The Vedo Niki is at the mid-budget level, and I think you get a lot of power, comfort, and whisper quiet vibes for that cost! Still a fair amount of control too – especially for purely remote control vibrating underwear.

It was definitely a pleasant surprise!

I recommend the Vedo Niki vibrating panties if you:

  • Want the best remote control vibrating panties (physical remote only)
  • Want strong vibrations for excellent clit stimulation – pretty comparable to the Lovense Ferri’s strength
  • Want some of the quietest vibrating panties (not sure how Vedo made such a powerful toy so quiet, but they did)
  • Want one of the most comfortable panty vibrators

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Read more at my full VeDO Niki review

BMS Leaf + Spirit Panty Vibrator 

The Leaf and Spirit Panty Vibrator is another one that slides into the front pocket of your panties. No magnet to hold it in place – just a prayer and a whim.

BMS Leaf+Spirit Panty Vibrator

That means this small vibrator does tend to move around a bit, and doesn’t really stay pressed against you very well. The shape of it is comfortable when sitting, but it can cause some slight discomfort when walking because it jumps around a bit. 

This toy does have STRONG vibrations, but since you can’t magnetically secure it in place you’ll really only benefit from them if you’re situated exactly right or can somehow press it harder against you. And sticking your hands down there to make that happen can be tricky if you’re out and about.

The strong power also makes it one of the loudest panty vibrators I’ve come across. So if discreet public play is your main goal, and you’re especially sensitive to sound, this may not be the one for you.

The remote has just one button, which means you’ll need to just cycle through patterns and intensity levels to get to the one you want. Not really a lot of control options here. 

Vibrating Panties Remote Controls Compared

And I found the remote is actually pretty finicky and can lose connection quite a bit.

It has a little stick-in charging port at the bottom of the toy. So far, I haven’t had it die on me, but I’ve mostly been using it for short sessions. It does take 3 full hours to charge, which kind of a bummer.

It’s about the same price as the Vedo Niki and after testing both extensively, I’d recommend the Vedo Niki over the Leaf + Spirit unless you prefer a slip-in-place panty vibrator. 

I recommend the Leaf + Spirit panty vibrator if you:

  • Want slip-in-place remote control vibrating panties and are okay with more finicky control

Otherwise, I’d pick up the Vedo Niki instead. 

Mantric Panty Vibrator

Next up: the Mantric Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator.

This was one I was MOST looking forward to exploring, but it’s actually ended up being my least favorite panty vibrator.

Mantric Remote Vibrating Panties

I was really excited about the shape of this toy – it seemed like it would sort of nestle along either side of my clit for a nice even stimulation. I also LOVED the color. The color part held true to expectations, but the stimulation part fell short.

The little piece that sits at the clitoris doesn’t press hard enough to give good stimulation, and this toy is entirely held into place by your panties (no magnet). So it often moves around and doesn’t sit tight against my body.

The remote has only one button, so you can only cycle through the patterns in a loop, and you can’t adjust intensity (besides cycling through the preset patterns, which vary in intensity a bit).

Mantric Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator - One button remote

The vibe power on this toy is low to medium, but sound level is actually pretty high. Especially if you happen to be standing up or walking around. Standing tends to let the toy drift away from your body, and causes an unpleasant vibe-feel AND sound until you can press it tighter against you again.

The battery charges through a magnetic charging port, and lists a 1-hour battery life. This is on the lower end of most sex toys, so it’s best for those looking for shorter sessions.

The Mantric is on the mid-range of panty-vibe prices, which means you can probably find a better fit!

If you’re looking for a good remote control panty vibrator, I’d recommend the Vedo Niki over the Mantric

How to Choose Your Panty Vibrator

If this is the first vibrating panty you’re considering, OR if you’ve picked one before and it just didn’t do it for you, here’s a little guide to help you figure out how all the different options will affect your experience.

App Controlled vs Remote Controlled Panty Vibrators

There are several reasons I tend to prefer app-controlled panty vibrators over remote-controlled ones. That being said, I DO think remotes have their benefits too, and I’ll be sure to point those out.

App and Remote Control Vibrating Panties

First a lot of physical remotes have just one button that cycles through a few preset patterns and intensities. This is the case for panty vibrators like the Mantric and the Leaf+Spirit. 

