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Best Prostate Dildos – For a More Intense Orgasm

njoy Pure Wand

Best Overall


The nJoy Pure Wand is a stainless steel prostate dildo that offers some of the firmest, heaviest pressure you can get from a sex toy. It’s extremely curved to make targeting and hitting your prostate easy – but even so it does have a learning curve. If this is your first foray into prostate play, I’d opt for a dildo with a bit more squish and forgiveness like the Vixskin Mustang or even an inexpensive starter dildo with a good curve like this one from Lovehoney.

But if you’ve got a bit of experience under your belt and are looking for some of the most substantial prostate pressure you can get, the nJoy Pure Wand offers the best pressure.

Table of Contents

Here’s the quick results for those who want to get-in and get-out with your toy!

Best Overall – nJoy Pure Wand
Best Prostate Dildo for Beginners – Tantus Silk and Tantus Sport
Most Realistic Prostate Dildos – VixSkin Mustang, Spur, and Maverick
Best Cheap Prostate Dildo – Lovehoney Silicone Suction Cup G-Spot Dildo
Best Suction Cup Prostate Dildo – Blush Neo-Elite Series
Best for Vibrations – Tantus Silicone P-Spot Anal Vibrator
Stimulating While Still Great for Beginners – Tantus Charmer

From 2012 to 2018 alone, prostate toy tales have doubled! If you’ve been wanting to explore your prostate – you’re not alone!

For many, the p-spot – the walnut-sized gland between the root of the penis and the bladder – is an untapped well of pleasure. Stimulating the p-spot can trigger a uniquely powerful and deep, full-body orgasm. Many discover they can experience multiple orgasms through p-spot stimulation! And at the very least you’re likely to find that your usual orgasms feel much better when your prostate gets involved too! If you need help finding your prostate check out this helpful video from Lovehoney

Prostate dildos are some of the best anal toys for men. Whereas other anal dildos may not need much of a curve, prostate dildos are especially shaped to work your prostate during solo play or pegging with a partner! If you would prefer something that you insert and clench around, you might want to consider an anal vibrator or prostrate massager. But if you enjoy thrusting, or just love dildos – we’ll help you choose the best prostate dildo for your pleasure! 

What to Consider for a Prostate Dildo

Lube for Prostate Play

For all the prostate explorers out there, lube is a critical companion. Anal tissue is fragile and vulnerable to micro-tears. Plus the anus and rectum don’t produce any natural lubrication! Lube helps prevent pain and injury. When it comes to anal play – the wetter, the better. Use lots of it!

Double check that your lube is compatible with your toy! Silicone-based or oil-based lubes will destroy condoms and many toys. If your toy is silicone, grab a water-based lube!

Want a more affordable, DIY lube option? Try something from your kitchen pantry like coconut oil or olive oil for oil-based lubes or aloe vera for water-based lubes.

Experience in Anal Play

If anal play is untreaded territory for you, it’s normal to feel apprehensive. You might fear pain, injury, or simply the uncertainty of a new experience. Thankfully, many prostate dildos are shaped and sized to accommodate users new to pegging or general p-spot stimulation. 


Once you have the right type of lube (and lots of it!), you will want to carefully consider the size of the dildo.

Beginners will likely want to start with a smaller dildo and eventually work up to something larger. Luckily, with so much dildo variety, you’ll be able to find a dildo size for practically every step of your anal journey!

You can start with a dildo girth as small as 0.8” and move along your journey to girths of 1.1” and 1.25”. For very experienced users, and those with anus’ that can accommodate it, you can find dildos with a 6.25” girth or larger!

Beginners can start with a non-intimidating smaller dildo length, while experienced users may want a bit more length.


Dildos for p-spot stimulation range from flexible, soft, and veined, resembling the texture of a real erect penis, to hard metal, with a firm and smooth surface.

Smooth surfaces and narrow tapered heads are easier to insert. But toys with raised ridges on their surface and bulbous heads can be more stimulating and provide enhanced pressure to the P-spot.

The softness (almost squishiness) of flexible silicone dildos are very forgiving. Silicone can be more “grippy” which some love while others prefer a smooth glide. You can get this with glass or metal toys!

For those seeking intense p-spot pressure, you’ll love the firmness and weight of hard metal toys. Just keep in mind, these hard dildos require more advanced navigation skills, being more “slippery” and less forgiving. 


If you love a realistic dildo, you can find dildos almost eerily close to the touch and feel of an erect penis – a satisfying substitute when their sex partner is away.

