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Best Prostate Massager in 2024 (top rated and cheap P-spot Toys for beginners and advanced users)

Lovense Edge 2 and Lovense Remote - Square

Best Overall


I normally showcase the “Overall Best” toy in this section. But honestly, with how different each of these prostate massagers are – there’s not one clear winner. Instead, this is my personal favorite and most used prostate massager – the Lovense Edge 2.

I love strong hands-free vibrations. And the Edge 2 has the most stimulating vibes I’ve found in a prostate toy. You have complete control over both of the Edge’s motors in the Lovense app, and you can even give control to a long distance partner. 

If you prefer super heavy pressure, a toy like the nJoy Pure Wand may be a better fit for you. But I’ve had some of my most intense orgasms from the Lovense Edge 2’s powerful, unique, and completely hands-free vibrations.

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Table of Contents

I’ve spent the last couple of years collecting, testing, and comparing a ton of prostate massagers – from prostate plugs, to Aneros massagers, to handheld vibrating and non-vibrating P-spot toys.

All the Best Prostate Massagers I Tested - Plugs, Handheld, and Aneros Toys

I personally own and have used all of the prostate massagers in this guide. I continue to use many of them regularly. Others sit mostly untouched in my closet, only coming out when I need to compare them against a new P-spot toy.

All so I can answer one simple question (and, of course, enjoy incredible orgasms along the way): What’s the best prostate massager?

Well, the terribly unsatisfying answer is – it depends. 

Stick with me though, because in this prostate massager guide, I’ll help you find the much more achievable answer to a better question: What’s the best prostate massager for you?

We’ll go through a ton of P-spot toys in this guide (I’ll keep updating as I test new toys) and chat about what they’re good at, and what they don’t do so well – so you can choose a prostate massager that excels at what you care about most.

My Personal Favorite Prostate Massagers

If you’re short on time and want to know my personal favorites, here’s a brief look at the four prostate massagers I use most. 

My Personal Favorite Prostate Massagers - Lovense Edge 2, nJoy Pure Wand, Lelo Loki Wave, Nexus Revo Stealth

Each provides a unique experience from the others, and these four prostate massagers are always in my regular rotation.

  • If you’re looking for the most stimulating vibrations – the Lovense Edge 2 is my go-to
  • For the strongest prostate pressure – the nJoy Pure Wand is the best
  • I use the Lelo Loki Wave for a great mix of vibrations, pressure, and automatic stimulation
  • And the Nexus Revo Stealth is great for hands-free prostate pressure

If you’re on a tighter budget, the Mantric P-spot probe is a good lower cost option for exploring vibrations and manual pressure.

We’ll cover these and many others in more detail below!

Best Vibrations & Reliable App

Edge 2 in Hand Product

Lovense Edge 2

The Edge 2 has very strong vibrations that are easy to control in the Lovense app. When I want strong, hands-free vibes this is the toy I use. 

Best Prostate Pressure

nJoy Pure Wand Square

nJoy Pure Wand

This prostate massager’s stainless steel construction and substantial curve help it deliver the heaviest pressure of all my P-spot toys. 

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Blends Vibrations, Pressure, and Automatic Movement

Lelo Loki Wave Prostate Massager

Lelo Loki Wave

This prostate massager provides great vibrations, solid fullness, and automatic pressure from it’s come hither motion – it’s an excellent blend of stimulation.

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Automatic Hands-Free Pressure

Nexus Revo Stealth and Remote

Nexus Revo Stealth

The Nexus Revo Stealth has a rotating head for automatic pressure. It’s my favorite toy for hands-free P-spot pressure.

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Best Prostate Plugs

The first group of prostate massagers we’ll cover are prostate plugs.

Prostate plugs compared to other prostate massagers

Prostate plugs are great for delivering hands-free P-spot stimulation. 

These toys slip securely in place and nuzzle right up against your prostate – you don’t need to concentrate on holding and maneuvering these prostate massagers to hit the right spot (which can be a distraction when using a handheld toy). They naturally curve toward and press against your prostate.

The main way most prostate plugs stimulate is by blasting your P-spot with strong vibrations

In fact, the top two spots on my prostate massager vibration power chart are filled by plugs – the Lelo Hugo and Lovense Edge 2.

Strongest prostate massagers

Most prostate plugs also have a perineum motor so that you get some pleasant external stimulation too.

The downside of these hands-free prostate massagers: You can’t use your hands to maneuver them. 

That means that while prostate plugs often provide stronger vibrations, they usually don’t offer as firm of prostate pressure as a handheld massager. That’s because you can grip a handheld toy to push it harder against your P-spot.

Handheld Vibrators vs Prostate Plugs

A few prostate plugs like the Nexus Revo Stealth (which I’ll cover) do focus on P-spot pressure. But more often, a prostate plug’s specialty is powerful vibrations.

Some people prefer strong hands-free vibrations – others want heavier pressure. It will take some exploring to figure out which you like best.

Lucky me, I enjoy both! So I have a lot of handheld and hands-free prostate massagers in my collection.

If powerful hands-free stimulation is what you’re after, check out these prostate plugs.

Lovense Edge 2 – Best Vibrations and Most Reliable App

Let’s kick things off with my personal favorite prostate plug – the Lovense Edge 2

Lovense Edge 2 prostate massager

The Lovense Edge 2 is an app-controlled prostate massager, which means you can control it easily without needing to reach down and press a button on the toy itself. And you can give control of your prostate plug to a partner – in the same room or long distance anywhere in the world.

But the main reason the Edge 2 is my favorite prostate plug is simple – it has the most stimulating vibrations of all my prostate massagers

The Edge 2’s vibrations are powerful to begin with – the only prostate massager that has stronger vibes in terms of raw power is the Lelo Hugo (You can head to my Vibration Power chart to see all of the prostate massagers compared).


Even though the Lelo Hugo is technically a tiny touch stronger, the Lovense Edge 2’s vibes feel much more impactful. They’re a bit more rumbly than the Hugo’s vibes which tends to be more effective on the prostate. 

But more importantly, you have complete control of both the internal prostate motor and the external perineum motor in the Lovense Remote app. And you can get some really interesting sensations by controlling the two motors separately. 

Controlling the Lovense Edge 2 with Lovense Remote app

The vibrations from each motor seem to interact and create some amplified beat-like patterns that feel more powerful than the Hugo’s vibes.

So for P-spot stimulation from strong vibrations – the Lovense Edge 2 is the best prostate massager.

The Lovense app is also my favorite of all the app-controlled brands I’ve tried.

My partner and I have had the most reliable connection with our Lovense toys compared to other app controlled brands – especially when playing long-distance. Video chatting in the app while playing has been easy, with very few disconnections.

And the control layout makes creating enjoyable vibrations quick and easy. 

The main screen lets you set a constant vibration level for each motor by selecting “Float.” Or tap “Loop” to draw a pattern that the Edge 2 prostate massager will put on repeat.

Lovense Edge 2 Loop and Float Functions

You can also select from preset patterns, loads of patterns created by other users, or let the Edge 2 vibrate along to music.

The Edge 2 has 3.59 inches of insertable length which is reasonable for some beginners and advanced players. But the width of 1.38 inches can be pushing the bounds for people entirely new to prostate play.

If you’re comfortable inserting a couple of fingers, the Edge 2 is likely a good size. But if you’re a beginner to prostate play, a slimmer plug like the We-Vibe Vector may be a more comfortable fit for you.

Lovense Edge and We-Vibe Vector Prostate Massagers for size comparison

The angle between the Lovense Edge 2’s prostate and perineum arms is also completely adjustable so you can get the best fit for your body.