I find this a bit frustrating because I have to click many times to get to the one or two patterns I like. And while I’m on the marathon of clicks to my favorite pattern, I’m experiencing a flurry of assorted patterns quickly coming and going along the way. It just sort of puts me out of the mood, and doesn’t allow for gradual increases to slowly get me worked up.

Remote Vibrating Panties Comparison

Other remotes are more advanced (like the remotes for the Moxie or Niki) and will allow you to cycle up AND back down through intensities and patterns. 

If you’re looking for a toy with a physical remote, I think both up and down buttons are a MUST. It removes the guesswork when you click the buttons and allows you to more easily change your intensity or pattern how you mean to. Especially when you’re playing in public, you don’t want to be clumsily mashing buttons.

You need simple, intuitive control.

With apps you can very quickly and easily pinpoint the exact intensity or pattern you want with just a quick touch of the screen.

I think physical remotes have their biggest downside during partnered play. If you’re having a partner control your vibrating panties, they don’t really get any feedback from the remote as to what’s happening with your toy. 

They can’t tell which pattern you’re on, or whether they’ve already cranked the power up to full blast or are only at mid-range. It’s kind of a shot in the dark for them.

Apps on the other hand give feedback to your partner.

Vibrating Panties App Control Benefits

Your partner can see the vibration power on-screen. They can even see the shape of the pattern you’re feeling. And when they make an adjustment to your vibes, they know exactly how it’s affecting your panty vibrator.

Plus they can control your toy from anywhere in the world. Physical remotes limit your play to nearby fun.

One advantage of a remote-only controlled toy is that it’s not dependent on your phone’s battery. And if you’ve got an OOOLLLLD phone battery like me until recently, you’ll appreciate my obsession with phone-battery preservation.

You can also just keep the remote in your pocket and tap through patterns instead of staring at your phone. The pocket thing is kind of seasonal though, because we KNOW ladies don’t have adequate pockets to hide anything useful. 

Men's and Women's pockets

And a remote can look kind of conspicuous sitting out on the table.

But I’ve enjoyed plenty of warm nights out at my favorite dive bar patio with the Niki’s remote tucked discreetly away in my pocket and the strong vibes working just as discreetly under my shorts.

Remote options ALSO tend to be cheaper too (except for the Sexy Secret which is a quality budget-friendly app controlled toy). And the other big-ticket-item is that remote-controlled sex toys can typically maintain a super reliable connection with the remote. 

If you want a remote control panty vibrator, I think the Vedo Niki is the best option. It’s remote works more reliably than the other sex toys I tested, it’s magnetically secured, and is one of just two panty vibes strong enough to bring me to orgasm completely hands-free. And it’s quiet too!

Vedo Niki Remote and Vibe Square

Best Remote Vibrating Panty

Vedo Niki

The Vedo Niki has a remote with good range, great connectivity, and the ability to increase & decrease power. Plus it offers excellent stimulation!

But here’s why I really love app-controlled options:

First off – you can chat, video call, or share control of your toy with a partner. This is great for long-distance relationships! 

Vibrating Panties Long Distance Video Chat

If you’re NOT in a long-distance relationship and are mostly looking to use the toy on your own or with a partner in public, here’s the real juice… 

App-control of your toy means you have WAY more incremental and customized control over your vibration patterns and intensities. On most apps, you can design your own pattern and save it! Or create a pattern right in the moment.

You can quickly set the power to the exact level you want with one touch on the screen.

You can even set your toy to sync with a song or the sounds around you to put you FULLY in the moment. There are many magical worlds of wonderful fun opened up with app-controlled sex toys – but it differs based on the toy’s app. 

So let’s dig into how each of the apps works to give you better control of your vibrating panties.

Lovense vs We-Vibe vs Satisfyer Apps

First here’s my main conclusion up front: 

  • If you want the most complete control of your vibes, the best connectivity, the best app and long-distance experience go with the Lovense Ferri 
  • If you’re on a tight budget, want a simple very easy to learn app, reliable connectivity, and are okay with more limited control go with the Satisfyer Sexy Secret
  • If you care strongly about having the option for both app control AND remote control and are okay with more frequent app disconnections go with the We-Vibe Moxie

Now let’s go over what each of these apps will let you do, because they DO differ quite a bit!