Others have a more aesthetic, artistic look! If this is you, a stainless steel prostate dildos will hit the mark! Plus, these types of dildos give you more fun stimulation options, like putting your dildo in the fridge for a cooling sensation. 

Suction Cup or Harness Compatible

When it comes to p-spot dildos, there is a lot of user flexibility. Solo-play users might prefer a suction-cup dildo, with the ability to mount to a surface during play. Pegging users may prefer dildos with harness compatibility or even a strapless dildo if the wearer has a vulva and enjoys penetration too.

Suction-cup dildos can be mounted to a variety of surfaces: shower wall, bathroom floor, nightstand, chair, edge of a bathtub, bed headboard, washer/dryer, toilet seat, and many more creative options! This allows solo users to enjoy the pleasure of thrusting without having to manually perform the motion. For anal play, many users recommend mounting the dildo on a horizontal surface such as a chair or edge of the bathtub to avoid uncomfortable lower back pressure or awkward squatting. The key is getting the right height. 

Harness compatible dildos are ideal for pegging. Most dildos specify the size of o-ring required when pairing your dildo with a harness.

If you anticipate wanting to try different size dildos at different times, you don’t have to worry about buying a new harness for every dildo you own! Simply choose a harness with interchangeable o-rings, so your harness will be compatible with many different types of dildo sizes.

Now the Fun Part – The Best Prostate Dildo Reviews

Best Prostate Dildo Overall – nJoy Pure Wand

The nJoy Pure wand is a heavy stainless steel dildo with a massive curve and two round ends.

njoy Pure Wand

As one redditor put it

It’s a great tool for exploring back there and it’s got what you need when you find the spot.


And that thing it delivers when you find the spot:

Very heavy pressure.

A lot of people find applying very firm pressure is the best way to get the prostate stimulation they need. And the hefty weight of the stainless steel and broad surface of the round ends help this toy deliver the most substantial prostate pressure of any dildo on the market.

The bulb at the smaller end is 1 inch in diameter which can be good for beginners. And the larger ball has a bit more girth for more experienced users at 1.5 inches.

Now prostate pressure stimulation does have a higher learning curve than vibrating prostate massagers like the Lovense Edge 2 (my personal favorite vibrating toy) or Lelo Loki Wave. Since you’re delivering all the stimulation yourself, it may take quite a bit of exploring to figure out where / how to apply the pressure best for you.

nJoy Pure Wand vs Lelo Loki Wave

Though the nJoy Pure Wand is also sized well for beginners, due to its cost, the learning curve, and the really firm pressure it gives I recommend it more to people who have already explored their prostate a bit. If you’re a beginner – I’d probably start with a less expensive dildo, one with a bit more squish (like the Vixen Mustang), or even a vibrating toy like the Lovense Edge 2

But if you’ve already played a bit and have found yourself itching for a bit more prostate pressure – the nJoy Pure Wand gives it as good as any toy can pressure!


  • Offer the most prostate pressure of any toy on the market
  • Small and larger ends for people at varying levels of experience
  • Highly curved to make targeting prostate much easier


  • Costly
  • Requires a learning curve

Best Prostate Dildo for Beginners – Tantus Silk and Tantus Sport

If you are naturally tight or simply nervous about anal play, the Tantus Silk line offers you a way to safely try a new experience! The Tantus Silk comes in three sizes – small, medium, and large – and is simple in design – smooth surfaces with no ridges or raised texture. The Tantus Silk Small has a girth of just 0.8” and length of 4.25” – providing a non-intimidating, easy-to-use venture into anal play.

Similarly, the Tantus Sport is the ideal medium sized toy (1.25” girth), sitting right between the Tantus Silk – Medium (1.1” girth) and Tantus Silk – Large (1.5” girth). With a bulb curved head, the Tantus Sport massages the inner muscle of the anus extremely well. The Tantus Sport is non-painful and simple, but has enough girth and shape to feel full while inside.

Even experienced users find these toys great, using them for warm-up or as an anal dialator. You can insert the Tantus Silk – Small and leave it in for an hour while watching TV or cooking food and then insert either one of the medium-sized toys for another hour –  this can help you graduate to larger dildo sizes, prepare for future anal play, or simply prevent potential injury.

Not sure what size to start with? A tip: if you can comfortably insert at least two fingers into your anus, you can safely skip the Tantus Silk – Small and go straight to the Tantus Silk – Medium or Tantus Sport.

