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If you just want the answers, here’s a quick summary before we begin:

Best Anal Dildo for Beginners – Lovehoney Silicone Suction Cup Dildo
Best Glass Anal Dildo – Lovehoney Beaded Glass Dildo
Best Metal Anal Dildo – Njoy Pure Wand
Best Realistic Anal Dildo – Vixen Mustang VixSkin
Best Budget Anal Dildo – Lifelike Lover Luxe Realistic Dildo

Anal dildos can be a fun addition to your love life, whether you’re playing solo or with a friend. This type of sex toy works for vaginal and anal play.

But what are anal dildos? A dildo is a stiff toy that pleasures through penetration. They come in all different sizes, shapes, and looks from realistic to comical. But there are some features which can make a dildo particularly well-suited for anal use.

We’ve put together this guide for everything you need to know about the best anal dildos. Don’t miss all the information we’re sharing.

What Do You Need to Know about Picking an Anal Dildo?

If you’re just starting with the fun exploration of anal dildos, you might get overwhelmed at all the choices. It’s easy to see why, with so many different sizes, shapes, materials, and designs. So, what do you need to consider when picking your dildo? Let’s cover some details.

Type of Material 

When shopping for your anal dildo, a significant portion of your decision making will be on the material of your dildo.

You can find anal dildos of many materials, but our favorites for anal play are:

  • Glass
  • Silicone 
  • Metal 

For anal play, it’s best to use dildos made out of glass, metal, or silicone, as these are body-safe, durable, and provide a good range of flexibility options. These materials all tend to be easy to insert which is a must for anal play.

Textured versus Smooth Surface

Many people just starting with anal dildos choose a smooth dildo over a textured one.

Smooth surfaces make it easier for insertion into the rectum. 

When you use a textured shaft, you’re risking injury if you penetrate too fast. If you’re going to be doing a lot of hard penetration, you’ll want to start with a smooth anal dildo. As you gain experience and understand the pace you need to go, you might want to begin to incorporate some more varied textures for increased stimulation.

Also, you should always remember to use lube when engaging in anal play, as the rectum has no way to provide lubrication. Using an anal dildo without lube can cause discomfort and even injury. 

Rigid versus Flexible

Most dildos maintain an erect position for easy penetration. If you’re going to be using your toy for a single-player function, you’ll want to make sure your dildo has the flexibility to be maneuvered into the right positions. 

Dildos like metal or glass don’t have any flexibility, so there’s no room for maneuvering the material to hit the right spot. But most of these types of anal dildos have a curve for maximum prostate-stimulation (PS) and their rigidity and weight help to provide substantial pressure which many enjoy.  

Materials like silicone are bendable and have some flexibility so that you can use them solo without trouble. They also provide some forgiveness if you head a bit too far or in a strange direction. However, they’re still rigid enough to do an excellent job of penetrating. 

You can even find dildos with a dual-density texture. These have a firm inner silicone core with a much softer outer silicone layer for a more realistic penis feeling. They keep their shape well, while giving an extra soft touch. If you want the feel of a soft anal dildo, dual-density is likely the way to go. The outer layer is often even softer than a soft-throughout single-density dildo. 

Your Anal Dildo Needs a Proper Base

Many silicone anal dildos have a suction cup base, which allows you to stick your dildo on just about any surface for hands-free play. Most of these have a secure mount that will keep a strong seal. Some suction cup anal dildos are worse than others and might not have as good of a hold.

Dildos that have a suction base are also often compatible with harnesses for strapon or pegging play. But be sure you read the specifications of your dildo to see what size O-ring your base requires.

Regardless of what material you pick, all anal dildos should have a flared base to prevent your toy from penetrating too deeply and getting lodged. No one wants to take a trip to the hospital to have a dildo removed from their butt. 

Find the Right Appearance

Everyone has their tastes when it comes to the type of anal dildo they want to use. If you want a toy that looks realistic, there are silicone dildos that have realistic anatomy and appearance to resemble an actual male penis. 

But if you want to find something sleek, classy, and not as obvious about being a sex toy, you might prefer to get a glass or steel dildo with a sexy, sensual curve for maximum pleasure. 

The best anal toys for men have an upward curve to hit the P spot during anal penetration. For women, the upward curve doesn’t matter as much for anal use, though if you’d prefer to use the toy vaginally, the upward curve will help stimulate the G spot.

When choosing your length, go with what you think would feel comfortable. Don’t shoot for a massive dildo if you’re new to anal play. Many new users start with a small, slender dildo that allows you to get used to anal penetration without causing discomfort.

Once you’ve adjusted to the joys of anal penetration, you can pick a larger, thicker dildo that will help you stretch without doing permanent damage. If you’re already used to anal play, you can go with a long anal dildo if you feel comfortable with it.