Lovense Remote for the Lovense Ferri

First my favorite app – the Ferri panty vibrator’s Lovense App. 

In my opinion Lovense has the best vibrator app. It’s easily the most fully featured but it may take you some time to learn everything you can do.

This one has 4 preset patterns, and you can’t increase or decrease the intensity on them. But you CAN increase or decrease the speed on each of these, which is a unique feature to Lovense!

Lovense Ferri Patterns and Speed

But the thing that I love about the Ferri’s app is that the live control panel is AWESOME. You can very easily draw out your patterns right in the moment, and both feel AND see exactly what is happening. You can press “loop” and the vibes will repeat the pattern you just drew.  You can draw quick, sharp pulses, or some nice gradual increases. Or press “float” to set your vibrating panties to a constant power level.

Ferri Panty Vibrator Custom Control

Like the others, you can buzz along to a favorite song, or the ambient noise around you. OR connect with a long distance partner by texting, sending pics, video calling, or sharing control of your toy. 

You can even anonymously send someone a one-time control link to give them TIMED access to your sex toy – this feature is unique to Lovense’s app and is great for anonymous play online.

You can also build a list of saved partners you play with regularly.

Lovense Ferri Long Distance

This is also the only panty vibrator app that can let you provide a saved partner with unrestricted access to control your toy. Other apps require them to request control of your toy each time and you’ll need to accept their request. This is the default setting in Lovense’s app too, but you can change the settings for particular partners to let them take control spontaneously.

So if you want to be surprised by a partner, the Ferri is your best option!

I’ve always found this sex toy to connect INSTANTLY for me, and it maintains a great connection when locking my phone or opening other apps.

The Lovense app has had the best connectivity for me. 

Satisfyer Connect for the Sexy Secret

The Sexy Secret uses the Satisfyer App which gives you 18 preset patterns to work with. 

Satisfyer Connect App Patterns

You can play the pattern, and then raise or lower the intensity of each one by dragging up or down on the screen. 

Increase or Decrease Intensity Satisfyer App

You can also create your own pattern by tracing a line on the screen – it will buzz out AS you draw so that you know how the pattern you’re drawing feels. That’s a pretty obvious feature to include, but it’s actually a huge PLUS because the We-Vibe Moxie’s app does NOT allow you to feel what you’re drawing – so you can’t actually tell whether you’re building a good pattern in the We-Vibe app. 

Satisfyer Connect App Create Your Own Pattern

Besides patterns or manual control, you can make your sex toy responsive to ambient sound (great for clubs and bars!) OR play a song of your own that the toy will buzz along to.

The Sexy Secret allows for long distance connection with a partner too! You can text, send photos, and video call in-app while you let your partner control your panty vibrator. You can also set a time limit for how long your message or photo stays in their history. Of course they can still screenshot so play with someone you trust.

Time Limit on Satisfyer App

The panty vibrator wearer has to provide access to their long distance partner each time. Then your partner can draw out a pattern by dragging up or down on the screen. It’s a lot trickier for them to tell what your vibrator is doing in long distance mode than in nearby mode. This is because there’s no line showing the pattern, just responsive colors. So not the most intuitive for your partner on the controlling-end. 

The Lovense Ferri panty vibrators app gives much better feedback for long distance partners.

Long Distance Partner Control in Satisfyer Connect App

I found the Sexy Secret to connect with the app very quickly and easily – in both bluetooth and long distance mode. It also stays connected well, even if I lock my phone or open other apps. Disconnections were pretty rare.

Satisfyer’s app connectivity comes pretty close to Lovenses connectivity which is pretty impressive for a budget level toy.

We-Connect for the We-Vibe Moxie

The Moxie’s We Vibe App has 10 different preset patterns that you can drag up or down for varied intensity like the Sexy Secret.

We-Vibe Moxie Patterns and Intensity

Again – you CAN create your own pattern on here, but it’s sort of a shot in the dark because you can’t feel what you’re drawing out. Like the Sexy Secret, you also have the ability to make the toy buzz to a tune, OR the sounds around you.

Design Your Own We-Vibe Moxie Pattern

Long distance partners can connect by chatting, calling, videoing, or sharing control of their toy. They’ll be able to pick a pattern for you and then drag up and down to change intensity like you do. The We-Connect app gives better feedback to your partner than Satisfyer’s app since they can see the vibe pattern and strength.