If you’re ready for its size, and are looking for the most stimulating vibrations and a reliable app for versatile control solo or with a partner – the Lovense Edge 2 is a great choice.

I recommend the Lovense Edge 2 if you:

  • Want the best hands-free prostate vibrations
  • Want in-depth control over your prostate massager’s vibrations – Lovense’s app provides the best control 
  • Intend to let a long distance partner control your prostate massager – Again, Lovense’s app has had the most reliable connectivity
  • Have at least some anal experience; the Edge 2 makes a great second toy, but can be a bit wide if you can’t comfortably insert two fingers

Read Full Edge 2 Review

We-Vibe Vector – Most Rumbly, Comfortable, and Secure Prostate Plug [Also Beginner-Friendly]

Black Friday Deal: 32% Off at PeepShowToys

If the Lovense Edge 2’s size sounds intimidating to you, the We-Vibe Vector prostate massager would be a better fit.

The We-Vibe Vector’s width is only 1.18 inches which is a great size for beginners. But this is still a good plug for advanced users too.

We-Vibe Vector Prostate Massager

The Vector is an exceptionally comfortable plug for people of all experience levels. The We-Vibe Vector is much more “wearable” than the Edge 2 and most other prostate plugs. 

Many plugs tend to push out with heavy movement, but the We-Vibe Vector has the most secure fit of all my prostate massagers.

So that you know it’s not just me – I tallied up Lovehoney’s customer feedback for the We-Vibe Vector and the Lelo Hugo. Of the customers who mentioned how the prostate plugs fit, 91.7% mentioned the Vector fit well (only 8.3% mentioned it slips out). Whereas 60% of customers said the Lelo Hugo slips out.

We-Vibe Vector vs Lelo Hugo Secure Fit Graphical Data

While I think a traditional-shaped plug like the Lovense Hush is the best choice if a secure fit is your top priority, most people will be able to walk around with the We-Vibe Vector just fine. 

The perineum arm is also pretty slim, so sitting on the Vector is more comfortable than toys with bulkier external arms (including the Edge 2).

The We-Vibe Vector is also powerful. It’s the next strongest prostate plug after the Lovense Edge 2. And many people will love that the We-Vibe Vector is super rumbly!

It’s the most rumbly prostate massager I’ve tried. A lot of people prefer rumbly vibes, so if that’s you – the Vector would be a great fit.

While I personally prefer the extra power boost from the Edge 2, the ultra-rumbly vibes of the Vector prostate massager offer a subtly different sensation. It’s really enjoyable, and I still return to the We-Vibe Vector frequently for those deep vibes.

The We-Vibe Vector is app-controlled, but it also comes with a physical remote so you have flexibility in controlling this prostate massager.

We-Connect App Controls We-Vibe Vector

We-Vibe’s app isn’t quite as in-depth as Lovense’s. Creating your own patterns from scratch is possible, but more difficult. Instead, We-Vibe’s app offers a broad range of pre-designed patterns that you can easily swipe through and modify.

Controlling the We-Vibe Vector in the We-Connect app

Getting the prostate massager paired with the We-Vibe app can also take a few tries occasionally, but once it’s connected it works well. And if you don’t want to deal with pairing the prostate massager with your phone, you can just grab the remote control.

You can also video chat in We-Vibe’s app while you or your partner controls the prostate massager. Getting the call started can sometimes take a couple attempts, but it works well once you’re connected. But for the most reliable long-distance experience, the Edge 2 is a better choice.

I think the Vector is best for people who really value rumbly vibrations, and want a comfortable and secure fit.

I recommend the We-Vibe Vector if you:

  • Want to move around a lot while wearing your prostate plug – the Vector has the most secure fit of my prostate massagers.
  • Care about having a very comfortable fit – the slim size of both the internal and external arms make the Vector especially comfortable.
  • Really value rumbly vibrations – the We-Vibe Vector is the most rumbly prostate massager I’ve found.
  • Want the option for both app control or remote control
  • Only occasionally intend to use the long distance control – if you plan on using long distance control regularly, the Lovense Edge 2 provides a more reliable long-distance experience

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Nexus Revo Stealth – Rotating Head for Automatic Pressure

So far we’ve talked about prostate massagers that stimulate through strong vibrations. Since prostate plugs are hands-free you can’t maneuver them to apply extra pressure – so vibes are usually their main focus.

Nexus Revo Stealth Packaging and Prostate Massager

But the Nexus Revo Stealth is one of the few prostate plugs that emphasize great hands-free prostate pressure

And better yet, it’s automatic – no work involved. 

The head of the Nexus Revo Stealth’s prostate arm rotates 360 degrees, automatically pressing against your prostate as it sweeps along its orbit. 

Showing the Nexus Revo Stealth's Rotating Head

No need to concentrate on targeting the right spot and thrusting your prostate massager like you need to with a handheld toy. And to get the prostate pressure Aneros plugs offer (the other pressure-focused prostate plugs we’ll talk about), you need to repeatedly clench and relax your pelvic floor muscles.

These manual prostate massagers are great when you have the mental focus to stay engaged. And you do get more firm pressure from handheld toys like the nJoy Pure Wand. But if I’m not super turned on, I usually prefer something that does the work for me like the Nexus Revo Stealth. 

That way I can just enjoy the sensations and don’t get distracted by the mechanics of maneuvering the toy.

There’s also a vibrator in the perineum arm, so you do get some stimulation from vibrations. But the vibes are pretty minimal. If you want to focus on vibrations, get a prostate plug like the Lovense Edge 2, We-Vibe Vector, or Lelo Hugo which all put the vibes front-and-center.

How Nexus Revo Stealth Compares to Other Prostate Plugs

Effortless, hands-free prostate pressure is where the Nexus Revo Stealth shines – and that’s what keeps me using this prostate massager. 

It’s also remote controlled so changing the vibration power or rotation speed is easy to do.

And, while the Nexus Revo Stealth is their most famous rotating plug and the one I own, there are several models that all have the same basic features: a vibrating perineum arm and a rotating prostate arm for hands-free pressure.

So if the Nexus Revo Stealth’s 1.34 inch wide prostate arm sounds too intimidating or too small for you, try one of these options instead: 

The Nexus Revo Slim’s 1.1 inch width is great for beginners or the Revo Extreme’s 2.13 inch width will provide a stretch for those of you who enjoy a full-feeling plug. 

I recommend the Nexus Revo Stealth (or one of their other sizes) if you:

  • Want effortless, hands-free prostate pressure. This is really the main reason to get the Nexus Revo. It’s the best toy for getting prostate pressure without requiring you to do any work yourself.

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Svakom Vick Neo – Best App-Controlled Budget Prostate Massager

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The Svakom Vick Neo is another app-controlled prostate plug, but this one is sold at a more budget-friendly price than the Edge 2 and the We-Vibe Vector.

Svakom Vick Neo Prostate Massager and App

There are a couple trade-offs to be aware of with the Vick Neo’s cheaper price.


  1. The vibrations aren’t as strong as the more expensive app-controlled prostate plugs
  2. The app control isn’t as in-depth.

I’d rate the Svakom Vick Neo’s vibration strength at about 5.5 out of 10 compared to the Edge 2 (9 out of 10) and the We-Vibe Vector (8 out of 10). 

The vibrations definitely still feel good and add to the experience – my orgasms are certainly stronger with the Svakom Vick Neo in. But the vibrations don’t reach the enormous power of these other plugs.

You have two app options with the Svakom Vick Neo. You can use Svakom’s app or the FeelConnect app.

FeelConnect and Svakom apps to control Vick Neo

Between the two apps, there are still plenty of control features available – you just won’t get the ultra-detailed control that Lovense’s or We-Vibe’s apps provide.

