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Best Fleshlight 2023

Want the TL;DR so you can start playing? Here are our favorites

Best Fleshlight for Small Penis – Fleshlight Flight Pilot Male Masturbator
Best Fleshlight For Beginners – Fleshlight Pink Lady
Most Realistic Fleshlight – Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid Utopia Texture
Best Budget Fleshlight – Fleshlight QUICKSHOT Boost Compact Masturbator
Voyerist’s Delight – Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal

Gone are the days when sex toys were just for women. With discreet toys like the Fleshlight, men can have more fun during masturbation, whether they’re doing it solo or with a partner.

What is a fleshlight? Fleshlights are male masturbation toys made out of a discreet outer case with a soft inner lining that slips over the penis to massage it. 

Fleshlights are one of the most popular male sex toys, and yet many men are still hesitant to try them. We want to help everyone have a happy, unashamed sex life. So we’ve put together this handy guide to teach you everything you need to know about how to choose the best fleshlight.

What are Fleshlights?

Fleshlights are a discreet male masturbation sex toy (sometimes called a stroker) that looks like a flashlight from the outside. But once you twist the top open, you find a soft tube with a small opening. 

With most fleshlights, you can pull the sleeve out for easy cleaning. You can even use it out of the case! But leaving the sleeve in the case gives you something to grip as you pump. When you’re choosing a fleshlight you’re really making two decisions: What is the best fleshlight sleeve for you and what is the best fleshlight case for you? 

The sleeve will control the sensations you feel and the case will control how easy it is for you to hold and maneuver. You want to balance both these components when deciding on a fleshlight. Some sleeves are smooth. Others have textures for additional stimulation. The best fleshlight texture for you will depend on personal preference. Try to consider how you typically masturbate or have sex. Do you usually prefer a tight or loose grip? Do you like things to feel extremely smooth or do you enjoy a bit of variation?

There is usually a twist cap on the bottom of the fleshlight to change the pressure and suction. That allows you to make the pressure tighter or looser so you can have a variety of sensations during masturbation. 

How Do You Use Fleshlights for Masturbation?

Many men enjoy using fleshlights for masturbation because they’re simple to use and give the feeling of realistic sex.

When you’re ready to play, just twist the top off of your fleshlight. Lather some water-based lube on your penis and inside the tube. Then slip the fleshlight down onto your penis. 

To masturbate, you or your partner manually moves the fleshlight up and down at your preferred pace. Or go ahead and wedge it between cushions to give you hands-free play! There is no vibration or motor, so you’ll only get pleasure from movement.

What Types of Fleshlights are There?

One great thing about fleshlights is you can use them for any sexual orientation. On the outside, fleshlights look similar, with a hard plastic or metal frame like a flashlight. 

But once you unscrew the top, you’ll find the inner tube, often made with SuperSkin material that feels soft and realistic. There are different types of openings to satisfy all sexual needs. 

You can find fleshlights made to replicate the feeling of vaginal sex or anal sex. Others are not modeled after genitalia, but are simply designed to provide pleasurable sensations.

Who Should Use Fleshlights?

Fleshlights are great for males, just starting with sex toys. They’re discreet enough not to get you an unwanted conversation if a friend sees it sitting by your bed. 

And there’s no mechanics or batteries, so you don’t have to worry about learning how to work with controls to figure out what pleases you. All you need to do is twist the cap at the bottom of your fleshlight to control the tightness.

If you’re feeling turned on but don’t have a partner available to assist, fleshlights make a great substitute. The fleshy, soft inner tube can mimic the feel of real penetration. Fleshlights will quickly take the place of your hand as your go-to for climaxing.

Bring Fleshlights Into Your Relationship

Your partner can also use Fleshlights to get you aroused for sex. Let your partner take control of your pleasure while you sit back and get primed.

They can use it to get you off without causing a mess when sex is out of the picture. If your partner has a hard time making you climax through masturbation with their hand, or enjoys watching you experience pleasure, a fleshlight could be your new best friend. 

Fleshlights can be a fun addition to spice up your sex life or to improve your pleasure during solo masturbation. 

Best Fleshlight Reviews

Now that you’ve learned about fleshlights, let’s help you pick the best fleshlight for you. We have a variety of fleshlight sleeve reviews to show you a range of options. 