We-Vibe Moxie Vibrating Panties Long Distance View

But this app is a little more finicky. It can often take me some work to get it connected. It’s usually not the first attempt. Removing the sex toy from my Bluetooth memory, then re-adding it back in will solve this issue but it’s a bit of a nuisance to have to do this. It’s also disconnected more during use for me than both the Satisfyer Connect app and the Lovense Remote app.

Panty Vibrators and Connectivity

Reliable connectivity is one of the BIGGEST make or break features of a panty-vibrator. 

If you’re spending most of your sexy public play-time battling technology, you’re doing it wrong. And it most definitely will detract a whole slew of points from your arousal levels.

There are two components to good connectivity:

  1. How easy it is to get connected and reliably stay connected 
  2. How far away can the toy and remote be from each other before they’re out of range 

In my opinion item 1 is most important. I’d rather have a sex toy that reliably works from 30 feet away than a toy that sometimes works from 60 feet but also frequently disconnects at 25 feet.

The three toys I’ve had the most reliable connections with are:

  1. Lovense Ferri
  2. Satisfyer Sexy Secret
  3. Vedo Niki
Vibrating Panties with Best Connection

Physical remotes tend to stay connected to your toy really well (except the Leaf+Spirit which disconnects more regularly for me), but they usually have a shorter range than app controlled toys. 

Lovense (the maker of the Ferri) has TONS of app-controlled toys, and I’ve found them to consistently maintain reliable connection. Satisfyer’s app has been a surprise too – it’s had great connectivity with my vibrating panty at a very budget price tag. The We-Vibe Moxie’s app has been more troublesome for me even though it’s a much more expensive toy.

Different toys also have different ranges at which the sex toy can be separated from the wireless remote or phone before they disconnect. If you want some across-the room action – look for one of the ones that can span a greater distance like the Ferri or the Sexy Secret.

My partner and I tested these toys in our alley. He’d walk away while controlling my vibrating panties and I’d let him know when they disconnected. We’d measure how far away we were when they lost connection and averaged the results. 

Here’s how far each toy was able to stay connected when separated from their app or wireless remote:

  • Ferri – 190 feet
  • Sexy Secret – 135 feet
  • Moxie – 95 feet
  • Vibease – 86 feet
  • Niki – 62 feet
  • Mantric – 32 feet
  • Leaf + Spirit < 30 feet

One quick note: The distances we found while testing are greater than the distances listed on the manufacturers’ websites. The Ferri panty vibrator regularly disconnected at about 190 feet while we were testing, but Lovense only lists it reliably up to 45 feet in bluetooth mode. We tested in our alley with absolutely no obstructions and a pretty new phone with good bluetooth.

Your exact distances will differ in a normal environment (and likely be less than our results) depending on a lot of factors. 

But we wanted to show how these panty vibrators’ range compare to each other

I can pretty confidently say that wherever you use your toy, the Ferri will work from farther away than if you used the Vibease. And if you’re wearing the Mantric panty vibrator you’ll have to keep the wireless remote much closer than if you’ve got the Vedo Niki tucked between your legs.

If longer bluetooth range is important to you, go with the Lovense Ferri for app control, or the Vedo Niki for remote control.

Best Connectivity Overall
Lovense Ferri Product

Lovense Ferri

Excellent app connectivity and longest range

Best Physical Remote Connectivity
Vedo Niki Remote and Vibrator

Vedo Niki

Reliable connectivity. Great range, but shorter than app controlled options

Panty Vibrator Vibration Power, Range, and Quality

It feels like a good time to mention that ALL of the toys in this article are clit-stimulating toys ONLY. There ARE other options out there like the Lush 3 (review here) that stimulate your G-spot instead. Or toys that vibe on both the inside AND the outside, like the WeVibe Chorus!

So if you didn’t get pulled away by the other exciting world of wearable G-spot vibrators, let’s get back to our clit-loving friends.

Every toy has a different range when it comes to vibe power. Since your hands will not be there to control your vibe feel, you’ll want to first consider whether you typically like strong and direct stimulation, OR if you prefer broader and more diffuse vibes.