The most important features are still available to you though. 

You can still video chat in-app while letting a partner control your prostate massager. While video chatting your partner can raise and lower your prostate massager’s vibration power. 

FeelConnect Video Chatting In-App While Controlling Svakom Vick Neo

But they won’t be able to send you patterns or create their own as they could with the Lovense Remote or We-Connect apps.

You can also still select from preset patterns in the app when playing solo, but you can’t easily create your own patterns.

The connectivity I’ve experienced has actually been good. My partner and I have dealt with few disconnections while using the FeelConnect and Svakom apps.

All in all – I think the Svakom Vick Neo is a good prostate massager for people who want to connect with a long-distance partner and keep costs down. If you don’t care about having super detailed control of your vibes, the apps work well.

It’s also a very comfortable toy that’s suitable for people of all experience levels.

I recommend the Svakom Vick Neo if you:

  • Want an app-controlled prostate massager on a budget to connect with a long-distance partner or play solo
  • Are okay trading off some vibration power for the less expensive price point
  • Are okay with more basic control in the app – you don’t need detailed control like Lovense and We-Vibe’s apps provide

Read Svakom Vick Neo Review

Lelo Hugo – Strongest Prostate Massager

Black Friday Deal: 32% Off at PeepShowToys

Power lovers, this one’s for you!

The Lelo Hugo is the most powerful prostate massager I’ve used. Hugo’s vibes are a 10 out of 10.

Svakom Vick Neo Vibration Power vs Other Prostate Massager Plugs

In fact, I defined the 10 on my power scale based on the Lelo Hugo’s vibration strength. If I ever find a prostate massager more powerful, I’ll either have to rate the new one 11 or shift everything else down – I’ll cross that bridge if I ever get there.

The Lelo Hugo’s vibrations are also a good mix between rumbly and buzzy. Though for people who have a strong preference for super rumbly vibrations – the Lovense Edge 2 and We-Vibe Vector are farther on the rumbly side. 

This prostate massager is also suitable for beginners. Its width is 1.28 inches and its insertable length is 3.4 inches. 

If you prefer feeling really full, you may want a bigger plug. The Lelo Hugo puts its emphasis on vibration power rather than providing a stretch.

The curves are very smooth and the perineum arm flexes so the Hugo feels very comfortable. 

Flexing the Lelo Hugo's Perineum Arm

It can have a tendency to push out though. This is a prostate plug to use inside the bedroom – walking with it is difficult. If you need to wear your prostate massager around, grab the We-Vibe Vector instead.

While the Lelo Hugo is only remote-controlled (not app-controlled), it has one of my favorite physical remotes – especially for partnered play!

Most remotes don’t provide any feedback to your partner about how their button clicks affect your prostate massager. But the Lelo Hugo’s remote control vibrates in sync with the prostate plug.

Lelo Hugo vibrating remote gives feedback to your partner

So if you increase the plug’s power, the remote will vibrate stronger. If you change patterns, the remote will change to that pattern. It helps your partner control the prostate massager better and feel more involved. 

You can also control the Lelo Hugo using the remote’s SenseMotion. This feature allows you to move, tilt, and shake the remote to control the prostate massager rather than relying on good old-fashioned button-mashing.

Overall, I think the Lelo Hugo’s remote provides excellent feedback and control of the Hugo.

You may be concerned that the Lelo Hugo is loud since it’s powerful. But I had my partner stand on the other side of our bedroom door while using the prostate massager – she could not hear it at any power level or any pattern. 

So you’re good to use it even if you live with other people.

I recommend the Lelo Hugo if you:

  • Want the prostate massager with the best vibration strength (I also recommend you consider the Lovense Edge 2 for powerful stimulation)
  • Prefer smaller plugs that are especially comfortable
  • Want a high quality remote that provides great control and gives excellent feedback to the controlling partner
  • Don’t need app control – you intend to play solo or with a nearby partner

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Satisfyer Backdoor Lover – Best Cheap Prostate Plug

The Satisfyer Backdoor Lover is the cheapest prostate massager on my list. That makes it a great option if you’re on a tight budget or just want to dip your toes into exploring prostate toys.

Satisfyer Backdoor Lover Prostate Massager and Packaging

But even though it’s cheap, the Backdoor Lover is actually stronger than several of the more expensive prostate vibrators. I put its strength at a solid 7.5 out of 10. 

That’s pretty good considering the We-Vibe Vector is about 4.5 times the cost of the Backdoor Lover, while only being slightly more powerful (8 out of 10).

So how is it so cheap? Well, of course, there are going to be some trade-offs. 

The biggest one is that the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover doesn’t have a remote control.

You’ll need to use the button on the base of the prostate massager to change the power level or vibration pattern. 

Controlling the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover

So changing patterns while playing is a bit of a nuisance. When I use the Backdoor Lover, I usually set it to the power level or vibration pattern I want – and then leave it alone.

Like the other prostate massagers, the Backdoor Lover is curved forward so the tip targets your prostate. But this one does not have a vibrating perineum arm – just one motor on this toy. 

Its vibrations are also more on the buzzy side of the spectrum.

If you’re okay with these trade-offs it’s a great entry-level prostate massager at a very reasonable price.

I recommend the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover if you:

  • Want to begin exploring prostate plugs at a very affordable price
  • Don’t intend to change vibration patterns or power level often
  • Enjoy buzzier vibrations

Best Aneros Prostate Massagers 

Alright here’s a picture of Aneros prostate massagers.

Aneros Prostate Massagers

They look like prostate plugs, right? And it’s true – they are.

So why did I make a separate section for Aneros toys – well, they offer something that most other prostate plugs don’t.

Manual pressure!

“Manual” in the sense that you can use your muscles to move these prostate massagers so they put heavier pressure on your P-spot.

But you still won’t be using your hands.

The shape of Aneros prostate massagers allows them to pivot and press more firmly on your prostate when you contract your pelvic floor muscles.

When you release, they pivot back into a resting position – still nudged against your P-spot providing some pressure. Poised and ready to lean in hard when you activate those muscles again. 

It takes some effort – it’s not a completely sit-back-and-relax method like most prostate plugs provide. 

How Aneros Toys Work to Pivot

But you can get excellent P-spot pressure by rhythmically using your pelvic floor muscles to pivot these prostate massagers back and forth. Many people find that using their pelvic floor muscles is helpful for reaching a prostate orgasm.

And if you still want some completely effortless sessions – they’ve got vibrating models too so you don’t always need to be putting in the work yourself.

If you’re interested in hands-free stimulation, but are willing to put in a bit of effort to get more substantial pressure too – Aneros prostate massagers are a great fit.

Non-Vibrating Aneros Toys: Helix Syn, Helix Trident, and Aneros Progasm

Let’s start with the non-vibrating Aneros prostate massagers. 

Aneros Progasm Ice, Aneros Helix Syn Trident, and Aneros Helix Trident

These are toys that will provide some nice fullness naturally, but to get the best pressure and stimulation, you’ll need to use your pelvic floor muscles to pivot them firmly against your P-spot.

If you’re new to anal play and you’re not super comfortable with insertion, I’d start with the Aneros Helix Syn Trident or Helix Trident. They’re both exceptionally slim toys (0.98 inches and 0.97 inches wide) that are very easy to insert and comfortable to wear.

The only difference between the two is that the Helix Syn is made of silicone whereas the Helix Trident is made of ABS plastic. Both are body-safe sex toys materials. I find the silicone of the Helix Syn feels higher quality and sturdier though – I prefer it.