Picking the Thickness of Your Anal Dildo

In addition to your length, you’ll also have to pick what girth you want. Girth is another way to say how thick the dildo is, also expressed sometimes as circumference or diameter. 

If you’re just starting, you might want to pick a circumference that isn’t too thick. Thin and short is the best way to get started without overdoing it.

When choosing your girth, go with what you think would feel most comfortable. Start small and work your way thicker as you get used to anal play for best results. Trying to force something too big can make things uncomfortable instead of pleasurable. Still, many enjoy the full feeling a thicker dildo can provide. If you’re used to anal play, it may be time to try a thick anal dildo

Keep Your Anal Dildos Clean

Hygiene is a crucial part of proper anal play. You always want to use clean toys, so you don’t risk infection while inserting your toy into your rectum. 

Always clean your toys before and after each use. And don’t share your toys with other people. 

I’s also best to keep your anal toys separate from any vaginal toys. 

5 Best Anal Dildo Reviews

Now that we’ve explained everything you need to know about using anal dildos, it’s time to get to the fun stuff, which is where we show you our favorite brands.

We’ve picked five of the best anal dildos that would be great for beginners to anal play, as well as experienced connASSeurs (I couldn’t resist). 

These options all have different features so you can get a good grasp of the various types of anal dildos you can pick. See which product would be right for you with our easy Pros and Cons lists. 

Best Anal Dildo for Beginners – Lovehoney Silicone Suction Cup G-Spot Dildo

If you’re entirely new to anal penetration, we recommend starting with something like the Lovehoney Silicone Dildo. 

Lovehoney Silicone Suction Cup G Spot Dildo

The unique curved tip of this thin silicone dildo makes for perfect prostate penetration. As such it is one of the best anal dildos for men beginning anal play. The curved tip also makes it a great G spot stimulator if that’s more your boat. 

It has a diameter less than 1.25″ and an insertable length of 7″ allowing deep or shallow penetration. With these dimensions this dildo is perfect for anyone wanting to focus on penetration or prostate stimulation instead of stretching and is ideal for beginners. 

The flared suction cup base lets you mount this dildo on any surface for hands-free solo play. Or use with a 1.25″ diameter O ring to attach to a harness for couples time. 

Flexible and hypoallergenic, the Lovehoney Silicone Dildo is for great for anyone who wants to get into anal play. Silicone is easy to clean. And it can be submerged in water without being damaged so you can have sexy fun in the shower or tub. You should always use water-based lube with silicone products. 


  • Thin girth – excellent for beginners
  • Curved tip for p-spot (prostate) stimulation or g-spot stimulation
  • Has a flared suction cup base


  • Won’t stretch anal muscles (not a con for everyone)
  • Curved tip may be awkward for deeper penetration

Best Glass Anal Dildo – Lovehoney Beaded Glass Dildo

Glass can be an excellent material for an anal dildo, especially if you like to use temperature play – using cold and hot temperatures to create different sensations. The Lovehoney Beaded Glass Dildo has a beaded design that provides unique anal stimulation.

Lovehoney Sensual Beaded Glass

Due to the design, beaded anal dildos are not for quick inserting and thrusting. Trying to do so can result in an injury of the anal muscles. 

If you’re going to be using a glass dildo for penetration, you want to use slow movements and plenty of lube. But the great thing about glass is you can use any type of lube base you want, not just water-based.

Glass is easy to clean, but many users are concerned about glass being heavy and prone to damage if dropped. You cannot use this dildo in a harness or mounted for hands-free play, nor can you get any bend or flexibility. However the rigid material can provide great pressure and a full sensation that many really enjoy. 

The LoveHoney Beaded Dildo has a full length of 9″, and an insertable length of 7″, with a girth of 4.25″. Unfortunately, there is no flared base, so you have to be careful not to insert the full length.


  • 7″ insertable length with bulbous tip and beaded stem provide unique sensations along the full length
  • A thicker girth of 4.25″ for a bit of stretching 
  • Can be cooled or heated for temperature play


  • Does not have a flared base
  • Can’t be used in a harness or hands-free 
  • If you prefer room temp toys, you may have to warm it a bit before use

Best Metal Anal Dildo – Njoy Pure Wand

Some people like to use metal anal dildos, like the aesthetically appealing Njoy Pure Wand, which doesn’t look anything like a dildo. But looks are deceiving. This attractive toy comes with a wood box for storage and requires minimal effort to clean.

njoy Pure Wand

This wand has a significant curve for prostate stimulation. It measures 8″ end to end and 10″ along the curve.  One side has a ball with a 1″ diameter, and the other end has a larger 1.5″ diameter giving you some choice over how full you want to feel. 