Some toys start ALREADY strong, and just go up from there. While others like to stay in the shallow end. Here’s a chart that shows the comparative power range of each toy!

Vibrating Panties Power Ranges

A big influencer of how much power you feel is the shape and design of the toy. Some just direct the vibes to your clit better and that has been factored into the above chart. So this chart doesn’t show the raw power of the motor if you were holding the vibrating panty in your hand. I’m showing how strong the clit stimulation feels when you’re actually wearing the toy. 

For example – the shape of the Niki and Ferri are designed so that your own body weight presses the toy comfortably against you while sitting so that you can really sink into the vibes. That’s what I need to take me over the edge, and not-so-coincidentally, these are the only two I’ve been able to orgasm with hands-free. 

Best Vibrating Panties for Strong Clit Stimulation

Other toys like the Leaf + Spirit may technically be just as powerful – but those vibes are being delivered loosely in the front pouch of your panties (whereas the Niki and Ferri are magnetically secured right where you want the vibes). The vibes don’t make it to my clit in full force!

You may want to also consider whether you tend to prefer rumbly or buzzy vibrations. I find buzzy vibes feel more surface-level, and a little more tickly. While rumbly vibes travel deeper into my body and feel more intense.

We have an expanded Lovense Ferri review here and We-Vibe Moxie review here if you want to read more detailed info on the buzzy or rumbly levels.

In short

Strongest Vibes – less rumbly
Lovense Ferri Product

Lovense Ferri

Best if you enjoy strong clit vibes with the instant impact of some buzziness

Strongest vibes – purely rumbly
Vedo Niki Remote and Vibrator

Vedo Niki

Best if you prefer strong clit vibes that are completely on the rumbly side of the spectrum

Another quick vibe tip is to choose a toy with vibe-patterns you’ll actually enjoy. I mention this in my App Vs. Remote panty section, but to expand a bit: All the toys have a built in set of patterns available to toggle through, but if you’re locked in at one intensity level, it may or may not be very enjoyable to you. 

If custom control is a MUST for you, then pick something with more vibe-patterns OR just pick an app-controlled toy. The app-controlled options are ideal for better control. An outlier to this app-rule is the Niki! It’s a nice option for specific control WHILE being only remote-controlled because it has the ability to increase or decrease the intensity of each pattern.

Choosing a Comfortable and Secure Panty Vibrator

First, don’t go for a toy that comes with a pair of underwear the toy is built into.These are usually low quality toys (and underwear) that don’t give a good fit and clit stimulation.

There’s really three tiers to a good panty vibrator fit:

  1. Panty vibrators that slip loosely in the front pouch of your panties – don’t stay pressed against you and can slide out of place easily, don’t apply much pressure
  2. Magnetically secured panty vibrators – stay in place very well, stay pressed against you, but may not apply much pressure
  3. Magnetically secured panty vibrators that are shaped for good pressure – stay in place very well, stay pressed against you, AND applies pressure really well against your clit

I’m a huge advocate for the Type 3 vibrating panties if you really want these toys to take you over the edge rather than just be a fun tease. The two panty vibrators that fit this bill are the Lovense Ferri and the Vedo Niki vibrating panties.

Vibrating Panties Clit Stimulation Groups

The toys that fit into category #2 can be pretty arousing and fun and have a way better fit than the slip-in vibrating underwear! I’m definitely worked up and ready to go by the time we get back home – they just won’t take me all the way. 

The Moxie and Sexy Secret are in this group. If you’re looking to get worked up and turned on while you’re out with a partner before heading back to your place these can be great options – especially the Sexy Secret at its low price tag.

First up – the Slide-Ins.

These guys just don’t stay in place very well, so they’re best for some me-time at home. Here, I can put it in place, sit down, and enjoy. HECK, if I’m at home, I can stick my hands down there and adjust it all I want! The Vibease, Leaf + Spirit, and Matric fit into this category. 

But for the best fit when your hands are unavailable stick with a magnetically secured panty vibe.

Comfort is always another big deal for me. I want to ENJOY my time out and not be squirming around! 

Generally, magnetic panty vibratros are more comfortable because they’re not jumping around as you move. I have more specifics on comfort in the mini reviews listed above. But if comfort is especially important to you I found the Sexy Secret and the Vedo Niki the most comfortable.