Aneros Helix Syn Trident and Helix Trident

But one benefit of the plastic model is that you can use any type of lube with it. With silicone toys like the Helix Syn, you’ll want to use water-based lube.

Both toys pivot well as your muscles clench and provide nice pressure.

If you’re comfortable with a bit larger size, I’d recommend the Aneros Progasm. It’s max width is 1.25 inches which feels more filling and I get better pressure from the slightly larger size.

It slides in easily and I think the Aneros Progasm is still doable as a first prostate toy if you’re comfortable inserting your fingers.

Aneros Progasm Ice vs Aneros Helix Trident for Size Comparison

One thing to note – all of these Aneros prostate massagers fit really comfortably and securely. I never have issues with them coming out. 

Sitting is the only position they’re not great. For one thing, Aneros toys aren’t meant to be used seated because that restricts their ability to pivot against your prostate. And the upward turned tabs on the base of the toy can press uncomfortably into you if you try sitting on an Aneros prostate massager. 

Standing, walking, and laying down with an Aneros massager are all comfy. 

Vibrating Aneros Prostate Massagers: Aneros Helix Syn V and Aneros Vice 2

Aneros vibrating toys give you the ability to get extra pressure from their pivoting action. But they can also act more like a typical vibrating prostate plug, when you don’t feel like clenching your muscles.

The Aneros Helix Syn V and Aneros Vice 2 are their two vibrating massagers. Again, which is best is mostly a case of your comfort level with their size.

Vibrating Aneros Prostate Massagers - Helix Syn V vs Vice 2

The Helix Syn V is slimmer (1 inch max width), shorter (3.6 inches insertable length), and very easy to insert. Whereas the Aneros Vice 2 provides a more filling sensation at 1.3 inches wide and 4.4 inches of insertable length. 

The Helix Syn V’s vibrations are about a 6.5 out of 10 strength. If you’re comfortable with the larger size of the Vice 2, you can get some stronger vibrations at 7.5 out of 10.

I personally prefer the Aneros Vice 2 because I enjoy its filling size and stronger vibrations. Plus, it’s easy to control because it comes with an excellent remote control. To control the Helix Syn V, you’ll have to press a button on the base of the toy.

Aneros Vice 2 and Helix Syn V Remote Control and Button Control

So if you’re comfortable with larger sizes, I recommend going with the Aneros Vice 2.

Aneros Helix Syn Trident

Slim Aneros For Beginners With Sleek Silicone Finish

Aneros Helix Trident

Slim Aneros Compatible With Any Lube

Aneros Progasm

A More Filling Aneros - Also Compatible With Any Lube

Aneros Helix Syn V

Slim Vibrating Aneros Best for Beginners

Aneros Vice 2

Stronger, Larger Vibrating Aneros Better for Advanced Users

Best Handheld Prostate Massagers

Next on our list are prostate massagers that you or a partner can hold, maneuver, angle, and really press hard against your P-spot.

Handheld prostate massagers tend to give the best prostate pressure of all the P-spot toys. That’s why even the non-vibrating nJoy Pure Wand has become a cult classic sex toy. 

The pressure the Pure Wand provides is simply unrivaled.

And for many people, pressure is their preferred type of P-spot stimulation.

Handheld Prostate Massagers

You can put a lot of force behind handheld prostate massagers and aim that force where you want it to go (although some handheld toys make targeting the P-spot easier than others. Don’t worry, we’ll get into that!)

On top of that, many handheld prostate massagers also vibrate. So most of these toys will provide a good blend of pressure and strong vibrations.

nJoy Pure Wand – Best Prostate Massager for Firm Pressure

Black Friday Deal: $32 Off at PeepShowToys

I’ve already given it away: If you’re a pressure-lover, the nJoy Pure Wand is in a class of its own.

nJoy Pure Wand - Best for Prostate Pressure

This prostate massager provides the most substantial prostate pressure of any toy I’ve tried. There’s a reason so many people love the nJoy Pure Wand, even though it looks so simple and doesn’t even vibrate.

The best toy I’ve ever bought and the only one I’m keeping.

Lovehoney customer feedback

I’m sure you’ve read all the hype around this toy so there’s no need for me to repeat it. Just an extra voice in the massive pool of positive reviews to say once again, it’s totally worth it.

Lovehoney customer feedback

First of all, the nJoy Pure Wand is heavy. It’s made entirely of body-safe stainless steel and weighs 1.51 lbs (680g). 

That’s a lot of weight you can push against your prostate. And you notice that weight! The pressure feels more impactful than any of the other P-spot toys on this list – even the other handheld toys.

But this hefty pressure is also extremely comfortable

The nJoy Pure Wand has two solid balls at each end: a 1 inch diameter ball at one end, and a 1.5 inch diameter ball at the other.

Since the ends are spheres instead of coming to a tapered tip, the nJoy Pure Wand spreads the pressure out over a broad area. This blunt pressure feels amazing, comfortable, and is less “pokey” than tapered toys. 

nJoy Pure Wand round ends compared to other prostate massagers' tapered tips

The lack of a tapered tip can make inserting the larger end more difficult for people who aren’t used to anal play. But the smaller end is easy and comfortable to insert even for beginners. 

I find the smaller end feels excellent for targeting a specific spot. And the larger end provides a wonderful sense of fullness – especially because it’s made of solid metal. It feels more filling than a silicone toy which has some squishiness to it. 

The nJoy Pure Wand’s length is 8 inches directly from sphere to sphere, but along the curve it’s closer to 11 inches. This substantial length and curve make it easier to hold and maneuver than other handheld prostate massagers.

nJoy Pure Wand Dimensions

Because there’s a lot of length, you can get a good grip and focus the pressure to specific areas easily. This isn’t so important when a partner is using your toy on you – they can typically get a firm grip on any of the handheld toys.

But when playing solo, this extra length makes you not have to contort your body to keep a firm grip. And the substantial curve makes targeting your P-spot super easy.

The only downside is that it’s expensive. But if you like prostate pressure – it’s the best. And the nJoy Pure Wand works for people of all experience levels.

I recommend the nJoy Pure Wand if you:

  • Enjoy prostate pressure. Hands-down this is the best prostate massager I’ve found for pressure stimulation!
  • Prefer P-spot pressure over vibrations
  • Want a toy that’s great as a beginner and later as an experienced user

Lelo Loki Wave – Best Mix of Vibrations, Pressure, and Movement

Black Friday Deal: 49% Off at Lelo with code BF15MORE at checkout

The Lelo Loki Wave is another one of the prostate massagers I use regularly and keep in my bedside drawer.

This prostate vibrator provides an excellent blend of vibrations, fullness, and pressure. 

Lelo Loki Wave Types of Stimulation

And I especially love that the Lelo Loki Wave provides automatic pressure.

It has a vibrating perineum arm and prostate arm – but the prostate arm can also move back and forth in a “come hither” motion.

This motion puts repeated pressure on the prostate. With each forward swing, it pushes on the prostate and also presses the vibrations into the prostate which feels really wonderful.

And other than holding the toy, you don’t need to do the work yourself. You can thrust it manually to apply additional pressure, but I enjoy the pressure it provides automatically better. 

The Loki Wave is a bit shorter than the nJoy Pure Wand so it’s harder to grip the handle and maneuver it as precisely for manual pressure – at least when playing solo. A partner will be able to maneuver it well.  

Lelo Loki Wave vs nJoy Pure Wand

The Loki Wave’s vibrations are also powerful (8 out of 10). Only a few of my prostate plugs vibrate more powerfully.

The maximum width is 1.47 inches with an insertable length of 3.54 inches – so the internal arm provides a great sense of fullness. But it’s larger than I’d recommend to beginners. 