Best Fleshlight for Average Sized Penis – Fleshlight Flight Pilot Male Masturbator

Some men find it uncomfortable to masturbate to an anatomically correct toy. The Fleshlight Flight Pilot Male Masturbator solved this issue with a non-anatomic round ½” stealth opening at the top of the clear textured Superskin sleeve. The Pilot is perhaps the tightest fleshlight on our list which makes it great for those with an average to smaller penis or those who prefer a firm grip.

Fleshlight Pilot

The sleeve itself is 6.5″ which means most penises will experience each chamber of the sleeve. Often with longer fleshlights the average penis will never even feel the deeper chambers.

Warm the sleeve up with hot water before use to give it a more realistic feel. And always apply water-based lube before sliding your penis inside. The tube is soft, but it can be harder to climax with dry skin due to the ridges and bumps of the sleeve.

When not in use, your Fleshlight hides in a discreet black case that would not draw attention. You can even pack it in your luggage to take on a trip. It’s compact and lightweight enough to go or use anywhere. 

To control the suction and tightness of the tube, twist the cap on the bottom of the Fleshlight. A downside is this toy can make slurping noises, which might be loud enough to be heard.

When playtime is over, remove the sleeve and clean it with toy cleaner or water. 

Be sure it dries completely before reassembling. It takes a while, so if you plan to use your toy for a long time, you might want to wear a condom or pull out during climax.


  • It comes in a discreet, slender case.
  • Smaller case size makes it easy to grip and maneuver
  • The sleeve is soft, textured, clear, and non-anatomical.
  • Best Fleshlight for small penis due to its tightness and shorter length
  • Control suction and tightness with the bottom cap.


  • The sleeve takes a while to dry after cleaning.
  • 6.5 inch sleeve so those with a longer penis may want a longer toy. 
  • The Pilot can be too noisy to use for discreet play. 

Best Fleshlight For Beginners – Fleshlight Pink Lady

If you want a Fleshlight toy that has a vaginal resemblance, the Pink Lady will be your go-to. The Pink Lady is the O.G. of Fleshlights – truly a favorite design.

Fleshlight Pink Lady

There are a few noticeable differences between the Pink Lady and other Fleshlights, including a smooth, nontextured 9″ gel sleeve and a bulkier outer case. If you or your partner have smaller hands, they might find this masturbator harder to use.

The heavy plastic container resembles a flashlight, but it does have Fleshlight engraved on the handle. As far as discreetness goes, that’s a dead giveaway that this isn’t a regular flashlight. As is the blacked-out “lens.”

On the inside, the opening is a pink faux flesh vagina made out of SuperSkin material for increased realism. It is temperature responsive so that you can warm it up in hot water for additional pleasure. 

The technique to use this toy for pleasure is the same as with the Pilot. Including using a good lube and controlling the suction with the knob on the bottom. 

The Pink Lady may have the best fleshlight texture for beginners! It has a smooth sleeve which is extremely comfortable and allows you to get used to using a male masturbator. A more textured sleeve may be too stimulating for some. It’s easy to clean, but it takes a while to dry. 

If you’re on the bigger size penis-wise, the Pink Lady may be a good choice. It has a more considerable girth of ¾” and 9″ length capacity. It’s even waterproof and can attach to mounts for hands-free play (Sold separately). 


  • Longer 9″ length makes it great for larger penises.
  • Realistic vagina look and feel. 
  • Smooth, nontextured, and removable insert.


  • Not as discreet as other Fleshlights. 
  • Bulkier size can make it harder for smaller hands to use. 

Most Realistic Fleshlight – Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid Utopia Texture

The most realistic fleshlight option is the Fleshlight Girls line. And the favorite of the line is the Riley Reid Utopia Texture, which is modeled after the adult star’s vagina. 

Riley Reid Utopia Exterior

Riley Reid Utopia Texture

The 9″ Utopia textured canal has four sections with pleasure pockets to maximize pleasure. It’s coiled and ribbed in different areas, so you get multiple stimulations as you masturbate. 

However, the nubs are smaller in real life than they look and only provide medium stimulation. And they need extra attention during cleaning as lube can build up in these areas. 

You can warm the tube with warm water or using a warming rod to provide a more realistic feel. Water-based lube makes the sleeve slide better. Adjust the constriction of the sleeve with the cap at the bottom. 