Most Comfortable Vibrating Panties – Remote Control
Vedo Niki Remote and Vibrator

Vedo Niki

The Vedo Niki is exceptionally comfortable while delivering powerful vibrations

Most Comfortable Vibrating Panties – App Control
Satisfyer Sexy Secret Vibrating Panties Product

Satisfyer Sexy Secret

The smooth, flexible shape of the Sexy Secret make it a very comfortable app controlled panty vibe 

Noise Tests – Where Can You Play With Each Panty Vibrator?

I can remember having NO concept whatsoever of how audible a panty vibrator would be in public before I bought my first one. 

And it’s kind of a leap of faith! 

Will I turn it on and suddenly every head in the room turns to me and knows what I’m doing?

Thankfully no. 

They’re actually completely inaudible in most settings! We’ll get into specifics 🙂

As you can see with this little chart, there’s a bit of a range each toy has based on whether they’re on low or high power. Those ranges also differ quite a bit between each toy.

Quietest Vibrating Panties - Noise Levels

Now don’t get scared away by your toy before you even begin. When you first launch that little sucker up while it’s held in your hand, or sitting out on the table, it sounds PRETTY dang loud. But when they’re snug against you, most of them are muffled quite well. The chart below gives the sound range you’ll experience while WEARING your toy.

I developed it with a little decibel reader app on my phone. I measured the toy’s volume range while wearing the toy and holding the decibel reader about 1 foot away from the panty vibrator.

I happen to be on the more self-conscious side of the spectrum, so I can’t enjoy myself unless I KNOW for sure that no one can hear me. 

Part of what I can get away with is dependent on the toy’s noise level. But the other factor is your environment – where are you wanting to use the toy?

The ambient noise around you can really help to drown out the sound on public play vibrators, so I went ahead and tested each of these vibrating panties at several different locations. Here’s the average decibels each environment provided to help drown out the toy too:

  1. My house when it was silent (so no help from background noise here) – 30 dB average
  2. My house when the air was turned on – 39 dB average
  3. A local coffee shop with low music on – 50 dB average
  4. A local brewery with no music but plenty of chatter – 73 dB average
  5. A loud bar – I didn’t end up testing this because every toy was inaudible in the coffee shop and brewery so they’d definitely be silent in an even louder environment!

My partner sat 3-6 feet away at each location, and we tested out when he could hear each vibrating panty as I turned the power up. 

The top, larger bar shows the panty vibrator’s power range. Remember – some toys get stronger than others. 

A green bar below indicates that he could NOT hear it at that power level. A red bar means he could hear it. As you can see, some of them, he never heard depending on the location! 

Where To Play Discreetly With Vibrating Panties

If you expect you’ll use your panty vibrator mostly at restaurants and bars, any of these toys will work for you sound-wise! If that’s you, I’d grab a stronger toy like the Lovense Ferri or Vedo Niki. Even their most powerful levels were still unnoticeable at our coffee shop and brewery.

For my fellow apprehensive pals, or lovers of a more quiet-location – the Sexy Secret and even the stronger Vedo Niki both did the best in our quieter environments. In fact, they’re the only two that we couldn’t hear on some of the lower levels in the completely silent house. And the Niki still delivers a huge power kick while keeping quiet!

If you’re especially drawn to power though, know that you can get away with some of the mid-high powered toys in pretty much any quiet restaurants or coffee shops. I don’t think it’s worth giving up the potential for high power, so if I REALLY need to, I can just stick to the lower-powers on the toy until I’m somewhere a bit more populated.

If you want to hear how these panty vibrators sound next to each other, I demonstrate each panty vibrator’s noise level side by side in the panty vibrator video below.

Panty Vibrators and Battery Life

Battery life is a big deal. I’ve had toys die mid play, and it’s a big letdown when you’ve put so much work into the tease!

Since you can’t use your hands, the journey to orgasm can take longer with vibrating underwear than with a typical vibrator. So if it’s the finish-line you’re going for, you’ll want a longer battery life.

Also keep in mind, vibing along on high the whole time will drain you panty vibrator’s battery more quickly. If you’ve been known to like a strong constant buzz like me, you’ll probably want more than an hour of charge.