If you’re a beginner looking for a handheld vibrating P-spot toy – check the Lelo Billy 2 instead.

I use the Lelo Loki Wave when I want strong vibrations, substantial fullness, and solid pressure all at once – and I want the toy to do most of the work for me!

I recommend the Lelo Loki Wave if you:

  • Want versatile prostate stimulation from a variety of methods – strong vibes, firm pressure, and fullness
  • Want a toy you can manually thrust for pressure or let the toy do the work with its come hither motion
  • Enjoy larger toys for a more full sensation

Read Lelo Loki Wave Review

Lelo Loki – Strong Vibrations, Firm Pressure, Less Expensive than Loki Wave

Black Friday Deal: 30% Off at PeepShowToys, 46% Off at Lelo with code Black10 at checkout

I’ll be honest – since I have the Loki Wave, I really don’t use the original Lelo Loki much personally.

But I still think the original Lelo Loki can be a good option if you want to spend less, and you don’t care about a perineum arm or the come hither motion.

Lelo Loki Prostate Massager

The Lelo Loki is about ¾ the cost of the Loki Wave version and has the same vibration strength and internal bulb size.

So you still get the strong vibrations, a full feeling, and manual pressure by maneuvering the toy using the handle.

You just won’t get that automatic pressure from the motion, which is my favorite part of the Loki Wave.

Since the original Loki doesn’t have a perineum arm, it tends to rotate if you take your hand off the grip. The Loki Wave stays in the right orientation easily.

Lelo Loki vs Loki Wave Secure Fit

But the Lelo Loki still provides great fullness, strong vibrations, and firm pressure. It’s a versatile all-around prostate massager. 

If you’d rather focus on one particular aspect, the Lelo Hugo or Edge 2 have stronger vibrations (but less pressure). And the nJoy Pure Wand provides more pressure (but no vibrations).

For an all-around prostate massager, usually at about ¾ the price of the Loki Wave – the original Lelo Loki is a good option

I recommend the Lelo Loki if you:

  • Want versatile prostate stimulation from strong vibes, firm pressure, and fullness – but don’t care about having automatic pressure like you could get from the Loki Wave
  • Enjoy larger toys for a more full sensation

Read Lelo Loki Review

Lelo Billy 2 – Best Prostate Massager for Beginners

Black Friday Deal: 49% Off at Lelo with code BF15MORE at checkout

Next up – the Lelo Billy 2 prostate massager.

The Billy 2 is a slimmer prostate massager with a width of just 1.1 inches. It has an insertable length of 3.9 inches that you can keep shallow or press deep. 

Lelo Billy 2 and Lelo Loki Wave for Size Comparison

It’s a great size for beginners to prostate stimulation who want a vibrating toy they can also maneuver to apply pressure. Or people who just prefer slim toys.

The vibration power is about a 6.5 out of 10. Solid, but not crazy strong. If you’re a beginner who cares more about vibration strength than being able to apply better pressure, check out the We-Vibe Vector plug. 

But if you want to explore both vibrations and pressure, the Lelo Billy 2 is a good choice.

The handle is fairly short, so getting super-precise targeting is a bit difficult. But you can easily leverage the handle so the Lelo Billy’s tip presses more firmly toward the front where the prostate is located. 

Even as an experienced user, I can get firm prostate pressure with the Lelo Billy 2.

I recommend the Lelo Billy 2 if you:

  • Are newer to prostate stimulation or prefer slim toys
  • Would rather have a slim handheld vibe so you can enjoy vibrations and pressure – the We-Vibe Vector is also a good size for beginners with stronger vibes, but less pressure

Read Lelo Billy 2 Review

Mantric Prostate Probe – Mid-Budget Prostate Massager

Black Friday Deal: 66% Off at Lovehoney with code PleasureBetter15 at checkout

This last handheld prostate massager is the Mantric Prostate Probe, which I found to be a pleasant surprise.

Mantric Prostate Probe alongside other prostate massagers

My partner has a Mantric panty vibrator that she found far too weak for her. So I wasn’t expecting much from this toy, but wanted to try it out in my search for more quality prostate massagers under $75.

And much to my surprise – this prostate massager is strong! 

In fact, I rate its vibration strength at about 8 out of 10 – the same as the Lelo Loki. I will say, the vibrations are just a touch less rumbly than the Lelo Loki’s vibes, so the Loki does still feel a bit more impactful.

The Mantric Prostate Probe has 3 vibration power levels and 4 patterns. While the top vibration level is as strong as the Loki, I find myself using the middle strength most often. The middle level stays deep and rumbly, which packs excellent impact on the prostate.

This is a prostate massager you will have to keep holding or it has a tendency to push out.

The main downside of this more affordable option is that it’s more difficult to control and maneuver than the Lelo Loki prostate massager. It only has one button so you have to cycle through the vibration power levels and patterns. 

Mantric P-Spot Probe Control

With the Lelo toys there are four buttons so you can increase / decrease the power level as well as move forward and backward through the patterns. But with the Mantric – you’ll need to cycle through.

The Mantric Prostate Probe has about the same insertable length and width as the Lelo Loki so it provides similar fullness and pressure. But it does have a shorter handle so it’s a bit more difficult to maneuver around. I can still press it firmly against the front wall where my prostate is located though so I still get excellent prostate pressure and fullness from the Mantric.

As far as combining strong vibrations and firm pressure – this prostate massager gives some of the best bang for your buck.

I recommend the Mantric Prostate Probe if you:

  • Want a powerful, intermediate to advanced sized prostate vibrator at an affordable price point
  • Don’t mind cycling through power levels and patterns
  • Want a blend of vibrations, pressure, and fullness

How to Choose a Prostate Massager

Plugs vs Handheld Toys – Pressure and Vibrations

The biggest part of your prostate massager decision is whether to get a prostate plug or a handheld prostate massager. 

Prostate Plugs vs Handheld Prostate Massagers

And that decision mostly comes down to which you care most about: 

  • Hands-free stimulation (usually from powerful vibrations)
  • Or firm pressure from manually thrusting your massager

Since prostate plugs have no handle, you won’t be able to maneuver them for additional prostate pressure. So must prostate plugs focus on providing very strong vibrations right to your prostate.

My two most powerful prostate vibrators are plugs – the Lovense Edge 2 and Lelo Hugo.

And there’s no work required on your part. They’re effortless!

You can just slip a prostate plug in place and let the vibes carry you along. If I’m not super turned on while using a handheld toy, I can find myself distracted by focusing too much on the mechanics of maneuvering the toy – and less on just enjoying it.

That’s not an issue with prostate plugs – you can just sit back and enjoy.

But the benefit of handheld toys: you get better pressure. You can use your hands to really push the prostate massager firmly against your P-spot.

It takes more work and mental engagement. But you get more significant pressure than you can from hands-free plugs – even the ones that focus on pressure like the Nexus Revo Stealth.

Handheld prostate massager pressure vs prostate plug pressure

I enjoy both strong hands-free vibrations and firm pressure, so I like both types of prostate massagers. It will take some exploring to learn your own preferences.

If you’re looking for effortless hands-free stimulation – my favorite is the Lovense Edge 2 for strong vibrations or the Nexus Revo Stealth for hands-free P-spot pressure.

If you want to up the prostate pressure with a handheld toy – the nJoy Pure Wand provides unrivaled impact to the P-spot.

Vibration Power Comparison, Power Range, and Feeling

If you’re considering any of these vibrating prostate massagers – let’s talk power!