The medical-grade stainless steel form makes this dildo easy to clean and store. And if you leave it out by accident, most people aren’t going to know what it is; you can even use it for a back massager if you’re feeling tense.

The downside of metal dildos is that they can be cold at the start and take a bit of time to warm up. But if you like temperature play, then it’s a great choice!

The Njoy Pure Wand is heavy, so it may tire you out over a long play session. And it’s completely rigid so it can be hard to get into the right position. If you’re new to anal play, you might have a learning curve to find a metal dildo pleasurable. But if you enjoy pressure and know where to direct the stimulation, the Pure Wand can provide some of the strongest pressure available from a sex toy. The experienced will likely find this to be one of the best prostate dildos they’ll come across.


  • Easy to clean 
  • Hard to damage. You will be able to use it for years without replacing it
  • Doubles as a back massager
  • Elegant look
  • Small and large end give some choice in fullness
  • Provides substantial pressure 


  • Heavy – can tire you out or hurt if you accidentally drop it. 
  • It can be challenging to find the right position and angle. 
  • Likely too rigid for many beginners

Best Realistic Anal Dildo – Vixen Mustang VixSkin

Some people like to use sex toys that have a realistic look and feel, such as the Vixen Mustang. This dual-density anal dildo is made of a more rigid internal silicon and covered with soft VixSkin – an extremely high-grade silicone material developed to feel especially soft and life-like. 


It has the shape and feel of a real human penis, complete with veins, thick girth, and a bulbous circumcised head. It has an upward curved shape for maximum prostate stimulation. 

This dildo is free of latex and phthalate, so it’s safe for people with sensitive skin. And it’s submersible so you can play with this dildo anywhere, including the tub or pool.

It has a suction base, which allows for hands-free play, although it doesn’t have a strong suction hold. It can also be used with a harness using a 1.5″ diameter O ring. 

The Vixen Mustang has a total length of 8″ including the base, with an insertable length of 7″ and a 4.25″ girth. 

You do need to use caution when storing this type of dildo as they do have a sticky feeling. They can collect lint and dust if left out in the open. Store in a ziplock bag and clean properly before each use. And always use water-based lubrication before insertion. 


  • Realistic shape and feel
  • Flexible but sturdy curved shape for p-stimulation
  • Flared suction cup base that can fit into a harness
  • Holds its shape but has a very soft outer layer for extra comfort


  • Sticky feeling that collects lint and dust
  • Doesn’t have a strong suction cup base 

Best Budget Anal Dildo – Lifelike Lover Luxe Realistic Silicone Dildo

If you want the feeling of a realistic dildo but not the appearance, we recommend the Lifelike Lover Luxe Realistic Silicone Dildo. This anal dildo has a 5″ circumference and 6.5″ insertable length, with a 7″ length total.

Lifelike Lover Luxe Realistic Silicone Dildo

We love that this dildo has a realistic flesh-like feel and shape, complete with bulging veins, a thick head, and a substantial girth. Unlike the Mustang, this is a single density dildo. Rather than having a firm inner core and a soft outer layer, it is a soft anal dildo throughout. This can provide extra flexibility and comfort to some, but many may prefer one which holds its shape better. Due to its single density, it may not have quite as realistic of a feel as the Vixskin Mustang. But it’s also a cheap anal dildo by comparison. We find it delivers a good bang for the buck!

Like the Mustang it also has a sticky feeling, so you’ll have to be careful about how you store it.

You can use the suction base to secure this toy to any surface for hands-free play or attach it to a harness using a 1.5″ diameter O ring. The suction leaves something to be desired, so use caution when mounting.

Always use water-based lube with this product and clean before and after each use. It is latex-free and waterproof. Get your Lifelike Lover Luxe, which is part of the Lifelike Lover collection. 


  • Thick girth and length – ideal for experienced anal users
  • Has a suction base that can connect to a harness
  • Realistic penis feel
  • Some enjoy the additional flexibility provided from a soft-throughout dildo


  • Poor suction grip. Might have difficulty with hands-free play
  • The sticky feeling can collect dust and lint 
  • Not as realistic feeling as the Mustang

Which Anal Dildo Would Be Right for You?

We’ve covered a variety of dildos that you can use for anal pleasure. Our favorite is the LoveHoney Silicone Suction Cup Dildo

This thin, sturdy anal dildo is a great size for anal play and it’s perfectly curved to maximize the satisfaction of penetration. It has a flared suction cup base for hands-free play. Or it can easily attach to a harness for partner play. 

If you’re new to anal penetration and want to explore the vast pleasures to be had, start your journey with this great suction cup anal dildo. And then try the other four dildos on our list too! 

Lovehoney Silicone Suction Cup G Spot Dildo

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