I’ve found the Ferri to have the longest battery life for sure – it advertises 3 hours, and I’ve definitely found this to be true. The Vibease also advertises 3 hours and so far I’ve not proved it wrong. The Niki and Sexy Secret have both lasted for over an hour for me on mostly high-powers. The Moxie is one that I have had battery issues with. On a full charge, I’ve had this one die on me after about 45 minutes. Though I do tend to stay mostly on high powers.

Now when it comes to the way you charge your toy – we all have our own preferences. I tend to like the magnet charging ports because they just look clean, and everything is totally waterproof! Others don’t like magnetic ports because it’s easier for the toy to disconnect mid-charge.

Pin-hole charging ports are fine too, but not my favorite. Many of them are still waterproof, but they just make me a little nervous when I have to puncture through the silicone. Some have had the pin break off inside too.

But what about the ones you actually have to BUY BATTERIES for? These toys are the bane of my existence. Fortunately, none of the toys on my list use this, BUT some of their remotes do. The Niki, Leaf + Spirit, and Mantric all have remotes that require those little flat circle batteries that you never have spares of. So just know what you’re committing to!

Lovense Ferri Panty Vibrator

Best Battery

Lovense Ferri

Up to 3.5 hours of continuous vibing. Recharges with a magnetic cable for better longevity

Panty Vibrator Cost – Which Toys Are Worth the Price? 

MOST of the options lie somewhere in the mid-cost range, like the Mantric, Ferri, Niki, and Leaf + Spirit. But then we have our outliers – the Sexy Secret is on the very lowest end of costs and offers surprisingly good bang for your buck! And the We-Vibe Moxie is the most expensive but I had better experiences with a few of the other panty vibrators.

I personally think that the three greatest values for the cost are the Sexy Secret by Satisfyer, the Vedo Niki, and the Lovense Ferri!

As I mentioned, the Ferri has been my go-to from the beginning and is just all around the best combination of features – a great user-friendly app with the best connectivity, the strongest clitoral stimulation, but still quiet enough to use at restaurants and bars. 

The Vedo Niki has been my surprising second favorite – and the only toy besides the Ferri to make me orgasm completely hands-free! It’s dang quiet and REALLY hits the spot with some strong vibes that press into you brilliantly. 

It’s a bit cheaper than the Ferri too since it’s remote-controlled. That comes with a few disadvantages from app control, but the Vedo Niki makes up for it with great stimulation at a budget-friendly price tag.

Then there’s the Sexy Secret. I just can’t get over the cost of this one! Definitely the cheapest app controlled vibrating panties you’ll find. And while it’s pretty low-powered, it can definitely get you feeling worked up! 

While some of the more expensive panty vibrators like the Mantric and even the Moxie have sat unused except when I’m testing them, I still use my Sexy Secret.

Final Results – Which are the Best Vibrating Panties For You:

After spending months with some lovely panty vibes discreetly humming away on my clit there are three toys I’ve come to really love and especially recommend.

  • Lovense Ferri – For those who want the best vibrating panties. It’s still relatively inexpensive compared to other popular app controlled brands, and I have had the best app control experiences with this toy. It gives the strongest clit stimulation of all the panty vibes.
  • Satisfyer Sexy Secret – For those who want a budget friendly app control vibe. The Sexy Secret and its app are surprisingly good for their price. It’s not the strongest vibrations but they’re still really fun and teasy – great for foreplay! The app is simple, but it works really well.
  • Vedo Niki Panty VibratorFor those who want a physical remote, strong clit stimulation, and especially quiet vibes. While not as versatile as app control, the Vedo Niki has a great remote with reliable connection and excellent control. It’s the only panty vibe besides the Ferri with strong clit stimulation directed well to bring me to orgasm. Plus, it’s exceptionally comfortable and quiet!
Best Overall
Lovense Ferri Panty Vibrator

Lovense Ferri

Strongest clit stimulation, best app connectivity, longest range, and most feature-rich app.

Best Mid-Budget
Vedo Niki Remote and Vibrator

Vedo Niki

Mid budget with VERY strong clit stimulation. Still one of the quietest panty vibes with great comfort and reliable remote connectivity.

Best on A Budget
Satisfyer Sexy Secret and App

Satisfyer Sexy Secret

Simple, intuitive app with reliable connectivity at a budget price. Exceptionally quiet but not as powerful.

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