Prostate Massagers Maximum Vibration Power Compared to Each Other
See the full vibration power chart below for the names of the corresponding prostate massagers

Vibration power is especially important for many prostate plugs since that’s the main way most plugs provide P-spot stimulation. With handheld prostate massagers, I find extreme power isn’t as important since those toys also provide firm pressure.

But of course, strong vibes are a bonus either way!

I rated each one of my vibrating prostate massager’s power on a scale from 0 to 10. Now, this is my own interpretation and estimate of how their power feels – it’s not an exact science, but I did the best I can to make it to scale. 

So when I rate the Svakom Vick Neo’s power at 5.5 out of 10 and the Lelo Hugo’s at 10 out of 10 – I’m saying the Vick Neo feels a little more than half as strong as the Lelo Hugo. 

Is it exact? Probably not, but it’s close.

I also rated their lowest power level so you can see the toy’s power range

Most prostate massagers start out with super low levels, but some start with a bit of a kick right away. I like when a toy also has good low levels because I think they’re great for warming up. 

I also enjoy low levels when I’m wanting to focus more on the toy’s pressure, but still want to get some additional stimulation from the vibrations.  

Enough teasing it – here’s my prostate massager vibration power chart:

Graph Comparing the Vibration Power of the Best Prostate Massagers

The Lelo Hugo and Lovense Edge 2 are the strongest prostate massagers overall. They’re both plugs, so if you’re interested in powerful hands-free prostate vibrations, they’re an excellent choice. They also both have good range with low and high levels.

Strongest Vibrations
Lelo Hugo and Remote

Lelo Hugo

The Hugo has the strongest vibes in terms of raw power – they’re a 10 out of 10

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Most Stimulating Vibes
Edge 2 in Hand Product

Edge 2

While just a touch less powerful than the Hugo, I find the Edge 2’s vibrations more stimulating.

If you’re looking for a handheld prostate massager so you can also manually apply pressure – the Lelo Loki, Loki Wave, and Mantric P-spot probe each have 8 out of 10 maximum vibration power.

The Lelo prostate massagers have a broader range than the Mantric probe though – Lelo’s toys have wonderful low levels. 

The Lelo Loki Wave is my favorite vibrating handheld option because it gives strong prostate vibes, has a perineum motor for external stimulation too, and the automatic pressure you get from the come hither motion feels fantastic!

Favorite Vibes in a Handheld Toy

Lelo Loki Wave Prostate Massager

Lelo Loki Wave

Vibrations feel a bit more impactful paired with the automatic pressure

Discount Code:

20% Off With Code “PleasureBetter”

One thing to note is that some of the prostate massagers with less vibration power are designed to focus more on other things. 

For example, the Nexus Revo Stealth has the weakest vibrations of all my prostate massagers, but it’s still one of the toys I use most. That’s because I love the hands-free, effortless prostate pressure from the Nexus Revo’s rotating head.

You may also want to consider how rumbly or buzzy your prostate massager is. Ultimately it’s a personal preference, but most people tend to prefer their P-spot toys somewhere on the rumbly side of the spectrum.

Most of the prostate massagers in this guide are moderately to extremely rumbly with just a few exceptions.

The chart below breaks down how I classify the feel of each prostate massager’s vibrations.

Prostate Massager Vibration Feel

Extremely Rumbly

Moderately Rumbly

Moderately Rumbly

Moderately Rumbly

Moderately Rumbly

Moderately Rumbly

Moderately Rumbly

Moderately Rumbly (Prostate Motor)

Moderately Buzzy (Perineum Motor)

Even Mix

Moderately Buzzy

Moderately Buzzy

Extremely Buzzy

For those of you who want the rumbliness turned all the way up – the We-Vibe Vector is definitely the most rumbly prostate massager I’ve tried.

Pressure – Which Prostate Massagers Hit Hardest

If you want to focus more on prostate pressure, these P-spot toys have you covered.

The nJoy Pure Wand is without a doubt, the best prostate massager for substantial pressure. The heavy stainless steel construction lets you pack a ton of force into each thrust. 

nJoy Pure Wand and Packaging

And the blunt steel ball at either end spreads that pressure out evenly and comfortably over your P-spot.

It also has the longest handle and most substantial curve so I find it’s the easiest prostate massager to maneuver and apply the pressure exactly where I want it.

If pressure is your goal – the nJoy Pure Wand is my favorite.

If you want prostate pressure, but still want the additional stimulation of strong vibrations, then the Lelo Loki or Loki Wave are excellent options. The Loki Wave is also one of the toys I use most.

Lelo Loki and Loki Wave

These toys have a nice, thick insertable bulb that provides good pressure from fullness. Plus, you can hold them and maneuver them to apply additional pressure.

And they have powerful vibrations.

The prostate pressure I get from them is a little less than from the nJoy Pure Wand. And because their handles aren’t as long, they’re a bit more difficult to maneuver than the Pure Wand.

But they provide a versatile blend of fullness, pressure, and vibrations!

If you’re a beginner, the Lelo Loki’s will likely be a bit too large for a first toy. For a beginner-friendly vibrating handheld toy, I’d go with the Lelo Billy 2.

Lelo Billy 2 in Hand

As we’ve covered, prostate plugs typically focus on strong vibrations – but there are a few that are designed to provide more substantial pressure. 

I would say the prostate pressure you get from these plugs is still a bit less than from a handheld toy. But I love hands-free stimulation because it takes less effort – I don’t need to be as focused and mentally engaged.

The Nexus Revo Stealth is my favorite for hands-free pressure – it’s the pressure plug I use most. 

Nexus Revo Stealth Product and Packaging

The rotating head provides good pressure and it’s completely effortless. I can easily get zenned-out in the moment and avoid distracting thoughts and movements.

When you feel more engaged, an Aneros prostate massager is a great option. They’re still hands-free, but you’ll use your pelvic floor muscles to pivot the plug repeatedly against your prostate. A lot of people find using their muscles helps them reach orgasm better.

Best Pressure Overall
nJoy Pure Wand Square

nJoy Pure Wand

Easily the best prostate pressure – no vibes though

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Best Mix of Pressure and Vibes
Lelo Loki Wave Prostate Massager

Lelo Loki Wave

Great mix of vibes and and automatic pressure from the come hither motion 

20% Off With Code PleasureBetter

Best Hands-Free Pressure
Nexus Revo Stealth and Remote

Nexus Revo Stealth

Rotating head provides pressure hands-free and automatically

15% Off With Code PleasureBetter15

Size – What’s Best for Your Experience Level

When you choose a prostate massager you’ll want to balance the toy’s size and your experience level.

If you’re completely new to prostate stimulation, you’ll want to start with a smaller toy. Pay special attention to the toy’s width. A narrow width is more important for a beginner than a short length.

I recommend starting with a prostate massager less than 1.3 inches wide, but there can be exceptions. Know yourself and your comfort level.

If you’re new to prostate toys, but are really comfortable inserting your fingers you’ll likely be able to start with a toy like the Lovense Edge 2 which has a width of 1.38 inches. But if you’re nervous, err on the safe side and go with something slimmer like the We-Vibe Vector (1.18 inches wide).

I also want to point out that even for experienced users “bigger” doesn’t necessarily mean “better.” I still use the We-Vibe Vector often even though it’s slim. I find it exceptionally comfortable, and it has deep, rumbly vibes which are interesting and stimulating.

Best Prostate Massagers for Beginners

Here are some of my favorite small prostate massagers for beginners. 

Best Beginner Prostate Massagers

If you’re looking for hands-free vibrations from a prostate plug, the We-Vibe Vector offers the best balance between keeping a slim size for beginners and providing strong, rumbly vibrations that feel great even for advanced users.