For more fun, you can try the surprise of the Tantus Grab Bag! Both the Tantus Silk line and the Tantus Sport are available in the Grab Bag. You simply choose the toy you want and Tantus will send you the toy in a random color and density, colors range from beautiful swirls to realistic shades and density ranges from soft to firm – you never know which combo you’ll receive!


  • Excellent for beginners – option for small girth and length
  • Great for warm-up, can be used to work your way up to larger sizes 
  • Comes in multiple size options – small, medium, large
  • Can be used as an anal dialator
  • Affordable 
  • Triangle/teardrop base
  • Harness compatible
  • Fun surprise option in the Tantus Grab Bag!


  • Some users may want more texture or curved shapes

Most Realistic Prostate Dildos – VixSkin Spur, Mustang, and Maverick

Love the look and feel of an erect penis? You’ll love any of the Vixen VixSkin models: Spur, Mustang, or Maverick – from slimmest to thickest.

Vixen produces some of the most realistic looking dildos on the market. With a simple but high quality design these dildos provide great sensation with a realistic feel. Each model is dual-density. The outside of these dildos are soft, even squishy for comfortable thrusting and insertion with plenty of forgiveness. But they have a firm core to hold their shape for hard thrusting! If you enjoy firmer silicone dildos, these toys may have a bit too much squish for you.

The VixSkin dildos have a realistic head and veins, and the ability to warm up and retain body heat inside of you! Each model has an upward curve great for targeting the P-spot. And the realistic head puts pressure right where you need it. Before anal penetration, you can also have some fun foreplay by practicing your oral or hand-job skills on it – its that realistic!

These prostate dildos range in girth and length. From smallest to largest goes: the Spur (1.12” girth, 5.75” length), the Mustang (4.5” girth, 8” length), and the Maverick (6” girth, 7.5” length).

The Maverick – largest size and most expensive option – is especially pleasurable for those who love a full feeling and more pressure on their prostate. Newer users may want to start with the Spur as it’s the slimmest. Or start with the Mustang – their most popular dildo! It’s average girth, but the extra squishy head makes it a good choice for beginners too!  You can read a more detailed review of the Vixen Mustang here.

Lots and lots of lube is a must. Make sure to use a water-based lube for these silicone-based toys.

As debris and fibers can get stuck on its surface, users recommend storing them in a bag. Definitely wash them before use.


  • Incredibly realistic in look and feel
  • Upward curve and realistic head put great pressure on P spot
  • A range of size options, featuring different girths and lengths
  • Soft, squishy feel with a firm core and dual density shaft
  • Warms up inside of you and retains body heat
  • Can be used for foreplay, for oral or hand-jobs


  • Requires lots of lube
  • Textures can be dampened a bit by the squishiness
  • Fibers and debris stick easily to it

Best Cheap Prostate Dildo – Lovehoney Silicone Suction Cup G-Spot Dildo

Simple, brightly colored, smooth textured, and a suction cup– this affordable toy offers great hands-free prostate pleasure. 

Lovehoney Silicone Suction Cup G Spot Dildo

For those on a budget, this prostate dildo is a great option. It’s harness compatible and has a suction cup. For pegging, this toy pairs great with the Lovehoney Advanced Unisex Strap-On Harness Kit. Users also recommend mounting this toy to tiled surfaces for best adherence, such as tiled bathroom floors, or shower walls.

With a 3.75” girth and 8” length, this toy will provide average fullness, but it’s completely smooth texture makes it great for beginners too. Its simple design is non-threatening, while its larger size offers a step-up from a small smooth dildo like the Tantus Silk – Small. The toy has a highly curved tip just right for hitting the p-spot. It provides great pressure, but if you like a bit more friction on your P-spot a more textured option like the Vixen models may be better for you.

This toy has the Lovehoney logo strategically placed at the toy’s base, which helps you tell which direction the curve is pointing while inserted – helping you target the curve to apply direct pressure on the p-spot, especially when lube is making everything a little bit slippery!


  • Very affordable – great option on a budget
  • Completely smooth texture for easy insertion and thrusting
  • Highly curved tip for P-spot stimulation
  • Harness compatible and can be mounted on any surface
  • Strategically placed LoveHoney logo to help users apply direct pressure to the p-spot
  • Medium sized girth and length, great for the moderately experienced


  • Not textured for those who like more friction
  • Requires a water-based lube

Best Suction Cup Prostate Dildo – Blush Neo-Elite Series

Love the realistic look of the Vixskin Mustang, Spur, and Maverick but want a more affordable prostate dildo? The Neo-Elite Series might be the right fit for you. 