The canal comes out for easy cleaning and takes a few hours for the sleeve to dry after washing. Don’t reassemble until dry. 

It’s pretty obvious what this device is since it’s encased in a white plastic flashlight shaped tube, so you don’t want to risk leaving it out if you don’t want your business known by others. 

And the cap at the bottom rattles when you loosen it for a less constricted grip, so this toy is louder than other fleshlights. 


  • Modeled from a real vagina for an ultra-real feeling.
  • It has a temperature-responsive SuperSkin.
  • Multiple chambers provide varied textures as you move the fleshlight along your shaft.
  • Realistic vagina opening. 


  • Cap rattles so it’s not quiet during use. 
  • Nubs aren’t as textured as some would like.

Best Budget Fleshlight – Fleshlight QUICKSHOT Boost Compact Masturbator

If you’re looking for a Fleshlight that’s quick and easy to use, allow us to introduce our favorite compact male masturbator, the Fleshlight Quickshot Boost.

Fleshlight Quickshot BoostFleshlight Quickshot Boost Texture

QUICKSHOT is the ultimate compact stroker, measuring in at just 3.5″ long. No worries if you’re bigger than that. This handy toy is open-ended, so it slips over your penis without enclosing it. 

You can use it from the top or bottom for different feelings. The Quickshot makes a great accessory during oral to help masturbate. However, it is narrower than full-size fleshlights, so if you have a thick girth, you might find this product too tight.  

It has a neutral opening with a soft SuperSkin chamber with ridges and nodules to provide extra stimulation. Some even enjoy removing the chamber and wearing it as a cock ring during sex. 

Water-based lube improves sliding and comfort. But beware that you’ll have a mess since it’s open-ended. Without a closed case, this toy is super easy to clean though. You can even flip the sleeve inside out to really give it a good scrub. 

Small and inconspicuous, you can take this little toy with you on travels without anyone being aware. If you want to enter the world of Fleshlights without breaking the bank the Quickshot is likely the best cheap fleshlight option.


  • Compact size for travel and small hands. 
  • Easier to maneuver
  • It can be used during oral or penetrative sex. 
  • Many find it’s tighter fit stimulating.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Narrower than full-size fleshlights so it won’t fit all girths.
  • It can be messy to use, especially with lube or climax.
  • Does not stimulate full length at once

Voyerist’s Delight – Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal

If you like to be able to watch yourself or your partner masturbating, you’ll be fond of the clear Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal. Both sleeve and case are completely transparent and the SuperSkin sleeve is textured and temperature responsive. 

Fleshlight Ice Lady

At 9″ long, this toy will accommodate most penises without difficulty via the realistic vaginal opening at the top. Enjoy the pleasure of bumps, nodules, and spirals throughout the sleeve for maximum cock stimulation. 

Warm the sleeve up before use to get a more personal feel. And always clean after use. Cleaning is pretty simple, but make sure to pay extra attention to the ridges and bumps. 

The sleeve can start to feel sticky and rough after too much use. You might want to invest in some renewal powder to keep this toy in optimal condition. 

A downside of this product is that the caps are hard to twist, so you might find some problems trying to adjust the constriction using the cap at the bottom. 

It’s also a bit bulky, so smaller hands might struggle holding it. The Ice Lady Crystal might be your favorite male masturbator on our list if you want to be able to see your penis while masturbating. 


  • 9″ length ideal for most users. 
  • See-through design allows you to watch your masturbation – excellent for voyeurs.
  • Realistic SuperSkin transparent textured sleeve.


  • Caps are hard to twist off, so you might not have full control over suction.
  • Gets sticky and dries out with use.

Which Fleshlight is Right for You?

We’ve covered five of the best fleshlights to give you a comprehensive view of the various options you have. Out of all of them, we feel you can’t go wrong with the Pilot as your first fleshlight. It’s sleek, discrete, and affordable with an interesting texture! It’s average size means that most people will be able to experience most of the chambers the sleeve provides and it’s tightness offers great stimulation!

Once you’re ready to take it to the next level or want to experience a more realistic feeling sleeve, you may enjoy the Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid Utopia Texture.

No matter which fleshlight you pick, you’re sure to discover that using these male masturbator toys provide a brand new stimulating feel. 

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