The Lelo Billy 2 is the best slim option for people who want to explore both vibrations and manual pressure from a toy they can thrust. It’s not as strong as the Vector, but you can leverage the handle for better prostate pressure.

Last, the nJoy Pure Wand (which is my favorite pressure toy overall) is sized well for both beginners and advanced users. The small end is only 1 inch in diameter which is a great size when you’re starting out. 

As you gain experience and want to go bigger, the larger 1.5 inch diameter end provides an excellent stretch.

Best Prostate Massagers for Experienced Users

While I still think slim toys can work well for experienced users, if you can handle or prefer a bit of a stretch you have more options.

Prostate Massagers for Advanced Users

The Lovense Edge 2 is larger than the We-Vibe Vector and stronger. I use the Edge 2 more often myself – it’s my favorite prostate plug. If you’re comfortable with a 1.38 inch wide plug, I think the Edge 2 is an excellent choice.

Likewise, the Lelo Loki and Loki Wave are more powerful than the slimmer Lelo Billy 2. I prefer their stronger vibrations and more filling size to the Lelo Billy personally.

For pure pressure-lovers, the nJoy Pure Wand is still the best at any experience level!

I’ve put together the maximum width and insertable length of all the prostate massagers we’ve chatted about into this table below so you can make sure the toy you’re considering is a good fit for your experience level.

App vs Remote Control Prostate Massagers

Many prostate massagers come with app or remote control capabilities. This makes it really easy to involve a partner and let them control your prostate toy. But it also has a lot of benefits for solo play.

Especially for prostate plugs, having a remote or app is important. 

Prostate Massager Remote Controls and App Controls

Blindly reaching around and trying to press a button on the base of an inserted prostate plug is more difficult than I thought it’d be! 

Not having a remote is one of the ways the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover is able to be so reasonably priced. But it also makes it more difficult to control than other prostate plugs in this guide.

Prostate massagers with a handle and well-placed buttons don’t need an app or remote – your fingers are already right by the buttons. And in fact, none of the handheld prostate massagers I’ve used have a remote or app control – so this section is just for the prostate plugs.

So which is better – app or remote control? It really comes down to what you value.

I usually prefer apps because they allow for more versatile control of the prostate massager’s vibrations than a remote. 

Remotes let you cycle through preset vibration patterns and increase or decrease the vibration strength. But apps like the Lovense Remote and the Vector’s We-Connect app give you complete control over the prostate massager’s vibrations.

App controlled vs remote control prostate massagers

You can design your own vibration patterns, let your prostate massager vibrate to music or the sounds around you, and usually select from a much larger library of pre-designed patterns or patterns created by other users. 

Apps typically make it easier for a partner to control your prostate massager as well. When a partner uses an app to control your toy, they can actually see your toy’s vibrations on-screen. 

So they can tell how their actions are affecting your toy.

When a partner just clicks a button on a remote control, it can be difficult for them to tell how that click actually changed your toy’s vibes.

One exception to this rule – the Lelo Hugo’s remote control provides great feedback to your partner! It vibrates in sync with your prostate plug. So your partner can feel what you feel!

One last benefit of app-controlled prostate massagers is that they allow you to share control with a long-distance partner and video chat while playing. 

Minimizing Lovense Control Panel During Video Chat
This is a screenshot from a session with the Lovense Dolce (formerly Quake) – The setup looks the exact same with the Edge 2

With the Lovense Edge 2, We-Vibe Vector, and even the more budget-friendly Svakom Vick Neo – a partner can control your prostate toy from anywhere in the world.

With a remote-controlled prostate massager, control is limited to nearby partners.

So the main benefits of apps over remotes are these:

  • More complete and versatile control over the vibrations
  • Ability to play with a long-distance partner
  • Visual feedback and better engagement for a partner controlling your toy

If those benefits aren’t important to you, remotes work well too! They’re also very quick and easy to get connected.

Now as far as which app is best – I think Lovense’s app has the best quality. It offers excellent control and is extremely reliable. Pairing your toy is quick and easy with few disconnections.

Lovense We-Vibe and Svakom Apps for Prostate Massagers

We-Vibe’s is next best, but can be more difficult to connect with a long-distance partner. My partner and I have had occasional difficulties getting initially connected in We-Vibe’s app. Once we’re connected it usually works smoothly.

Svakom’s apps provide more simple, basic control – there are fewer features than with Lovense or We-Vibe’s apps. But the Vick Neo’s apps work well and it’s a very reasonably priced toy. 

My partner compares the Lovense vs We-Vibe apps in more detail here if you’re interested. (Plus her writing is a more enjoyable read than mine.) 

Below are my main recommendations, based on what’s important to you.

Best App Control
Lovense Edge 2 and Lovense Remote - Square

Lovense Edge 2

Most reliable and versatile app; best long distance experience

Budget App Control
Svakom-Vick-Neo-Prostate-Massager-and-App - Square

Svakom Vick Neo

App control on a budget; It offers more basic control, but it works well

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Best Remote Control
Lelo Hugo and Remote

Lelo Hugo

Hugo’s and its remote vibrate in-sync so your partner knows what you feel

20% Off With Code PleasureBetter

Noise Comparison

If you live with other people, you may be concerned they’ll hear your prostate massager in use. 

Before I get into the details, I’ll give you my main conclusion up front so you can skip the rest of this section if you want to: It’s unlikely someone will hear you using any of the prostate toys in this guide behind a closed door – especially if you turn a fan on or soft music in your room. 

I’ve tested all these prostate massager’s noise levels in two different ways:

First – the less “official” (but more useful) way I tested noise level: whenever I get a new prostate massager, I ask my partner to stand on the other side of our closed bedroom door while I use the toy. 

I run through all the prostate massager’s power levels, patterns, and settings. She listens on the other side of the door to test if someone would be able to hear it. 

Of all the prostate massagers in this list, there were only two that she could hear a little bit – the two toys with automatic motion. 

First, she was only able to hear the Nexus Revo Stealth (the prostate plug with a rotating head) when the rotation was at its highest speed.

Showing the Nexus Revo Stealth's Rotating Head

When she stepped back from the door a few feet, she couldn’t hear it anymore. She also could not hear it from the next room over that shared a wall. 

She could only hear the prostate massager when she was right at the door trying to listen for it. Turning the fan on in the bedroom made it so that she could not hear the Revo Stealth anymore – even when standing right at the door.

The other toy she thought she could hear a bit was the Lelo Loki Wave. With just the motion or just the vibrations on, she could not hear the Loki Wave. But when the motion was on and the vibrations were turned to their max setting she thought she could hear it a bit. 

Lelo Loki Wave Come Hither Motion

Again, turning on a fan drowned out the sound. 

So unless you’ve got housemates who press their ear to your door and no way to turn a fan on or play soft music in your room – you’ll be good with any of these toys. And even in a silent house, she wasn’t able to hear any of the other toys while standing at the door.

I also used a decibel reader app on my phone to test the sound level of each of the prostate massagers on low and high.

Setup used to test prostate massager decibel noise level

We bought a small box and sound dampening pads which we used to line the box. I put my phone in the box and held each prostate massager about an inch away from the mic as I noted the decibel reading. 

Admittedly, it’s a pretty make-shift way to test the sound of each toy. But I tested them all the same way. So while the numbers I got may not be their exact true sound level – you can still use this chart to see how their noise levels compare to each other. 

Graph Comparing the Noise Level of Different Prostate Massagers

If you’re someone who’s very concerned about noise, but still want excellent power – I’d consider the We-Vibe Vector. This plug is still one of my strongest toys, but because its vibrations are so low and rumbly – they are quiet!

I’ve used the We-Vibe Vector in the same room as my partner before without her hearing it in use.