Blush Neo Elite 7 Inch with Balls

Blush Neo Elite 7-5 Inch without Balls

Blush Neo Elite 6 Inch with Balls

The Neo-Elite Series are not only very affordable, but they offer a wide-range of options in terms of girth and length. They offer four models – the Neo Elite 7.5” with balls, the Neo Elite 7” with balls, the Neo Elite 7” without ball, and the Neo Elite 6” with balls – in a variety of vibrant colors ranging from neon pink or deep blue. The models with balls are really easy to handle for solo play, but they do take away a bit from the insertable length.

The Neo Elite series may not be skin-colored, like the VixSkin models, but their veins, ridges, curves, and balls give them a great realistic feel. The balls on this toy are soft and squishy, closely resembling real balls.

Though you won’t get the intense firm pressure of the Njoy Pure Wand, the texture of the veins and ridges along your anal canal feels great. The Blush Neo-Elite toys are dual-density like the Vixen Vixskin line. The outer layer has a bit less squish to it though – good for those who want more firmness than the Vixen line. Plus, the Neo-Elite’s suction cup is stronger than the Vixen models. These are some of the best hands-free prostate dildos.

The Neo-Elite Series might be a bit too large for first-time anal players, but their four models and array of colors provide great options. These toys are great for slightly more experienced players looking for affordable prostate dildos with a realistic feel! 


  • Very affordable 
  • Realistic feel and design
  • Wide-range of options for girth and length
  • Includes real feeling balls – makes holding the toy easier
  • Strong suction cup – can be mounted on most surfaces
  • Soft outer layer and veins provide a great textured feel while thrusting
  • Dual-density (two-layered silicone) with a firm inner core


  • No skin-colored option, only bright colors
  • Not as realistic of a feel as VixSkin

Best for Vibrations – Tantus Silicone P-Spot Anal Vibrator

Finally, a prostate dildo with a vibrator! If you want extra sensations in your anal play, you’ll love this toy’s insertable vibrator. 

Tantus P-Spot Vibrator

At the base of the toy, users can insert their vibrator of choice. It comes with a 3-mode bullet vibrator, containing 2 speeds and 1 pattern to choose from, but any bullet vibrator can be easily inserted. Some users find its 3-mode bullet vibrator too loud and prefer less noisy bullet vibrators like the We-Vibe Tango or Desire Luxury Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator, which also comes with many more speed and patterns. 

Beware, the Tantus P-Spot is for the advanced user. In addition to a built-in vibrator, this toy has an astounding 5.25” girth and 8.5” length. It’s even larger than the VixSkin Maverick! Even those more advanced in anal play may want to warm up with a smaller dildo or extensive foreplay before inserting this toy. 

And the sensations don’t stop at its size and vibrations – this toy possesses a firm feel, a bulbous head, and a curved shaft for even more pleasure!


  • For advanced users – large girth, long length
  • Many sensations – firm feel, curved shaft, bulbous head, 
  • Comes with insertable bullet vibrator, plus the option to insert other vibrators
  • Compatible with a harness
  • Affordable


  • May be too stimulating for some

Stimulating While Still Great for Beginners – Tantus Charmer

This toy has a bulbous head and contoured shaft, curved with 4 raised ridges that gives users an incredible internal massage.

Tantus Charmer

Its 3.75” girth is more approachable to newer users, while its curves and ridges offer extra sensations to experienced users. If the size of the bulbous head seems a little intimidating at first, remember the head is actually the widest point of the entire toy – so once you successfully (and gently!) insert the head, the rest will be smooth sailing!  

The Tantus Charmer is simultaneously firm and flexible – the perfect combination for anal play. It’s firm enough for vigorous thrusting but flexible enough for easy insertion. Users find that the ridges caress the anal canal, while the bulbous head presses the p-spot – a winning combination for prostate pleasure! 

Be mindful of those curves and ridges! If experimenting with the toy for the first time, try to play slow, as some users find themselves a little sore the day after too much vigorous thrusting. 


  • Non-realistic look
  • Approachable girth for newer users
  • Offers many extra sensations – bulbous head, curved shaft, 4 raised ridges
  • Simultaneously firm and flexible
  • Uniquely positioned for prostate stimulation


  • Can make users sore if used too vigorously

Final Thoughts on Prostate Dildos

My favorite of the bunch is the VixSkin Mustang. I love dual-density dildos which offer the perfect amount of comfortable squishiness and firmness for harder thrusting. 


If you’re all about heavy pressure to your P-spot though, the Njoy Pure Wand will be the right toy for you!

njoy Pure Wand

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