Secure Fit

A secure fit is important for plugs because you expect them to stay in. But even for handheld toys, it’s nice to be able to take your hands off the grip for a while without the toy pushing out.

Let’s start with the handheld prostate massagers. 

The Lelo Billy 2 and the Mantric Prostate Probe are the least secure of the handheld prostate vibrators. Their curves are very smooth and subtle, which makes them very comfortable – but you’ll need to keep your hand on the grip or they have a tendency to push out.

The Lelo Loki occasionally pushes out, but because it’s curves are more accentuated it stays put much better. It does tend to rotate if you let off the grip though. 

Same is true for the nJoy Pure Wand. It remains very securely in place, but will rotate when you let off the grip. It’s fine for taking quick breaks and just enjoying the fullness before grabbing the handle to thrust the Pure Wand again.

The Lelo Loki Wave actually works quite well as a semi-hands-free prostate massager. Because it has a perineum arm, it doesn’t rotate. 

Loki Wave's Perineum arm prevents rotation over other handheld prostate massagers

And it’s accentuated curves keep it from pushing out quite well. I’m able to use its vibrations and come-hither motion for excellent stimulation while only occasionally needing to reach down and adjust the toy.

Now let’s talk prostate plugs!

Most of the prostate plugs will fit very securely in the bedroom with typical movements (in bed, minimal walking, during sex and thrusting, etc). But often prostate plugs can be difficult to walk around with them for long periods of time.

In general, traditionally shaped plugs (like the Lovense Hush) offer a more secure fit if you plan to wear it throughout your day. And while traditional plugs aren’t curved toward your P-spot like a prostate plug is – you do still get some prostate stimulation from the fullness and the strong vibrations.

If public play is a top priority for you, I’d recommend a traditionally shaped plug like the Lovense Hush.

Now the We-Vibe Vector has been the best-fitting prostate plug I’ve tried. If you want a prostate plug that you can wear throughout your day, the We-Vibe Vector is your best option.

I often have trouble with butt plugs and other massagers popping out while in the middle of sex, but this little wonder stayed put.

Lovehoney Customer Feedback

And some people do even use it for public play, finding it secure enough and quiet enough (it’s one of my quietest prostate massagers).

I went out with this, and even in the most silent of shops, no-one batted an eye.

Lovehoney Customer Feedback

The Lelo Hugo has the most tendency to push out. It has a relatively short insertable length and really subtle curves. So if a very secure fit is important I’d go with one of the other plugs on this list.

Also, all of the Aneros prostate massagers have a wonderfully snug fit. I’m able to easily walk around with any of them in – absolutely no worries about them pushing out. 

But sitting on an Aneros plug is uncomfortable due to the tabs on the base pushing against you. So they’re intended mostly for in-bedroom use.

Most Secure Prostate Plug
We-Vibe Vector Product Image

We-Vibe Vector

The We-Vibe Vector stays in the best of my prostate plugs. I can easily walk around with it in.

10% Off With Code “PleasureBetter”

Best for Public Play
Lovense Hush Product Image

Lovense Hush

While not technically a prostate massager, traditional-shaped plugs like the Hush are often the most secure. If wearing your toy out is a top priority, the Hush is a good choice


Prostate massagers with very smooth, subtle curves tend to be the most comfortable.

Of the prostate plugs, I’ve found the We-Vibe Vector, Lelo Hugo, and Svakom Vick Neo to be the most comfortable. They have tapered tips for easy insertion, and nice smooth internal bulbs. 

Most Comfortable Prostate Plugs

The perineum arm on each of these plugs is also fairly slim – so sitting on them is comfortable too.

While I find the Lovense Edge 2 and Nexus Revo Stealth comfortable personally, they have some design differences from the others that can make them less comfy for some people.

The Edge 2 has two bulbous nodes on the internal arm. These nodes help give it a more secure fit and provide some variation in fullness which can feel nice. But if you’re newer to prostate play or really value a super comfy fit, you may prefer a completely smooth toy.

The perineum arm of the Edge 2 is also bulkier than the other prostate massagers like the Vector, so sitting on it is less comfortable.

Lovense Edge and We-Vibe Vector Prostate Massagers for size comparison

And the Revo Stealth’s tip is blunt rather than tapered. The tip is more rounded so that it’s comfortable while rotating against your prostate. But insertion isn’t as comfortable as with a tapered tip if you’re not used to toys of its size.

And as I mentioned before, all of the Aneros prostate massagers are very comfortable in any position except sitting. If you sit on the Aneros massager, the tabs press uncomfortably into you.

I’ve found all the handheld prostate massagers in this review to be extremely comfortable. They all have smooth, subtle curves, and tapered tips except the nJoy Pure Wand which is very blunt. But the small end of the nJoy Pure Wand is only 1 inch so it’s still very easy to insert. 

And the bluntness of the Pure Wand spreads the pressure out in an exceptionally comfortable way.

I’d say if extreme comfort is a top priority for you, go with the We-Vibe Vector for a prostate plug. Or any of the handheld toys as long as you’re ready for their size – I find the nJoy Pure Wand especially comfortable in use.

Most Comfortable Prostate Plug
We-Vibe Vector Product Image

We-Vibe Vector

The slim profile, subtle curves, and adjustable head make the Vector exceptionally comfortable.

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Most Comfortable Handheld Prostate Massager
nJoy Pure Wand Square

nJoy Pure Wand

The completely round, blunt ends spread the pressure out evenly over a broad area for excellent comfort

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Batter Life and Charging

If you’re considering a vibrating prostate massager, you’ll want to keep in mind how long you typically like to play. 

The battery life of these prostate massagers ranges anywhere from 1 hour to 10 hours.  I’ve put their battery life into a table for you below so you can make sure you select one that works for you.

All of these prostate massagers are rechargeable. Most use a magnetic charging cable so that there are no holes through the toy that could potentially lead to damage. The magnets are strong enough that the charging cable stays in place easily.

Charging the We-Vibe Vector

Waterproof Prostate Massagers

Waterproof prostate massagers have some major advantages. Of course, you can use them in the bath or shower. But more importantly – they’re super easy to clean since you can submerge them entirely.

All of the prostate massagers I’ve mentioned in this prostate massagers review are waterproof. 

Waterproof Prostate Massagers Submerged in Water

You can clean them with soap and water – you don’t need to worry about keeping water away from any of their components. 

That’s true even for toys with a plug-in charging port like Lelo’s prostate massagers. They’re still completely waterproof and you can see an explanation from Lelo here.

Final Thoughts

Alright, we’ve covered a lot! 

Hopefully you’ve crammed in all the knowledge you need to pick a good prostate massager for you! If you still find yourself at a loss, I’d say you can’t go wrong grabbing one of my favorites below!

Best Vibrations & Reliable App

Edge 2 in Hand Product

Lovense Edge 2

The Edge 2 has very strong vibrations that are easy to control in the Lovense app. When I want strong, hands-free vibes this is the toy I use. 

Best Prostate Pressure

nJoy Pure Wand Square

nJoy Pure Wand

This prostate massager’s stainless steel construction and substantial curve help it deliver the heaviest pressure of all my P-spot toys. 

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Blends Vibrations, Pressure, and Automatic Movement

Lelo Loki Wave Prostate Massager

Lelo Loki Wave

This prostate massager provides great vibrations, solid fullness, and automatic pressure from it’s come hither motion – it’s an excellent blend of stimulation.

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Automatic Hands-Free Pressure

Nexus Revo Stealth and Remote

Nexus Revo Stealth

The Nexus Revo Stealth has a rotating head for automatic pressure. It’s my favorite toy for hands-free P-spot pressure.

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